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Volume LXVIII 





» 79 1038 3 7 


X 7ZX*::3() 


^ufalisfjiug Committfc 







Note. — RomaD numerals refer to the paget of the Supplement. 

ABBOT, Edwin Hale and Thayer. IV. R. The 
discoviTfr of John Harvard, Jlcnry 
P'ilzCJilbert Watirs, H. C, IbSS noliced 

Albany, N. Y., Albany Academy, celebration 
of 100th annivLTsary, iyi3 proceedings 
noticed 3h5 

ALBREK, John Report of the Committee on 
Finance xvii 

American Iriab Historical Society, journal, 
vol. 12, edited by E. H. Duly noticed 114 

American Revolution, me:i6enKirn, Paul Revere, 
William Dawes, Marinus Willott, 
Thomas Lamb, by W. O. Comblock 

noliced 207 

Amesbury, Mass., vital records to 1850 noticed 

AMORY, Charles Walter, memoir noticed 304 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of 
Mass., 274th annual record noticed 207 

Andover (Mass.) Ministerial Asitociution, cele- 
bration of 150th anniversary 1U13, his- 
torical sketch, by C. C. Carpenter 
noticed 208 

ANNABLE ijenealogy, descendants of An- 
thony, \n preparation lOi* 

ANNIS, Daniel iiagc and Browne, G. W. 
Vital records of Londonderry, N. H. 

AUSTIN-EUiot duel, fought in Rhode Island 
between William Austin, of Charles- 
town, and James Henderson Elliot, of 
Boston, March 31, 180u, papers relat- 
ing to, by W. .Austin noticed 384 
Walter A forgotten dui*l, fought in Rhode 
Island between William Austin of 
Charlestown and James Henderson Elliot 
of Boston, March 81, 1806 noticed 384 

AVERELL-Averill-Avery genealogy, descend- 
ants of William and Abikjail, by C. A. 
Avery, 2 vols, noticed 3oJ 

AVERY, Clara ArltUe The Averell-.\verill- 
Avery family, descendants of William 
and .\bigail, 2 vols, noticed 303 

AYER, Clarence Walter, notice Ixiv 

BABBAGE and variant* 
Roger, will 1704 66 

Badalx.e, Julian, will 1705 66 

Bavbich. Alice, will 1606 56 

B.\BB.\GE baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from parish registers of Totnea, co. 
Devon, Eng., 1556-1662 57 
geneiilogical notice of descendants of Roger 

BACON, Col. William Plumb Anc««try of 

Daniel James Seely and Charlotte 

Louiaa Vail and list of their descendanta 

noticed 304 
BACON genealogy, descendants of Michael, 

in preparation 302 
BAILEV-Uayley Family Association, meetiog 

of family lyil, proceedings noticed 110 
BAILY genealogy, descendants of Joel, by 

G. Cope noticed 110 
BALDWIN. Thomas WilliamM ViUl records 

of Cambridge, Mass. to 1850, births 

noticed 208 
Baltimore, Md., First Presbyterian church, 

history, by W. Reynolds noliced 208 
Barbados, W. I., genealogical notes 177 

handbook, 1914, by h. G. Sinckler noticed 

BARBOUR, Edmund Dana and Thome, J. C. 

Genealogical record of John Thorne also 

the direct descendants of James Thorne 

noticed 20 6 

BARKER, Col. Edward Tohcy, note Ixxi 
BARLOW genealogy, descendants of Peleg 

Barnstable and Yarmouth, Mass., sea captains 
and ship owners, by F. W. Sprague with 
list of sailings from New England to 
San Francisco, 1849-1856, by L. 
Sprague noticed 208 

BARTLET genealogy, history of the Society 
of D<>3cendant8 of Robert Bartlet of 
Plymouth, Ma!«., by M. A. (Longfellow) 
O'Doiioghue noticed 383 

BATES Bulletin, vol. 2, no. 1, series 2 noticed 
110; vol. 2, no. 2, series 2 noticed 383 

Bavbich, see Babbidgc 

BAXTER, Hon. Jamea Phinney Addreaa at 
dedication of the new building of the 
N. E. Hist. Gen. Society xlvi 
Address before N. E. ilist. Gen. Society 
1914 X 

Bayley, see Bailey 

BEAUJEU, Daniel Uyacinthe Marie Lieuard 
de, memoir, by M. de Beaujeu, trans- 
lated by G. E. Hawes noticed 114 
Monongahcla de The hero of the Mononga- 
hela, historical sketch, translated by 
G. E. Hawus noticed 114 

Belfast, Me., history, vol. 2, 1875-1900, by 
Williamson and Johnson noticed 113 

BELKNAP and varianta 

Abraham, ancestry, English, notice 83; 

noticed 3 S3 
Daniel, wiU 1680 191 
Henry Wycko^f The English ancestry of the 

American Belknaps 83 190 
Josias. will 1600 i*l 
Josias. will 1674 190 

Index of Subjects 

Dki.nap, Henry, will 1686 191 

IJeltoft, H«nnct, will 1624 92 

Beltokte, Richard, will 1&94 90 

BELKNAP huptiMmH, murriaKes, and burial« 
from Engli-sh pariith ntcisU'ra lUl 

genc'ulnKical nulicu u( dencendanLa of Henry 

geneitliiKy, de^iceridanta of Gillji-rt, in prcpa- 
raiion 205 

BELL, Alrzauder Graham How to improve 
the race noticed 210 

BELL.NGHAM, NVillium, will 1606 79 

Bclnap, Bee Belknap 

Beltoft, are Belknap 

Berlin, Conn., history, by E. S. Brand(}gee 

nolicrd 11 ii , 

BETHUNK, Louiijo (Hlanchard), notice 

BICKNKLL Family AsaociatioD, bulletin, vol. 
1, no. 2 noticed 110 

BLAKE. Fnincia, notice Ixi 

BLANCHAIU), Samurl, note 108 

BLISS. Le<jnard Cari>enter, memoir noticed 

BOARDMAN, William Francis Joseph, notice 

Boht'Duan aettlcra in America, note 204 

BOLTON, Klhd SUiuuood Report of the 
Conuiiittije un I'apera and Essays xix 

BRACIIKU, \'aKrt Kerby Decennial record of 
thij C^ of iy03 Shetlield Scientific 
School, Yale University noticed 207 

BRAINERD, Laurnut Report of the Com- 
mitl4« on Incrfause of Membership 

BRANCH baptisma and marriages from parish 
ref^isKTs of Rolvenden, co. Kent, Eng., 
16t;0 l(il2 61 

BRANDEGKE, Eviily S. The early history 
of Berlin, (^onn., an historical paper 
delivered before The Emma Hart Wil- 
lard Clvapter, D. A. H.. January 17, 
1913 notictd 113 

BRIGGS genealogy, d«^cendant« of Clement, 
in preparation 302 

Brockton, Mass., Public Library, addresses 
delivered at ih*} laying of corner stone 
and dedication, 1912-1913 noticed 208 

Brockline Historical Society, proceedings, 1914 
noticed 386 

BROWNE. Ceorye Waldo and Annit, D. G. 
Vital records of Londonderr>', N. H. 


BULLA RD, Euffcne History of New Salem 
Academy noticed 113 

BURGESS, Edward, notice Ixii 
George Cunning, notice Ixxi 

BURRILL. ElUn Mudge Ea-wx Trust Cora- 

1>any, Lynn. Mass.. 1814-1914. an 
listorical sketch of the bank for ita 
centennial year noticed 208 

BUSWELL genealogy, descendants of Isaac, 
in proparalion 109 

BUTTERFIELD. E. W. and /. Walker New 
liumpshire Slate Teachers' Association, 
history uotictd 114 

-CADE. Philippa. will 1625 61 

Cambridge, Mass.. hietory. by S. A. Eliot 
notie4:d 305 
vitol records to 1S50. births, by T. W. Bald- 
win noticed 208 

Cambridge Historical Society, publications 7, 
procctxiings 1912 noticed 306 

CARPENTER. Rn. C. C. Andovw Miniatrr- 
lal AiMHicitttion, 150th anniveraary. 
First ('unKrcxational Church, Lowell. 
Oct, 7, 1913. HisLoricaJ sketch noticed 
Mrt.Joiiuh Gravmtoneinscriptiona. gathered 
by the Old Burial (Jrounds Committ«« 
of the Natioiiul Society of Colonial 
Dames of America in New Hamptbire 
noticed 207 

CARY, John, descendants, bulletin, no. 14. 
new aeries noticed 110; no. 15, new 
series noticed 303 
Susannah Elizabeth, not« Lxv 

CHAMHERLAIN. George Walter Report of 
the Committee on Collection of Records 

Report of the Corresponding Secretary 

Report of the council xiii 

CHAl'lN, llownrd Millar The seal, arms, 
and tlug of Rhode Island noticed Ziil 

CHASE, lUnry 11. Maps of Providence, R. I., 
1660, 1765, 1770 nulicfd 386 
Owners and occupants of the lots, bouses, 
and hhops in the town of Providence, 
R. I. in 1798. located on maps of the 
highways of that dale notxced 366 

CHASE Chronicle, vol, 4, noa. 1-4 noticed 205 

Chatham, Mass., celebration of 200tb anni- 
versary 1912, proceedings noticed 385 

Chelmsford, Mass., vital records to 1850 
noticed 3Uo 

Chicago Historical Society, charter, constitu- 
tion, by-laws, membership list, and 
annual report, 1913 noticed 386 

CHICKERING, Henry, items 105 

The Children of the American Revolution, 
vols. I and 2 noticed 3>s6 

Chile, conquerors, by T. Thaycr-Ojeda, vol. 3 
noticed 207 

Civil War. see United States Civil war 

CLEMENS genealog>'. chronology, 1610-1912 
noticed 205 

COBB, Philip Lothrop A history of the Cobb 
family, pt. 2 noticed 383 

COBB genealogy, pt. 2, by P. L. Cobb noticed 

COMSTOCK, William 0<;ilrie Four mounted 
messengers of the Revolution, Paul 
Revere. William Dawe.^, Marinus Wil- 
lett, Thomas Lamb noticed 2u7 

CONKLING genealogy noticed 205 

Connecticut, history. Congregational ecclesias- 
tical societies established before October 
1818 with their changes, list noticed 207 
history, register and manual for 1913 noticed 

COOLIDGE. Henry Dingley and KimbaU. J. 
W. Manual for the use of the General 
Court, 1914 »io/if«i 305 

COPE, Gilbert Genealogy of the Baily family, 
descendants of Joel noticed 110 

COPELAND. Charles Finney Copeland gen- 
ealogy noticed 205 

COPELAND genealogy, by C. F. Copeland 
noticed 205 

CORLISS. Eben Eaton Corliss family noticed 

CORLISS genealogy, by E. E. Corliss noticed 

CORY' genealogy, by H. C. Dickinson noticed 

Couchman^ $e4 Cushmaa 

Index of Subjects 

CRAM baptlamii, mtrri«(co«, »nd buriaU from 

parittb rciciMtcTM uf Liiicolnahirc, Kng. 65 

genealogical nulicu of descendants of John 67 

CKAMiiK, Thoman, will 1639 64 

CKKSSALL, John, will 1G25 264 

CKirTKNDEN, John Jordan, calendar of 
papers, edited by C. N. Feamaler 
noticed 112 

Crocheinan, see C'uMhman 

CKOCKEK, Hon. George Glover, notice Ixv 

CROSS, Kobirt, notice 201 

iCev. Uo»tUe Thtodore My children's ances- 
tors, data concerning about four hun- 
dred New Kngland ance.stora of liie 
children of Koselle Theodore Cross and 
hia wife, Kinma Aseuatb (Uridgman) 
Crosji nolictii 2U5 

CUSHMAN and variants 
CouciiMAN, Thomas, will 1586 182 
Crocmkuan, John, will 1521 Ibl 

CUSHMAN baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from pariah registers of Rolvendcn, 
Eng., 1560-1612 lh2 
Cem*al()i;ical notice of descendants of Thomas 


items from parish registers of Canterbury, 
Eng. 183 

CUTTER, William Richard Memoirs of the 
N. E. Hist. Gen. Society liv 
Report of the Historian xlii 

DA ETON, Rev. Dr. Asa, notice Ivii 

DANIELS, Nathan Hagar, notice Ixix 

DARUEE. Let! and Rohcrt M. Record of the 
family of Levi Kiinball and some of bis 
descendants no<tct'(i IIU 

Daughters of the American Revolution, tee 
Society of the Dautjliters of the Ameri- 
can Revolution 

DAVIS, Hon. Edward Livingston, notice Ivi 
(Jeorge White j\dd John Grow of Ipswich; 

John Groo (Grow) of Oxford noticed 

Walter A. The old records of the town of 

Fitchburg, Muss, noticed 305 

DAVOL, Edwin Uusscll White family (males) 
noticed 384 

DEARBORN and variants 

Di:akbkakn, John, will ICll 68 

Deahebakne. Henry, will 1G35 69 
Thomas, will 1589 6b 

Deuebakne, Michael, will 1573 68 

DEARBORN baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from parish registers of Lincolnshire, 
Enn- 6'J 
genealogical notice of descendants of Wil- 
liam 71 

De Fenwycke, aee Fenwycke 

DERBY, Edward, noUce 107 

Derebamo, aee Dearborn 

De Standish, tee Standish 

DEWEY, Walter Edtcard Our birthright of 
kinship with dibtinguishcd descendants 
of Thomas Dtwey noticed 205 
Prospectus of the first abstract genealogy. 
Our birthright of kinship with dis- 
tinguished descendants of Thomas 
Dewey noticed 205 

DEWEY genealogy, descendants of Thomas, 
by W. E. Dewey noticed 205 
desct^ndanLs of Thomas, prospectus of the 
first abstract genealog>, by W. E. Dewey 
noticed 205 

DEXTER, Franklin Bouditch HUtorical c*U- 
logue of the memlK-rs of the Kirmi Church 
of (Jhrist in New Haven, Conn. (Ceijt*r 
Church) 1639 1914 noiieed 386 

DICKINSON, Harriet C. Some chronicles of 
the Cory family, relating to Eliakim and 
Sarah Sayru Cory and their deticendanta 
noiieed 303 

DICKINSON gj'nealogy, by A. T. Geroer 
noticed 110 

Dorchester, Mass., First Church baptisma, 
1748-1792 215 309 

Dover, N. H., history, by G. Wadleigb nUiced 

Dunstable, Mass., vital records to 1860 nolu*d 


Durham, N. H., history and genealogy, 2 vols., 
by Stackpole and Meserve notictd 305 

Notes and illustrations concerning the 
family hi-slory of Jatues of Coventry, 
Eng., noticed 3u4 

DUTCHER genealogy, by W. K. Griffin 

noticed 110 

EATON, Rev. Dr. Arthur Wenttrorth HamilUm 
Eminent Nova Scotiarxs of New Eng- 
land birth 101 
Old Boston families, number two, the 
Gerrish family noticed 110 

ELIOT, Dr. Ellsworth, notice lix 

^'umiuf Atkina A history of Cambridge, 
Mass.. 1630 1913, together with biogra- 
phies of Cambridge people noticed 305 

ELLIOT Austin duel, fought in Rhode Island 
between William Austin, of Charles- 
town, and James Henderson El!iot, of 
boston, March 31, 1^06, papers relating 
to, by W. Austin noticed 384 

ELWELL, Leti Henry The gravestone inscrip- 
tions of Rupert, Bennington cc, Vt. 
no/icf(f 208 

England, emigrants from, 1773-1776 noticed 
genealogical research in 47 181 2G2 322 

ENO, Joel Nelaon Connecticut cemetery in- 
scriptions 198 331 

Essex County, Mass., Indian land titles, by 
S. Periey noticed 207 

EVERNDEN, Emmanuel, will 1590 182 

Exeter, co. Devon, Eng., kalendars and trade- 
gilds before the Reformation, by F. 
Rose-Troup noticed 113 

Exeter, N. H., settlers, English origin 64; by 
V. C. Sanborn notictd 305 

Fairfield, Conn.,' Greenfield Hill church, records 
169 286 376 

FARR genealogy, descendants of George, in 
preparation 109 

FAY genealogy-, ancejitors and daseendants of 
William and Elizabeth Fay, by G. H. 
Johnson noticed 205 

FEAREY. Thomat Ilealey History of the 
class graduated at Union College, 
Schenectady, N. Y.. July 23. 186.J. also 
a record of non-graduatt-s and an honor 
roll of lho.>-e who served in the Union 
Army and Navy during the Civil »ar, 
also reports of the 40th and 50th re- 
unions. 1903 and 1913 noticed 112 

FENWYCKE genealogy, descendants of 
Robert de. in preparation 383 

FERNALD. Henry W inkley. note Ixiv 

FISHER genealogy, di^cendanta of Eleazer, 
in preparation 303 


Index of Subjects 

FITCn, Dr. William Edward AddroM before 
New York Society of the l)rd<T of the 
FoundiTti und I'ulriolH of America li^l3 
noticed 30ti 

FitchburK. Ma.-w., vital records, 1843-1859, by 
\V. A. Davis noticed 305 

FOI*SOM mt't'tinK of family 1913, records of 
the 5th annual reunion of the descend- 
ants of John noltced 206 

FORTESCUK bapliams, marriaKoa, and burials 
from English pari-ih rcijiuters 52 

FOWKK, Cernrd Missouri Hi.storical Society 
departnu-nt of archtt-ology, bulletin 1 
nuliced lilO 

FOX Family News, vol. 2 noticed 206 

FKANKLIN genealoKy, d«-scendanta of John 
Littleton, in i^roparatiun 3U3 

FRENCH, Elizabeth Cenealogical research in 
England 47 181 262 322 

FinXER. Francis Honrv. notice Ixv 

George Scuman Michiican Historical Com- 
mission, a state department of history 
and archives, bulletin no. 2 noticed 210 

GARDINER. Jane, will 1573 146 

GAVET, William Fobea, notice Ivi 

GenealoRy, arranjjement, record book for, by 
D. M. McAllialer noticed 384 

General Society Daughters of the Revolution, 
2lHt annual meetint;, proceedings noticed 
22d annua] meeting, proceedings noticed 

GERRISH genealogy, descendants of Capt. 
John, by A. W. H. Eaton noticed 110 

GESNER. Anthon Temple The Dickinson 
family of Milton and Litchfield noticed 

GILDERSLEEVE, lVi//ard Harrey Gilder- 
Bli^eves of Gildersleeve, Conn., and the 
desccndant.s of i'hilip Gildersleeve noticed 

GILDERSLEEVE genealogy, by W. H. Gilder- 
8U»eve noticed 383 

GOODRIDGE genealogy, descendants of Wil- 
liam, in preparation 109 

Gosport, N. H., town records 32 127 

Gouldtown, N. J., history, by W. and T. G. 
Steward noticed 305 

GRANT meeting of family 1907, report of 
5th reunion noticed 206 

Granville, Mass., vital records to 1850 noticed 

GRAY genealog>', descendants of Capt. John, 
in preparation 303 
descendants of Joshua of Yarmouth, 
Mass., by J. E. Thacher noticed 384 

GREENE baptisms, marriages, and burials, 
from parish registers of Totnes, co. 
Devon, Eng.. 1556-1621 60 

GREENLAW. U u7.»1'H yreieotl Report of the 
librarian xxiv 

GRIFFIN. Walter Kenneth The Dutcher 
family noticed 110 

GRIFFYN genealogy, descendants of Hugh, in 
preparation 110 

GROW genealogy, descendants of John of 
Ipswich and John Groo of Oxford, by 
G. W. Davis noticed 384 

Haborne, tee Rabone 

Hadlyme. Conn.. Congregational church, 
manual history, 1745-1913 noticed 385 

UALE genealogy, descendants of Thomas of 
Delaware, by T. H. Streets noticed 206 

HALL. Virginia The daughtera of Ualthatar 

Willix of Exeter bl; noticed 305 
HARDON. Henry Winthrtrp Robert Hucklas 
of the Dover Combination and «ome uf 
his dencendanta i«3 15U 249 328 
HARRIS and varianU 
Agnes, will 16<>3 48 
Arthur, wtU 1640 51 
Edward, genealogical itanui 64 
Hakhys, Gyles, adminijitration of estate 1609 

H.\RRIS baptisms, marriagra, and burials 
from Englbh parish registers 52 
pe<ligree 47 

Hartford. Conn., history, a Quaker's visit in 
1676, edited by F. D. Andrews nulurd 

Harvard UnivenJty, clam of 1863, 50lh anni- 
versary, report of secretary noticed 301 

class of 1863, report of secretary, 1903-1913 
noticed 112 

class of 1873, report of secretary, 1913 
noticed 207 

class of 1874. tenth report, 1874-1914 
noticed 3S4 

class of 1879. report of secretary, no. 8, 1914 
noticed 384 

class of 1889, report of secreUry, 1889-1914 
noticed 384 

class of 1894. report, 1894-1914 noticed 3S4 

class of 1898. quindecennial report, 1913 
noticed 207 

Law School, class of 1889, report no. 3, 1911 
noticed 384 

HAWKINS, Gen. John Parker Memoranda 
concerning some branches of the Haw- 
kins family and connections noticed 110 

HAWKINS genealogy, by J. P. Hawkina 
noticed 110 

HELMERSHAUSEN, Adella The Frederick 
line of Helmershausen in Maine noticed 

HELMERSHAUSEN genealogy, by A. Hel- 
mer3hau.sen noticed 384 

Heredity, how to improve the race, by A. G. 
Hell noticed 210 

HILL, Don Cileason. memoir with autograph 
and portrait 211 

HILLS, William Sanford, notice with auto- 
graph and portrait 307 

HILTON. Ciustavus .Arthur, note Ixxii 

HINCKLEY itcma from English parish 
registers 1a6 

Hingham, Mass.. history, taxpayers, 1711 
noticed 208 

Historia, vol. 4. no. 3 noticed 114; vol. 4. no. 5 
noticed 209; vol. 4, no. 7 noticed 386 

HITCHCOCK. Thoma» Barnes William San- 
ford Hills 307 

HODGES genealogy, descendants of Leonard 
and Hannah of Norton, Mass. noticed 

HODGMAN, Fred Clark, ancestry. American, 
by F. C. Hodgman noticed 304 

HOLDEN, Liberty Emery, notice Ixx 

IIOLL.\RD. alius SILKE baptisms, marriages, 
and burials from parish regi>tera of 
Nelhcrbury, Enc-. 1592-1672 61 

HOPKINS, Cora Pierson A tribute noticed 

HOSMER. James Kendall Henry FiuGilbert 

Waters. A. M. 3 
Memoir of Henry FitrGilbert Waters 

noticed 206 
ROWLAND Homestead, bulletin, vol. 1 nos. 

3 and 4 noticed 110 
HUCKIN.S genealogy, deacendaots of Robert 

93 150 219 328 


Index of Subjects 


Hudson. N. TI.. history, by K. Wobater. edited 
by ii. W. Urowiie noticed 113 

HUNTINGTON \iitnvtL\ogy, descendanU of 
Simon, in preparation 110 

IDUENDEN baptisma, marriaKC*. and burials 
fronn parish rrgi.slfra of llawkhurst, 
Eng. la7 

JACK, David RusBell, notice Ixxv 

JACOBl-S, Donald Linen The Fainter family 
with not«-s on the Lamborlon (iiinily 
Reunion of dcacendanta of Nathaniel Mer- 
riam, 1'J13 with a Merriam genealogy 
for five lieiitraliona iiultctd 301 

JAMES, Jane, note 107 

James Sprunt Historical rublicationa, vol. 12, 
no8. 1 and 2 noticed 2uy; vol. 13, no. 1 
noticed 20'J 

JEFFRIKS, John Temple Lloyd Joflries of 
Mai.suchu:.ell8, 1658-1914 notici:d 3b4 

JEFFRIKS k.M'n«nloKy, by J. T. L. Jeffriea 
noticed 361 

JENKINS. John, born 1688. note 108 
Rev. Dr. Jonathan Leavilt, notice Ixix 

JOHNSON, /)r. Alj'rfd Hurial records and 
inscriptions at Na.ssau, New Providence 


One line of de.scent from Capt. Edward 
Johnson of Woburn, Mass. 142 

Alfred and J. WiUiamaon History of the 
city of Belfast in the state of Maine, vol. 
2, 1875-1900 noticed 113 

Byron Berkeley Capt. Edward Johnson, 
paternal and m.-iternal ancestry, 150U- 
1913 noticed 206 

Dr. Frederick Charles, notice Ixiii 

George Henry One branch of the Fay family 
tree, an account of the ancestors and 
dr.scendants of William and Elizabeth 
Fay of Westboro, Mass. and Marietta, 
Ohio noticed 205 

JOHNSON genealogy, descendants of Capt. 
Edward of Woburn, Mass. 142 
additions, by B. B. Johnson noticed 206 

JONES, Abraham, note 108 

Edion Salisbury The family of George 
Parkhurst of Watertown and Boston, 
Mass. 370 

KensinRlon, Conn., Congregational church, 
200th anniversary, proceedings 1912 
noticed 385 

KETT, (leorge The pedijrree of Kett of Wy- 
mondham. co. Norfolk, Eng., 1180-1913 
noticed 206 

KETT genealogy, by G. Kett noticed 206 

KIDDER fund, report of trustees for 1913 

KIMP..\LL. James \V. and Coo!id<]e, H. D. 
Manual for the use of the General Court, 
1014 noticed 305 

KIMBALL genealogy, descendants of Levi, by 
L. and R. M. Darbee noticed IIU 

KINGSBURY. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bumsidt 
Marshall family record with Haskell. 
Boutwell. Barrett. Wadsworth, White, 
Read. Maurice, Kingsbury, Holbrooke, 
Stevens, Carpenter, and allied families 
noticed 111 

KINNE, Martin Van Buren, notice Ixxviii 

KIRK genealogy, dt^eendants of John, by 
M. S. Roberts, edittnl by G. Cope 
noticed 110 

LAMB, George, notice Ixxvl 

LAMBKRTON genealogical notic« of dmceod- 
anu of Capt. George 283 

Lancaster County, Eng., map. ahowing some 
of the places mentioned in will uf Capt. 
Mylcs Standish 343 

LARK IN Family Association, bulletin, no. 2. 

1913. chronicle of the family of Wejleriy, 

R. I. noticed 111 
LARNKD, Charles, notice Ixxiv 

LEV'KT genealogy, descendants of Thomas, by 
V. C. Sanborn noticed 111 

Library of Cape Cod history and genealogy, 
nos. 60, Gl, and 62 noticed 209 

LINCOLN genealogy, dencendants of Samuel 
of Hingham, ^laiwt.. in preparation 110 

LINDSAY Family Association of America 
(inc.), report 1912 noticed 111 

LINZEK. John William. Jr. The history of 
Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles of 
Roxbury. Mass.. and their ancestors and 
d«'scendant3 nt-ficfd 111 

LIN ZEE ancestors and descendants, by J. W. 
Linzcc noticed 1 1 1 

Litchfield County, Conn., Choral Union, hi»- 
tory, by J. H. Vaill noticed 112 

Liverpool, Eng.. emigrants from, 1697-1707 
noticed 113 

Londonderry, N. H., vital records to 1910, by 
Annis and Browne noticed 3a5 

LONG, Hon. John Davis Address at dedica- 
tion of the new building of the N. E. 
Hist. Gen. Society xlviii 

LORD, Charles Eduard Rejjort of the Treas- 
urer xxxvii 

Los Angeles, Cal.. history. Aqueduct and Ex- 
position Park, exerciscai at opening 

noticed 208 

Lowell Historical Society, contributions, vol. 1, 
no. 3 noticed 114 

Loyalists of British West Indies and Bahamas, 
history, by W. H. Siebert nUiccd 114 

Lynn, Mass., Essex Trust Company, history, 
1814-1914. by E. M. Burrill noticed 208 

history, address, 1913, Historic priorities in 
Lynn, by C. J. H. Woodbury noticed 


Lynn Historical Society, register do. 16 noticed 
114; no. 17 noticed 386 

MAAR, Rev. Charles Maar family records 
noticed 111 

MAAR genealogy, by C. Maar noticed 111 

MCALLISTER, I). M. Genealogical record 
of families noticed 384 

McCOl RTIE. » i.'fiam Herbert Let McCour- 
tie genealogy, supplement noticed 304 

McCOl'RTIE genealogy, supplement, by W. 
H. L. McCourtie noticed 3U4 

MacGRECiOR genealogy, in YeaAook of 
American Clan Grcgor Societa, 1911- 
1912 nu(ic««i 304 

MacLeod, William Alexander, noti# Ixxiv 

Mcmullen, Fredenc liigart Histoiy of the 
Class of 1893 Sbeibeld Scientific School. 
Yale Univirsiiy noticed 385 

Magazine of History, with notes and queries, 
extra nos, 22. 23. 24 nUiced 2u9; 27 
noticed 210; 25. 26. 28. 29 no/jr.d 306 

MARSHALL, Margaret Rowland (Clapp). 
notice Ixii 

MARSHALL genealogy, descendants of John, 
by Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Kingsbury 
noticed 111 


Index of Subjects 

MARTIN, Sir Theodore, notice llv 

MARVIN, William Thtuphilus Rojcers, memoir 
with auloKraph and porlrBit 115 
William 'J'heophilua Uu^ert The Nttwdigate 
bne noticed 3U4 

Maryland, hiMtory, I'cnnHylvania'Germaa in 
thu seiileiiiunt of Maryland, by i>. W. 
Ncad noticed 365 

MaasachuMetts Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company, ate Ancient and ilonurablc 
Arlillury Company u( MaiutachuseUH 

MawachusotUi, Colonial Society of, publica- 
tiuiiH, vol. 14 noticed 21U 

Maasachu^M.•ltti Dau|{btera of the American 
Revolution houndera' Society, otiicers, 
cornmilttH'3, and mt-mbera, WiVS 11*14 
noticed 306 

MMUcbu;>etta Cienerul Court, manual for the 
uue of, \\)\\, by H. i>. Coolidi^e and J. 
W. Kimball noticed 306 

Massachu^iettii, record commissioner, report 
lyl3, by H. h:. VVooda noticed 2^1 

Maauachusotta Royal Commissioiia, notes, 
16al-1776, by A. Matthewa noticed 112 

Masaachubetts Volunteers, 3'Jth regiment, by 
A. S. Roe noticed 2o7 

The Muttatuck Ilr.toricul Society, handbook, 
lb('(-iyl3 noticed 306 

MATTHLVVS, Aibtit Notea on the Massa- 
chusetts Royal Commissions, 16»l-1775 
noticed 112 

MAVERICK, Mary, note 202 

MEANS, Helen Coit, memoir noticed 304 

MENDOZ^V, Canfu llurtado de, journal, by 
T. Thayer-Ujeda noticed 206 

MERCER baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from paribn registers of llawkhurst, 
Eng. laV 

MERRIAM genealogy, descendants of Na- 
thaniel, by i>. L. Jacobus noticed 304 

MERRILL genealogy, descendants of Judson, 
in preparation 303 

MERRI'lT, L)ou\jUia New Merritt records 
noticed 111 

MERRITT genealogy, by D. Merritt noticed 

MESERVE, Winthrop Smith and UtackpoU, 
E. S. History of Durham, N. H., 2 
vols, noticed 305 

Michigan Historical Commission, bulletin no. 2, 
by (J. N. Fuller noticed 210 

MIDDLETON, Joseph and Taylor, A. McL. 
Eight generations from William Thome 
of Dorsetshire, Eng., and Lynn, Mass. 
noticid 206 

Milton, Mass., celebration of 25Uth anniver- 
sary, proceedings noticed 113 

Missouri Historical Society, doiiarlment of 
archiiology, bulletin 1, by G. Fowke 
noticed 210 

MOIR, AUxandiT L. Moir genealogy and 
colluleral Imea no^iVrd 111 

MOIR genealogy, by A. L. Moir noticed 111 

Monongahela, battle of, historical sketch, by 
M. de Beaujeu, translated by G. E. 
Hawus noticed 114 

MORGAN, Jamea The life work of Edward 
A. Moseley in the service of humanity 
noticed 112 

MORIARTY, Ceorgt Andrcwa Additional 
Barbadian noti-s 177 

MOSELKY, Edward Augustus, biography, by 
J. Morgan noticed 112 

Naaaau, New rrovidence, Bahama Inlands, 
W. I., burial r)«ordi and inacriptiona 

National Society of Daughtera of Foundera and 
Patriots of .\mehca, hLttory for the 15ib 
year ending May 13, rJl3 notie*d 210 

National Society of New England Women 
New York ('ity Colony, yearbook. 1^13- 
1914 noticed 306 

National Society of the Sona of the American 
Revolution, yearbook, 1U13 nuticid 114 

NEAD, Dr. Daniel Wunderlich The I'enniiyl. 
vania-(jerman in the aetllement of 
Maryland noticed 3^5 

New Bedford, .Mass., whaleman statue, dedica- 
tory exercises, 11*13 noticed 20<J 

New England Historic Genealogical Society, 

address I'Jl J, by J. P. Baxter x 
charter and enabling acts Ixxx 
Committee on Collection of Records, report 

for VJ\\i xxii 
Committee on English Research, report for 

1'J13 XX 
Committee on Epitaphs, report for 1913 xxii 
Committee on Finance, report for 1913 xvii 
Committee on Heraldry, report fur 1913 xxii 
Committee on Increase of Membership, 

report for 1913 xxiii 
Committee on the Library, report for 1913 

Committee on Papers and Essays, report for 

1913 XIX 
Committee on Publications, report for 1913 

Committee on Sale of Publications, report for 

1913 xxii 
Corrt-sponding Secretary, report for 1913 

council, report for 1913 xiii 
Historian, report for 1913 xlii 
Librarian, report for 1913 xxiv 
library, donors, 1913 xxvii 
memoirs liv 
new building, dedicator>- exercises, March 18, 

1913 xlv 

entrance, 9 Ashburton Place, Boston, liaaa. 
plate opp. i 

entrance corridor, plate opp. v 

exterior view from the northwest, plate 
opp. xxxvii 

John Foster Memorial Room, plate opp. 

bbrary, bookstack, plate opp. xxxii 

library, looking north, plate opp. xvii 

library, looking south, plate opp. xxiv 

main stairway, plate opp. ix 

Society for the Preservation of New Eng- 
land Anti(]uilies, plate opp. xli 

Wilder Hall, iilate opp. xlviii 

William San/ord Hills Memorial Roona« 
plate opp. XX 
ofRcers and committees for 1914 v 
proceedings 1913 104; 1913, 1914 200; 

1914 ix 300 

Treasurer, report for 1913 xxxvii 

New Eniiland Society in the City of New York, 
108th anniversary noticed 306 

New Hampshirv, Congregational churches 
minutes of the general conference, 1913 
nulicfd 112 
epitaphs, by Mrs. J. Carpenter noticid 207 

New Hampshire Hi.<itorical Society, manual, 
1913 noticed 306 

New Hampshire State Teachers' Association, 
history, by Walker and Buttertield 
noticed 114 

New Haven, Conn., Vint Church of Christ, 
hi.Htorical catalogue of the members. 
1639 1911. by F. B. Defter noticed 3l>6 

New Jersey, early settlers, genealogy in prepara- 
tion 3U2 


Index of Subjects 

New Salem, Mai*., Academy, history, by E. 

iUillurd noticed 113 
New York Historical Socitty, lO'Jth annivor- 

■ary cilebraliun. 1913. a'lilrcjw, Sa(e- 

l^uurdH of American democracy, by C 

A. llichmond notictd 21U 
New York Socifty o( iKe Order i)f the Founder* 

and I'alriulM of An)erKU, addroaa, 1913, 

by W. E. Fitch nUictd 3U(i 
Newbury, Vt., celebration of 160th annivor- 

•ary l'Jl2, proceedings noticed 113 
NEWniCIATK. Nathaniel, fine of. by W. T. 

K. Marvin notictd 3U1 
Newport Historical Society, bulletin, no. 9 

nuticid 111; no. 11 noticed 30G; 

special bulletin, 1913 noticed 3U6 
NKWTON. Hon. Hibbert. notice 101 
NORMAN. HuKh. will ir,23 62 
NOUTHUTand Tucker genealogy noticed 384 
NORTON. Mrs. Charleif Oltnr History of the 

organization of the Nebraska Society of 

DuughttTs of the American Revolution. 

June 7. isy-l -April 1. 1913 noticed 114 
Nebraska Society Daughters of the Ameri- 
can Revolution, eleventh annual address 

noticetl 111 
Norwich, C^oiin., vital record.s, 1659-1848, pt. 2 

noticed 208 

O'DONOGHUK. Marian Ad^le {Longfellow) 
History of the Society of Descendants of 
Robert Bartlei of I'lymouth, Muss no- 
tice J 383 

Old Dartmouth Historical Sketches, no. 37 
noticed 210 

Oneida Historical Society, yearbook, 1914 
no<icid 3.S6 

Oregon Historical Society, vol. 14, no. 2 noticed 

OTIS, Amos, correspondence relative to 

Colonial ancestry, in Nos. 60, 61. and 

62. Library of Cape Cod history and 

genealogy noticed 209 

PAINTER genealogy, descendanta of Thomas 

PALMER. William Lincoln, ancestry, by W. L. 

Palmer noticed 206 
William Lincoln Some descendants of 

William Palmer of Watertown. Mass., 

and Hampton, N. H. 259 
PALMER Kemalogy, descendants of William 

of Walt-rlown, Mas*., and Hampton, 

N. H. 259 

PAPE, T. Warton and George Washington's 
ancestors noticed 384 

PARISH, Emma White (Stuart), note Uvii 

PARK, Laurence Old Boston families, num- 
ber three, the Savage family 18 119 

PARKER. Uradslreet, biography, by W. T. 

Parker noticed 206 
Rev. James, will 1652 202 
Prof. L. F. Hi.slory of Poweskiek Co., Iowa 

no/»>fd 112 
Pearl Hildreth Report of the Committee on 

Epitaphs xxii 
Dr. William Thornton Great grandfather's 

clock at the old Parker homestead, 

Bradford, Mass., 1760 noticed 206 

PARKER genealogy, ancestors and descend- 
ant.'i of PetiT Parker and Sarah Ruggltsi, 
by J. W. Liruee noticed 111 

PARKHURST, John, will 1611 373 

PARK HURST genealogical notice of the family 
of Geori^e of Watertown and Boston, 
Mass. 370 

PARMENTER and rarianU 
Georg", will 15'J2 2C2 
George, will 1613 263 

Jamea Parker Report of the Committee oo 
Publications xix 

PARMbTKit. William, will 1618 26i 

PaRMYTKK, Henry, will 1619 264 
William, will 1615 261 

pKRiiK.srtu. Robert, will 1594 363 

PKUMiTbK, John, will 1648 265 

PARME.NTER baptums, marriages, aod 

burials from Engliah parish registers 

genealogical notice of descendants of George 

of Little Yeldham. co. Essvx. Eng. 2i0 
genealogical notice of di*»cen(lunta of John of 

Little Yeldham. co. E!is«.-x. Eng. 269 
genealogical notice of diticendants of Robert 

of Little Yeldham, co. Ea»ex. Eng. 272 

PARR, Katharine, book bills, historical notice, 
by E. Rose-Troup nc;(iccJ 112 

PEARSON, lirig.-i'jcn. (Jardner Whitman 
Ricords of the Massachusetts Volun- 
teer Militia culled out by the Governor 
of Ma.ssachusett.s to suppress a threaten- 
ed invasion during the War Ibl2-lal4 
noticed 207 

PENHALLOW. Charles Sherburne Report of 
the Committee on English Research xx 

PERKINS, Thomas Allen Addreiises delivered 
before the California Society of the 
Suns of the American Revolution. 
Biographical sketches notictd 210 

PERLEY, i>i(fntv The Indian land titles of 
Essex County, Mass. noticed 2o7 

Permentcr, see Parmenter 

Permiter, see Parmenter 

PERRY. AVp. Dr. Calbraith Bourn The Perrys 
of Rhode Island and tales of Silver 
Creek; the Bosworth-Bourn-Perry 
homestead noticed 111 

PERRY genealogy, family of R. I., by C. B. 
Perry noticed 1 1 1 

Peterborough, N. IL, history, by J. Smith 
nu{iC(d 113 

PHILLIMORE. William Phillimore Watts, 
parish registers, note 109 

PHILLIPS. Rev. Jeremiah, record of family, 
by H. P. Stone noliccd 304 

PHILLIPS gencalog>-, descendants of William 
Bower, in preparation 303 

Phillips .Academy. Exeter, N. H., bulletin, 
vol. 9, no. 3 noticed 208 

PIERSON genealogical notice of Abraham, by 
C. P. Hopkins noticed 206 

POMEROY and variants 

PoMEROYB, Henry, administration of estate 
1675 48 

PoMKOY, Richard, will and inventory 1621 

Pom'ye, Alice, will and inventory 1623 50 

POMEROY genealogical notice of descendants 

of Thomas of Eng. 53 
marriages and burials from English parish 

registers 52 
pedigree, facsimile opp. 47 

PORTEUS, Thomas Cruddas Some recent in- 
vestigations concerning the ancestry of 
Capt. Myles Staudish 3J9 

Poweskiek County, Iowa, history, by L. F. 

Parker noticed 112 
Providence, R. I., houses, lota, and shops. 

owners and occupants of, in 1798. by 

H. R. Chasu noticed 3^6 
maps. 1650. 1765, 1770, by Henry R. Chase 

noticed 386 


Index of Siibjcds 


QUILTER, haptimna, marriaeca, and buriala 
fnim KnKli^<(i (lariHh roguitera 1)^9 
gcni-al<Jk(icul nuitcti ul UuacMulaota o( Mark 

RABONK baptiftmii, marriaeni, and burials from 

fariiih regitttvra u( lluttoft, Eng., IGUO- 

RANDALL, Mary Slickney Report of the 
Conimilti-*! on the Library xvii 

RANTOUL. lioirrt Samuel Henry Fitz- 
Gilbcrt Waters nolictd 301 

Ray baptisms, marriuKcs, and burials from 

Eun:ih registers of liundon, co. SufTulk, 
ng. 327 

REYNOLDS, U'i//ium A brief hlatory of the 
Kirat Prfsbyterian church, Baltimore, 
Md. noticed 20H 

REYNOLDS Kumlly Association, 22d annual 
meeliPK. procceilings noticed 20G 

Rhode Island, biatory of seal, arms, and flag, 
by li. M. Chapin noticed 207 

RICHARDSON. Ihloa Andrew Eleazer Rich- 
ar(!.'<»n of MunchcKter and Bristol, Vt., 
and Ku-hluiul, N. Y., and hi» dcscendunUi 
1771 rJ13 noticed 111 

RICIL\KDSON genealogy, descendants of 
Lleuzer, by D. A. Richardson noticed 

Richfield, Ohio, hiatory, annals of the Richfield 
Reunion Asisociulion, 1913 noticed 113 

RICHMOND, Dr. Charles Alexander Safe- 
guards of American democracy, address 
before N. Y. Historical Society, 1913 
noticed 210 

Richmond, Mass. 

RIoS, Fernando Antonio dc loa, diary, by T. 
Thayer-Ojeda nUiccd 206 

ROBBINS, W'Ulidtn A. Descendants of Ed- 
ward Tre(.a)dweU through his son, John 
noticed 111 

ROBERTS. Miranda S. Genealogy of the de- 
scendants of John Kirk, edited by G. 
Cope noticed 110 

Rochester. N. IL, marriages and deaths, 1858- 
18G2 203 382 

Rockland, Mass., First Congregational Church, 
lOOih anniversary, 1813-1913, souvenir 
noticed 305 

ROE. Alfred S. The 39th regiment Massa- 
chusetts Volunteers, 1862-1865 noticed 

ROSE-TROUr, Frances The kalenders and 
the F.xeter trade-gilds before the Refor- 
mation noticed 113 
Two book bills of Katharine Parr noticed 

ROWNlNCi and variants 
John, will IGIO 326 
Thonia.s, will 1610 325 
W illiam, will 1651 326 

RowNiNf.K. Agnes, will 1601 324 
Alice, will 1620 326 
Henry, will 1567 323 
Henrv. will 1611 326 
John, will 16U0 323 
John, will 1609 325 
Thoma.s, will 1589 323 

RowNYNG. John, will 1549 322 
William, will 1497 322 

ROWNYNGE, Thomas, will 1610 

vital records to 1850 noticed 


ROWNING baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from parish registers of Hundon 
Suflolk. Eng. 326 


Royal Society of Canada, pro e — dlnf and 
transactions, 'id aeriea, vol. 6 noiietd 

Rupert, Vt., epitaphs, by L. II. ElweU notued 

Saint Nicholas Society of thn City of New York, 
portraits of th< ' i of the Society, 

1{>35-1914 nor . 

Salisbury, Conn., historical collectiont, toL 1 
noticed 209 

SANBORN, Victor Channing The Lincoln- 
shire origin of Borne Exeter settler* 6-1; 
noticed 305 
Thomas Levct of Exeter and Haroptoa 
noticed 111 

SAVA(!E genealogy, descendants of Thomaa 
18 119 

SAWYER, Jacob Herbert, notice Ixxii 

Scales genealogy, descendants of WiUiam. addi- 
tions and corrections 382 

Schenectady, N. Y., Union (Tollcge, Class of 
18<>.'J, hibtory, a record of non- 
graduates and honor roll of those who 
served in llie Dnion Army and Navy 
during the Civil ^^ar. reports of the 
40th and 50lh reunions. 1903 and 1913, 
by T. H. Fearey noticed 112 

SEELY genealogy, by W. V. Bacon noticed 

SHEDD Family Association, register, vol. 2; 
special meeting December 16, 1912, 
Boston, Ma^i. noticed 111 
register 1913 noticed 304 

SHERMAN. Thomas, notes 146 

Thomas Townaend More facts about the 
English Shermans 146 

SIEBERT. Wilbur Henry The legacy of the 
.\merican Revolution to the Britinh 
W(>8t Indites and Bahamas, a chapter out 
of the history of the American Loyalists 
noticed 1 1 4 

SILKE. alias HOLLARD baptisms, marriages, 
and burials from parish registers of 
Notherbury, Eng., 1592-1672 61 

SINCKLER. Edward Coulburn The Barbados 
handbook, 1914 noticed 305 

SMITH, Jonathan Ppterborough. N. H. in the 
•American Revolution nutired 113 

SMITH genealogy, descendants of James of 
Coventry, Eng., by E. J. Duming- 
Lawrence noticed 304 

SNYDER genealogy, descendants of Harman, 
in preparation 303 

Society of Colonial Dames, New York, register, 
1893-1913 noticed 210 

Society of Colonial Wars in the District of 
Columbia, historical papers, no. 8. 1914. 
Some important Colonial military opera- 
tions, by Frederic Louis Huidekoper 
noticed 386 

Society of Colonial Wars, New Hampshire, 
dccease<l members, constitution, by- 
laws, list of oll'icers, committers and 
members, 1894-1914 noticed 386 

Society of the Daughters of the American 
Revolution, Nebraska, eleventh annual 
address, by Mrs. C. O. Norton noticed 
history, 1894-1913. by Mrs. C. O. Norton 
noticed 114 

Society of the Daughters of the .\merican 
Revolution. Samuel Ashley Chapter, 
list of memberm. 1913-1914 noticed 114 

The Society of Daughters of Holland Dames, 
record book, 1913 noticed 210 


Index of Subjects 

Society o( Mayflower DcHcendanU, Ohio, hi»- 
tory, 1913 noticed 114 

Society of the S.mH of the American Revolu- 
tion, Culifomia, addrense* and bi<>- 
Kraphicul Hketchiii. by T. A. I'erkina 
noticed 210 

Society of tho Son* of the American Revolu- 
tion, Mn<u., roKJstJT of m<'mbc'P«, pro- 
ciH-'din^H, constitution, and by-lawn 
noiieed 210 

Society of the Sons of the Revolution, New 
York. addri'HS, l'J12 nolicid 114 

Society of Sons of the Revolution, Pennsylvania 

procettiings, 1912-1913 noticed 210 
Sole, etc Soole 

SonB of the American Revolution, $e4 Society 
of the Sons of the American Revolution 

SOOLE and variants 

Soi.E. John, will 1509 186 

SOOLE baptisms and marriaRea from parish 
retfisttra of HawkhurHt, Eng., 1550- 
1635 ItiG 

SPRAGIIE. Archibald, paronlage 301 

Francis lVt7/i(irn Barnstable and Yarmouth 
seu captains and ship owners with list 
of sailing.s from New England to San 
Francisco, 1819-1856, by Leavitt 
Spraguu noticed 208 

STACKI'OLE, Fierett Schermerhorn and Me- 
serre, W. S. History of Durham, N. H., 
2 vols, noticed 305 

STAN DISH, Capt. Myles, ancestry. English, 
deeds and records concerning 339; 
note 302 
pedigree 362 
Dr. Mylea Report of Committee on Sale 
of Publicutions zxii 

STAN DISH deeds, 1481-1577 363; note 
Kenealo^ical notice, descendants of John de 

STEEVKNS genealogy, descendants of Col. 
Thomas, in preparation 303 

STEWARD, William and STEWARD, Rev. 
Dr. Theophilua Gould Gouldtown, a 
very remarkable settlement of ancient 
date noticed 305 

STOKES, Anson Phelps, notice Ixvii 

STONE, Harriet Phillips Family record of 
Jeremiah Phillips, D.D., missionary to 
Orissa, India, 1812-1912 noticed 304 
Joseph Mason, ancestry, noticed 384 

STOWELL. Dr. Charles Henry Outline chart 
of the Stowell family noticed 111 

STOWELL genealogy, descendants of Samuel, 
by C. H. Stowell noticed 111 

STREETS, Thomas Hale The descendants of 
Thomas Hale of Delaware with an 
account of the Jamison and Green 
families noticed 206 

Swedish Colonial Society, list of oSicera and 
members, 1913 noticed 306 

SWEM, Earl (,'. Virginia SUte Library, bul- 
letin, vol. 6. no. 2. A list of the por- 
traits and piiMTCs of statuary in the 
Virginia Library, with biographical 
notes noticed 112 

TALBOT genealogy, descendants of Roger, 

in preparation 205 

TALCOTT, Mary Kingsbury Records of the 
Greenfield Hill church, Fairfield, Conn. 
169 266 375 

TAYLOR. Alan McLean and hfiddleton. J. 

Eight generations from William Thorne 

of DorwUihire, Eng. and Lynn, Maaa. 

noticed 206 
Tewkabury, Mass., vital records to 1850 

noticed 113 

THACHER. Julia Edgar Jo«hua Gray of 
Yarmouth, Mass., and his desccoaanta 
noticed 384 

THAYER, Nathaniel, note Ixxviil 

William Hoscoe and Abbot, E. H. The di»- 
coverer of John Harvard, Henry Fitt- 
Gllbert WaUrs. H. C. 1855 noticed 206 

THAYER-OJEDA, Tomds Lou conquista- 
dorca de Chile, vol. 3 noticed 207 
Diario del doctor don Fernando Antonio 

deloa Rfus, 1765-1773 noticed 206 
Observaciones acerca del viaje de D. Garcfa 
Hurtado de Mendoza a las provinciaa de 
los Coronados y Ancud noticed 206 
THOMAS. Rev. Dr. Thomas E., biography 
noticed 112 

THORNE. John Calvin and Bariour. E. D. 
Genealogical record of John Thorne 
alno the direct descendants of Jamet 
Thorne noticed 206 

THORNE genealogy. des<;j»ndants of John and 
Jamrjs, by E. D. Harbour and J. C. 
Thome noticed 2oG 
descendanLs of William of Eng. and 
Lynn. Mass., by Middleton and Taylor 
noticed 206 

TUURHER, Rev. Dr. Edward Gerrish, biogra- 
phy noticed 304 
THWAITES. Reuben Gold, noUce Ixxll 

TODD genealogy, family of Virginia, by J. R. 
Witcraft noticed 304 

TOWNE. John Parker, notice Ix 

TRE(A) DWELL genealofty, descendants of 
Edward Tre(a)dwell. through his boh, 
John, by W. A. Robbins noticed 111 

TRECOTHIC genealogy, di-seendants of Mark 
and Thomas, in preparation 303 

TRIGGS baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from parish registers of Totnea, co. 
Devon. Eng.. 1556-1662 59 

TUCKER and Northup genealogy noticed 

TUTTLE. Juliu* Herbert Don Gleaaon Hill. 
M.A., LL.B. 211 

Twilter, see Quilter 

T>'ng8boro, Mass., vital records to 1850 noticed 

UNDERWOOD. Lucien Sfarcus The Under- 
wood families of America noticed 111 

UNDERWOOD genealogy, by L. M. Under- 
wood ntAiced 111 

United States, Civil war. official records of the 
Union and Confederate navies in, series 
1, vol. 26 noticed 385 

VAIL genealogy, in Ancestr>' of Daniel James 
Secly. by W. P. Bacon noticed 304 

VAILL. J. H. Litchfield County Choral 
Union, 1900-1912. founded to honor the 
memory of liobbins Battel! noticed 112 

VAN LOON genealog>', descendants of Jan, 
in preparation 110 

Vassalborough. Me., Society of Friends, record* 
162 242 379 

Virginia history. 1607-1688, by T. J. Werten- 
baker noticed 305 


Index of Subjecls 

Virginia State Library, portraita and pieces of 
atutuary, lint with biuKraphicai notes, 
by E. Ci. Swem, in Virginia Sut« 
Library, bullutin, vol. 6, no. 2 noticed 

WADLEIGH, Georff« NoUbla events In tho 
history of Dover, N. H., 1623-1865 
noticed 113 

WALKER, iBoae and E, W. liuUtr field New 
Hampshire State Toachera' Association, 
history noticed 114 

War of 1812. Massachusotti Militia, rocord-i, 
published by G. W. Pearson noticed 207 

WARE Kcncalogy, descendants of Henry 
noticed 3U1 

WARREN, Dr. Joseph Weatherhead The town 
records of Gosport, N. H. 32 127 

WASHINGTON, George, ancestry, English, 
by T. Pape noticed 384 

WATERS, Henry FitzGilbcrt, memoir, by 
Abbot and Thayer noticed 206 
memoir, by J. K. Hosmer noticed 206 
memoir, by R. S. Rantoul noticed 304 
memoir with portrait and autoirraph 3 

Watortown, Miisa., records of West Precinct, 
1720-1738 (now a part of Waltham) 
noticed 305 

WEBSTER, Henry Sewall Records of the 
Society of Krirnda at Vassalborougb, 
Me. 162 242 379 
Kimball History of Hudson, N. H., edited 
by G. W. Browne noiic«d 113 

Wclewrlght, see Wheelwright 

WERTENBAKER, Thomat J. Virginia 

under the Stuarts, 1607-1688 noticed 

West Boylston, Mass., Deaman Memorial 
Public Library, dedication, 1912 noticed 

West Gardiner, Me., viUl records to 1892 
noticed 113 

Weetem Reserve Historical Society, annual 
reports, and papers and letters on War 
of 1812 noticed 210 

WESTON, Robert Dickion Committee on 
Heraldry xxii 

WHEELWRIGHT and variants 
Robert, will 1613 74 
Robert, will 1622 74 

Wei.ewrigiit, John, will 1611 78 

Whelwright, John, will 1591 73 

Whbylwreyth, William, will 1550 73 

WHEELWRIGHT baptisms, marriages, and 
burials from parish registers of Lincoln- 
shire, Eng. 75 
genealoKioal notice of descendants of John 
and Robert 76 

WHITCOMB, John, record of famUy 63 

WHITE, Dr. James Clarke Sketches from 
my life, 1833-1913 noticed 384 

WHITE genealogy, descendant* of William, 
by E. R. Davol noticed 384 

Who's Who in genealogy noiicsd 306 

WIGHT, Robert, will 1618 77 

WIGHT baptisms. marriag<«, and burials from 
parish registera of Linciilnshire. Eng.. 
1603-1630 78 

WiUimms College, obituary record, 1918-1914 
noticed 885 

WILLIAMSON. Joseph and A. Johnson His- 
tory of tho city of Belfast in the state of 
Maine, vol. 2. 1876-1900 nUic4d 113 

WiUick, see WUUx 

Willmgton. Conn.. epiUpha 198 334 

WILLI X and variants 

Balthazar, records and notes relating tm 
daughters of 81 
records and notes relating to daughters of, 
by V. Hall, in Lincolnshire origin of 
aome Exi-ter settlers by V. C. Sanborn 
noticed 305 

WiLLiCK. Balthazar, will 1599 79; notice 80 

WILLI X baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from parish registers of Alford, Eng. 79 

WINSLOW, Nathaniel, account book 107 

WITCRAPT. John R. The Virginia Todds 
noticed 304 

WOOD, Elizabeth Eliot Martin William 
Thi-ophilus Rogers Marvin, A.M.. 
L.H.D. 115 

WOODBURY, Charlet Jeptha HiU Historic 
priorities in Lynn, an address at dedica- 
tion of Society House. Lynn Historical 
Society, Oct. 1U13 noticed 208 

WOODS. Henry Emrtt Twenty-six report of 
the commissioner of public records. 191S 
noticed 207 

Woodstock. Conn., records, note 204 
WRIGHT, William James, notice Ix 
Wyoming Commemorative Association, report 
of proceedings, 1913 noticed 114 

Yale University, class of 1862, 50 vears' meet- 
ing, June 18, 1912 and biographical 
noticed to June 1914 noticed 3h5 

claas of 1884, history, edited by L. M. Dag- 
gett noticed 385 

class of 1885, quarter-centenary record 
noticed 207 

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,' -i .' - >i 

e.x^v.^1 f-.^hnyyk^^ 


/^ ^'f'^S 

.. -.'►"^v.x iJLttfc««?m*"/^if 

ldttSa*aBHci«j^ -jfit 




JANUARY, 1914 


By Jamks Kendall IIosmeh, I'li.D., LL.D., of Minnenpolis, Minn. 

Thk tttateinent will probaMy pass without challenge that Henry 
FitzCiilbert Waters was in America tiie most eminent antifpiarian of 
his time, perhaps of all times. The scope of his investigaticjns was 
wide, embracing not only New England, but the Middle States and 
the South. As regards a multitude of families he threw light upon 
tlie matter of lineage, })utting thereby large nund)ers under obliga- 
tion to him. As the tracer of the genealogies of characters of his- 
torical importance, Roger Williams, »John Harvard, and \\'ashington, 
he put the whole country in debt. The passing of a man so gifted 
and useful, which occurred at Salem, Mass., on 10 August liiKi, 
requires special mention in the pages of the J^kgistkil, a journal 
devoted to the studies in which Mr. AVaters made himself illu.-^trious 
and the principal medium through which he made his discoveries 

He was born at Salem 29 March 1833. His line was honorable, 
running back to the foundation of Massachusetts Hay, and botii tor 
his fatlier and mother the pedigree may be clearly traced, on botli 
sides of the purest New England strain. His father, Hon. Joseph 
Gilbert Waters, born at Salem 5 July 17t>G, was fifth in descent 
from Lawrence Waters, oneof tlie first settlers of \Vatertown, Mass., 
and afterwards of Lancaster, Mass., the line consisting of Lawrence,' 
Stej)hen,' Henjamin,^ Benjamin,* fJose})h,* and Joseph (lilbert.* 
Jose[)ii (lilbert Waters was a Harvanl graduate of the Class ot" I. SI (J, 
a lawyer by profession, the editor for several years of the Kyalcni 
Obstrver^ a member of the Massachusetts Senate in 1^35, anil for 
more than forty years a justice of the Police Court at Salem. He 
died 12 July 1878. His wife, whom he married 8 December 182.'), 
was Kliza (ireenleaf Townsend, who was born at Salem 17 ,Ianuarv 
1798 and died Li November 1890, (.laughter of C\ipt. Pcnn Tosvn- 
send, a notable Essex worthy, and his wife Mary, who was the daugh- 
ter of Addison and Mary (Greenleaf ) Kichardson. Their son had 
no vainglorious pritle of birth, but an affectionate interest in the 
chain of honest sires from whom he drew his blood. 


4 TTenry FilzGilbert Wntern [Jan. 

Ill \^\'l Henry Firz(iill)trt Waters entered a private school at 
Sahin, lu'pt hy .foiiatlian F<)x Worcester, A..M., M.l)., a ton of 
IJev. Saimicl WorcfHter, S.T.D., and a ^n-aduate of Darliuouth 
College. He renialiu'd for six or seven yi-ars nndcr Hr. Worci-.-tt r'd 
tuition, and tlun lit; entered tlie l*ul)lic Latin Seliool, ot" which ( )liver 
Carlton, A.M., also a Dartmouth graduate, was master. I came 
into iiersonal toiicii Nvith \\'aters when, as hovs of ahont eii/ht- 
eeii, we entered Harvard College in 1«61, ineinhers of the Class of 
18.')/). He hecaine almost at once my most intimate friend, and 
although in after years our patlis diverged widely, we m(?t at intcr- 
valts, rather reinarkahly at critical moments, and our friendshij) and 
6vnij)athy remained unahated. As a hoy he was of medium stature, 
slender aiul ah it, hright-eyed, with delicate features, among which 
the nose, clear-cut and pronounced, was noticeahle. (^uite strange- 
Iv his hair, even when a freshman, was streaked with gray, a pecu- 
liaritv which was said to have called out trom Jared S})arks, then 
jiresident, an outhurst of laughter: "A gray-haired freshman! 
^^'hat an ideal " It was not a sign of decrepitude. He was vig- 
orous in body then and always, active with ^onle intervals of illness 
to fourscore. 

AVjitcrs came to college with James Arthur Enimerton, his friend 
almost from the cradle, a man who also in later years developed in- 
to a notahlc antlcpiary. They were chums throughout their college 
life, and closely bound together up to l^mmerton's death. Togi'ther 
they travelled and made researches, Enimerton supplying the means 
from his longer purse, and when he died ecpiipping his companion 
sufhcieiitly to carry on his work. It was a heaiitiful union ot" kin- 
dred spirits and memorahle in its results, for Waters could hardly 
have acconlpli^lled his great tasks had not I'jnmerton lent him his 
sturdy shoiihlcr. I think they were the most popular men of our 
class. They were genial, and their room was a common ground 
where all came together. The various clicpies, the rich and the 
poor, Xortlicrners and Southerners, the nohs and the neglected, all 
somehow felt at ease with Kmmerton and Waters, and I wonder 
how they found a chance to study in the influx that passed over their 
hospitahh; threshold. The atmosphere was delightful, though over- 
thick often with tobacco snmkc. A\'aters indeed smoked little, if 
e^■er ; but lunmerton, of burlier mould, maintained a pi[)e whose 
capacious bowl lunied always with some strong mixture. Mv own 
lips had never been protancd by cigar or meerschaum, but when in 
a momentary la[>se Ironi vntiie 1 applied once to Kmmerton for a 
pi[)e, he proviiled me, with a smile I thought benignant but which 
was only mischievous, with a blind of the blackest and strongest. 
I took a whiif or two with conseipiences so dire that I never tried 
to smoke a^X'iin till I reached the ajj^e of seventv-fonr. As now at 
eighty I puil' serenely, I ponder whether I should bless or regret 
that old experience. Did it healthfully shut me olF for sixty years 

11)14] Ilennj FltzUllbcrt ]ViUt:rs 5 

from (i ymall time- and pence-consuming vice, or was T tluFi and 
there co/ened out ot a pleaisant solace that mi;,dit have Iduntrd the 
edge for me of many a raesping (|nan(h»r> ? Though a hit (dou<Iv.«l, 
the atmoiJj)here in nliich tlicise Saieni chums were invohed was never 
otherwise than kuid antl whohsome. 1 hry were hihiriou>, l>ut al- 
ways clean in tlicir waliv and Cijuversation, ex('mj>hu'y in the ii- ideals, 
encouragers of scholarshi]) as well as guod-ti.lluw.-»hi[), an<l tor their 
own coMilort perhaps too kindly bympalhetic. Waters was never 
anything in those days hut " Fitz," as our claj?smate Phillips Brooks 
was usually "Phillips"; and I recall a fre^hman hon mot which may 
be worth recording. A question arising as to the adecpiaey of our 
chiHb for some emeigency, some one detiantly exi'lainu'd : " \\ ith 
AN'aters we'll give them iits, and with Hrot^ks well give them fillips ! " 

I went several times to Waters's home in Sahnn, the oKl .>t.aport 
which sixty years ago still retained nmch ol the t-haracter that had 
marked it in the days of" IJilly Ciray " and " King l)erhy." Stout 
little shi])s lay at the wharves with cargoes ot palm-oil, cocoanuts, 
and lOast Indian tissues from the Orient, and hlull', \veather-ljeaten 
boys of my own age, with old Salem names, paced the decks, unites 
and supercargoes, sometimes before the mast, already veteran sailors, 
incipient captains in a world-encircling commerce. The old Ka.?t 
India Museum, pungent with strange 6i)icy odors, di.><played what 
to an inland hoy like myself was a wonderful show — curious t'aijrics, 
things mar\ellously carved and lacquered, strange monsters of the 
sea and land, queuetl and turhaned counterfeits of far-away mag- 
nates and merchants. On the shore stood the famous custom-h<»use, 
whose presiding spirit a few years before had been Nathaniel Haw- 
thorne. You found in the homes, in air faintly fragrant with sandal- 
wood, oriental tapestries, uncouth bric-a-brac, models of n(jial)le 
ships that had fought pirates in the China seas or foundered amid 
typhoons — these housed in colonial structures, ipiaint and graceful . 

The home of \\ aters had distinctly the Salem marks, and the 
household was representative. His lather had had an honorable 
career as magistrate and editor, and his intelligence was pervaded 
with pleasant humor. His mother was a gentle and stately lady 
of the old s(;hool, by birth and breeding informed with the town's 
best traditions. 1 recall as particularly interesting my classmate's 
elder brother Jose[)h, indeed a most friendly and vivacious character. 
He beLj;an his career as the '' Collector's Junior Clerk " in the custom- 
house, under Hawthorne, and figures as such in the famous prologue 
to the Scarlet Letter. In a dare-devil adventure he had at one time 
penetrated to a wihl and outlandish settlement called Chicago. 
Keturning safely thence, he never after lett Salem, 1 think, (juite 
content that henceforth Caj)e Ann and ]\larblehead should boun«l 
his excursions. He was charming in his naive limitations, a good 
story-teller, and overtlowing in kind otiices. I remember to this 
day a dish of his own concocting, set off w ith Kast Indian curry, a 


6 Henry FltzGilhtrt Walters [Jan. 

condinicnt tlicn little known, of which I had never heard. There 
wan Htran^e drink altio, of* equally remote derivation. The novel 
and tooth.soine fare, the repartee, anecdote, and laughter whi(!h per- 
vaded the strange aromatic riteani, thchroad ^(xjd-heartedneHS, inter- 
fused with honest and innocent parochinl enthusiasm, made it a true 
Salem repast, typical and diTi«:;htt'ul. .My classmate was very happy 
in his home environment, and I can see now that the hoy was father 
of tlie man. 

Things associated with history interested him as they did me. 
Here as in most ways our tastes were congenial. We were good 
walkers, and tram[icd together untiring to the historic spots. He 
showed me Gallows Hill, where the witches were hanged, and the 
brid«;e where the Salemites claim that armed resistance to British 
authority was made hefore the Concord hght. We tramped rr)und 
the hay to the old fort, which sheltered the Conatitntifjnj fleeing 
before the Knglish fleet in the War of l^il2, and j)ondered the 
scratches on the old desk, made hy Hawthorne's penknite as lie 
evcdved the tragedy of poor Hester Prynne. Once, while crossing 
a street, he called my attention to a cobhlestone in the pavement of 
the gutter which his foot had just i)ressed. "I always trod on that 
paiticular stone," said he, "going to and coming from school thnjugh- 
out my boyhood, and it would hurt me to tread on any other as I 
cross," a small crop})ing-out of the; steadfastness and method which 
served him to such good purpose later. 

.\t graduation no one of our men was more universally liked and 
res[)ecte(l than he. Others surpassed him in scliolarshi[), though 
here he was sound and broad. There were brilliant tellows who 
shone later in fields more uirectly under the world's iTJ^ze than the 
one he chose, but we all coufuhcl in the warm heart and good head 
of Fitz. Nathan was not fraid<er or more fearless with ''Thou 
art the man " tlian he was, if a eomjianion slipped. He heartened 
the desponding and acclaimed without envy the successful, a concil- 
iator in (piarrels and a counsellor to men per[)lexed. He was truth- 
ful, often bluntly so, and insincerity in others withered under his 
word and gaze. 

AVaters's chief fault, perhaps, was a lack of aud)ltion. After 
graduation he studieil for no profession, but without definite aim 
opened in the fall of 1855 a little })rivate school in Salem, of which 
he continued in charge until, compelled by illness to lay aside 
all business, he gave it up, 1 May 1«':<59, to his old master, ()liver 
Carlton, Ksq. He remained without employment untd the fall of 
18GI, when he gave proof of his devotion to the cause of the Union 
by enlisting as a corporal in Co. F, Twenty-Third Ivegiment of 
Massachusetts Volunteers.* He went to North Carolina in the 

♦The following account of Waters's Civil War service is basc«l chictly on informa- 
tion contained in his pedigree papers, wliich were fiknl with the New Kn^l.iud Historic 
Gcnealo^jicrtl Society when lie accepted nienihership in the Society, 18 iluy 1672. 


1011] lltnnj FltzG'dberl Waters 7 

" Biiriirtide exptMlitlon," Jiiid nliortly after the victories at Roanoke 
Iblaiul and Newhern, having heen ineapaeitated tor active aervice 
by exposure in the swarnpH of Koanoke, which reduhiMl in severe 
chronic rhenniatisni, he was, at tlie re(piCMt of hid friend, Dr. (leorge 
l)erl)y, smgeon in the Twenty-Third Massaehu.settrj \'olnnteerri, 
detailed for <hity ad hid clerk at the AcadcFny (ireen (ieneral IIos- 
j)ital. Then; he remained, nndcr I >r. Derhy and hid ttnece»>or, 
Dr. Clayton A. Cowgill of Dehiware, nntil Dr. ('owgill was trans- 
ferred to the charge of tlie Stanly (ieneral Hospital. There being 
no likeiiliood that he would ever again be fitted for active service in 
the tield, ^\ aters gave up his corporal's warrant in tavor of one of 
his connadt's in Co. F, and was retained as the clerk of Dr. ( 'ow;/ill 
while the latter fdled the various ollices of surf^eon in char'^e of the 
Stanly (ieneral Hospital, of acting medical inspector and su])erin- 
tendent of all the hospitals in North Carolma, and tinally of surgeon 
in charge of the Foster (ieneral Hospital, into which all the ht)?pitals 
in Newbern had been merged. At the expiration of his term of 
service, 28 Septend)er 18(31, ^Vaters, although he had received his 
"discharge" and was free to return to his home, felt that his further 
services in the hospital were needed, and disregarding the personal 
risk which he ran, he continued them without })ay, until he was 
prostrated in the following month by yellow fever, which had been 
raging violently in Newbern since the first week in August of that 
year. A\'hen he began to convalesce, he was sent to Morehead 
C'ity, by the seashore, where on the very next day he had a relapse 
and was reduced so low^ that he was reported dead in Xewi)ern. 
Nevertheless, havin<if re«j:ained a little streni>th and havinir learned 
that Dr. Cowgill had been taken down with the fever, \\'aters went 
back to Newbern to render what little service he could. On Dr. 
CowgilTs recovery, as \\'aters still remained "weak and almost good 
for nothing'* (to use his own words), he determined to return to 
the North, and left Morehead City 5 Novend)er 1<SG4 by steamer 
for New York. Late in Deccndjcr of the same year he started again 
for the South, going to St. Helena Island, near Ik^aufort, S. C. 
There he was induci'd by his friend, (^apt. Joseph A. Cioldthwait, 
port connnissary at F)eaufort, to accej)t tor a time the position of 
chief clerk in his oflice. Sherman had just taken Savannah, and 
was making preparations for his march through the Carolinas, so 
that A\'aters and his assistants had })lcnty of work, as, although few 
in nund)er, they were obliged to provision the whole Army of the 
Tennessee. Finally, in May 18()0, AVaters came back to the North, 
and, although he had borne arms A>r iiis countrv and had defied 
disease that he might minister to the inmates of the hospitals, he per- 
sistently refused, witli delicate honor, to receive a pension, in ^[^ite 
of the exigencies of later years. We met after a ten years' sep- 
aration, at C\unbridge, on Commemoration Day in 1S05. Our 
class had done well for the country. Our soldiers were twenty-four 


8 Iknry FitzGUberl Wdten [Jan. 

in nuin1)or, n!non«j them two niaj(H-^M*iu*r;iI.s, luiir colonels, and 
otlu'i'H of" Ifrftit r gnuK'. < )1 iln* laiik ami lilt-, I lliink, were only 
AValcrs and I, hotli of n.s corporald. l lie h|*iiil of tlio day was Ut 
cflate all rank, and wc hoth were predrtod by Harlow and Ilaycej, 
the niajor-^t'neraliJi, and l>y coKnuds, niaj<jrrt, and captain^, to marcli 
eidt! i>y side with tlu-ni in the lini*. \\'<.* luld aloot", howi'vcr, and 
strode togctiuT in the di^niity of our chfvronjj, for the la-t time 
in onr army hlue, to the beat of the dimn. 

The o(!cnpations of ^^'aters now for a de< ade or so seemed to 
thohe not clode to him to be, for the 8t ron;^ man that he wa8, 8(jme- 
what trillinLC Jmd desidtory. He had no re^nilar vocation, en^a;(ed 
not earnestly in educatittnal work, collected old furnitnre, and p(»red 
over old documentw. in a visiit to him in tlieae yeara I fouii<l him 
transferred from \\\s old home to an ample and di;^nitied man.*)ion of 
II former type on Salem ('onuu(jn, which In; had enjwded frmii attic 
to cellar with ancient fnrnitnre and bric-a-brac, IClizabethan wide- 
boardd, (piaint dresticrd and tables, venerable bed.-* "svith testers, 
columnar clocks, andirons, warming pans, candlesticks, lo«r^er heads, 
a multitarious assortment of c«»lonial belongings lar<]^e and small. 
The craze for such accunudations was then not marked in the com- 
munity. As a collector he was early in the lield, and had an ab- 
normal acuteness and zest in detecting things rare and \ahiable. 
His gracious and stately mother, now widowed, [)resided among 
these venerable objects, Ji belitting environment for sui'h a beautiful 
lady of the old school. Among this venerable oak and old ( hina 
she moved in gown and cap of fashion as venerable ; and at her 
side still stood the elder son, the ilelightful .loe, the same who had 
been suspected by Hawthorne in the custom-house of writing poetry, 
who had escaped unharmed t'rom his rash incursion among the bulls 
and bears of remote Chicago, and had returned contentedly to his 
(piii't Salem nook for a lifelong stay. l)oth he and Kitz stuck to 
bacheloihood, a practice over-esteemed among genuine Salcmites. 
In the case of either an all'air of the heart was luithinkablc, and yet 
more jxenial and charminif men never as hosts welcomed a friend. 
A\'aters was full of stories. This fine wainscoting had revealed 
itself after he had painfully for days scraped off layers of disHguring 
paint, and that rare bit he had detected built into a hencoop in an 
ancient shed. The prizes which connnonly stimulate men, fame 
and fortune, had no lure for him, but the odd iish was finding his 
appropriate water. iMumerton, always his friend, a kin<lred spirit 
and close at hand, had stud'ed medicine, but had soon forsaken it 
as a profession. 'J'here were old parish registers and court files long 
pigeon-holed, which it might l)e worth while to go through. Km- 
merton turned to that task, and findinii that the stores at hand 
yielded a good result, he went to England to seek further. 

In all this work AVaters was his close associate. These two 
friends spent several months in England in the summer and autumn 


1014] Ihnry FUzGilherl Wnters 9 

of 1H70, .111(1 dome of tlic results of their resoarclics in tlic Principal 
Kc'-i.^trv of Probate at Somerset, in the Piihlic Record Ot- 
fic(!, and in the; Pritisli MiiMCUin were puMi^hcd, in the ^h;l|)e of 
hrief ahstracts of >vill8, inciuisitioiiH mortem, and fine rolls, in 
the I'Jssvx Inslitula //I'slorictti (JtJlcclionfy* he^inninL^ in Jan- 
uary l.SHO, and were reprinted in an o<;tavo vohime of 1 18 pa»^e8, 
entitled " (iileaiiin;^.s from Mn^lidh IJeeords ahout New Mn^hind 
Kamilieti," Salem, l.SSO. Tlie unusual ^nfts and erpiipment of W'a- 
terd for anti(piarian work now hecame plaiidy a|)parent. In review- 
in"- this hook in the Kkcistkk for ( )i'toher lMS(),t the late John 
I'yler IIas;>am, A.M., of l)oston, at that time j)i-oininent in the 
eouutiel.s of the New Kngland Historic Genealogical Society and 
later the leading memher of the committee of the Society that 
arran^ad for Watcrs'd woik in I'jii^land, wrote: "Mr. Waters 
btandd in the front rank of New Kn^land anticpiaries. Few men 
haNc done .such ^ood and faithful service in the past, and few ^ive 
<rreater j)roini8e of accompli>hin^ more in the future. He has long 
heen a worker in the vineyard. Few men have crossed the ocean 


better pre[)ared hy previous training;; tind experience, hy precise and 
accurate knowledge of our early history and anticpiitie.s, and hy 
familiarity with the records and traditions of Xew Fngland families 
and the endless ramifications of their genealogies, to appreciate and 
im})rove the opportunity, so kindly and generousl}' oliired him, of 
exploring the inexhaustihle stores of aiiti(piarian and historical mate- 
rial in Fngland." In closing his review Mr. Ilassam expressed the 
hope that the New Kngland Historic Cicnealogieal Society might 
" at some future time he endowed with tuiids suflicient to enable it 
to maintain an accredited agent in the motlur country constantly 
enjjaircd in such researches as these." 

Two years later, on 3 October 1882, at a meeting of the lioard 
of Directors of the New Kngland Historic Genealogical Society, Mr. 
Ilassam returned to the subject of genealogical work in Kngland, 
ami spoke *' u[)on the desiiability, since the death of Col. Chester, 
of having a C()mj>ctent person in Jjondon to make genealogical re- 
searches for the Knglish ancestry of American families." He stated 
that several persons had expressed a wish that Mr. Waters, who 
was at that time a member of the Publishing Committee of the So- 
ciety, could be induced to take up his residence in liondon and eii- 
i;a<ie in such researches, and he was able to announce to the Board 
that Mr. Waters hail olfered to devote his time to the investiiration 
of the Knglish peiligrees of American families, if $lf)0() a year for 
three years could be secured to him. On Mr. Hassam's motion a 
committee was appointed, consisting of Mr. Hassam himself, of Hon. 
James W. Austin, and of John AN'ard Dean, Ksq., with authority 
to open a subscription to raise the money, if they deemed it advis- 

• Vol. 17, pp. 1-147. 
t Vol. 34, pp. 422-424. 


10 Henry FitzCilbert Wulcra [Jan. 

aljlc* The efVortd of tliis coininittce to secure the necessary funds 
were succeasful, und on 1 May l>i83, utter Mr. llasnani ha<l n> 
ported to the Board ot Directors that upwards of two thousand dol- 
hirs iiad been subscribed, it was, on hiti motion, voted by the Hoard : 
"That the eonunittee on Kn^^Hah Records be, and they hereby are, 
authorized to secure the services of Henry F. Waters on such terms 
as may seem to them exjH'dient, provided, however, that this society 
be not ma(h; pecuniarily liable in a sum exceedin*^ that which shall 
be subscribed and paid in for the j)urp()se of searching said recor<4s." f 

The sul^scription lists started by the committee were circulated 
also by and amon<^ mendjcrs of sister societies, and in particular 
many leadin»^ nuinbers of the Massachusetts Historical Soc.'iety not 
only manitcbtcd the warmest interest in Waters's researches but 
were ever ready to contribute towards dcfravin<; the ex|)onse of the 
work and to solicit subscriptions tVom others. J The larj^est indi- 
vidual contributor to the fund was flames Junius Cioodwin, LT..1)., 
of Hartford, ('onn., while the alumni of Harvard ( 'olle«^e and (•»- 
pecially the Harvard (,'lub of New York furni>hcd the means for 
carrvin*; on the search for the ancestry of JcJm Harvard. 

\Vaters now entered fairly into the labors which he made so fruit- 
ful. On T) ^May 18(S3 he sailed on tin; Catftlunid from Ho{?ton for 
England, and at once began his researches in Somerset House, 
London. In the RncJiSTEii for .Inly l^S.S.'^ were printed the results 
of his first few days of work among the records of the Prerogative 
Court of C'anterl)ury ; and from that time down to and including 
the issue for ,Ianuary 1^S99 every numl)cr of the IvKGIster except 
three (those for October 1HI)7 and for .July and October ISIIS) 
contained an article from his pen end)odying the results of his 
researches amouLT the l''n<di^h records. These articKs, witli the 
exception of tlie two entitlctl "John HarNaid anil his Anccbtry," 
appeared under the headiuLX of " (ienealoirical (ilcaninj;s in I^n<x- 

II c n o o 

land," and it wc include among them the two Harvard articles, 
were distributed in sixty ditferent instalments and appeared in 
seventeen dilferent years. They were reprinted by the New Kng- 
kuid Historic CTeneaIo«rical Society in IDOl in two bulky volumes, 
with an introduction by Mr. Hassan), of which freijuent use has 
been made in preparing parts of this memoir. 

AN'aters's methods of research were very ditferent from those of 
his lamented predecessor in the same field. Col. Joseph Liinuel 
Chester, wiiose services in throwiuix li^i^bt on the EuLrlish oriirin of 
American tamilies and in pre{)aring for publication Knglish records 
cannot be valued too hi^ihiv. Col. Chester met with «:reat success 
in tracing the history of particular tamilies. " Mr. ^Vaters's me- 

•Reoistkh, vol. 42, pp. 43-44, vol. 68, p. 13. 
t lii;oi}»Ti:u, vol. il. p 41. 

j Sec udilrcss of ^^L•^ilk•llt Al)ncr C. GooilcU, Jr., of tlio New En^rliiud Historic 
Gi'noalo>:ir;il Soiiitv, '2 Mar. 1887, priulcJ in Khuistkr, vol. 42, pp. 40-15. 
^ Vol.37, pp. 233-240. 


1914] Iknnj FitzGilbert }Vaters 11 

thod," said Prcaident (ioodcll of the New Knj^land Historic Gcnca- 
l();^ic'al Society, in presentinjij him mm the six-akcr of the (hiy at a 
int'L'tin^ ot" the Society in Ho.ston, 2 March 1W87, "is to examine all 
the reeordd hetween certain dates, st^ridtiiHy kecpin;^ a sharj) look- 
out for every thinj^ pos.sil)ly indicative of tlie blii:;htest connection 
with known American families."* In a letter from f^ondon, <latc(l 
13 May 1«8I and written to Prof. K. N. llorsford of ( 'amhrid^n-, 
Mau8., the anti(piary mentions i»is " laborious hut fascinating work, 
in ti»c gh)omy cellar of Somerset House, of exhuming the records 
of a huried past," and refers to his mctliod of research as follows : 
"1 take the records consecutively, looking over each page and mak- 
ing such references as seem worth noting. I occasionally make 
excursions when the trail seems hroad and clear, .... I>ut I in- 
tend generally to (M)nfine myself to the period a little hefore the 
niiirrations of 1<)2*S-JU) and the next half century. "t 1>\' far the 
greater part of the time spent hy Waters in iOngland wa.-i devoted 
to this rea(lin<^ of the wills in Somerset House. He seldom vi.-iited 
other depositories of records — at any rate he did little work out>idc 
of London, except when now and then some great fpiest, such as 
his search for the ancestors of John Harvard, called him to other 
fields. "Here [in Somerset House], "contimied Prc>sidcnt Goodell 
in the remarks from which 1 have already (pioted, " hy his special 
skill in interpreting the records, and the generous interest he mani- 
fested in the labors of others whom he there found eniia^jed in bim- 
ilar researches, and the aid he ever cheerfully afforded to these co- 
workers, he soon began to enjoy exceptional opportunities for prose- 
cuting his labors with the greatest economy of time, and secured the 
cooperation of his fellow-workers, who generously reciprocated his 
attentions to their wants."! 

The Nvorld minimizes too much the value of such pursuits. The 
Chinese worship of ancestors is of course an absurdity, and among 
us there are |)erhai)s some who take pains overmuch in running back 
lines of descent. Hut heredity, in conjunction with environment, 
in great part determines that we are what we are, and surely it is 
interesting and most instructive, in one's own case and in the case 
of eminent men, to trace the links of the chain through which mys- 
teriously the present derives from the past its vitality and soul. 
A^ atcrs was born for such work. He told me once that nothinjj 
a[)[)ealed to iiim so intensely, no novel or poem or strain of music 
or work of art, as the dusty documents which were the means to 
the ends he B0uu:ht. These he read literallv bv the hundred thou- 
sand, and no detective ever caught more acutely at the obscure clues 
in an investijration or followed evidence with iudLrment more unerring;. 

Ilis work, though full of delight, told heavily upon his strength, 

* Rkoiktkr, vol. 42, p. 41. 
fliEGisTuu, vol. 38, pp. 339-340. 
I Hlgisteu, vol. 42, p. 43. 


12 Henry FilzOllljerl Wnttrs [Jan. 

and anxiety was over prCHCnt as to ulictliLT the AnicTicun rtupportcrs 
<>1" tlio work w()ul<l be ahle to eonlimitf to provide for hin htay in 
l^nirlMnd. I was with him in Lonihui in 1^^M(I when he wa?j ill in 
Lody and mind. Ih; alwavh hooked ohlcr than lie waa. lie wa.s 
now hnt littv-three, ahvady a NtiuTahh; fi«^nre, hnjad-hrinnut d :ind 
cloaked aittr the tabhion of" a lurmcr time, his white hair setting oil' 
a countenance clear-cut and torccf'ul even in failing health. Fortu- 
nately he rallied to aeldeve much more, rounding out to the toll hid 
fourscore, in lahor certaiidy hut not in sorrow. He wan a hiippy 
man, intentely and congenially occupied, and with a philu50[)hy 
that disarmed atllictions. 

llndouhtetlly the greatctst achievements of \\'aters during the years 
that he npcnt in Kngland in research work lor the New Kngland 
Historic (lenealogical Society were his discovery of the |»arentage 
and ancestry of dohn Harvanl, the results attained in his liogers 
investigation, his work in settlinic the douhts as to the ancestry of 
George \\ ashington, and the conclusive proof which he furnished in 
regard to the ancestry of Roger W illiams. His Harvard investiga- 
tion, I supj)ose, may be held to be his master work. 

^V'atcrH's first article on " dohn Harvard and his Ancestry " aj)- 
peared in the KKdiSTKll tor July iJ^iST),* and was followed by a sec- 
ond article under the same title in the HlXJlsTKit for October hS.SG.j 
James Savage, the well-known author of the (.ienealogical Diction- 
ary, stated that he would ghully have given five hundred dollars to 
get five lines about John Harvard, and C'ol. Chester carried about 
with him daily for many years a bit of Harvard pedigree in the hope 
of being able to perfect it ; but Waters was the first to show beyond 
any doubt that flohn Harvard was a sc^n of liobert Harvard and 
his wife Kathcrinc Hogcrs of St. Saviour's Parish, Southwark, 
and that he was bapti/ed there 21) Xovtiuber IbOT. ( )n ( Om- 
meneement Day, 24 rlunc 18^<^), the thirtieth annivcrsarv of the 
graduation of our college class. Harvard University gratefully re- 
cognized the important work of Waters by conferring on him the 
honorary degree of Master of Arts, and in his remarks at the 
Alunmi Dinner on that day President Kliot summed up in grace- 
ful diction the results of Waters's researches concerning the an- 
cestry of the mysterious founder of the College.} In the second 
partof ".lohn Harvanl and his Ancestry," published in October 
1880, Waters established the parentage of Katherine Uogere, 
John Harvard's mother, tracing her j)arent8 to their home at Strat- 
ford-on-Avon and identifying the very house in Shakspere's native 
town from which she went forth as a bride. 

The Harvard investigation interested me especially. I t0(tk it 
lip with Waters step by step, and was struck by the rigid restraint 

• Vol. 39, pp. '26.5-28-i. 
tVol. 40, pp. 362-380. 

t See IvKGisTEu, vol. 36, p. 319, vol. 39, pp. 265-267, and Genealogical Gleauintja in 
England, Introduction, pp. ix-xii. 


11)11] Ilcnrj FitziJilbcH WiUas 13 

wlii(h lie impoHcd on liiin.Mclt" in foiiniii*; conciiitiiona. It in the very 
roin5in(!C o^ aiitit|uarian research. 'I'Ium rlii.sive worthy of* the past 
\\'att'rd fjntcncil Hccuri'ly to his Southu;irk paiuntafff;, revtalln^' him 
clearly, and trackin;^ his kindrnl in lh( ir iiauntti and oeeupaliona 
to tlic lirHt years «)t* (^ueen Klizalath. llin Btcppinj^-stoncs had heen 
now a direct mention in bome old will, now an indirect hint, 60 
vaiiiie tliat only his geniua eonld have diHcovered a relation. Hut 
whctiier clear or va«»nc, he never e.>tal)lishcd a 6tcppin;^-htone until 
lie wati euro of it. Then he trod it a8 he had trodden the coMjIe- 
stone in the Salem ntreet when he was a f^ciioolhoy. So in hid 
(jucst he huilt a firm road from London throuf^di the dajkncts to 
(iistant Stratf'ord-on-Avon, wherein I'JOl', in a ceremony sanctioned 
by Kin^ Kdward \ II, participated in hy dijrnitaries of the univer- 
sities and hy the American ambassador, anil attinded l>y a ^'^reat 
company, thi; home of , John Harvard's <:randparcnt8 was ;^'iven into 
tiie keeping" of tiie institution that hears his name. For the rcadifrs 
of the K'Kc.isrKit AN'aters told the marvellous story of the untan^ding 
in full. He epitomized it simply and lucidly tor the llnrcard 
(f /•(((/ (Kfte.s* M(t</<(2inf.* I have heard him ^nvc it to an audience, 
without vainglory, with j)leasant humor, with convincing logic. 
Several times in ])rivate 1 discussed with him the more interesting 
points. "Fitz,"l once said to him in substance, "you have bmught 
us to the threshold of something magnificent ; but there you leave 
U8. Cio bevonil your documents a little, trusting yourself to cir- 
cumstantial evidence. Thomas and Alice l\ogers, grandparents of 
John Harvard, lived for fifty years, with their houscludd. side by 
side with »)ohn and Mary Shakspcre, parents of AVilliani Shakspere, 
and their houseludd, under conditions which made an intimacy inevi- 
table. J'he fathers were in the same call in ji: in the little borout^h 
of possibly two thousand souls, sat together on the same bench 
as aldermen, became each in his turn bailiff or mavor. Their 
>vives were close neighbors, members of the same parish, in the 
register of which the births, marriages, and deaths of the two house- 
holds are written down on the same page. The boys, of course, 
would i^o tofrether to the old Kimr I'Mward VI n-rJ^nimar school, of 
which their fiithers as magistrates were otiiciallv trustees, and the 
girls and boys must have played together in the Avon meadows. 
A\'illiam Shakspcre, to be sure, went to London the year Katlurine 
Rogers, the mother of John Harvard, was born, and could have had 
no knowlcdire of her as a child. liut we know that a decade or so 
later he bought New Place, and was in the wav of coniin;r baik to 
Stratford tor sojourns that grew longer and more fre<picnt, until at 
last it became once more his home. Inevitablv, in restoring New 
Place, he must have had an interest in the handsome house just built 
bv Thomas Koijfcrs, and who more likely to answer the knock of 
such a visitor than the buddinj^: little Katherine I I can see the younfj 

• Vol. 15, pp. 513-060 (Juno 1907). 

14 Henry FitzGilbert WuttvH [Jan. 

maid and the luiddlc-a^od man confVontin*^ each other aeruHs the 
(looratep. She must liave heen pretty, and couM, moreover, hope 
for a wuhstantial dowry. \\ hat more likely than that Shakbperc, 
goin^ back to the Glolie Theatre, at Southwark, nhonld have re|)orted 
to Kohert Harvard, the yonn^' \vi<loNver, well-Chtahli.'hed and reputed 
in Southwark, of the blooming, wt'll-j)ortioned girl up thcrt* in the 
IMidland.'j, awaiting her fate ! If Robert Harvard lent a willing ear, 
we know that Shakapere was the man to Herve as a go-between. 
ThroULih the remarkable unearthiu'ra of Professor AN'allaee, we know 
that in these same months the poet, a lodger at the time with a 
wigmaker, and a genial friend in the huml)K: family, had a hand in 
making a mateh between his host'd daughter Mary and the apprentice 
Stephen Ikllott. If Shakspere <litl this for Stephen and Mary, why 
should he not do the same good turn for lujbert and Katherine? 
Southwark and Stratford are a hundred miles apart, a space not 
often traversed by the humbler folk in those untaverned and roadless 
times. One man wc know did j^o and come rij^ht from the eaves of 
Kobert Harvard's shop in Southwark to the doorstep of the liouse in 
the Stratford High Street. One would say that there must liave 
been an intermediary. Who more likely for that than Shaksjicre, 
good mixer that he was with plain Londoners and Warwickshire 
rustics, however he may have exploited upon his stage the heights 
and depths of human experience? There are no documents for all 
this," 1 said, " but consider the circumstances. Can you not tread 
on these to conclusions? Here is our dear Harvard. Her unique 
asset is her antiquity. Other universities may surpass her in wealth, 
in number of students, in distinction of teachers, possibly even in 
football, but no other university in this country can go back for her 
ori«2:in throuirli eiyfht j^cnerations, jjenerations which cherished her 
with love and enriched her with the noblest traditions. Now, what 
new^ dignity would be im])arted to this past of Harvanl, already so 
precious and solemn, could we but link the founder with the greatest 
name in literature ! Is it documents only that can pave the path for 
you to a conclusion, and will no accumulation of circumstances give 
you proper footing?" In unfolding my scheme I had warmed into 
a glow, which AVatcrs, quiet in his easy chair, met with a cold un- 
sympathetic smile. His words were few, and tliis was their purport. 
"These are only pleasant and picturesque speculations, possibilities 
rising here and there perha|)s to the size of likelihoods, but all un- 
substantial. There is no solltl documentary fact beneath your 
structures, and without that they are only might-have-beens, and 
with might-have-beens, however glittering, I have nothing to do." 
It was an instance of the restraint, rooted in invincible integrity, 
which he always showed in his investigations, and which was as 
much a part of him as were the acuteness and boldness with which 
he leaped to a result w hen once he had obtained a satisfactory ttoO gto) 
from which to make his spring. He inexorably demanded that. 


1914] Henry FUzCiilbert Waters 15 

It ini^lit be in itself as j)oor a ecrup as liis Salem cobblestone. His 
instinct told liiui at onec it* it were >vt'Il-basr<l and gave a firm hold, 
and tl«en he eould utilize it memorably. 

It lias been sujriTested that a portrait of Waters on;/bt to lian^ in 
some hall of Harvard University. It is indeed fitting, and the artist 
should be one of skill. There are two moments in his Harvard in- 
vestigation whieh admit of dramatic portrayal. The iire>t is the anti- 
quary standing bare-headed in the eofli-e-room of the ancitnt (Queen's 
Head Inn, in Southwark, and drinking a niug of London "bitter" 
to the memory of the mother of .John Harvard. It happened on a 
M(Hj(lay morning. He had, the Saturday before, madij certain that 
the g(jod mother, the possessor of this inn, had becpieatlied it as 
the principal item of his inheritance to her much-loved son. From 
the proceeds of its sale came mainly the little fortune, "the moiety" 
of which a few years later ke[)t alive the small moribund school es- 
tablished in New lMi<;land in 103(3. The inn remained unchan<xed. 
The identification was complete. As he used to tell the story, he 
made no secret that his soul was full of exultation, and we may be 
sure that his countenance reflected it, as in hinnely, sincere fashion 
he paid his homage. Still better, perhaps, as the subject of u pic- 
ture would be the identification at Stratford of the ''Old Ibju.-'C in 
the High Street." Arriving at Stratford (as lie told iu»; the 
story), the anti(piary, having by a marvel of ingenuity made out 
Katherine Harvard's connection with that })lace, called on Dr. Ar- 
buthnot, rector of thc parish, who at W aters's recpiest to examine 
the register said: "You are aware, sir, that our register is the 
most iiii[)ortant one in England." \\ aters convinced him of" his 
appreciation of that fact, and also of his competency and trustworth- 
iness. " You may examine it," said the rector, " but it can only 
be done under surveillance. The sexton alone can attend to that, 
and he must remain at the door of the church to admit the visitors 
to Shakspere's grave." The condition was accepted, ami \\'aters 
stood throughout the day, at the back of the church, the precious 
register resting on a pew-rack, while he conned it page after page. 
He found abundant mention, side by side with the Shaksperes, of 
Thomas and .Vlice Rogers and their household, and at last the })lain 
record of the marriaiie of their dau'diter Katherine to Robert liar- 
yard, ^\'as tliere anything more to learn? Shutting up the book, 
tired but happy, he went out into the village street and paused, as 
thousands had done, before the "Old Ilou:?e," with its (piaiut and 
handsome Tudor front. No one knew its story. The carved char- 
acters on the crossbeam below the gable, T K loDG A R, were, 
and had always been, as long as men remembered, an enigma. As 
he scanned them in the afternoon light, w ith his niiud excited by 
what the register had revealed, it flashed upon him as by some spirit- 
ual suggestion that the initials stood for John Harvaril's grandpar- 
ents, and that over that threshold the mother, Katherine, liad gone 


1 C) He nnj Fit z (i llL a rl WaUrs [.Ian. 

as a luiilo. Ilnw tliis wn^ confirmed need not lu; told here. Hut 
the .intiijii.iry at tin* Mij)rciuc iiioincnt wlirii lii.i discovery wad 
cliiwlird, tliis old-la^liioiu d l)Ut Htr:ii;i^lit and alert liL^un,*, w liltc-liaircd, 
with keen and cnthu.'sia.'^tic cyea — aincly u [):»intLr nii^ht find lierc 
a worthy bidjcct. 

\\ atcrri'rt rcdcarchcsj in connection with the I^);,^cr.s family cftal)- 
lidlied tlic Imii^TimIi ancestry of K*e\ . Nathaniel lio^'-crs of Ipswich, 
JMaijd., and his father's cousin, Rev. lO/.ckiel Ko^^ers of Kowlcy, 
Mass., a sul)iect uhieh had for manv vcars cn^^airvd the attention 
of Col. Cluster. 'J'hey were descrihed hy Waters in an addreso hc- 
fore the New lOn^^land 1 listoric (Jenealo^ricjd Society at its statetl meet- 
in*^ on 2 March KS^T, and weie piinted in tlu; Ki:ril.STEU for April 
of the same year.* The rcsidts <d' the Koirej- A\'illiam8 investii^ation 
were made known in the liK<;isTi:it foi- duly 1«S<S'.),| and the \\:i;d»- 
in<i,ton records were pnhli^heil in the llKfJiSTKK for ()eli>her l^cSU 
and January 1«*S1)().J In i stahIi>hinL: the ancestry of these men 
A\'aters j-olved proldems whic ii ' had l<»n^ hatlled the efforts of the 
most eminent antiquaries," and his arti«les form " a ^erie8 of perliaps 
the mo>>t hrilliant achievements in the whole history of •.'•cnealo^^y."§ 

liesides the " (ienealojiical (ileaninirs in Ijiudand, ' ^Vaters eon- 
trihuted to the JvI:(JIsti:i: an article entitled "Papers in Kircrton 
IMS. 2.ii>'),"|| in which he ^ave an account of some papers relating 
to North America w hich are contained in a mamiscript volume in 
the Hiitish Museum. He also comnumicated to the Ki:(;isti:k the 
will of Alexander Selkirk — tiie real Kohinson Crusoe,^ and the 
will of Thomas Ilohson, the ('amhridge carrier, who oH'ered to hid 
customers " Ilohson's choice.''** 

j\lany gencaloi^ical articles i)y Waters may he found in the JJt^sex 
lustitdtv. Jltstoricdl Culh ctims^ n)ost of them havin;^' heen eon- 
trihutcd to that })uhlication hefore the (M»m|»iler took up his protracte*! 
residence in London. One very \aluahle contrihution, " Kxtraotd 
from Marriaiie Licenses ixranted hv the Hi>hoi) of London 15U8 to 

~ C . I 

IGiJll,' was one of the fruits of his rescari'h in England, and ap- 
])eared in the Ksst.v Instilutt Ilistoruui] CoUcciious for iMlLf-f 
To the cause of history as well as to that of frencalogy \\ aters 
rendereil valuahle services, and among these the discovery of the 
Winthro[) map of the Massachusetts Hay Colony* | and the finding o^ 
the manuscript hy Sanuiel Maverick containing a " Hiscription of 
New Kngland "§ 5 deserve especial mention, arousing as they did great 
interest both in this country and In l-]ngland. 

♦Vol.41, pp. lfiO-188. 

t Vol. !:;, pp. 'iiM) ,•( seti. CS »lso ^ol. 43, pp. l'27-428. 

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II Vol. 4!i, i>p. 17r)-18'>. 

^\ \ol. M), pp SW-Sii). Cf. 11eoI8Ti:h, vol. 61. pp. Io0-l.">l, for a facbimile of thisi will. 
••Vol. M', pp. 4S7-IS8. 
+t Vol. i'8. pp .')7-15'. 

tt ^<-'«^' Wii>isri:i«, vol. 38. p. 312 (Julv 1S8)4. .iml Proceedings of the Maaachusetts His- 
torical Sociefy, Sirics 2, vol. I, pp. 211 «•/ ^er/. (.June lhS4). 

v^^^ rriu;oil in IxKoisTiat, vol. 39, jip. 33-4S (.luiiunry 1885), ami in Proceedings of the 
Massachusetts Historical Socittt/, Scries 2, vol. 1, pp. 231 et seq. (October 1884). 


11)14] Tlenrij FitzCiWcrl Watt-vA 17 

W'nttTH'ri liitor years were ypt'iit in caHtorii ISfnssnrlnisrttd, cliicfly 
In lii» iiJitive citv. As early as ISTO lie had joined the Kssex ln>li- 
tiite; in 1<S72 lie had heeonje a roident nuinher ol" the New I^niiland 
llislorie ( lenealoj^ieal Society, and was made a lite nuin!)er in l.*^l)0 ; 
an<l in .January of the latter year he was elected a reside nt in(Mnl)er 
ol the MaHsaehus(!tls Ilist()ri«:d Society. lOvery wintrr he made it 
a point to he present at the <linncr, in Boston, of his I harvard class ; 
and on these and other visits to lioston he was often l«> he seen in 
the Lihrary of the Historic (ienealo^ical Society in its forini-r hnild- 
in<'" at l^< Somerset Street, and (Mice or twice he was al)le to come to 
the new hiilldin<rat ii Asiil)iirton IMace. His interest in theirenealo^TJ- 
cal researches to which he had devoted his prime was nndimini«.he<l 
even in advanced a«re. He would call for the most recent iOii'dish 
pultlications on ^•ciiealo^y, espi'ciall}- tlic pilnlcd });iri>h rei^i-^tt-rs, 
and oflcntimes he [)ointed out clues as to the ancestry of our early 
settlers which led to the actpii.^ition ot" im|)ortant material tor the 
pa^^cs of the Ukgistkr. In a letter to a personal friend and rela- 
tive, written trom Salem so late as W April IIMJ, he exclaimed: 
"Lord! How I wish 1 had that lihrary at 18 Somerset St. wiihin 
easy niach, and daily Un) ! " It \\;\6 a source of ^ratitii-ation to him 
that the Committee on iMi^dish Research of the Historic ( lenealoirlcal 
Society was ahlc, a few years a^o, to secure funds for a resum{»tioii 
of the woik in ICni-land which he had carried (Ui for seventeen venrs 
with such wonilert'ul success, and he was always f;la<l to hear ahout 
the |)r()^ress of the [)articular investigations authorized hy the (\>ni- 
mittee and to aid in its researches with helpful advice ami suixire^'tions. 

I have written of mv old friend out ot" my heart, and natiirallv of 
his occupation in his spetnal ticld, to which his taste so strouLflv drew 
him and where his ahility was so marked. ^Vhsorhed thous^h he 
seemed here, shut oil' from men in alcoves and dusthins, he was 
nevertheless a man widely and tenderly sympathetic. ThouLih with- 
out family ties, he had a genius lor tVieiid>hip, and no iViend could 
he kinder or truer. He was alive in a largo sense to the pre>ent. 
I'he Sp*anish \\ ar and the Roer Way were followed hy him with 
lively interest and with manifest disap[)roval. In these later years 
he was perfcrvidly a peace man, incongrnoiLsly and rather amusingly 
nulitant in his aihocacy ; and in his anti-imperialism not even his 
townsman of a century ftijo, rimothy Piikcrinir, denounciuLr the 
purchase of Louisiana, surpassed his wrath ovtr our ]MCseiit-day 
expansion. I locked arms with him on Conuncncement Day, 11H3, 
under the windows of Ilollis, where sixty-two years hefore I had 
known him lirst. I noted sadly that his form \va3 hcnt, and that 
he was slow of speech and step. I felt that I should never again 
behold in life a man than whom I have never known one more just, 
more sweet with tine humanities, more sim[dy and squarely true. 

18 Old Boston Fdmiliea [Jan. 




By Law HENCE Pauk, Esq., of (Jrotoii, &Ia»8. 

[Continued from vol. 67, pa-ju 330] 

24. Thomas' SavaGK {Tliomas^^ Thomas,^ Thotiuis,* Ifahijiih* T/iomns^)^ 

born at CliarKston, 8. C, 2J Aug. 1770, •iitered Vale College iu 
May of tin; soplioniore y<*f^r <>* l»i^ class, ami at his graflualioii in 
17'.*2 was IJjr youugrst iirmiiIm r of llu- class, lie studied law wiili 
.ludge Tapping Ki'i.'Vc of Litclilicld, Conn., and was adinilltd to ilio 
bar at Savannah, Cjia., but never piactici-d his profc.->bion, for, having 
ample nnans, he settled u])oii a plantation in liryan Co., (ia., ancl 
devoted his time to literary and agrieidtnral pursuits. He <lied at 
Silk Hop*', Bryan Co., (ia., 10 Get. 1<S12. A newspaj)er account 
which ap|)eared shortly after his death describes him as " an aceoui- 
])lished gi.'ntleinan, and linished scholar, of great dignity of tlcjiort- 
ment, . . . more devoted to books than society." Two portraits 
of Thomas Savage are in existence, one being owned by his great- 
grandson, ^Vindx•I•ley Jones I)e Henne, Ks»j., of Savannah, and the 
other by his great-granddaughter, Mrs. Clarence Goidon Andrr.-,on, 
Jr., of Savannah. 

lie married, probably at Savannah, 12 June 1810, Maky Wal- 
LACK, born at Savannah 3 .June 17H2, eldest daughter c>f Ibui. 
.John and Mary (Anderson) of Savannah, her father being Briii:>h 
consul at Savannah. 

Children : 

i. 'rin).MAsJ b. 1811; d. at Silk Hope, Rryan Co., Ga., 30 Apr. 1816. 

ii. Maky Wai.i.ack, b. Oct. IM2; il. l-^C'J; ni. (1) Wii.i.rvM H. Nut- 
TAi.i. ; Ml. (2; at Savannah, LT) May 1>4U, (ii.oitCK NNjmi.k Jonk.>, b. 
at Savannah 25 May Ihll, d. in .Joiri'r>(>n Co , Fla., May 187<;, ^on 
of Noble NVinibcrley and Sarah (Canipl)ell) of Savannah and 
;;rand>un of (Jeorj^e .Joius, U. S. senator from Goor;;ia. lie was 
;ira(.hiuted at Vale CoUei^e in 1S'_".» an»l soon afterwards ailojited 
Nol)le as a middle name, lie inherited extensive cotton planta- 
tions in Georgia, but spent most of his time in tanope. Savannah 
conlimietl to be his permanent ri'sldence. and while in this country 
his summers for many years were passed at Newport, K I. Child 
by t\v>i husband : 1. Mnry^ m. Wimherley Jones I)e Henne: four 
children. C'luMren by second husbantl : 2. Ueoiujf Ftmrirk, of 
Sa\annah, lawyer, b. at Savannah IsU ; d. there 2(5 Mar. l.sTCi; m. 
there 12 Jan. Is71 Anna ^^"ylly llaltersliam ; three children. 3. 
tS'iriih Cainphed (known as Lillii' A'(»///<' Junes), livin<; unm. at 21 
Via To, Home, Italy. 4. \i\tllucr Snvii'jc, d. unm. at Rome, Italy, 
27 Dec. r.U)2, Dnrim; the tlrst ailministratio'n uf rresident C'levc- 
hinil he was U.S. censid at Me^^ina, Italy, and during Cleveland's 
.second administration he was U. S. consul general at Rome. 5. 
iVt»/»/e W'iinbtrltyy d. mnn. at Savannah. 

25. Thomas' S.\va<;k {John,^ Thoniiis,* //(il>ij<ih* Thomas,^ Thomns^)^ 

born in Boston 31 Mar. 1770 and baptized at the lirattle S<piare 
Churcii on the folio win;; day, removed, late in 1775 or early in 
1776, with his parents to York, Me., which was tiicuceforih his. 


1914] The Savage Famibj 19 

home. He wuh for several years collector of the port of York, and 
ill 1H17 n'|)r«'.s('nU'(l tlie town in the (iencral Court. In 17'J9 h«; 
is eul U'd " niariiKT." In his will, dated .'JO Nov. 1824 and jjrovrd 
5 Nov. 18.J.S (York ProhatL* Records, vol. 41), pp. IHI-o), lie calls 
himself "es(juirc," and appoints his sons-in-law, Solomon Hrcjoks 
and Samuel I'rchle, .)r., his executors. lie died at York l.'j Sept. 


lie married at York, 1787, T.ydia Ortow, horn at York 10 Dec. 
170."), died there 17 Feh. 18a2, daughter of Kdward and Olive 
(Farnham) of York. 

Ciiihlieii, born at York : 

1. Nancy,' b. 11 .Inly 17H8; d. at York 2 .\u^. 1812; ni. at York, 28 
Nov. 1H12, as liis second wife,' Solomon Hkook.-, b. at York .1 
Sept. 17m3, d. there IH Dec. lHt;;i, son of Solomon and Lois 
(Ihooks). Mr. Brooks was a trader at New Ipswich, N. 11., f<jr 
a number of years, and served in both branches of thi' N«'W Hariip- 
sliire legislature. Children, all b. at York: 1. Maria .V<//i<»/, b. 
17 May LS14 ; d. at South Orange, N. J., 28 Sept. 18S1 ; ni. .Vudrew 
Clark; had issue. 2. Thmnan Savuije, b. 2.') Dec. 1815; d. imm. 
at (Jreeuville, 111., 2 June 187'.>. 'A. Lydin MiratuUi, b. 181H; d. 
unm. at York 1879. 4. John Uorham, b. 15 Feb. I.s21 ; d. s. p. 
at Belfast, Me., 24 Mar. 11)04; .\.B. (Dartmouth College) 1848, 
M.D. (.lellerson Medical Colleije) 1851; m. (1) Klizabeth Luiit 
Mclntire; m. (2) Mary Kli/.abeth (Davis) Chase. 5. Edirard 
(i'n>u\ b. lH2;i; d. umn. at York 1H45. C. Sophia Amdia, b. 1825; 
d. at York I'JOi) ; m. Joseph Brandon; tlve childreu- 7. Julia K.y 
b. 1827; d uiuu. at York 18JH]. 

ii. SoiMiiA, b.;J Jan. 17'.>1 ; d. bef. Nov. 1824 ; m. Mic.vjah Lunt. Child: 
1. Theodore. II. 

iii. Sakah (Sally), b. 19 Nov. 1792; d. at York 29 Oct. 1872; m. at 
Y«)rk, 2;J Jan. 1815, Samtel I'ltrnLK, b. at York 18 Oct. 1788, d. 
there 2 Oct. 1841, son of Sanuiel and Susanna ( Tuckernian) of 
York. Children, all b. at York: 1. Loisa, b. 20 Sept. 1.H15; 
York 8 Oct. 1819. 2. Julia, b. 28 May 1817 ; d. 15 Feb. 1851 ; m. 
Charles Bean Rrajfdon. 8. Charles ,V., b. 9 July 1819; d. at Ven- 
tura, Cal., Jan. 1884; m. Susan Bariuud ; had issue. 4. Caro- 
line Matilda, b. 9 Sept. 1821; d. at York 12 Jan. 1904; m. Josiah 
Brajfdon ; had issue. 5. Andrexc, b. 25 Sei)t. 1M23; d. at York 19 
Mar. 1891; ni. Mary E. Grant ; had issue. ('» ."^innuel U'lishinyton^ 
b. 8 Jan. 182(J; Tustiu, Cal., 25 Feb. 1897; m. Abbie Wilson; 
had issue. 7. Lnuitte, b. 5 July 1828; d. unm. at York 22 Jan. 
1845. 8. James Orne, b. 6 Nov. 1832; d. at Tustiu, Cal., 25 June 
1912; m Ilattie Tiltcm ; had issue. 9. Sally Ann. b. 18 May 1835; 
d. at lla\erhill, Mass., 27 Sept. 1899; m. John Bean; had issue. 

iv. Lydia, b. 13 .Vuii:. 179r); d. «.;).atYork 1819; m. Jkiikmiaii BiU)t>KS, 
b. at New Ips^vich, N. H., 1792, d. at York 19 Jan. 1^81, sou of 
Solomon aiul Lois (Brooks). 

V. Joii.N, b. IS Aug. 1801 ; lost at sea, unm. 

26. Alkx.wdku® Savage {John,^ Thomus,^ Habljah} T/iomas,- T/iomas^)^ 
born at Yt)rk, Me., 5 ,lan. 17S0, removeil to Hoston about 1800, and 
in 1805 went to Bangor, IMe., where he became a nu'ichant. In 
1806 he was town clerk of Hangor, and was for many years clerk 
of the First Parish. On 3 Sept. 1814 he with other citizens of 
liangor signed a petition agieeing not to take uj) arms against Circat 
Britain, they being at that time prisoners of war of the advanced military and naval forces on the Penobscot. In 18J8 and 

• His first wife, by whom he had one daughter, was a Miss Wheeler. 
VOL. LXVllL 2 

20 Old Boston Funiilies [J 


for soiiuj Bul).si(|ii(;iit yrars In? wuh rl•gi^te^ of |)rol>atc for l*einil>".r() 
County. Ill \^'<S^ lif aiitl liis wifn ami «laii;^lil«r, Mary (ireeiioij;:li 
btM'aiiu! original iiu iiilnrs of tht: I laiiiiiioiHl .Stma C'oiii;n*::alioiia 
(limcli in lian;ior, having pi-fvioiisly Imm-m nirnilKTs of the Kiru 
Congri'«^ational ( IiiikIi tluin-. In lM.i.'> he ninoviMl to C^uincy, III. 
ami «li«Ml in I liicai^o, III., 21 July lrt.'>7. 

lie inaniffj at haii;;or, iMr., 20 ()< t. IHOM, I' Siiau 
j TiioMAd, l)ojn at IM) iiioiith, .Ma>.>., 2.) An;;. 17«*S, ili<tl in ('liica^< 

! 22 .Si'pt. liS7u, «laii;j;liU r of Nathaniel ainl l'ri.>cilla (Shawj o 

j I'lynionih. 

Childim, all horn at Bangor: 

I. riiAiu.i--S Thomas,^ h. 12 .\u-j. 180'.); d. at Bani^or 4 May 1H14. 
I ii. M.\UY tlUKKNouuii, I). 'J Jan. ISll; d at Qnincy, III., 27 Feb. I«71 

j in at Collin cy, ;{ July lb4t, Cykil C'Anoi.-^ii.Ni: C'.\i»v of rulniyra 

Mo., wliod. at Sacranionto, Cal., TJ iJec. lhJ2. It ilit-rc were chil 
ij drcn, tlicy d. in inluiicy. 

I iil. Wii.i.iAM Thomas, b 14 Nov. 1H12; d. at Quincy, III., 10 Oct. Ift88 

i in. at .Alfred, Me, 5 .Xpr. IMII, .M \i{v LA.N(jot)N Bkaihu itY, b. a 

t York, .Me., 2 .\i)r. lsi7. d. at Franklin, N. II., I Jan. 1^71'. dan. o 

, 1* Ji;reniiali and Mary Lani^ilon (Storer; ol" V«>rk. Saxam* wa; 

grailuated at Dariniontli Codeine in 1>;5;{. and, after teaeidii;; ^elioo 
at llie acadiiiiy at Alfred, .Me , bct^aii llic stmly of llir()U);;y a 
r>an;^ur, eomplelini^ iii.'s course at Lum* Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio 
at which he \va>> j^raduated in IfSJT. He \va:^ onlained at l)ein)y!> 
ville, Mo., in 183.s. in Feb. l.s4o lie was in>talled as |)a>t«>r uf th< 
C'oiiu^regational Cliurcli in .Amlier.««t, N. H., and \\jl> ili>mi.'»>ed ii 
A|)r. I.s4;i. lie was then lOr loin- or live years the i)a>t«)r of th' 
Cunirregational Clmrcli at lloidton, Me., and 4 Sept. Ksl'j was in 
stalled as pastor of the CoiijLjre^ational Church at Franklin, N. II 
Here he remaim-d until 1S7L in the iollowinf^ year became pa.sto 
ot a church at .MouLiccllo, Madi.son Co., 111., and three yiar.s late 
reuioved to Quincy, 111., where he resiiled until his death. In iMlG 
accompanied by his wife anil si>ti'r. he travelled extensively h 
Europe, .\.>ia .Minor, and Ki;ypt. He reieived the thj^ne of D.l) 
from Dartinuuiii College in iscs, anil wa.> a meiaber (»f the IJoari 
of Over.seers of that institution. ChiUlreii: 1. M>ny* b. a 
Houlton, .Me. !';> .\pr. Is47; d. there 24 .\|>r. Is47. 1*. (fairle 
Lii(cani.s, b. at Franklin, N. 11., L's A|)r. Is.-.O; d. tlure lo Au^. \h:,0 
Ii. \\ iUiitin l.umjdou^ b. at Franklin. N. H., 24 (.>ct. loJO; d. thcf 
2"J Sept. \bol. 
iv. CiiAKLi'.s Alkxam>i:i{, b I'O Oct. 1814; d. s.p. at Quincy, III., 2 Feb 
lhh4; ni. (I) at Quincy, 4 Oct. 1^4;!, Klvky Wki.i.s, b. at (jninc) 
d. there I'J July ls7.i, dan. of Levi and Anne (^Ames) ; m. ,^1,'/ a 
I'oughkeepsie, N. Y., 2'J Dec. 1^7.'», his lirst cousin, Ui.ivi 
('riloMAs) .Mrui'liY. b. at I'ou;;hkeep.>ie, d. there Apr. lrt'.»8. dau 
ot Dr. William and Katherine ^^lloUnum) of roui^dikeepsie an* 
widow of .lohii. Sa\aue wa.-. ijradualed at Uowduiu College i 
\\iM , read law at Ban;4or, and after liis admission to the i'enobsco 
bar entered upon the |)raitice of hi- piole>siun at (^uincy. 111. Soo 
afterwards he bnanie lllinui.- a;;ent of the Munn Land Co. of Ne\ 
York, and establisiied a general laml agency, abandoniui; the activ 
practice of his prol'ession. In 1846 lie opened a bankiii*^ house I 
Quincy, bec^uiie oilicially connected with the oriirin. const mctioi 
and mananeinc't oi \\n)>i of the lailroads that contributed to th 
prosperity of t^uincy. and was instrumental in securing a cliarte 
lor the company which built, at Quincy, the llrsl iron bridge t 
span the Mississippi Hi\er His connection with the railwa 
system of Illinois enabled him lo furnish at a critical time in 
portant facilities for the operation of the government during th 
Civil ^Var, and his promptness and etticieiicy were couspicuouj 
He was a member of the First rresbyterian Church inCiuincy, wa 
umch interested in the charitable, educational, and religious ii 


1914] The Savaye Fnniihj 21 

stltutlons of the city, ami was j^ciieroiis in support of tlifiij. lit? 
\vji-» u iiitiii of plrjisiiii; udtliT^s :iM)| rait* jml^imiil, a Migucious ol*- 
siTvi'i" of mull uiul lliiii;^.s, and iiukIi rcNpocttMl. 

V.'itA Ann, b. 15 Jan. IrtHJ ; d. at Huiit^or ;;0 .June J817. 

vl. J-AiHA Ann, b. 17 June iMlrt; d. at t^nincy, Ill.iiO Mar. 1891 ; m at 
iiani;<ir, (J Sept. IM'.', Hkv. ]i»)i.l.i.\ Mi;'u:s, b. 1"J Kcl). Idi'U. d. ai 
(Jrii;i;.sville, 111., 2m Mar. 185(J, son of Kdwin A. and Sarah of Jack- 
honvillo, III. She became a meml)«*rof tin- Hammond Street C'on- 
;;reixatioiml Church at HaniiDr in Ih.U, jmd in I)«'C. 1H4U she and 
lier hUfti)untl removed to (.2"'"'>i 'H- CljiliJruu: I. WHIinht 
Sitca{ji', b. at Grij<i;.->\ ille, 111., 12 Jul) 18.'»3; d. in St. l.ouis. Mo., 

II Mar. IH'J'J. 2. C/i«We.< £V/jcn*, b. at Gri^j^sville 6 June l^ob] d. 
tluTf 7 N.)v. 18n2. 

vll. Couh, b. 7 Aug. 1820; d. at Qulncy, III , 17 Apr. 1892; in. 
at Han^ror, 25 Jan. I84;i, KimiKNK^k Godi-uky, b. at Tauii- 
tiMi, Mass., 2b Feb. I8iy, killed in the battle of Shlloh, T«;nn., 7 
Apr. 1HG2, son of Charhs and llunnali (Sliaw; (Dean; of Taunlon. 
Sliu became a member of tin' Hammond Street C'oii;;re;;atiunal 
Clmrrh at Han^or in 1834. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey removeil in ls4U 
to Fall Kiver, Mass., in 1845 to nan;,'or, and in 1850 to Quincy. III. 
ChihIren: I. Jltnry W'ulluce, b. at Fall Kiver. Mass., 2o Dee. 
lsi;l; m. at Niles, Mich., 17 Oct. Iscr, (icor^^iannu Joy Colby; 
i\\^> cliildren. 2. Francet Kuijfiiin, b. at IJanyor 4 Nov. 184G; ni. 
al C^uincy, III., 1 Oct. 1808. Timothy Dewey WiKidrulf; one daugh- 
ter. ;{. h'Ua JMiitjdon, h. Ill liaMi;t)r L't; .June 1h|s; il. at (.^uincy, 

III , 2;J Mar. 1852. 4. iifon,n- h'dirnrds, b, at Quimy, 111., ;io Jan. 
i.s:,(;. 5. Kuijtnt Wallace, b. at Quincy, 111., 14 Mar. l&iil. 

36. viil. Ai.i.XANDKit Kdwakds, b. 5 Apr. 18J2. 

ix. I'Ki.'^c ii.i.A SiiAW, b. 20 Nov. 1824; d. at Han;<()r (I .Mar. 1>25. 

X. CAniKUiNK llutTMAN, b. HI Sept. I82«j; d. at Kllini^ton, l^uincy. III., 
10 Dec. 18U5; m. at Quincy, G May 1852, Samukl Uakku Ti'unlh, 
b at tjardner, Mass., G Sept. I.s25, d. at Kllington, C^uincy, 5 Dec 
r.'iiT, son of Avery and Hannah (Baker) of tiardner. She became 
a member of the HuniMumil Street ('oni:re;;alional Church at 
lian-ior in 1840. Children, all b. at Kllini^ton, Quincy, HI.: 1. 
. I liurhs luluumls, b. G .Mar. 1854; d. 11 Nov. IssG; m. Tracy ; 
one daui^hter. 2. Wtlli'tiu Sac'(i/i\ b. 15 .\ii<;. 1858; m. l;t May 
l.s'Jl lleien Turner Sewell ; resides at Portland. Orej;;. ; two chil- 
dren. 3. Mary Eliza, b. 24 Oct. lury'j ; d. 27 Mar. 1882. 

xl. Br.N.iAMiN SiiiuTLKFi', 1). 8 Juue 1828; d. unm. at the home of his 
hroiher, Charles Alexander, at Quincy, III., 11 Oct. Ls5l. He was 
;;raduated at Bowdoin Collei;e in 1848, and began the study of law 
in the ollice of James S. Howe at Bangor. In I84'J he becanie the 
l)rinci|)al of an academy at Madison, Morgan Co., Ga., but ill health 
compelled him to retire in 1850. 

27. Willi A. M*^ Savage {Ifabijah,^ Thonms* Hahijah* Thomas,'* Thomas^), 
born in Uo.ston 30 Aug. 1779, was placcti after liis mother's deatli iu 
17S7 in ilie care of his mat<'rnal grandparents in Boston, witli whom 
he iivi il until he was fourteen years olil lie attended school at the 
North tiraniniar School, and was one of the six Hoston boys who 
iu 17'.'2 received the tirst Frankliu me<lals. ()u the fourteeulh au- 
uiver.-^.^I•v of his birth he left Boston, and eutered a store in Alexan- 
dria, I). C'., where he remained four years. lie tlien returned to 
Boston, and eventually established himself in l)u^iness. In 1812 
he suiVeied financial reverses, and in ISl.j he left Boston and for 
live >eais was supercargo and commission-merchant, much of his 
time bein;x passed in voyaires between Ilainbur'^ and Havana. On 
one ol voyages his vessel was boarded by pirates, between the 
Bahama Bank and Key Sal Bank, 9 Dee. IS 18, and he barely e.s- 
caped with his life, but finally reached Havana 2G Dec. 181d 


22 Old Boston Families [Jan. 

(N. K. Hist. Geu. Society's Memorial Biographies, vol. 1, |)p. 273-G, 
and Mtiss. Hist. Soc. Proceedings^ vol. 44, pp. 4.04-G;. The month 
of .lum; IHll) Mr. Savage pa.sse«l in Massajhusetts, but on 3 .July 
of that ytrar he sailed for Kiirope, returning to Boaton in .June 1«22, 
when he estahlished himst-lf there as u eomniis.-iion-nierchant. After 
his hetond nianiagf, in 1H23, Ik; houi^dit a hou>e on Mt. Vernon 
IMuce, where he liv»Ml until IH.'i."), when lur again hi-eume tinancially 
einharrasscd, and, selling his house, he lived until lrt47 in various 
hoarding houses, in that year he bought a at 37 Essex 
Strctt, where he lived the rtinainder of his life, lie was for some 
time [)resident of the Coluinhian Insuranee C'omjiany. He died iu 
his house on Essex Street after u six-weeks' illness, 30 .June 1«j1. 

He married first, in Ho.>t<^ii, 21 Oct. 1801) (Boston records, but 
Manchester, Mass., nx'onls say 7 Dec. 180G) .Mauv I.N(itKSOLL, 
who dii'd in Boston in May 1H12, daughter of Nehcmiah and Eliza- 
luth (Smith); and secondly, in Boston, 4 .lum* 1«23, Uev. John 
(iorham Palfrey oHiciating, Haukikt Makia lIuorKU, iiaptized at 
Nt'whuryport, Mass., 30 June 17'J3, died in Bo.ston 21 Nov. lrtG8, 
<laughltr of Thomas Woodbridge and Harriet (Bradbury) of New- 
bury port. 

Childreu by first wife, born in Boston : 

i. Maky Elizabktu,^ b. 1 Oct. 18U7 and l)apt. at Brattle Square Church 
2') Oct. 1807 ; d. at Calais, Me., 7 .Apr. 1842 ; m. in Boston, 28 May 
1832, her tlrst cousin, .Iamks Sullivan Coopkk (I'J, iii, 0), lawyer, 
b. at Machias, Me., 10 Oct. 1802, il. at Aiiiiicrst, Mass.. 2s July 
1870. He m. (2) at Haverhill, Mass., 1 Oct. 1H45, Abigail Ini:cr- 
soll Girdler, b. probably at .Manchester, Mass., 10 May lis 17, dau. 
of Capt. John and Al)i^ail (In^crs(jll) of Manchester, by whoni he 
hail four children. ChiUhen : 1. Mary Iinj'isull, b. 3 Slar. 1833; 
unin. 2. WUUam Suva<jey\i.2i]\^MC. 1837 ; d. at Calais, Me., 2G Sept. 
I83t). 3. Harriet iSavmje, b. at Calais, Me., It; Sept. 1841 ; d. there 
IG Sept. 1842. 

ii. \ViLLL\.M, b. 1 July 1810 and bapt. at Braille Square Church 5 Aug. 
1810; d. In Boston 28 Aug. 1810. 

28. Jamks* Savage (Hdbijah,^ Thomas,* IFuhijah,* Thomas,'^ Tlminns^)^ 
born on Winter Street, Boston, 13 July 1784, obtained a Franklin 
nu'dal in l7iK'), and was tilted for college at Washington Acailt-my, 
Machias, Me., ami at Derby Aca«Kiny, Hingham, Alass. lie was 
graduati'd at Harvard College in 1803, and was for lour years be- 
fore his death the sole surviving member of his chiss. In 1805 he 
accompanied his cousin, William Tudor, on a trip to the West Indies, 
returninii to Boston in 180G. He then studied law in the oiKce of 
Isaac Parker at Portlaml, Me., and was admitted to the Boston bar 
in Jan. 1807, after further study in the Boston oHices of Samuel 
Dexter and William Sullivan. He had previously lK.'come a mem- 
ber of the Boston Anthology Society, was one of the founders of 
the Boston .Vthena^um, and for five years w;u> tlie editor of the 
Monthly Antholoyy^ the tirst purely literary magazine in New Eng- 
land and the forerunner of the North Amen'cttn Rfviexc. He de- 
livered the Boston Eourtli of July oration in 1811, and was a 
representative to the General Court in 1812 and again in 1821. In 
181 G, with Elisha Tickuor, he founded the Provident Institution for 
Savings, the tirst savings bank iu Boston, and during a })eriod of 
forty-live years was successively its secreUiry, treasurer, vice-presi- 


1914] The Savage Family 23 

(lent, ami jjrcsidcnt. lie be«;ame a ineinher of tlie MassacliuselU 
Historical Society in .Ian. ISl.i, ami was its liliiarian fioni 1814 
to 1818, its treasurer from 1820 to \KV.)^ and its prt;5i.lcnt from 
1841 to I8r)0. In 1811) he made a trip to Dcinarara. In 1824 
he was elected a member of the American Acad»-my «>1 Aits 
and Sciences. He was elected to the State Senate in \^'li\ ami to 
the Kxeculive Council in 18.iO, and he was also a imnilRr of the 
lioston Common Council and of the Hoard of Aldermen. He re- 
vised the volume of charters and general laws of the Ma>»achusett8 
liay Colony and the Province of Massachusetts Hay, ami from 1838 
to 18.')3 was an overseer of Harvard Collc<re, receivinj: from his 
ahiKi flutter the de;^'ree of LL.l). in 18 U. In May 18 12 Ik- ftuih-d 
for Knirland, returning to Hosion in the followini; Ocioher. For 
many years Ik; devoted nuuth of his time to ;;enealoi;ical and anti- 
(juarian research, which resulted in ov«r out; hundred j)a;^es of con- 
trihutions to the Collections of the Aftssdc/insefts Hisfuriinl Suciify. 
He prejiared for publication from the orii^inal manu.-.cripts .lohii 
AVintiir()j)'s History of New England, which was publi^he*! first in 
182.')-G, with a second edition in I8.').'i, and in 1828 he eilited I'aley's 
'Works in five volumes, a second eclilion followinir two vears later. 
The crowniiiiT work of his life wai> A Genealoirical Dictionary of 
the First Settlers of New Kn;4land, published in four volumcj* iu 
18r)0-()4. Of this- work the North American Review said: '* Con- 
sidering the obscurity of most of those whose names are mentioned, 
their number and the dilliculty of obtainini^ information ropectin^; 
tliem, it is tlie most stupendous work on ^enealoi,^y ever compiled." 
l)urin<^ his early marrieil life Mr. Savaije lived on Havwanl Flace, 
Host'on, l»ut in 18.U he removed to 1 Temple Place, where he lived 
until 1870, when he moved to the Hotel Herkeley, corner of Hoyls- 
ton and Herkeley Streets, where he died. For many years he owned 
• an estate known as Sunny Hill in the town of Lunenbur«r, Mass., 
where he was accustomed to pass his summers. He died in Hoston 
8 Mar. 1873, and was buried from the Arlington Street Church 
(Unitarian) two days later. 

INIr. Savage's characteristics were straightforwardness, ])unctual- 
ity, accuracy, and " uncompromi.sing <lirectness." He had a ^trong 
religious faith, and was unswervingly devoted to his country. His 
conversation was full of oddities of speech, but with all his impulsive- 
ness of feeling and manner he *' was ever quick to cover with humor 
and iTood nature the shafts he sent." 

Hemarried, in Apr. 1823, Flizabkth Otis (Stii.lman) Lincoln, 
born at Machias, Me., 22 May 17D2, ilied in Hoston 30 .Ian. 18o0, 
daughter of George and Rebecca (Crocker) of Machi:LS and widow 
of James Otis Lincoln of Hingham, Mass. (Cf. Hi-.(;istkk, vol. 1, 
pp. 81-84; Muss. Hist. Soc. J^roceediiujs^ 1871-1873, pp. 433-442; 
Charles Deane's Hrief Memoir of .ladies Savage, Cambridge, 1874 ) 

Children, born in Hoston : 

I. E.mmaJ b. 4 Mar. 1824; d. s.p. at her winter home, 117 Marlborough 
St, Boston, 18 May llMl; ni. In Boston. 20 June 1841», 1'kok. 
Wii-LiAM Rakton Rogkus, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., 7 Dec. 1S04, d. 
iu Bt)ston 'AO May 1SS2. son of Patrick Kerr and Hannah (Hlytlie) 
of Philadelphia. Prof. Uo^ors was frraduatod at William and 
Mary Ct)llege in 1S21, and in IhGl became the foimder of the .Ma>sa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology, serving as its president from 

24 Old Bost<))L Faniilies [Jan. 

18G2 to 1870 and 187'J-1880. From 1879 to lils <katli lie was prol- 
<1('iit of the NutiiJiial Aciulrrny of Sciences. (Life of William Bar- 
ton itoi^ers, edited by his wife, IJoNton, IH'.m;, 2 vols ). Kor many 
year.s Mi.s. Koj^its spent her summers at •' Mornin^r^icie," Newport, 
U. I. From her father sliu inherited " a strong; and ori«;inal mind 
and a profound love tjf accurate scholarship. . . . Itwasi^iven 
to her, as to \iry few men or women of her lime, not only to have 
lived In a notalile circle throui^hout the wlnile of the Victorian .A^e. 
but, .so far at least a.s America Is c(jncerne«l. to have been able to 
8tty of it- what her mode'^ty wuuld never havt- alloweil her to 
say — Mpiorum mu;ina |>ar.s fui.'" 

II. Hakkikt, b 10 Oct. Ih2(;; d. in Boston 28 July IS.'>4; ni. in BoMton, 
6 Nov. 1851, Amos Binnky, b. in Boston 3u .Ian. 1m:U), d. at New- 
l)ort. R. I., 11 Mar. 1m«<), son of Dr. Amos and Mary Ann Cliinney) 
of Boston. lb' m. ('_') Mrs. Nancy Kli/abelh ('lallxil; Clark of 
Boston, by wliom he had .six children. Child: 1. Lucy, b. in 
Boston 31 Oct. IM."*2; d. in Geor;^ia 7 May is.'^l. 

iii. Li!cv, b. 11 Sept. Is2i); d. unin. in Boston 11 .May 1H50. 

Iv. J.vMK.s, b. 21 .\pr. IM.VJ; A.B. (Harvard) 1H.')4 ; ileiit.-col. of the 
Second Massachusetts Volunteers ; wounded in the battle of Cedar 
Moimtain l) .\n^. \Hi',2; d. num. at Charloitc«.ville. \'a., 22 (>ct. 
1mi;2. a fellow-soldier wrote of him at the time of his death: 
" He was uni\ersally acknowled;:ed to have i nlrred the service 
simply and entirely from his sense of duty and conviction of tlie 
rijxht. . . . To an almost feminine ireiitleness. relinenu'nt and 
amiability, he joineil tiie indomital)le pluck, eneiiry and resolution 
w iiich Ijecome tlie man. . . . When before the reiiiment had yet been 
in action, ollicers around their camp or picket llres at nii:ht would 
discuss its jjrobable behavior, there was one unlNfrsal si-ntinjcnt, 
that '.Jim Savage at least wouUl Il:;ht until his sword clove to liis 
hanil,' and this prediction he well fulillled at Newtown, Win- 
chester, and Cedar Mountain, ou which last disastrous tiehl he fell 
struck by two bullets. . . . He was the only num e\ er know n to the 
writer \vho seemed fully to deserve the title ;jji\en to the model of 
French knighthood, ' Chrvalier sans peur et sans reprochc.'" 
(Harvard Memorial Bio<rraphies, vol. 1, pp. 32S-3.'>0; Brook Fann 
to Cedar Mountain, by Georjije H. Gordon, Ls?3. pp. 12. 220, 231- 
233, 311, 312 note, 332.) 

•20. TnOM.\s* Savagk {Hahijah,^ Thomas,* Ifdbljah,* T/iomas,'^ T/iomas^), 
born in Hoston 11 l"\b. 17S(>, was seitletl as early as 1 ft 13, and 
perhaps earlier, at ll:ivana, Cuba, where the rinuiining years of 
his life were passed and where jie was for many year.s U. S. consul. 
lie die<l at New Orleans, La., 18 July 1836. 

lie married at Charleston, S. C., about 1813, Lvdia V. DE Fou- 
CAi>K, who was born at Charleston and died at Havana. 
Children, born at Havana: 

i. Tno.MAS Fk.vncis,^ b. 1814; d. 181G. 

ii. Jamks Osijooi), b. If) Aug. 1819; M.D. (Harvard) 1839; d. num. at 
Havana 21 .luly 1^!G1. 

iii. Tn«»MAs, b. 27 Aug. 1823; m. (1) at Havana, 1S.")0, Mahv Doloukj* 
LiCKNA, b in the province of Old Castile, Spain, d. at Havana 
betw. 18G0 and Dec. IH(;3; ni. (2) at Tanama, 2i» .Ian. 1870, An- 
TONIA Chihlren by tirst w ife : 1. 'J'/nonas h^mdnutl.* 
b. 17 Apr. I8.">3; d. num. at San Francisco, Cal. 2. Xirhnlas, b. 
and d. 2G May 1854. 3. Josephine, b. and d. 1855. 4. Mercede* 
Mmia de Ins Dnlayt.-t, b. 8 Jan. 1S57 ; living unin. at East Orange, 
N.J. 5. EmiHd, b. 2»; Aug. 1858; living unm. at Fast Orange, 
N. .1. (». Jdints, b. and il. 18(10. Child by second wife: 7. ^Ir- 
thur, b. 5 Dec. 1b72 ; d. 20 Mar. 1873. 

30. Thomas* Savage {Ezekiel,^ 77tonuis,* Hahijah* Thomng,^ Thomas^), 
boru in Boston 2 Sept. 1793 and baptized at the New North Church 



1914] The JSaviKje FamiJij 25 

8 Sept. 179'{, passed his boyliootl at Salcin, whltlH-r liis fatlnT n*- 
in()\«(l in 17'J1, and was prcpaii-d for tnlli-^f at IMiiliips Ar;»di my, 
AndovJT, Mass. lie cnlfivd Harvard ( (j1I(«^<; in 1^(»'J, himI n^- 
rcivfii llu; dtj^ree t»t' A.H. in IHl.*. The year follow ini' he 
he spt'iit a« an usher in tlie Boston (iraniniar S<hooI and in studying 
for tlie ministry. lie tlien entere*! tlie Harvard Divinity Seliuol. 
1m 1K17 \\v. went to Louisiana as a tutor in a private family, aiid 
from 1H22 to 1821 preached in a Presbyterian ehunh at Baton 
Ivoui^e. In the latter y«ar 1m- returmd to the North, and for sev- 
eral months supplied the pulpit of Ivrv. .John Codman. mini>ter of 
the Second Church at 1 )orche->ter, Mass. He was in.->lallfd .'; duly 
1820 as pastor of llu; Preshy terian ( hurch at Ht<llord, N. II., a 
position which he held until .'{ .Ian. iHlid, when he retired on account 
of failin<' lualth. He died at Bedford H .May IHiWi .Mr. Sava-'e 
" was a practical and impressive preacher, remarkahle for Inirsls of 
extemporaneous elo(|Uence. He was a man of varied attainments, 
with a retentivt; memory, and earnest in his j)iety' and of a sini:ular- 
ly genial disposition." 

He married lirst, at St. Kraru-isville, La., May 1^22, LtCY 
AVooDUirn-, horn at Lilchliehl, Conn., 10 Au«^. ITHO, died at Bid- 
ford, N. II., 1 (') May 1 8 17, dauiihter of .lauu's and Lucv (Mt)rris) 
of Litchtield; and secondly, at Manch.>ter, X. H., 12 (Kt. I8l8, 
Sauaii Wkhstku, horn at Hanover, N. H., 18 July 1810, ditd at 
Maph'Wood, in Maiden, Mass., 14 dan. 181)8, daughter of Benjamin 
and Hoxanna (Chandler) of Haverhill, N. II. 

Children by first wife : 

i. ^ Julia Ann,^ b. at Haton Kou^'e, T.a., (I Feb. Is23; d. at Kodney, 
Miss., 21 Apr. IHSt; ni at Hoihiey, 2:^ Feb. 1h4;1. S.\MrKt. Noi.-ici.s 
Hoim of Kodney. Cliihlnii : 1. Tliumns iynvaye, d. in infancy. 
2. ./olnt Savat//', d. in infancy, 
ii. Jamks WuonuiiFK, b. at Urdford, N. 11., 2 Feb. 1S2«;; d. s.p. at 
Omaha. Nel)r., 22 Nov. l.S'.M); m. at Dcrry. N. H., 21) .\pr. J^Tfi, 
Lucy Tuom (Tvckkk) Mt)i{iMs, b. at Hosion l^2.{. d. at .\r(»raine 
I'arm, North Hevorly, Mass., 24 July r.»0(J, dau. of Alans(»ii ami 
Kliza (ThonO and widow of Lewis S In Sept LSll he entered 
riiillips .\cadeiny, .\nduver, MasV., and two years later Harvard 
Collcire, w licrc he was j^radnated seventh in Ids class in Ls4 7. The 
fnUowin;; year was spent in teachiui: in CJeor^ia. anil then he re- 
turned to the North and Oeiian the study of law in the ()f1ice of 
Jud;ie Seymour at Litchtield. Com) He was admitted to the bar 
12 Feb. is.')(), and lit i>nce entered the law otWcv of Ids cousin, 
Hon. Lewis H. WoodrntL In New York City, workinir as>iduonsly 
until tlie outbreak of the Civil War. He was appointed a captain 
on (Jen. Fremont's statV, rose to the rank of niajor.and fbially became 
lieMtenant-coh)nel. He oriranizcd tlie Twelftii New York (^a\alry, 
and as colonel of that body ser\ ed until the close of the war. Two 
years foUowiui; the war were spent in the South in studying the 
conditions of tlu' cotton industry, and he Avent thence in Ix'.T to 
(.>nialia, Nel^r., where he furuud a law partnership witli Hon. 
Charles F. Mauderson, afterwards U. S. senator from Nebraska. 
Eiirht years later he was elected judire, and %vas re-elected for a 
seconil term, but ill-health neces>itated his resiixnation befon- the 
completion of his term. In lsS;l he resumed his law practice. 
Ife was appointed by l're«;ident Clevchuul government director of 
the Union Facitic Railway Company, and held this otHce under 
I'resident Harrison, w 1th many other oflices of tru>t. He was a 
director of the C^malia Fublic Library, a trustee of Belle\ ue Col- 
lejze, president of the Omaha Club, president of the State Histor- 
ical Society, and Nvas urged to accept the chancellorship of the 


2G Old Boston Fcimiliea [Jan. 

State UnivcTHity, but dot lined the honor. Jud^e 8*Ttge was par- 
ticularly fonil of Sliukspcre, wuh tin interested htndi'iit of AniericaD 
hi>tt>rv, iind p(iss»-sscd a lihiiiry of nirt; and valtial)lr hooks. For 
a more txtindrd account of him m«; History ol liedfcjril, N. II., 
Ii)0;i, pp. HJ(;<;-H. 

ili. LucHKTiA, b. at Bedford, N. II., 27 Apr. lH2tt : d. at Nalcliez, Mls»,, 
4 (Jet. I«rj8; ni. at Ik-dfonl, 1 Sipl. IH.O.L Ki.v. Tikimns 
of Natcliez. C.'iiiUI : 1. Jir.tsir, b. at Natclic/. 27 .Sijd. 1^67 ; ni. 
William IJ. Conklin; liviui? in Chicago, 111.; four dau;^liter.i. 

Iv. Fi{AN( K.s, b. at Bedford. N. II , 7 Apr. \HM \ d at Troviilcnce, K. I., 
12 Nov. IDDH; ni. at IU'(lf(jid, 1 June l.S(i'.», Hkv. Wim.iam Hor.sK, 
b. at llou-scvillc, Le^vi^> Co.. N. V , 24 Dec 1H2(;. d. al rroviilence 
3 Apr. 18'.)8, son of Jo.seph anil .Amantlu (Cadwell). Children: 1. 
Jumrs Siivntje, b. at Londonderry, N. II., U Au;^. IrtGO; in. at 
Trovidcnre, 27 Oct. Iss.j, .\niiic Whceh-r; llvliiLjat Allslon, Ma.s.s ; 
two cliildren. 2. Minns Willimn, b. at Londonderry 'J June I'^'U ; 
livln^j: unni. at rrovidencc. '6. Lucy WWnliuf^, i). at Londonderry 
12 Nov. 18Gri; livin;; mnn. at Providence. 4. Kliui I'nsf., b. at 
l{arrin;;ton, K. I., 2t; .May lH7;i; ni. al I'rovidence. 20 Feb. loU9, 
.Annie I'itkin; livin;; at Warwick. K. I.; no childri-u. 

Chil«lrcn by second wile, boru at Hcdloid, N. 11.: 

V. Thomas, b. 20 Jan. 18:>2; d. s. p. at Maiden, Mass., 31 Jan. l'^00, as 
a rcsidt of injuries received four days before while steppinj^ from 
a trolley car in Boston; in. at Short Hills, N. J., 20 .Vn*;. Is'Jl, 
LrcY ( BirnKHAi.rKK) Ciuri-^s, b. at Waterloo, Seneca Co., N. V., 
If) May 18r)4, dan. of Nathan and .Marj^aret (Ho^'an). He attended 
IMnkerton .Academy at Derry, N. H., and was ^raduateil at Dart- 
njouth Colle;^e in 1874. In that year he went South, and was ap- 
pointed by Tresident Cranl V, . S district attorney for the Soutli- 
ern District (jf Florida. In 187»! he entered tiie law otllce of Allen 
& Loni^. Tremont .St , Bo."»ton, and later bec;ime a member of the 
rtrm of .Alien, Long& Savage. He wasailmilted to practice in the II. 
S. Supreme Court in Dec. 1879. In the ^anie year he joined the .\n- 
cient and Honorable .\rtillery Company, becomin;; its tlrst ser;:eant 
in 1884, second lieutenant in 188(1, and lirst lieutenant in Is'.m',. 
He was for several years city solicitor of Maiden, Mass., a mem- 
ber of the Board of .Aldermen of that city, and in lbU5-C chairman 
of that body. 

vl. Sauah Mak(jakkt, b. 14 June 18.>r>; livinj; at Manchester, N. H. ; m. 
in B(»Ston. 2(1 .May 1874, Fiikd .Ai ni:iir Talmkh, b. at Derry, N. IL, 
2 Feb. IS,").'*, .Manchester 24 May lt>01, son of ^ViHian'l Choatc 
and Mary .Ami (llan>on). He served as colonel on the start' of 
Gov. Gooilell of New Hampshire, wa.s a deleirate to the national 
convention at IMiiladelphia which nominated President McKinley 
for his scconil term, and was on the committee api)ointed to noti- 
fy him formally of his nomination. Child: 1. W'uldu 6*araye, b. 
at .Maiden, .Mass., 14 Jan. 1881 ; unm. 

31. AVil.l.IAM IIiiNUY' Savagk (Samuf/,^ Siinntel P/n'l/ips,* Arthur^* 
Tlionids^^ TliovHis^)^\)0\\\ at liarnstable, Mass., \'.\ M;iy 17S2, at- 
tentlctl scbool in bis native town, and in tlu' fall of 17'JG was placed 
iu the store of his uncle, Henry Bass, in Boston, wliere he reni:uned 
until (\'t. 179s, when lie entered the employ of I.,ewis llayt in 
Bostou. Late in 1790 he went to Kini^ston, Jamaica, where his 
brotlier Samuel was already established, and for a few mouths waa 
iu the store of bis uncle, William Savaije (22). In Feb. IHOO he 
entered the employ of Me.ssrs. Richards it l)ewbur.■^t in Kiu«;ston. 
]u tlie following' ^lay he became a clerk in the mercantile house of 
Arthur Savii^j^e *.<: Co., from ^^ iiich lie retired in .Ian. 1S03, accepting 
a position with Duncomb v.^ l*ownall in Kingston, from whicli ill- 
health compelled him to withdraw ou 1 Apr. following. In 1804 be 

1914] The Savage Family 27 

' CD<ni^eil ill busineM on hU omtii account, and io Feb. 1807 atlinitteil 

his lirotlier KliAha sm a purtuer. In IdOH }ie mu<I(; a short visit to 
HariJblahle, relurning to Kio^stOD in Sept. of that year. In Dec. 
\t^\\ he was attacked with fever, and tlie loss of most of his money 
followed. He returned to Harnstahle in I8l2, where he remained] 
until 1817, when he went to New York and took advanlajje of the 
insolvency act. Leaving New York 27 Dec. 1»17, he walked to 
Pittsburg, Pa., where he arrived 26 Jan. 1818. Thence he pro- 
ceeded to lA>ui.sville, Ky., and the next few years were pasfted in 
New Orleans, New York, Cincinnati, Ixmisville, Lexington, Ky., 
and St. lyouis, Mo. In the summer of 1^20 he and his Hrst wife 
went to Harnstable, where Mrs. Savage remained until her death ; 
but businesti required Mr. Savage's return to St. Louis in the fall 
of 182C, and he w:is there when the news of Mrs. Savage's death, 
in the spring of 1827, reached him — a shock from which he never 
fully recovered. In the autumn of 1828 he was at Barnstable, in 
Oct. 1828 he went to New York, and in the same autumn he formed 
a partnership with his brother-in-law, O. N. Hostwick, in St, Ix)uia, 
which continued until Juue 18i5o, although failing health necesai- 
tated several trips to Barnstable and a residence of nearly a year at 
Tivoli-ou-the-IIudson, N. Y. He left St. Louis in June 1/^.io to 
receive medical treatment in New York, an<l soon after went to 
Tivoli, where, with the exception of a three-months' trip to St. 
Louis in the summer of 183G, he remained until his death, which 
occurred IG IX'C. ltt3'J, after three years of failing jJiysical and 
mental health. 

He married first, in St. Louis, Mo., 30 Mar. 1826, Adelaide 
Hay, born at Cahokia, St. Clair Co., 111., 1800, died at Barnstable, 
Mass., 18 Mar.* 1827, daughter of John and Marguerite (PoupanI) 
of Belleville, St, Clair Co., 111. Mi»s Hay being a Roman Catholic, 
the marriage ceremony was repeatetl at Cahokia by the parish priest, 
4 May 1»26. He married secondly, at Upper Red Hook. N. Y., 
30 Jan. 1832, Mari.a Addison Hofkmas, bom at Re<l Hook, 
N. Y., 27 Feb. 1800, died there 8 Sept. 1865, daughter of Zachariah 
and Catharine (Addison) of Red Hook. Mr. Savage and his second 
wife are burieil in the Old Red Church Burying-Ground at Madalin, 
N. Y. 

Child by first wife : 
37. i. Samlkl Hay,' b. at Barnstable, Mass.. 8 Mar. 1827. 

Child (illegitimate) : 

Hkxky, b. at Kingston, Jaraakra, 1S04 ; d. unm. at Guatemala 18S2. 
He lived in Jamaica until 1:?24. when he went to St. Louis, Mo., 
and lived for a short lime %vith his father. In Mar. 1?25 he went 
with his uncle Charles ^^I'l, iii) to Guatemala. He >pent the winter 
I of 1827-8 at Barnstable, Mass., and about 1830 returned to Guate- 

mala, where, with the exception of several visits to Massachu- 
setts, he passed the remainder of bis life. 

32. John* Savage ( William} Samuel Phillips,^ Arthur* Thomas* 
7'/(um(i**), born on his mother's plantation, "Toby Abbotts," in the 
parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, 18 July 1790, and baptized 29 Jul? 
1790, accompanied about 1798 his father and brother to England, 

I *This is the date mentioned in several letters of her husband, but her graTestooe 
in the Goodspeed's Hill Cemetery at West BarcsUble has 20 Mar. 

28 (Jld Boston Famllii'H [Jan. 

wliere h« lived with his maternal aunt until liis return to .fainaica 
soon after his mother's death in 17'J!>. Late in 1M()2 he was Hent 
by his father to Harnstahh-, Mass., where he was plaeed in the eareof 
his uncle, Samud Sava;;e ('/I), and attended school. He return<'«l 
to Jamaica in 1H05, hut saih-d from Kini^-ston in May 1>^07 for Wis- 
ca.sset, Me., and immediately entered the employ of his eou.siii 
Charles Sava;;e (21, iii), of the firm of Frazier, Sava;;*; A: Co, 
Boston. lit* remained here until tin* spriuL' of IHOH, when the em- 
barrassed condition of business an<l some mi»un(hrstandin;: between 
him and his ct)usin led him, airaiiist the ailvice of his father an<I 
uncles, to abandon thou;;hts of a mercantile life in I'o.ston, and he 
returned to Jamaica, where he remained until 18l.'i. In 
June of that year he was at Portland, Me., and in the followin;; Oct. 
he was at Oroton, Mass., where he passed the winter with the family 
of Dr. Amos Bancroft, whose wife (1 1, i, 1) was John Savai:e's first 
cousin. Marly in 1814 he' a|)pears to have <;one to Philadelj»hia, 
Pa., where he m«;t and married, 20 July 1814, his first wife, Ki i/a- 
nKTli AHAiiKi-LA WiiiTi:, born in co. Sussex, Kn^daiid, about 17'J5, 
daui^hter of Hicbard* and Sarah (l\'rry) of Dublin, Ireland, who 
later took up their abode in I'liiladelphia. This m:irria;:e was so dis- 
tasteful to Savajxe's father, who had arrani:(d for a union between his 
son and his cousin, that upon the receipt of the news he immediat«ly 
disinherited him. Althouiih Mrs. Savage's older sister app«'ared 
w ith success upon the Philadelphia staiie, it is ])robable that she her- 
self did not lon;^ remain upon it. She was in Boston in the early sum- 
mer of 1815, and she and her husband made their first appearance 
upon the stage at the Federal Street Theatre in that city. In Nov. 
following they were in Philadelj»bia, and Savage, taking the |>art of 
Charles Dudley in li. Cumberland's comedy of The West Indian, 
made his debut upon the l*liiladelphia stage at the Chestnut Siiett 
Theatre, 27 Nov. 181.'). In 181(; and 1817 Savag<' with his wife 
and cliildren was in Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Lexington, and Louis- 
ville, and he was a member of a theatrical company appearing in 
these and other towns; but the death, in Nov. 1816, of his only 
brother ended his father's ill-feeling towards him, and he was sent 
for by his father and reinstated as a son. Savage and his family, 
after a diflicult trij) from Ohio, down the Mississi|)|)i, arrivetl in 
Jamaica early in 1818 in a much embarrassed financial condition. 
Soon after his arrival he settled down as a coffee jjlanter at Lpping 
Farm, in an attempt to Tnpiidate his own and bis father's debts. 
]\Irs. Savage died on the plantation 15 Nov. 1821, and was buried 
there beside two of her infant cliildren. In l?s23 Sava;;e sufVered 
from a severe attack of yellow fever, and therefore, on the a<lvice 

• Richani White was " nn Irish pentlemnn of e<lucHtion and of very respectable 
connexions in the city of Duhlin. lie hehl, at one luriovl. a hi^l> rank in the Hritish 
army. Hut his family greatly increasin;,', he was induced to seek a more contrcnial 
asyhim than tlie itinerancy of an arr^'y life afTordcd, and receivinjj a patrimonial share 
of some ;f2r),0i)0, he rcsi^rncd liis commissiiui, anil enu;:ratcd to the United Stales, 
where with the un;;uided anlor of his country's characteristics, hein^' untraine«l iu 
business habits, and possessing all the hospitable traits of Irish feeling, he fouinl him- 
self in a very few years bereft of bis means. He tlied early, and left a fanulv unpro- 
vided for in a strange land, with the exception of a very small annuity from freland." 
(History t>f the Philadelphia Stai:e, by Charles Durang', vol. 1. chap, xlv.) Two of his 
dauiihters, to assist in supporting their widowed mother and brothers and ^isters, at- 
tended a school of oratory conducted by the well-known actor .James Fennell, as a 
preparation for a theatrical life, and it was while Savage was attending the »amo school 
that he met Miss White. 

1914] Thr Sdvafje Family 29 

of a pliysician, lie It'ft .lamaica, jiiul with his only Rurvivin;; child, 
Mary Kli/ahcth, .scttifd in Pliiladt l|)hia. Tlicrt' he iiianittl hccoiul- 
ly, 26 S('|)t. Irt2.'{, hishop Williain \Vlut(; oHi.'iatim:, his first wife's 
histrr, .Iank Wiiitk, honi at Castle Hill Harracks, co. Sussi.'X, 
Knulainl, 20 .July 1801. In 1.S27 he made a frij) to .lainaica, at 
the time of his father's <leath, i-etiirnin;^ to I'iiiiadcljiliia in the suni- 
nuT of lK2rt. In IH.i.'i Ik; was livin;,' at 211 North Sixth Street in 
that city. Pn^viously he had live<l on Fisher's Lane, ( l<rnianto\vn, 
and the sinnnier months were passed at Ahini^ti^n, ontsiih- of I*]iila- 
(lelj)liia He died in IMiiIadel|)hia, of erysipelas, 15. Ian. 18'M,*and 
was hnried in Honaldson's Philad( l|)hia Cemetery, at the corner of 
Ninth and liainhridirc Streets. I lis widow die«l at I'rankford, in 
riniadclpliia, 1 .S Oct. 1882, and was huried in Trinity Chnrchyard, 
Oxford, near Chelteidiam, l*a. 

Mr. Sava^^e was a j^reat leader of Sliakspere and an excellent 
umalenr painter in water-colors. An attractive portrait of him, 
painted in 1824 hy Thomas Snlly, who was all his life an intimate 
friend of the family, is owned hy a ;^randsou in (Jarden City, Long 
Island, N. Y., and a j)ortrait sketch hy the same artist of Savage's 
second wife, ))ainted in 1820, is owned by a grandson at Frank ford, 
in rhiladcl|)liia. A granddanghtcr living at Hrideshnrg, in Phila- 
delphia, possesses a miniature of the same lady, painted in 1823 by 
JNIiss Anna C. Peale, a niece of Charles AVilsou Peale. 

Children by first wife : 

i. Ann Jani:,^ b. in Boston 11 June 1815; d. at Eppin^ Farm, Jamaica, 
10 Jan. 1820. 

ii. Wn.i.iAM Jamks Matthias, d. at Frankfort, Ky., and bur. there 17 
Feb. 1818. 

lii. Sauah, il. bef. Oct. 1820. 

iv. Mauv Ki.i/AHinii, b. at Kppin^ Farm, Jamaica, 14 Feb. 1820; d. in 
riiiladelphia, Fa., '.\ Mar. r.)ll, and bur. in Trinitv Cliurchyard, 
Oxford, near Cheltenham, Fa.; m. in rhiladelpliia, 2 Feb. 1839, 
IIkxky I.loyd M( l^)NNKLL, b. in Huntinirdon Co.. Va., d. at 
Kinjxston, Jamaica, Auj;. 1841, sou of Alexander and Judith ^ idoyd). 
She iiad been brought to Fhiladelphia by her father in 1823, and 
liad attended a private sdiool tliere. In 1840 Mr. and Mrs. 
McConiU'll sailed for Janniica. to look after tlie ])roperty wliich 
she had iuheritid from her |>aternal irranduiother. I'pon their ar- 
rival Mrs. McConnell found that this property, which durin;; the 
absence of the family in .Vmerica had been placed in the care of 
n,iients,-had been so badly mana;;ed that practically nothinir was 
left. "With what she could later collect from the wreck of the 
property, she returned, after her Imsband's (Uatli. with her infant 
child to riiiladelphia. and in that city and its imnuHliate vicinity 
the remaiiuler of her life was passed. .\ portrait of .Mrs. MeCon- 
nell and her son, painted in 1843 by Thomas Sully, and another 
portrait, painted by Samuel B. Wau^li, are owned by relatives. 
Child: 1. Iloiri/ LU»jd, b. at Kingston, Jamaica, 3 Feb. 1841; 
d. unm. at New Orleans, La., 1881. 

Children by second wife, all bon iu Philadelphia: 

V. Ki.i.KN Emma, b. 29 Oct. 1S2"); d. at Germantown. Fa., 31 Au«;. 1826. 
vi. Viur.iNiA Dkmk rui:ss, b. 23 Feb. 1827; d. uimi. at Frankford, in 
Fhiladelphia, 20 Jan. 1«J04. 
38. vii. Jonx Kichaud, b. I) May 1828. 

* *' On "Wednesday evening, after a short illness, in the 43d year of his asre, John 
Savaok, late of the Island of Jamaica. His friends and Iho^e of the family are re- 
spectfidlv invited to attend the funeral from his late resilience, No. 43 Jcdin St. [now 
Marshall St.] this day at 11 o'clock." (United States Gazette, rhiladclnhia, 17 Jan. 
1834.) J. -^ 


30 Old Ho^ton FttmilUa [.Jan. 

vlll. Em.a Km/aTii.i.y, I). 3 Feb. 1830; il. at Tape May. N .1.. 'J Aug. 
IHHO; M». In IMiiladilpliiu, 5 July IH4H, ^HAltI.^:M A. llooi* IitviNK, 
d. IHOO, son of Ilotxl of IMiiladtlphla. Cliilclrcii : 1. M>uihln h'dith, 
I), ill IMiihid.lpliia 2'-' Apr. 1m4'J; d. tlinv 'J.', Mar 1D02; iii 27 Apr. 
1H71 Ucv. Williuin Ilt-my Grall'of IMiiladelpliia ; four childrtu 2. 
W'Uliiun Stnilhrrny h. in IMiiladrlpliia IG Jidy 18.15; d. tlicrc uuin. 
20 Dec. 187'J. 

Ix. Jri.u 1{<).SM,IK, I). 2 July 1832; d. In I'ldladelpliia 31 Mar. 183G. 

X. CoitA MiiA, d. yoimj^. 

33. Samukl Ai.DKiixii:' Savagk (Joseph,* Samuel P/iilUps,* Arthur* 

Thornas^'^ Thomas^)^ horn at West l*(jint, Orange Co., N. Y., 29 
Oct. 178'J, at oni; time owned several packet iiouts which plied up 
and down tlie Hudson Kiver. He died, prc^i^ahly in New York 
City, 17 Mar. IH.iO. 

He married in New York City, 23 Oct. 1811, Lktitia WKBiiKR, 
born in New York City 11 Feb. 1787, died at Rahwuy, N. .1., 18 
Mar. 187y, daughter of Philip and Elizabeth (Reis) of New York 


39. i. JosKi'H Wyndiiam,' b. in New York City 5 Au<^. 1H12. 

11. Si SAN M\iUA, 1). at Cornwall, Orange Co., N. Y.. IG Feb. 181G; m. 
3 Dec. 1H33 Nuhman A. Fkkkman. Child: 1. Marin Savage, b. 2\) 
May 1838; m. I) Dec. 18r)0 Thomas C. Crane; two children. 

40. ill. Gkokgk W.iSiiiNGTON, b. at Cornwall, N. Y., 2G July 1819. 

34. Charles Tylkr'' Savagk (Joseph,* Samuel Phillips,* Arthur,* Thomas,^ 

IVtomas^), born at Berwick (now South Berwick), Me., 15 Mar. 
1797, attended school at the academy in South Berwick, and on 
17 Nov. 1810, at the age of thirteen and a half years, went to sea 
as a cabin boy on the ship Juno, sailing from Bo.ston. He was dis- 
charged in New York in Sept. 181 1. His certificate of citizenship, 
signed in Nov. 1810, describes him aa being four feet and eleven 
inches in height, with fair complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes. 
Soon after returning from this voyage he j)laced himself under the 
instruction of the principal of the South Berwick Academy, and 
in 1814 tauijht school for a short time. In 1815 he a^^ain went 
to sea, sliipping as a common seaman, and in 1819 he was master 
of the brig Charles Amburyer. In 1820 he became master of the 
brig Hnpp\f Couple, sailing from Salem,, to Isle de France 
(Mauritius), Sumatra, Antwerp, an»l New York. In 1821 he was 
again master and also part-owner of the Charles Amburyer, and was 
also in that year in command of the schooner Grei/hound. In the 
autumn of 1823 lie sailed for South America. In 1827 and for 
ten years thereafter he was in command of vessels owned by Charles 
W. Dabney of Fayal, sailing from that i)ort to Boston, New York, 
and other jjorts. In 1822 he succeeded his father as a meuiber of 
the Society of the Cincinnati. In Aug. 1823 he j«)ined the Salem 
East India Society, from which he resigned in Sept. 1833. After 
severing his connection with the l)a))ney vessels he travelled for 
some months through the states of the Mi<ldle West, and then re- 
turned to Salem. In 1845 he removed with his family to Roxbury, 
Mass., where, 11 Apr. 1845, he bought a pew in the First Church. 
From 184G to 1848 he was a member of the firm of Fairfield ct Co., 
commission-merchants, at 8 Lewis Wharf, Boston. In 1849 he was 
a ship-broker, with offices at 17 India Street, in 1850-1 at 127 


1914] The Savage Family 31 

Statu Street, from 1851 to IHj.O at 20 Central Wliurf, in 185C and 
1H;>7 again at 127 Statu Street, and in 1«G0 at rj;j State Street. 
He removed from Hoxbury to West Newton, Mass., in 184y, be- 
came one of ti»e founders of the Unitarian Society in tiiat village, 
helped to organize tlu; Newton Athcna;um, and was its tirst treat*- 
*urer. \n IH.J.3 he hought a small farm in Harvard, Mass., takint; 
possession of it in Nov. of the same year, and lh(:r«; tht; remainder 
of his life was passed. His house at Harvard was built in 1705, 
and had been occupied almost exclusively by the dilferent ministers 
of the town. It is still in the possession of the fandly. He died 
by his own hand at Harvard a Nov. 1879. 

He married at Newburyport, Mass., 20 Sept. 1821, his first 
cousin, Anna Lkwis Tiiaciikk (14, ix, 7), born at Saco, Me., 21 
Dec. 17U7, died at Harvartl 15 Nov. 1884, daugiiler of Hun. (jleorge 
and Sarah (Savage). She was buried beside her husband in the 
old bur} ing-ground at Harvard. Miniatures of C'apt. and Mrs. 
Savage, painted al)out 1830 by Nathaniel Kogers of New York, and 
portraits in pastel, made in 1853, are owned by their son. 

C hildren : 

41. i. Wii.MAM Hknuy,' b. at Weston, Mass., 22 Nov. 1831. 

ii. Ja.mks Daiinky, b. at Fayal, Azores, 13 Sept. I8;i3. His childhood 
was passed at Fayal, and at Salem and Itoxhury, Mass. In 1849 
lie attemled a private .seliuol at Medtleld. Mass , and in 1?^53 he 
sailed Ironi liuslon for Sau Francisco. Mothing has been heard 
of him since Jau. 18GU. 

35. Samup:l Phillii's® Savage {Joseph,^ Samuel Phillips,* Arthur,* 
T/ionias,^ Thomas^), born at Berwick (now South Berwick), Me., 
9 June 1803, went to sea very early in life, and at the age of twenty 
years (possibly earli(^r) was an otficer on a merchant vessel, and in 
1834 became a cai)tam. His certificate of citizen^hip at the age of 
twenty-four describes him as five feet eleven and a half inches iu 
height, with light complexion and dark hair. He bdlowed the 
sea until 1859, making only brief visits at home between voyages, 
and he nut only commanded his ships but also had entire charge of 
their cargoes. After a short stay ashore he returned to the sea for 
one or two more voyages, retiring linally in 1800 or 1801 with 
ample means to live iu comfort. Jn 1870 he was living at West 
Lebanon, N. II., and he died probably in 1874, but the exact date 
and place of his death have not been found. He w;u> a man of 
great energy, and capable to a high ilegree in his calling, of forceful 
personality, of an exceptionally acute intelligence, anil |)Ossessed of 
a rather remarkable picpiancy of speech. A miniature of him, 
painted at about the age of twenty-five years, is owned by his grand- 

He married at Beverly, Mass., 12 Nov- 1835, Abiiv Howi:, born 
at Beverly 2 Aug. Itt07, died at Chelsea, .Mass., 20 .Ian. 1.S88, 
daughter of Seth and Abigail (Morgan) of Salem, Huring 
the second half of 1830 Capt. and Airs. Savage settled at Saleiu, 
where they lived until late iu 1852, when they moved to 24 Fayette 
Street, Boston. In 1850 they moved to Cludsea, Mas.'j., where 
Mrs. Savage passed the remainder of her life. In IhOo they sepa- 
rated, and Mrs. Savage secured a divorce from her husband in 1809. 


32 Town Records of (rosport^ N". 11, [Jan. 

ClMldrt'i), l)<)ru at Salem ; 

I. (iK«)i{(;K,^ b. 20 Dec. 1830. After atteinlin^ .school in lils native town 
lie went to Ho^tou in 1H.",2, ami iiitrrrd llu* «.-mploy <*f Hates Jt Co., 
ship-owners, on (Niinincicial Wharf, Iteconiin^ a juniiir clerk in 
tlicir olUce. Alter a year in this ollice he decided to ^o to .-iea, and 
in Dec. 1«.'>;J sailed from New York for San Francisco a.s a hoy in 
tlie ship /'ulijni'.si't, an'i\\nii in .\pr. l'^.'**. ll«-re he intended to en- 
{^aj^e in some mercantile pur.siiit, and received from hi."> fjjrmer 
employers authority to draw on them for $I.>0. A short experience 
in a couMtin;;-house of one Messerled him to decide dellnilely upon 
a sealarinji life, and he shipped in .\ni; l«o4 on the ship S' a Str- 
ju'iil for 1 lorn;- lvon;< and Sliani^hai. l)n 4 Nov. he Miileil for New 
York, where he arrived in Feb. lrti>5. In Apr. Irt.'iO he sailed from 
New York as a l)oy, lint with the wa^es of an ordinary seaman, 
in the clippei- ship Slurr Jiiut/, (jf which Hales ..V; Co. were owners, 
boimd for San Francisco. The next ihretr and a half }ear.«> were 
8i)ent on the Starr Kintj, visiting? Melbourne, Ilonjr-Kon;;, Sydney, 
liassein, Singapore, Valparai>^o, Callau, the Chincha Islands, and 
other I'acilic ptjrts, and in Apr. Is.'*" he wa> niaile chief mate. 
Certain dillerences with his captain and the monotony of his life 
led him to leave the Slurr Kiicj, and he sailed for home as third 
unite of the O'^'/irra/ AV^jcr//, arrivim; in Feb. IN.'^'J. In July Iso'J 
he li^ain joined the Starr Kimj as chief mate under a new captain, 
and suited fr(;m New York for Sliunj^hai, \\hich Nvas reached in 
December. In Mar. 1800 he made a short trip to Japan on the 
barcjue Mitrijland, and on his return to Shan^^hai bei.ame a pilot 
<Mi the Yan^-tse-Kianir. In Sept. l.s<)0 he abandoned tlii.> occupa- 
tion and entered the rebel country, anil in No\ ember he was lu 
Nankinjij, liviui^ in one of the houses of the rebel emperor, T'len 
Want^. He is reported to ha\ c been eni^aireil in collectin;^ a force 
of Kuropeans to assist the rebels in lii,'htini; the Imperiali.-'ts ; and 
on the march from St>ochow to Nankini; they encountered the 
enemy, and Sava;j:e was wounded in the head by a nnisket ball, iu 
Apr. 18(>I. Under the care of Chinese doctors he had r»'Co\ered 
KUllicicnlly by Oct. or Nov. 1801 to leave Shanj^hai iur Soochow, 
He is known to have reached So(.)chow, and U) have left for 
Shanghai w itli a considerable amount of money. On the way he 
Nvas attacked by a band of robl)ers. and he, his companion, .->ervant. 
a\id all his boatmen were killeil. lie wa> a spiriteil. atlectionate 
man, fond of society, patient and persevering, singularly nniture 
for his years, selfrelianl, and of liigh principles and clean life, 
lie \\ as unmarrieil. 
42. ii. IIi.-Nuv, b. 20 Oct. 1838. 

[To be cuuchulcd] 


Conunuuicuted by Josk.i'h Wkatherhkad W.\rrkn, M.D., of Bryn Mawr, Pu. 

[Continued from vol. 07, puge 359] 


Being cni|)loyc(l by benevolent individuals residing in Newbnryport 
Robert \V. I'uller came to this island, Nov. 7 18iJ4, lor the of 
instructing the young people ^ labouring for the spiritual iH-nelit of the 
whole j)opulation. 

He remained on the Island about five months, during which time he 
taught a school, addressed the people from the word of eUTiial truth three 


1914] Town lit'coni^ of (ioHport, N. //. 33 

tiiix-s on vAU'Xx 8:i))l):itii, wlicn tlu* wcathrr would pcnnit, cV licM iiuinriuUii 
otl»(;r religious mt'cLiii::s, iiud (K-livorivl two atMrcsac-i on tin* ftulijcct ol' 

Tin; ichool coiisi.sttMJ of '.V.\ dilVurcnt scliulurs <lk most of tlicin iu:id«- v« ry 
pirasiiig j»ro;^rL'.sH in tlirir hliidirs. 

'V\\v. r«lii;ioiH nieflin^s wore punctu.illy uttondrd by all tin; younger 
part ol this little connnuuity &. by a part of tlie oblcr tdass, and llie " Cltnl 
of all .i;i:ic»*,["J was plcasrd to bU'ss the f(Md)l(; instrunnMilality lirre used, 
by ac(.M)Mi|»anying it willi the blessed intluenees of the Holy Spirit, Ot, as 
there is good evi<lence to believe, converting a number of j)reeious souls. 

Ivobt.rt NV. Fulbir* member of the Sem. for Teaeliers, Andover Mass., 
ami a native of Mil ford N. 11. 


John Caswell January 10 1824 \_Tftiii entry sctuttrhed out.^ 

lienjamin Cole of York Came Here at the Shoals In 183G Resided here 

three years Departed this Life Jan*'. 1'). 18 lU 
18:1'.) & 40 

There has been since August seven ibuLhs on these Isles- M»)re tban 
30 eases ol fever June lU- 18 10 

Four deaths 1841 ^Vi 42 


John Roblersou Departed this Life Jan'"y 23 1832 
Likewise his Wife Mary Departed Jan'y 2'J"' 1843t 
Hannah KobersonJ Died Octr ;3'* 182G 
Peter Koberlsou Died G may I847§ 


Abstract II of the Statement of N. (I. Oilman wlio came for tin- bent-lit 
of his heallh on 8 Nov. I8i0 in eouipany of ^Ir. Lawrence Young (who 
owns a sailboat and has conduetetl for st^veral years an e.xtensive trade 
between these islands and Lxeter). Left Uve harbour and reached the 
Shoals at 10 p.m. llospiuibly received at tlu' house of .Mr. Jo>rph C;i.s- 
well on Star island His stay was muih prt)longcd by a violent storm- 
The storm has continued now with unabated fury for U days- A N.K. 
gale. On Sunday !."> Nov. he attended service in the stone chajnd and 
listened to an able discourse by the Uev. Mr IMummer. The Storm litis 
somewhat abated and Mr. Youi»g has made preparations to set sail to mor- 
row nu)rn for the mainhuul with a car;:o of li>h and fowl 


[A receipt, dated Gosport, 12 Jan. 18.)'J, for the sah^ of a fourteen-foot 
boat fur 5?l8.00 by James A. Kendall to Miss Eliza Downs. It is entered 
us *'u true copy" by Cleo. lieebe, Clerk.] 

•According to Curtor, Mr. rulkT \v;i3 born in 1807, but l"d account of liis cirecr 
docs not altogether agree with Mr. Fuller's story us tolil here. lie is &;iiJ to have 
gnuhiateil Iroin the liilnumlon Theological Senunary in IMiJb. lie tillcil several pul- 
pits ol no great importance, anil ilied at blow, Mass., in 1877- 

fCt. p. ^1 of the original records. She was Mary Saunders Shaplev by birth. 

J The \Nire of IVler. 

^Cf. the entry on p. 103. I ntn inclined to believe that he was a ninch Younger 
brother of John, and that both were sons of Teter and Agnes of the Church Hecords, 
where this John appears but the younger l*eter does not. 

II Tho newer paper (" new book") begins horo. 


84 Town Records of Gosjjort, ^. 11. [Jan. 


State of New)iain{)»hire Uookiii;;liaii hh. To Joseph M. Caswell one of 
the le^al voters of the towu of (Josport in said county. 

Wiicreas Ahraliam IMiuner Peter Koln-rt'son lieiijainin Downs Asu 
Caswell .). Al. Caswell Lemuel Caswell W illiani Caswell Isaac Newton 
J-.enuiel B. Caswell John S Kandall* Sam' Kohertbon KichaKi S [I-'*"] 
Kaiulall .lohe L Uaii<lall .1. C Handall Wm S Jiundall W" Kol)rr>on 
and lliiiry Downs: legal voters of said Town of (josport have exhibitt-d 
-to me Albart U Hatch Kscjuiie one of the .Justice of the piece in and 
for said County a j)etilion setting forth that no annual or legal meeting 
of said town 'I'own has hen lioldcn since the year of our Lord one Thousand 
Light Hundred and lour and have applied to me the said Justice to issue 
u warrent for such a ineetingf and whertas there is no constable in town 
therefore In the name of the State of Newhampshia you are requin-d lo 
notify and warn the inhabitants of said Tow[n] of Gosport C^ualilied 
by law to vote to meet at the school house in said Town on monday 
the twentyeth day of Oct. A.D. 184o at one oclock P.M. to consider and 
act upon the following particulars, viz. 

I. To choose by ballot a Moderator 

2 To choose by ballot a 'i'own Clerk 

3 To Coose by ballot three or more Selectmen 

4 To Choose by ballot one or more Constable 

5 To ( boose a Collector of taxes 

G To Lais and api)ropreate such sums of money as the Town shall 
judge necessary to defray the expences of the Town 


the present year and for the support of the school 
7 To transact such other buisnes as may legally come before the town. 

AVhere of fail not and make returns of your doings here iu at the time 
and place aforesaid unto me the said Justice 

Given uniler my hand and seal the thurrd day of October A.D. 1845 

Albert K. Hatch Justice of the Peace 
The inhabitants of said town are hereby notilied to meet accordingly- 

Joseph M. Caswell 


Gosport October 20^ 1845 

Meeting called to order by Albert R. Hatch Esr- "^ 

1 Cose Abraham Plumer moderator who was swon &c 

2 Chose Joseph AL Caswell Tow C lerk who was also sworn 

3 Chose Isaac Newton Wm Caswell and \Vm S Kandall Selectmen, who 

was sworn 

5 Chose Asa Caswell and John B Downs Custables. 

4 Chose ^Vn S Randall Collector of Taxes 

6 Voted to raise ten dollars to defray the Town expens 

7 Voted to raise nin dollars school money 

•John S. Randall is probubly a mistake for John F(ranklin) Kandall. He had a 
nickname (" Shollioad "), which presuniably led lo the u»e of the initiul, as we meet 
with it in some other writings. A similar mistake was sometimes made ih the name 
of his brother, William H. For tiome nnknown reason he was commonly called 
** IJunker," antl the liisttory of Kyo actually records him us William IJunkcr lianduU. 

t The words " to J. M. Cuswell " were inserted here and then scratched out. 

1914] lown Records of Gosport, N, IF. 35 

8 Choso Lemuel Caswell harbour master 

9 Voted that any person takiu;^ anil u.sein«( the oars thoal-pins &c of others 

without h'uf hhall j»ay a tine not less than twenty live cents and not 
more tlian one dollar. 


State of Newhampshlre. Kockinghau Ss. To Asa Caswell one of the 
Cunstahles of Gosport in the County of Kockiii^han aforesaid (ireetiug. 
' In the name of the State of Ncwlianipshiro you arc hereby requested to 
notify and worn the Inhabitants of Go.^port aforesaid <jualiHed to vote as 
the law directs to assemble and meet at the school house in said Gosport 
on Saturday the twety-ninth day of November instant at ten Oclock in the 
forenoon to act uppon the following particulars namely. 
1 To Choose by ballot a modc^rater. 
( 2 To Cast their Vots for a representative to Congress 
i 3 To act upon all other buisnes that may com before the meeting 
I Given under our hands ad seal this fourteenth day of November in the 
I year of our Lord one thousand eight hundi'ed and forty live Fail not and 
1 make returns of your doings 

Isaac Newton \ ^ . 
AVm S Randall \ ^,^J^^^ 
Wm Caswell ) ^^^" 

The inhabitants are notified as above 

Asa Caswell Custable 

Gosport November 29 1845 

fleeting called to order by the town Clerk 

1 Chose Abraliam Plumer Moderator 

2 There wer thirteen votes for John Woodbery for member of Congress 

3 Chose Al)raham Plumer oversear of the poor 

4 Voted to raise tifteen dollars highway tax 

5 Chose Asa Caswell highway sovair 


State of Newhampshire Rockingham ss To Asa Caswell on of the 
Counstabh's of Gosport in the County of Rockingham aforesai<l Greeting 
In the name of tiie State of Newhampshire you are herby requested to 
notify and warn the Inhabitents of Gosport aforsaid qualified to vote as 
the law directs to assemble and meet at the school House in said Gosport 
on tuesday the tenth day of Nhirch next at ten of the clock in the forenoon 
to consiiler and act upon the following particklars Viz — 

1 To Chose by ballot a modarater 

2 To vote for state ofecers includinfj Goviner Counsellor and senators 

3 To vote for Representative in the United states Congress 

4 To vote for County ofecers including Regis of's of Deed County 

Treusure an Road Commisioners 

5 T Choose one Representative to the Legislative in June next 

6 To choose three select men by ballot 

7 To choose by ballot a Town Clerk 

8 To choose by ballot one or mor Cunstables 

9 To choose a collector of Taxess 

10 To rais and appropriat such sums of money as is found Necessary to 

defray the expence of the Town for the support of the school 

11 To transact all other buisness that may come before the Town hereof 

fail not and make returnes of your doings at the time and place 



3G Toivn Records of Gosporty N. II. [Jan. 

aflToresaid to us given undtT our luiiuls an<I seal this tweiityoth day 
of F(!hii:iry in the year of Lord on*.* th(jusan<i ei;(hl Iliiiidrcd and 
forty hix 

Isaac Newton \ 
Win S Haudall j- Select men 
Wui Caswell ) 
the Inhabitants ar notefied as above 

Asa Caswell Constable 


Gosport March 10 184G 

Meetin^r Caled to onh^r Abruiiani Plumer Moderator 

1 Isaac Newton Abraham I'lumer Kicher [i. e., Ridiard] Haley Select 

men was sworn 

2 ,lo.-,t'i)i» M Caswell Town Clerk was sworn 

3 Lemuel Caswell Asas Caswell William Caswell Mark C Newton 

Was sworn in as Cunstables 

4 Ten dollars to be Raised for the Town 

5 Will'" S Randall Collector Tax 

G Committy of the school .1 M Caswell Richard Haley Job L Randall 

7 ILirbt-r .Master Lem Caswell 

8 Abraham Plumer Representative 

9 there was twelve Votes for John Woo<ll)ury for member CougreSi 
10 there was Four for John V Hale for Member of Congress 


State of Newhamshir Rockingham ss 

To Wni Caswell one of sconsUibles of Gosport in county of Rockinham 
afTorsaitl Greeting in the name of the state of Newhampshire you are 
herby recpisted to notify and warn the Inhabitents of Ciosj)ort aforsaid 
qualified to vote as the law directs to assemble at the school House in said 
Gosport on tuesday the ninth day of March next at two oclock after uoou 
to consider and act upon the following j)articular8 viz 
Art 1 To Choose by ballot a UKulerator 

2 Vote for state oticers including Goviner Counseler senetor 

3 To Vote for County ofecers including Regeter of Deeds cotuty 

Trciisurer & Road commis'honsers 

4 To Vote for one Reprsentativ 

5 To choose a Town C-lerk 

6 To choose Three select men 

7 To choose one or more counstables 

8 To i ake enny order upon A Rereseutation [?] 

9 To vole for or against the alterations of the constitutions of the state 

10 To vote upon the lawls [^t'c] of United States 1845 upon gambling 

antl publick nuisence as connectin with lambling [s»"c]* alleys 

11 And transact all other buisness that may come before the meeting. 

Fail not and make returns of your doings 

Abreham Plumer 
the Ihabetenta of Gosport herby notijied as above 

Isiic Newton "^ 

Gosport Feb^ 18 1847 Richerd G Haley 5- Counstables 

Wm Caswell ) 

♦ Or tumbling [ten pin] ? 


1914] Town Records of Gosport, X. II. 37 

Gosport March 9^»» 1847 

Mctiuir C'ald to onlcr Ahreham IMuukt Moderator 
Art 1 .Just |»li M Caswfll Town Clerk 

2 Abrrliain IMuincr \\ u\ C'uiiwell Kicherd Haley selectmen 
8 Isiic Nt'Wlon M. (.'. Newton ('onst;il>le8 
Representative Al)rhani IMunier 
Consiiiution Laws 8 noes 2 yes • 

Mililares Hill 4 yes 2 Noes 
Fifteen dollars to be rased for the school 
Asa Caswell Collector 
Police ofccrs 

J. M. Caswell Superintending scool Committy 

W. C. Newton Ahn ham IMunier 

Kichard G. Haley .1. M. Caswell 

W. C. NewtoQ 

Jared W. Williams Governor, 14 Dem 2 wigs 

For Iiepi'ren>alive in Congress No 1 

Benjamin W .lenness 14 iJem 2 Nvigs 

Senator Jami.s Foss 14 Dem 2 wi^s 

For Ciovenor Anthany Colby 2 wig 14 Dem 

for Uej)ersentive Destrict N" 1 Icabed Goodwin 2 wig 14 Dem 

For senator Geor H Doge 2 wigs — 14 Dem^ 


[Warrant for town-meeting, 1848. Abraham Plumer and AVm. H. 
Caswell, " Select Men," reijuest Wm. C. Newton, one of the Constal)les, to 
warn the inliabitants of Gosport ipialilied to vote to assemble at the 
" Schoolhouse " on Tuesday, 14 Mar., at 2 r.M., to act on articles stuteil in 
the warrant.] 


[Wm. C. Newton, " Constell," issues the warning for town-meeting, 
14 Mar. 1«48.] 

Took up the first Articl of the warreut and cose Abraham Plumer 
Moderator 2 voted fer State and County otlicers fer Governor Nathaniel 
S Herry had G votes, fer Governor Jared W Williams had IG votes. 3 
voted for one man to Represent the Town Nathaniel F Berry had 4. 
votes Richard G Haley had 1 vote Abraham Plumer had 13. votes 
Article 4. chose Wm C Newton Town Clerk Article 5 chose Win II. 
Caswell J. M. Caswell R G Haley for Select Men. Took up Article 6 and 
chose John Caswell and Oliver P Caswell Constables. 7 voted to raise a 
tax of ten dollars for Scholl purposes 8 chose Wm S Randall . R. G. 
Halev A Plumer for School Committe chose W. S. Randall to fur- 
nish the School with Coall. Article 10. Asa Caswell Harbour Master 
11 Chose Asa Caswell R G Haley Wm Newton Police olFicers. 12 
chose Lemuel Caswell Collector of taxes These above olhcers were 

Gosport March 14 1848 

Wm. C. Newton Town Clerk 

[Warrant for town-meeting, dated 24 Feb. 1840. Wm. H. Caswell, 
J. M. Caswell, and R. G. Haley, "Select Men," request John Caswell, one 


38 Toion Records of Gosport, iV. //. [ Ja 

of tin; Constables, to warn t\u'- inliahitant.-* of fJosport <|ualifir(l to vote 
assemMf at llu- " Sclio«l House " on Monday, " tlit: 'rwilvth duy «»f Marce* 
Ilex," at '2 I*. M., to ad on urtieles sl;ili(l in the wanarit. On 12 Ma 
1849 W. II. ('asvvfll, " tlio Constable bt^ing al)sent," certilies that tl 
warning has been given.] 


Gosport March 12. 1849 

Took up the first articl of the warrant and chose Wm. C Newtc 
Moderator Article 2 voted U) exjiend the Surplus Revenue for tlie bei 
good of the Town Art .'J. voted i2.')S to r»-pair the Meeting Ibjuse « 
Sciiool House Shouhl it rei^uire So much al^o voted Sixty Dollars of Sai 
Surplus be expended for a Boat to be kept by the Town for the exprefc 
purpose of going to and from the Main for tlie purpose of getting th 
Doctor or i-arrying one who may be Sick William C Newton and Wi 
Ham S Ivandall were Ciioseu Agents to make the above repairs and pui 
chase as Soon as it can be Cenvienantly be done 

N. 15. the Moderator took the oath j)rescribed 

At the above meeting tlie following persons voted To dispose of the Sur 
plus Revenue as above Kecordcil* 
Joseph M. Caswell Richard G. Halky 

Asa Caswell .John W. Randall 

Joseph A. Caswell Jo>eph C. Newton 

William H. Caswell John H. Downs 

AViliiam S. Randall William Downs 

Lemuel Caswell William C. Newtou 

Richard Randall 


Whereas the Society for propagating the Gospel have benevolently as- 
sisted us in the means for moral and mental improvement for many years 
& whereas the Rev A. P. Peobody of Portsmouth has been an active 
ajjent in thus doinfj us ;jood therefor 

Resolved 1. That we hereby express to Rev A. P. Peobody and 
through him to that Society &. others our sensibility of tjieir benevolence 
and our irrateful acknowledi^ements for their lalxir of love Resolve. 2. 
That although we may not always have appreciated as we ought to have 
done their acts of kindness, we will hereafter if our privileges may be con- 
tinued Set a higher value uj>on and make a better improvement of them. 
The above resolutions wered passed unanimously March Tiih. 49t 


[Warrant for town-meeting, without date, but evidently of 1850. Jo- 
seph M. Caswell, William II. Caswell, and Richerd G. Haley, " Select men," 
" the Constable being absent," notify the inhabitants of Gosport (pialified 
to vote to assemble at the *' schoolhous " on Tuesday, 12 Mar. next, at 2 
P.M., to act on articles sUited in the warrant.] 

• Tho '* Surplus Uevcuue " hero tlcvoted to public purposes appears to be the money 
obtuiiioil fov tho ti>\vn by the Kcv. Abrahuin 1 lunicr, when he served as the repre- 
sentative ul' (losport in 1U48, us set forth in the biographical sketch on p. 135 of the 
original records. 

t'l'he Society actually withdrew its aid for a time. The outcome of this promise 
and of some other jK^titions, together with tho intercession of Mr. Pcibody, was the 
appointment of Mr. Eastman (p. 143). 


1914J Towti IJeconls o/GoKporl, 2^. 11. 39 


Gosport IVIarch 12*^ 1850 Took u|* the first urticl of the warmit and 
clioso Will Caswell Modtirator 2 votccl for Stato and Couty ollirtTS 
For Governor Samuel Dihiiior [Dinsnioor] luid 8 
Levi Ciiaiiiln rlain had 

4 for altering tlie Constitution G 

5 voted to j)(jstj)()ne llie 5 arl of l\ut warrent* 

G Ch(He .1. M. Caswell Town Chrk 7 Asa Caswell Ri.h Haley 
J. W. Kandall Select men « Win H Caswell J. C. Kandall Con- 
9 Voted to Receive the bills of Wm C Newton and \Vm. S. Kandall 
March 12"' 18.00 The Inhabetent8 have ben warned Accordin;,dy 

.1. W. Han.lall 
Asa Casw(*ll 
Rich G Haley 

Select men 
The Constable being ab.>.ent 


[ " Record " by George Beebe, Town Clerk, 28 Feb. 1 862, of a morti^^age 
given 21 Feb. 1862 by Win. C. Berry of Gosport to Georg W. Rand.dl of 
Portsmouth, in consideration of $1^5. The property comprised "one 
ninth j)art of the schooner Cottage Girl built at Gloucester Massachusetts, 
and enroled at the port of said Gloucester N*^ 42 March, G. A.l). 1801."] 


Misa. N. ,]. Underliill of Cliester N. H. a school teacher who had in- 
structed the youth of this place for nearly two years last j)ast came to her 
death by drowning Monday evening Sept. 11. 1848. Her body was found 
Sept 18th on the Shore at Cape Neddock The body was taken to Chester 
and buried Thursd 21 Inst She was about 34 yrs of agef Her kind- 
ness and willingness to do go good to all was manifested among us and 
her loss is very lamented by this people. Though dead she yet speaketh 
and while we look buck upon her life which was truftly exemplary it leaves 
the impression that she will come forth in the morning of the lirst Resur- 
rection upon which the Secon deathe can have no power 

W. C. Newton Town Clerk 


The Reve. Abraham Plumer ^Minister of tlie Gospel whose place of 
nativity was Monroe maine made his lirst visit to this place July 28th 
1844 His Second visit, September Hrst of the Sanu- year Pievious to 
his comeing to tliis place he was at Candia Xewhampshire and removed 
to this place with his family Mrs. Betsy C. Plumer and tliree children 
Oct. 4*^' 1844. And remained among us uj) to August 2*""^ 1848 when 
he removed to Matinicus Island, Maine. During his Stay among us, 
The Schoolhouse was built tlie Parsonaire liouse repaired and chimney re- 

•This article ciilleil for the election of a roprescnt:itive to the State le;;idl;itiiro. 

tThe Portsmouth Journal of '23 Sept. 1848 states that she was about tliirty years of 
ago and a native of l>erry. Tlie accident occurred about half j^ast seven o'clock near 
the so-called *' Chair," but she was not washed from the Chair itself. She was out with 
others to watch the very heavy surf. The popular tale that others have been washed 
from the Cluiir appears to have only this foundation, that in 1864 Eveline Caswell of 
Ciosport and Lydia Varrel of Rye together were washed olT the rocks, but below this 
place and nearer to Southern Point. 


40 Town Rtcorda of Go sport, N, II. [Jan. 

built uritl porcli al^o aniiext to the buck of the house TIjc baru was also 
built, 'riirouj^h hi.s iiihtruiiHiilality this work was done He collected 
wliat he could but did nol obtain Sutlicieut to defray the expence. Wv. 
did most of the work hiinscll. He was a iiieuiber of ihr State Legislature 
from this place and obtained from the Treasury A Surpluh revenue which 
we did not receive at the [tinje] it was <livided to other place*. This 
money was exju;nil in npairiri;.' the ineetin;^ house &c* 

During his Slay of nearly four yt-ars he was also his family were 
greatly interested in the well being of the j)i-ople, conse<juentIy with but 
few exceptions he was highly respected by them in return. 

Gosport 1«48. W. C. Newton (Town Clerk 

Ills Successor to the Ministery was the Keve. L. I). lilodgettf from 
Rye N. II. who continued among us up to Sept. 29"' 1849 when it became 
manifest to his imployers that for lack of interest in bis labors he could 
accomplish no good among the j>eople he was permitted to leave 

W. C New ton (Town Clerk 


[Warrant for town-meeting, dated 24 Feb. 1851. Asa Caswell and 
John W. Handall, " Select men," re«|uest Wm. 11. Caswell, one of the Con- 
stables, to warn the inhabitants (pialilied to vote to assemble at the " School- 
house " on Tuisday, 1 1 Alar, next, at 2 P.M., to act on articles state<l in the 
warrant, including an article*' To Vote Against the Sale of Spirituous 
Li{|uors in the Town."] 


[A strip at the top of this page has been cut off, but apparently no 
record has been lost.] 

Alareh 11"' 1851. The inliabitants met as notified by warrant. Took 
up Article First, chose Wm. II. Caswell nuxlerator Art. 2. Voted for 
State and County oHicers with the following results For Governor Sam- 
uel Din.^moor had twelve Votes For Councillor Greenleaf Clarke had 
twelve Votes For Senator Alfred Iloitt had twelve Votes For Treasurer 
Wiuthrop. II. Dudley had twelve Votes For Register Gideon Webster 
had twelve votes. For lu)a(l Commissioners George li. Taylor Daniel 
IMeleher. John. RI. Weare had twelve Votes each For Representative to 
Congress George. W. Kittreilge had twelve Votes, A, Tuck one. Art 3. 
voted for one man to Represent the Town in in the State Legislature. W. 
C. Newton had one Vote John Caswell two Richard G. Haley, had ten 
Votes and was declared to be Elected Art 4 Chose William. C. Newton 
Town Clerk Art 5 Chose .Joseph. M. Caswell, "Wm. H Caswell Asa E 
Caswell, Select men Art G Chose John Caswell, Wm. C. Berry Consta- 
bles All the above named ollicers except Wm. C Berry Were Sworn as 
the law directs. Art. 7. Twelve Votes were cast for the amemled Con- 
stitution as proposed by the Constitutional Convention. Art. 8. Twelve 
Votes also Cast for the homestead Exemption Bill Art. 9. Voted 
against the Sale of Spirituous li«iuors in the 'Fown 

J William. C. Newton j Clerk 


Gosport 1851 Richard. G. Haley member of the Legislature from this 
place June Session 1851 against Strong ©position was Successful in gain- 

• Cf. p. 128 of lljc originul reconi.s. 

t Mr. l{|o(l;,^ctt also was ii nativo of New Hampshire. He was boru at Stcwarlslowu 
in 1811 uiul died there in 1852. 


1914] Ihton Records ofGosport, N, 11. 41 

in<; the appointniciit of Win. II. Caswc^ll us l)runch pilot for the Pi.Hcato(jua 
Uiv(T also lilt! Ap|)()iiitm«nt of Win. (', Newloij as .lustit-c of the IVacc 
\\v was also paid Some lifl«u;n dcillurs Litoiari funds duo for llu; present 
and past years 


Gosport 18.'>1 & 18.02. On the recommendation of R«.'V. A. V. IVabody 
of Port.sniouth N. II. to ''The Society fer Pn)pai,'atin«; the Gosjxd among 
th(! Indians and Others in N<jrth America" Oliver 1). Kastman of King- 
ston N. II. was sent to this place botli as the Missionary to the people 
and Teacher of their school. 

He mad(? his first visit May 18"' IH.Ol, had one meetint^, visited and 
prayed with every family. 

Came to commence his labors June l.'i"' and generally had three raeet- 
in«;s on the Sahhath when his health and the weather would permit, and 
some evening meetings during the week. Had a sabhalli-sclmol regularly 
of about twenty children. 

He obtained as a present from the American Sabbath School Union a 
Library of fifty books for the sabbath school in this place. 

Some individuals in Newburyport gave to the school a set of " Bliss's 
Out-lin«! Maps" eight in number cost seven dollars. 

Mr. E. Stedman of Newburyport gave a bell weighing t«'n j)0und8 
through the kindness of Miss Mary C. (ireenleaf of Newburyport. 

Messrs G. & C Merriam of Springfield Mass. presented for the benefit 
of the school "Webster's large Dictionary." — folder J. V. Ilimes of Bos- 
ton gave a (juantity of Tracts which have been distributed from time to 
time among the people. 

During the winter some more interest was manifested in the subject of 
Reli^rion. Some were reclaimed from a backsrulini: state and expressed 
their resolution to serve the Lonl the remainder of their life. May the 
Lord bless them and help them to gain eternul life. To God be all the 
Glory forever. There was a summer school of twelve weeks commencing 
June 1 G"' and ending September 13"' 1861. The whole number of sclud- 
ars was 28, males 14 and females 14 — Average attendance 18. Tlie 
irregularity of the scholars attendance injures the school very much. 


The studies pursued in the school were arithmetic, grammar, geography, 
reading writing and spelling. The progress was very good. The school 
was visited by Rev. Mr. Peabody & ^I^. Foster with some others from 
Portsmouth, also Gov. S. Dinsmoor of Keeue N. II. and several other 
gentlemen who ex[)ressed their gratification in finding our sclu>ol in so 
prosperous a condition. The winter school commenced Nov. 10, 1851. 
and continued 17 weeks ending March 8"' 18o'J. Whole numlxT of 
scholars 3a. Average attendance 23. Number of scholars under IG 
years of age "I'b. Number of scholars over 16 years of age i). Amount 
expended for fuel ;?1U besides iuciden'il expenses. Studies pursued in 
the school. Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, Astronomy, Book-keeping, 
Reading writing c<: spelling. Progress made in the several branches was 
very good. L. L. Thaxter Esq. visited the school March 4"^ and ex- 
pressed his gratification & pleasure to observe the good attention & 
attainments of the scholars. ^lay the blessing of the Lord rest upon the 
labor bestowed upon the school, & people. After a vacation of a few 
weeks the school was again continued from April 10 of [for?] three 


42 Town Rtcords of Gosport^ N. II. [Jan. 

weeks and closed May 1'^ 18/>2, making eight moDths. 'Y\ut iin)>roveii)ent 
in the several hraii(;hes taught has been M'vy goi*<i considrring previous 
o()j)ortuiiitifS & privileges l)eing very liiiiited. It is very drsirahh; that 
a greater interest he had in the subject of edueation. Truly it is the 
great stepping stone to usefulness in this world and gives us strength of 
mind to labor for the interest of the world to come 

Oliver D. Eastman 


This may certify that the bell above mentioned was sold to O. I). ICast- 
man for books for Library .1 M (.'aswell Town Clerk 


[Warrant for town-meeting, without date, but doubtless of 1852. Rich- 
erd G. Haley, Win. II. Cuswtdl, and .1. W. Randall, "Selectmen," "Con- 
stable ab,t," i.e., being absent, reijuest the '* Inhabatence " of Gos|)ort 
{jualilied to vote to assemble at the " Schoolhouse " on Tues<lay, 9 Mar., 
at 2 P.IM., to act upon articles stated in the warrant.] 


March 9^'' 1852 The Inhabitents m(it acordingly as notified. Took up 
the First Oriole W. C. Newton Motlerator- For «r'>vcuor Thomas E 
Sawyer 4 Votes Noah Marten l.J Votes — Richard G. Haby Rej»resenta- 
tive J. M. Caswell Town Clerk W. C. Newton Wm. II Caswell J. 
W. Randall Select Men Da[n]iel Haley Constable Asa Caswell Polcice 
oficer Each Legal Voter to pay Seventy five cts [for town purposes] 
A[nend[ment] of the Constitution of the State 9 [Vote's?] Vote to hire 
suplus* Boat live dols J. M. Caswell Town Clerk 


At A Legal Town Meeting Holding at Gosport Novr 2^'* 1852 the In- 
habetens where warn d To meet at the schoolhouse at 2 oclock FM 
Wm C Newton Moderator 

[Voted to have the] Sur{)lus Boat at liberty for the Inhabetents 
For Peirce it Ring \\\ Scot and Graham 2 For presidents 
,1. M. Caswell Town C By Order of the Select men 
Richar G Haley afor[?] Repreesentivo 17 votes 

of twenty one that cast 17 for Noali martin 4 for James bell 
Wm C Newton Wn II Cawell [i.e., Caswell] d C Radoll [i.e., Randall] 

Select men J W Raudoll Town Clerk L B Caswell Constable 


[Warrant for town-meeting, dated 10 Feb. 1853 and entered by John 
W. Randall, Town Clerk. Wm. C. Newton and Wm. II. Caswell, " select 
men," warn the inhabitants of Gosport to assemble at the ** Sehool hous ** 
on Tuesday, 8 Mar. 1M53, at 10 A.M., to act upon articles stated in the 
warrant, among which is an article " to instruct the select men to prosecute 
all violations of the licenez Law." There is no report of this meeting.] 


[Warrant for town-meeting, dated 27 Feb. 1854 and entered by John 
W. Randall, Town Clerk. William H. Caswell and John C. Randall, 

• That is, to charge five dolhirs for the use of the " surplus " boat (bought from the 
aurphjs money, as voted in Mar. 1849. according to the record on p. 128, above). The 
next entry in the town records shows that this action was not popular. 


1914] Town Records of Gosport^ N, IL 43 

" Stilcct men/' warn the inlial)it:ints of Gosport to assemble at the "school 
house" on Tu«;S(hiy, H Mar. 1854, at lU A.M., to act U])on articles stated 
in tiie warrant] 


Gosport N II March 14"' 1854 

For representative Nathanit:! F Ht;rry 2 Willan C Nevton 14 
For first Select me William II Caswell 15 

2 John C Ran.lall 11 

3 Uichanl L Hamlall 13 

For Town Clerk Joim W. Uan<lall 14 Constable L. L. Caswell 
Tax^atlu;r[er] Wm C Nevton [Voted] to raise 10 Dollars for School 

A Vote to prosecute all violation of the lisence law 

\_Ifere is written williuut dute^ Lorenzo. D. Berry Gosport N. II. 


Gosport N II March 20"' 1854 

lie it Knacted that if any person having keeping or owning one or more 
cows or cattle of any kind and shall rtfuse or neglect to To yard or harn 
the same in the niirht Commen<'ini; with the tirst of May & continucinir to 
the first night in November he shall pay A fine of one Dollar for ca<^h and 
every offence and pay all cost of proccution and Stand Committed untill 
the same is paid Said fines shall go to the benefit of the town 

llesolved that our member to the legislature be and he is hereby in- 
structed to secure the Passage of A bill securing to us our Natural rights 

Resolved that the Selectmen be and that they are hereby instructed to 
keep our hi<;liways about our {)ublic lamlings free from all unnecessary 


State of Newhampshire Rockingham county ss. To the inhabitants 
of gosport re(juested to vote as the law directs you are hereby warned and 
requested to meet and assemble at the school house in said (iosport on 
Tuesday the thirteenth day of march next at two Oclock afternoon to 
consider and vote upon the following Articles viz article ,1 To Chose by 
ballot A moderator [This entry stops here. It is probably of the year 


[Warrant for town-meeting, dated 20 Feb. 1857, and entered by Rich- 
ard L. Randall, Town Clerk. William II. Caswell, Joseph M. Caswell, 
and Ira G. Randall, Selectmen, warn the inhabitants of Gosport qualified 
to vote to meet at the " School House " ''on the Second Tuesday of March 
next," at 10 A.M., to act upon articles stated in the warrant.] 


Gosport March 10 1857 [To eraseif] the Inhabitants met as notified 
by "Warrant Tookup article First Chose William II Caswell Moderater 
Article 2 Voted for State and County Olficers With the following results 
For Governor John S Wells had twelve Vots for Railroad Commissioner 
!Mark Noble had twelve V^ots for Representative to Congress George W. 
Kittridije had twelve Vots Counciller Thomas J Parsons had twelve 
Vots for Senator Daniel Marcy had twelve Vots Treasurer Benjamin 
F Haley had twelve Vots Register Thomas Smith had twelve Vots 
County Commissioner Josiah G Hadley 

44 Town Records of Gosport^ JV", //. [J 


Rcjmljlicaii Ticket for Governor William Haile lia<l twelve Vols for 
Representative to Congress .lann s I'ikL- liad twelve Vots Kailroa<l Coin- 
misHioner Jeremy O Nute liud twelve Vols Counciller Williaiu H II 
Bailey had twelve Vots Senator Samuel 1* Dow twelve Vols Carried 


for County Otfieers Treasurer Charles M Norrius had twelve Vots for 
Ki.'jiister Kzra H Chase had twelve Vots for Commissioner William C 
Patten twelve Vots Art. 3 Voted for one man to Represent the Town in 
the State legislator Nathaniel F Berry had Eleven William 11 Caswell 
had thirteen Vots and Was elected 4 Chose Itichard L Randall Town 
Clerk 5 Chose William II Caswtdl Joseph M. Caswell Ira G Randall 
Selectmen (> Voted to give Retsy Downs tlie Money that H( longs to 
Town in William C Newtons keeping 7 Voted to Huild up tin- Wall 
aroud the Town Buriiug Ground by the lal)0 of the Inhahitants 

Richard L Randall Town Clerk 


The Rev George R Beehe ^linister of the Gospel Whose native Place 
is Brooklyn N. Y. he has A Wife and two Children he Came here 
April 1850 he is also Doctor amoung us he is liked B«jath as A Preacher 
and as Doctor the Inhabitants of Gosj)ort have given him about Kighty 
Dollars in Preasants and Money the year j)ast 

Gosport March 11 1857 Richard L Randall Town Clerk 


[The pages of the Records from p. 161 to p. 172 have at the top the 
words " Richard L. Randall, Town Clerk " and various dates in Mar. 1857. 
This seems to mean that he either collected these memoranda at this time 
or copied them from the damaged portion of the old book. The first part 
of the existent book I take to be that portion of the old book wliich was 
still ca{)able of preservation. As the new part seems to have original rec- 
ords from about 1842, there must have been for a while two books of 

Lemuel B Caswell of Gosport Was Married at Newburyport Mass to 
Miss Henrietta Garland of Newburyport by Rev O Eaton December 31 

Children of L. B. Caswell 

llenriett^i E Caswell Was Born March 27 A.D. 1850 
Leonora E Caswell Born April 2'J A D 1853 
Joseph II Caswell Was Born March 24 185G 

Joseph II Caswell Son of Lemuel B and Ilenriette Caswell Died 
at Newburyport April the 4 A.D. 185G aged three Weeks 


Richard L. Randall and Mary A Caswell Both of Gosport were married 
in Charlestown Mass Dec. 2G A.D. 1847 by the Rev Thomaa St;ir King 
Children of Richard L Randall 

Frances A Randall Was Born September 22 A.D. 1848 
Frank B. Randall Was Born April 13 A.D. 1850 
Ira E Randall Was Born January 31 A D 1853 


1914] Town Records of Gonport, N. II. 45 


John li Downs of GoH[)oit and Murtlia O Foss of Rye N. II. w«Me Married 
in R.vf by tl.c Rev H Sniitli iNuvcmber 27 A D W6\ 
Cliililii'n of the Same 

Sai rail A Downs Horn .lanuiiry G A D 1836 

Mary K Downs Horn Novcinlnr 1(5 AD 1838 

Kpliraini II Downs Horn .January 31 A I) 1840 

Jolm () Downs Rorn Septenilnr ID A I) IHII 

Kliza Downs Horn Sept. inlK-r 17 A D 1814 

Klen Downs Horn Kel)ruary 14 AD 184H 

litvi W Downs Horn Srptenibcr IT) A I) 1851 
Died Marv K Downs .lanuary the GAD WM) Aj^ed G Weeks 

Klen Downs Dii d March the 7 1848 aged 3 Weeks 


William Robinson and Mary A Randall Roth of Gos[)ort Were Married 
in Rye N. II November the 5 A 1) 1833 by Rev H Smith 
Children of the vSame 

John II Robinson Born July 14 A 1) 1834 
Sallev M Robinson Rorn November 14 A I) 183.') 
Mary J. Rol)in>on Horn September 20 A I) 1837 
Kmeline H Robinson Horn April 20 A I) 1840 
Sally M Robinson Horn August 12 A I) 1843 
Catherin Robinson Horn July 14 A 1) 1«42 [awV]* 
I.vdia L. Robinson Horn November GAD 184 J 
William C. Robinson Horn May 2 A D 1849 
Charles W. Roi)inson Horn August 12 A I) 1851 
George A. Robinson Horn March 7 A D 1H53 
Albert M Robinson Horn December 15 A D 1854 

Died Salley M Robinson January the 10 A 1) 1837 Aged 2 years and 
2 Mounths 
died Salley M Robinson October 20 A D 1843 Aged 2 Mounths 
Catherin Ivobinson Died .June IAD 1847 uiied 4 years 11 Mounths* 
Geor'' A Robinson Died Au«jjust the 14 A D 1853 Ai^ed 5 Mounths 

o o e 

one Week 


Elvin Newton and Mary J Robison Hoth of Gosport Were Married in 
Newburyport ^lass by the Reve Willanl Smith the 27 of October A D 

Child reau of the Same 

Ida Newton Born September the 24 A D 1856t 


John Caswell and Emeline B Robison Both of Gosport Were Married in 
Newburyport Mass by the Reve Willard Smith the 4 day of July 
A D 18jG 


Pneumo Beebe Born July 18 1856 

•A conipsirison of these entries with that on page 103 sugccsts that she was born 
probably in 1844 and died in 1848, but as she died young the question has little 

t Many other children were born to this couple, but they are not recorded in this 


46 Town Records of Gosporty N. II. [Jan. 

John W Robinson April tlic 1 18.'>7 

* Casw. II Horn March Manh 18 1857 

Ntllia .1 Randall Horn July 21 A 1) 18.07 

lulant Cliii'l ol William and Nancy A lirenin Horn August the 15 
A D 1857 Died August the 21 AD 1857 aged G days 


Samuel H Robinsoa Jr and Sarah E Newton Hoih of Gosport Were 
Married in I'ortsmouth N H by the lleve S Phanton NoveinlKjr tlie 7 
A I) IH.').') 

Chiidrtan of the Same 

Ebtclle Newton liorn February the 4 1857 

Married in (losport by the Rev Georp^e R Heebe May the 1 1857 John C 
Randall to Mrs Hannah P Hakerf Hoth of Gosport 

R L Randall Town Clerk 

Married in Gosj)ort Oct 24 1857 by the Rev George R Hcebe Mr .losiah 
P Randall of Smutty Nose Island Me to Miss Eliza E Caswell of 
Gosport U L Randall Town Clerk 


William Rrenin of Halifax N S and Nancy A Newton of Gosport Were 
Married in Newl)uryj)ort Mass July th(^ 4 185G by Edmund Smith 
Justice of the Peace 

these Names Were Brought forward from old Book Some one had 
the impotance to Scracli out part of their Names on the Old Hook. [R. 
L. Randall makes this note.] 

Childrean of Lemuel and Sarah P Caswell 
John C-aswell Horn January the 10 A D 1824 
Lemuel L Caswell Horn October the 3 A I) 1825 
Mary A Caswell Horu Nevember the 15 A D 1828^ 
Louiza H Caswell Horn January the 31 A 1) 1831 J 
Hannah M Caswell Horn October the 5 A 1) 1834 
Alfread P Caswdl Horn January the 19 A I) 1841 


Childrean of Samuel and Oleva Robinson 

Sarah A Robinson Horn Auujust 13 AD 1830 

Samuel II Robinson Horn ^larch the 18 AD 1832 

Kositta Robinson Horn September the GAD 1835 
Samuel Robinson and Oleva IIaley§ Were Married April the 7 A D 1829 

♦Probably Jiiliii, daughter of William H. Caswi-ll. 

t Tho wicfow ol' Kahilis W. Becker. The Beckers were Germans, but the Shoalert 
called them Baker. J. C. Kandull was a wiilower when ho married Mrs. Hannah P. 
Becker. His tirst wife was Marv H. Caswell of Hye, whom ho married 19 Feb. 1850. 
She appears to have died about ld.')5. 

X In 191*2 the only surviving n)eml>er of this family gave lil Nov. and 29 Jan. as cor- 
rect dates for this recortl, and called Alfred P. Cu^well Perry A. Caswell, a form which 
docs not nuite ut^ree with that used elsewhere in these records. The Hannah M.Cas- 
well of this list is the one called Hannah Maria Titcomb Caswell on p. 3.i of these rec- 
ords. I have recently found an e.xnlanation of this name in the presence of Miss M. 
Titcomb as one of the teachers at Ciosport in the summer of 1831. 

\ She was the widow of Samuel Haley, son of " Captain Sam " and grandson of the 
first Samuel Haley of Smutty Nose. 

[To be concluded] 


(I 'I';' 

ft . 't^ VfT^v* -f • ^p» •-» 


£^-u»<»^ J>a*-^-J^ ^ 





U. Wl/v-> 




^>*-^i»'"^ iT^^-r^ f^^^M^v Avf Im^^v -.i^*-- ^-« ,»- 


7'- A 

• V . 


' — I III ^i 

HARLEIAN MS. 1091, FO. 109. iiorso 




Gtnealogical Rtsearch in Englaml 



Contributed by Mia.s Lluauktii ruKNCu, and cuinuiunic.iteJ by Ibu Coiiiniitteo on 

En^linh Hcscurch 

[Coutinued from vol. 67. page 348] 

In Rkgistkr, vol. G7, pp. 2()1-2G2 (.July \^J\^), certain roconis pir- 
taiiiin*; to tlu; l^onuToys of Hcarninstcr, co. Dorset, were piiMi-licMl, aii«l it 
was stated that the claim made by deseeiulants of Klt\ve«<l Pomeroy, the 
emigrant to New Kngland, that he was closely related to a famous 
armorial family of the name in Devon, seemed baseless. It is the purpose 
of this connnunication to present further evidence hearing on the alleged 
descent of Eltweed Pomeroy from the Pomeroys of Herry-Pomeroy, eo. 

The Pomeroy pedigree which faces this page is u photographic rej)ror 
ductit)n of fo. 10',> dorso (original fo. 85 dorso) of IlarKiaii .MS, lO'.M, in 
the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum, London, this MS. 
containing the Visitation of Devon in loG-l by William Ilarviy, C'lannceux 
King-of-Arms. It has been proved that tlu; Pomeroy family of this ])hoto- 
graplu;d j)i'digree was a younger branch of the very ancient armigerous 
family of Pomeroy of Berry- Pomeroy, co. Devon. In this photograph, 
near the bottom and above the btamp of the IJritish Museum, the pt-digree 
ends with two brothers, Henry and dohu Pomeroy, sons of Hichard and 
Eleanor (Coker) Pomeroy, and to the name of Henry Pomeroy a syml)ol 
iudicatinir marria;re is attached, with a depending line that sui^i'ests that 
he had descentlants whose names are not given in th»' ptnligree. The 
followin^r records show who some of these descendants were. 

In the Visitatiou of Devon in 1620 Arthur Harrys entere»l a Harrys 
pedigree, which is reproduced below. The original drafts made by the 
heralds for that visitation are preserved in Ilarleian MSS. 1 I (Jo and 1164 
in the British Museum, anil were printed in 1872 in vol. 6 of the Publi- 
cations of the Ilarleian Society, the Harrys pedigree appearing ou p. 139 
of that volume. 

Jl^arrgs of (TJcrston. 

[Arms described.] 

Walter Harris of Monniouthslilrc= 


1, d. of = Edward Harris of Cornwall = .\nn d. i li. of 


{Corniourth>/y Devon)ypi:m:H note I Wm. Huckinorc. 

i SirTho.= d. of 



at Law 


Hen. I'oni- 


1, Honor =Artluire Harris^ 
d. of John of Clierston In 
Wykcs of coin. Devon, 
North wyke living 1G20 

. IMnllipd. 
of liidi. Duke 
of (.)llci tun in 
com. Devon 

Hon For- 

tcscue of 


Aun=Sir Tho. 


Sir Edward Harris of Cornwall Kt., 
ii Chiefe Justice of ^lunstcr in Ire- 
land, living 1G20 

Akthurk Haicrys. 


48 Genealoyical liesearch in EnyUuul [Jau. 

Administration on the estuto of IIknkv roMEitorh. On 5 of July 
[1.075] ii coiumission was issunl to Uichanl I'oiueroye, natural ami If^iii- 
niatt! Moii of Henry I'omcroye, late of 'I'otiich in tin; county of I)t;von, 
havin;; [o'^***''*J ^'^'m l><i"^ sworn to administer well tin; ^oo*!."*, ri;»hts, and 
credits of tiie said decease<l, llu*rc U-in^^ n voke«l letters of admini^t^atiou 
on the goods of the said decease<i, elsewhere grante«l to a certain Kiohard 
I'omeroye now or formerly of the aforesaid I'otnes, which were surrep- 
titiously securid hy him hy supjiressicm of truth and hy false statement in 
tin* nnmth of June 1.0.'>'J, for ihe, full re<|nirctnent of justice, as appears 
from the acts of the court on this day concluded. (1*. C. C, Administra- 
tion Act liook, lo72-irjHO, fo. 80 dorso. Translated from the Latin.) 

The Will of Agnks Hakims of C'ornworthie, co. Devon, widow, 1 De- 
cember UJUl. My body to be buried in the parish church of Corneworthie. 
To the re]jaration of the church of Corneworthie Cs. 8d. To the poor of 
Corneworthie 20s. '* Iini I give and bt (jueath vnto my sonne Ivieherd 
Pomerie ail my landes in Tottnes or els wheresoever for terme of his liefe, 
and after his decease to the heyres of his bodye lawfullie begotten and for 
defauite of such issue vnto Thomas Pomurie my sonne for terme of his 
liefe and after his decease to the heyres of his body lawfullie begotten 
and for defauite of such Issue vnto Giles harris my honne and his heyres 
for ever. Itm ll'arther I give and becjueath vnto my sonne Hieharde 
Pomerie my best Saultseller of silver guilt and si.\e silver spoones and 
twentio pounds of Lawfull mony of Englande, to be paiile within one yeere 
after my decease by niyne execpiitor and also two fetherbeds p'fourmed. 
Itm I give vnto Thomas Pomerie my sonne t^.'iine pounds in mony and 
vnto lleuerie Ponu^rie the sonne of the saide Thomas Pomerie vj'' vj' viij*^ 
in money both to be paide by myne exe«|uitor within one yeere after my 
decease." 'I'o my sou Giles Harris alter my decease for the term of four 
score years, if the said (ailes so long live, all these my houses, courts, barns, 
stables, shippins, orchards, gardens, and all those other parcel.s of land late 
the houses of one Samuell Weymolh, which I have of the demise and 
grant of one Thomas Harris, Sergeant of Lawe, and one Kdwaril Harris 
Kstpiier his son, for divers years yet to come determinable upon the lives 
of the saiil (iiles Harris, Arthur Fortescue, and Hridgett Fortescue, as in 
my said deed doth more at large appear. If the said Giles Harries die 
before the expiration of tln^ said term of four score years, then the 
remainder of the term shall come to my daughter Suzanne Fortescue, and 
if she dit> before the expiration of said term, then the remainder of said 
term shall come to Arthure Fortescue and lirid<:et Fortescue their execu- 
tors and assigns. If my son Giles Harries marry, all my term of years 
shall remain wholly for his better preferment and advancement, he paying 
within two years after his marriage to his sister Suzan Fortescue £30. 
My deed to remain in the custody of my executor until this be performed 
by the said Giles Harris. To my son Giles Harris two feather beds per- 
fornud. 'i'o my daughter Suzan Fortescue two featherbeds performe<l, 
my three silk gow ns, my best kirtles, my two fore kirtles of silk, and all 
the goods in the chamber within the chamber that I now lie in called my 
study, except that coffer wherein my writings are and one spruce coffer 
with all that is in them and except certain other things which I give by 
my will by especial names. To my daughter Susanue Fortescue £100, 
on condition that Ilenrie Fortescue her husban«l give security to my 
executor that the said Susanne shall have the said £100 with the benefit 


1914] Genealofjical Ilcseftrch in Enyland 4'J 

and gain tluTcof to licr use (luriiifj her life. If saiil Iltiirit; «lo unt give 
such .s(HUiit)', tliL'U my t'XJ'cutor .*>li:ill keep the XlOU aixl pay my <laui^lit«?r 
Su/anuc XIU u year during lnr iifr, ami at her ciealh the said illOU to be 
eipially dividcil hetween her cluhheii Artliure Fortescue, Agues Kortejicue, 
, Hud Hridgett Korteseue. I give to tlie said Arthure Fortctscue, Agues 
Fortescue, and Hridgit Fortescue £G. tJs. bd. apiece. 'I'o Susan Sugar, a 
child that is with my son Arthur Harris, i.T). 6s. 8d. To Margaret 
' Frauncrs, my servant, £6. Gs. Md. To Agnes (iordan X"3. iis. -Id. To 
I Klizahrth lloper, my servant, 20s. To (irace Ferott, my servant, 1 Us. 
To Kdilh my servant, 20s. To Hiclnrd I'ruuncis, my .servant, 'iu.^. To 
John Muiigry, my si-rvant, 20s. To Christopher .Saunder, my servant, 
X3. To i'hillip llamlyn, my servant, 10s. To ^Villiam Desteynr, my 
servant, 20s. 'I'o Agnes Coke 5s. If any of these servants depart before 
my death, the legacy of such to b(; void. " Itm. I give vnto Alice Isomeric 
my son Kiihard Pomerie his wife my blacke Cloth gowne gard'MJ w'*^ 
velvet, one stammel Fetticolt w^'' one gard of velvet, sixe siHockcs, Two 
bordclotIn;s, and one dozen of Naj)kins." To Arthure Harris n>y son the 
bed which 1 do lie on. All the rest of my goods and chattels not given 
or het|ueathc(l I give to my sou Arthure Harris, whom I ujake my whole 
and soh: Kxcicutor. Proved at Exeter, 11 August IGlJ.i, by the executor 
in the person of Kdward Marsh, notary public. Inventory, jC4'JG. 12s. 
(Principal Registry of the Bishop of Exeter, vol. for lo7'J-lG03, fo. 313.) 

Administration on the goods of Gvlks Haiiuvs late of Corn worthy, 
gent., who died intestate, was granted 23 March I G08/D to Arthur Harris 
of Vgborrough, co. Devon, armiger, his brother, the said Arthur and .lohu 
Monioy of the same, yeoman, being bound in XGO. Inventory, takrn 20 
May IGOH by Humphrie Englishe, Koberte Tookerman, and do.>ephe 
White, amounts to i!35. 2s. Od., and in<-ludes a chattle lease of a mill with 
aj)purtenances worth £20. It was exhibited in court 23 March 1G08/9. 
( Archdeaconry of Totnes, Deanery of Totues, 1608, original administra- 

The AV^iil of Richeud pomuoy in the parish of Cornworthie, co. Devon, 
gent., 11 May 1G21. To the poor of Cornworthe /is. To Frances Tock- 
erman, Violete Tockerman, and Susan Toekerman, children of Robert 
Tockerman,* a days lamb each. To all my servants 12d. each. All resi- 
due of my goods and chattels, moveable and immoveable, to my wife, 
whom 1 make my sole executrix. Overseers: John Crewse and .lohn 
Dourtes. Witness: Phillo llorswill. Provetl 3 August 1G21. (Arch- 
deaconry of Totues, Deanery of Totnes, 1621, tiled will. ) 

Inventory of Riciiaud Pom'oye of Corn worthy, co. Devon, gentleman, 
deceased, taken 29 June 1621. 

2 oxen 1 cow 3 steers 1 heifer £10- 0-0 

1 horse 2- 0-0 

38 sheep 10- 0-0 

10 lambs 1- 0-0 

6 swine hogs 1-10-0 

corn in the jrround 30- 0-0 


corn in store 1- 0-0 

• This Kobert Tuckerman married at Cornworthy, 2 Dec. 1615, Ajjiies Fortescue, a 
niece of tlie testator, and daughter of Heury Fortescue by his wife Susanna Harris, 
who was a half-sister of the testator. 

50 Oenealoc/ical Reaearch in England [J 

4 beds with their appurel C- 0-0 

his apparel 6-18-8 

1 chest 2 cofTtTs & other oM Htuff 1- 0-0 

A tahle hoard a si«le l)()ard a form 2 cliairs &. .'3 stools 2- 0-0 

4 hrass pans & 2 kettles 2- 0-0 

8 brass pots 1- 0-0 
I) |>l;iters 4 podengers 3 saucers 3 candle sticks &. 

other stiilt' 0-16-0 
A spit a |)r of andirons &. other stulT belonging to the 

kilclwii. 0- .0-0 

Three kenes 1 pipe 1 hogshead &, other timber vessells 0-1 G-0 

1 chettlo 1- 0-0 
The plough stuff 1 harx [harness ?] & oth«;r small 

Implements 0-15-0 

3 pair of ropes 2 saddles &. other things unknown 1- 0-0 

One chattle lease 10- 0-0 


£^1- a-S [jj'c] 

[The total amount is actually £88-15-8.] 

Exhibited 3 August 1021 by Alice Pomery, the executrix. (.Arch- 
deaconry of Totnes, Deanery of Totnes, 1G21, original inventory.) 

The \\'\\\ of Kalse Pom've of Cornworthie, co. Devon, widow, 21 April 
1023. 'i'o the poor of Cornworthie os. To ,Iohn Fosterd and Christian 
Fosterd two sheep each. To William Berrye of Corneworthie two bed- 
steads, two double beds, a pair of blankets, and a coverlet. To Joau 
Berrye, daughter of the said William, two sheep, a chest, a new gown and 
a petticoat, three platters, a feather betl, a blanket, a coverlet, a bolster, 
a pillow, and a pot, these things to remain in the hands of William Berrye 
for six yt'iirs. To False Ilorswill, my goddaughter, 10s., and to Ketlegon 
llorswill njy serge gown. To False Berrye, wife of William, a gown. 
All the residue of my goods and chattels to John Ilorswill, wlnim I make 
sole executor. Witnesses: John Crewse, Phillo Ilorswill, and .lohn 
Foster. Proved 20 .lune 1623. (Archdeaconry of Totnes, Deanery of 
Totnes, 1023, tiled will.) 

Inventory of the goods of M" False Pom' ye, prised by John Crewse 

and Phillipj) Ilorswill. 

21 sheep £5 10 

1 horse 2 10 
3 swine hogs 10 
Corn in the ground 10 8 
lieans in the ground 5 

2 feather beds performed 5 

2 double beds 1 
Apparel 3 gowns 3 petticoats 3 waistcoats 5 aprons ) 

with other linen 2 hata 2 cloaks one [ ]&a> 8 00 

hood j 

A suit of mans aj)parel 110 

A chest 2 coifers 1 bedstead 15 

3 bedsteds 5 
3 brass pans li: a brass kettle 1 13 4 
2 brass crocks a posuet 1 skillett 10 


1914] Ge)U'u!o(/ir((l Rt'Siurch in Enyhiiid 51 

1 tal)Ic boanl 1 aid*; board 1 form 3 cliairs & 3 stools 1 

U jilutti.Ts, 2 porriiigtTs, 3 camlKslirks witli other) , . ., , 

stulV & 2 scissors j 

1 8|)it, 1 pr andirorii'S & other kiteheu stulT 8 
one pipe one heefc 4 liiicketls with other timber 

v»sstll OHO 

1 iiaekney 8a(hlit; one pillion with <'overln«^ IG 

1 iron loom 2 says with other small things 8 

For otiier thiii<^s forgotten ^^ . 1 ^ 

Her money in store 110 

£3.j 10 

Kxhihited 20 Juno 1023 by John Ilorswill, the executor. (Archdea- 
conry of Totnes, Deanery of 'I'otnes, 1023, original inventory.) 

The Will of AirrnritK IIahuis of Norton [in the parish of Churston], 

CO. Devon, 20 April lO.'lH. 'i'o ihe j)oor of ( hur.ston XlO. To iIm* jioor 

of C'ornworthie XlO. To the poor of Hlaekuwton H'k To the jnjor of 

Kingeshiidge £6. To the poor of Dodbr[ook] X.'>, to remain as u stock 

to the use of the poor forever. The overseers and churchwardens of baid 

parishes to cause the tenour of this my bicjuest to be fairly written in 

purchmt^nt and put into a frame and hung up in the several parish churches 

aforesaid that olliers may be encouraged and men's charities not >i)ent, 

misemployed, and diverted, contrary to their intent and meaning, a^ too 

often in such cases is done. To my nephew* Sir Thonias Harris land.s in 

Cornworthie which 1 purchased for one thousand years, lie paying tTOO 

to my nepluiw* Kihuond Harris, his brother, and confirming any >\u\\ 

grants of estates as I have heretofore entered in the nan»e and on bi half 

of Sir Kdward Harris, his father. To Hartholennw ForteMUe, M>n of 

Arthure Fortescue, all my estate called Fynwelles, he paying to his 

brother John Fortescue £0 a ytar. To Arthur Fortescue and Kdwanl 

Fortescue, my sister's sons, the remainder of my estate after my wife's 

decease, in lands called Norton and in woods calh-d Lords wocmI, whiih I 

hold for their lives, and to them £10 a year until my wife's To 

Susan Fortescut! and (iartrude Fortescue, daughters of said .Arthur 

Fortcscui', £00 each, and to l''Jizabeth Fortescue, anotluT daunhter of said 

Arthur Fortescue, £70. To uiy .sister Fortescue £20, ami to hei- «laui,diter 

Allies ^^'avmouth £20, and to the said Aiiues seven children £15 each. 

i'o Hritlgett Francis, my sistt-r Fortescue's ilaughter, £20, and to lnr sou 

John Francis £.')0. To my cousin Thomas Harris, son of my brother 

John Harris, £40, and to his brother Fdward Harris £20, and to his 

brother ,)ohn Harris £00. "1 give vntt) Henry Pomeroy, Soniitr [of 

TJhomas Fomeroy my brother, three score pounds, and v!ilo Tho[mas] 

Pomeroy, sonne of the sd llenrey, fortie poundes, all to be payed within a 

yeere after mv decease." To Frances Hv<ler, my yod laui/bter, £10. 'I'o 

Jane Foxworthie £7 due to me from lier husiiand. To Susan Roope 40s., 

and 20s. each to the children of said Susan. To each godchild lOs. To 

Ji>hn Mortary, my servant, all my estate in liutt Meadow purchased of 

(jcorge Sapp decease*!. To god»laughter Jane Heare, daughtrr of Thomas 

lieare, irent., £10, and to my said cousin Thomas lieare a ;;old rintr with 

this poesie, " spare . speake and spare speede." To every servant 40s. 

• He wfts a grnndnephew of the testator. 


52 Geneuloyicul Jiesearch in Etiyland [Jan. 

All rt'.sidiu; to IMiilipn I larris, my wifo, executrix. WitneR8C8 : Tlioinas 
liiare, Marie liearr, IJicliard Maker, Kdwanl Wliite, ami Thuriuw K«l- 
wardes. Proved l.'i October UMO by Phillij^a Harris, relict and executrix. 
'Yhi" widow took oatli to the will i\ October 1G40. Jnveiilory, taken by 
Artliur Kyder, John — rtes, and Kdwani White, and exhibited l.'i Oc- 
tolMT HMT), £I>2rt. ills. H<1. (l^incipal Kegistry of tlie liisliop of Exeter, 
IGIU, ori^final will and inventory.) 


liKfiiSTKKS UK CouNwoicTHV, CO. Dkvon, 1.0G2-1G34* 


15G5 Zuzanna daughter of Edwarde and Annies Harris 20 January 

1574 Annys daughter of ^fr. Thomas Harrys Esquire 22 August. 

1575 Edwardus son of Mi-. Thomas llarreys gentleman l.'i December. 
1578 Honor daughter of Mr. Thomas Harries G Octolier. 

15S8 Agnes daughter of Mr. Henrie Fortescue 14 July. 

151)2 lindget daughter of Mr. Henrie Fortescue 21 January [1592/3]. 

15U5 Arthur son of Mr. Hrnrie Fortescue; 28 Ftd»ruary [15'j5/(j]. 

1G02 Edward son of Mr. Henrie Fortescue 2G Sej)temb«*r. 

1G04 Ely/.abethe daughter of the Worshipful Master Edwarde Harris and 

Elizabeth his wife 15 April. 
IGll Elizabeth Harryes daughter of Walter Harries 27 November. 


1573 Rychard Scharpliam and Afarie Pomeraye 26 July. 

1586 Mr. Henrie Fortescue of Wood in the parish of Wodeley esquire, 
son of John Fortescue Esquire of Preston, and Mris. Susanna 
Harrys, daughter of Mr. Edward Harrys esquire, 5 June. 

1610 Walter Harryes and Thamsinge his wife 2G l)«'cember. 

16 15 Kobert Tuckerman and Agnes Fortescue 2 December. 

1562 Marie Pomerye 28 May. 

1592 iMr. Edwarde Harrys Esijuier 10 April. 

1502 John Fortescue 4 June. 

15'J4 William Harrys gentleman, son of Edwarde Harrys Esquier, burie«l 

at Heere Ferrys 29 [am'c] February [1594/5]. 
1599 Pliillip Fortescue 22 June. 

1()01 Mrs. C)nner Harries wife of Mr. Arther Ilarrie 25 October. 
1602 " M" Agnes Harryes widdowe was burved xxvj of November." 
1607 Gilles Harrvos gt. 15 January [1607/8]. 
1610 "Thomas Tlarryes Kn\ghtt " 25 May. 

1621 '^ Hicliard Pom'ye gentclmar was JJuried the xvth Daie of June." 
1621 [Henry] Fortescue gentleman 20 March [1621/2]. 
1630 Mr. Arthur Harris son of Sir Edward Harris 28 Auijust. 
1634 "Lady Elizabetli Harris was buried the eighteenth day of Aprill." 


1914] Genealogical Research in England 53 

[Of tlie places nientioiu-d in the fort'^oing reconls, Herry-Poincroy, the 
seat of llie Pomeroy fuiuily from the time of William the CoiKjueror, is 
iu the southern part of Devonshire, Totnes is only two niilea west from 
IJerry-l'omeroy, ami Cornworthy \a ahout f(->ur mihs south from Totnes. 
Ohurston, or Churston-Ferrera, is ul)out -.ix niih*.'* southeast from Herry- 

From the foregoing material antl from other sources referred to below 
the following Pum«ri>y p«nligrte lias Ixx-n eonipiU'd, the earlier generations 
given Ml the photograph of llarleian MS. lU'Jl being omitted: 

1. Thomas Pomkuov (third son of Hmiry) married* Agnks Cal- 
WAYK, or IvKLLOWAV, daughter of Thomas of Sherborne, co. Dorset. 
Children : 

i. Annis, m. Thomas Tkksoyl of co. Cornwall. 

11. Tmo.mah, I), ulit 1461; nuineil us son ami licir of his father and as 
aj^cd twelve years at tl»e death of the latter, 2J Dec. U'JJ (Iu<iui- 
biliuns I'ost Mortem, Chancery Series 2, vol. 'J, no. Gl, U Henry 
VII) ; not njcntioned in the Visitation peilitjree of 15G4. 

ill. MAHii.vuKr. 

iv. T^O.MA.^I.NK. 

2. V. liicuAJci), 1). within a few years of 1487. 
vl. EuZAinvrn. 
vll., ni. TuisricAM llKNGSCOTof Exeter; had issue. 

2. Richard Pomkiioy {Thomas)^ born wiihin u few years of 1487 and 
named in the Visitation of 15G4, married, probably about 1620, 
l^LEANOH CoKEH, (laughter of .John of co. Dorset. 
Children : 

8. i. Hknuy, b. probably abt. 1520. 

ii. John, named in the Visitation of 1564. 

8. HiiNRY ToMKuoY {Richiird, TlioiiHis)^ bom probably about 1520 
and named iu the Visitation of lot] 1, was of Totnes, co. Devon, an«l 
died before June IJO'J, when administration on his estate was 
surreptitiously obUiined by a Richard Romeroy, as is learned from 
a later administration granted 5 duly lo75 to Richard Pomeroy, 
the son of Henry, doubtless when this son came of age. ( Vide 
supra, p. 48.) 

Henry l\)meroy married, about 1550, Agnks or Anne IIuck- 
MOUK, (.laughter and iieiress of William ; she married secontlly,! 
about 1501, us his second wife, Kdward Harris of Cornworthy, co. 
Devon, who was buried there 10 Apr. lo'JJ; she was buried there 
20 Nov. 1G02, being the testatrix of 1 Dec. lOOl, whose will has 
been jjiveu above. 

Children of Henry and Agnes (Huckniore) Pomeroy, of Totnes, 
CO. Devon : 

1. KLrz-AHicTii (perhaps), b. abt. 1552 ; bur. at Cornworthy 18 Apr. 1034 ; 
ni. abt. 1572 8ik Tiio.mas Hai;kis, Knt , of Cornworthy, ^er;,'eant- 
at-law, probaljly her stepbrother, b. abt. 1517, eldest b. of Kdward 
of Cornworthy by his wife, Vowcll.; Sir Thon»as 

•Probably about 20 Sept. 1478, when land was conveyed by deed to Thomas Tomo- 
roy :uul hid wife from ihe hitlur'a father. (Vivian's Visitations of the County of 
Devon, p. 007.) 

t Vivian, in liis Visitations of the County of Devon, p. 607, erroneously states tbdt 
she married _/>"/if Md\var»l Harris and 5?ro/i<//y Henry Pomeroy. For her children by 
her seeoml luishaml, Kdward Harris, vide in/ra, p. 51. 

X Edwaril 1 larrii evidently had also by his Tw ^l wife, N'owell, a son, Joliu, who 

is named in U)3S, with his ihreu sons, Thomas, Edward, and John, iu the will of his 
half-brother, Arthur Harris. 


54 Gene(do(jical Research in Enjiund [Jan. 

Harrw was bur. at Cornwortliy '!'> May IGIO. On the Ilarrih tomb 
ill ( 'orinvortliy tluircli Is an iii^cripiiuii to Sir '1 lioiiia.H Harris and 
l.ady Kli/.al)illi lii> \vif«' antl to tlifir cliil<lr(ii, in wliicli tlic ilatc 
of Sir 'riiomas's dL-alli is j^iven as 17 May IGIO; and (jn an t-s- 
cutcheon apjxar tlie Harris arms <|uartcrin:^ tliose of roincroy 
Willi Ivcll(j\vay, tliu.s indic-aliiif; tiie line of descent of Lady 
Klizal)flli. Cliildrrn, hapt. at Cornworlliy : 1. Aunt, hapt. 22 
A\\)J^. 1">74 ; ni Sir Tlionias Suulliwell, Knl., of SuUolk.* 2. Sir 
Kdioard, justice of Munster, Ire., bapt. 13 Dec. 1575; in. Kll/.alieth 
V(Mvell, anil liad Issue: 'i'honias, bapt. 18 June 15'J8, named in 
l»;3ri in the will of his ^rtiii-uncle, .Vrthur Harris; .\rtliur, bur. 
28 Auy. Ii;;i0; Kli/uljeLli, bapt. 15 Apr. liibl ; Kdniund, named in 
1G38 In the will of Arthur Harris. ."5. Jlouor, bapt. G Oct. 157»; 
n\. Sir HuLjh Harris, a kni^^ht of Scotland. f 4. C/irisldpUtt^ slain 
in the wars in Klunders.J 

ii. Ki( ii.Mti) I'u.MKuoY, of C'ornworthy, b. ai)t. 1554; bur. at Corn- 
worthy 15 June 1G21 ; m. Ai.ick , who survived liiui. On 

C()miii<^ of aj;e he obtained administration on hi^ father's estate, 
5 .Inly 1575, as stated above. He and his wife Alice are nameil iu 
ItJOl in the will of his mother, Aj<nes (Huckm«>re) (I'oineroy) 
Harri.s of Cornwortliy, who ^ave to him her lands in Tolnes. In 
his own will, ihited 11 May K.iil, he neither nanie> nor refer.^ to 
any cliihlren; l)ijt he jiivo. to three children <jf Kol>ert Tuckerman 
(husband of .\^nes I'ortcscue, a niece of the testattir) a lamb 
each, and leaves all the residue of his estate to his wife. The w ill 
of his widow, Alice, dated 21 .\pr. 1(>2:>, neither name.> nor refers 
to any cliildren. It is, therefore, perfectly evident that itiia 
JHchurd I'otiuioy left nu i.tsiif. 

iii. Thomas roMKUOY, b. abt. 1557, is named in IGOl in the will of ids 
niotlier and also in H',:\H in the will of his half-brother, Arthur 
Harris. The name of his wife is unknown. Child: 1. J/tnry, 
b. probably abt. 1580; namcil in the wilN of his ^ramlmother, 
Agnes (Huckmore) (Pomeroy) Harris, in IGul and of his h:ilf- 
uncle, Arthur Harris, in lt;;;H; had at b a.^l one child, Thomas, 
who also is uamul in the will of Artliur Harris iu IGJa. 

Edward Harris of Cornwortliy had by his second wife, A<;nk3 (IIuck- 
mouk) Pomkuoy, widow of Henry, the following' children: 

i. WiM.i.vM, bapt. I Apr. 15r,2: bur. 2i> [sir] l-'eb. 151)4/5. 

ii. GiiJ'.s, named in his mothers will in IGul ; d. unni.; bur. 15 Jan. 
1GU7/.S. Administration on his estate was granted 26 Mar. 1GU8/D 
to his brother, Arthur Harris. 

iii. Sus.vN, bajU. 20 .Ian. l.")G5/(;; m. 5 June 15StJ Hk.vhy Foutkscue. 
ChiUlren : 1. Aijuia, bapt. 14 July 1588; m. (1) 2 Dec. 1G15 

Robert Tuckerman of Cornwortliy; m. (2) Weymouth, 

beini; called .\«:nes Weyiiumth in 1G38 in the will of her uncle, 
Arthur Harris; children by tirst husband: Frances. Violet, and 
Susan, all named in 1G21 iu the will of tlieir ^Meat-uncle, Kichard 
Tomeroy. 2. John^ bur. 4 June 15U2. 3. IfriU<jit, bapt. 21 Jan. 

15'J2/3; ni. Francis, bcini^ called liridijet Francis in 1G38 

in the will of her uncle, .\rlhur Harris. 4. ArlUur, bapt. 2*> Feb. 
15U5/G; namevl, with issue, in l(i.'>s in the will of his uncle, Arthur 
Harris. 5. Philip, bur. 22 June 15'.>y. G. L'dicurU, bapt. 2G Sept. 
1G02; named in 1G38 in the will of his uncle. .Vrthur Harris. 

Iv. AuruiK. of Churston. co. Devon, the testator of IG^s, b. al>t. 1568; 
m. twice; d s. p. He entered the Harris pedigree in the Visita- 
tion of Devon in 1G20. His will seems to indicate that he intemled 

•The words •• of Suffolk " uro obtaineil from the inscription on the Ilurris tomb at 

t'lMiis ninrriago record is t.ikun from t)io inscription on the Harris tomb at Lorn- 

t This record is taken from the Harris tomb at Coruworthy, where Christopher is 
called the youngest son. 


1914] Genealoyical Ri search in EnyhDul 55 

to loivc; Irj^uf'u's to nil of his near kindred, iiicludiii;; jjrand- 
iit'phcws and ^innid-nii-fcs ; and llirrrlorr tlii; fji«i tlmt no de- 
hctiiduiits of his hulf-l>rutlnT, Kiclwird rmiuroy, arc iiiciitl«>ucd 
ill this will utlords furthi!r evidence llml there were no ^ucb 

Tho forct^oin*^ reconis prove beyond qiU'stion that Hichanl PunuTOj, 
born prohaiily ahoiit ir>54,Konof Henry and A;;ne.s ( Huckniore) Poniuroy, 
dird at C'ornworthy, CO. Devon, in June \iVl\^ Icaviny no issue. Nt-ver- 
tlu'hss, I am intornu-d tliat the I Ii.^to^y an<i (Jtinealo^^y of tin- PiMneroy 
Faniily, 11)12, p. G7, represents this Kidiard Ponieroy as idiMilical with u 
Kichard l^onieroy who was tlie father of Kllweed Poinerov, the eniiLMunl 
to New Kni^land, baptized 4 .July I.'>rt.) at Beaininster, co. Dorset, a jiarish 
which is over seventy miles northeast from Cornworlhy. A*j the loreiioini' 
reeords prove that these; two Kiehaid Pomeroys wi-re not identical, tlie 
jMMJi^reti i^iven in tlni History and Genealo^jy of tlie Pomeroy Family 
breaks down, and at j)resent nothing' is known of the ancestry of iru-hanl 
Pomeroy of Reaminster, the father of KItweed. The descent of Kit weed 
Pomi'roy from the armorial family of Pomeroy of H«*rry- Pomeroy is, 
therefore, entirely conjectural, and aeoordin<; to herahlic usai,'e the de- 
scendants of KItweed Pomeroy have no rii;ht to l)ear the Pomeroy arms 
until the <lescent from the armorial family has been established. 

Considerable work has been done in an elfort to find the true ancestry 
of Richard Pomeroy of IJeaminster, co. Dorset, the latlier of KItweed 
Pomen)y. Ki'dity Pomeroy estates previous to IG/jO are refernd to in 
the calendars of the various probate courts at Exeter, co. Devon, but the 
docunuMits pertainin<x to thirty-four of these estates are missing ; abstracts 
have been made of the papers relatiui^ to the remainini; forty-six estates. 
Ti»e general jirobate records for co. Dorset, now preserved at Hlandford, 
do not bei^in until about 1 (ICO. Wills of manv testators, belon^ini' to 
various families of Heaminster, Netherbury, Symond.ibury, and other 
neighi)oring parishes, in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and in the 
Peculiar Conrt of tho Dean of Sarum, have been reatb Some work also 
has been de)ne in searching the registers of parishes around Heamiii.-ter. 
No deliuite results have been obtained ; but the region around Ht'amin>ler 
teems with yeoman families uameil Pomeroy, an«l at least two iiichards 
have been found, either one of whom may possibly have been identical 
with Kichard the father of Eltweed. — K. F.] 

[Immediately preceding p. 109 in the History and Genealogy of the 
Pomeroy Family is a facsimile of a manuscript pedigree which is c«'rtified 
to bo "a true reading of the wonls slunvu in the photograph of Harleiau 
MS 2^^5'j submitted to me this day."* A comi)arison u! this facsimile 
iu tlu^ ilistory and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family with the photo- 
graphic reproduction of fo. 109 dorso of Harleian MS. 1091 (which faces 
p. 47 above) shows that in preparing th«; pedigree for the History and 
Genealogy of tlie Pomeroy Family a jibotogra[)h of fo. 100 dorso of 
llarK'ian MS. 1091 was taken, that certain changes and additions were 
then made at the Ixiginning of the pedigree, and that at the bottom of the 
l)edigree the family of Richard of HtaminsttT was added from records 
derived from the transcripts of the Beaminster regi^ters, Richard of Hea- 

•In this certification the munbev 21893 has been crossed out. The meaning of this 
number is not clear. In the British Museum onlv the so-called "Additional MSS." 
have buch hij^h numbers, and Additional MS. 21893 is a tract by Kev. Hugh Jones of 


56 Genealogical Reaearch in Enfjland [Jan. 

minster bcini: roiranlc*! as i(l«'iitical with Richard the; son of II« nrv and 
Agnt'S or Anne (Hmkinorc) I'onn loy. 'V\u'\\ apparently the whcilc ( om- 
posite pcdi;;rf(*, inclndin;^ tliese chan;^es and additions, \va.s photographi^l, 
and was ct;rtifi»Ml as lias lie^n statcMl above, and it is t-vijicntly a fac-iiniiic of 
this later phot<);,'raph which is ^nven in the History and Genealogy of the 
Ponuroy Family. Obviously such a pedigree has uo value as evidence 
of the ancestry of Ki(h:ir<l Tomeroy of Heaminster, the father of the emi- 
grant Kltweed, since it is merely u present-<lay compilation of material 
derived from various sources. 

The records given ])y Miss French in this article destroy the particular 
heraldic line of ancestry that has been claimed for Kliweed Ponienjy. 
WIh tiler or not he was in any other wav a descendant of the Norman 
armorial family of Pomerov of Herry-Pomeroy can with our present 
knowledire neither be alhrmed nor denied. In America a ^reueral miscon- 
ception exists that all ptjrsons bearing the same place-surname, such as 
Pomeroy, Skipwiih, lU-rkeley, and the like, are descemlants of the Nor- 
mnn lords of that j)lace in Kngland. In reality, however, throughout 
England, at the time (about liJOU) when the common people began to 
assume hereditary surnames, many peasants of Anglo-Saxon or British 
origin and without surnames, whose ancestors were serfs of these Norman 
landlonls, on removing from their native places took the names of these 
places as family names, and bei'ame the progenitors of yeoman families 
>Nliich bore surnames derived from place-names but were not descentled 
from the Norman lords of those places. Eltweed Pomeroy niay have been 
descended in some junior line from the Norman armorial faujily of Pome- 
roy of Berry-Pomeroy, but on the other hand ho may not have been of 
tlieir blood at all. — J. Gaudnku Baktlktt.] 


The Will of Alyks Bavbich of Abbots Carkwell [co. Devon], G Jan- 
uary lGOl/5. To the poor of Abbotts Carkwell. To Richard Bavbich a 
''daye lam," to INIychaell Bavbich a 'Slave lam," to ,1am o Bavbich Tid., 
to Roger Bavbich 12d., all these being sons of James Bavbich. To I sable 
Cadner Od. To Anne Cailner Gd. To Alleyn Cossell llM. To Marren 
^larten 12d. To children of John Bak*'r Gd. All residue to (U-orge 
I leayes, executor. Witnesses: Mychaell Bickeford and Maron Marten. 
Proved 11 fluly IGOG. Inventory, taken by Richard Cadner and Mychoell 
liickeford 'i:> June 160G, and exhibited 1 July IGOG, £11. 12. G. '(Arch- 
deaconry of Totues, Deanery of I])plepeu, IGOG, original will.) 

The Will of Rogeu Babbage of Totnes, co. Devon, yeoman, 1 Janu- 
ary 1703/4. To my son Richard £1. Is. Od. To my sou John £o. To 
my two grandsons £1. Is. Od. each. To my granddaughter lOs. Gd. Re- 
siduary legatee and executrix, my wife. AVitnesses : William While, Mar- 
tha White, KH/abeth White and John Furneaux. Proved 14 February 
170.)/4 by Juliana Babbage, relict and executrix named. (Arch<leaconry 
of Totnes, Deanery of Totnes, 17U3, tiled will.) 

The Will of Julian Babadgk of Totnes, co. Devon, widow, 12 Decem- 
ber 1704. To son Richard Babadge £1. Is. Oil. To trramlson Richard 
Babadge .£I. Is. Od. To granddaughter Elizabeth Babadije £1. Is. 0«1. To 
grandson John Babadge £1. Is. Od. To granddaughter Anne Babadge £1. 
Is. Od. Residuary legatee and executor, my sou John Babadge. Wit- 


1914] Genealo(jlc(il Rcscurch i)i Enjhuid 57 

ucsHcs : William Whito, Klizal)clli (ialpiiic, anil Krixkali Mowdiii. PiovcmI 
IG .January 1701/.') at Totni'S by thu excr'utur. ( Arcliilcacunry of Toliics, 
Deanery of Totnes, 1701, liicil will.) 


CO. Di:voN, li>0G-lGG2 
IfjOf) Thomas Hal»l)i'tl«(e and lit-aten Davyes marri(,Mi 4 July. 
ir>'.)7 KttluTt son of (u'ori;(! HalH-d^r liapli/cd 11 ,lune. 
la'.l*.) Susan dan^^litcr of Cieori:*' lialihisln- i)aj)li/.id 10 .July. 
IGOO AVilliani Hahbeche and Klbnor Asiicliyr married 17 November. 
1G02 Susan daui^diter of Thomas liabbed^'e Ituried G September. 
1 G02 .John son of Thomas liabbedi,^; christened 21) SepteMnber. 
IGOl Anis dau'diter of Thomas liabbi^iie buricil 30 Auyu>t. 
IGOl Marye dauLrhter of William Mabbishe baptized IG Novumber. 
1G05 Christopher Kon of Thomas Habbishe iiurii-d '.\\ Au^'ust. 
lGor> Annis dau^^diter of Thomas bapti/cd 4 October. 
IGOl) Thomas Habadi^e buried 2G DeceUiber. 
IGIO .John lirocke and Beaten Habijedi^e witlow married 24 March 

1G21 Hester (ireene and Roiror Habbidire married 1 October. 
l(»2l .loane <lauijhter of Ro;^er Habi>i(|;^e baptize*! ID December. 
1G24 Kiehard son of Ho<;er Mabbetl^^ baptized 2G Sej)tend)cr. 
1027 Ko;^er son of Hoirer liabbai^e baptized 21 October. 
1G21) dolin son of Ko«:er Habbed^re baptized 14 January [1620/30J. 
1G30 John son of Ivol)ert [a/<'] Habbed«ie buried H May. 
lGi)l "April. The 17th was Christned Christopher the Sonn of Roger 

1G34 Jolm son of Roi^er Babid;:;e baj)tized 22 .June. 
1G35 .John Uabbedi^ biiried G January [1G35/G]. 

1G3G Ilerster dau-liter of Roger Habaue baptized 22 January [1C3G/7]. 
1G37 Easter daughter of Rt)ger Babidg buried 4 March [1G:;7/.S]. 
1G40 Thomas F2very and .Jonne Habbidge married 20 June. 
lGi>4 Robert Babbidge of Bridgtowne and Danes Came, widow, of this 

town publislied 11 June [and two succeedin»j Sundays]. 
1655 '* Christoj)her Babbidg son of Roger Babbidg of this towne and 

Agnes Triggs of the same" published IG I)ecend>er [and two 

succeeding Sundays]. 
1G55 " Christopher Babbidge [married] to Agnes Trigg both of this 

Towne "31 December. 
1G5G Esther daughter of Chri>topher Babbidge born 22 October. 
1G51) Roger Babbidg of this town and .Julian Mirch, widow, of the same 

})ublished 11 February [and two succeeding Sundays] [1G5D/G0]. 
IGGO Richard son of Roger Babbidge .Jun. born 2?S January [lGGO/1]. 
IGGl Naomi tlaugliter of Christopher Babbidg born 2 October. 
1GG2 Hester daughter of Roger Babbige \iovn ID .September. 

[From tiie foregoing data and from New England records the following 
Babbage pedigree has been compiled : 

1. RooEU Bahhage is first mentioned, so far as is known, at Totnes, 
CO. Devon, on 1 Oct. 1G21, when he married Hk.stkk Gukenk.* His 
ancestry is uncertain. The Totnes registers are continuous and in j^ood 
condition from 1556, and his baptism does not appear therein. It is pos- 

• For Greene entries vide infra, pp. GO-61. 


58 Genetdogictd Rtstdicli in Eiujland [Jnn. 

Hihlc that III i\\i'. rtconl ol tlu; l)a|>ti.sin of a son of (tvorgo., 11 .luin; 1.V.J7, 
the name *' Kohtut " slunihi he ** Ko;;er," esjMjciuily hiiicc in an intry in 
1630 "liohtMt" seems to he an error lor '* K4);4rr." It is possilile alhO 
that Uoj/iM' IJahlniiie was a sou of the Tiioinas Hahhcd;'^ who njarri«Ml 
lieaten Davyes in loDO, his (irst chiiil reconl«Ml in 'r<>ln<rs b«'in;^ ha|jii/tii 
bix years later in 1G(J2, and one of his sons hcin;^ christened ('hrisioj)lMT, 
a name given also to one of Holer's cliihlnn. It is jioasihh- al.>o that 
KoirtT lial)l)ai:e of 'I'otnes was the Koj^er nici»tiontMl in Kiul in tin* will of 
Alice r»alihagt; of Ahhots Kersweli, a parish aliont six miles Ironi Totnes. • 
'Die lack ol wills niaUes a settlement of this (jnestion dillienlt. It is not 
known when lioi^er Habbage tlied ; but his sou Koger is called "Jun." 
LM .Ian. hiCO/l. 

Childien, baptized at TotntJS : 

i. JoANK, bapt. r.) Dec. 1G21 ; m. at Totnes, 20 June 10-40, Tuoma8 


li. liiciiAKi), bapt. •->(; Sept. ir.2J. 

ill. lioiiKic, tlie totator of 170;'»/i, bapt. 21 Oct. ltJ27; banns for his 
nianiaife Ut Jli.ian .Mnci;n, widow, tlie testatrix of 1704, were 
pul)lislied in Totucs church, 11 Keh., IM Feb.. and 2'> Kcb. 1 t;;j'.»/'''^ 
l)ut the iiiarriai^c took place elsewhere. Chililren : liiihard, llta- 
t(i\ and Jiilni. 

iv. Jon\, bapt. 14 Jan. l(;2l»/:ii); bur. at Totnes 8 May 1G30. 
2. V. CuKisroiMiKU, bapt. 17 .Apr. Knil. 

vi. ,Inn\, bapt. 22 June IGM. 

vii. lli:srKK, bapt. 22 Jan. lUJG/7 ; bur. at Totnes 4 Mar. lG37/d. 

2. CilKiSTOiMiKU B.VHH.VGK {lioyer) of Totnes, CO. Devon, and of Salem, 
Mass , baptized at Totnes 17 Aj)r. Ib.Jl, marrit'd there, 31 I )ec. 
1().*)0, A(;NKb Tki(;(; or Tuir.<;s, daugliter of .lolin Trigg, Tricks, 
or Trix, of Totnes.* About 1602 lu; emigrated to Salem, Mass., 
sailing from Dartmouth in the ship NalhdnicI, .lohn Adams, mast«r, 
as the following deposition of Nicholas Bart let and Damaris I'hip- 
peuy states: "2 September 170(5, Nicholas Hartlet aged eighty bix 
years and Damaris l^hippcny aged fifty nine years depose that forty- 
four years airo they came to New Kn^land in the ship Nutlt(tnitl of 
Daitmoulh, .John .Vdams master, antl with them came Christopher 
liabbidge of Tatness, son of lioger and Hester Hal)bagt' ; that the 
said ( ■iiristoi)her had three brothers named Richard, Uoger, and 
.lohn, and a sister done; that he served his time with George 
Markes, tailor, of Tatness, that he married Agnes Triggs of Totness, 
and that deponents were his next neighbors there." (Notarial 
Records, Salem, Mass;, vol. 1, }). 61.) There were numerous liart- 
letts in Totnes, but no Nicholas liartlett appears in the registers. 
Nor did I tind about 16 47 any child of any family who was christened 
*• Damaris." 1 strongly suspect that the deponent Damaris Phip- 
j)eny, then wife of Joseph Phippeny and formerly wife of Thom;is 
Scarle, was Damaris Bartlett, and a daughtt-r of Nicholas Partlett. 
Agues (Triggs) Babbage died at Salem 17 Nov. 1667; and Chris- 
topher liabbage married secondly, o C)ct. 1674, Mrs. II.\nnaii 
(Jkwktt) Caulkto.v, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Mallinson), 
and widow of ,Iohn of Haverhill. Christopher Babbagef was living 
as late as 1711. 

• For tlie Trij^fxs family vide infra, pp. 59-60. 

t Charles Ilabb.ige, Uic tMninent inatliciu:itician, born in or Totnes 26 Dec. 
1792, sou of licnjainiu lJ.kbbag«;, was doubtless of the same family as Chri&topber 




Genealogical Research in J'J)i(jla)id 


Cliildren hy first wife: 

Ivvinnu, h. ut Totncs 22 Oct. 1050. 
Naomi, b. at Totncs 2 Oct. 10»;i. 
Uu 111, I), at Salfiii 21 Mar. l(;(;.j/4. 
JnllN, I), ut Sulciii 15 .\i»r. 1000. 

('liiltlnn by sucoiid wit'c, born ut Salcni : 

IIa.nn.\!I, 1). 15 July 1075. 

Maky, b. 1 Mar. l<;70/7. 
vil. Ciiiu.sToiMiKK, b. 11 Nov. 1C78. 
vlil. ]{i(HAUi», I). 1 Oct. loso ; iJ. young, 
i.x. HiiiiAiti), b. 14 .July 10cS2. 
X. Nkiil.miaii, b. 25 Mar. 1084. 





— E. F.] 


Administration on tlie ijoods of Oahuikll of Totnos was 
granted I .'i May l()iiO to Kli/abclii rrii,'<^.s, of Totncs, widow, tlu* rtlict, 
who willi .lobn 'rrii,'i;.s of 'I'otnos, oordintr, was bound in I'-'JU. Inventory, 
takon 20 Ai)ril 1G.50 by Arnolds (lonldin and AVillianj Sijuirc, £1S. 8s. Gtl. 
(Archdeaconry of Totues, Deanery of Totues, 1G3U, original administra- 

TuiGds Entkiks in tue Pauisii Rf.gistkrs of Totnks, CO. Dkvon, 


1588 William Wynsswarc and Chri.^tian Tryx married 9 February 

1590 Mary daughter of Gubrell Trixe buried in the plague 25 January 


1591 .liion .s(Hi of Oabriell Trice baj>tized 3 September. 

1596 (lahriell son of (iabriell Tri.v l)aptized 1 March [159G/7]. 

1599 .lane daughter of Gabryell Tricks baptized 29 January [1599/1600]. 

1G02 Kiciiard son of Gabriell Trigs ba[)tized 4 .June. 

1605 Ezzitt daugjjter of Gabriell Trixe baptized 8 January [1G05/G]. 

1608 Edward son of Gabriell Tricks baj)tized 10 July. 

1610 Alse daughter of Gabyll Trix baptized 2 SeptcMuber. . 

1612 Thomas sou of Gabrell Trix buried 13 April. 

1612 done daughter of Gabrell Trickes baptized 29 November. 

1617 Edward son of Gabriell Trixe buried 19 October. 

1626 Clabrell Triges and An llunte married 3 Sej)tember. 

1628 " Maie Seuentintb was Christened Airues the daujrhter of John 


1629 Gabryll Trigges the elder buried 21 March [1629/30]. 

1630 Grace daugiiter of Gabry Trigges of Bridgetowne b;ij)tizcd 14 July. 

1631 Nicholas son of John Triggs baptized 1 .January [1G31/2]. 

1632 Christopher Cjuash and Vroth Triggs married 2») December. 

1633 Thomas Triggs and Eriileswyde ^Vise niarrie*! 15 July. 

1633 Nicholas son of .loiin Triy^y-es buried 15 Auirust. 

1634 John son of John Trickes baptizi'd 6 July. 
1637 John Tricjies buried G .lune. 

16 11 Gabriell son of Gabriell Triijfjs bai^tized 4 October. 

16 U Gabriell son of Gabriell Trii,'gs buried 3 Decemlnir. 

1642 Gabriell Triir^rs buried 13 >ia\. 

1645 Elizabeth Triggs buried 19 March [1645/6]. 

1648 Thomas Soper and Elizabeth Triges married 28 October. 


60 Genealogical lieaearch in England [Jan. 

ir,48 Kli/.alM-th Tri«;L'8 widow l.iirii-.l 14 lYbruary f 1C1H/9]. 

1050 M:il)l.' Tri^^.L^'s widow Imriid 'J Frl)ruary [HioO/l]. | 

1G65 " Clni.stoj)in'r liahljid;; son of Ko;,'ir liahhiili^ (jf this towrie and 
A^UitH Trii^jis <jf tlu; same" puldihln-d IG Deo-nibor [and two 
8uccee»Iiii<( Smidays]. 

1655 "Christopher lial)hitlu« [married] to Agnea Trigg lx)th of lliis 
Townc " .'il I)c('»'inl)er. 

1655 Joliii Ilawood and Mary Trigg both of this town married 11 Feb- 
ruary [r(»r>.')/6]. 

1659 Thomas Tri'':;s of Totnes and (-hristian <lau<;liter of Christian l^ljil- 

lips of Totnes published 2 July [and two ^ueeeeding Sundays]. 
1659 Thomas Triir^^s and Christian Phillips mariird 1 November. 
161)0 Christian dau'ditiT of Thomas TriuLis born 20 May. 

1661 Klizabelli daui^diter of Thomas Triics born V'i January [1661/2]. 

1662 Tiiomas Trigs of tins town and Sarah Siiillaber of the same published 

18 October [and two succetMling Sundays]. 
1662 Thomas Trigs and Sarah Shillalier married 9 NovemlKir. 

[From the foregoing records tlie following Triggs pedigree has Ixjen 
compilcil : 

1. Gakuikll Tinx, Thicks, or Tinor.s, of Totnes, married F.i.iza- 

nF.Til , who survived him and administere«l his estate, lie was 

buried at Totnes 21 Mar. 1 621)/."50, and it was probably his widow uho 
was buried at Totnes 14 Feb. 1648/9. 

Children, all except the first two recorded as baptized at Totnes: 

i. Mauy, bur. at Totnes 25 Jan. 1590/1, having d. in the plague which 

raided in Totnes for over a year, 
ii. Thomas, bur. at Totnes 13 Apr. 1C12. 
2. iii. John, bapt. 3 Sept. 151)4. 

iv. Gahuikli., bapt. 1 Mar. 1590/7; bur. at Totnes 13 May 1G42; m. at 

Totnes, 3 Sept. 1<;2(), Ann Hunt. He lived at BrUUetown, across 

the river from Totnes. Children : Urace^ Guiriell, and probably 

V. Jank, bapt. 29 Jan. 1599/1 COO. 
vl. RiCMAHi),* bapt. 4 June H'>02. 
vll. KzziTT, bapt. 8 Jan. 1005/0. 

vlii. Edwahu, bapt. 10 July 1008; bur. at Totnes 19 Oct. 1C17. 
Ix. Alsk, bapt. 2 Sept. 1010. 
X. JoNK, bapt. 29 Nov. 1612. 

2. John Tuiggs of Totnes, baptized there 3 Sept. 1594, was buried 
there 6 June 1637. The name of his wife is not known. 

Cliihlren, baptized at Totnes : 
i. Agnks, bapt. 17 May 1028 ; m. at Totnes, 31 Dec. 1655, Christophkr 


ii. Nicholas, bapt. 1 Jan. 1631/2; bur. at Totues 16 Aug. 1C33. 
iii. John, bapt. 6 July lOiU. 

— E. F.] 

Greene Entries in the Parish Rfgisters of Totnes, 

CO. Devon, 1556-1621 

1600 Roger Greene and Elizabeth Blackaller married 12 May. 
1603 AVilliam son of Roger Grene baptize<l 19 November. 

*A Richard Trifxjjs came to New England in the Champion in 1639, with Peter 
Fitchew [Fitz Hugli?] (Ueoister, vol. 8, p. 55), but nothing further is known of him. 


t Vide supra, pp. 58-59. 



Oenealoyicul Research in Enyland 


1608 Anne dau;rl»ter of Roger Greene baptized 19 June. 

IGKJ Hclu'ckae dau^^liliT of Hopr (Irene l)a|)tized 9 May. 

1G13 Marye dau^diter of Kdwaiil Grene ba()ti/ed 12 Scj»ttinber. 

1611 IMary daui,diter of Hoger Greene baptized 5 Ftd^ruaiy [IGM/lo]. 

16U) Kdward son of Edward Grene baptized 27 July. 

IGK) Edward son of Edwaril Greene buried 3U November. 

1621 Hester Greene and Roger Babbidge married 1 October.* 


From the Tuansckipts of tiik Parisfi Rkoisteus of Rolven- 

DEN, CO. Kent, 1560-1612 

1585 Symon Rranchc and Alys Stookes inayden married Jum*. 

1585 Edward son of Simon Brauncbe baj)tized 13 JNIarcb [I58.'iyr»j. 

1587 Susanna daugliter of Simon Braunelu; baptized 12 May. 

1592 Eiizabetb daughter of Symon Branclur baptize*! 17 September. 

1596 I'etir son of Simon Brancii baptized 27 February [1596/7]. 

[Tliese items supplement those given in Rkuistek, vol. 65, p. 286, re- 
garding the aneestry of Peter Branch, who died on tlie voyage to New 
, England in the ship Castle in 1638. — E. F.] 

Cadi: ok Cady 

Tlie Will of PiiiLLiri'E Cade, daughter of Christopher Cade deceased, 
of Northam, eo, Devon, spinster, 'It** December 1624. To the inhabitants 
of Northam 40s., to be employed for the use of the poor of Northain for- 
ever. Toward the rej)aration of the cliurch of Northam 10s. To my 
sister I'homzen Rowe half my clotlu^s and £7. lOs. To my i)rother John 
Cade 20s. To my brothers William an<l James Cade £1 . 10s. each. All 
residue of my goods I give to my mother Mary Hoop' and make iier ex- 
ecutrix, being of that portion of £50 willed me by my father Chri>iopher 
Cade in bis last will. The residue which he willed me conilitinnally, 
being £40, to be equally divided between my brothers and sisters, as my 
father's will it was it should be. Overseers: my grandfather Janus Cade 
and John Vernam. Witnesses: William Leigh and .lolin \\'rnam. 
Proved 22 April 1625. Inventory, taken 19 April 1625 by Pathericke 
Coles and Edmond Shernne, £96. 10s. (Archdeaconry of Barum, 1625, 
original will.) 

[The will of Christopher Cade is not now extant, nor have any wills 
bearing on his ancestry been found. Northam is a delightful village by 
the Sea, and is of great interest to lovers of Cliarles Kingsley as the home 
of Sir Amyas Leigh, the hero of Westward Ho! — E. F.] 

[The will given above is that of a sister of James Cade, of Hingham, 
Mass., in 1635, who was a B«ni of Christopher Cade and a grandson of 
James Cade of Northam, eo. Devon. See Descendants of Nicholas Cady, 
pp. 11-12, for further information. — J. Gardneu Bautlett.] 

hollaud alias sllke 
From the Pauisii Registeks of Netiieuuirt, go. Dorset, 1592-1672 
1611 Thomas son of Hugh Ilollard baptized 9 Febrnarv [1611/12]. 
1614 ''April 10^ Augelus tilius Hugonis Silkie " baptized. 

• Vide supra, pp. 67-59. 


62 Oenealof/ical Uesearch in K upland [Jan. 

1018 Joan (laui^litcr of IIii;:li Ilolli.-nl liapii/.-.l 8 F«:l>niary [Ifil8/19]. 

\{V1() Hiiiih son of IIm-^Ii llollor.l hapti/.-.l 17 April. 

1 ()21 Mli/alu'lii <lan;;litt r of lliii^'li Ilullard l)a[)li/«<l 10 Octolipr. 

1(;2G Harl.ara «lau^litrr of Hui,'li nollaKJ I)a|)ti/.<1 'l.\ .March [IG'Jf;/?]. 

1027 Harbara «lan;,'liter of IIunli II<tllan<l Ijuriid 1 Ajiril. 

1G27 Helen (lauiiljter of llu^ii Ilollard bapti/rd 2{ XovenilMT. 

KM'J .loan dauijhter of 'ilionias Ilolienl l»aj»tize<l 18 Si-jitcinlier. 

lGr)l Di-ani'H <lani^liter of Tlionias Iloilard Ijaptized 23 June. 

ll)o.'> IIunli Ilollanl l)uri«(l 20 Aui(nst. 

10')6 Tlionias son of Tlioinas llollaid Ijapti/ed 17 January [lC.'>0/7]. 

10.')7 Tlionias son of 'i'lionias Iloilard l>uri«'(l 7 April. 

1002 DfaiK'H Iloilard widow huricd 2'.) April. 

100 1 IIu;:li son of Thomas Silke als Iloilard hajjti/.cd 30 November. 

10)08 Richard son of Thomas .Silkc hapli/cd 13 Dcetunher. 

1071 .Johnson of Thomas llolloitl l)aj>li/t'<l 10 July. 

1071 John son of Thomas II<jllord buried lU July. 

[Theso records supplement those ^nven in RK<nsTKR, vol. G4, j)p. 31C- 
347, on the' aneestry of Ani^el Iloilard, the bajtlism in 101 I beini; that of 
the emigrant, and the burials in 1 ()>.') and 1002 boini( tho>>e of his father 
and mother. Sec also UtGiaTKii, vol. 03, i)p. 381-383. — E. F.] 


The Will of Iluon Nouman of Oreharde, co. Somerset, you[man], 
1 Auijust 1023. To be buried at Oreharde. To my dau<diters I'liillis 
and Ann £.")0 eaeh, to be paid out of the debts due me. To my sods 
Hugh Norman and William Norman i!20 eaeh at the age of one an»l twen- 
ty years. To my son William, after the death of Ai;nes my wife, my house 
with appurtenances in Taunton, jfoim; into the ehurehyard of St. Mary 
Magdalene. To my sou Hughe Norman, "which i» in my house at Or- 
eharde," a table board, a form, and a cupboard in the hall, one form and a 
board in the kitchen, and a bedstead and featherlu-d furni.*.ln'd, after the 
death of his mother. If my debts be n<it all reeovere«l, each hiialee to 
bear a proportionate part of the loss. Kxeeutrix and risiduary hgatee : 
wife .Agues. Overseers: my cousin Henry Wooleott and my cousin iiieh- 
ard vSweetinge. If my wife marry before my children be of age. Am .shall 
pay their portions to my overseers. [Signed] si^nu' Hugh norman. Wit- 
nesses: Richard Sweettinge, Henry Wooleott, and Kdward Woollcott. 
Proved at Taunton 10 September 1023 by the executrix. Inventory, 
£101. Is. 8d. Bondsmen: Henry Wooleott of Tolland, co. Somerset, 
yeoman, and Richard Sweeting of 'J'aunton Magdalen, yeoman, in XOOO. 
(Archdeaconry of Taunton, original will, 1023, No. 23.) 

FuoM Tin: Pauisii Recistkus of Orchard Portman, co. Somerset 

1590 Hugh Norman and Agnis Wooleott married 20 July. 
1623 John Phillips and Phillip Norman married 6 October. 

[Hugh Norman of Plymouth in New England married 8 Oct. 1639 
Mary White. He moved to Yarmouth before 1G43. His ilaughter Eliza- 
beth, aged 0, was drowned 28 May 1048. He had other children also, as 
Thomas Allyu and Thomas Richards testified, 26 Mar. 1064, that he had 
returned to his English home at Orchard, near Taunton, aban»loning his 
family in New England. (Plymouth Colony Deedb, vol. 2, pp. 1 04-105.) 


1014] Cenenlogicdl Iteseurch in /Jut/land C3 

Tlir coimcction of tlitj NoriiKin ami Woolcott f.iinilics is iiiti rcstin;:. 1*08- 
sil)lv tli<- niiiiirant'M iiu)thrr, A;4iir.s AN'olcott, ami Il<iiry A\'ulcolt of 
Tolliiiitl, CO. Soiiicrsct, l\niinl«'r ui llit; Aiiuritaii laiiiily, wrrc coubiuii. 

— K. F.J 

Hoc, VMS 
FhoM UN. pAKlsll RkGISTERS ok (iuEAT ^\'^(i UOIIOLGII, CO. KbSKX 

1017 .\o\\n iioirers minister aii«l l)<»rntliv Wisrmaii widow inatri««l 23 

[I lliinU thai tlu' duLc and place ol tin* iiiarriaL^t; of tliu fatlur of iiw. 
Natliaiiirl Ko^ds to hi.s sccuuii wife have not Idllieitu been niadt- j.nlilic. 

— K. F.J 

W 11 IT CO. MB 

From tin: Ivkcisteus of St. Makv's TAUidu, Talnton, co. So.mliiskt 
1()2.} .lohn Wlu'tconil) and Frances Coijiraii married 20 Noveniher. 


FUO.M TllK IvlKilSJTKlCS OF St. JaMKs's 1*A KL-j 11, Ta CNTON, CO. S(»Mi:i:.SET 

liaptisms, Ky^G-lCol* 
1020 John son of Jolin ^Vlu't(:()nll)e An:_' 
Kl'JS rlonatlian sou of .John Wlu-tconihe 14 September. 
10l".> Kobert son of John Whileonibr 20 I)e<-.inb(r. 
10o4 .loane danudjter of .lohn and Franee.>. \\'heteond) 18 May. 

[There arc no Whiteomb wills in the piobate registry at Tannton, CO. 
Somerset, and of the Cogi^an wills there none thr«)ws lii,dit on the anee.stry 
of Frances Coir^an. She may have been :i daughter of Henry Coiiiran of 
Tannton, who>e will, now nnfortnnately mi>sinLi, was proved in the J annton 
regi.siry in 1G12. — K. F.J 

[.loiiN WiirrcoiMii was an early settler of Dorchester, Mass., win re he 
was a proprietor as early as lO.JO. Abont li>lu he removed to Seitnate, 
and was admitted freeman of Plymouth C'oK»ny 3 dune 1052. 'i'uo years 
later he removed to Lancaster, Mass., wlure he dietl 24 '!>cu\. 10ti2, leaviu«' 
a widow FuANCKS, who died 17 May 10< 1. He left no will ; and on 7 Oct. 
1002 his widow Frances and '' soe uiany of the children of the de<-casod as 
therin is coueirned " petitioned the c(»uit to sanction a divi.>ion of his es- 
tate upon whiih they had agreed. The petitioners were Frances \\ hitconih, 
the widow, and the following children : .lohn, Jonathan, .lob, ,Io.>iah, Mary, 
i autl Abigail Whitcomb; but the woi'ding of the j)etitiou indicates that the 

decea>c«l Kit other children, who had doubtless received their portions in 
his lifetinu'. (Middlese.v Frobate Records, vol. 2. pp. 07-7(».) 
C'hihlren : 

i. CvrMiKiXK, b. aht. lOLM ; m at Scituato. 1?:. Dec. 1044, Kui.oi.phi-s 
r.i.L.Mi >, and hatl issue. ^>lic i» luit named in the division t>f her 
father's estate in iJiO'J. 

ii. .louN, hapt. at Taunton, co. Somerset. «» .Vntr. ir.'iO. 

iii. .lowrUAN, bapt. at rannt»)n, eo. Son»cr^L-l. 14 Sept. \^V1^. 

iv. HoUKia. I)apt. al 'ratml«)ii, co. Sonierset, "Jt) l>«.e. liiL'it; livm;; at 
Scituato In 1(!70; uotuanieil in the ilivbion of his fathers estate 
in li:(i2. 

V. J.vMKs. b. probably iu Uk<2 ; il, 2\\ Nov. in^n ; ^vas of Hoston ; m. aht. 
Idill Kkhkccv . Ten children. He is uuV^anicd in ilic di- 
vision of his father's estiite iu hUVl. 

*No book contaiiiiu-; bapllsins hctwcou 1020 ami 1026 ia to he found, .in«l there is • 
g.ip iu the record ol" baptisms between Oct. 1031 anil lG:{2/3. 

04 Lincolnshire Oriyin of Exeter Settlers [Jan. 

vl. JoANK, bapt. at Tamitoii, co. Somerset, 18 May 1G31. 

vli. .loH, b. probably at Dorchesicr, Mass., abt. 1G3C. 

vlil. .losiAii, b. at I)ur( lii-.slir in 1(;;W. 

Ix. .\i»uiAii., b. pn)l>!ibly al Stiltmlc abt. 1^42. 

X. J!il.\UY, b. probably at Scituatc abt. H;47. 

— J. Gakdnku Bahtlktt.] 

[To be cuutiiiucd] 



By Victor Channino .Sanborn, Ksq., of Kenilworth, III. 

Lincoln Minster staniltj, if not ttiJi)renie, at leas^t in the front 
rank of English cathedralw. Its arehiven form a treasure house of 
liistorical material, as douhlless do those of many another episcopal 
see. But the diocese of Lincoln fortunately has in Canon Foster 
an antiquary whose energy and ability have made this vast store of 
records accessible to the student, 'i'he genealogist will inevitably 
com[)are these Lincoln records with those of many other dioceses, 
greatly to the disadvantage of the latter. It is earnestly to be 
hoped that before it is too late the local authorities of other dioceses 
will cause their archives to be arranged in the same systematic 

It is owing to Canon Foster's labors and courtesy that I am able 
to present these notes gleaned in a visit to Lincoln last summer. 
The transcripts of Lincolnshire parish registers exist from an early 
period. T^hey supplement to a great degree the local registers, where 
these have disai){)eared wholly or partially in the lapse of centuries. 
We searchcil the transcripts of thirty parishes within a five-mile 
radius of Wheelwright's own parish of liilsby. The results prove 
the origin of several of our early Exeter and IIamj)ton settlers — 
Cram, Dearborn, Kabone or Ilaborne, Wight, and ^Villix, and 
supply new data concerning the \\'heelwrights. 


The Will of Thomas Cuamhe of Hillshy in the Marsh, 3 April 1638. 
Son Sanicwoll Crumb, his wife, and chiklrcu. Austin Couper of nilit\si)y, 
his wife, and children. Alice Crainho and her two sons. Gaine Cramb, 
daughtor to Uiohurd Crainb. Thomas Maeonne of Asswerby in the pari>h 
of Billsby, his wile, and one son. Sou Johu Cramhe. Lidea Crame, 
dauglitcr to Willy am Crame. Cersliue Nwemau* of llannay in the Marsh 
and lur nix 8ons. Residue to sou Tiiomas C'rambe of U'illoughhy in the 
Ma^^h, executor. [Si^^utd] Thomas (T) Craud)e, his mark. Wituessfs: 
Thom' Out'rton, Martye llausume. Proved 30 ^larch 1C39. (Consistory 
of Lincoln, 1039, fo. 102.) 

•This was Christian Cram, daughter of John of Alford, who married (1) Thomas 
Raitliby, [2) Thcophilus Drurj, and (3) John Newman. 


1914] Lincolnshire Oriijin of Exeter Settlers G5 

Ckam Entries in tiik Hisiior's TuANsciiirTs of Lincolnsiiirk 

rAUl})!! KK(MHTKK!j 


15Gr) CJulitihnuH cram filius Joliriunis l):i|)tizHtii« 10 Novoinlior. 

lf)72 Frauncos ('rainiiu- tlu; hotine of Jlioii of Wrll Imptizt'd 21 DocfralMT. 

l.'i«2 ClirisiiaiKi C-raiii filliu J(jliainiis ("ram l)a[)tizt'<I — .lamiary [l.'i«2/J]. 

1587 Maria Cram lilia .loliis Cram baptizt'il 10 Sc'IiIi'IiiIkt. 

1688 Nicolaus dam tiliiis Jolii-s Cram hcpultus 11 Fihruar}' [1 088/9]. 

1581) Kicanlus Cram liliiis Tiiomao Cram ljaj)liz«Ml I'J April. 

15'J() Kli/al)(.tiia Cram filia Joiiis ('rum l)a}»tizc'<l UI May. 

15*J2 Kli/ahctha tiiia Johis Cram srpulta 21 April. 

15UG (iulitlmua Cram et Kli/alH-tlia Chapman nuj)t* 18 November.* 

J5'J7 .luJK'S tiliiiK Willi Cram baptizetl '6 .laiiuary [1597/8]. 

IGOO ^\'il^mus lilius Will'mi Cram l)ai>tizc(l May. 

IGOl \\'iirmu.s filiiis Will'mi Cram sepultiis 21 July. 

1G()2 Klizalx-tlia filia Will'i Cram bapti/td G Juno. 

1GU.'3 Joanna Cram vid' 8ej)ulta IG April. 


1595 Thomas sonne of Thomas Cram baptized 23 November. 

159G John Crame 80U of Thomas Crame baptized 29 .January [159G/7]. 

1598 Samu«'l lilius Thome Cram baptizatus 9 Martii [1598/9]. 

1G()2 Jane lilia Thome Cram baptizata 24 October. 

1G03 William the Konne of William Crame baptized 10 July. 

1G()4 Thamar the dau<.,diter of Thomas Cramb baptized 4 December. 

1G05 Ann(! the daughter of Tho : Cram baptized 8 February [1G05/G]. 

1G07 Uobert the sonne of Willyam Cram baptized 3 May. 

1GU9 Willyam the sonne of Wm. Cram buried 20 May. 

1G09 Sara the daughter of Will'm Cram baj)tized 17 becernber. 

IGIO Sylvester tho sonne of Thomas Cram baptized IG September. 

IGll Sylvester the sonne of Thomas Cram buried viij June. 

IGl 1 Lidia the daughter of Wm Cram baj>tizeil xxiiij February [1611/12]. 

1612 William the sonne of Wm Cram buried xiij September. 

1612 .lane the wife of Thomas Cram buried xvij Feliruary [1612/13]. 

1616 Klizabeth the wife of Will'm Cram buried xj June. 

1618 \Villyam Cram and Audry While married xiiij Aj)ril. 

1619 Caleb the sonne of Willyam C ram baptized xxv April. 

162 1 Josua the sonne of Willyam ('ram baj)tized xxv December. 

1622 Josua the sonne of William Cram burieil xvj August. 

1622 Audery the wife of William Cram buried xxv February [1C22/3]. 

1624 .)ohn Cram and Fster White married 8[?] .June. 
1G24 William Cram buried 8 February [1624/5]. 

1625 Klizabeth daughter of John Cram baptized 11 March [1625/6]. 

1627 John son of John Crame baptized 15 February [1G27/8]. 

1628 Augustine Cooper and ,)ane Cramme married 27 .luly. 

1629 John son of John Cram baptized 13 April. 

1C31 Thomas son of Cram buried 26 December. 

1632 The daughter of Uiehard Cramm buried 10 March [1632/3]. 
1G33 Thomas Mason of Asserby and Thamar Cram married 10 October. 
1635 Richard sonne to Hiohard ami Alice Cram baptized 26 April. 
1654 Thamar wife of Tho: ^lasou buried 19 October. 

•This marriage has been printed In Philliniore's Lincolnshire Parish Registers. 


CG Lincolnahirt Orifjin of Extter Scllltrs [Jan. 


1G32 Jost'pli tho souno of Julia Craiiic and Ilcastcr his wife baptized 

a October. 
1G33 Juliii the tiouue of John Cnuniiu; liuritMl IG April. 

1592 Margarita Cram sepulta 27 December. 


1598 Gregory Gramme and Katherue Uawson married 15 May.* 


1G25 Sarah Gramme the daughter of John Gramme baptize<l l^i April. 
1G25 Sarah Gramme the tlaughter of John Gramme buried 24 October. 


1G20 Will'mus Tcisdale et Maria Wheelwright nupt. 2 November.* 

lG2i) Sara Cram lilia i'homae baptizata 2 October. 

lGo2 Thomas Grambe et Maria 'IVi-sdale nupt. 3 May.* 

103 Joheb Gram filius Thomae sepullus 2y July. 

1G34 'I homas Gram hlius '1 humae et Mariae ux' baplizatus 22 June. 

1G38 Samuell Gram filius 'I'homae sepultua IG Sejitcmbcr. 

1G40 .Matheus Gram hlius Thome et Maria ux' baptizalus 21 Se])lcmber. 

Willi em 

15G8 Tliomas Gram and Gecily Gram married 20 August.* 

1574 Ivobert Gram and Margaret Maltby married G June.* 

\h^\ Anthony liland and Gecily Gram married 9 July.* 

159rt Judith Gram the daughter of Gregory baptized 2 .July. 

IGUU Thomas Gramc the sonue of Gregory bajiti/ed 2G July. 

1GU2 Agnes Gram daughter of Gregory baptized 7 March [1602/3]. 

IGO.') Fraunces Grame the daughter ol Gregory bapti/ed 2U (October. 

IGOG Anne Gianune daughter of George Gramme baptized 2 March 

1G07 (Jeorge Cramme buried G March [1G07/8]. 
1G15 Kalherne Gram buried 19 ^May. 

Several of the American Grams have attained distinction in art, letters, 
and military alVairs. They all desceml from John Gram or Gramme, 
wlio is lii'st found near Boston at Muddy Kiver, where his hou.>e-lot w;is 
bounded in Jan. lG37/8.t He went to Exeter with Wheelwright, and his 
name is attached to the Gombination of 1G39. Later he was of Hampton. 

Family genealogists have identified him with a .lohn Granj, born at 
Felling in co. Durham in 1G07, sou of Burchard Gram, who was perhaps 
descended from the Von Gramms., a German baronial family. This theory 
has rested mainly on a lease of certain in co. Durham, said to 
have been made in 1G34 by John Gram, who is therein mentioned ;is " being 
about to travel to foreign parts, ' and who was entitled to his share " when 
he shall have returned from over seas." 

As our John Gram was one of a group of Lincolnshire men at Muddy 

•Tl>ij» niarri:\;ie has been printed in riiillimore's Lincolnsliire Parish Kegi-tcrs. 

■f SicDiul lU'i>orl of llie Hobton Kecord Coinniissioners, pp. 2"J-3. '1 lie allotmenti 
of Jan. I(.i37/S were e\identl} the tiiial record ol" ihe .act ot a conimiltee uppoiuted ut a 
rrior meeting, on 14 Dec. ICIiS. 'Jheretore our John Cram may h.ive reached New 
Eii^hiiid in iGIi.") or e.nrlier. Probably he came over either with William and Anue 
Ilntchin:>on in 1GJ4 or with Wheelwright in 1G36. 


1914] Lincolnsfilre Origin of Exeter Stttlers 67 

River and later at ExtttT jin<l namptoij, and Jia the name of Cram is still 
found in Jiineolnshire, I ({ncstioned this presnnied idcntitieation. 

Kirst, I found the will (of which an abstract is ^ivi.-n alM)Ve) of ThomaA 
Crainhe of liilshy, datrd in IG.'5Hand n»('nti()nin«^ a son .John. Then the 
Hilshy transcripts whowed th«' haj)li.snj of this son John in 16*JG/7 an<l Iuh 
marria«^e in 1()21 to Ksther White. Tin; \Villou;;hhy transcripts disclosed 
a (connection hetween tlntse Crams an<l the ^Vh^'(•lwri-;hts. Finally, in the 
transcripts of Furlslhorpe, the next parish to IJilshy, I found the baptism 
of "Joseph the sonne of .John Crame and Ib-aster his wife " in 1C.'j2 — the 
very son Joseph who was drowned at Exeter in New England 24 June 

Hell (piotes from some Exeter record, which I cannot identify, the death 
of this son Joseph, d<*scribin<; him as *' aged li) years, the son of John and 
r.ide. Cram." On the strength of this Hell and I'ope credit our J(diu 
Cram with a lirst wif«', l^dia, besides the wife Hester with whom he lived 
so many years. Luckily the death of this son Joseph is al.>o entered in 
the old Norfolk County records,* and there he is called ".losepth, 80u 
of John and Hester C'ram." Thus the alleged Exeter record is proved to 
be a mere scrivener's error, and the identification of our John Cram with 
the John of Hilsby and Farlsthorpt.' is complete. 

He was undoubtedly the Kon of Thomas Cram or Crambe of Hilsby, and 
his pedigree may be thus constructed: 

1. John Ciiam of Well in Alford, born about 1540. 
Children : 

2. I. TnoMAS, b. abt. 1503. 

ii. Wir.i.iAM, bapt. at Alford 10 Nov. 1565 ; bur. at Bllsby 8 Feb. 1C24/5 ; 
m. (1) ut .Vlfonl, 18 Nov. l.')l)(;, Ki.iZAUKin CnAPMAS', bur. at 
Hilsby 11 .June KIKI; m. (2) at HiUby, 14 .\pr. hllh, .Vrouv 
WurrK. Children by tlrst wife: 1. Jnhn, bapt. at .Mford '6 Jan. 
lol)7/H. 2. WiUiaui, bai^t. at .Vlford (5 Mnj ICOO; bur. there 21 
July HIOl. a. AV/^cf/'f'f/i, l)apt. at Alford r, .June l(;u2. 4. William, 
biipt at Bilsby 10 July ICO.i ; bur. tiure 20 May 1(;09. 5. liuhert, 
bapt. at Bilsby a May 1«)07. (1. Sanih, bapt. at Bilsby 17 Dec. 
loO'J. 7. William, bur. at Bil?sby la Sept. 1(512. 8. Lydiu, bapt. 
at Bilsby 24 Feb. 1(111/12. Children by second wife: 9. CaUb, 
bapt. at Bil.sby 2:> Apr IGli). 10. Joshua, bapt. at Bilsby 26 Dec. 
1021 ; bur. there IG Aug. 1022. 

ill. FuANCiH. bapt. at Alford 21 Doc. 1572. 

iv. CiiitisriAN', bapt. at Alford Jan. 15M2/3; m. (l)TnoMA.s Raithhy 
of Belleau (licence 17 June l(;i3) ; u\. (2) at Hannah. 27 Uet. 1G;H, 
TiiKoriiiLUs Dkuky; ni. (3) at Hannah, 20 July 1G3G, John Nkw- 


V. Mauv, bapt. at Alford IG Sept. 1587. 

vl. Nicholas, bur. at Alford 14 Feb. 1588/9. 

vii. Elizahktii, bapt. at Alford IG May 16'JO; bur. there 24 Apr. 16'J3. 

2. TiiOM.\8 Cram or Ck.vmbe (Jo/m) of Alford and l^ilsby, the testator 

of 1038, born, probably at Alford, about 15l').S, died between 3 Apr. 

1638 and 30 Alar. l()3i). He married Janl: , who was 

buried at Hilsby 17 Feb. 1012/13. 

Children, all except the first baptized at Hilsi)y : 

1. UicHAun, bapt. at Alford 1"J Apr. 1389 ; d. abt. 1C3C ; m. Alice , 

and had issue. 

• Essex Antiquariati, vol. 5, p. 46. 

tC.ibbons's Liucolu Marriage Licences, p. 28 ; Lincolnshire Parish Regi»tcrs. Mar- 
njigcsi, vol. 7, p. 82. ** 



ijS JjiucoIhs/iu'c Orujui of Kxctcr Scttlcva [J:in. 

II. Thomas of \Vill(HiLclil»y, ''upt 2:{ Nov. \:>\V,\ ni. (\) ; in. (2) 

ul Willoii^lihy, ;i May \u,Vl, Maky ( WiiKKi.witniM i ; Tki.-i>.m.k., 
(luu. of l{ol)cil \Vlu:fl\vii«;ht of (,'laxi)y uitil foriiioiiy lliu wife of 
Willltim 'rdsilalc, to whom .she wa.s iii. ut \ViHoui;hl>y 2 Nov. 
1«;'J0. Chlhln.'ii by Ilr>t wife: 1. Snvdh. hupl. at Willoui;h»)y 
2 Oct. lt,23. 2. Jnlin, l)iir. at Willoii^'hl.y L"J July U.\',:S. Chil- 
dren by scconii wife. hapt. lit Willoii^hijy : 3. TUomus^ bapt. 22 
.lime lt;;M. \. MallluWy Inipt. 21 Sept. 104U. 
8. 111. Joii.N, l>apt. 2'.* .lull. I.V.h;/:. 

Ir. Sami Ki., hapL. :» Mar. I.'.'.».s/1) ; bur. ul Wlllouj^liby \C, Hept. 1038; 
HI. ; lived at \Villoui;hby. 

V. Jam:, ba{)t. 21 Oct. 1(;")2; iii. at Hil.^by, 27 July 1G2H, AL'ciL'hTi.vr. 

vl. TiiAMAU, bapt. 4 Dec. H;o4 ; bur. at Hilsby VJ (Jet. H;54 ; \i\. there, 
lU Oct. 1();53, Tilo.MA.s M.vso.N of Asserby. 

vil. Annk, bapt. H I'\'b. ItJo,'/)); d. probalily iiiiiii. 

vlll., bapt. IG Stpt. lOlU; bur. .s June H;il. 

3. .lonv CuAM {Thoums^ Jttlin) of Hil.shy and Farl>tborp«', baptizrd at 

Hilshy 2iJ .Ian. ir>iH;/7, niarru'd at Hilsby, 8 (?) .Inn.; 1G2 I, IIkstkr 

or K.siJiKU WniTi:, and oanic to New K[ii;land. lie was at Muddy 

Uiver (Urookliuc) nt'ar IJoston in 1 O.JjS, ot Kxi-ler in 1 bo'J, followed 

AVhtelwrii^lit to Hampton in 1().)0, and died at Hampton I) Mar. 

l(;yi/-i. \\U wifo Hitter dird in I ('.77. 

Children : 

!. Er.iZABKTU, bapt. at Bilsby 11 Mar. l(J25/r). 

11. John, bai)l. ai HiUby i:> Keb. i(;27/H ; d. youni^. 

ni. John, ba[)t. at lJil.^l)y 13 .Vpr. 1(;2:>; bur. at Farblhorpc 16 Apr. 1C.13. 

iv. Jom:i'ii, bapt. at rarl^thoipe G Oct. 1(132; drowned at Exeter in 

New Knuland L' 1 June IGl.s. 
V. JhcNJAMi.v, b. abt. iiJlO; ni. Aiujkntink Ckomlom or CitoMWKi.L, 

dau. of Giles of Newbury ; lived at Hampton, 
vi. Thomas, I>. abt. Kill; m. Ki.i/ \iii: rii Wi: auk, dau. of Hon. Nathaniel 

of Hampton; liveil at llaiiipton. 
vll. Maky, I). al»t. MMd; m. Ahuvham Tu.tox of Hampton, 
vlll. Lydia, b. at Exeter 27 July 1G4«. 


Al)<ttrart8 of the four following; wills were comninnicatefl by me to the 
I\i:<JisTKK for .Inly lOlMi (v«)l. OU, pp. 30J-iUU), and tlicy are i;ivon here 
in briefer form in ordir to .show the connoetion with p.ui^h register entries. 

The Will of Micii.M i. Di-.iikhakni: of Ho^^^^os trope, 24 April l.')73. 
A::nes my wife. John my .son. Thomas mv son, under twenty. Jenet 
mv t^i>ter, dwellinii at rurtney. Kveryone of my brethern an«l Ki^t^•rn 
chiMien. .loliii my brother. Wife Anne executrix. Suj)ervisor : .lohn 
!M:nkbv. AVitnesses: Tluunas Hvirevt, Water Klwarde, .John Markby. 
Proved at Linet)ln 8 June l.*)7.{. (Lincoln Wills, l.')71, vol. 1, fo. 288.) 

The Will of TiiuM.vs of Spil>l)y, mercer, 12 Decemlnjr 
l.'iBB. To be buried in the ihurch of Hinbrook. To the poor of SpiUby. 
^ly cozen John lUirwell. To the poor of IIo«rifesthrope. To every one of 
my \^oy)Y kin>bdkr. Supervisor: Mr. Thomas Atkinson. He.-idue to 
brother .lohn Dearebarne, executor. Witness: Thomas Atkinson, clurke. 
I'roved at Louth 8 April ir)8'J. (Lincoln Wills, lo8'.>, l\). 224.) 

The Will of .kiiiN l)i:.viun:.\R\ of JSibsey, 11 October 1('»U8. My wife. 
Mv sou to be executor. To every one of my co.«»ins children, to wit: 
Thomas Dearbarn, William, and Harry. To ten of the j)Oi^rest 
hohler» in Sibbey. To ten of tho poorest houschoKIerb iu Hoggesthrope. 


^1011] Lincolnshire Ori(ji)i of Exeter St'ttlers GO 

Residue to son John, o.vocutor. Brotlicr Jolm Kettle, 8U])<-rvifior. Wit- 
nesses : .lolin W;its«>n, Slocks, 'riioiuus Parker. l*rove«l at Ho.^ton 
11 April ICll. (Lincoln Wills, HUI, vol. I, lo. 17'J.) 

The Will of llKMiv Dkaukhaunk of Ilanncy, 12 Oct. ICar). To be 
bnric<l in the churchyard of Ilanncy. (lan;,'ht»r Tonia/.in D.-are- 
harnc. DanijhUr Sarai. Son ,lohn Dcurcharne. Kr.siduc to wife Anne, 
sole execnirix. Witnesses; Thomas l*aine, Tln-ophilus Drnry. Proved 
at Lonth 23 October IGJo. (Lincohi Wills, 1G.J.J, vol. 1, fo. 128.) 

Dkahhokn Entkiks in thk Hisiiop's Ticanscuhts of Li.scoln'shire 

Pakisii Ukcjistkus 


1571) John Dearcbarne and Katherin Mason married I'J July.* 



1002 John Dearebame and Barbara Wilson niarri»;il 3 June. 


1G12 Ilenrie Dearl)arn antl Anne Warden married vij July. 


1020 John Dearebane and Marye Dales married 30 November. 


159o II(Miry Dearbarne and Frauncis liarne marriecl 14 October.* 
lij'jl) I\Iari;aret dow^ditcr of IKiuy Deari'barne bapti/.d 12 Sejitcmber. 
1,VJ7 Alice dow^hter of Ib-nry Dearebarnt; baptized 8 March [1.'>'j7/8]. 
15l)S Stephen sonne of Ilcniy Dearebame buried \ October. 
lllUO Richard sonne of Ilcnry Dearebame baptized 3 Auijnst. 

1002 Richard sonne of Henry l)<.'arebarne buried 7 F'ebruary [1002/3]. 

1003 Thonuizin dowghter of Henry Dearebame baptized 10 April. 
Henry Dearebame signij the transeri[)tii of 1002-3 with his mark as 

1005 Sarah dowghter of Henry Dearbarne baptized 21 July. 
1011 Franci'S wit;f of Henry Dearbarne lalnjrer buried 28 February 

1013 Helen (lowuhter of Henry Dearbarne laborer baptized 11 Septeml)or. 
1013 llihn dowL^hter of Henry Dearbarne laborer buried 8 November. 
101 I \\'iiliani son of Hen: Deerberne burie«l i November. 
1010 Thomas the sonne and Mabcll the daughter uf Henry Dearbarne 

bai)tized 4 December. 
Henry Dearebame signs the transcri[)ts of 1017-18 with his mark 

as churchwardin. 
1020 I^Iary daughter of Henry Dearebame baptized 27 September. 
1024 .lohn sonne of Henry Dearbarne laborer baptizetl 21 November. 
102() Thomas sonne of Henry Dearbarne husband' buried 18 October. 

1032 Thomas sonne of (Jodllrey Dearbarne weaver baptized 1 N(»vember. 
1C32 John Trout apprentice to Godlfrey Dearbarne weaver bnried 21 


1033 Henry sonne of Godffrey Dearbarne weaver baptized 22 March 

[1033/4 J. 
1035 Henry Dearebame husbandman buried 10 October. 

* This marriage has been priutoJ iu Phillimorc's Lincohishiro Parish Kcgistcrs. 


70 Lincohmhive Origin of Exeter Settlers [Jan. 

1C35 Tomazin daughter of Ilcnry Dcarbarno and Francis deceased buried 

2 .lunuary [IG.'JS/O]. 
1037 John II:istiti;;s au<l Anno D(?arebarne niarrird 17 Aut'ust.* 
1610 Sarai «lau;^'liU!r of Henry Dearbarnc and of Francis liii wife buried 

16 Aj)ril. 


1573 Michael Der])arn buried 29 May. 

1583 William son of Jolin Dearebarne baptized 13 November. 

1585 Dorcas dauglit«r of .lohn Dearebarne baptized G Noveml)er. 

158G ilohn son of John I)earel)arne baptized 8 January [1 J8G/7]. 

1588 Katherine wife of John Uearebarne buried 2G February [1588/9]. 

Li I tie Sleep i 71 g 

1G17 Richard Dearebarne and Kllen Lawson married 27 July. 
1G17 John Dearebarne son of Kichard Dearebarne baptized 11) Octol>er, 
IGIO Dorithy Dearebarne tilia Rich Mi Dearebarne baptized 7 November. 
IGlM Dorythy Dearebarnt; (ilia Richardi Dearebarne [buried''] (i April. 
1G21 Willia' Deiuebarne filius Ricliardi Dearebarnt- bajiti/tMl 1 1 November. 
1621 Willim Dearbarne fil' Richanli Dearbarne buri.-d 4 March [1G21/2]. 
1G22 Isabell I)earl)arno til' Rich'di Dearbarne baptized 13 February 

1594 William Dearbarne and Agnes Hay married 2 May.* 


1591 John Dearbarne and .lohan Harrison married 1 December.* 

1594 Johanne Dearbarne; buried 1 January [1594/5], 

1595 Jane Dearbarne baptized 10 August. 
159G Jane Dearbarne buried 25 June. 

1597 Gorge Deerbrane baptized 10 Marcli [1597/8]. 

IGUO Thomas Dearbarn baptized 23 December. 

1G03 Godfrey Dearebarne the sonne of Will'm Dearbarne baptized 24 

1609 Henry son of William Dearebarne baptized 8 October. 
1G13 Ane Dearebrane buried 29 Au''u>t. 
1G13 Saraye Dearebrane buried 7 September. 
1G21 (leorgius Dearebarne and Helena Robinson nuj)t. 24 June.* 
1G24 Shetieildus Dearbarne tiliu.s Georgii baptized IG February [1624/5]. 
1G27 Thomas Dearebarne and Susan Greene nupt* 12 August.* 
1G28 Jane Dearebarne ux. Gulielmi sepulta 16 November. 
1630 Lucia Dearebarn filia Georgii baptized 18 April. 
1G3I William Dearbarn buried 5 November. 
1G39 Suzanna Dearbarn filia Georgii Dearbarn and Hellene ux. ejus 

baptized 4 March [1G39/40]. 

The Dearborns are a typical AnHM-ican family of the older class. They 
were among the earlier settlers of New Hampshire, and their integrity 
and sterling worth tjualitied them to conduct with ability the larger affairs 
of their growing nation. The frontier |H)St bearing their name has grown 
into the second larijest city of the United States. Their most distiuiruislied 
member was Maj.-Gen. Henry Dearborn. A young doctor in Nottingham 
Square, he raised a company of minutemen in a day after the news of 

*This marriage has boon priuted iu Phillimore's LincolDshire Parish Registers. 


1914] Lhicolnshire Origin of Exeter Settlers 71 

Concord Fi^'ht, iiKirched tliem at double (juick to tlio front, fou«;lit at 
Hunker Hill, and serv^id with distinction throu«^li tin; Kcvolution. In 
later years he serve*! throuj^h the War of lHl'2, was Jackson's becretary 
of war, and was accreditrd minister to I'ortu^ul. ilisson, a njajor-^aneral 
of militia, lived in more pcact'ful times, or<^anized the>etU* 
Horticultural Society, and laid out the beautiful Mount Auburn Cemetery 
at Cambridiie. 

The first of this sturdy race to come to New England was Godfrey 
Dearl)t)rn, who signed Wheelwright's Combination at Exeter in HJ.'i'J. 
All the earlier accounts of the family, including the excellent genealogy 
printed in the Rkgistkk, vol. 2, state that (Godfrey Dearborn was born in 
Devonshire in England. Where this persistttnt misstatement originated I 
do not know. In the Kko lstkh, vol. GO, p. iJ08, I showed that the family 
came juobably from Lincolnshire. 

In the transcrij)ts of the parish registers of Hannah I found the baptisms 
of the two older sons of our (iodlr«'y Dearborn, who was a weaver there. 
He was the son of William I)earel)arn of Willoughby, a parish which was 
the birthplace of Capt. .John Smith and gave the family name to a dis- 
tinguished Lincolnshire Hue, the Lords Willoughby d'Eresby. 

Curiously enouiih, the name of Derburne is also found in Somersetshire 
an<l Devonshire. In Lincolnshire the name is spelie<l Dearebarne, as it is 
spelled in the will of our Godfrey Dearborn, whose ])edigree may possibly 
be as follows : 

I. Deueuarne, probably of Hogsthorpe. 

Children : 

1. AlicHAEL of Hogsthorpe, the testator of 1573, bur. at Hogsthorpe 

2y May 1573; ni. Aon'ks . Children: 1. Jnhn of Sihsey, 

tlie testator of 1(>U8. 2. Thomas of Spilsby, mercer, the testator 
of 15S8. 

ii. John of Hogsthorpe, m. at Alford, 19 July 1579, Katuerine Mason, 
who was bur. at Hogsthorpe 2«; Feb. 1588/9. Children: 1. irj7- 
Uam^ bapt. 13 Nov. 1583. 2. Dorcas^ bapt. G Nov. 1585. 3. John^ 
bapt. 8 Jan. 158G/7. 
2. Hi. Wii.UAM. 

iv. Janet. 

2. William Dearebarne of Willoughby. 
Children : 

8. 1. "William. 

ii. John of Willoughby, m. at Willoui^hby, 1 Dec. 1591,Johan Har- 
RKSON. Children: 1. Johanne, bur. 1 Jan. 1594/5. 2. Jane, bapt. 
10 Aug. 1595; bur. 25 June 159G. 

8. William Dkarbarne ( JJ7//mm) of Willoughby, buried at Wil- 
loughby 5 Nov. 1G31, married at Markby, 2 May 1594, Agnes 

Children, baptized at Willoughby : 

i. George, bapt. 10 Mar. l.'">97/8; m. at Willoughby, 24 June 1G24, 
Helen Uouinson. Children: 1. 6'/»^'i«. /(/, bapt. 16 Feb. IG24/5. 
2. Lucy, bapt. 18 Apr. 1G30. 3. Susanyia, bapt. 4 Mar. 1639/40. 

ii. Thomas, bapt. 23 Dec. IGOO; m. at Willoughby, 12 Aug. 1G27, Si'san 
4. ill. Godfrey, bapt. 24 Sept. 1G03. 

iv. Henry, bapt. 8 Oct. 1G09. 

4. Godfrey Dearrarne ( milianiy Wi/liam) of Hannah, weaver, bajv 
tized at Willoughby 24 Sept. 1603, died at Hampton, N. 11., 4 Feb. 


72 Lincolnshire Or i(jl)L of Exeter St Itlera [Jan. 

1GS5/G. II«; 8if,Mie<l tlie roinbiuatioii at Kx«;tt*r in 1039, ami lived 
there until lGlrt/l>, wlnii lie inove«l to llami»t<)ii. The iiaiin- of his 
first wife, whom he nuiiried in Kn;:laii<l, is unknown, hut she was 
liviui^ in 1 G')0, when, as (ioody Dearharn, a si-at was allottrd to 
her in the Hampton Ih' marrifd se('(*iidly, 'lo Nov. 
lGiJ2, DoitoTHV I)Ai/roN, widow of I'liih-mon of Hampton. His 
will, datrd in lOMU, was not proved until 1711. It issi;:n<d "(iod- 
fn'V Drarharn his niarkt-." In this country the name soon lu'came 

Children by first wife: 

i. Thomas, bupt. at Hiumali 1 Nov. 1632; d. at Hampton In 1710; m. 

Hannah Coi.cokd, tiau. <jf Kdward ; lived at Hampton, 
li. Hr.NKV, hapt. at Hamiali 22 March l(;:5;{/-i; d. at Hampton in 1725; 

m. Ki.i/.Ain:in .M M{|;ian, ilaii. of ,J(jlm; li\ed at Hampton, 
iii. A DAiViHTKK, wlio Is khowu ouly because her father menlious three 

dttuirhters in liis will. 
iv. Ivsinr.K, m. Kichaki) SnouruiixiK of rortsmouth. 
V. Sauam, b. ubt. 1(;41 ; m. Tiio.M \s Ni dd of Hampton. 
vi. John, b. abt. 1«*42; d. at Hampton in 1731 ; m. .Maicv Wahi>, dau. of 

Thomas; lived at Hampton. 

Kabonk ok Habokne 

From the Bishop's Transcritts of the Parish Registers 

OK IIlttoft* 

IGOO Robert Rabone son of Edward baptized 22 Jutic. 

ICjU.") Rose Rabone dauixhtcr of Kdward bapti/.rd 7 July. 

IGU'J Robert Rabone l)uried \) January [1 (U)*.)/10]. 

H)21 Sarah llaburne daui^hter of William baptized 9 September. 

1622 Edward llaburne buried 12 Auiiust. 

1G27 John Stubbes and Rose llaburne married 2G A])ril.t 

1G27 Mar^^aret llaburne dauirhter of William baittize<l 20 A])ril. 

1G2*J Ann llaburne wife of John burieil 7 Fil>ruary [1()29/8U]. 

IGtiS John R()«;erson and widow llaburne married \ February [1G35/G].t 

1G38 .lane daughter of William llaburne buried 12 January [lG3M/i)]. 

Anion;: tlie si^jnera of Wheelwriirht's Combination was one with the 
curious name of George Rawbone, also known as Rabone or IIalH)rne. 
He went with Wheelwright to Wells, hut removed to Hampton in 1G51 
and (lied there before 3 Oct. IGol, when his nuneuj»ative will was proved 
in the Norfolk County Court, leaving all his estate to his wife Susanna. 
Thomas Level and liobert Smitii of Exeter, both Lincolnshire men, aj)- 
praisrd his estate. The widow married secondly Thonias Lea<ler of Hostou, 
aiul (lied in lGo7, leaving biipusts to many of the Wheelwright group, 
Levet and Godfrey Dearborn witnessing her will. All this convinced me 
that Rabime also was a Lincolnshire man, and 1 found in the transeripts 
of liuttoft several entries which confirm that idea. From the records which 
are given above it will be seen that the names Rabone and llaburne were 
interehangeablo at Huttoft, which is a Lincolnshire parish within four 
miles of Alford and Bilsby. 

•In Phillimore's Lincolnshire Parish Registers, vol. 9, p. 60 (Huttoft Mjirriajres), is 
printoil the marriage ot'John llaburne auil Ann Lavcrocke*, 2S* 1617/18; at Han- 
nah the niarria'xe of Kilward Ilaibornc ami Katherine Thorpe, 24 Oct. l.^SC, is recorded 
^i6., vol. 7, p. 80); and at Markhy and Saleby several K.dtonr, Kawlmne, or liaybouc 
marriages are recorded from 1557 to 1617 (lA., vol. 7, pp. 87, H8. 110, 112). — Editor. 

tTliia marriage has beeu printed in I'hillimore's Liucolushirc Tarisli Kegisiers. 


1914] JAiicolnshire Ori<jiu of Exeltr tStltUrs 73 


Tlie Will of Wvll'm WiiKYLWUKYTii of furforytli, IG July 1.050. To 
be iKTyd in yc kyrke yonl ot' saiict |H'ltr in laiioryt. Ti* )c kyrko of 
lync-rtllne. To ye j)o\vie mens box at farforyili. lo yc k) rke of farluiylh. 
Marvoii inv wvllV*. Mv •'^on iiubanl. Mv son .Ion. K'awylf ni\ suix. 
'J'o syuiouil fo.stun. 'I'lio' my Hon t<» be hupervy^ore. Ye ic>i<li'\v olf n»v 
^iidde niaiyon luy wytVt; basH lo dysspoys as hlie tliyiik\ .>tc br>l for ye 
Inlvtli olV our .sawUys, wboiii I make my K.\e<'utryh. \V\lnc.ssv.-»: .Ii»liu 
felypson, Wyll'm Jac^on, Tlios. wayil. I'rovetl at Loutb 2.'i Uelolicr 1j60. 
(Consistory of Lincoln, l.')4'J-50, fo. 22U.) 

Tl»e AViil of .loiiKs \VnKL\vi{i(jnr of Gristed [], piper, IC 
l\Iarcb lADO f 1;VJ()/1]. To be buried in tbc cbajM-n of C'ri.tcl. 'I'o Wil- 
I'm r^aine. 'I'o A'Mjey Luine mv (biu;:liter. To Will'm mv .^onne. AVill'm 
Laine, executor. Witnesses: Water barton, Leonard pane, L(<»nard llali. 
Proved 14 April LVJL Administration granted to Agnes \\ Inlcwriidit, 
tlie dauL(bter, the ext;eutor bring a minor. (Consistory of Lincoln, 1.">'.M, 
vol. I, io. :]84.) 

Tin; Will of .loMN Wki.kwkigiit of Mumby, yeoman, .0 Fei)ruary IfilO 
[U;iO/ll]. To the Catlu-drall Church of Lincoln. To tli.- ilimch of 
IMumby*!. io the pore of Mumbye. All the dccdes and writinge of one 
tiii'te in INIumbye committed unto me on trust for the said towncs u>e be 
given and continue to the use of the said toune of Mumbytr forever. My 
bone Robert AVhclcw right shall j)ay unto Mr Thomas .Mas./mubcig of lowih, 
Councclor, .£."b"5 that I owe him, on condicion that my wife Kli/abetii \N'hele- 
w right release her 'i'hirdes in all my landes. To Hobert Whclewright my 
Bon. 'Vo Mary Whelew right n»y daughti-r, to be paid at licr full age of 
twenty-one. To Elizabeth AVhelewright my daughter [al.-o a minor]. To 
Susan >Vhclcwright my daughter [also a mini)r]. To the cliiMe w*'' is 
in \\\y wives wombe. To I'cter Kylay my sone in lawe. To IJobert 
Kylay my sone in lawe. The i^oods of Wvll'm Paii'e late of Mundtye were 
cominytted to my trust. Eli/abetb Whelewright my wife, ext cutrix. Sn- 
pcivisors : Edward Appleyarde of Thurlbye an<l Kobert Uetti^-on of II(»g- 
gestroppe. Witmss : Kobert Whelewright. Proved at Louth 18 April 
IGli (Consistory of Lincoln, 1611, vol. 1, fo. 8U.) 

Inijuisition Post IVfortem of .Ioiin ^^'II^:KI.^vul(.HT, late of Mumby, co. 
Lincoln, yeoman, taken at Loiitii 29 ,luly 1611. The jury say that the 
baid .lohn Wheelwright was seized in fee of (a) one messuage, seven acres 
of arable land, seven acres and one rood of pasture, lately purcha<ed of 
Thomas Morfolt, held of Nicholas (^lyrlington as of his manor of Mnnjby ; 
(b) three acres of land, five roods of ])asture, an<l two acres of pasture, with 
appui tcnanccs, in Mumby, lately purihasc<l of .lohn H\ ley, luld of William 
Earl of Derby as of his jurisdiction of Mumby ; (c) two acres and one roo<l 
of pasture, with aj)purtenances, in Mumby, lately purchased of Pellam Crew, 
held of the aforesaid Isicholas Gyrlington ; (<1) >ix acres of pasture in 
Mumby lately purchased of William Ilai>tinges, four acres of ])astnre in 
Mundty lately purchased of Edward ICmson, five acres and one rtM>d of 
arable land in Mumby latelv inirchased of Erancis Mason, all held of tbe 
Kmg as of his manor of East Greenwich in free socage and not in cliief. 
The said John Wheelwright died on 11 February last pa^t, and lu)lK'rt 
AN heelwrii;ht is his son and next beir and is aiied twcnlv-four years and 
more. (Imiuisitions Post ^lortem, Cbancery Series 2, vol. 323, no. 'J3.) 


74 Lincolnshire Origin of Exeter Settlers [Jan. 


Tlie Will of lloiiKUTK WiiKKLWinoHT of Salc'hyo, yeoniun, 13 Octolx.r 
IGll. 'Jo the parish church of Sahhy ami the poor of S.ilchy. To Mr. 
•lohn Croftcs. To Mr. (ioor^e Scortn-ih*-, now preacher of Alfonl. To 
Katiieriiie Wheelewrii^hte my wife all huusehuhl stiiffe as were late .i(»hii 
Moiieyirs her former hushaiid deceased. To Klizaheth Wheelewrv^ht*; my 
eldest daii;;hler, Katheriiie my daui^hler, and VMc.n my daii;,dit»T, to each 
£100 at their ages of tvveiity-one yeares. If tliey or my Korie John \Vhe(de- 
wrighte shall any of them die l>efore tliey accomj)li.sii twenty-<jue yeares, 
etc. Residue to Sonne John Wheele\vri;,dit, executor. Supervisors: Tho- 
mas Kingerbyo of Wainflett my sonne in lawe, and ('hristoj)h»r Fcjston Dowe 
of Salehye. Thomas Kingerhye shall have the disposeinge of Klleu my 
dau'diter for nurture and education. X'pofer Foston shall have the dis- 
noseiui: of Kli/.ahetli and Kalherine my two other dauuhter.>. Witnesses: 
AViliiam Kveiin, Thomas ICverin. "The will within written was declared 
by Roberte Wheelvvrighte to be his last will &c. tin; last«- day of .Inly 1G12 
in the presence of us, Isack .Johnson, .lohu Pearson, William Halderston." 
Proved at Lincoln 7 March 1012 [1G12/13], an«l atbninistralion granted 
to the executor. (Consistory of Lincoln, 1012, to. G.'i8.) 

The Will of Uoukut AViir.KLW^KKiirr of Mumhy, yeoman, 24 January 
1C21 [1G21/2]. To the mother church in Lincoln, To the church and 
the poor of Mumby. To Amy Wheelwright my loving wile eight liills 
obligatory which William Dawnaby of Mumby Chappel standeth l)Ound 
to me in, and also £3. 4s. which Nicholas liurrell of Alumby, butcher, owes 
me, and " one of my best lillies excepting that I bought of my father 
Andrew Gray." To Elizabeth Wheelewright, daughter to John Whe»d- 
wrighte my ffather. To Susan Wheelewright and Marie AVheelwright, 
daughters to the aforesaid John Wheelwright. To Robert Hvlav of 
^Muuiby, my ])rother, Jane his wife, and William his son. To Ann Uylay 
my apprentice. To Willyam Pinder of Mumby and Anne his wife. To 
Georgt! Hudson, servant to Robert Dishorn of Mumeby. To Ilumfrey 
Gerrard of Mumby, clerke, to Mary his wife, and Richard his son, my 
godchild. Mr. ,)ohn Wheelwright, my nephew, ^ole executor. I give him 
ail the remaines of my goods and all that land, etc., in Mumby purchase<l 
of More foot and holding of the manor of Last Greenwich, to him an<l his 
heirs forever. And all my other lamls holding as it is supposed in knight's 
service more than that third parte he is heire aj)parent unto, reserving the 
tliirdes of all my land unto my wife Amy Wheelwright. Witnesses : 
Ilumfrey Gerrard, clerke, Thomas Bough, Ricliaril Tallbooll. Proved at 
Lincohr4 March 1G21 [1G21/2]. (Cousistory of Lincoln, 1621, vol. 1, 
fo. 148.) 

lui|uisition Post Mortem of Robkrt Wiikelwricht, late of Mumby, 
CO. Lincoln, yeoman, taken at Louth 20 August 1()22. [The same prop- 
erty is ilescribed as in the Inijuisition Post Mortem of his father, .John 
"Wheelwright, giveu above.] The said Robert Wheelwright died on 2Gth 
February last past, and .John Wheelwright, clerk, is next heir, as son of 
Robert Wheelwright, Senior, brother of John Wheelwright, Senior, father 
of the aforesaid Robert AVheelwright, Junior, deceased, and is aged twenty- 
eevou years and more. (Inijuisitious Post Mortem, Chancery Series 2, 
vol. 7G5, no. 42.) 

Final Concord made at Westminster on the morrow of the Holy Trinity 
16o8 between John Wiieelwuigiit, clerk, plaiutiif, and Fuancis Llvkt, 


1914] Lincolnshire Orighi of Exeter Settlers 75 

gciit., deforciant, as to ono mt'88UJi;;e, barne, stable, ganb-n, orcbanl, forty 
acres land, ten acres inca(b)\v, and twenty-four acres |)a^tur^•, in M;i\vs- 
tborfx^, in the parisli of \Villou;^iil)y, eo. Lincoln. (Feet of Fines, co. Lin- 
coin, 'IVinity Term, 11)58.) 

WnKKLWiuonT Entriks in the Bishop's Tkansckiits 


1G03 John Whelewright and Elizabeth Smyth married 20 October. 


1021 Mr. John Wheel \vri«;iit and iMarie Storre married 8 November. 

1(122 John tlie sonne of John Wheelwrit^ht baptized vj October. 

1()2() William sou of .b)hn Whelewri;;lit baptizes! 10 February [1020/7]. 

1027 William son of John Whelewri^ht buried I'J May. 

1 02M Susanna dauj^hter of John AN'hrh^wri^ht ba|)tized 22 May. 

102:) INIary wife of John Whelcwri^ht buried 18 May. 

lO.'U) Katherine dauijliter of .John \VhelcwriL,dit baj)tized 4 November. 

10.)2 Marie dau;,diter of John ^Vhelewri;,dlt l)aptiz<'d \\) May. 

1032 Marie daughter of John Whelewright buried 28 July. 


1598 Kobert Wheelwright and Judith Masonne both of Claxby married 
18 May. 

1598 Mary daughter of Robert Wheelwright baptized 3 September. 
1002 Judith daughter of Robert Wheelwright baj)lized 8 August. 
1009 Katherine daughter of Robert Wheelwright baptized 13 May. 
1011 Katherine dau'diter of Robert Wheelwright buried. 

1012, 1011 Robert Wheelwright churchwarden. 
1023 Judith Wheel wriixht buried. 


Cumber worth 
1592 Alice WHieelwright buried. 
1590 Elizabeth Wheelwright baptized 24 June. 

1599 Katherine Wheelwright baptized 23 March [1599/1000]. 
1001 Ely nor Wheelwright baptized 29 June. 


1633 Elizabeth daughter of Mr. John Whelewright and Mary his wife 
baptized 9 June. 


1019 Willm. Morton and Katheriu Whelewright married by licence 13 


1585 Robert sou of John Wheelwright baptized 18 February [1585/0]. 

1589 John Whelewright churchwarden. 

1001 Isabel wife of Thomas Whelewright buried 21 June. 

1001 Thomas Whelewright buried 3 September. 

1002 Alice wife of John Whelewright buried 11 January [1002/3]. 

1003 Susan daughter of Joliu Wlielewright baptized 25 Febiuary 


♦The Bilsby transcripts are without gaps from Michaelmas 1594 to Lady Da? 1635. 
From 162"2 to 25 Mar. 1632 they are all signed hy *' John Whelewrij,'ht, vicar." " 
tThis marriao;o has been printed in Phillimoro's Lincolnshire Tarish Ucgisters. 


70 Lincolnshire Orifjiu of Exeter tScttlers [tJan. 

lOO.*) I\Iary (l;iii;,'lit('r of .lolin \N'luIrwri«,'lit l»aj»ti/i;«l 11 Dl-o-ihImt. 
KtUS Mli/alnali (laiiiilittr ol .lolm \\'lal«\vriL'lit hapti/nl 2 April. 
IGO'J .loliii son of .John Win 1. Wright lia|Hi/ lU January [HiU'J/10]. 
ir,(J'.) John son of Jolm Wlit-h-w ri^'lit hnri.d 20 Fclnnary [ICU'J/lO]. 
Kilo _,.ll (lan;;liUrof .lolm Wlirirwrii^lit liaplizr.l li Kcl.rnary [Mil (i/1 1]. 
Unu JoliM WlitlL'\\ri;;ht hniir.l 11 F.-lnnary [ IClO/l 1]. 
1013 An<lr(.'.\v ( Jray yeoman and Kli/aluili \N'lnit\vri;:hi niarri«(l20 An;^ust.* 
1021 K'olMMt \\'lult\vri<rlil yt'oman Wuiird 27 l'\'l»ruaiy [1021/2]. 
102j Charles Smyth uml Amy NVheehrwright murrud l.'J (Jclohcr.* 

160.5 Catherine iix Hoh : \Vht'il\vri;4lit huricd 8 July. 

1000 Roixri WiuMl\vri;,diL and Catlurinc Money married 17 November.* 

1012 Kolurt Wheelwri^dit buried 2:{ F.-bruary [1012/1.3]. 


1019 Gulielmus Walker et Judiiha ^Vheel\vryi,dlt nu|)t' 30 September.* 
1G20 AViU'us Teysdale et maria AVheelwri^lit nupt* 2 Noveml>er.* 
1032 Thomas Cranibe et INIariu Teis«lale nupt' 3 May.* 

INTost of these AVlieelwiii^ht records arc now })ublished for the first time. 
The V/yll'm Wlieylwreyth of Farfortli, (.'o. Fiiieohi, tlie testator of l.>30, 
Nvho had wife Marion and sons Robert, .b)lni, Ual]>h, and Thomas, may 
have been an aneestor, perhaj)S the grandfather, of John and HolM-rt, 
the testators of 1010/11 and 1011, but evidence on this pt)iut is lacking. 
'J'iie following pedigree, however, is derived chielly from these records: 

1. WiiLELWKiGiiT had sous: 

2. i. JtniN. 

3. ii. K()HKUT. 

2. John Wiikklwright of Mumby, co. Lincoln, yeoman, tlie testator 

of 1010/11, died 11 Feb. lOlU/11 and was buried at Mumby on 

the same day. He married first Ai.kk , who was buried at 

]\Iumby 11 Jan. 10U2/3; and secomlly, at Aniierby, eo. Lincoln, 
20 Oct. 100.3, Ei.iZAHKTii Smyth, who survive«l him and married 
secondly, at Mumby, 20 Aug. 1013, Andrew Gray, yeoman. 
CMiildren bv first wife: 

i. UoHKUT of Mumby, yeoman, the testator of 1021/2, bapt. at Mumby 
IS Feb. ISfS.Vt;; d. ».;». 2*; Feb. H;2I/2 ami bur. at Mumby the ue.\t 

day; m. Amy , who survived him and m. (2) at Mnniby, 13 

Oct. 1(525. Charles Smyth. His cousin. Hev. John Wheelu r'ii^ht, 
later of New Euijland, was sole executor of his will and his resi- 
duary lepiteo. 

ii. A nAiciHiKK. m. Pktku Ryl.vy. 

iii. Jank, m. Horn ur Kyi-.w of Mumby. She \vas living 24 Jan. 1621/2, 
and had issue. 

Chihlren by second wife, baptized at Mumby: 

iv. Susan, bapt. 25 Feb. 1003/4 ; living unm. 24 Jan. 1G21/2. 
v. Mary, bapt. 11 Dec. 1005; liviuii mun. 24 Jan. ir,21/2. 
vi. Fi.i/.Aiu-.rH, bapt. 2 Apr. IdOS; li\iMi: unm. 24 Jan. l(;2I/2. 
• vii. John, bapt. 10 Jan. U;0'.>/10; bur. atMuu>i)y 20 Fel). lGO'J/10. 
viii. — ELL (dau.), bapt. 5) Feb. lGlO/11 ; probably d. young. 

3. KoHKUT AViiKELWiucHT of Cumberwortli and of Saleby, co. Lincoln, 

yeoman, the testator of 1011, was buried at Saleby 23 Feb. 1012/13. 

•This marriage has been printed in PhilHmore's Lincolnshire Parish Registers. 


11H4] Lincolnshire Ori</in of Kxcter Settlers 77 

He inarricd first Alice , wlio was hiiritd iit (uniltcrwortli in 

ir)l)2; sccoiully Catiikkink , who was Iniiird at .Sal<l>y 8 

.Inly IGU.') ; aiitl lliinlly,at SaK*l)y, 17 Nov. 1 GUG, Catiilhink Money, 
w'kIow of .loliii. 

C hililicu l)V lirst wife : 

I. A DAUdinr.H, in. Tiiomah KiN<iKUiiY of Waiiifket, co. Linc<»lij ; d. 
bef. 1:J Oct. IGll, as she is luit luontioiic-d in her futht-r's will. 

ii. John, h. iil)t. ir>'.t2, since he was a minor in Hill, wlitn hi^ fatiier 
made his \vill, but was of a;:e 7 Mar. Ii;i2/l;{, wiien the uill was 
j)rove(I. lie was the eelebrated Anlinumian, the foiintlcr of Ilxetcr 
and third pastor at Hampton, N. H. See Uf.jji.stku, vol. 21, pp. 
3(;;{-;;i;.'> (article by Col. Chester) ; Hell's MeiiKiir (jf John Wheel- 
wriij;lit; Charles Kranei> Adams's Three Episodes of Ma.-^aehu- 
setts History, vol. 1, pp. 3(J.S el mq. 

Cliiidrt'ii by seconil wife: 

iii. KiiZAUKrii, bapt. at Cumberworth 24 June 1500. 

iv. Katiif.kini:, bapt. at Cuniberworth 23 Mar. Ij'J'J/ICOO. 

V. or Elynou, bapt. at Cumberworth 2'J June l(;ui. 

From tliis pedi^q-ee it uj)pear8 that Hdlurt AVlieelwrii^ht of ]\Inni])y, who 
died 'JG Feb. 1G21/2, was a cousin, not an uncle, of IJeV. tlolin ^^'heel- 
wriglit. 'i'iure wcrt^ nt)t, therefore, as Col. Chester, two brotii- 
ers named Kobert Wheelwright, but an uncK' and a lu-phew of that name. 

In Col. Chester's day the transcripts at Lincoln were not as carefully 
arranged as they are now, for none are now niissin;;, and in several, which 
have'Utly been ftjund since Col. Chester nnnh' his search, there are 
Whei 1\N rii;Iit records of importance. For instance, the burial of .John 
Whcelwrinht's first wife is in the liilsby transcript for IG'Jli. This tran- 
script was supi)osed to be missing, and from its non-appearance the support- 
ers of the " \Vheelwri;iht Deed" claimed that .John Wheelwrii;ht nii^lit 
have been in New England in that year. In fact, it is in the tile, and is 
signed, like others, ",Iohn Whelewright, vicar." 

The record of the baptism of Susanna '\Vhel(wright in 1 G2.S is also a 
new discovery. It was she who married Kdward Ivish worth. Previously 
])rintrd pedigrees have stated that her husl)and was a son of the Kdward 
Kisiiworlii of the Exeter Combination, but I believe that in fact lur hus- 
band was the ori'Mual Exeter settler. 

Attention has already been called to the connection shown in the tran- 
scripts between the Crams and the AVheelwrights. 

It is worth noting that the land in Mawthorpe, parish of Willoughby, 
which "Wheelwright lK)ught tVom Francis Levet (I\i:(;iSTr.ij, vol. G7, pp. 
C)G-G7) wasactjuir.d during Wheelwright's last vi.«^it to England, in 1G.)8. 
At this date Francis Levet, who is ilescribed in ^Vheelwrll:ht's deed to 
Crispe as a "gentleman, of North Willingham," had not taken onlers, and 
therefore couhl not be called a clergyman. !My theory is that this Francis 
Levet was an own cousin of Thomas. Levet of Exeter and Hampton. 
(KiKiisrKK, vol. G7, pp. G6 et seq.) 


The Will of Robkht Wight of Ilarebv, clerk, 1 October 1G17. To be 
buricil in the chancel of the church of Ilareby. To eldest son Daniel 
Wii:ht .£20 at twentv-<^ne vears. To eldest dau'diter Sara Wiuht £10 at 
twcntv-one'years oral her marriage. To secontl dau^jhter Elizabeth Wiijht 
i.10 at twenty-one years or at her marriage. To second son Thomas Wight 

78 Liiicolnshive On'f/in of Exeter Settlers [Jan. 


£10 at twenty-one years. To youngest son John Wi;;lit £10 at tuonty- 
one years. To the poor of llarchy. Uesidue to dearly l>elovtMl wife 
Brid^tt Wi«;ht, executrix. My wor>hij)ful aii<l ^ood friend Mr. Br\an of 
li»>lliii^i)roke, and Mr. Kdtnond Power, niinislcr of the same town, to he 
8uiHrvis(;r.s. Witnesses: Hich. \\'ri;,dit, Nathanicll LaiulH,-rt, Daniell 
"NVii^ht. Proved at Spilbby 24 April 1G18. (Consistory of Lincoln, 1018, 
voL 2, fo. 34;i.) 

Wight Entries in the Bisiioi-'s Transcrii'ts of Lincolnshire 

Parish Kkcjistkrs 


1G03 Robert Wi^dit, concionator, and Klizaheth Fulshaw married 21 July.* 
1G13 Uobort Wight, clerk, and Brid;^et White married 25 November.! 


IGO't Daniel Wi^lit the sonne of HoUrt Wi^lit baptized 7 June. 
IGUl Saraii Wi'dit dauiiliter of Robert Wi'dit baiitizeil 10 Octoiier. 
IGOG Elizabeth Wiuht dauiihler of Robert \V'iidit baptized 2 NoVcml>er. 
1G07 Thoma.s ^Vight the sonne of Robert Wi;^ht baj»tizfd G DeoenibcT. 
1008 John Wi^jht the sonue of Robert Wight, clerk, baptized 1 January 

IGIO Marie Wight daughter of Robert Wight, clerk, baptized 2 September. 
1011 P>lizabeth Wight the wifl'e of Robert Wight, clerk, buried 20 June. 
IGll Mary Wight daughter of Robert "Wight, minister of Hareby, buried 

27 November. 
1G17 Robert Wyght, mynister, buried 8 January [1G17/18]. 
1030 Nathaniel lleaton and Elizabeth Wightc married 21 April.* 

Thomas W^iglit, one of the signers of the Exeter Combination, is con- 
sidered by Savage to be a Thomas Wright, but wherever the name appears 
in autograph the surname is di.^tinctly Wight and nothing else. A|)par- 
ently he left no tleseendants who remained in New England. lie did not 
Diove from Exeter when Wheelwright left. He appears occasionally on 
the records, and was made a freeman in 1G47. After this date we find 
him no more on the records, and 1 think he died about IGoO, leaving a 
minor son, Israel Wight. Israel seems to have been a ward of Capt. 
Ricliard Waldron of Dover, and came of age about 1004. In IGOo admin- 
istration on the estate of Tiiomas Wight of P^xeter was granted by the 
County Court to Israel Wiirht. Previous to his comiui; of ajie Israel had 
perliaps been a servant or prot«^gt5 of Gov. Bellingham, for we find him in 
1G5G witnessing a deed from Hellingham to Everill and a mortgage taken 
back. At the Quarterly C-ourt in Salisbury, Apr. 1()04, Israel Wight sued 
Capt. AValdron for witliholding his estate, which had been committed to 
Capt. Waldron at the time when Waldron was guardian for W^ight. The 
case went up to the Court of Assistants, and finally to the General Court, 
which heard it in IGGG, but by this time Israel Wight had apparently left 
the country. 

Thomas Wight is an interesting link, for he was one of the grantees 
named in the " Wheelwright Deed." The only family of the name I found 
in Lincolnshire was that of Robert W^ight, a clergyman at Hareby, a 

•This entry is taken not from the Alford transcripts but from Phillimore's Lincoln- 
shire Parish llegistors, ^larriapes, vol. 7. 
t This murriago has been priutod iu IMiilliinore's Lincolnshire Parish Kegisters. 


1914] Lincolnshire Origin of Exeter Settlers 79 

parish half-way h<,'t\veen Spilsby and Ilorncastle. Kolx-rt Wi;^'ht had some 
couiH'Ctioii witli Allonl, lur lie was a witmss to lialthasar AN ill'uk's will 
thert! in l;VJrt/'J, and in 1013 he married ihert.* his second wile, liridi^'et 
White. The will of Kohert Wi«^ht and the Ilareljy transcripts show that 
lie had a Bon 'I'homas, hajitize*! 6 I)ec. 1007, who may have heeu the 
Exeter settler, althongh proof that he was tho Thomas Wiyht of the Com- 
bination has not yet been found. 

Will IX 

The Will of Balthasau WiLLiCKof A Iford, 7 February 1508 [1598/9]. 
To bi! buried in the church of A Iford. 'I'o .\nne my wife for the ^ood and 
vertuous education of my children the lease of one messuage in Alfurd 
wherein Willyam lirocki)ancke lately dwelt, which 1 had from my Lord 
Wili(tui,dd)y i)i Willoughby and Karsby for twenty-one years ; also the lease 
of one other messuage in All'ord late in the tenure of Richard hornsey or 
his assigns, which 1 also had from my said Lord Wilhnighby for twenty- 
one years ; also one other lease of a tenement in Well in the parish of 
Alford late in the tenure of Kichard Parrishe or his assigns, whit h I had 
also from the sayd Lord Willoughby for twenty-one years ; al>o all my 
other leases, bonds, and assurances to my sayd wife for the good bringing 
up of my sayil children, together with all my stock and moveables, save 
that I iiive to Mr. Frances JSlerburie for the j^ood will whic h I beare unto 
him m\ bestgowne. Anne my wife, executrix. Witnesses: Robert A\'ight, 
Lenord Thory, AVillm. lUllingham. Proved at Lincoln IG February 
1598 [159«/yj. (Consistory of Lincoln, 1598, fo. 200.) 

The Will of William Bellingiiam of Alford, yeoman, 25 August 
1G0(). To be buried in the church of Alford. To Susan my daughter i.10, 
which my wife shall have the use of until she come to twenty-one years, 
provided that if my wife ha))j)en to marrie in the nuantyme then she shall 
have i!"JU to her portion, to be put for her best behoofe into the hands of 
some faithfull frend. To Anne my wife the lease of one messuage in Al- 
ford where 1 now dwell, which 1 have from my Lord Willouiihbv of AVil- 
loughby and Karsby for twenty-one years ; also one other lease of a mes- 
sua'^e in Alford now in the use of Richard Hardy : also one other lease of 
a tenement iu Well. Ri'sidue to wife Anne, executrix. My good friend 
Mr. Cieorge Ksterby, supervisor. Witnesses: Joseph Overton, dark, 
Will'm Angram, Parscvall Angrani. Proved at Lincoln 1 November 1G06. 
(Consistory of Lincoln, IGOG, fo. 3G0.) 

WiLLix AND Bkllinc.iiam Entriks i\ THE Bisiiop's Tkansciiipts 
OF THE Pakisii Rkgisteks of Alfokd 

1593 Peregrinus tilius Balthasar Willickes baptizatus 22 .luly. 

1595 Lalthasar lilius Balthasari Willech bapti/.atu> 27 duly. 

1598 Etlwardus lilius Halthezeri Wilbch baptizatus 30 .April. 

1598 Halthezer Willech sepultus 13 February [1598/9]. 

IGOO Susanna lilia Haltliezeri Willech sepulta 28 May. 

IGOO \\'iiliani Hillingham and Ann \\illech married 3 July.* 

IGOl Susanna tilia Will'i Bellingham baptizata 1 September. 

1G27 Philemon Pormert and Susan Bellingham married 11 October.* 

1G35 Anna tilia Edvanli Willickes et Susanuae uxoris baptizaL.1 13 May. 

•This marriage has been printoJ iu Philliiuorc's Liucolushire Parish Hcgiblcrs. 


80 Lincolnshire Ori(jui of Excttr Scltltrs [Jan. 

liallli:»/.:ir Willix was a settler at Exeter in New Kn^land in IC 10, ami 
Mr. Frank \\. lia<tkrtt, in a hrief artiele containing iiit<;n-sting inloiina- 
tion alxjut )iiui and iiis i'aniily (KhUiisiKit, vol. TjO, j)|i. •}(»-4^(), stated that 
his name could scarcely l>e Kn;ili>li. Il»; was nn<jn>-stionalily the brjn of 
lialthasar NN'illick or Wiliich of Aitoni, co. Lincohi, ih«' totatorof l.VJH/U, 
who had a wile Anne, an<l wiio was Itnricd at iMiord l.'J Fch. li'Jri/y. 
Tilt! entries in the transerij)ts of the Allor<l re;,Msters show the l)a|»tisnis of 
three sons of the elder Hallliasar, namely, I'ert-i^rine, '22 duly l.V.K), IJal- 
thasar (the Kxeter setthr), 27 .Inly l.V.>.'>, and Kdward, .'JO Apr. l.V.J?S, aiid 
the hurial of a dau;;hter Susanna, 2.S May lOOU. ()l ihe three witnesses 
to the will of Haithasar W iilicU of Allord Uolicrt \\'i;ila was pt-rhajis the 
fatlier of Thomas W'ii^ht of Kxeter, as we have seen; Leonard 'I'hory was 
of a iiood i.incolnshire familv;and ^Villiam iMlllniiham lived at Alford, 
marrii'd there, «'{ duly I (iOO, Annt-, the widow of lialthasar Williek, and 
ha<l a tlaiii^liler Su>ajfna, l)aj)ti/ed tliere 1 Sept. KlOi. This dau;ihter was 
married at Alford, 11 Oct. 1('27, to Philemon rormort. later of Uo.-lon, 
wher»- he uas schooluKiMter, Iv\el« r, and Wells. William IhlJiniliam 
ma<le his will 2.'> Aug. 100(1, and was huried at Alford 2 Sej»t. IGuG.* 

This Hrliini-ham ci>nncclion is intercstin-s althou'di I do not lulieve 
that the All'ord yeoman was closely if at all ndattd to the morose and 
aristocratic; Puritan, Riehard Hellinj^ham, ncorder of Hoston in England 
and trovernor of the Massachusetts Hay. 

Iialiha>ar \ViHick of Alford seems to have heen a man of suhstance, 
and wa^ perhaps a protcgtS of Peregrine Bertie, Lord Willoughhy d'Kres- 
by. 'i'ht^ oldest son cd* this lialthasar was evidently named Peiegrine in 
honor of Lord Willoughhy, and here onc^ may imlulge in theory to In-lp 
ont tin; gaps in geneal(»gy. Nowhere else in I/mcohishire or in England 
have I found the name of AVillick. It has a I'lemish sound. Perei^rine 
Bertie was a typical Eli/.aht than nohleman, a frien«l of Siilmw, and in 
command vhen the latter fell at Zutphen. Bertie was horn at Cleves, and 
from L'>82 to l.VJO was almost constantly ahroad on diplomatic or military 
service, mainly in IIollan<l and the Low Countries, hi 1.">'.'7 he was made 
governor of Berwick ('a>tle. He dieil in lll')l, and is huried at Spil>>l>y in 
Linciilnshire. It may well he that Lord \\'i!lougld»y attached tt) himself 
the Flemish youth, Ballhasai' WilKch, and brought him to Englaml on 
one of his numenjus visits. This would explain the fact that the name 
appears nowhere else in England, and might account for the leaseholds 
which lialthasar Willech of .Alford ac([nired from his lord. 

Jt would be interesting to folh)w the line of Anna AVillix, one of the 
daughters of Ballha/ar oi Exetir, who, according to the records prest nted 
by Air. llackctt, marrii'd first IJobert Koscoe, who moved to Ixoanoke 

and (lied tliere; secondly l>Iunt; thirdly Southwell; and 

fourthly Cid. Lcare of Virginia. f It will be rememberi-d that Winlhrop 
recites with rather too much jiarticularity the murder of the first wile of 
Ballha/ar W illix of P'xcter. The rec( ntly published lih's of the old Nor- 
folk ('(»iuity Court show that at the court at Hampton, 7 Sept. IGIS, Wil- 
lex sue«l one Kobert Hither-ay ** lor raising an cvd r«.'port of his <leceased 
wife, and for breach of promise in carrying his wife to Oyster Kivt-r in a 
cauoc and not bringing her up in a canoe again." Hithersay, who roved 
from Conc«>rd to I^ynn, Exeter, and York, was apparently a wayward 
character, and may have been suspected of the murder. 

• Wtntworth CiciKMlojry, vol 1, p. 77. 

fFor vcoorils concerning Anna Willix and her sisters tide infra, \t\>. 81-82. — Kditou. 


lijll] BaiKjhters of li'iUliazdr Witlix 81 



By ViuoiNiA Hall ut' Uuiiiliridge, Must. 

/Pill-: followin;^ records and iiotca nhitc to the duughtcrs of \Va\- 
tlinzJir \\ illix* of I-'xctcr and may l>i' ri-^^Mnlcd aa a continuation of 
the article l)y Mr. Frank \\ . llackctt in Ut:cii.sTi:ii, vol. .00, pp. 

" WlnTcas Hon. Scth Soiithcll, Ks(jr. and .laiuos Blinit, both of North 
Caroliiiiili, tlid by llifir La-.t Wills nivir and in'<|ur:jtli unto Anna: (irst 
wilt' of suid lilinit and afltTwaids tli<! wile of said Soulli\v«ll and Iht In^-irs, 
uttdwards wite ol C'ol. Jolni Lero of \\*rgcnca and so l)i«'d. \\'lio>e SIh- 
tt-rs and IJrollur-in-law, I la/.tdjMHiy Wood of Ipswirli in tin.' l*rovincc of 
Ma.-»y(liust'tts in New Fn;4lan<i, and Francis .lownes and Suzana his wife 
of I'ortsni" in the l*rovineo of New llanipsliiiv, said lIa/.»lpony and Sn- 
/annali own sisters l)otli by fatini- ami mother's bide to the above said 
Anna and so riiiht iuirs, in consideration of £2.")0 sell unto our kinsman 
Thomas Pickerinire of l*ortsm" foiim rlv our attornev, all the estate i/iven 
to our sister Anna L«Me by said Blunt and Southell in North Carolina." 
Dated 4 .linie Ib'J?. ^Vitne^ses: .lames Allen, John l*i(Ueringt!. He- 
corded Sept. 17U'J. (N. 11. Province Deed.^, vol. 1, j). .*'» 1.).) 

The estate conveyed by tin' deed i,dven above is div>.erib»d in a d»ed, dated 
lo July 17()!>, from Thomas an«l Mary ((lee) Pickering to \\'illiam l*ar- 
tritb't; and IV-latiah Whittemore, all of I'ortsmouth, a.s "a certain estate in 
North and South L'arolina, more pariieulaily the estate «>f S«-tli Snullnd, 
Ks«i. in the Province of North Carolina adjoinini^ Salmon Creek, Keiidriek 
Creek, Little Kiver, Peatty Creek and the Kiver Pa>ijnatank, con.sisling 
of I'iOiJO acres excepting lUUO acres formerly sold by said Pickering to 
AVilliam Duckenlield." (N. 11. I'rovlnce Deeds, vol. 7, p. \S\\.) 

The following facts about Anna, tianghter of Balthazar Willix, are found 
in the North CuioIuki Historical tuid Utiifaloyicul Ueyistcr^ \«d. 1, jij). .'J4, 
71, vol. ;^ pp. 247, 2o4 : 

Janus lilount came to Chowan Precinct, Colony of Carolina, from Isle 
of AVight Co., \'a., in UUi'.l, where he was living with his famil)- in 1(»C0. 
]\Irs. Anna Blount, his wife, who lirst appears as "Anne Willis t)f Ipswich, 
]\Iassachusetts," inarrieil lirst Uol)«:rt lioscoe of lioauoke; se<*ondly James 
Blount, wlu)se will was proved 17 July 1 (iSG ; thirdly Seth .Southel, gover- 
nor of North Carolina, whose will was provtd .') Feb. IG'.'.J/i ; f and bnirlh- 
ly Col. John Lear of Nasiinond Co., \ a. In a suit brought by the i'X»;eufor3 

of Col. Lear in 1()'J7 he was calle«l executor of Madam Anna Lear, an<l 

• . . . 

mention was made of certain gooils ct»n>igned to her as .Madam Sothell 

from Col. John Foster of Bo^ton. 

Madam Anna Lear died before 100-"), anil Col. Lear died 27 .luno DiDG. 
{] iryi/iid Jfisforical Muynziney vol. 17, p. 228; llilliani and Mtiry Qiutr- 
terlt/, vol. 8, p. 171, vol. W, pp. 8tJ-loI.) 

The lirst mention of llazilelpunit Willix i.s fouiul in the will of John 
Cooper, "now resident in Weymouth," dated 24 Fib. 16"i2/J. The wife 

• For tho parontujie of nulthn/nr Willix ol" Kxi-tcr, ride supra, pp. 79-SO. — KniTOH. 
t For clKUMctcv ami will olScth Souiholl sec Jului II. Wlicelcr'a llistuiie:il .'sketches 

of Nmlh Ciroliua, pp. 31, Sli. 
JTho name lluzciclpoui is found in iho IJiblo, 1 Chron., iv, 3. 

82 Daxighters of Balthazar Will IX [Jan. 

of Henry Wultham, " in whose house I now sojourn," is to ht; fully j»ai«l, 
and "it" tin-re is unythiu^ rcu»uiiiin<(, I Ia/.illj»«-nuh Will(j<:k«,s dwrllin^ with 
Mr. AVallhuni .shall have lUs." (SulFcdk WilU, vol. 1, p. \H).) Tin: Bo.^ion 
records sliow the birth of dohn, son of .lohn (ire and lluz(dj)anah his wife, 
27 May l(j(j2. llazelelponi Gee was bapti/e«l in the Kirst Churc^h, Hoston, 
19 day, y mo., Ui71. 

"'I'lu; Depositions of Honjaniin Norton & Thomas Pease Sein*^ of Fd«jjar- 
town Testilielh A: sailh that they very well Kenuinbred John Gee formerly 
of Manilas V'inyard it further we 'I'estihe we Kemembred Mary Geo 
his l)au;;hler we ^oiug to school each of us with her unto her 
motlu;r at Kd^artown at the hou-so of y* abov^d (jee about a mile Distance 
from the harbour abcjut Sixty years since in the year One Thousand six 
hundred ilk. seventy we being very well acquainted with the family & that 
Mary Gee was the Keputed Dauij^hter of sd Gee «fc so called «fc further 
saith not." Attest, .labez Athearn, clerk. (Suffolk Court Files, 28*j:J'J.) 

" Paid .Joseph Merry in rye a bush &, a peck in hnlean corn sixe bush: 

upon a letter ai M"^ Nicholas Butler from Martins N'ineyard to Die w'^h 

value of corne M' iiuller paid to llazaell Gee widd. of dwelling in ye said 

Island w'li said corne uj)on M"" Butlers letter I received of Richard Belling- 

ham of Boston wittnes my hand - 7, 4, 70 

Josejth merry 

wittnes hereof ™»'"'' 

John Sewall " (Suffolk Court Files, 971.) 

Josejjh Merry of Hampton married, 1 6.09, Flizabeth, widow of P'.manuel 
llilliard, who with Hannah Willix and others is nameil in a deed, dated 
22 Mai-, llitn^/l, from Buth, widow of Kev. Timothy Dalton of Ilamj>ton, 
N. H., to Nathaniel Bachiler, being included among those who are to re- 
ceive legacies after the death of tlu^ grantor. ( l*o])e's Pioneers of Massachu- 
setts, p. 129 ; Dow's Hampton, vt)l. 2, p. 253.) 

The di'positions of Samuel Wood, son of Obadiah Wood of Ipswich, 
'VVillam Harris and Su>anna Stone, both of Ipswich, AVilliam and Abigail 
Cotton, and Samuel Lovell of Portsmouth, dated 2() Aj>r. 1732, are found 
in SulVolU Court Files, 33664. ^^'illiam Harris depox-d that he "well re- 
memben (1 Obadiah Woods Intermarriage with the wi<low llazelelponi CJee 
near about si.xty years ago he brought her from Boston, that it was the 
talk of the times when she came to Dwell in Ipswieh that her former hus- 
band CJee was a Dweller or inhabitant at Marthas Vinyard. She brought 
with her into 01)adiah Woods family a maiden Daughter named Mary I 
was well accpiaiutcd with the family <lk the said Mary who we used to call 
Mary Gee till she Intermarried with one Thoma.s Pickerin who lived at 
Piscatat|ua *.<: tlic sd Mary is still Living there for ought any thing I know 
for 1 never hiard of her Death." 

A similar deposition of William Harris was communicated to the Essex 
Antiquariftn (vol. 8, p. 164) by Charles F. Banks, M.D., author of the 
History of Martha's Vineyard. In this deposition, dated 7 Oct. 1736 and 
taken from Dukes County Deeds, vol. 6, p. 23rt, Harris says that the 
AViilow Ciee hail three daughters, Mary, who married Thomas Pickering, 
Anna, who married Samuel Hodgkius of Gloucester, and Martha, who 
mariied Thomas Cotes. 

In the Ancient Burying-Ground at Ipswich is the gravestone of " Hasel- 
elpony Wooil widdow of Obadiah Wood died Novem"^ y* 27 1714 aged 78 
years." (See Essex Antiquariun^ vol. 13, j). 79, for illustration.) 


1914] .EiKjUnh Ancestry of American Belknaps 83 



IJy Henry Wyckukk Hklknai', Ksij., of Salcin, ^^n88. 

At (liffcrciit tlmt's (liirin<( the past fifteen or eij^htecn years the 
coinpihr of tluH artiele has attempted t(j iliHcover the aiice.stry of 
Al)rahaiii l}('lkna[), who was a huuh)wner at Lynn, Mass., in l(j.'i5 
or thereahouts, and who hrought with him, wlien he eame to New 
En"'hind, his wife Mary and several eliihhen. 

'J'hese efforts resulted in the aecpiisition of a considerahle amount 
of information ahout a knij^htly family of Uelknaps, from Sir Jioh- 
crt de Belknap, who ^vas ehief justice of the Court of Connnon 
Pleas in the time of Richard II and died in 1400, down to his «(reat- 
grandson, Sir Edward, who was horn in 1473, was custodian of 
Warwick Castle and a [)rivy councillor of Henry \'1II, and died 2G 
Mar. 15'J1, leavin<^ no sons. 

The clue, however, which led to the discovery of the En«^lish 
home of the ancestors of Al)raham Hclknaj) was ohtained from an 
old {gentleman whose aecpiaintance was made several years at^o 
throuL!;h his reply to some <^eneali)^ical (pieries. He liad formerly 
lived in the [)arish of Sawhridgeworth, co. Herts, and remendjered 
that the name Belknap occurred in the parish registers there. He 
was employeil to make a search, and in due time [)roduced many 
entries from the registers of St. Mary the (rreat, Sawhridgcworth, 
together with a nund)er of wills from the (A)mmissary C^ourt of Lon- 
don for Essex ami Herts. \\y piecing together the facts ohtamed 
from these records an incom[)lete pedigree of the family was secured, 
and a certain Hennet or Benedic't Belknap seemed most likely to be 
the father of the American immigrant. Unl'ortunately, however, 
the will of this particular man, while recorded as having been od'ered 
for probate, was nowhere to be found, and the ollicials connected 
with the i)robatc registry came to the conclusion that it had been 
placed at some time in the wrong bundle and was therefore prac- 
tically lost. 

The search, therefore, came to a standstill until about two years 
ago, when it was decided to make one more attempt to identify 
positively the father of the immigrant. The services of Mr. Charles 
A. Bernau of London were obtained, and he was furnished with all 
the material at hand. 

^Ir. Bernau began his search with the Lay Subsidy Rolls in the 
Public Record Otfice in London, and there discovered that the sur- 
name of the Sawbridgeworth branch of the Ikdknap family was 
sometimes Beltoft or Beltofte. With this fact in mind, it was easy 
to tind in the probate records the missing will of Bcnnet Beltoft, 
the father of Abraham Belknap. It had been proved 15 June lt)24 
by his widow Grace and his ton Josias in the Commissary Court of 



84 English Ancestry of Annrlcan Ihll-nnps [.Tan. 

Tiondon for Khsox and Ilorts, an<I was cntercMl in tlui Prohato Act 
J5i)()k tor l(52.'i-l()'il) uiulcr iIil* nanu; Jiclhndjtp^ wliilc it appeariMl 
in the CalcndarH ut' AN'ills undt r the nanu; Jirltoft^ wliirh i.^ the 
form udL'd in the will. 

These faetH were hron^^dit to the attention of the anthoritie« at 
SoMiernet House, and hoth in the Calendard and in the; Prohate Act 
Jiook th(i entry has heen made to read "l>rlkna|) IJcJtoft."* 

In thin nnnihcr ol' the; Kkihstku and in the innuc tor April 
some Mn^dish records relating to the taniily ot" lidknap nllds Hchott 
will be ^iven, and these will he tnllowed hy a pedi«^ree showing the 
ancestry of tin; American innnij,n'ant.| 

The pa|)er3 innnediatcly followin<^ are preserved in the Piddle 
Record Otlice, London, and relate to a case in Chancery, hei^nn 
not later than If)!!), in which luciiard licltol't, grandt'atlicr of the 
New lOnj^land settler, Abraham Belknap, was complainant. ( )f 
the docnments in this case apparently only the depositions of the 
witnesses for the deiendant are missin*^. These records are printed 
hen' in fidl. 'fhe exact relationship of Richard Hidtolt, the com- 
plainant, to the brothers flohn and IMmc^nd Iicltoft who are men- 
tioned in this case has not yet been proved ; but it is believed that 
a llenry IJeltolte, who was buried at Sawbritl<j;cworth, co. Herts, 

5 July 1/)()1, was a brother of John and lOdmond Peltut't, and that 
tlic complainant Richard was a son of this llenry. 


Too the ri'dit hoiiable Sir Hichanl Roche knyi^ht lord Ryche & Txjrd 
Cliancelor of Kni^daiul. 

Most humble wyse shevvyth Si. conii)l( vneth unto your irood lord>hip v«>ur 
pore Orator ^: dayly iK-dinan Kirliard Inilot't ol" SahyclirlVworlh witliiu the 
County of Hertford tliat whtic one .lolm lieltoft late of Sawhychelfuorlh 
aforesaid deceased was Ian full ye seastd iii hys druianc a.s of ivv h\ «m>ui1 
tS: just tyle tJv: lawful! conveyance in the law of 6c in one tent. \v* a irardcn 
c^ '1 acres of arahle land or thereabouts tJH-r unto l»»'l()ni:ing calletl Currants 
sett lieiuii ^&- heiui; yn Sawhrvcheworth aforesaid t& he son l)eyin«'e iheriof 
►eased a h yeres past or thereabouts by his dede sutVycyent in ihe lawe gave 

6 ;rranted the said tent. t5i: other the j)*uiv>ses w' all & sinijular their 
ai)p'tynees to one Henry Channcey & others to have to them A: tiieir heires 
to the use ifc behoofe of one IMari-arft Hdtoft then his wytl' for ternie of 
20 yeres yf slie soe long doe lyve tlie reniaynder thereof to your seyd 
Orator «Ji: to his heyres for ever «5t tt) execute the si'yd estate of the p'uiy^ses 
made a letter of attiuiiev to one Ivobert Cliaunrv irentleman who <hlivered 
seisin of the p'uiys>cs to the seyd Marixaret vS: to your seyd beseclier ac- 
cordin^lve and tielyvered to the said .Marjraret the said dedc with the sevd 
Ire of attorney to kepe to the use aforesaiil by force whereof tV: by force of 

• .MtiTuativc surnames are said to liavc been somewhat uncommou in Kujrland, 
allhoipjjli inucli useil in iho Channel l>laii(ls. It is interesting,' to find in \Vri;rhl*s 
Dietitinarv of I)i;ik».t that the termination "-toft" signifies, amonj; other nieauings, 
" a low liill," while "-knap " lias •* a sm ill hill " as one of its meaninj^s. 

t Otlier reeords coueernini; various lieltults of the later Middle Ages have been 
collected ; but us no eonneetion between these earlier lJelloI"t6 and the Sawbridgeworth 
tunnly has been proved, thej are uot reproduced hero. 


1914] EiujUsh Ancestry of American IhJIoiaps 85 

tbe Htiitutc niatli- for tlie extingin^^nicnt of uses & wylls tlx; .soy<l;.Mret 
WU8 jHj.s.sL's.sL'il ol tlic trrme aforusaiil the reiniiiii<l«;r lIuMvof yii )our .scyd 
besi'cluT li}'« li(;yiv.s ».\: after tlio sayd Mar^^aret dyed after whose deathe 
your sey»l hesether culled llie j)'iuy.s.seh tV thereof \v:ls Keasetl in his (hnu-aiie 
us of fee hy force of the i^yfl aforoai*!. So it yor rei;;ht llouahle l^ord that 
after tlie death oi tlie >aid iMai'i^aret the scyd de<h; cVi h-re of attorue-y 
casual I ye eauie to the haml.s it pohsessiou of oue Thomas West wood of 
Maudlyn with in the Couutie of Kssex wlio by color of the al)OV(! thereof 
hath wiougliilly cutryetl yuto the p'uiysses &; thereof expulsed <Xc putt out 
ye seid Orator «\: will uot sulfer hyui to oceupye and eujoye the piuyHses 
as of riiiht lie ou^ht to doo of wlu)U» alheyt your seyd Orator have divrrn 
& suudrie t) uies retpiired the delyvert;y yet them to thdylver lie hath all- 
weys refused cV; yet doth coutry to all ri;:ht ct ;:ood eouceyuce. And for 
as uuu'h as your seyd Orator kuowelh nolt the <late of theui nor whriher 
thev he eoutiViU!(l in ha;^ box chest locked or otherwvse your sevd Orafor 
ys with out reiuedye for the obteyuyu^ of theui by the order of the coiuuion 
lawe. Aud so likely to be dysherite<l it uudou for ever your l«>nl- 
shippc favor be to hyui sliewed iu that behalfe. lu eousitleracou when-of 
ytt may therefore please your good Lordshippe tlu; j)reudsse.s cousiiK-red to 
grant th(; Kyngs most graycious writt of subpena to be dyrected to the seyd 
Thomas Weslwood commanding hyui by virtue thereof p'soiially to apj)eare 
before your good Lordshipj)e in the Kyugs moste higli Courte of C'hauncery 
att a certeii day tt uinler a certen payiie tlieri-in by your good LonKliippe 
to be lymited then it there to answer to the ])'niysses tt further to stand vt 
ubyde suclie onler ct direction therein as by your good Lord>hij)pe shal be 
thought coiiveiiyeut it your seyd Orator slialle daily pray unto (Jod for the 
p'suacyou of your good Lord^hippe long in honor to contyuewe. 

Tlie auswer of Thomas Westwood to the bill of Com play nt of Richard 

'JMie said defendant saitli tliat tht; said bill of compbiint ys untrue un- 
certen ct iusuflicieut in the lawe to be unauswereil unto vt the matter 
therein conteyned untruly imagyned & devyse<l to put the deft to wrong- 
full vexacon cost it expencea &. the maltt^r determvnable at the <(iiu- 
mou law where unto he prayeth to be remyttetl NcNertlieKsse the ad- 
vantage of the insullicieney of the seyd bill to him at all tymes 8av«Ml for 
declaration of the truthe of the matter *& for answer saith that true yt 
ys that the sayd John Beltofte iu the said bill of comi^laint menconed w;isse 
seased of & in the tenement it other the [>'uiys-ses in the bill of eomplaynt 
especylied in his demean as of fee it being soe seised al>out the 2i» vere of 
the l\ai;iiie of the late Kiuii of famious meinorv Kini:e Henry VIII inl'« lT«d 
thereof John Payne the elder it Geor«;e Mathewe to have it liolde the >aid 
p'niysses to them it to there heyres to the use of the said John IJeltoft for 
the tcarme of his lyfe it after his decesse to the use of one Margaret w\fe 
of the said .lohn Beltofte vt of her heyres by force whereof the said dolni 
Beltoft wasse thereof sead in his demean as of freehold the remayn«ler 
thereof to the baid Mariraret to her heires in fee it the said .lolm Heltoft 
dyeil after whose death the same Margaret eiitred into the p'niysses & 
wasse thereof seased iu her demeane as of fee it so beini; of tiie p'mvsses 
seised take to husband the said defendant by force whereof the sai«l d«ft it 
Margaret in the right of the said Margaret were of the p'mvsses seased in 
there demeane as of fee & so beiuji thereof seasetl thev had issue iK'tweene 
them one Thomas Westwood vett lyvinixe it the said Mar;raret dyed after 


86 Enylish Ancestry of A)nerican Ihlknnps [Jan. 

whose (It'ath tho said deft held liym tin? 8ai<l p'mi.sses tenant by the curtesey 
of KiiLjIand 6l ys thereof seuscd in his iKniean as of freeholde the reversion 
thcrrot to the said Tlionia.s tlie son liein;^ of the a;,'e of 3 yen?K or there- 
ahonts ik prayetli in ayde of liyni it for th:it the said Thomas tlie soiine vs 
witliin a^^t' tlie aaid deft prayclh that the poll may (hninrre Ct saith that 
dyvers eviiicnee lonsnynge the baitl jj'ndsRes been in his hands eusloyde &. 
possession which \w «hteyneth in his hands cnKto<lye *fc possession for the 
p'suseon of hys estate iL tin; interest of the said Thonias his sonne as law- 
full ys for hyni to do without that that the said .John H»lt(jft infeffyed of the 
said p'inysst'S the said Henry Chauneye other in fee to tlieuse & behofe of 
the said Margaret for ternic of yeres & after to the use of the coniph*yant 
& his heires in manner ^ formt; as ])y the sai<l bill of complaynte ys un- 
truly alli'i^yd. And without that that there was any otluT matti-r or ihinge 
menco}ned or conteyneti in the sayd bill of eompleynt ujatterill or ellVciuall 
to be answered unto &. in this answer not being confr^sed & avoyded 
denyed or traversed ys true all which matters the sai<l defendant ys rea<ly 
to averre & p've as this lioiuible C'ourte shall awarde iSc prayeth to be «lis- 
myssed witli his reasonable costs and charges by him susteynetl in this 
behalfe. (Early Chancery Proceedings, unealendared, ll'.M.) 

Interogatories for Wytiies to be examyned on the parte and behalfe of 
Ricliarde Beltofte ageynst Thomas Wc.^twoode. 

1. Imprinies whether that one .John Heltofte weare everseased of and in 
one 'iVnement withe a garden plotte and ij acres of arabh; lande called 
Currants sett lienge an<l beinge in Sabricheworlhe withiif the Countye 
of Ilertforde yf he weare of whate estate and howe longe yt is syns. 

2. Item yf he weare seased of the premisses wliether he gav»» and 
graunted the seyd tenement and otlier tlu- premisses with all and 
singuler the appurtenances to one Ilenrie Chauncerie and other yf he 
d} d whether yt weare by deade or with ow te deade yf yt weare by 
deade whoo wrote the deade Anil what weare the conttnLs thereof 
And to what use And whether livery and season weare made Aecord- 
inglie yf yt weare what daye yf theare weare livery an«l season howe 
longe yt is sins and whoo weare present at the livery And upi»ou what 
parcell of the grownde livery was made And by whome yt was made 
and whoo Keceyved yt and by what Authoritie. 

3. Item to whome the deade was delivered and in wlioose presens. Item 
what the seyd tenement and other the premisses arre worthe by the 
yeare over all ehargis. 

4. Item howe longe the seyd Westwood hathe occupied the premisses 
and by what tytill. 

Ex parte Ric. Beltofte versus Thomas Westwoode. 

Miehaell Waller of Sabridgefonl [s'f] in the Countie of Ilertf. lal>orer 
of the age of xxxj years or more sworue and examyned the xxiijth «lay of 
October in the thvrd ycre of the reigne of our soveraigne lordt; Edward the 
sixt [154'.)] saiethe and deposeth by virtue of liis othe that as by the rej)ort 
of one John Beltofte late of Sabridiieworth nowe decessed and other ancient 
men he doth know that the same .John Beltofte Wiis seasyd in fee symple 
of and in one tenement with a garden j)lotte and two acres of arrable lande 
called Currants sett Iveiuge and being in Sabridgeworth aforsaid in the said 
Countie of Ilertf. and he was so se;isyd \ut saietli at Christmas last past 
was foure yeres And he further saieth that al>oute a senight before or 


11)14] Eiifjliik Ancestry of American Utlknaps 67 

after CanjlcliiKia wuh foun; yeres the said .I«)lin licltofte ]>ein^ so seasyd of 
tluj pmnUses j^ave and ^'lauutyd the said iriuiiu'nt and otlur the premisses 
witlj ail and .^iu;4ul(T the appmtenanees to one Henry Channcye and other 
by (hade wliielie \va.s written hy one Kuhert Ciiauneye and the content* of 
tlie said deade were tliat the said Henry Chaneey and his feollcs bliuld 
havt! tile premisses to them and their heyres to tlie use of Mar;^aret the 
wief ol tht! said ,Iohn Heitolte nowe (U'cessed for time of xa yeres if she 
Ivved so ionue and aft«'r lutr deathe if sh»' died witliin the same xx yeres 
and also il slie lyved tyll the determynaeion of tiie said xx yeares that they 
and tlieyr heyres sliuld iiave the premisses to the use of the said Kicharil 
Keltolte [/c»/-/<, ? and to the heirs of liis ho(iy] lawfully begotten and after 
liis deathe for laeke of suche issue to tlie usti of Edmonde Heltofte his 
brother and his heyres for ever w hiche he saiethe he knoweth to l>e true by 
reason he was present at the sealing and delyvery of the sai«l deade and 
heard it reatle before the sealing thend' twysse at the later tyme of reading 
wherof he saieth it was reade before the said .John Beitofte an<l he was 
also present when lyvery and seasyn were made accordingly and then he 
hard readde aga>ne but what day of the yere lyvery and seasyn were made 
he remembreth not but remembreth that it was within a seni^ht before or 
after Candelmas was foure yeres then being present Rol)ert C hauneye .lohn 
Galluwewave William Dyar John Houghton and .John Tredei/old and Ivvery 
he saieth was made at tlu; said tenement called Curraunts by the sayd 
Robert Chauncy by the delyvery of the saide deade and the ringe of the 
door ^oue word {Ueyible, ?rapper] with a peee of earthe of the same soile 
with a stieke j)ut therin unto the said Margaret Heltofte and the said 
Richard Heltofte according to the elTecte of the said deade and the said 
teni nient an«l other the premisses he saieth was let unto this deponent for 
xvj s. by yere but what is payed unto the chief lorde he saieth he knoweth 
not And the said Thomas AVestwood bathe oceupyed the premise's he 
saieth eversyth seynt .James tyde last was a twelmoiielh but by what title 
he saieth he knoweth not nor sayeth any more or otherwise dei)o>selh, 

[Signed] Michaell Waller. 

John Honijston of Sabrid^ieworthe in the said Countie of Hertf. Tanner 
of the age of xxxix yeres or therabouts sworan anil examyned the daye and 
yere abovesaid saieth and disposeth by virtue of his othe that he «b)the 
know that one .John lieltofte was seasytl of and in one tenement with a garden 
plotte and two acres of arrable lande called Curraunts sett lieing and being 
in Sabridi-eworthe within the said Countie of Hertf. of estate to iryve or to 
sell lor he saieth he knoweth hym to take the prolitts therof to his owne 
use as owner therof and at Christmas was foure yeres he saieth the said 
John Heltofte was so se;isyd of the premisses and ho being so se;isyd to 
his remembrance he saieth aboute Candelmas was foure yeres gave and 
graunted the said tenement and other the premisses withe all and singuler 
th'appurtenences to one Henry Chauncve or Robert Chauncve and other 
by deade w hiche he saieth was wrytlen ether by the said Henry or Robert 
Chauncy and the contents and use of the same deade he saieth was that 
Margaret the wief of the said John Heltofte shuld have the |)remi>>e8 for 
term of xx yeres if she lyved so longe and after that that the saiil Richard 
Heltofte shuld have the same to hym and the heyres of his body lawfully 
begotten and for hicke of soche issue that one Edmonde Heltofte the 
brother of the said John Heltofte should have the same but what estate lie 
shuld have therein he remembreth not which things or [one icord tllt<jiUt'] 

88 English Ancestvtj of Ameriatn Bdlnups [Jan. 

ho knowctli to bo true by rciisoii that he wa« j>n'8cnt at tlie cstatt; iiimlo 
and tht'n; lianl i\w. (h-ade riddr by the said Robert CbauiKV tb«-ii being 
j)lt'.s(;iit ono K:uilV Koke Micbat'U Waller .bjbii 'IVed^old .lobii (ialbnvay 
William Dyer and Kdiiionde lielu)fte but [lurii^ about five words niissiiiy'\ 
lie reiueinbreth nut and the estate lie saietli was made at tht- said tenement 
ralliMJ ('iirrauiitrt by tlie said Robert (baJincy and the said Mar;,'aiet and 
Hieliard lieltolte receavye<l the same at his hands by delyvery of the ring 
of tin' door with the sai<l dead and a clot of earthe and then put them into 
the house llrst the said M:ir;;aret and tlieii the said Ric hard I5( Itofte but by 
what authority the said Robert Chauney so did Ik; saietli he knoweth not 
Ami lie saiethe the said tenement and other the premisses be wortlie xvij s. 
by tilt!, year for this dejionent hath gyven xiij s. iiij d. by the yere for the 
said tenement without the saiil ij acres wliiehe be wortli ij s. an acre but 
what is pavied oute of it to the (dieaf lonh; or lords he knoweth not nor re- 
niembreth howe longe tin; said Westwood hath occupied the j)remi>.ses nor 
yet knoweth by what tytle lie hath occupied the .-.ame [? since] tlie deathe 
of tlie said M;ir;iarit but duryng her iylY he occuj»ii'd tin; same as in her 
[scrcral ironis illfyible'] of the said graunte but more lie knoweth not io 
this matter. [Here follows what is evidently meant for the mark of John 
Ilongslon, but it is not so described.] 

John Tredciiold of Ilalvn^biiry Bowser in tlie Countie of Essex of the 
age of xl years sworne and examyiied tlie «laie and yere abovesaid saieth 
and disposeth by virtue of his othe that he (h)th know that oiu; John IJel- 
tofie was seassyed in fee syniple of and in one tenement with a ganleu 
plott and two acres of arrable land called Curraunts set being and being in 
Sabricheworthe within the Countie of Ilertf. and he was tlierof so seassed 
at Christmas was foure years and then taketh tlie profits tlierof as owner 
of the same to his certeyn knowledge and he being so therof seasytl abouto 
Candtdmas was foure yeres (what daye he remembretli not) did gyve and 
graunt the said tenement and other the premisses with all and .•singuler 
th'appurtenances to one Henry Chauney and other by (U'ade wliiche was 
wiittvn by oiu; Robert Chauncye And the contents of the said «leade he 
saieth was that the said Hiiiry Chauney and bis feodes shuM stond therof 
seasyd to lliem and their lieires to the use of Margaret the uief of the said 
John Heltolte for the terme of xx years and after that to the use of the 
said Richard licltofte antl the lieyres of liis body lawfully begotten and for 
lacke of suehe yssue to the use of one Ktbnonde Relt«)lte (the lM\)tlier of 
the said John Riltofte) and his heires for ever whiclie he saieth lie knoweth 
to be true by reason he was in the house of the said .lohii when the said 
deade was caryed in to hym to bo sealyd and also was ])resent when lyvery 
and season was made at the said tenement called Curraunts accordingly and 
there hard it rcdde by the said Robert Chauncey who made lyvery of th'es- 
tate unto the said Margaret with the ryng of the dore of tlu- Naid tenement 
and so they went into the house and as he supjiosetli they and R*d»ert 
Chauncey so di<l by force of a letter of attorney to hym made by the said 
.lolin licltofte and then thcr weare jjresent he saieth Michaell Walhr.luhn 
Hongston William Dyar aiul John (Jalloway And he saieth the sai<l tene- 
ment and other the premisses are wortli xvj s. by the y^re or tlieralK)ute 
above all charges and the said Westwood he saieth hath occupied the 
premisses by the space of tides three years an*! his wief died aboute seynt 
James tyde was a twclmoueth and till her death he occu[)ied the same as 
in the right of the said Margaret his wief by force of the said \_one icord 


1014] EiKjlish Ancentry of American liilk'nupa 89 

ilhyiUe^ ? pcnnit] hut by \vh:it title lie hath occupied it sitlie lie knoweth 
not uor can any iurther disjiose. 

Kobert Cliaunsy of Wydfonl in the Countio of Kssex Gent of tlu; a;;*; of 
xxxiij ytres or more swonie and exaniyned the xxviijth dait; of .lanuaiy in 
liie lourtli yere of the rei;^ne of our said soverai;,'ne lord kyniie K<i\vurd ihe 
Bixt [liViU/oUj saieth and dejios.sith hy virue of his olhe that he doth know 
that ahout vj yeres past one .John lieJLofte was hca.syd in f(!e syinjth- of arul 
in one tenenient witii a ;4ardrn plotle and ij acres of urral)le laml ( alh-d 
Ciirrauntes sett Iviui; and Uiin;; in Sainicheworthe within the Countie of 
Ilcrtf. whiche lie knoweth a>well hy the [?siirhtj of the [sevenil words 
ilU'(jibli'\ therof in the lylf of the said .John Heltoft as in that he knoweth 
h>ni lake the rents is.^ues autl j>roletts therof (juyetly as owner of the s:inie 
And he al>() sait'th that he is [<>/<<; word illf;/iUc\ that the said .John lidtuft 
gave and ^rauntytl tin; said tenement and other the premisses with all and 
sinnulcr th' appurtenances to one Henry Chauncye the hrother ol this de- 
ponent iiohert Goodaye and other to [? have] to them and their lieyres to 
the use antl behoulf of Anni; [j»tV] his wilf for terine of xx yeres if she 
sliouKl so long lyve and it' she died within the terme of xx yeres then to 
the use and hehoulf of Kichanl Beltolte C'omplaynant and Ids heyres and 
assigns for ever whiche he saieth he knoweth to he true hv reason that he 
tlu! same dejionent at the re(pu*st and desire of the sai<l John Ihltfdte <lid 
upon the sight of the said deade [^oiie Wtnd ilh-(jibl(''\ penne and eiigrosse 
the same feolfem accorilin;; to the devise ot" th«' said John l>elt(jfte toiiether 
with a letter of attorney tluM-in conteyned made unto this ilepomiit to make 
lyvery and seysyn accortlini; to the said dca<le of feolTem wlurupon he 
saieth that after the said ,Iohn lieltofte had sealed and delyvered tin* saidt* 
deade ol feotlem as his deade unto this deponent in the presence of Kdmunde 
Bellofte his hrother Mychael NValler and t)tlier who.>>e names he remeui- 
hreth not he the same deponent with other went to the said tenement ;ind 
there he redde the said feolfem with the letter of attorney and then avo\ded 
all \^OHe word illetjible^ peasahly onto \^on€ word illttjiUt^ the hou>e and 
therupon by the delyvery of the sai«l deade with the ryng of the dore made 
lyvery and seasyn therof according to the tenor and effect of the said 
deade unto one of the feolfes mennconytl in the ^aid <leade but to which of 
them lie now remembreth not he went into a feld called lleychiu to one of 
the said ij acres and after that there cut np})e a peace of earthe and de- 
lyvered it with a sticke unto the hands of the same feolfe tlien being present 
the said Mychaell Waller tenant therof who then gave a peny to the 
saitl feolfe and [o/*c word «//«(///(/<',? attorned] tenant to the same feotfes 
and they gave a peny unto the said Kichard Ht Itofti' and attorned tenant 
to hym also. Ji»hn Treadciiold John ilouLfston and other whose names he 
remembreth not. And after the lyvery and seyson so execuiyd this tie- 
puncnt with other returned agayne unto the said John Htltofte and there 
before hym and the saiil lOdmuiule IJeltofte he declaryd what he had done 
whcrwithall the said .lolin Beltofte was well i)leasv«l and declaryd hvmself 
to the saiil Edmunde lUdtofte his brother what he had done in the preinis5;es 
and therupon in the sight of the said John and Edmunde lieltofte and the 
said Anne [sfc] ther was a chest brought to this deponent wheryuto he put 
the said feotl'ement and the said Anne [*'"c] receyved it at the hands of 
this deponent but what the premisses be worth by the yere he knoweth not 
otherwise than by report by Avhiche report he saieth it is worth xiij s. 
iiij d. by the yere and the said Anne [s/c] lie saieth died aboute Seynt 
James tyde was a twelmoneth and the said "NVestwood occupieth the 


90 English Ancestry of Anicrican Bfllnftps [ 

premisses by force of an other ilea<]e a.s it is reported nimli- hy the s:ii<I .John 
lieitofte iihout a tvvclinoiK th alter tlic tuukiiii; ot the saitl tVotTcniriit hut 
mon' or otherwise he saitli he caiiijot <h))Os.s(t. per lue liohrtiiin ( hauney. 
('I'ovvii Depositions, .J Ktluard \'I [lalDj, Mieliaehiias 'lerin, i'uinllo 


Meinoraiid. tliat in the Terine of Ester that is to saie the xxiiijtli day 

of Aprieli the fyveth yere of llie rei^n of our soveraiu'ii h)rd Kdwaide the 

KJxt [loal] l)y the «,M"aee of i(od kyn;^ of lMi;^hind Krainux' ami Ir«d:iiid 

(ieten(h)r of l\\c faith and of t)ie Cliun h of Kn^iatid and also of Irehind in 

earth the supreme, ht'dd upi>n mailer in variaiinee lon«;e tyme dependvng 

hefore the kvni; in Ids hiijii <ourt of Chauneerie U^tweene Uieliard lielloft 

of Sahrid;(\v()rth in liie countie of llertf. piayntyf an<l ilmuias Westwood 

of MawelynhnvlYer in tlie euuntie of Essex husbandman (h-fendaunt of 

and for one Tenement witli a ^Mrden and two acres of arrahle hand or 

therahowte tlierunlo heh)nLjyng ealled CurraunLs sett lying and beyng in 

Sahridiiworth aforsaid Wherunto llie said defend, made Answer and the 

piayntyf rej)lied and were at a pertiet yssue And Wytnes brought in to the 

haid Court on bolii j)arties and the said matier and the eireumstaunces of 

the same beyng in the said Court oi Chauneeiy often tynies sene redde 

and fully under.^laude for a «pivetnes to be had belwene the saitl parties 

Jl is bv the ri;:hl honorable .sir Kiihanl Kiehc kn\iihl lorde liiehe and lord 

Chaun<'elK)ur of Englande and th«; hole Courte of Chauneery by the 

inutuall assentes full agreament and eonsentes of both the said parties 

ordered adiudijed and deereed that the said Thomas Weslwooti shall haue 

hold an iniove the said tenement and i:ardeu and two acres of land with 

the appurtenenees in Sabridgworth alorsaid to hym and to his heyres of 

J^Iargarett his late wife for ever more With oute any lett ympedyinent or 

niole.stacion of the said Uyehard Hellolt or of his heyres or of any other 

bv his [lavement And also it is further ordered adiudiied and decreed by 

the said lorde ChauiieelhH- and Court of ChauniHry by the assentes aforsaid 

that the ^aid liyehard Heltoll and his heyres shall at all tymes do and 

sulVer to be don all and every thing and thinges for the further assuraunce 

of the j)remisses to the said Thomas Westwood an<l his heyres as shalbe 

reasonablv devysed by the Couni.ell learned in the lawe of the said Thomiu* 

Westwood and his heires a thisside the Feaste of the Xatyvite of our 

lorde (iod next ensuyiiix the date of this decree at the costes and chardj^es 

in the lawe of the said defendaunt be it by fyne feotfament release with 

warrauntie ageyust the said Kiohard Heltoft and his heyres or otherwise 

In consideration wherof it is further decreetl that the sai«l Thomas West- 

wo(h1 and his heires shall j)ay or cause to be paied to the said Uichard 

Ik'ltoft his executours or assignes six pound of lawfull money of England 

in maner and forme followyng that is to say three poun<Is vi s. eight pence 

at the consignment of this decree and at the feast of the nattivte of oure 

lord next comyng in the parishe church of Sabridgeworth aforsai«l three 

and fyftie shillins fonre pence residew of the same some of six poundes in 

full contentacion and payment of the said some of six poundes. (Enrolled 

Decrees, Chancery, No. S/'2S.) 

The Will of Richarde Bkltofte "of the pishe of Sabridgeworth in 
the Countie of llarttord Ilusbandeinan beinge sick in Uodie ... by 
reason of age," 20 August l.')04. To bee buryed in tlic Churcheyarde of 
the pi^he Church of Sabridgeworthe. To Tennc poore Foloks inhabyiinge 
in the pishe of Sabridgeworth Tenue Groats sterlinge, that is to save, to 


1914] EngUsh A ncestry of A mericrni Belknnps 9 1 

everye ono of th<Mn fouro jx'uco api'rco att tlio diiyc of my Imryall. 'Jo 
Cli'inciit Sutton, NVilliii : Sulloii, ami Kichard Sutton, my Sistt is sonnes, 
dwcllin^t; in Docksall in tlio ('(juntyr of Kssex, lOs,, that !.•» to saye, to 
evt^ryi! of tlicni os. M. apei'ce, wtliin hixt* inonethcs next after my drc«?aHe. 
" Item I (ieve to Ahialuim iJiltofte sonnc to Hinnott 15<lt()fl my God- 
cliildt^ T(!nne shillings to be pai«le him wtliin one yeere next attrr my de- 
cease." To .Jo^ias IJrJtofte my Sonne my IJest Hi-dd 8tanilin;;e in the 
Parh;!', with tlu; Hcdsteade as it is, a payer of my best l'\vne I'Maxen Sheets, 
the moste priiuijjail Sheets I have in tlie Ilowse, the Best ('«>verin«^e, a 
j)ayer of tin; H»!st lilancketts, the liest Pillowes, and other furniture to \\\t'. 
BanH! IJedd l)elonifinu;e, to his owne proper use and hestcjwo att his free will 
and j)leasiiri\ To the said .losias the Table ami Franit* withe the Settle 
standini;i' in the Hall. To the saidd .lo^ias my Sonne my He.^t liia^«.e Panne 
and my Hest Brasse Pott 1 have in the Ilowr>i', to use and di.-po.^e att his 
pleasure, wth Two Chests as they are standini^e in the Parler out [i/r, 
?one] att the Bi'dds iledd and th'other att the Bedds Peete. My full pur- 
pose mynd(i and intent is That all and singuler suehe Goods Chattells 
moveables and possessions whatsoever, Tliat is to saye, all manner C'orne 
and •^raiiie, Ilorsses, kyne, C'attells, llousehouldstulfe, ynipleimnts, uten- 
sills, appartdl, Lynnen, wollen, and other possessions ami necessarii-s what- 
soever to me LaN\fuHie belon;;in^e and whereof I shalbee po>sesse<l att the 
tyme of my deathe. The goods and severall becpiests first afore "^even and 
by thi^ my present Laste will devised onlie excepted, shalbee by myue 
Exeeutor and Overseers hereunder named, wth some other neighbors and 
assistants whome the}' shall tliinck gootl, devided into Two etpiall j>ts and 
poreions as nere as possiblie eanne, the one proper pte and poreion to bee 
and remayne to the sole aiul onlie })roper use and behouft of .b)sias Beltoft 
my Sonne, the said .losias after the same equall ptieion and <levision to 
have f[r]ee libertie to choose whether pte lie will or his assignes for him, 
and th'other pte and poreion to bee and remayne to Bennett Beltoft my 
Sonne, whom I make and Ordeyne sole Executor of tliis psent Last will 
and Tt'stament. Overseers; ('hristopher Preston and Willin : Perrye of 
Fryers, and to eyther of them for their paynes 3s. 4d. a peece. If Josias 
my Sonne shall decease before the tyme of this pte to him growinge due, 
the sanu; shall wholye bee tV: Remayne to the af renamed liennett Beltoft 
& his heirs for ever. The mke of the saide Richard Beltoft the Testator, 
p. nu; \N'illmum Ct)mpton. Witnesses: Richaril Darter wth others, Raufe 
Broune, Raufe Perie, dohn Smyth. (Commissary Court of London for 
Essex and Herts [Somerset House], original will.) 

The Will of Josias Bklknat ''of the pshe of Sabri<lgouth Co. Har- 
ford," 28 January 151)0 [Iai>l)/1G00]. Unto my l?roiher Bennet Belk- 
naj)pe my landes & £20 of money, whereof he oweth me £ij for three 
yeares rent for my landes, *fc he oweth me more for one yeare, £5:0:8, & 
I lent him £7 the 25th. Januaire, »Jc I jiive him those «roodes & leiracies 
well my fath"" left me it the lynnen v& househoulde stutTe wch he hath of 
myne in his keej)inge & all my a{)parell but one black suite & one black 
eloke. To my cousin John Brown in Southwark £20, & to .lone his wyfe 
20 nobles, & 1 give him my white coton *.V: all suche lynnen as I have iu 
his house & one suite of blacke ^.V: one black cloke & one i^onde of Daell 
[? Daniel] Sheltons to the some of £10 v.K: one Bill of William Shelton to 
the some of £10 0»c all my small Billes it Bondes ifc all such dettes as may 
be gott upp in Ireland. To his servaunte Annie 203. To the Poore of 
Sebridgeouth -lOs. There is due me uppou a certaine accomptes £40, that 

02 EnylUh Anceatvy oj' Atnerican Btlknaps [Jau. 

lu'lui: rccfiviMl I •rivu to mv hiotli*^ Kalfi- Itrowiie I'o, to my IJrotluT 
Kohart X'.'>, iV, to my cosen .lolin 110 iiu)rr, *& to llif Poore wluTi* I bli:ill»e 
IjuiIimI 208., cVc 40s. more to the Toore in SuluitlLji-oulIi |)>lie, tV; to iiiy nistcT 
l\Iaiyt' Hrowiu; widowc £5, »& to .Mrs. lyrainict.-f* Slultoii fowt-r ai»iiL'«*lls to 
make In r a Kiii^c, & the rest to my Hrotli* r Briimit litlkiiainx-, wIhjiu I 
iiiakr lull i;xtr He niy fosni .lolm liroune my OvcrseiT. . Witnesses: 
iViauiiccs liadsweils, Josias Htlknaj»j»e, .lolm Lawlye. l*iove<l (i Krluuary 
Joli'J [I.VJD/IOOO] hy Hc.-nedict Ik-iknappe, executor. ( P. C. C, Wul- 
lopp, 10.) 

The Will of Hknnkt Bhltoft "of Sahridi^eworth in the Countie of 
IIartl"()i«l hushandman," 14 Aj»ril 1^.23. Unto 'l\iin poore |H'0|»le of the 
jii.slie of Sahridi^worth 3s. M., to lie paid unto tlieni wtliin one month 
after my droea^e. Unto Oraee my wife my Me>.suai,a- or Tenenu-nt whearo 
in I now dwell, wtliail the llal•ne.^, .^taijles, &, yards, orchards, 
c^ uardcns theare unto hilon'^inire, Lxiui^e tt heiuLre in Sahrid'^worth, and 
all>n all my free Lan«I Lyini/e in Sahridirworih, durinife hur natural lyfe, 
i^ to keepe my llowsen in j;ood ^: sulfycieiit rejiraeon, kV: that >he .shall 
make no stripe nor^ of the wooii, And after hur dt cease my sayd 
'i'enement, wtliall the harnes, stahles, ouuhthowses, yards, onhards, & 
gardens theare unto heloni^inije, and all .so all my free Land aforesaid, I 
give vt hecjueathe unto .losN as Ueltoft my sonn And to the heires of his 
Hody La\\ fully hegotteii, "anil for want of heires of his hody lawfully he- 
gotten then my will it mynd is that the fon-said 'I'enenient *& free Land 
shall Ih* iV; remayne unto Abraham lieltoft my sonn vV: his heires forever." 
Unto Fraunces Heltoftc my dau'diter my .lovni-d Hed.sted now starnliiiixe in 
the parKr, wth one fetherhed, one tether houlster, two fether pillnwes, 
two Itlanckets, two payer of sheetes, one tiexen v.V: the other Lenen [?], one 
payer of pdloweres, v.<: a coveringe, one Longe 'J'ahle wth a frame standing 
in the parler, Two of the best .Joyued stolles, my Ueste brasse pott, two of 
the bcht pewter platteres, two of the best Candelstickes, 'J'wo of tli«* best 
pewter poningers, & the best sank siller. I 'nto .lohn Beltoft my sonn one 
bodst((lell standinge in the C'heseloft, one flockbed, one boul.>ter, one payer 
of sheets, one \^turn, ? blanket], *fc a coveringe. Unto Dannill Heltoft my 
sonn one liedsted standinge in the Chamber ou[/(;r//] the hall & the fetber- 
bed theare on, one boulster, the l>est (lexen sheete that was his granti- 
motlu'res, one |)ayer of sheets, one blaneket, & one coveringe. " Iti-m I 
give iV: betjueathe unto Abraham Beliofte my son twentye shillinges of good 
ct Lawlully mouy of Englanii to be payd unto him by myne Kxecutors 
wthin one yeare next aftA.^r my decease Item I give & bequeathe unto 
Abraham lUdtoft my Grand Child tV: godsonn Tenn shillinges o( goo«l & 
Lawfull mony of England to be payd within one yeare next after my de- 
cease by myne Executors." Unto dosyas Hiltoft my sonn th«' table & 
frame standinge in the hall, wth the frame benchees & settelles theare 
unto belongeinge, all wayes to Indoft [?] to tlie bowse. All the rest of my 
movable goods cV: chattolles, corne, *S; Caltell, what so ever not before be- 
queathed, unto Grace my wife i.<: .losyas Bidtofte my sonn, whome I make 
my I'xecutors. 1 appoyi\t Willm: Preston and Willm: Aildam my ouer- 
8eeares, & 1 give unto eyther of them for theare jiaynes 3s. 4d. apeece. 
The marke of Bennet Beltofte. Witnesses: Willm: l^reston, The marke 
of Raphe Browne see% The mark of Willm : Addam. Proved at Stortford 
15 ,Iune 11)24 bv the executors named.* (Commissary Court of London 
for Essex and Herts [Somerset House], original will.) 

• Vide supra, p. 83. 

[To bo coucludeil] 

/914] Descendants of Role rt lluckins 98 


liy Hknkt WiNTHitoH H.vuixjN, A.M., \A..\\., of New York City 

[Cuntinued from vol. 07, puf^c 3J4] 

");). Dka. Simon" IIlckins {Thom(ts,^ Thuiuns,* Roleil,^ Jmnes,' Robt'rl^)^ 
of Lt'o, 177.'), aii'l ol ()s>ijM'r, 1M(>7, joiner, town ollicrr, l»orn at l)ur- 
liain 1 .Ian. 1702, difil ."U (Jet. IHlU. lie niani««|, |)rol)al>l\ in 17js5, 
J.oib'* Randall, tlau;,'litcr of Miles* und Aljiuail (Knnnclis) (Kock- 
ingliam Deeds, vol. 13*J, p. .'>.*> 2 ; IJunnells Family, ji. 1-lIJ, ulio 
was hoin at Lee 10 June 1707 und died \o Jan. IrtU. 
lie lived at Wadiei-di's ¥AU, in Lee. 

Children, the lirst seven horn at Lee, the otiiers at Ossi|)ee (fam- 
ily record in possession, I'JlU, of (jeor^^e Frank" llueUins, son of 
Joseph," of Freedom) : 

i. Aim^.Aii,,^ 1). 13 .June 1780; d. 21 May 1H23; m. 7 June 1800 Dka. 
John 1'. Mills of KHin;iliam, fainu-r, h. iit Limerick, .Me., 2(j Dec 
1780, who nL (2) 2;> Feb. 1824 K>liier .laokson. Children,- b. at 
Nt)rth KHinudiam (Freedom) (family Bihle in posse>>i<)n, 11)10, 
of Muria 1." Harmon, dau. of Sarali 11.* (Mills). (»f Lawrence, 
Mas.s.; : I. Susun,^ h. 12 Dec. lso7 ; d. .s. ;y. \\\m. Irt70; m. (1) 1*2 
Jan. 1852, as his second wife, .lulm MilU*^ Lil>l»y, s. of Tobias* 
and Al)if,'ail (Handall) (Llbby Fandly, p. 40s), of Porter, Me., 
farmer, town clerk, b. at Frei-dom 21 Ati^'. ISOO, d. 2H Mar. 1805; 
nL (2; James Stanley of Forter, Me. 2. Zilhih, b. 8 May 181U; 
m., as his second wife, Ebene/i'r Hnrbank of Lawrence, Mass., b. 
at Campton 171)0, d. 7 Ani;. IH08. H. Lni.t Jlurkim, b. 23 June 
1812; (1. 2 Feb. 1875; m. (1) 12 Jan. ls2:» Stephen Jackson Ki-nl- 

son, s. of ,lohn auvl (Jaekxtu), of I-'reeilon> and of Liiile- 

toui jeweller, b. at Katon 24 Mar. 1810 (town records), d. 3 July 
1832; m. (2) 1 Feb. 1m4'.) William Harmon of Freedom, farmer, 
tanner, b. at Scarboroufxli. Me.. 17'.)4. d. s.p. Jan. 18i;«.». 4. Simon 
Jliickins, of Fortsmonth, whoelwri^'ht, b. 12 Dee. lsl4 ; d. 18 Sept. 
11)00; m. (1) Mar. 1837 Catherine Sherman; u\. (2) Melissa 
Moulton, dau. of Uedmond and Durcas (Dur^rin); m. (3'> is Apr. 
1887 Sarah F. (IJranscom) Lester, widow, dau. of William and 
Anna, b. at Newcastle 6 June 1831, d. 28 July 18'.)4 ; n\. (4) 21 
Oct. 1805 .Abigail Frances Meserve, dan. of Clement and Mary 
(Swett), b. at rarsouslleld, Me., 9 Dee. l83i», d. 2 Feb. I'JOO. 6. 
Nancy, b. 20 Apr. 1817; d. 5 Auij. 1825. G. Al,i>j<tU If., b. 17 
Dec. 1810; d. 8 Nov. 181)8; \u. at Lowell, Mass., 5 Mar. 1843, 
Jaa/aniah F. Hussey, s. of Jaa/aniah and Mary ( Freeman), of Mcd- 
lleld, Ma>s., {gunsmith, b. at Needliam, Mass., 2t) Jmie l."^20, d. 25 
Uet. 1880. 7. Siimh II. (twin), b. 2i) June ls2--'; d. II June ISHO; 
HL (1) 1 Nov. 184!) William Harmon, s. of William and Maria (Per- 
kins), of Frecdt)m, farmer, b. 8 Nov. 1825, d. 4 July Isi'.O; ul (2) 
Foster McDauiels of Freedom, farmer. 8. ('Imifistf A. (twin), b. 

21) June 1822 ;d. Mar. lOOU; m. (I) Lumb of Vallejo, Cal. ; 

m. (2) Perkins of FreedouL 

li. IsuAKL, of Freedom, nniriner, b. 14 Sept. 1788; said to have been 
lost at sea; m. Sisvn LovLuiNt^, who m. (2) 30 July 1817 (towu 
rect)rds) .\i Herry of Freedom, 
ill. LoVK, b. 3 Sept. 17«)0. 

Iv. Sah.vh, b. 7 Sept. 17i)2; m. 7 June 1820 her cousin. Milks^ IIuckins 
(,90), s. of Josiah'* and Mary (Uandall) (Dutch), q. v. 

85. v. Milks, b. 11 Jan. 17i>5. 

80. vi. TnoM.vs, b. 27 Apr. 1797. 

87. vii. Danikl, b. 28 Feb. 1801. 

91 Descendants of Robert Huchins [Jan. 

vlli. Osgood, b. 18 Sept. 1803; d. unin. 4 Dec. l«2a. 

Lx. Hannah, b. 11) Sfpt. IH0.>; d. 22 July ls:»4; m. 17 June 1H2;J her 
cousin, Talj. C. Watson (i;i, Iv, 4), s. of iJuiiitl uud I.ydia* 
(IluikiuH), 7. V. Cliililreu, b. at Tuinworlli : 1. Urisnu* of Ko- 
clicstcr, furuicr, b. 8 Nov. 1823; d. 2«i .June l^'JJi; in. ul Hoclicster, 
7 Oct. lri4*J, Miiunali .MU-n, duu. of Williiun and Sanili (Niite), b. 
at Kochcstrr 17 June ISI'U, d. IG May 1HS|. 2. ./tiinrs // , b. 2 Sept. 
182.'<; d.o Si'pt. 1H27. 3. Jus<f,h J/nckius, of Natirk, Mass , 1849, 
int'rchant, b. 22 June 1M27 ; d. 20 Juu. IHMl ; in at Nashua. 24 Dec. 
1H4'.) (town re(:(»r(N), Eliza Ann Franklin, <luu. of Iv/.ra and Kliza 
(Diniickj. b. at Lyme iMiJU, d. 23 Mar. lt>'.n). 4. Daiiitl.of Natick, 
Mass., siioeniaker, b. 17 July 1H2'J; d. inun. 10 Mar. 1ij2. 5. 
CiUsm Ann^ h. 27 Mar. 1832; d. unrn. at Soniersworth 12 Sept. 
18(10. 0. Sarafi, b. 4 Jan. ls:55; d. 7 Jan. 1.^35. 7. O.-^-jni.d Iluck- 
ins, of Natirk, .Mass., merchant, b. 4 Mar. Ib3G; livinj^ s.p. 
(11)10) at Worcester, Mass; m. (1) at Lovell, Me., 10 Sejit. IH07, 
Olive Knox, dau. of Samuel and Olive (Kimball), b. at Chatham, 
N. II., 7 .\|>r. 1S3(;. (1 !'»; May 1h(;3; m. (2) C Dec. 1H70 Mary E. 
Ceuterbar, dau of Trillly and Eliza A. (Hemlrix), b. at Eno.sbur'^, 
Vt., 22 Apr. 1H4G. living' (I'.MO) at Natick. Mass. 8. Juims llnr- 
veij, b. 23 July 183« ; d. in infancy. U. Lydift J., b. 17 Nov. 1831); 
d. 20 Feb. I'.mS; m. at Natick, .Nlass.. 22 May isCi, .Vdi-lbert O. 
rearse. s. of Joshua and Mary J. (Fuller), of Natick, Mass., bhoe- 
inaker, b. at Hope, Me , 5 Jan. 1841, d. 25 Apr. 11)05. 10. Anna 
iV., b. 2 Sept. 1M42; livinj^ (I'.'IO); in. at Siulliurne, Mass., 10 
Apr. 18G.'). Silas Jenkins, s. of Thomas H. and Nancy H (Smith), 
of Durham, njcrchant, b. at Chatham 13 Mar. Is40, li\ ini^ (I'JlO). 
11. Oien Jliirvty, of Chatham, N. H., and of Jamaica IMain. Mass., 
farmer, b. 2 Sipt. 1845; d. Auj;. 11)10; u\. 4 Feb. Isd'.t Esliar East- 
man, b. at l?artlett 1850, livinj; (11)10) at Frvebur;;. Me. 12. Jl'ile, 
of Natick, Mass., carpenter, b. 25 Oct. 1847; livinj? (1010; ; m. at 
Conway, 10 Oct. 1870, Clara V. Stevens, dau. of Aui^ustus V. and 
Clarissa 1). (Green), b. at Shelburne 25 June 1850, llvlni; (IJIO). 
13. licorge, b. 11 May 1850; d. 18 July 1850. 

X. Josr.rii. b. 24 July 1807 ; d. unm. at Bangor, Me., 15 June 1828 (Ban- 
gor Hist. M(i(j., vol. 2, p. 183). 

xi. Lois, b. 1) Nov. 1801); d. 29 July 1875; m Ei.nuii)«;i: A. Ward, s. 
of Jonathan and Mary (Moulton), of Freedom, farmer, b. at Free- 
dom ISOtJ. who m. (2) 12 Mar. 187G .Mehilal)le Sanborn. • Only 
child, b. at Freedom: 1. Albert A^.," of Freedom, farmer, .sohlier 
in the Civil War, b. 183G; d. 18<;8 ; m. at C()ncord, 10 .\pr. 18r,0, 
Hannah E. Stevens, dau. of Chandler and Judith, b. at ('oncord 

xU. Lydia, b. 28 Mar. 1813; il. unm. G Oct. 1828. 

30. Jusi.\il° IluCKiNS {Thomas,^ T/iomaSj* Jiuhert,* James,^ Rohert^)^ 
farmer, born at Durbain 17 May 17G8, di»'d about 1810. lie mar- 
ried, about 1790, ]M.vuY^ (Kaxdall) Dutch, widow, daugliter of 
Tliomas* (Miles*). 

He was of Lee, 1776, but is not mentioned in the records of tliat 
town alter 1793. lie was at Parsonslieid, Me., in 1800 (.Strafford 
Deeds, vol. 38), and at Ossipee Gore, with wile Mary, in 1803 
{ib.^ vol. 13, p. 43(»). Ilti reinove<l about 1800 to Canada, where 
he is said to have been t'lunloved in bridire ct)nstruction. 

Children, the first live born at Lee, the last in Cana«la, the others 
at Ossipee : 

i. liKiiECCA,' b. 2 Sept. 171)1 ; d. at North Adams, Mich., 5 Apr. 1876; 
m. (1) at Melbourne. P. Q.abt. 1810, Joskph^ Gallup, 8. of Joseph* 
and Miriam (Hriirham^; (Gallup Faniilv. p. 128), of Melbourne, 
r. Q.. 1810, Athens. Mich.. 1834, Grainille, Mich., 183G, Medina, 
Mich., 1842, farmer, b. at Hartland, Vt., 2 June 1781), d. 27 Oct. 
1840; m. (2) 27 Dec. 1842 Ezekiel^ Gallui', brother of her de- 


914] Descendduts of Robert lluckins 95 husband, b. ut Ihiilluiid, Vt., G July 1787, d. 13 Jan. IHGO. 
Children by husband, the first ei^ht b. at Mclbuurnu, 1*. Q., 
the others in Kranklin Co., N. V. (family Bible In pos.session, I'Jlo, 
of Kli/a A." ((iulhip) (iullup, of Huilson. Mich.) : 1. Mary {J'ully)* 
b. 24 Feb. Ittll'; d. G Apr. ]Hs4 ; in. ubt. IfttiO Harrison Tost of 
North Adanjs, Mich , farmer. 2. Fidtlia, b. 24 Mar. I3l4; d. at 
llurlland, Vt., 12 Nov. IrtMl ; m. abt. 1h;1G Jrffcrson Ha;,'lry, s. of 
'^lHHllu^ .ItHt-rson and Olive ( IVrkins), of ilarlford, Vt., farmer, 
b. at llurlland, Vt., 2rt Jidy l^o^;, d. :i June 1*87. 3. litUcci, b. 
31 Oct. l«lii; d. 27 Feb. lrt»7; m. at Whitby, Ont., 11 Oct. Im.JG, 
Daviil nul)l)ell of I.exin^ttju, Mich., caipenter, b. 27 Feb. Irtl5, 
d. 11 Oct. \6i\\. 4. M'tr(h<i, b. lu Sept. 1«17; d. 2t; Dec. iMHj; m. 
25 July 1835 Benjamin^ lloadley, m. of Jonathan^ and Lydia 
(Jaipiith) (lloadley Genealogy, pp. 212-3), of Westville Centre, 
N. Y., farmer, b. at Will.sborou^'h, N. Y., 12 Apr. 180.^, d. 27 A|.r 
18;)5. 5. OUvty b. 17 Jan. l^l'.^; d. 2G Apr. 1878; m. 23 Oct. l.-'i8 
lliury Tucker, s. of Turley and liebecca F. (Lyon?), of Wheatland, 
Mich., farmer, b. in Connecticut 8 June 1803, d. 2 Mar. 1884. G. 
Jus>j)fi, b. 21 Jan. 1821; d. unni. 28 Apr. 1S4U. 7. haar, b. 8 
Nov. 1823; d. 17 June 183G. 8. L'li.z<i A , b. 10 Sept. 1824; livin;^ 
(I'.)IU) at Hudson, Mich.; m. 27 Dec. 1812 F/ekiel" Gallup, s. of 
K/.ekiel^ (named above) and I'amela (Balchelder), of Hudscju, 
Mich, farmer, b. at Melbourne, 1'. t^.. 22 .\pr. 1817. 'J. Kli!>lia, 
of CoHeyviile, Kans., 1874, 0.->\ve>^o, Kans., l87'J, Delta, Colo., 
l'J04, miner, b. 31 Dec. 182G ; livini^ (I'JlO); in. (1) 15 (Jet. 1851 
Charilla McOmber, dau. of Joseph and Fliza (.\cker), b. in Jeller- 
son Co., .N. v., 27 Feb. 1S27, d. 23 June IsGI; m. (2) 18 \\\\r. 1m(;5 
Eli/abelh Grow, dau. of Wells K. and Miner\u (i.amoureux), b. 21 
Apr. 1837, living (I'JIO). 10. Mmia L., b. 2 May 182'J; d. 2 Feb. 
1878; m. 24 Mar. 1852 .\lonzo Raymond of Adrian, Mich., farmer, 
d. 1875. 
11. ELr/.vMi.rii, b. 21 Apr. 17'J3; d. at Croton, Ont., G June 1871; m. at 
Melbourne, I'. Q., 11 Feb. 1812, Cait. jA.MKri G.ui:.s GiiisoN, 8. of 

and (Gates), of Melbourne, 1'. Cj., Chatham, t)nt., 

1837, Crolun, Ont., 1844, farmer, b. in New Hamp>hire 22 Nov. 
IT'.MJ, d. Mar. 1859. ChiKUvn, the la>t b. at Chatham, Out , ll»e 
others at Melbourne, I'. Q. (family Bible in po.sscssion, I'Jlo, of 
James M.' tJibson, s. of .Mahlon B.," of 'i'haniesville, Ont.); 1. 
J/.n!/," 1). 25 Nov. 1812; d. 2 July 1873; ni. at Mellxnirne, 1*. Q., 
17 ,Mar. 1835, Ira Green woo<l, s. of lie/.ekiah and Nancy ilJiiby;, 
of Melbourne, F. Q., shoemaker, b. at Fly, F. (^., 4 Dec. 180'J, d. 
at Croton, Out., 20 Feb. UM)1. 2. Suncy, b 24 Oct. 1814 ; d. unm. 
Feb. 1832. 3. James Nt-lson, b. 23 Jan. 181G; d. 181G. 4. L'lizu- 
btth Alice, b. 12 Dec. 1817; d. 20 .Mar. 1907; m. at Cliatham, Out., 
17 Mar. 1840, Capt. James Cameron, s. of James and Marjxaret 
(Mitchell), of Walpole Island, Out , teacher, b. at -Aberdeen, Scot- 
land, 13 Apr. 1814, d. at Wallaceburir, Out., 8 .An;;. lsir_'. 5. 
iV(jrui, b. 4 Jan. 1820; d. at Wallaceburj;, Out., 2o Dec. l'Jo4; m. 
at Croton, Out., 10 May 1848, I'lalt Merrill, s. of Simeon and Nancy 
(l'a,ii:e), of Croton, Ont., hnnberman, b. at Sidlivan, N. Y., G Jan. 
18 li, d. at Dresden, Out., 13 July 18'J0. G. James, b. 21 Jan. 1822; 
d. Apr. 1828. 7. Sarah A., b. 3 Dec. 1824; d. at Bandon. Oreg.. 
i:t02; m. at Croton, Ont., IG Jan. 1843, William Walker, s. of 
William and Sarah (Walker), of Croton, Ont . merchant. 8. Jane, 
b. 22 May i82G; d. at Wallacel)urg, (.>nt., l8'J7; m. Ia57 James B. 
McDoui;all of Wallaceburg, Ont. i). JhmuttU, b. 20 June 1828; 
d. unm. at Croton, Ont., 1877. 10. .yalilon />., of Croton, 
Ont., blacksmith,!). 18Sept. 1830; d. 1.'. Jan. l'.»07; m. 7 Nov. 1854 
^iary Jane Burwell. dau. of Uoi)ert and Mary ^^Johnson), b. 23 
Aug. 1821), d. at Wabash, Out., 31 Aug 18'J3. 11. Lucta, b. 2 May 
1833; d. 1837. 12. Hasina, b. 20 June 1835; d. 1837. 13. Vic- 
toria A., h. 8 Oct. 1837; d. at Whitby, Out , 28 .Mar 191.!; m at 
Croton, Ont., Jan. 1857, John W. Snary. s. of John and 
(Bilton), of Croton, Ont., farmer, b.atCrohaud, co. Lincoln, Kng. 
88. ill. Thomas, b. 171)5. 


yG Descendduts of llohert JIucklna ' [Jan. 

89. iv. AiiiJAir, b. 6 Aug. 17'JG. 

90. V. .MiJ K.>, h. 1798. 

91. vl. N<»,\n. 1). IHOO. 

92. vil. I>AAC C, 1j. 15 All},'. 1.S03. 

93. viii. Jo.^iAH, b. L'O Nov. 1W)G. 

ix. .M.iKV, il. ^.j*.; ni., us his bccoiid wife, Wu.uam rAxrox of Port 
IV-rry, Out., fanner. 

.']1. .John" I1icKI.\.s {JiJSf/}/i,^ Joseph,* Hubert,^ Jmnes,'^ Rifbtrl^), yt-niuMX^ 
boiii jiL ^\)tlill^h;llll '1\ iM;ir. 17«)2, (lied J 7 Mar. iHlU (laiuily 
liiltlc oi .]o>v\A\'^ ilmkiijs). 1I«- iiiarrinl, at (iilinaiitoii, 18 
.Inly 17.S1 (town rrconi.s), Han.n.vii Mi;i»c;ktt, who tlicfl 18U7, 
(laui,']itc'r of Ht'iijamin and Hannah (Hcan), lirst sctllc-rs at Gil- 
luanton ( Lanca.stcr'.s (Jilinautou, p. Oil); and secondly, 15 Nov. 
IbOiS (town records), Ukukcca AJauv Kdokklv of Gilinanton. 

lie was of Ciihnanton, I77.'i, and of Parsonsh* Id, Mc., 177'J. 

He was in Sinciair'.s coiuitanv at West IVinl in the fall oi 1780 
(N. II. State rai»er.s, vol. 1 I, pp. 121, IGl). 

("hildn-n hy lirst wile, tin; hr>L sevt'n lM»rn at Clihnanton, the 
ot)»er.s at Pursoiiblielil, Me. (town records) : 

1. Ann J )). 27 Oct. 17S4; d. 12 Sept. I.s»;:J; ni. abt. 1804 SfKriiKN 
(Jkanvii.i.k, 8. of .Johcpli and Mary (Dearborn's ParM»n>lleKI. pp. 
i>sl, 4(10), of C'onway and of KlllM;;liani, miller, b. al rar>on>llcld, 
Me., 29 June 1777, «*l. 2s .Inly lh4s. Children, the llr>l b. at Cou- 
>vny, the others al Kllhii;iiain (fandly llilile in possess!, ,ii, r.tlu, 
of Anna M" Taylor, dan. of Clarissa" (Granville), of limokilne, 
Mass.): 1. C/a//.s.svt,» b. 14 May l^<0^>; d. 4 Sept. 1m:»4 ; ni. 19 
May 182.') Elijah Taylor, s. of lienjaniin and Elizabeth (^ Davis), 
of Kllln^hani, fnrnier, b. at KHin;4luun 12 Nov. Ift02, d. 2o Oct. 
1H83. 2. Thovms C, of Ossipee, fanner, b. :50 July 1«07 ; d. 21 
May 1H:)9; ni. Luelnda Ivennet, dan. of John and Sarah (Tnttle). 
3. S'lmutl, of .\von. Me., and Karniinuton, Me., earpenter. b. 19 
Mar. 1809; d. Auif. IMlC; ni. Mary liarter, b. in Maine 31 Mar. 
1802, d at Benton Harbor, Mieh., 15 Dec. 1892. 4. Hannah, b. 26 
Sept isil; (\ num. i:. July Is'.M. o. Sie)>/tni,n{ Danvers, Mass., 
carpenter, b. 14 Mar. lMl;{; d. at CUlnton. Iowa. •', Dte. ls"»7; 
ni Kli/al)eth Wilkins, widow. (> ./'».s«y//<, of I'reniont, i'ler;:ynnin, 
b. r. Jan. 181G; d. 8 June 1S97 ; nj. 2 Jan. 1838 Abi-ail K. Allard, dau. 
of Samuel and Anna (Kennet), b. at Albany, N.V., 1 Dec. lHl8. d. 
IC Mar. ls:i3. 7. Mm-in. b. 23 Sept. 1^18; d. l^V,^; m. in Boston, 
1 Jan. I8r»l, as his sec()nd wife, ,Iohn 11. (Jrush, s. of John II., of 
Hrookline, Mass., barber, constabh', b. at Marl)lelicad, Mass., 
1812, d. G Sept. 1880. 8. Onn If., of Somerville, Mass., teacher, 
merehant, soldier in the Civil War, b. 27 Nov. 1820; d. 13 Apr. 
18S4: m. (1) at Somerville. Mass., 8 Oct. 1847, Catherine A. 
Dupee, dan. of William and Catherine, b. at Westford. .Mass., 
1S23, d. 29 Mar. 18:)»; m. (2) at Cambrid;;e. Mass , 11 July ls.54, 
Mary A. (Callahan; Collins, w id()W, b. at Ferri>l)urii, \'t., Is2s, 
d. in" New Vt)rk City 1 1 June 18:m'.. 9. Iha. John V., of Kllimrhani, 
farmer, b. 2«) Doc. 1822; d. 23 June 1901 ; ni. (1) 1 June 18:»3 .Mary 
-\." Chapman, ilau. of Mark' and lluth M. (Wedgwood) (Edward 
Chapman and I'amilv.p. ^7 ; Mnhit (rrne<ilo(/isl, vol. 3, p. 147), b. at 
rarson>tleld, Me., 22 Sept. 1828, d. 12 Dec. 1804 ; ni. (2) 9 Sept. 18G6 
his second cousin, Olive J.' lluekins (99, il), dan. of Nieholas E.^ 
and Nancy (Slmte), q. r. 10. Sophnmia A , b. 23 July 1S2.". ; d. 8 
Nov. 1887; m. 2S Nov. 1S47 Cyrus Champion, s. of William and 
Hannah (IVnniel), of Eihrnxham, farmer, b. at Eifnnrham Dec. 

I>s22, d. 20 Dec. . 11. Mary, b. 26 May lb29; d. uuni. 14 Feb. 


ii. Srrriii.N, b, 2C Mar. 1786; said to have d. at IJverpool, Eng., abt. 
1809 ; said to have m. a Miss Fauuingtun of Conway, and to have 

had one daughter. 


4] Descendants of Iiohcrt IFuchins 97 

111. Hannah Hohkhtson, h. TJ Feb. ITh'J; d. s.p. (?) 23 Nov. 18G2 ; in. 
'j;5 Nov. l.soi) (town recoril.>j IhitA.M I' (H, iv, 2), ».«*l' Wil- 
liuiii uiitl lliiiiuiilt'' liiickiii<>, q. V. 

Iv. Sakaii, b. 26 Jan. IT'.il; il ut Franklin 21 Jan. lH."i2 (t«><iue) ; 
m. al)t Is Id .Sikpiikn S. ChaI'Ma.n i>( (iilf<jiii. Only ^ '() cliihl, b. at 
(iiU'onl : 1. I.^ithilln,'' ni ul (jilnianlon. J'.* Jan. 1k:;.'(, as lii:» be(»n(l 
\\\\i\ Cliarlts llirani (lonhl oi Franklin, papcr-niakur, b. Itill, 
Aviio m. {'.i) 5 Nov. Ifiti'A F.ll/abclh K. (Colby) Cirilliu, wiiluw. 

V. KiNici;, b. .SI Dec. 17'J2; «1. .MU Au^. 1«47; in. 'J Mar. IM.'. (town 
n-ioril.s) Wii.iiA.M Mr IX. KIT, .s. of Joseph an»l Mihiuiblc ^Kast- 
uum), of liri.slol, fanner, b. ut I'opliu 2'J Nov. 17^(1, d. i:) Nov. 
1«7G. Children, b. at liri.-itol : 1. Mmy Mmnify SmilU,* b. 20 Feb. 
IKIT); \\. s. p. U) Dec. K*^'J:>; ni 3 Nt>v. \t>\'A Dea. Janie.s II Hiown, 
s. of Kev. .Amos and .\liii,'ail (Cheney), of Hriblol and oi Hill, 
farmer, nuMnber of the lAiji.slatnre, b. at Hri.slol 3 July l.-^iU, 
d. 28 Sept. l.s7o. 2. lldnimU JJtakins, b. 21 Apr. Ihl'J ; d. 10 Mur. 
\f<:U\. 3 Juhii I'liilainlrrji. i:> Si-pt. 1S21 ; d. J7 Oct. IrtV-'. 4. 
Cdlvin Jfuihins, of Bristol, Norllitielil, \'t., iMo.l, Hri-tol, 18:irt, 
nnil of Hopkinton, IhST, farmer, member of the Le;;i.>lalnre, b. 1 
Ant;. 1H2;J ; d.27 Apr. lSM»tt ; in. (1) l.'i Jnly ls.>l Julia Fisher, dau. 
of Kllis and Hannah (Noyes), b. at Northtield, \'t., I'J ,\pr. I>27, 
d. 1« Dec. IrtMJ; Ul. (2) 2'J (.)ct. I^.s7 Claia (Fi^hcrj i.ainprey, 
slater of Ills decea.sed wife ami widow of Heui>eii, b. in Canada 
11- July lti24, d. 12 Sept. isjl ; m. (3) 13 Si-pt.»2 Mary J. 
(IVrry) Dow, dau. of Varnum and Dorothy (Fnnch) and u id.Av 
of J. French, b at New Boston 1 .July isi'5, livin;; (l'.)lo) at Cou- 
toocook. 5. Oriiida MrfiiOihlcy b. 17 Apr. lMli7 ; d. 19 June 1m.»>3; 
111. 21> June 184H Curtis Smith, .s. of Leavilt and Hannah (Calley), 
of A.shlaud, farmer, b. 8 Nov. I.s22, d. 'J Dec. Is72. (;. /..nira 
jAdicr, b. 21 Jan. 182'.); d. ^. /). 18 June I'JOli ; in. IG July 1851 
Josiah 8. In^alls. s. of Josiah Iv and Dorothy (Sanl)orii), of 
Concord, manufacturer, b. at Alexaiulria 13 Dec. lM'7, d. l.*> July 
lUD'J. 7. S'lriilt Ann JS,tkri\ b. 22 Jidy l.s33 ; d. 13 Sept. 1^74 ; 
in. 20 Jan. ]8.')."> llo>oa F. Hawkins, s. of Franci> and Mary (Siur- 
tevunt), of Meredith, farmer, b. at Meredith 23 Nov. 1833, d. 17 
Dec. 11K)8. 

vi. Sm.Aii, b. 22 Jan. 17'.):); d. 2(; Sept. 1S78; m. \) Jan. Isl7 Dka. 
SiKi'iiKN Smiih, 3d, s. of Stephen. Jr., and jlary ( 1J» an), of New 
Hampton, farmer, b. at New Hampton Jan. 17;»o. il. 7 .Sept. 18G3 
(tombstone). Children, b. at New Haiii|)t<Mi (family Hihle in p<>s- 
session, I'.HO, of Flta» (Smitli) Winslow, dau. of .I.'ihn C.' Smiih, 
of Chicago Heights, III.): 1. Handt vl.,» b. l> Jnly 1818; d. 12 
Nov. 1872; m. Charles Clark, s. of Janies and .Mary (Cox), of 
Holderness, farmer, b. at llolderness 31 Jan. 1817, il. 3 Nov. IsoO. 
2. JosijtU y>., oi A.shlaud, mill-man, b. Nov. 1S20; d. s.^. 1 Mar. 
11)03; m. 2i'» Nov. 1830 (town records) Mclvina Hawkins, dau. of 
Dudley and Sophronia(?) (I'iper), b. at Centre Harbor '.) May 
1S23. d. 'M) Mar. l'.»04. 3. John i'ulviii, of New Hamptou, fanner, 
b. June lSL'3; d. Jan. 18'J2 ; in. (1) lh4l) (int. ivc. 21) .Ian. Ispj, 
Amanda Cox, ilau. of Thomas and .Marian ^^ Dearborn), h. at llol- 
derness Jan. 1821'), d. Jan. Is*;;); m. (2) IG Nov. Isr.'.) Sarah C. 
riiilbrick. dau. of Josiah H and Mary (Smitli), J». at Tlltou IK.'^O, 
d. 13 Feb. IDOG. 4. I'nson C , I). Juiie lh23; d. 11 Sept. ]s2S. n. 
SlrphfH L., h Au^. 1828; d. ID Jan. 1830. G. .Vrrv //., b. 13 Apr. 
1832; d. 2G Apr. 1832. 

vii. Makv (Folly) . b. 3 Jan. 17117; d. at Alexandria .)o Jan. 1883; ni. 1 
Apr. IM'D .loiiN Slli'TKH, s. of Samiul and Fli/a)>elh (Sanljoni), 
of Bristol, farmer, b. at Bristol 2.5 Jan. 171)3, d. 10 S»|)t. 18»;2. 
Chihlivn, b. at Bristol: 1. ,/,,ltn /'.,» b. 13 July 1834; d. 27 Sept. 
1841. 2. Duviil C, of Westminster, Ma-^s., i8i;G. aiul t>f Filch- 
bur.i;. Mass , ls(;8, caliinet-maker. b. 23 .Nlar. 1837; livim; (li'lo); 
111. 30 Nov. 18G4 Jane F. Batheriek, dau. of Thoina«< K. and Dorothy 
(Phelps), b. at LeomiiLstcr, Mass., 4 Nov. I83i;, li\ inir (IDlo). 3. 
Woodliunj, of Alexandria, 1878, fanner, merchant, b. 1 June 1839; 
d. 24 Nov. 11)00 i m. 17 ^lay l8o3 Anna C. Crawford, dau. of Col. 



98 Descouianta 0/ Jiobtrt Iluckins [Jud. 

Williatn and Joanna (Sleeper) fMus^rove's Bristol, vol. 2, pp. 
40rt-i»), b. at IJrist*)! 22 May 1M37. living (lUlO) at Manthehter. 
viil. Stu'iiitnNu, b. 11 Muy 171»'J; U. 2«; IVb. IbcJI ; ni. 11 Nov. 1h*.'2 
Sa.mukl JicwKiT, s. of Kpps anil Kli/.aUUi (llidileii), of New- 
market, lrt22, Newburyport, Ma^s., 1820, Suxtoii, Me., 18*-'H, Fair- 
mount, Me., IriiJU, Hnck^port, .Me., 1«;''2, IJowdoinliiim, .Me., IHJJG, 
KipUy, Ind., \H'66, farmer, eler;;yman, 1)1). (Nurlh Hampton 
Acaulemy), b. at Ip.swieii, .Ma.s.s , 27 S»'pt. 17'J7, d. at \Vr>ky, 111., 
2 Mar. 18(JI. Cliihlreii: 1. Jinnph* master mariner, b. at New- 
market lb June IrtJl ; d. at Whatcom, Wa.^h., IhO.', ; m. in Will 

('()., III., 17 .\ui^. 1847, (Caroline I'razer, dau. of John and 

(Ki.sher), b. in Greenbrier Co., \'a., d. 1«7U. 2. Snunitl A. IK, 
of Joliet, III., clerjj;yman, D.U. (Mount Morris Coll.), b. at New- 
l)uryport, Mass., 21 .\pr. 1H2«;; d. at Jolit.*i, HI., Sept. l8b2; m. at 
Flint (ireek, 111., A Sept. Ib.'il, .Mary F. Bridi^nian, b. at Hain- 
bridge, N. V., 11 Feb. lfi2G, d. at St. I'aul, Miim., 1;>05. 3. Knock 
G., b. at Saxton, Me., 2'J .\uj?. 1«2«5; d. 17 .Mar. ItHr,. 4. ./ohn .1., 
of ()ak\voo«i, Okla., merchant, farmer, b. at Fairmount, Mr.. 23 
Uct. Ih3(); livini^ ^TJlU); m. Hi Dec. l«t;3 SiL^an .M. Kedmaii, dau. 
of David M. and Sarah .V. (Veller), b. at Hushkill, Fa., 1«; Dec. 
1.S34, d. 2 Aug. ISDo. 5. AsUhury C, of Jacks, Ukla., eler;rymaii, 
b. at Buek>port, Me., 18 .Apr. 1»32; d. 3U Mar lfs"J7 ; m. 1 Jan. 
lsr»7 Mary J. lioylan, dau. ot Maj. U(jl)ert and .Vngeline (Brown;, 
b. at Joliet, III., 21 .Vui,'. 1637, who in. (2) 23 Dec. 1873 Charles M. 
Kelloi^i; and is livini^ O-'l^) ^^ Bellimzham, Wash. G. Wilbur /'., 
b. at Bristol, .Me., \\\ July 1h;;4 ; d 2 .Mar. 1h42. 7. WiUiam O. A., 
of Shelbiiia, .Mo., lawyer, di>lrict attorney, 187(J-80, member of 
the Legislature, 188G-l)0, editor, 188l-ll)Ul, and proprietor. l!>01- 
13, of the ahtlbina Dcmocrnt, b. at Bowdoinham. Me., 27 Dec. 
IH.JG; m. at Huiinewcll, .Mo., 3 June IrtG".*, Sarah F. Cox, dau. of 
John V. and Martha E. (Howell;, b. at llunuewell, Mo.. 5 Oct. 
1861, living (lUlO). 8. EpUraim II., of Hydro, Okla., clergyman, 
b. 2G Nov. 1838; living (I'.UO); ui. G Nov.'lsGl Catherine B. Ked- 
mau, dau. of David M. and Sarah A. (Yetter), b. at Bushkill, Fa., 
•J .Vi)r. 1S40, d. 27 Dec. I'JUO. 

94. Ix. Juii.N, b. 23 July 1801. 

95. X. C.\i.viN', b. 2'J Nov. 1803. 

32. JosKiMi* IIi.'CKlNS (Joseph,^ Joseph,* Rohert* James,^ RoherO), of Par- 
sonslichl, Me., 17'JJ, and of Kllingliam, N. II., 15U7, mcrcliaut, 
miller, deputy sherilf, justice of tiie peace, born at NottinLjIi.ini 27 
Oct. 1707, died 24 Sept. 1.S47. He married Hrst, 2 May 17S7 
(town records), Mauy JiiN.SKSS, daugluer of Samuel!?), wiio was 
bo'rn at Pembroke '.\ Nov. 17(')(i and died 20 Aug. 1«23 ; and sec- 
ondly, 1 Apr. 1827, W.vkkkx, who wa.s born 1777 anil died 
22 July l«-44. 

Children by first wife, tlie first fonr born at Gilmanton, the others 
at Parson>licld, Me. (family Bible in possession, I'JIO, of Nancy 
Jane* (lluckins) Carr, daughter of Ira' lluckins, of Ashland) : 

i. n.\NN.vii,' b. 3 Sept. 1787; d. 17 Oct. 18:.1 (tombstone); m. (1) at 
Farsonslleld, Me., 28 Sept. 1803, .Vndhkw Gilm.w, s. of Daniel, 
of Farsonslleld, Me., b. at Newmarket 7 .Vpr. 1780, d. at Burling- 
ton, Vt., 5 June 181G; hi. (2) 5 Dec. LslG S.\mif.i, Jknnkss, s. of 
Samuel and (Frocott), of Tamworth, farmer, b. at .Mere- 
dith 12 Apr. 1790, d. 23 Sept. ISG."). ChiUlren by tirst hu>band 
(family record in possession, 1010, of Franklin F.* Jeuness, s>. of 
l)ianlha E." (Jenncss), of Meredith): 1. Jefoson.,^ b. at Far- 
• sonstlold. Me., 12 Jan. 180(j ; d. 15 Sept. 1825. 2. Joseph, oi Tam- 
worth, lawyer, innkeeper, postmaster, town clerk, justice of the 
peace, b. at Elliugham 12 .Mar lf<07; d. 1 .Vpr. 189G; m. (1) 2 Nov. 
1S32 Jane U. Beede, dau. of Elijah and .Vnu (Felch), b. at Sand- 
wich IG Mar. Ib09, d. 17 Apr. 1^51; m. (2) 2 Oct. 1851 Maria B. 


1914] Dcscenda)its of Robert Iluch ins 99 

Cushlnf?, (lau. of William and Mary (Pas^e), b. at Freedom 2 Dec. 
1810, d. 24 Apr. 1HS2. ('lilMrun hy scroiui lnisl)au(l (family record, 
xU supra) : 3. Mmy Ann, h at Mfrcdilli 1 Oct. IrtlT; d. 10 June 
1H21. 4. Manj Hhzdbtlh, b. at Mcreditb \\) Mar. HID; d. 12 Apr. 
1893; ra. 4 Aug. 1842 Albert A. McDaniils, .s. of Charlts and 
Saruli (Hrcwstfr), uf 'I'Hniwortli, Mi)iill<>nl)«)r(>n;;li, and Lakcport, 
farmer, b. at Tam worth 2ti Feb. 1H20, d ir> .May I'JU'J. 5. Samutl /.., 
b. at Wlu-elock, Vt., 7 Nov. 1820; d. 12 Nov. 1821. U. llnnnahJ.^ 
b. at VVbeelock, Vt., 3 Jan. 1H*J2; d. 4 Sept. 182G. 7. Dinntha £'., 
b. at Danville, Vt., 8 .Ian. 1H24 ; d. 24 Feb. lH8h ; m. at Newmarkel, 
18 Apr. 1817, her cousin, Joshua Jenness, s of Willianj and Kli/tt- 
beth (Thompson), of Meredith, farnier, b. at Meredith 20 Feb. 
1820, d. 14 Mur. TJOO. 8. l\ler, b. at Meredith 1 June 1m25 ; d. 4 
Jan. 182(1. "J. Iia lluckins, of Kxeter, .shoenniker, I), at .Meredith 
20 Sept. 182G; d. 2.') Apr. 1^*.">'J ; m 1 Sept. 1S4»; Kli/a .V. Quint, 
dau. of Joseph and Hannah .Vbitrail, b. at Madbury 2 Oct. 182G, 
whom. (2) Moses 1). French of Kieter and d. 30 Oct. 1875. 10. 
Chnrlt's 11'., of ,\shland and of .Munrhester, merchant, b. 24 \\i\:^. 
182'J; d unm. 11. Sancy JIill, b. al Holderness 8 Sept. 1^32: d. 
at Charlestown, Mass., 25 Feb. l!»0(i: m. (1) 17 June 1850 David 
T. Ilurd, a. of Jacob and Eunice (IJbby), of Rochester, farmer, b. 
at Rochester 18 Jan. 1h2,'). d. at Freedom 2i) Mar. IsUl; m. (2) 
lb'J3 George Furbush, {>{' Freedom, farmer; n). (3) 4 Oct. l8'.)7 her 
cousin, Ferdinand A." Huckiiis, s. of Stepheu^ (DO) and ruuliuc 
(Webb), q.v. 

96. il. Stki'UKN, b. 2 Nov. 17'J0. 

y7. iil. Tkikk, b. 5 July 17'.>2. 

iv. Wauy, b. 27 July 17'J4; d. Aug. 1872; m. 8 Dec. 1812 her cousin, 
William* Hcmnto.n (14, iv, 1), s. of William* and Mary* (Iluck- 
1ns), of Einn^ham, 1817, Wlscasset, Me., isiw, and Han^or. .Me , 
teacher, surveyor, b. at Gilmanton 13 Mar. I78G, d. at C'hica^^Q 
18G5. Children, the llrst three b. at Etllniiham, the others at Wi.s- 
casset. Me. (P.oynton Family, p. 2.'»'J) : 1. .^/iry Klizuhrth," b. IJ 
Jan. 1815; d. at C'aml)ridiie, Ma>s., 23 Oct l.ss8; m. Henry Goo- 

j^ins, s. of Koj^ers and Aim ( ) (Hi;;<;ins), ofliangor, Me, 

master mariner, b. at East Trenton (Lamoine), Me., 7 Auj;. 1807 
(lian/jor JliU. M<ia., vol.8, p. 107), d. 18 May I'^Gf). 2. ]VU- 
liam A.^ of Chicai^o, carpenter, m. Elizabeth Armstrong. 3. 
Thomas lioyd, of Hangv)r, Me., builder, b. 4 June 1817; d. 21 Apr. 
1895; m. 17 Nov. 1842 Mary E. Rodgers. dau. of Adam and Olive 
(Gay), b. at Llncolnville, Me , 13 Apr. 1822, living (I'JIO) at Mai- 
den, Mass. 4. Wurri^n liicc, of Banjj;or, .Me., printer, b. 24 Ma/ 
1819; d. G Feb. 11>03 ; m. (1) 6 June 1841 Mary Jane Thipps. dau. 
of William, b. at Salem. Mass , G Dec. 1811*, d. 14 Apr. 1852; m. 
(2) 24 Oct. 1852 Martha E. lUibcock-. adopted dau. of John, d. IG 
Apr. 187i); m. (3) 2G Nov. IMIO Triscilla Rolston, b. in England. 
5. lleiii-y S., of Lamoine, Me., merchant, b. 20 Sept. lf*'20 ; d. 26 
July 11)03; m. 2G July 1843 Matilda llodirkins. dau of Nathan and 
Harriet (Googins), b. at Trenton. Me., 22 Sept. 1822, d. 4 Jan. 
lt>l»5. 6. Jcsfepliy d. in infancy. 7. Joseph, d. in infancy. 8. Han- 
nah, d. unm. Oct. 1847. 9. Ann Wilson, b. 12 Aug. It^'Jl ; d. IG June 
18i)4; m. at Bangor, Me., 12 Oct. 1847. Richard H. Higgins. s. of 
Theophilus and Sarah (Hodgkins). of Bangor, Me., and GranJ 
Junction, Colo , farmer, b at Trentci, .Me., 12 July lbi7. d. 20 
Apr. 1903. 10. Alonzo Kimj, of Cliicago, oirpenter. ^oldier la 
the Civil War, b. 28 June 1829; d. 4 Dec. 1909; m. 31 July 1872 
Margaret May, dau. of John and Mary (Bell), b. at Troy, N. V.. 21 
Juno 1851, living (1910) at Chicago, 111. 11. (leorye, of North- 
wood, Iowa, packer, b. 7 June 1833; d. Sept. 1901; m. (1) .Annie 
Drew, b. at Dexter, Me.; m. (2) Sarah Shaw, dau. of James M. 
and Susan (Tyler), b. at North Bangor, Me., G Mar. 1841, d. Oct. 
T. Eunice, b. 13 Jan. 1790; d. unm. Sept. 1848. 
▼i. Maky Ann, b. 1 May 1798; d. in Boston 27 Feb. 1881; ra. 27 Oct. 

VOL. LXVllI. 7 


100 Descendants of Robert Ifuckins [Jan. 

1810 (Rev. Asa Piper's Marriages) Sam(jki.' Dai.ton, s. of Samuel* 
and >iury (Bennett), of Ne\vll«ld, Me., merchant, b. ut I'arxins- 
Ueltl, Me., 23 Nov. 17'J7, d. in lio.ston 184». Cijildren, i). at New- 
Held, Me.: 1. JiiSfjih* of Texa.s, real-e.'state dealer, b. Itt21 ; d. 
unm. 1HH2. 2. (Jai<tliiip, U. 1m23 ; d. s.p. in (.'alifcirnia l!)o;;; m. 
at Cund)rid;;e,, 4 Nov. lM4r> (town record.^;, Willium S. 
Mud^ett, .s. of Jolin and .Vnna, of Boston, nierciiunt, b. at (iiinian- 
ton 12 July 1817, d. in Boston Apr. 1»8(J. 3. Asa, of Ban;<(ir, 
Me., lafjl, New York (.'ity, l.s«;i, I'ortland, Me., l«(i;i, cler^iyiiian, 
editor, A. M (Harvard, IH.'.l), S.T.I). ((:oll)y, IH.S.'*), b. 30 Oct. 1^24; 
d. 21) Au;^. I'J12; m. 20 Nov. 18.>1 Maria I.everett, dau. of Wiliiani 
and Mary B. (Jacksonj, b. iu Boston .'> Mar. 182G, d. at Portland, 
Me., 1 June I'JO'J. 4. William I'listrum, of Pomona, Cal.. nn.r- 
cliant, b. 3 Dec. Irt2(;; d. 23 July l.s:>4 ; m. 22 June 180'J 8u.>^an 
Leverett, dau. of William and Mary B. (Jackson), b. In Bo.ston 5 
Mar. 1833; d. at Pon)ona, Cal., 5 .Ai)r. l«y'J. 5. Abiynil, b. Ih31 ; 
d. unm. in New York (Mty 21 Nov. 18'Jl. G. Betijiiinin /•'., of Ne\Y 
York City, htockbjoker, b. 1832; d. s.p. in Florida; m. in Bo.>ton, 
12 June IhOo, Helen M. Gove, dau. of John, b. in Bostou 1838. 

98. vll. Ivouv Li)Ki>, b. 1 .)an. IsOO. 

viii. Cakomni:, b. 23 Sept. 1802 ; d. at Exira, Iowa, 13 Sept. 18(17; m. G 
Sept. lf<20'ii \Vahi;kn,s. of (Jen. James and Surah (^Millikin), 
of Buxton, Me , Ktlln^^ham, N. li., and Exira, Iowa, 18r>0, inn- 
keeper, lumberman, b. at Scarborough, Me., 14 Oct. 171)8, d. 4 
Sept. 1H(;7. Children, the lli'*it two b. at Buxton. Me., the others 
at KMinuham, N. 11. (family Bible in pos.sebsion, lUlu, of Mary, 
widow of James H." Warren, of Atlantic, Iowa) : 1. Jaliaium* 
b. 14 Apr. 1821; d. at Haverhill, Mass., 14 Jan. 18D0; m. 12 Au^. 
1861 Joseph^ Chapman, s of Kllphalet* aiul Marj^aret (lv«ius(»n) 
(Edward Chapman and Family, p. 3G), of Tamworth, farmer, b. 
at Tamworth 21) June 1817, d. 12 Aug. 181)4. 2. Mary Jlutkins, 
b. 2 Apr. 1823; d. 5 Jan. 1851; m. 27 Dec. 1840 Joseph Bennett, 
8. of Joseph and Mehitable (Moultonj, of Elllngham Falls, lum- 
berman, b. at Freedom 28 Nov. 1805, d. 17 Dec. 18.>5. 3. Susan, 
b. 1 Dec. 1824; d. 20 Sept. 1825. 4. Charles Frederic Mitlikin, of 
Somersworth, machinist, b. 25 Apr. 182G; i\. s. p. 18 Feb. 1852; 
m. 15 Sept. 1841) Mary F. Pendley, b. al Tamworth. 5. Williatn, 
h. 23 May 1828; d. 7 Oct. 1832. 0. Susan, b. 25 June 1830; d. 2 
Dec. 1830. 7. Jusvph Jluc/cins^ of Newton Upper Falls, Mass., 
Ncponset, Mass., 185G, Boston, 18(;2, author, physician, vice- 
president Am. Med. Ass'n. 1881)-1)0, M.D. (Bowiloin, 1853), A.M. 
(BowiUtin, 18G2), EL.D. (Norwich, l88l»;, brigade surgeon iu the 
Civil War, b. 2 Oct. 1831; d. 24 Mar. l8i)l; ra. 24 Sept. 1854 
Caroline Eliza!>eth Everett, dau. of Joseph Caswell and Mary 
(Warren), b. at Newton Upper Falls, Mass., 12 July 1^31, d. at 
lloslindale,, 12 Jan. 11)04. 8. James Henry, of Atlantic, 
Iowa, farmer, b. 23 Apr. 1834; d. 22 May 1907; m. 12 Apr. 1858 
Mary.Lucinda (^hapman, dan. of Benjamin F.and Margaret T (Mar- 
shall), b. at Embden, Me., 23 Oct. 1840, living (lUlO) at Atlantic, 
Iowa. 9. Sarah Frances, b. 31 July 183G; d. 12 Feb. 11)01 ; m. 21 
July 1854 Johu Warren, s. of Uriah and .Vsenath (Hemenway), of 
Elllngham. larmer, b. at Jackson, Me., 5 Nov. 1S27, d. at Jackson, 
Me , 1 Mar. 11*04. 10. Brnjamin Franklin Darling, of Gr&y, .M<jnt., 
physician, b. 25 Apr. 1838; d. 10 July 1902; m. 13 Sept. 18G1 Marj 
E. Winters, dau. ofNatlian, b. at Plattsburgh, N. Y., living 
(11)10) (,?) in OrckTon. 

99. ix. NiniDLAS E., b. 19 May 1804. 
100. X. Ik.v, b. 29 Jan. 180G. 

xl. Ei.iZAUKTii, b. 15 Aug. 1808; d. unm. 

Child by second wilV, born at I'^triugliam (family Bible, ut supra) : 

xii. JosKi'U, of Lawrence, Mass., and of Boston, mechanic, b. 25 June 
1828; disappeared in Michigan about 18G8; m. 10 Nov. ls."2 Han- 
nah" Batchuldeu, dau. of liurley^'and Elizabeth (Taylor) (Batch- 


1914] Nova Scotiam of New England Birth 101 

older Genealogy I !>• VJ6), h. at Sanboruton 12 Sept. 1827, d. a. p. 
i Dec. \mi* 

83. Samukl* Huckin3 (Joseph,^ Joseph,* Robert* Jdmes,^ Robert^), of Oil- 
uianton, 17'Jl, uiid of WuMon, Vt., 171)5 (Vcriuont Historical Ga- 
zt'tltiT, vol. 4, |). 420), fiuMuT, born at XoLtiu^^'liain 12 .July 177 If 
<litMl 11 Dec. 17D9. lie murric.i, 18 Nov. 17'J2 (towu rcconJb), 
1*atii<:nck Stenckr of Nottingham. 

Administration upon his e.state was granted on the petition of 
luH widow, l*atience, to Ezra Carter (Caledonia Probate ifecords, 
vol. 1, pp. Gl-5). The widow was apj)ointed guardian of Eunice 
and Patience, and Ebenezer Spencer was appointed guardian of 
Sauuiel, iloscph, and Mary (Polly), all children of Samuel Iluckina 
(ib., vol. 1, p. 161). 

In 1701 he had from liis father 40 acres in Gilmanton, part of 
lot T) in the llpi)er Gore, and in 17'J4 he sold this land (StralLjrd 
Deeds, vol. ID, p. ^27). 

Children (guardianship proceedings, ut supra) : 

1. KUNICK.' 

il. Tatiknck. 
ill. Samukl. 

iv. JOSIU'II. 

V. Maky (Polly), also mentioned in the will of her grandfather, Jo- 
seph* Huckius (14), dated II May lbl5. (StralTord Trobule Kec- 
ords, vol. 23, p. 63.) 

[To be contiuued] 


By Uev. Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, D.C.L., of Boston, Mass. 

Number Two 

Hon. Hibbert Newton, one of the earliest Bostonians to settle in Nova 
Scotia after its final capture from the French in 1710, was the only son of 
Tliomas Newton, Esq., of Boston, who is said to have been born in Eng- 
land 10 June IGGO and who died in Boston 28 May 1721. Tliomas Newton 
appeared in Boston in 1G8S, Chief Justice Sewall calling him " a newcomer " 
there (5 Muss. J/ist. Soc. Coll., vol. 1, p. 216). He was sworn there as an 
attorney 7 June 1688; but in his own atlidavit (I'ft., vol. 1, p. 55), made 
apparently in 1707, he states that he has been in New England ** for near 
sixteen years last past." In Sept. 1692 he was in New Hampshire as 
secretary of that province. In Boston he became a leading lawyer, l)eing 
the lirst member of the legal profession in Massachusetts who was called 
barrister (Rkc.ister, vol. 31, p. 206). He was employed in the investi- 
gation of persons accused of witchcraft, Wiis appointed deputy-judge in the 
Court of Vice-Admiralty for Miissachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, and 

• Joseph' Huckius adopted as his son George M. Cross, son of Joseph and Eliza 
(Batcheliiev) Cross. Georj^e M. Cross (afterwards George M. Huckius) was boru at 
"VVentworth 4 July 1803, and married 31 Ar;ir. 1890 Ella S. Lamprey, boru at Orfuni 20 
July I8G7, daughter of George W. aud Celinda C. (Trussell). George M. Huckius, 
farmer, and wife were living at Orfordville in lUlO. 


102 Nova Scotians of New Englayid Birth [Jan. 

Rho(U) Island, was sworn as comptrolltir of Iler Majesty's Customs 31 Oct. 
17()7, and wan appointed atLorncy-^mcral, jjioljaMy in Jinn; 1720. lie 
was oiu; of the founders of Kind's Chapel, was a nn-niher of its vestry in 
IGlil), and was warden in 1704 and afterwards ; and in IHoJ his ;^reat- 
grandson, Hon. Kdward Augustus Newton, placed in that venerable church 
a tablet to his memory.* (Annals of Kiu^^'s CInipcl, vol. 1, p. 1H2.) Ilia 
will, dated G Mar. 1720/1, was prov«Ml o.lune 1721. His valuable library, 
which, it was said, contained the best collection of law books that had ever 
been olfta-ed for sale in this country, was advertised for sale soon after his 
death. That his wife Christian, whose maiden name is unknown (although 
it may possibly havt* been Phillips), was a widow when 1 homas Newton 
married her seems probable from the statement in her will, datrd in Boston 
lU Mar. 1727/8 and proved 12 Feb. 17^30/1, that her "daughter Thom|>- 
80n " is to have her " estate at IMastow in old Kni^land." The children 
of Thomas and Christian Newton were : Ilibbert, the subject of this sketch ; 
Elizabeth, who proi)ably died unmarried ; Christian, who was marrirMl, 11 
Feb. 172.'i/l, to .lohn \Vainwright of Ipswich; and Hannah, who also may 
have died unmarried. 

The date of the birth of Ilibbert Newton is unknown. He may have 
participated in the siege of Anna{)olis Hoyal, N. S., but there is uo record 
of his presence there at that time. In 1711, however, when he was pre- 
sumably under twenty-live years of age, he was appointed (through what 
direct intiucnce is not revealed) collector of customs at Annapolis Koyal, 
then and until 174'J the caj>ital of Nova Scotia, antl he held this position 
until his death in 1751. This collectorship was the chief collector^hip of 
customs in Nova Scotia, and for a time, at least, the collectorship of Canso 
was coupled with that of Annapolis. He was a member of the Military 
Council of Nova Scotia, having been aj)pointe<l by Governor Phillips G May 
1720, when he formed his first council at Annapolis Royal, but his name 
is not found nmoug the members in attendance after .July 1725. (Nova 
Scotia Archives, vol. 3.) During his life of over forty years at Annapo- 
lis Royal Mr. Newton's intercourse with Hostou was frecpient. He un- 
doubtedly spent much time in that town, and in 1738 his sisters Elizabeth 
and Christian conveyed to him a house on Marlborough Street of which he 
was already in possession. His will, dated 4 May 1750 and proved 5 June 
1752, is recorded in Boston. 

Ilibbert Newton married, probably at Annapolis Royal, although the date 
of the marriage is unknown, Hannah Adams, baptized in Boston 17 Sept. 

• Tlie inscription on this tablet is not free from errors, as may be seen by comparing 
it witli the Boston Nexcs-Letter for the week from Monday, May 22, to ^londay, May 
29, 1721, which contains the followinf; : •' On the Lord's Dav Moining the 28lh Instant, 
(being l>orn on the said Day) Died here Thomas Newton, tsq ; .Aged 61 Vears." An 
account of llie career of the deceased is then given, \\ hich appears with tundry changes 
and additions in the Sexes-Letter for the week from Monday, May 29, to Monday, 
June T), 1721, tliis second notice (a part of which is })rinted in .Vnnuls of King's Cliap- 
cl, vol. 1, p. 183) rcadin;,' as follows : *' On Thursday last the first Currant, was Honour- 
ably Interred here, Thomas Setvton Esq; His >lajesly's Attorney General of this 
Province, Coniptroler of His Majesty's Customs, had been Judge of the Admiralty, 
Justice of the I'eace, anil I'ov numy Years one of" the Chief Lawyers of this Place : lie 
was u tientleman bt^rn in England the loth oi June 10(50, being Whitsunday, and Died 
on the Lorils Day the 28th |)ast being also Whitsunday, in the 61 Year of his A^e; 
He was Eilucated there, and intircly beloved both there and here by all that knew him, 
one who earryed himself very handsonily, just and well in every Station and Post 
which he sustained, being AtTable and Courteous, of a Circumspect Walk and Deport- 
ment, and inoffensive Conversation, of Strict Devotion towards GOD, exemplarly for 
Family Government, as well as Humanity to all his Fellow Creatures, A Lover of all 
Good Men, and therefore the more Lamented at his Death. His Funeral was At- 
tended by Ilis Excellency the Governour, Gentlemen of His Majesty's Council, with 
other principal Gentlcn)en, MerchanUi and others." 


1914] Nova Scotians of Ntw EngUnid Birth 108 

1699, (laughter of .I<;liii juid Ilamiali of Roston and of /Viinapolis Ro3al, John 
Adaujs also being a member for many years of the Military Council of 
Nova Scotia. (KK<iisTKU, vol 32, pp. l.'J2, 13.'i.) 

According to Ilibbert Newton's will, he and his wife Ilannali had nine 
children: 'I'homas ; Phillips, commissioned a lirst lieutenant of the -lUth 
Kegiment 29 .July 1751 and caj)tain-iieutenant of the ISth iitgiment ?5 Apr. 
17G2; llil>l)ert, baptized at King's Chapel, iJoston, G May 1725 and com- 
missioned a first lieutenant of the 10th Keginjent 15 Oct. 1751 ; NN'illiam ; 
John; Henry, born in 1731, for whom see below; Christian; Hannah 
Adams, married (license grante<l 21) July 1759), as his second wife, to Hon. 
Jonathan HiiMu^y, M.C., who was born at Hull, Mass., 7 Jan. 1724/5 and 
was the founder of an imj)ortant family in Halifax, his grandson Hibbert 
becoming the fourth Anglican bishop of Nova Scotia; an<l Mary. 

Hon. Henry Newton, youngest son of Hon. Hibbert Newton, became 
chief collector of customs for Nova Scotia at lialitax on his father's <lcath 
in 1751, was admitted to the Council in 17G1, and died in otlice as collector 
in 18U2, his fatlier and he having held the olllce smx'essively for over ninety 
years. A tablet to his memory in St. Paul's Church, Halifax, bears the 
following inscription : *' Sacred to the Memory of tin; Honourable Henry 
Newton, the first Collector of His Majesty's Customs in Nova Scotia, at 
Halifax, which appointment he held for fifty years with signal honour 
to hims«ilf and advantage to the j)ublic. His father, Hibbert Newton, Esq., 
filled the same ollice at Annapolis forty years. He was a member of His 
^lajesty's Council for the Province forty-two years, and invested with other 
oflices of distinction and trust; greatly beloved and respected for his many 
virtues, but chiefly for his exemplary Christian character and conduct, con- 
sistently suxtaineil throu'di a louir life in an aire of threat laxity and reli'Mous 
iuditference. He dietl universally lamented on the 29'*^ of January, l'SU2, 
aged 70 years. This monument is erected by his son, Edward Au;fustus 
Newton,* as a memorial of his father's exalted worth, and in fervent grati- 
tude for his j)ious teaching and example. ' The righteous shall be had in 
everlasting remembrance.' " 

Hon. Henry Newton married, in Halifax, Ann Stuart, sister of tlie artist 
Gilbert Stuart, who with her parents had removed to Newport, N. S., from 
Rhode Island a few years before the Revolution. The year after her hus- 
band's death Mrs. Newton came to Massachusetts and opened a scho«jl for 
young ladies in Medford ; later she had a similar school in Boston. 

In several encyclopa'dias are to be found brief sketches of Gilbert Stuart 
Newton, a painter of much note, who is usually but incorrectly called a sou 
of Edward Newton of Halifax and his wife Ann Stuart. He was, how- 
ever, a son of Hon. Henry and Ann (Stuart) Newton. Like his more dis- 
tinguished uncle, Gilbert Stuart, he went early to England, where he be- 
came an associate of the Royal Academy and a few years later an Acade- 
mician. In 1831-2 he painted in America. He died at Wimbledon. Eng- 
land, 5 Aug. 1835. He married in Roston, 22 Aug. 1832, Sally Williams 
Sullivan, who was married again in Roston, where she was residing, 25 
June 18-10, to William F. Oakey of New York. (King's Chapel registers.) 

Authorities: N. H. Provincial Papers, vol. 2; Boston Records; Suffolk Pro- 
bate Records; Boston News-Letter, May 22 — June 5, 1721; Annals of Kiii^''s 
Chapel; History of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Comp;\ny; Nova Scotia 
Council Records; Records of St. Paul's CUiurch, lialitax; Rkgistku, vol. 17, 
pp. 184, 186; Eliot's Biographical Dictionary; Appleton's CyclopajJia of Ameri- 
can Biograj)hy. 

•Ho was of Pittsfield, Mass. 


104 Notes [Jan. 



By JouN Albkeb, Hccordiug Becretarj 

Boston, M(t8S(ir.hus€ttSy 7 May 1913. A stated raettlu^ of the Society was 
held ill Wil(l<r Hall, 1) Ashburtoii I'lacc, at 2.30 i'.m., President Haxlrr pn skiing. 

The minutes of the April iiuM-tiii;; were approved, and the reports of the Libra- 
rian, C'«>rrespoiulin}; Secretary, and Countil were accepted. 

One corresponding; member and llfty-three resident members were elected by 

The rules were suHpended, and on motion of John Carroll Chase, Vice-Presi- 
dent for New Hampshire, It was voted that in recoj^nition of the efficient .ser- 
vices of Miss Mary Klla Stickney durin;; her term of ofllce as Assl.-itant Liljrarian, 
soon to be terminated, she l)e n)ade a life member. 

The paper of the afternoon was l)y William Lyman Underwood, and wa.s en- 
titled .1 Trip on a (h'eat-Lake Frtujhter. An account of a voyage from Cleve- 
land to Duluth and return was K've"< »•*<! '>y means of slides, wiiich the speaker 
liimsi'lf iiad made and colored, tliere were shown the life on a \ar<ic frt;ii;hter, 
the extensive development of the freight-carrying busiiK^ss, and the mcthotls of 
handlin<^ the cargoes, together with the scenery on the Lakes. 

1 October. A stated meeting of the Society was held lu Wilder Hall, 9 Ash- 
burton Place, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes cf the May meeting were approved, and the reports of the Libra- 
rian. (Corresponding Secretary, Historian, and Council were accepted. 

Three corresponding members and twenty-seven resident members were 
elected by ballot. 

Hon. W. Prentiss Parker of Roxbury, ^fass., a member of the Society, read a 
paper on Coloninl and Historic Houses, using as illustrations lantern-slides of 
photoi^rapiis which he had taken, beginning in 1888. Since then forty per cent, 
of these old buildings have been removed. The closing picture was of a portion 
of the old Indian trail from Boston to Plymouth In Franklin Park, near Seaver 
Street. Thence it may be traced to Mattapan, where the Neponset River was 

After adjournment refreshments were served. 

5 November. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 9 Ash- 
burton Place, at 2.30 r.M., President Baxter presiding. 

The nnnntes of the October meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Council, Lil)rarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian were accepted. 

John Carroll Chase, Vice-President for New JIamp^hire, gave notice that he 
would otler an amendment to the By-Laws of the Society, the etlect of which 
woukl be to place the election of members In the hands of the Council. 

By ballot the following were elected members of the Nominatini: Committee: 
Francis N. Balch, Frank A. Bates, Charles K. Boltou, Mrs. Florence C. Howes, 
Mrs. Mary S. Randall. 

The address of the afternoon was by Pe-.\hni-E-S(iueet, a member of the 
Chippewa tribe of Indians. She was graduated at the Haskell Institute, a 
Government school in Lawrence, Kans., and then came to Boston for the >tudy 
of music. Appearing in Indian costume, she told of the home life of the In- 
dians, their legends, and their customs, and then she sang a number of their 
songs. At the close of the address she showed how the Harvest Ceremony was 
performed. Included In this are prayer^ for rain, planting of corn, and otjicr 
expressions of Indian thought and life iu song and gesture. 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 
in couuection with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 



Notts 105 

Bircs to state that it has NO gonoaloKical roprosontatives in this 
country or in Kngland, nor in it in any way conncctod with any 
pubhcations other than thoHO that it iHauos over its own naino 
at 9 AHhburton Place, Boston. 

The Committee on Knglish Rosearch desires to state, however, 
that although the Society has no olllcial roprosontativo in Kiigland 
the Committee is employing Miss French for a part of her time as 
a searcher of records there along special linos for the benefit of the 

CincKK.KiNO. — Information about the KriLrlish ancestry ami environment of 
tiic Clilrkerin;^ family of Massuchusetts has heen |)iibli>li('(l in tiie KK<;i.>>rKi{, 
vol. (il, p. IH'J, vol. <i;{, pp. 2m2-;J, and vol. (14, pp. l;^«;-7. Krom tlie.-^e pui^es it 
ai)pear.s tliat members of this fanuly resided in the parishes of liinj^slleld, Wreti- 
tham, Westleton, and llen>tead, all in eo. SiiU'olk. Tlie f(»ll<)\vini^ entrie-. in 
the re;;i.^te^s of Hramlleld, cuj. Sulhjlk {vide Hill's Ke^ri.sler.s of liramlleld, 1«'j4, 
pp. t), 10, and 2 Misc. (inn. (t Jhrnhl., vol. 3, p. '2'M), a parij^h less than ten miles 
from Kin^slleld, sliow that Henry Chiekerini^, tlie father of the emi;;rant« to 
Massachusetts, lived at Bramtleld from \obH to 15'J5, perhaps eveu for a longer 


15H8 Henry Chickorin^e sonne of Henry C:hlckerinsi;e 5 January [1588/U]. 

ir>Dl Mary Chickerin^e daui^hter of Henry Cliickerini^ 20 May. 

ir>\):] John ('liickerin^e sonne of Henry C'liickerinire 2.S December. 

15'J5 Ue^inald (.'liickerinj^e sonne of Henry Cliickerinne 12 September. 

The registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials at IJramlleld from 1596 to 
16i):i are missin<^; but amoni^ tlie entries given above, which are all the Chick- 
erinu: entries in the liramlU'ld rei^i.sters, is found the record of the baptism of 
Henry ('iiickering, one of the emigrants to Massachusetts. 

J/a/(/tn, Mass. ' Gkoiujk Wai.tku 

"Baulow IliccouDS. — Among the papers of Mrs. Rachel Ward (Hurd) Allertou, 
■who was born at Amonia, N. Y., 2 July KS22, was married there, 2') Jan ls4.'). to 
David Allertou, and ilied at Hiugliamton, N. Y., 24 C)ct. 1"J0'.>, a .small manuscript 
book was found, contixining a partial list of the descendants of l*eleg Harlow of 
Sandwich, Mass., and of Amenia, N. Y. It is not possible now to say |v)>iti\ely 
by whom this record was written; but from the paper. penman>liip, and irenoral 
appearance, it must have been prepared about .^eventy-tlve years ago, and there 
Is some reason for believing that the compiler was one of the clnldren of Tho- 
mas Barlow by his second wife, Lucy AUerton. From the fact that in all cases 
where it has been compared with other reconls It has been fvjimd to be correct, 
it should undoubtedly be accepted as a valuai)le ct>ntribution to the hi.>.tory of 
the family. 

The parentage of Peleg Barlow lias not been detluitely ascertained. He was, 
Ijowever, probably a son of Moses Barlow, of Sandwich and Roche.'^ter, Mass. 
Mrs. AUerton, the former pos.sessor of this record, was her>elf a descendant 
of l*eleg liarlow, being a daughter of Hebron and Eliza (Barlow) Hurd {vidt 
infra). The record is given below as it was written, except that some additional 
details, enclosed in brackets, have been supplied. 

Peleg Barlow, born at Sandwich, Mass., Feb. 25, 1G'.>2, died at Amcnla, N. Y., 
Oct.—, 175i>. Married [at Sandwich, 25 July 1717] Elizabeth Perry, born at 
Sandwich, July 15, ir>'JO, died at .\menia. May — , 175*J [daughter of Samuel and 
Esther (Taber) Perry"). Their children were : 
Thonuis, born at Sandwich, [date ilUgitU] 
Nathan, born at Sandwich, May — , 172G. 
Moses, born at Sandwich, Nov. 25, 172S. 
Nathan married Joanna Swift, sister of Judah Swift, of Sandwich. 
Thomas and Nathan died at Duanesburgh, N. Y. 
Peleg Barlow and his sons moved from Sandwich to Amenia in 1756. 
Moses Barlow married [at Sandwich, 2;^ Nov. 1749] Sarah Wing, born at 
Sandwich [13 July 1730], died at Ameuia [21 Nov. 1815, daugliter of John and 

lOG Notes [Jan. 

Mary (Knowles) WlugJ. Moses Barlow died at Amcnia, March 18, 1799. Their 
children were : 

Klisliii, i)(>rn at Sandwich, July 23, 1750. 

Sylviinhi, horn nt Sandwich, .Ian. 20, 17r>2. 

Kli/al)clh, born at Sandwicli, March 30, 1764. 

Mcidtubfl, horn at Ainenla, Aui?. 11, 175(). 

]'Ui/.al)ctli , horn at ,\nicnla, March 13, 1759. 

JiMninm, horn at .Vnu-nia, .Iinu' 'i.'», 17<»1. 

Tlionias, horn at Amcnia, July 10, 1704. 

Sarah, born at Amcnia, Sept. — , 17<;<;. 
Elisiia Harlow nuirricd Sarah Harlow, dan«:chter of his father's brother Tho- 
iua.s. Their children wer«' : 

Thomas, who nnirricd Tolly Clark. 

I'cleu:, who nnirrkd Mar»;aret HinchcliflT. 


Most's, who married Nancy Knickerbocker. 

Ohed, killed in the war of \6\'l. 

Sally, died av:ed 21. 
Syhania Harlow married Sylvanns Nye, Their chihlren were: Shubal. Sal- 
ly, nmnarricil. David. Mcltiah. Khenezer. Sylvanu.s. Susan, married 

lluteliinson .\manila, unmarried. 

Elizabeth Barlow, horn March 13, 1751), married Lot Swift. Their children 
were: Lydia, Scth, Sarah, Harry, Moses, Kebecca. Nathaniel. Betsy. 

.lennma Harlow married Samnel Hitchcock. Their children were : Sally, Tho- 
mas, SiKsan, who married Dr. Hermance. Gilbert. Samuel, Klisha, Bet.»y, who 
married Theo. Gre«£ory. 

Thomas Harlow [died at Amenia, 10 Auj;. 1853], married [(1) at Amenla, 18 
Sej)t. 17rt3j Amy Delano [dauj^hler of Jelhro and Kli/abeth (Lathrop; Delano, 
who died at Amenia, 3 Jan 1803]. Their children were : 

Milton [born at .Vmenia 4 May 17^4 ; died unmarried] 

Sarah [born at Amenia 11 Keb 17st)j, died uinnarried. 

Lyilia [born at Amenia 10 Apr. 17H'.)J, married Samuel Jarvis. 

Belinda [born at Amenia 28 Apr. 17'J0, died 31 Oct. 1867], married [16 Mar. 
1801) J Klea/er Morton Swift. 

Maria [born at Amenia 2 An;;. 1792], married Thomas Swift. 

Clarissa [born at Amenia 26 Nov. 171)4], married Thomas Hammond. 

Harriet [l)orn at Amenia 3 July 1797], married Ebenezer I'ray 

Eli/a [born at Amenia 5 .Apr. 1800. died at Mount Vernon, N. Y., 21 Feb. 
1875J, married [at .Vmenia 28 Apr. 1820] Hebron Hurd 

Newton, died an infant. 
Thomas Barlow married (2) [before 1808], Lucy Allcrton [born at Amenia 17 
An;;. 1781, dauj^htcr of Ueubeu and Lois (Atherton) Allerton]. Their children 
were : 

Sarah .\nn, married Joseph Crosby. 

Jeaimette, married Cyrus Crosby. 

Thomas, ilied unnuirried. 

Myra, nuirried Hezekiah Cofflu. 

Aurelia, married Harlow Nye. 

Catherine, married Edmund Mills. 

Mary, married .loel Barlow. 

Franklin, marrieil Mabel [Hlegihle'\. 
Thomas Harlow, son of Elisha, married Polly Clark. Their children were : 
EHsha, Nathan, Marilla, William, Lois, Thomas, married Cornelia Howe, Mar- 
tin L., Moses. 

Mehitabel Harlow, daujjhter of Moses, married Edmund Bramhall, «jrandson 
of George Bramhall, who lived at Dover, Mass. Bay Colony, and was killed by 
the Ii\iliuns in 1689, he was boru June 23. 1749, died March 16, 1793. Their 
children were : 

Sarah, born 1776, died 1843. 

Moses, born 1778, died 1856. 

Elizabeth, boru 1780, died 1851 

llnldah, born 1783. 

Sylvania, born 1785, died unmarried. 

Joseph, born 1787, died 1829. 



Notes 107 

Edmund, born 17i»0, died 1844. 
Mel1iL:il>el. born 17U:}. 

Suruli HraintiuU, duugliter of Kdniiind Hruiuhall and Mcliitahcl Harlow, mar- 
ried Dr. Caleb Chllds, of All)iiMy Their children were: Kdmund IJ., Caleb, 
Miiry Kli/a, Kcbecca, married Isaac Welch, Sarah Mi;hitabel, married S. Doty, 
Solomon, .loscpli. 

Moses Hrariiliall, Hon of Kdmund, married Kli/.abeth liulbert. Their children 
were: Sarali Mehitabel. Harrison (i., Charles H., Moses IJarlow. Kli/.abelh A., 
Anf^ellna M.. (Jeori^e \V., John Henry, Mary Jane. Alexandrr. Wellini,'l<»n. 

Scio York, X. Y. Waltku Scorr Ai.i.iiuroM. 

Bi-anchaud-Kknt. — Auiongthe " Marriaije Licences of Salisbury." published 
In Theifrnctilofjist, N. S., vol. ;iO. pp. 121-7, Oct. 11)13, the following api>arentlj 
relate to New England immii^rants: 

IJlaiuhard. Thomas, of Clatford, co. South., yeoman, widower, and Ann Barnes, 

of St. Kdmund's, Sarum. wid. Bdman. Henry Byley, of the hame. tanner. 15 

May 1(;;J7. 
Kent, Steven, of Sarum. lynnen draper, 32, and Margery Norrls, of Wallopp. co. 

South. No Hdmun. (Allegation says Margery Is of *' CoUingborne Kingston, 

8p., 24.") 10 Aug. 1(;37. 

Conconl, Mdss. Gkougk S-. Stkwakt. 

Nathanikl Winslow's Account Book. — An Account Book without the origi- 
nal owner's name is now in the possession of Mr. George H. Thomas of 
fleUI, Mass. The entries in the book were made between 1717 and 172s. On 
the Ihst page I fountl the births and deaths of the oriirinal owner's family, with 
no suriuune. By comparison witli the Marshlleld,, Vital Keeords, pub- 
lished in The Mai/jtoicer Descemlmt^ vol. 5, p. 23G, 1 was able to determine that 
the original owner was Nathaniel Win.slow, Jr. His tlrst wife, the mother of 
his llrst ten children, was I.ydia, daughter of Jt)siah and Kebieca (Barker) 
Snow. Her mother's name has been nniny times incorrectly publi-,hed as Baker. 
His second wife, the mother of the last three children given below, was Deborah 
(Harstow) Bryant, widow of John Hryanl of Seituate. The Winslow Memo- 
rial, vol. 1, p. 1)7, published in Ls77, contains an abrid^nient of the family 
record, as recorded by Nathaniel Winslow himself. The record in full Is a;j 
follows : 

Our flrst Child was born January 19"» In the year 1G93. 

Lydia was borne January 21"' : 1(;04. 

Thankful was borne In Fel)ruary the 2 day: 1G96. 

Snow >yis borne In May 13"^ : liJDrt. 

Our Littel gearl November d^: 1701. 

Oliver noveuiber the 24 : 1702. 

Nathaniel In february 28'h : 1704. 

and departed this life January the 27 : 1707. 
Paborah was born March 21 : 1708. 
Patience was born June the 29 : 1710. 
September 9»'» : 1712 Nathaniel was boru. 

Ruth was Borne Dsember 30"' : 1719. 
Abjtih was Borne Dsember 4"^: 1722 
AUithea was Borne November 4"' : 1723 
and Departed this Life May lj"»: 1724. 

Maiden, Mass. Gkorgk Walteu CnAMUKUL.viN. 

Dkhby-Jamk8-Blanch.\rd.— Jane' James, born 6 Nov. 16G4, daujjhter of Fran- 
cis* and Elizabeth (Hyland) James of Hingham, Mass., married 7 Dec. 1704 
Edward Derby - of Taunton." (Hist, of Hini;ham. vol. 2. p. 379.) Some years 
ago the suggestion was oU'ered (RhuisrHU, vol. 49, p. 340) that this briilegroora 
was the son of Edward and Kuth (Whitmarsh) Derbv of Braintree and Wey- 
mouth and was born 16 May 1GS8. - on both town records." Tlie Wl) mouth 
Vital Records show the birth of Edward, son of Edward and Kuth Derby, on 
18 May IG88. Had be lived, he would have been only a little more than sixteen 


108 Notes [Jan. 

and a half years of ajfc at the date of the marrlai^c; hut the prhitod Rraintrce 
Kecords, p. G74, Mhow that a second Kdwurd, sun of Kdwurd and Kuth Dcihy, 
WHS l)orn '11 Anj^. IC'Jl. 

It was Kdward Dnhy, Sr., ulio niarrUd Jane JauK's for his Hccond wife. 
DoiiMk'Hs the intonllun (Wcynitnith V. U.. vol. 2, p. \V1) of Kdwiird I)trl)y and 

,4 Nov. 1704. was theirs. Jane dkd; and he married thirdly. 16 

Oct. 1707, Mrs H»,l)ecca (Sijnin<.*r) llohart. whose drst hushand, Aaron Ilohart 
of IIin;;harn. had died 3 Mar. 1704/5. (Illst. of liln;;huin, vol. 2, p. 3J'J ; Suiu- 
uer (iencaloj^y. 1^7!), p. 2.) 

Childrrn of Kdward Derhy by hi.s flrst wife, Ruth ( Whitniarsh) : 1 Kdward, 
b. IH May IGhh (Wt-yinouth V. K., vol. 1. p. t»2) ; d. yonn^. 2. Samuel, b 1 or 2 
May 1(;><'J (Weymouth V. K.. vol. I. p «Ki ; Hraintree K.m;.. p. <;74). 3. Kdwurd, 
b. Tl Auj<. Iti'JI ; d. M June 17H; (Weymouth V. H., vol. 2. p. 2«;4). 4. Sarah, 
b. 19 June 1GI)3 (Hraintree Hec. p. 'C74). 5. David (twin), b. 23 May n;98 
(Braintree Hec, p. »;75). 0. .Jonathan (twin), b. 23 May 1G'J8 (i6.). Child of 
Kdward Derhy by his .sccotul wife, .Jane (.lauR's) : 7. .Jane, b. probably 17(j5 
or not); m. Samuel Hlancher (int. rec. 22 July 1727 at Weymouth). Children 
of Kdward Derby by his third wife, Rebecca (Sumner) (Hobart) : 8. Rebecca, 
whose birtli is not found in tlie printed records of either town. 9. Ruth, b. 16 
Mar. 1711 (Weymouth V. R.. vol. 1. p. IMi). 

Kdward Dirhy. Sr., died at Weymouth 6 Jan. 1723/4, leaving a will dated 4 
Jan. 172.3/4 and proved 20 Jan. of the same year, which is not satisfactorily 
referred to in Ukc.i.'^tkic. vol. 49, p. 310. The lei^atees were: wife Rebeera. .son 
Jonathan, t>on Samuel (who "went from me at .Nineteen Years of aixe and Mar- 
ried "), daughters Sarali Cobb, Jane Derby (whose lej^acy was £30 "and four 
Kilver spoons her mother left"), Rebecca Derby, and Ruth Derby. The unmar- 
ried daiii^hfers were to receive their jjortlons at twenty-one or marriai^e. (^Suf- 
folk rrulnite Recorils, vol. 23. p. 101.) 

Francis^ James of Hin<;ham did mention his sister Jane Derby in his will, 
dated 28 Dec. 1717 and proved 10 Jan. 1717/18, as stated in Rkgistkh. vol. 49, p. 
840; but so im])erfect a statement of that fact is misleading, as the will read.s : 
"Jane Darby the Dauj;hter of njy si.ster Jane l)arl)y dec'." The other lei;atec8 
were : brother Thomas James, Samuel James, sister Sarah Sale, and brother-in- 
law John Sale, the last two receiviui; life tenure in certain real estate. (SuflV)lk 
Probate Records, vol. 20. p. 180.) On 21 Sept. 1738 Samuel Hlancher of Wey- 
moutii and .lane his wife, together with S;imuel .lames and several of the heirs 
of 'i'homas' James, all of Hingham, sold to Samuel Slader of Hingham real estate 
described as '' part of the estate that Francis James, John Sale, and Sarah Sale 
died sci/.ed of." (SutTolk Deeds, vol. 107. p. 41.) 

59 Oxj'ord /Strecty SumerciUc, Miss. Ella F. Elliot. 

Jknkins-Jonf.s. — The following record is preserved on a loose sheet of paper 
which was found in an old Bible conconlance now in the possession of a lady 
residing in Brattlcboro, Vt. The book was rescued from a rubbish heap, on 
which it had been tossed by people who occupied the house in which the family 
of its present possessor once lived. The letters M.I*., which appear in large 
capitals at the bottom of the sheet, are perhaps the Initials of Miles Phillips, 
whose name, with the date 177.^, is written in Ink on the margin at the top of 
one of the pages of the concordance. The sheet on which the record Is written 
now measures abt)Ut 10^ by 8^ inches, but its size has been reduced by wear 
and tear. Perforations in the left-hand margin indicate that the sheet was at 
one time fastened Into a book. 

John Jenkin was borne the 7'h day of July 1C88/ 

Martha Jenkin was borne the 30^^ day of June 1690/ 

Mary Jenkins the wife of John Jenkins was borne the 13 day of June 169[/orn] 
Between 11 and 12 A clock [Interlined between the birth dates of Mary and 
Tliomas Jenkins the sone of John Jenkins w&s borne the 28*^ day of 9ber 

John Jones the sone of Abraham Jones was borne the 2^ day of Janua[forn] 

1701/2 About 4 A clok at noon 
Mary Jones was borne the 24'^ day °* 7ber 1705/ 
Martha Jones was borne the 13*^ day of march 1708/9 


Notes 100 

Abraham Jones was borne the 6**> day of inurch 1710/11 

Suruli Jones was borne the fj"* day of Aniriist 1714/ 

lienjuniin Jones was born*' the 2''» day ^' July 171H/ 

Thomas Jones was borne tlie JO'*" day of Tber 1721/ 

John Jenkin thu Honc of Johu Jenkins was borue the 22 day of abr[ror/i] 

Mary Jenkin the daughter of John Jenkins was borne the 2'J day of Abrill 

172'J John Jenkin and niary hib wife nmried tlie (> day of fcbruary 1724 

M. P. 

Dedham, Mass. Cuarlks S. Liscom. 


Standish.— Tlie New England Historic Genealoj^lcal Society lias received 
from Kn;;land copies of twenty-live deeds, hitherto unpu))lished, relating to tlie 
lands in various Lancasliire parislies and in the I>le of Man wliieli, accordnig 
lo tlie .stati-nient of Capt. Myies Standish lu liis will, liad l>een " surrnptously 
detained " from liim. Sonu- of tlu-se deeds are in Latin, others In En<rli>li, tlie 
earliest one dating from 1481. They reveal a branch of the Standish family 
which sittled in the Isle of Man and indicate one of its members as in all prot>- 
abiliiy citlier tlie father or the ;;randfallier of Capt. Myles of IMymouth. These 
deeds, with an article by their discoverer, will be printed in the Kkgistkic for 
April or July I'JU. 

PiiiLLiMOUic's Parish Rkgtstkrs. — Thomas M. Blafrg, Esq., of 124 Chancery 
Lane, London, editor of the series of Kniilish I'arish K(^<^istcrs inoji-ctcd by the 
late W. r. W. riiillimore, Esti-, and publislutl for many years under his direc- 
tion, has sent to the librarian of the New Eni;land Historic Genealogical Society 
geveral coi)ies of the new catalo«;ue of the volumes thus far Issued, and lu bis 
letter accompanying this trift makes the following? appeal : 

*' I would ask that you ^ive some of these [catalo^iues] to people likely to 
support the series by becoming subscribers to at least one county series. At 
present the support of the series from your side of the Atlantic is almost negli- 
gible. Gcnealoj:;ists in America seem content to use the public librarit-s there 
and do not realize that, if a few more of them would subscribe to the coun- 
ty they are specially interested in, that Increased support would enalile that 
county to be printed at double the pace and completed within a few years, 
whereas with the almost complete absence of the private subscriber several 
counties have for long been entirely at a standstill and is is at times doubtful if 
the series as a whole can be continued. 

"The same neglect is strangling the good work of the British Record So- 

Gknkalogiks in Preparation. — Persons of the several names are advised to 
furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of tlieir own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
all facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially ser^ ice uniler the IT. S. Government, the holding of other ollices. grad- 
uation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 
of birth, marriage, residence, and death. .All names should be given in full If 
possible. * No initials should be useil when the full name is known. 

^^Ha^/e.— Anthony, born in co. Kent, England, about 1699, died at Bam- 
btable, Mass., lt;74, by Hev. Herbert Leslie liu/zell, Northfleld, Ma>s. 

BuswcU. — Isaac, born, perhaps at Salisbury. Wiltshire, England, about 1006-8, 
died at Salisbury, Mtu^s., 8 July 1683, by Uev. Herbert I^slie Buzzell, Northtleld, 

F(nT.— George, otLynn, Mass., born in England 1594, died at Lynn, Mass., 
J4 Oct. 1662, and Thomas, of Lynn and Slow, Mass., born in England, by Mrs. 
IdaEarr Miller, 18 Lawrence Street, Waketleld, Mass. 

Goociru/ye.— William, born probably at Bury St. Edmunds, co. Suffolk. Eng- 
land, 8 Apr. 1608, died at Watertown, Mass.. 21 Mar. 1646/7, by Edwin A. Good- 
ridge, M.D., 127 Maple Avenue, Elushing, N. Y. 


110 Recent Boohs [Jan. 

avifijn.—\\\\]i]\, died at Riulhiiry, Mass., 1«;54, by Mrs. W. E Ilodge, 27 Bllt- 
murc Street, Sprin^llelii, 

llHutin(iU)n.~^\u\u\\, horn 7 Auij. ir>H8, (IUmI at sea 1G33, \>y Sarauel Gladding 
Huntington, 173 Keuyon Street, Hurtfiji'd, Conn. 

Lincoln. — Samuel, born at Hlnf^liani, co. Norfolk, Kn^hind, K.rj, died at 
Illnu'liani, Mass., 26 May 1G90, by Waldo Lincoln, Ksq., 4'J Elm Street, Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

V<in LouH. — Jan, died at r-oonrnburt:li, N. Y., in the early part f)f the eighteenth 
century, by E. Haviland llillnuin, F.S.G., 13 Soniers I'lace, Hyde Park, W., 
London, En^'land. 


[Thk editor particularly reoiicsts persons sending books for listing in the RKOisTsa 
to -state, fur the inforin.itioii of roadiTs, tlio price ot each hook, witli the amount to he 
added for p(>»>t:i;.;c uluii j-ciit by nuii!, mid from whom it luay Ite ordered. For the 
January i.ssuo, books should he received by Nov. 1 ; for April, by Feb. 1 ; for July, by 
May 1 ; und for October, by July 1.] 


Bailey gonealogry. Account of the 13th gatherin;^ of the Bailey-Bayley Family 
Association, particularly coinineniorative of the life and services of Hrig.-Geu. 
Jacob Hayley, 1720-1815, held in West Newbury, Mass., August 19, I'Jll. Ctt p. 
map pi. por. 8«> 

Baily genealogy. Genealoj^y of the Baily family of IJromham, Wiltshire, Eng- 
land, and more particularly (;f the descendants of Joel Baily, who came from 
Bromha?n about ir)82 and settled in Chester County, Pa. By Gilbert Cope. Lan- 
caster, Pa., Wickersham Printing Company, 1912. y-|-G72 p. fcsm. map. pi. por. 

Bates genealogy. The Bates Bulletin. Series 2, vol. 2, no. 1. September, 
1913. p. 21-32, 11. 8» 

Bicknell genealogy. Good News. The Blcknell Family Association. Vol.1, 
no. 2. Providence, R. L, 1913. 15 p. por. 12« 

Cary genealogy. The John Cary Descendants. Bulletin, no. 14, new series. 
October, 1913. p. 71-74, il. 8>^ 

Dickinson genealogy. The Dickinson family of Milton and Litchfield. By 
Anthon Temple Gesner. Middletown, Coun.,'Pelton & King, 1913. 14 p. pi. 8» 

Butcher genealogy. The Dutcher family. By Walter Kenneth Grilhn. n. p. 
n. d. (;s p. 4" Kepii»t*d from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Kec- 
ord for 1909-1910. 

Gerrish genealogy. Old Boston families, number two, the Gerrlsh family 
(family of Capt John Gerrish). By .\rthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, M.A., 
D.C.L. n. p. 1913. 11 p. 8° Reprinted from Rkgistek for April 1913. 

Hawkins genealogy. l^Iemoranda concerning some branches of the Hawkins 
family and connections. By Gen. John Parker Hawkins, U. S. A^my. u. p. 
1913. 137 p. pi. por. 80 

Howland genealogy. Howland Homestead. Vol. 1, no. 3. Boston, Mass., 
published l>y the Society of the Descendants of Pilgrim John Howland of the 
Ship Mayllower, 1912. 12 p. 11. ^^ 

Howland genealogy. Howland Homestead. Vol. 1, no 4. Boston, Mass., 
published by the Society of the Descendants of Pilgrim John Howland of the 
Ship Mayflower, 1912. 12 p. il. 8* 

Kimball genealogy. Record of the family of Levi Kimball and some of his 
descendants. By Levi Darbee. Revised and extended by Robert M. Darbee. 
11. p. 1913. 119-1-54 p. pi. por. 8» 

Kirk genealogy. Genealogy of the descendants of John Kirk, born 16G0, at 



Recent Books 111 

Alfrcton, In Derbyshire, FiiKlaiid, died 1705, In Darby TownHhIp, Chester (now 
Dfliiwiiiu) County, ri'inisylvmiia. CoMiplleil h\ Miruriila S. liot^crti, edited by 
Gilbert Cope. Doylestowii, I'a., Trebs of the Intclligeucer Company, \\i\2- VJ\'6. 
8-1-721 p. fcsm. map pi. por. 4" 

Larkin genealogy. Chronicle of the Larkln family of the towne of Westerlle 
and Colony of Khoad I.sland In New England. Number '2. l*ubll>lied for the 
Larkin Family Association, i)y William H. Larkln, Jr., Chelsea,, VJli. 
12 p. tt" 

L6vet genealogy. Thomas Lcvet of I'^xeter and Hampton. Reprinted from 
Ukcji.mkk wllii note.s on the English and American families of Levett and 
Lcavltt. Hy Vlotor C[hannlnj;] Sanborn, u. p. 1913. 21 p. pi. tt" 

Lindsay Family Association of America, The annual report of the LInd."*ay 
Family A.^sociation of America (inc.) for 11)12. Edited by Mrs. Margaret Lind- 
say Atkinson, n.p n.d. p. 203-233, tt" 

Llnzee, Aucostora and Descendants. The history of I'etcr Tarker and Sarah 
Kugglo of Koxbury, Ma?>s., and their ancestors and desceiulanls. Hy J«(hn 
William Linzee, Jr., A.B., Boston, Mass., privately priuted, rjl3. 
12-|-(IU'J p. 11. por. 8^ Trice ^15.00. Address the author, 'JG Charles St., Boston, 

Maar genealogy. Maar family records. By llev. Charles Maar, A.M. Albany, 
N. v., I'Jia. Up. b^ Trice cii.uu. 

Marshall genealogy, ^lar.'^hall family record with Haskell, Boutwell, Barrett, 
WacUwoilh, While, Keail, Maurice, King.sbiny, Holbrooke, Stevens, Carpeuler, 
and allied families. By Mr. and ilrs. Frank Burnslde Kingsbury. Keene, N. li., 
Tress o\. Walter T. Nims, rJl3. 103 p. fcsm. 11. pi. por. c^ Trice ^1.75 paper; 
^2,00 cloth. Address T. B. Kingsbury, I'roctor, Vt. 

Merritt genealogy. New Merritt records. [By Douglas Mcrrltt.] up 1913. 

u. p. b^ 

Tlic> auiliur gives u ohort account of the early Kngli.«h Merrit«; llcnrj of Scltunte, Mu^t.; 
NicluilH> i>| .SmIiiii; IMillij) v{ Uo.'>lou; Williuiu ul Ntw York; TIidhihs und J.-liii <•! U>«-, N. V.; 
WL-bUliesU-i (JoiHiiy 51(.riitl->; Imuic ot liurlingion, Is. J.; WiliDnii d Cecil Luiiiit), ild.; 
buutuel ot 6t. I'uuls, M(l.;.furly Auiericaa Mc-rriUB; vaiiuua .^i-rrutr. 17UO-1600. 

Moir genealogy. Molr genealogy and collateral lines with historical notes. By 
Alexamler L. iloir. [Lowell, Mass., Union Trinting Company, ci'Jl3.J 492 p. 
11. pi. por. 8" 

Perry genealogy. The Terrys of Rhode Island and tales of Silver Creek ; the 
Boswt-tiUi-Bourii-Terry homestead. Kevlseil and enlarged from a lecture beft)re 
the Undawa Chapter of the 1). A. U. and their guests of the S. A. K., at the 
Tubllc Lil)rary, Cambridge, N. Y., April 13, 1909. By Hcv. Calbralih Bourn 
Terry, D.l).; S. A. K. New York, Tobias Alexander Wright, 1913. 115 p. pi. 
por. 8^ I'rice $3.00 cloth; $4.iO half leather. Address T. A. Wright, 150 
Bleecker St., New York. 

Eichardsoa genealogy. Eleazer Richardson of Manchester and Bristol, Vt., 
and Richland, N. Y., and his descendants 1714-1913. With a brief account of 
his earlie>l ancestor In .Vmerlca, Amos Richardson of Boston, Ma>s. and Sioning- 
ton. Conn., together with the line of descent from Amo.>. to Elea/er. IJy Delos 
Andrew Richurdson. Tulaskl, N. Y., Tulaski Democrat Tublishing Co., 1913. 
36 p. 8^ 

Shedd genealogy. Register of the Shedd Family Association, vol. 2. Special 
meetiiiu, December l(i, 1912, Boston, Mass. Frank Edson Shedd, secretary, GO 
Federal St., 1912. 31 p. b** 

Btowell genealogy. Outline chart of the Stowell family. \\j Charles Henry 
Stowell, M.l). n.p. 1913. Chart. 

Tre(a)dwell genealogy. Descendants of Edward Tre(a)dwcll, through his son 
John. By William A. Bobbins. New York, 1911. 119 p. 4« 

Underwood genealogy. The Underwood families of America. By Luclen 
Marcus Underwood. Edited by Howard J. Banker. I>ancHteter, Ta., The New 
Era Trinting Company, 1913. Vols. 1 and 2. 40+400; 5-f 401-809 p. fcsm. pi. 
por. 8'» 


112 Recent liuokt [Jan. 


BlitB, Leonard Carpenter, memoir. Leonard Curpciitcr BIIhs, 1834-1913. n. p. 
19 1;}. [12 p.] fcsiii. por. 8» 

Crittenden, John Jordan, memoir. Library of Congress. Calendar of the papers 
of John Jordan Crittenden. I'repared fn>ni the original manuscripts in the 
Liinarv of (\)ngreMs, hy C. N. Feainster. Washington, I). C, Government 
Printing Ulliee, TJl.i. 'M:, p. 4" 

Moaeley, Edward Augustus, biography. The life work of Edward .\. Mo>ieley 
in tlie service of humanity, liy James Morgan. New York, The Macmillau 
Company, 1U13. G-|-37b p. fcsni. pi. por. «" 

Parr, Katharine, memoir. Two hook hills of Katharine Purr. By P'[ranccs] 
Rose-'lroup. l..ondon, Kng., Alexander Moring, Limited, I'Jll. 'J p. »" Re- 
printed from The Library, January, 1911. 

Thomas, Rev. Dr. Thomas E., biography. Letters of Thomas E. Thomas. 
Printed privately, I'JIJ. lGd-f-[2J p. por. 8° 

Harvard University, Class of 1863. Keport of the secretary of the Class of 1863 
of Hai\urd College, June, l*Ju;i to June, l'J13. No. 8. Cambridge, The Uuiver- 
sity I'ress, iyl3. 17U p. pi. por. S" 

Schenectady, N. Y., Union College. History of the class graduated at Union 
College, Sclienectady, N. Y., Jidy 2:1, iMiJJ, also a record of non-graduates and 
an honor roll of those who served in tlie Cniou Army and Navy during the Civil 
war, also reports of the 4Uth and oUth reunions. Union (-ollege, I'JUU and rjl3. 
liy Thomas llealey Pearey. n. p. u. d. STJ p. fcsm. pi. por. «*» 

Yale College, Class of 1893. Vicennial record of Yale '93 and an account of the 
Vicennial lieunion, June 17, 1!)1J. I'ublished by Noah IL Swayne, 2d, Class 
Secretary. Philadelphia, The International Printing Co., li> 13. tt* 

(a) Genkhal 

Connecticut, history. State of Connecticut, register and raauual. Prepared 
pursuant to Section 108 of the General Statutes by The Secretary. Hartford, 
publi.^hed by the State, 1913. G')l p. map pi. 12<» 

England, Emigrants from. Emigrants from England, 1773-177C. Boston, pub- 
li^hed by the New England Historic Genculogica.1 Society, 1'J13. 20t> p. 8<» lie- 
printed irom KtuisrKK, vols. (32, G3, G4, and Gj. 

Litchfleld County, Conn. Litchlleld County Choral Union, 1900-1012, founded 
to honor the memory of Robbins IJattell. Hy J. H. Vaill. Norfolk, Conn., pub- 
li.^hed under the auspices of The Litchlleld (bounty University Club, 1912. Vols. 
1 uud 2. 13-H2G7; 7-|-271 p. fcsm. pl. por. 8- 

Massachusetts Royal Commissions. Notes on the Massachusetts Royal Com- 
missions, 1G81-I775. ' By All)erl Matthews. Cambridge, John Wilson i. Son, 
1913. 119 p. a*' Reprinted from the publications of The Colonial Society of 
Massachusetts, vol. 17. 

New Hampshire Congregational Churches. Minutes of the 104th annual meeting 
of the geneml conference of the Congregational churches of New llanipsldre 
held at .Na^-hua, May 20, 21,22. 1913; 112tli annual report of the New Hampshire 
Home .Mi>sionary Society. Vol. 9, no. i>. Concord, N. 11. , Ira C. Evans Co., 
1913. 149 p. pl. 8» 

Poweshiek County, Iowa, history. History of Poweshiek County, Iowa, a record 
of settlement, organization, progress, and achievement. By Prof. L[eonard] 
E[letcherJ Parker. Chicago, The S. J. Clarke Publishing i\i., 1911. Vols. 1 
Aud 2. 392; 7o9 p. fcsm. pl. por. 4^ 

Virginia State Library. Bulletin, vol. 6, no. 2. A list of the portraits and 
pieces of statuary in the Virginia State Library, with biographical notes. By 
Earl G. Swem. Richmond, Da>is Bottom, superiutendent of public printing, 
1913. p. 21-43, 80 



liecent Books 113 

(6) Local 

Amasbury, Maai., vital records. Vital rci-onls of Amcshury, Massachusntts to 
the cud of the year IS ID. Top.^flcld, Mass., published by Tlie Topslleld Histori- 
cal Society, r.)13. COO p. 8« 

Belfast, Mo., history. History of the city of Ik-lfast In the state of Maine, 
?ol. 2, IMT.O-l'JOO. liy J(jscph Williaiuson and Alfred Jijhnson. IJo.^ton and 
New York, Houghton Mitlliu Company, I'JIJ. ;U-f-t>'JG-|-[l] p. fcsin. il. map pi. 
per. 8" 

Berlin, Conn., history. The early history of Berlin, Connecticut, an lilstorlcal 
paper delivered before The Ktnnia Hart Wiliard Chapter, 1). A. K., January 17, 
1913. IJy Emily S. lirandei^ee. 14 p. »' 

Dover, N. H., history. Notable events In the hl.story of Dover, New Hamp- 
shire from the llrst settlement In IGL'3 to 18GJ. By George Wadleigh. Dover, 
N. H., rJia. 334 p. pi. 8^ 

Dunstable, Mass., vital records. Vital records of Dunstable, Massachusetts to 
the end of the year 1849. Salem, Mass., published by The Institute, 1913. 
238 p. 8« 

Exeter, co. Devon, Eng., history. Kalendars and trade-gilds before the Ref- 
ormation. By Fiances Kose-Troup. n. p. l'.)12. 2.'> p. M" Koprinted from the 
Tran.->aeti()ns of the Devonshire .\ssociution for the Advancement of Science, 
Literature, and Art, 1912,-44, p. 40G-430. 

Hudbon, N. H., history. History of Hudson, N. H., formerly a part of Dun- 
8tal)le, Mass., 1G73-1733; Nottingham, .Mass., 1733-1741; District of Notting- 
ham, i741-174G; Nottingham \Ve.«^t, N. II., 174()-1H30; Hudson, N. H., l,s;JO- 
1912. By Kimball Webster, edited by George Waldt) Browne. Manchester, 
N. H., Granite State Publishing Co., 1913. G48 p. pi. por. 8« Price §3.50. 

Liverpool, Eng., Emigrants from. List of emigrants to America from Liver- 
pool, 1697-1707. Boston, published l)y the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society, 1913. 65 p. 8*' Keprinted from Hkuistku, vols. Gl and Gj. 

Milton, Mass., hiatory. Exercises at the 2r»oth anniversary of the incorporation 
of tlie town of Milton, Mass. Compiled by the Committee in charge. Boston, 
Toole I'riuting Company [1913]. 4G p. «" 

New Salem, Mass., Academy. History of New Salem Academy. By Eugene 
Bullard. 1913. 279 p. il. pi. por. 8o Trice ^1.75; by mail $1.00.' Address 
Edwin F. Stowell, New Salem, Mass. 

Newbury, Vt., history. 150th anniversary of the settlement of Newbury, Ver- 
mont. Old home week, August 11-lG, 1912. Groton, Vt, The Groton Times 
Trint, 1912. 49-j-Gp. fcsni. map pi. por. 8" 

Peterborough. N. H., history. Teterbon)Ugh, N. H. In the American Revolu- 
tion, iiy Jonathan Smltli. [Clinton, Mas.«*., The W. J. Coulter TressJ 1913. 
423 p. 8- 

Bichfleld, Ohio, history. Aiwials of the twentieth annual meeting of the Rich- 
field Reunion Association, held in the Thillip's Grove, West Richfield, Ohio, 
Augu.«^t 15, 1912. 24 p. pi. 12« 

Tewksbury, Mass., vital records. Vital records of Tewksbury, :^Lassachusett8 
to the end of the year l{j49. Salem, Mass., published by The Essex Histitutc, 
1912. 'J4G p. 8« 

Tyngsboro, Mass., vital records. Vital records of Tyngsboro, Massachusetts 
to the end of the year 1849. Salem, Mass., published by The Institute, 
1912. 119 p. 8«> 

West Boylston, Mass., history. Dedication of the Bcamau Memorial Public 
Library. West Boylston, Mass., 1912. 62 p. il. por. 8"» 

West Gardiner, Me., vital records. Vital records of West Gardiner, Maine, to 
the year 1892. Gardiner, Me., The Reporter-Journal Tress, 1913. lo9 p. S'' 
Trice $1.09. Address Henry S. Webster, Gardiner, Me. 

114 Reeent Books [Jan.] 


American Irish Historical Society. Tlio journal of tlic American Irittti His- 
torical Society, vol. 12. EclltL'd by EUwaril ilamiltoii Daly. New York, N. Y., 
published by tUe Society, 11)13. 342 p. fcsru. II. pi. por. 8° 

Hiatoria. Vol. 4, no. 3. Oklahoma City, Okla., 1913. 8 p. 4<» 

Lowoll Historical Society. Contributioii.s of the Lowell Historical Society, or- 
ganized, December 21, lhtJ8; Incorporated, May 21, 1902. Vol. 1, no. 3. Lowell, 
Mass., liulterlleld Trintlng Co., 11)13. p. :M3-4«G, II. nmp pi. 8" 

Lynn Historical Society. The register of the Lynn Historical Society, Lynn, 
Massaclirisetls, number IG, editt;d by the Committee on i'ublicatioD. Lynn, 
Mass., Frank S. Whitten, printer, l'J13. 120 p. pi. por. 8» 

National Society of the Sons of the American Bovolution. National year-book, 

1913. Tiie National Society of the Sons of the .Vmerican Revolution. Con- 
Uiinini; list of j^eneral ollkers and of national committees for 1913; national 
charter; constitution and by-laws; oilicers of state societies and local chap- 
ters; procecdin;;s of Chicago Con<^ress, May 19, and 20, 1913; records of mem- 
bers enrolled from May 1, 1912, to April 30, 1913. 320 p. por. 8" 

New Hampshire State Teachers' Association. History. By [Isaac] Walker and 
[E. W.] liulterlleld. 1913. 149 p. 8^ 

Newport Historical Society. Bulletin of the Newport Historical Society. No. 9. 
Newport, U. 1., 1913. 21 p. 8" 

Royal Society of Canada. Proceedings and transactions of the Royal Society 
of C'aimdii. od series, vol. G. Meeting of .May 1912. For sale by .lames Hope 
& Son, Ottawa; The Copp-Clark Co., Limited, Toronto; Bernard tiuariich, 
Loudon, England, 1913. v. p. il. map pi. por. 4o 

Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Nebraska. History of the 
organi/.ation of the Nebraska Society Daughters of the American lievolution, 
June 7, Ift94-April 1, 1913. By Mrs. Charles Oliver Norton with notes by Laura 
B. Bound, u. p. 1913. 5 p. 8" 

Society of thd Danghters of the American Revolution, Nebraska. Nebraska So- 
ciety Daughters of the American Uevolutit)n, eleventh annual address. By .Mrs. 
Charles Oliver Norton. Lincoln, Nebr., October, 1912. 10 p. 8« 

Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Samuel Ashley Chapter. 
Organized February 15, 1897. [List of members.] Claremont, N. Jl., 1913- 

1914. n.p. 12" 

Socioiy of the Mayflower Descendants, Ohio. Society of the Mayflower Descend- 
ants of the Stale of Ohio, organized 1^9S. n.p. 1913. 141 p. pi. 8« 

Society of the Sons of the Revolution, New York. The birth of the Constitution, 
an UiKhess delivered by Edmund Wetmore, general president before the Sons 
of the Kevolutiou in the slate of New York, at Delmouico's, November 25, 1912. 
New York, 1913. 2G p. 8" 

Wyoming Commemorative Association. Koport of the proceedings of the Wyo- 
ming Commemorative Association on the occasion of the 135tl» anniversary of 
the bailie and massacre of Wyoming at ten o'clock .V. M. July 3, 1913. n. p. n. d. 
30 p. il. 8« 


Loyalists. The legacy of the Ameri'^un lievolution to the British West Indies 
and Bahamas, a chapter out of the history of the American Loyalists. By 
Wilbur 11. Siebert, A.M. Bublished by the Ohio State University, Columbus, 
1913. 50 p. 8-^ 

Monongahela, battle of. The hero of the Monongahela, historical sketch. By 
Monongahela de Boaujeu, translated from the French by Uev. G. E. Hawes. 
Published for tlie dedication of the monument erected to the memory of Maj.- 
Gen. Edward Braddock, October lo, 1913. Edited by M. de Beaujeu & Co. New 
York, William Tost, 1913. 28 p. map pi. por. a'* 





ATUIL, 1914 


By Mrs. Elizabeth Eliot Makvin Wood of New York City 

William TiiEorniLus Rogers Marvin, a resident member of 
the New iMighmd Historic (lenealogical Society from ]1K)() and a 
member of its Council for the yeans 1902-1904, died at his home at 
70 Perry Street, Brookline, Ma.srf., after a lon^ and painful illness, 
24 February 1913, at the age of eighty-one years. He was born in 
l^oston, Mass., 30 December 1832, the son of Theophilus Rogers and 
Julia Ann Coleman (Coggeshall) Marvin. 

His paternal line in New England was derived from Reinold 
Marvin, one of the early settlers of Connecticut, who was born in 
the later years of the sixteenth century at Great Hentley, co. Kss<;x, 
England, a son of Edward Marvin of that parish. This Reinold,^ 
who lived at Hartford, Farmington, Say brook, and b>'me, Conn., 
died at the last-mentioned place in 1()()2. His son, Ueinold,' was of 
Lyme, Conn., was lieutenant and repn^sentative, married Sarah, 
daughter of George Clark, and died in KwO. Capt. KcinokP of 
Lyme, who was born in 1009 and died in 1737, was by his second 
wife, Martha, daughter of Thomas Waterman of Norwich, Conn., 
the fath(T of Cai)t. Elisha* of Lyme, who was born 8 March 1717/ 18, 
married, 17 May 1739, Catharine Mather, and died 31 DeeembtT 
1801. Their son, Gen. Elihu^ of Norwich, who wius bom in Decem- 
ber 1752, married, 25 December 1780, Elizabeth, daughter of The- 
ophilus Rogers, Jr., and died 13 September 1798. His yoimgest 
child and only son was Theoi)hilus Rogers,* who was born at Nor- 
wich 23 February 1790, married, 3 April 1832, Julia Ann (^oleman 
Coggeshall of New Bedford, Mass., a descendant of President John 
Coggeshall of the Colony of Rhode Island, and dieil at Brookline, 
Mass., 9 May 1882, his wife, who was born 3 April 1811, dying 30 
January 1882, only a little more than three months before her hus- 
band. Theophilus Rogers Marvin was the founder, in 1823, of what 
is now the oldest printing house in the city of Boston, a public- 
spirited man, anil at one time a member of the Massachusetts (Jen- 
eral Court. In 1859 Williams College conferred on him the honorary 
degree of Master of Arts. 

William Theophilus Rogers' Marvin was educated in the public 
schools of Boston, his native city, attending the Adams School and 
VOL. Lxvni. 8 


IIG Willimn Thcophilus Rogers Marvin [April 

tlio Boston Latin School, whcro he was graduatrd in 1850, winning 
tlu.' much prized T'lanklin Medal. Tie was prej)are(l iov Vale Oolle^e; 
but a visit to Wiiliamstown at Connnenceinent time' hrou^lit him 
under the influence (jf that "granil old man," Mark li(ipkins, and he 
decided to (Miter Williams instead. While in college he heerime a 
member of the Si^ma i*hi fraternity, which he always loved and of 
which he was a devoted son, bein^ ever ready to d<j anything in his 
po\\er for any of its members. liy the j'ounj^er men of the frater- 
nity he was looked u])()n as an example of what a loyal m«'mber 
might be. He was graduated in the (Mass of ISoi, and received 
from his ahtia mater the degn-e of Afaster of Arts in ISo?. Seven 
years later, in 1801, he obtained a charter for the Williams chapter 
of the Phi Beta Kai)pa, being himself one of the charter members. 
In li)()9 th(; ('olli>ge conferred on him, for his literary attainments 
and "his absolute loyalty to the college," the degree of Doctor of 
the Humanities. From 1859 to 1912 he was absent from only two 
Connnencc^ncuits, a uni(iue record. In all these j'ears he made a 
practice of i)reserving i)rinted matter jxrtaining to the affairs of 
the ( 'oll(»ge, and a short time before his death he sent to the College 
Library this collection of "Collegeana," in twelve bound volumes. 

Innnediately after his graduation at Wilhams he entered the 
})rinting oflice of his father, an<l in 1S5(» he was given an interest in 
the business, the name of the firm being changed to T. H. Marvin tfc 
Son. For fifty-seven years Dr. Mar\ in was a printer, at first with 
his father, then alone, and later with Mr. Fnulerick C. Fairbanks 
as his partner. He took much pride in the books that he printed, 
and endeavored to make each one as nearly perfect as possible. 
When other printers were troubled with strikes, he laid the ])oint3 
at issue before his men, and averted any complications. The firm 
was originall}' established at 32 old Congress Street, but in later 
years was moved to 21, then to 42, and in 1870 to 131 Congress 
Street, wher(> the business was carried on in a large anil wellnHiuippeJ 
ofhce until the ])lant was comi)letely destroycnl in the great Boston 
lire of 1872. Then, after occui)ying t(Mni)orary (juarters on Corn- 
hill, the firm was rehoused at 49 Fedi'ral Street, and was moved 
still later to 73 Federal Street, where it remained until after Dr. 
Marvin's death. The motto of the house, Sine Lahore Nihil, has 
well expressed its dominant sjiirit. 

At one time in his early manhood Dr. Marvin was much interested 
in military atTairs, and was a member of the New England (^niards. 
Later he was a sergeant in the Ancient and Honorable Artilhry 
Comi^any. He joininl also the Massachusetts \'olunt(*er Militia, 
and was appointed quartermaster-sergeant on the staff of Col. Bur- 
bank, who was then in command of the First Regiment. In later 
years he took much pleasure in telling "how we used to do things in 
those days." 

In 1857 Mr. Marvin became a Mason, joining Cohnnbian Lodge 
of Boston. After reaching the grade of blaster Mason he served 
his lodge in various offices, and was master in 1871-72. In 1883 he 
was elected secretary of Cohnnbian Lodge, and continued to serve 
in that capacity until his death. In 1885-80 he was also senior 


1914] William Theophilus Rogers Marvin 117 

grand warden in tlie Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Uc edited 
and pulilishcil various wurks on Masonic history and anlifjuities, 
among tlicni a report on "The Arms (jf the i'leemasons," i)uhhshcd 
in the Procccdiiujs of the (Irand Lodge of Massacliusetts for 1880, 
his thorough knoulfdge of heraUlry making him especially wcll- 
qualilied for this task. 

Dr. Marvin's intercut in anti(juarian matters was pronounced. 
In the New Enghuid Historic (Jenealogical Society, in ad(hti(jn to 
his term of three years (lUD'J 1901) as a memher of tlie Council, he 
was in 1902 a memlnT of tlie ('ommittee on the Cabinet, in 1903 
and 1901 a member of the Conunittee on Epitaphs, in 1901 a member 
of the Committee on Coll»'cti»)n (jf Records, and in 190;i, 1901, and 
190') a member of the ( •ommittee on Tapers and Kssays. He was 
a dircH'tor in the liunker Hill Monument Association, and was a 
life member of the Hostonian Society, serving for some time on the 
Council of the latter sociity and printing for many years its l^uUi- 
aitions. Knowing his keen interest in genealogical research, many 
of his friends would smile over his father's statement that he feared 
W ilham had no head for gen(>alogy. Ih^ was, in fact, an accurate 
genealogist, and a careful, critical i)rinter of many gi'iieah^gical 
works. He compiled the Marvin genealogy and pedigrees which 
api)eared in Salisbury's ''Family-Histories and (lenealogies," he 
wrote "The lOnglish Ancestry of Heinold and Matthew Marvin of 
Hartford, (.-t., Ki.W," which was publishetl in 1900, and, in conjunc- 
tion witli Mr. (i(>orge Franklin Marvin of New York, wrote the 
"Descendants of Heinold and Matthew Marvin," which apjHwred 
in 1901. He also edited and })rinted "The (Ireene Family in I-^ng- 
land and America with Pedigrees," 1901. 

Numismatics claimed a large share; of Dr. Marvin's attention, 
and among numismatists he was well-known as the author of "The 
Medals of the ]\Iasonic Fraternity," 1880, a subject on which he 
contiiuied to colh^ct (lata until his death, and of other pajiers on this 
branch of knowletlge. Although ai">iiearing nuTcly as one of the 
editors of Hetts's "American Colonial History Illustrated by Con- 
tcmi)orary Medals," he was in reality responsible for much of the 
information contained in this work. For nearly forty years he 
edited ami j)ublished the American Journal of Numismatics. He 
was an active member of the Boston Numismatic Society, an honor- 
ary mi^mber of the American Numismatic; and Arcluvological Society 
of New York and of the American Numismatic Association, a corre- 
sponding member of the Numismatic and Anticpiarian Society of 
Philad(>lj)hia, and, in recognition of his attainments in this field of 
antitjuarian research, he was ma<le a foreign associate of the Royal 
Numismatic Society of Belgium. 

From 1872 on Dr. Marvin resided in Brookline, and for twenty- 
two years (1875-1897) he was a member of the School Committee 
of that town, watching closely the development of the curriculum of 
the high school and insisting that thoroughness is the foimdation 
of knowledge. He was also a member of the Brookline Thursday 
Club, being its president for two years. 

Those who believe that a person beyond seventy is unable to 


118 William Thcophilus Rogers Marvin [April 

take up a now line of oriKin.'il rosoarch must mako an oxroption in 
iiu' (;asr of Dr. Marvin. i)urin^^ the 3'L'ar.s of lii.s life he bccanH? 
much intrrt'strtl in a docurncnt in tlic po.s.sossion of the liostonian 
Society, and known in Kn^^ ic^al plirascology as a "fmo." It 
was written in the Ic^al Latin of the rci^n of James 11, abounded in 
le^al al)l)reviations and other short(Mie<l forms, and had ne'ver been 
transhited. He liad seen the document years before, and had puz- 
z1(h1 out a few words, but had given tin,' translation up as too great a 
task for a man. In the last year of his life he attacked the 
probl(!m again, and with infinite ])atience constructed an al[)habet 
and W()rk(Hl out all but a few words. The translation was publishe(l 
in the F^ostonidn Society Publications, vol. 10. 

For more than fifty years Dr. Marvin was a member of the Prot- 
estant l]j)is(()pal Church. He became closely identified with the 
Church of the Messiah in Boston, serving as vestryman and later as 
junior warden, and being often chosen as a d(>legate to the diocesan 
convention. In the leaflet of that (^hurch for 2 March IDbi, the 
rector, Key. John McGaw Foster, wrote: 

"The nioniory of Mr. Marvin's life is that of a Christian gentleman of 
the old s('1u)(j1. With a iniud reriKuk.ibly keen to keep abreast of th<? t(»pics 
which concern modern thou'.'lit, his faith was the .^injj)le faith of his fatliers 
— the Faith once for all delivered to the .siints. . . . 

"None could know Mr. Marvin well without being iniprcssetl by the 
ripeness of his scholarship and the vigorous cultivation of his mental 
powers. . . ." 

Dr. Marvin married first, 17 A])ril 1801, Anne Maria Howe, who 
was l)orn at Milford, N. H., 27 June 18o7, daugliter of Clcorgc and 
Juditli Hay (Sawyer) Howe of Boston. She died sudilenly in Boston 
9 July 1870, leaving three children: Florence, who now resides at 
Cambridge, Mass., the wi<low of Oeorgi^ Hoffman lunbree; Julia 
Rogers, who was married to Lieut. Charles Brooks Clark and is nt)w 
deceased; and Theophilus Rogers, now deceased. He married sec- 
ondly, at Brookline, []0 December 1874, his cousin, Mary Ritchie, 
who was born at New Bedford, Mass., 12 June 184,"), daughter of 
Edward Samuel and Abby Russell (Pope) Ritchie of Brookline. 
By his second wife, who survived him. Dr. Marvin had three chil- 
dren: ]''lizabeth Eliot, now the wife of Howland Wood of New York 
City; John ReginoUl, who married Grace W. Field and resides at 
Evanston, III.; and George Ritchie, who married Florence Huth 
Dennis, resides in Boston, and is a member of the printing firm of 
which his father was for so many years the head. In his family life 
Dr. Marvin was a most loving father, always interested in whatever 
concerned his children, especially in their literary work, and ever 
ready with advice or friendly criticism. 


1914] The Savage Family 119 


NuMUEK Three 


By Lawuence Pakk, Ksmj., of Grotoii, Maaa. 
[Concluded from pane 3-^1 

3G. Alkxandkr Kdwaud.s' Sava(jk {Alexander,^ Juhn,^ Thomas,* 
Ildhijdk,^ Thouuis,'^ 7V/o//m.s''), V)orn at BanRor, Mc, o Apr. 
1822, was a student at Bowdoiii ('olU'^c, but was not ^;ra(hi- 
atc'd there. In 1851 or 18r)2 he went to (^iiincy, 111., where he 
entered the real estate business with his brotluir, ( 'harles 
Alexander (20, iv), and continued in this business until his 
death, wliicli occurred at (Juincy 28 Apr. 1873. 

He married at North Chelsea (now Revere), Mass., 12 Oct. 
1854, Elizabeth Shuutlefk, born at Chelsea, Mass., 12 May 
1831, died at Ucvere 12 Jan. 1907, daughter of Benjamin and 
Cynthia (Bryant) of North Chelsea. 
Children, born at (Juincy: 

i. Gi:()iu;k Sukpaui),' b. 14 Sept. 1856; living at Qiiincy; m. at Quincy, 
Hi Sept. IHSI), SAn)KK Ionk (Oimmock) Ilimr. No childrt'n. 

ii. LizziK Err.KNiH, h. I'i Apr. IS.IO; living umn. at (^iiiiic}'. 

iii. liENJAWiN 8iiUUTLLi"F, b. 18 Sept. 1804; living unin. ut Hcriniston, 

iv. Sauah Shurtleff, b. 23 Feb. 1868; m. at Quinry, II Oct. 1836, 
('iiAiiLKs Im.lswouth Hoar, b. at (^uincv 7 Frb. ISlVJ, <1. at Quincy 
1 Doc. 1803. Child: 1. ChaTles ficnjamin, b. at (Quincy 6 July 1887. 

V. Alexander Edwauds, b. 5 Feb. 1871; d. unni. at Las Veg:id, N. Mex., 
2Jau. 1907. 

37. Samuel Hay' Savage (William Ilenry,^ Samud,^ Sdmud Phil- 
lipSy* Arthur,^ Thomas,^ Thoma^^), was born at Barnstable, 
Mass., 8 Mar. 1827. His mother dying when he was less than 
tAVO weeks old, he passed the hrst two years of his life with his 
grandfather Savage at Barnstable, and then, until his fourth 
year, he lived with his paternal aunt, Mrs. Lemuel Shaw 
(21, ix), in Boston. In 1832 he was taken to Tivoli-on-the- 
Iludson, N.Y., to live with his father and stepmother, and 
in the summer of 1833 accompanied his father to St. Louis, 
Mo., where he attemled school. In June 1835 he returned to 
Tivoli, where he was placed in school, and he remained there 
until his father's death in 1839. He was then sent to Boston, 
to be under the care of Mrs. Shaw, and was soon j^laced in a 
Quaker school at Samlwich, Mass., kept by Paul Wing. He 
was a pui)il at the Knglish High School in Boston from 1840 
to 1843. After a few months passed in a store at Worcester, 
he travelled extensively in Central America, spending much 
time with his half-brother Henry in Guatemala. In 1848 he 
was at Tampico. About 1857 he returned to Boston, where 
for two years he was a merchant and lived with his uncle and 
aunt at 4o Mt. Vernon Street. In 18tjl he was in the counting- 


120 Old Buslun Families [April 

room of I'Mislia Atkins, a rncrcliaiit jit 20 Iiulia Wharf, where 
he cuiiliiiiiL'il until 1870. In 18()(), aftrr liis marriage, he hved 
at l^rookhne, Mass., in 181)2 at 2U liuwdoin Street, Ho.ston, 
and from 180:5 to 1870 at West Cedar Street. In 1S7(J he 
moved to 431 Beacon Street, and in 1887 to .021 Heaeon Street, 
whicli was liis iiome for the remainder lA his life. In June 
1874, accompanied by his wifi? and chilfhen, he went to 
Europe^ returning to Boston in Nov. 1870. He died in Boston 
21 Oct. 1001, and is buried in the Goodsj)eed's Hill Cemetery, 

He miirried in Boston, 24 Oct. 1800, C.\TifKHiNE D.\ven- 
POKT IFavwahd, born in Boston 20 Sept. 1833, dauj^hter of 
Jose|)h Hensliaw and ('atherine (l)aveni)ort) of Boston and 
^randdau«!;hter of Dr. Lemuel llayward, whose first wife was 
Sarali Sava<i;e (12, xi). 

Cliihh'cn, born in Boston: 

i. Ai)KLAH)E IlAY,'b. G .Sept. 1801; m. in Boston, 17 Nov. 1886, Francis 
'i'lFKANY Howi.Ks, I), tit Sprin^ficM, Mass., 7 Oct. IS-jS, mm of 
benjamin I'ViUiklin and Mary K. (Bailey) of Spritij^ficlil unJ grand- 
eon of Sanuicl BowUs, fc^undiT and editor of tho Sitnugfuld 
lU publican. He entered the \J. 8. Naval Aeadeiny at Annapolis, 
Md., in 1S75 and was graduated with hii^h honors in 1870. Several 
years thereafter were passed at the Royal Naval College at CJreen- 
wieh, I'^ng., and upon his return home he \v;i.s appointed secretary 
of the Advisory Board of the U. 8. Navy. In 1880, while .stationed 
at Norfolk, Va., he wa.s appointed construct«.>r at the navy yard, 
and in 1901 became chief constructor, U. 8. N., with the rank of 
rear-admiral. In KK);5 ho accepted the oflicc of president of tho 
Fore River Shipbuilding (Jo. of (^uincy, Mass., anil since July l'J13, 
when the Comi)any wju3 transferred to the Fore Uiver Shipbuilding 
Corporation, he has continued to act a.s president. He is a member 
of the Boston Harbor Connnission, of the Institution of Naval 
Architects of London, and past-presiilent of the Soeiety of Naval 
Architects and Maruie Isngineers of New York. He belongs to the 
Metropolitan Club of New York and to the Metroj)olitan Club of 
Washington. He has had for many years a summer home at 
Barnstable, Mass., and hid town house is at 148 Marlborough St., 
Boston. Children, b. at Norfolk, Va.: 1. Thoimis Savage, b. 
G Nov. 18S8; d. at Nuremberg, Germany, 11 Aug. 1910; a member 
of the Class of 191-, Harvard College 2. Calhtrine Hay, b. 23 Jan. 

ii. IIe.n'uv, b. G Feb. 1SG4; m. at St. Augustine, Fla., 1 June 1899, Helen 
Lauuik Alexander, b. at Yorkville, York Co., S. C, 18 June 1874, 
dau. of Dr. Laurence Spottiswood and Mary I/ivonia (Adickes). 
Mr. Savage's early hfe, with the exception of two years (1874- 

• The following uotice of Mr. Savage appeared in tho Boston Evening Transcript, 
a few days after iiis death. 

"The death on Moiuiay of Mr. Samuel H.iy Savage of Beacon Street removed 
another of our genuine Boston type from a large family and social circle. 

"Mr. Savage was a man of much culture from a large reading of books and inter- 
course with men of thought and action. Full of he.irt, life, sympathy, always ready 
to speak a kind word and perform a kind act, he will bo tenderly remembered by a 
large circle of friends. It was well said of him that he never did a thing that a true 
gentleman shouKl not do. He was u Unitarian in his faith, and believed that the love 
of God would prepare for him and for all who tried to do their duly a home of pcaca 
and happiness beyond. 

" Born in Barn.-^tahle, Mr. Savage delighted to return to the scenes of his childhood, 
and he hail but just purchased a summer home there, and was engaged in prcp:iring it 
for occupation another year, when death so suddenly but peacefully called his spirit 
from earth to the Father's house of many mansions.". 


1914] The Savage Faviihj 121 

1870) spont at Ixjurdiii}? school at Vcvoy, .Switzcrrlatui, and in 
Iiru.s.scl-1, Hi;lftiuin, whs'd in ami about Huston, wlnrc he was 
^rathiutiMJ from th(? I^atiri School in 1877. Upuii rcuchiiiK man- 
hoo(i ht' (Minan<'<l in the coiT(!t; blJ.sin(^ss, much of iii:5 tiim." hrinn spent 
in Mexico and South America. In 1H'J8, while on a vi>it to .South 
('arohna, lu; became interested in ti»e cultivation of cotton and 
other aouthern crops, invested money in several plantations near 
Canulen in that .stat»\ and has since then been i(U!ntifit.ii with that 
place, beinf4 one of the larj^est j)lanters in the vicinity of ('am<len. 
Cinlilren, b. at Camden: 1. //o;j»,* b. 3 May H«M). 2. Calhirme 
Davtnport, b. 25 Oct. 11)01; d. at CanuK-n 1 .June r.)()l. 3. Ihnry, 
b. 1 AuK. 1003. 1. Lawuncc AUxandtr, b. 28 Oct. 1!)05. 5. H'itn 
Alcxandvr, b. 24 Aug. I'JOS. G. Frances Adtluidt, b. 20 I'eb. 1UI3. 

38. John Kichaud' Savage {John,^ WiUiutn,^ Samuel rhilUps, 
Arthur,^ Thomas,^ 77io///a.v'), burn in Pliil:i(lelj)lii:i, Pa., 9 May 
18'2S, was baptizud at St. Peter's Chureli in that city 9 July 
1S28. l[o was a nitmufacturing chemist on Orthodox Street, 
- Frankford, Philadelphia, the name of the firm at different 
times being Savage iSc Alk'n, Savage & Keyser, Savage, Keyser 
&: Stovell, and Savage tfc Stovell. He had considerable artistic 
talent, which with training and study would un(loul>te(lly 
have given him a prominent i)(jsition as an artist. He died 
at his home on Urthoiiox Street, Frankford, after a short 
illness, 8 June 1900, ami is buried beside his wife in Oxford 
Churchyard near Cheltenham, l^i. A portrait of Mr. Savage 
in the dress of an tirt student, painted in 1817 by Samuel B. 
Waugh of Philatleli)hia, is owned by Mr. Savage's son at 

^e married at St. John's Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, 
20 Dec. 1854, Sally Ann Keyser, born in Philadeli)liia May 
1828, died at Frankford 12 Mar. 1880, daughter of Klhanau 
Winchester and Maria (Fox) of Philadelphia. 
• Children, born at Frankford: 

i. Je.\nnette,» b. 10 Aug. 185G; m. (1) at Frankford, 19 Oct. 1SS2, 
Kov. William Henry (^iralT oiliciatinf;, Uoukkt Lkvick, b. in Phila- 
delphia 21 July 1813, d. at Frankford 30 Jan. 1893, son of R.jbert 
and llaimah (Jefferson) of Philadelphia, a meml»er of the Society 
of Friends, and engaji;od in the wholesale boot anii shoe business 
in Philadelphia; m. (2) at Frankford, 30 Apr. 1901, RonF.itTTnoMA.s 
Moounoi SK, b. in Philadelphia 2«) Sept. 185G, son of Robert Owena 
and Marg;aret (Kalbach) of Philadelj)hia. Mr. Moorhouse is a 
paper manufacturer at Bridesburg, Philadelj^hia, and is the father 
of three children by a previous marriage. Mrs. Moorhouse haa 
had no chiKhcn by cither marriage. 

ii. M.\HU)N Levis, b. 7 Feb. ISGO; m. at St. Mark's Church, Frankford, 
30 .\pr. 1890, Rev. William Henry Graff othciating, M.\ui> (i.\uskd, 
b. at Frankford 5 May 1801, dan. of Richard and Margaretta 
(Benton) of Frankfonl. Mr. Savage is employed in the U. 8. 
arsenal at Bridesburg, Philath'lphia, and resided at Frankford. 
He was, some years ago, much interested in cricket, and played oa 
several amateur teams around Philailclphia. No children. 

iii. Kate Wallace, b. 22 Mar. ISiU; d. unm. at Frankford 9 Dec. 1905. 

iv. John Richard, b. 17 Apr. 1809; m. at Underwood, Province of 
Ontario, Can., 7 June 1901, Elspetu Mona Muuuay, b. at Under- 
wood 25 Dec. 1S77, dau. of Hugh and Katharine (Macdougall) of 
Underwood. Mr. feavage entered the University of Pennsylvania 
in 1884, and was graduated in 1SS9 with the degrees of B.S. and 


122 Old Boston Families [April 

C.E. While at the Uiiiverwity he wa3 vicf'-prr'fli<Ir*nt of his claHS. 
From 18S*J to IS'.M) he \v;i.s in the service of th«! lVnn>ylvaiiiu K. It. 
Co., and from 181)0 to ISD') he was aasislant eiiKiiu-er, U. S. lingineer 
Corps, and was «t:itione<l at Portland, Oreg. In 1895 he became 
en^inei-r of the Seattle tV Lake Washington Waterway Co., at 
Seattle, VVa-sli., and from 1897 to 19<)1 wqja a^ain in the employ of 
the Pennsylvania K. H. Co. In 1901 he entered the employ of the 
Lackawanna Steel Co. at HiilTalo, N. Y., and in VM)\ became and 
still i.s chief en^^ineer of the Lon^ Island H. H., with head<juarterfl 
at .laiiiaica, L. L He resides at (larden City, L. L Children, h. 
at (iarden C'ity: 1. Virginia Murrai/,^ b. 15 May 19()G. 2. John 
Richard, b. IG Aug. 1908. 3. llxujh Slurniy, b. 25 Dec. 1912. 

39. Joseph Wyndham' S.wage {Sarnncl AldrUlye,^ Joseph,^ Samuel 
Philiips* Arthur,^ Tfwvias,'^ Tliomaa^), born in New York City 
5 AuR. IS 12, became in early life a prominent \\ liig, and 
serv(;cl in the state le^^islature, wliere he ac(iuired a wide 
reputation as a public speaker. While a niem))er of the 
legislature he delivere*! in the as.sembly a stroma speech 
entitled "The Tomb of W^isliin^ton." in which he made a vigor- 
ous ])l(!a for tlu; pur(diase of Mount Vernon by the ( lovernment. 
He was a candidate for the nomination for governor of New 
York before the convention of 18').'^. In New York City he 
was successivel}' president of a bank and of an insurance 
company and director in various financial institutions. He 
removed later to Hahway, N. J., where in 1881 he was elected 
mayor, served three terms, and died in office at Haliway 17 
Dec. 1884. 

He married first, in New York City, 13 Sept. 1838, Caro- 
LiNK F. Child, born in New York City 14 Sept. 1823, died 
there 21 June 1843, daughter of Francis and r^lary of New York 
City; secondly, in New York City, 16 Oct. 1860, Sarah 
Frances Marie Pike, born in New York City 9 Mar. 1832, 
died at Railway, N. J., 10 May 1871, daughter of Noah Thorp 
and Lavinia (Parcells) of New York City; and thirdly, at 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 20 June 1872, Frances C. Parcells, 
who died at Richmond, Va., Apr. 1895. 

Children by first wife, born in New York City: 

i, JosF.i'iiiNE WiNKUED,' b. 13 July 1840; d. at Hahway, N. J., 27 June 
1875; ni. at Klizabeth, N. J., 5 Jan. 1801, her ntepmother's brother, 
No.Mi Wkhstlu Pikk, b. in New York City 25 Nov. 1837. Chil- 
dren: 1. Susnti CharloUc, b. 11 May 18G2; ni. in New York City, 
27 July 18S7, Josej)h Webber Savage {vide infra 39, iii). 2. Caro- 
line Francts, b. at riainfield, N. J., 29 Nov. 1863; unm, 3. Xoah 
Thorp, b. at Plainfteld, N. J., 13 Aug. 1865; in. at Bainbriilge, 
Decatur Co., Ga., 23 .Apr. 1888, Anna Tonge Terrell, dau. of Robert 
Rains and Henrietta MiKlrcd (Button) of Bainbritlge; three 
children. 4. Joseph Sava(jc, b at Plainfield, N. J., '23 May 1870; m. 

ii. Cakoii.nk Fuances, b. 20 Nov. 1812; d. in New York City; m. (1) 
at Washington, D. C, Joun L.vmon't McIlv.\ink; na. (2) Henry 
Cl.\y McIi.v.^ine. ChiJilren by fir.>^t husl)and: 1. Frances McClelland, 

b. in New York City 28 May 1862; d. ; m. ; one 

child, now deceased. 2. Josephine, b. at Plainfield, N. J., 1864; 
m. twice; one child. 

Children by second wife, born at Rahway, N. J.: 

iii. Joseph Webber, law>'cr, b. 12 Sept. 1801; in. in New Y'ork City, 
27 July 1887, Cuarlotte Pike {vide supra, 39, i, 1). Child- 


1914] The Savage Family 123 

rci»: 1. lieatrice /!.,• h. at Herkcley, C^al., June 1891; d. there 29 
June \m\. 2. Josephine I)., b. at Kluabcth, N. J., 14 July 1892. 
3. Joseph W. (twin), b. in New York City 27 Jan. 1895. 4. Htc^uird 
II. (twin), b. 27 Jan. 1M95. 

iv. CnAiiuvfTK I'ii.iZAiiKTH, b. 11 DfC. 18G2; uniu. 

V. Wai/h:u I'ikk, lawyur, b. 20 Sept. 18G1; il. at Charlotte, N. C, 
22 Miir. 11XJ7; ni. at Ihinovcr, N. J., Sent. 1885, IIaukikt E. 
\Ua:i:s, b. 18(iM, d. ut Railway, N. J., 17 NIar. 1912. C'hil.lrcn: 
1. Walter,* b. 5 July 188(i; d. 18 Feb. 1890. 2. Hcrlrude Mau, b. 
7 Oct. 1888; d. at Hahway, N. J., 30 Mar. 1913; ni. at Madison, 
N. J., 25 June 1912, Kcv. Jacob lOdj^ar \Va.shabauj;h, b. G June 
1880; oni' d.-iiinhter, (iiTtrude Morris, b. 28 Mar. 1913. 

vi. Lavinia, b. 18 Alar. 18()G; unni. 

vii. John M< (, b. 29 Mar. 18G8; unin. 

viii. Lktitia Wkhulh, b. 23 Tcb. 1870; living; unm. at PlainfieM, N. J. 

ix. Sahaii riiANCfcia, b. 24 Apr. 1871; in. at Morristown, N. J., Kiine3T 


40. Gkoikjio \y.\sniNGTON^ Sav.\ge (Samuel Aldridge,^ Joseph,^ 
Samuel I'hillips* Arthur,^ Thomas,'- Thomas^), horn at lUiltcr- 
rnilk I"'alls (now Higlihind Falls), Cornwall, Oran^i^ Co., X. Y., 
2() July ISIU, btu(li(Ml law in bis early life, i)iit scjon abandoned 
the law fur the fire insurance business. In 1848 he was elected 
secretary of the then newly organized Merchants Insurance 
Company, and in 1855 was elected president of the Jersey 
City Insurance Company. Later, upon the organization of 
the International Insurance Company, he was ai)pointed its 
secretary, but soon resigned and founded the Star Fire In- 
surance Company, which took a high rank among the local 
institutions. F'ive years after his retirement from the Inter- 
national Insurance Company he accepted the presitlency of 
the Star F'ire Insurance Comjiany, and continued in that 
office until the Comi)any went out of existence after the Boston 
lire of 1872. Later he became ])resident of the Columbia Fire 
Insurance Comi)any, and retained that ollice until his retire- 
ment from the insurance business. He was one of the foimders 
of the New York Board of Fire llnderwriters, and after being 
its vice-])resident was elected president in May 1871. In 
185G he was a presidential elector from New Jersey, and cast 
one of the electoral votes of the state for James Buchanan. 
He also served during the Civil War as draft commissioner 
for Union Co., N. J. While president of the Jersey City In- 
surance Company he was appointed judge of the C'ourt of 
Conunon Pleas for Union Co., N. J., and served in that capa- 
city for five years. In July 1885 he was ai)pointed U. S. con- 
sul at Belfast, Ireland, wliere he remaineil for four years; and 
in 1893 he became consul at Dundee, Scotland, and died there, 
while in oliice iis consul, 3 Jan. 1894. 

He married first, at Jersey City, N. J., 3 Aug. 1848, Mary 
E. SiiAFFKU, born in New York City 27 Deo. 1819, died at 
Railway, N. J., 14 Dec. 1858; and secondly, at Easton, Ba., 
21 FVb. 1860, Elizabeth Catharine Marbachkr, born at 
Easton 27 Dec. 1835, died at Carnoustie, Scotland, 13 Feb. 
1897, daughter of John and Maria Catherine (Kaub) of 


124 Old Boston Families [April 

Children by first wife: 

i. Gkoimjk William,* h. at Jortwy City, N. J.. 22 Sept. 1819; d. at 
rhilu.lclpliiu, Pu., 18 Jan. 1913; rn. (1) at Tr.nlon, N. J., 30 May 
1S71, Mauy lIoLcoMiifc: Vu kkl, dau. of Haltrs and Kli/abcth Kase 
(Ilolctjiiihc); ni. (2j at Mcnint Holly, N. J., Llila M. PmK. 
('Iiild jjy wife: 1. lUiiry Ilolcumhr,* b. at Trenton, 22 \}vc. 
1881; in., at M«>unt Holly, May Huntington HarripT, h. at \Va.-^h- 
in^ton, L). C, 14 Dec. 1879, dau. of liri^^.-don. John Walker and 
Saiali I-'rancea (Writ;ht); one daughter, Su.-san May,'" b. at Mount 
Holly 11 i\ov. 1911. 

ii. JosKi'ii Waltkh, b. at BerRc^n, N. J., 29 June 1851 ; m. at Monorninfc, 
Wis., 27 May 1880, Adelia liLVTiiL Coopeh, b. at Carrollton, l\y., 
27 May 1854, dau. of William an<l Su.san, ChiMii-n; 1. Elizubtth 
Suaan,' b. at Menoniint-e 12 Feb. 1881. 2. Anna Jusctjhine, b. at 
Cedar Falls, Wi.s., 3 Oct. 1882. 3. Eugenia Lclilui, b. at Cedar 
Tails 23 June 1885; ni. 4 Mav 1907 Russell Fay Trimble of Kliza- 
beth, N. J., b. at Kli/:d)eth 10 Feb. 1888; one child, Fu^^e-ni,., b. 
at F:iuabeth 30 Nov. 1910. 

iii. FiAVAUu SiiAFFKU, b. 1 July 1854; ni. at Hahway, N. J., 13 Nov. 
1878, Makc;aukt Tik^unal Fkkkman, b. at Hahway 10 Jan. 1854, 
dau. of Jonathan and Mary (Thornalj. Mr. Sava^^e is a lawyer, 
witli t)Hiced in New York (Jity, and resides at Kahway. (Unldren: 
1. y/t/c/t,* b. at Woodl)rid^i;e, N. J., 4 Feb. 1881; ul at Hahway, 
10 Nov. 1904, Kilward Kinnc Cone, b. 19 .\.j)r. 1807, son of Edward 
(}. and Sarah Waknian (Kinnc); three children. 2. M<inj, b. at 
Woodbridge 18 Feb. 18^7; d. at Ferlh .\niboy, N. J., 15 July 1888. 

Children by second wife, born at Hiihway, N. J.: 

iv. Mahy Elizabeth, b. 27 May 1801; d. at Hahway 7 Aug. 1801. 

V. Sa.muel Fhillii'8, b. 15 Feb. 1803; \\\. at Hahway, 10 May 1893, 
Jenny Cowan Lkjgett, b. at Covington, Ky., (Jet. 1802, dau. of 
John Albert and Mary Boyd (Arinslroii^). Mr. Savage is a law- 
yer, with olliees in New York C'ity and at lOlizabeth, N. J., and 
reHidcs at Elizabeth. Child: 1. Samuel Phillips,* b. at Kahway 
7 Jan. 1895. 

vi. John Marhacher, b. 10 Dec. 1SG4; m. in New York City, 18 Jan. 
1913, Mauy Haknev. Mr. Savaj^e wjia vice-consul at Bilfaat, 
Ireland, and at Dundee, Scotland, while his father was con.sul at 
those places, and on his father's death was appointed consul at 
Dundee, holding this position until Mar. 1897, when he returned 
to New York. 

41. William Henry' Savage (Charles Tyler, ^ Joseph,^ Samuel 
Phillips,* Arlhur,^ Thomas,- Thomas^), born at Weston, Mas.s., 
22 Nov. 1831, was taken, when about three years of a^e, 
by his parents to Fayal in the Azores, wliere lie remained 
initil 1837 and attended a Portuguese schooL He then lived 
for some j'cars with his paternal grandmother at Salem, Mass. 
In 184o he removed to lU)xbury, Mass., and lived there with 
his parents until 1849, when he went to California and thence 
to Australia, returning to Massachusetts in 1855 and settling 
at Harvard, where he aided his father in the management of 
his farm. On 1 Aug. 18C1 he enlisted as sergeant in the 
Fifteenth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers, was slightly 
wounded, 3 July 18G3, in the Battle of Gettysburg, and on 
13 ^lay 1804 was discharged for disability. On recovering 
from his wounds he re-enlisted, 27 Feb. 1865, as sergeant in 
Co. C, First U. S. Artillery, and after the war was assigned 
to recruiting service. At the close of his term of enlistment, 


1914] The Savage Family 125 

27 Fob. 1808, ha received an honorable discharpje, and re- 
turned to his home at Ffarvard, where he |)ursiied the o(('U|)a- 
tioii of farmer until lUlli, when he went t(j hve with one of liis 
sons at LakevilU^ Mass. From 1879 to 1S8;5 he was town clerk 
of Harvard. In 1881 he succeeded his failier as a nuMnlx-r 
of tlie Soci(;ty of the (,'incinnati, ant! in 1882 was commissioned 
a justi(;e of the peace. He is in re(ei|)t of a pen.^iun on account 
of the wound wliich he received at (iettysbui-;^. 

lie married first, at Northfield, Mass., 2.") Sept. 18r)0, his 
first cousin, A.wik Wkntwouth Thachkii, born at l>idd(ford, 
Me., 7 Aujr. 183'), died at Harvard 15 July 18*)2, daughter of 
Henry Savage (14, ix, 5) and Flizabeth Haven (Wardnjlie) 
of ('oncord and Portsmouth, N. II.; and secondly, at West- 
ford, Mass., 14 Se])t. 1893, MAUTn.\ Askn.vtii (WuKiiir) 
Flktciikr, ])orn at Westford 5 Dec. 1835, dau^^hter of Kj)h- 
raim and .VsimkiOi (Fletcher) of Westford, and widow of 
Sampson of Westford. 

Children by tirst wife, the first two born at Nortliheld, 
Mass., the others at Harvard, 

i. Wai.tku luviNK,« b. 14 July 1H57; d. at Harvunl 2 Oct. 18.57 

ii. FuKDKRicK ScHiLLow, b. 20 Nov. 1858; in. at GreenficKl, Mo-ss., 
20 Nov. 1S7U, Susan Jane C'i.ark, l>. at Xorlli Lawrciiro, N. Y., 
31 \\ns,. 18GU, (luu. of Tliomus BolstiT ami I']li/a Hakcr (Kinj^stori). 
Children: 1. Ethel May,* b. at Turners Fulls, Monta;;ue, M;kW., 
1 Feb. 1881; d. at Lanca-ster, Mas.s., 15 Feb. 1014; in. at Lancivster, 
28 Feb. 1901, .John Calvin Lawrence Clark, a studint at Harvard 
Collej^o, 1 892-181)7, for .sonic years j) town clerk of Lancaster, 
b. at Harvard, Mass., 30 Nov. 1871, son of Calvin and .\nn Maria 
(Lawrence) of Lancaster; two children. 2. Willuim llvurij, of 
Fitchburiz, Mass., h. at Turner's Falls 15 July 1882; ni. at Newport, 
N. IL, 17 A[)r. 1902, Inez Frances l)odj;o, I), at Low« 11, NLv^.s., 
30 May 1878, dau. of Samuel Worcester and Ida Fmma (Hunter); 
no children. 3. Fredirick Schillow, of Fitchburp, Mas.s., b. at 
Turn(>r's Falls S Oct. 1881; ni. at Falmouth, Masd., 3 .\u«. 1907, 
Alice Wood llodgkins, b. at Worcester, .Ma.«^., 5 \u\r. 1S83, dau. 
of Lewis and Rachel M. (.Sherburne); no children. 4. Waller 
Wentivorlh,^ b. at Harvard 13 Dec. 1887; d. there 2 Aug. 1889 
5. Louis Kingston, b. at Harvartl 31 Mar. 1890; unm. ti. Edwin 
Wadsworlh, b. at Harvard 27 Apr. 1893; unm. 7. Harold Clark 
(twin), b. at Harvard 30 Dec. 1809; «l. there 12 Apr. lOOO. 8. 
Ihucl J candle (twin), b. at Harvard 30 Dec. 1800; d. there 10 Apr. 

iiL Elizahkth TuAdiF.R, b. 4 Feb. 18G1; m. at Harvard, IG .\pr. 1888, 
Ci,aui:nce Whitman Grkex, b. at Harvard 18 Feb. 18(>0, d. at 
Hingham, Mass., 10 Mar. 1014, son of Simeon and Su.san KUzaboth 
(Wetherbee). ChiKl: 1. ihuj Wcnticortk, b. at Harvard 5 Sept. 1801. 

iv. Chaulks Tvleh, of Le<iminster, Mass., b. 25 Sept. 1SG5; in. at 
Leominster, 24 Mar. 1887, Jkn.nie .\della (ikhen, b. at Lunen- 
burg;. Mass., 10 Feb. 18G5, dau. of Charles ami Mary Slaria (Divoll). 
Children, b. at Leominster: 1. /icatrice Leiqh,^ b. 22 Mar. ISSS. 
2. Ruth Wcntuorth, b. 28 Feb. 1SJ3. 3. Eliz'ilnth, b. 27 Apr. 1807. 

V. Paul Roberts, b. G Dec. 18GS; d. at Harvard 9 Dec. 18GS. 

vi. Tarker Thacher, b. 20 Feb. 1870; d. at Harvard 4 St-pt. 1870. 

vii. Joseph, of Lakeville, Mass., b. 20 Nov. 1871; m. at Clinton, Mass., 
24 Sept. 1801, Min-nie Frances Leary, b. at Cden's Falls, N. Y., 
14 June 1870, dau. of Cornelius and Katrine (McCarthy). Child- 
ren, b. at Harvard: 1. Richard Hcnry,^ b. 10 Jan. 1803. 2. Orrin 
Thachcr, b. 15 Apr. 1805. 3. WilUam Alden, b. 11 Dec. 1897. 

viii. Lucy Tuacuer, b. 28 Jime 1873; unm. 



Oli Boston F at n Hits 


ix. Annik Wentwoiith, b. 28 Sept. 1874; d. at ll:irvard 15 June 187'). 

X. Hklen Otib, b. 24 Oct. 1877; in. at Ilu-is )r»,, 18 D»;c. 11X)1, 
IlKUUKur Wakukn Jknnison, b. at IIu'lsuii I 'J .J:i!i. 1877, Hon of 
Lcaiulcr Wurnn ainl ('l;ir;i lOlla (I)iv(jllK In ISDS he rnliatcJ as 
bandsman in tlie Fifth M:i.ssacims<;tt:j lic^iniont, in the nervice of 
the Uuitcd StateH, and served in the Sp:inish-Ain*Tiean War. He 
then r(!-«''d for twenty-two months as band.sinan in tlie P'orty- 
Third UcKimcnt, U. S. VohiiitcLT.s, and wrnt around the worlil. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jennison hve at Hudson, ('hildren, b. at Hudson: 
1. Annii- Savage, b. 2 May l'J07. 2. David Warren, b. 25 Sept. 101 1. 

42. Henry' Savahk {S(unu(d Phillips,^ Joseph,'" Samuel Phillips,* 
Arthur,^ Thomas,^ Thomas^), born at Salem, Ma.s.s., 20 Oct. 
18.'5S, reciMvcil hi.s educaticjii in tlie public .S(;h(>(jl.s of Boston, 
anil was in early life en^a^jMl in the wholesale coal business 
in rU)ston, at first on his own account, but later as a salesman 
for other firms. He was a ^^enial, keen-minded man, 
life was (luiet and unc^ventful. He died at Ma^dewood, 
Maiden, Mass., 3 Aug. 1S81. 

He married at Chelsea, Mass., 11 June 1805, Rev. A. H. 
Plumb odiciating, Emma Hannah Low K.nox, born at Salem, 
Mass., l(i Mar. 1845, died at Chelsea 25 Mar. 1875, daughter 
of Henjamin Hall and Sarah Lyons (Wood) of Salem. 

Children, born at Chelsea: 

i. GEoiu;t: IIi:nuy,8 d. at Chelsea 17 July ISGO. 

ii. Geouge liuuHAKi), b. 20 June 18ti7; m. at Lynnficld Centre, Ma.s3., 
28 Nov. 18'J3, Annik VVillett Huuuank, h. at Montvalo, Woburn, 
Ma.s3., 7 June 18G4, dau. of Daniel and Franees Virginia (Davis). 
He prepared for e(jllege at the Chelsea Ilijih School and in 1S87 
entered Harvard University, from which he received tlie decree of 
AJJ. in 18U1. From 1891 until IS'JG he wjus enRa^ed in teaching. 
From 180G to 1903 he was employed in et}uippin^^ and operating a 
chemical laboratory for the New ^'oik In.^ulatiiii; Wire Co. at 
WalUngford, Conn., estabhyhed for the invo.stifiation of problems 
in the manufacture of rubber insulation. Wis health liaving become 
impaired through overwork, two yeard were passed in it.s recovery: 
and in 1005 lie removed to Worcester. Mass., where lie planned and 
t'(iuii)[)ed a laboratory at the' Electrical ( 'able Works of the American 
Steel and Wire (3o. He still resides at Worcester, where he pursues 
his profession as an industrial chemist. No children. 

iii. Emii-y Knox, b. 15 -\pr. 1S72; m. in Boston, 2S June 1899, Harry 
I'lNKNEV liYNi u, b. at Hobokeu, N. J., 15 Dec. 1870, son of Hector 
rierre and Fdizabeth Ovirby). Mr. and Mrs. Lynch reside in 
Boston. No children. 

Additions and Corrections 

Vol. 67, p. 201, line 2, for 1643 read 1634. 

Vol. 67, p. 202, line 23, Perez Savage (1, vii) was a captive at Mequincz as early 
a.s 15 Oct 1092. 

Vol. 07, p. 210, line 44, Thomas Savage (6) was a deputy sherilT for Suffolk 
County in 1719. 

Vol. 67, p. 211, line 38, for 1783 read 1763; for had issue read no issue. 

Vol. 67, J). 321, Ime 5, for survived her husband read d. at "Old House," Gran- 
ville Co., S. C, 1833. 

Vol. 67, p. 325, Une 35, for bapt. read b. 

Vol. OS, p. 20, line 45, ofUr Poushkeepsic insert 1823. 

Vol. 68, p. 31, line 47. for Salem read Beverly. 

Vol. 68, p. 32, lines 29-30, for rebel emperor, T'ien Wang, rc4id commander in 
chiejf of the rebel army, Chuiig Wang. 


1914] Town Records of Gospod, N. IL 127 


Communicated by Jusepu Wkatherhead Warken. M.lJ., of Hryn Mawr. Pa. 

[Concluded from page 40] 


Lemiiol L Caswoll of Oosport and Lydia L Fcltch of Seai)rook N H 
Were Married in Kittery Me March the 14 A 1) hSoO 
C'liildrcan of the Same 

Herbert F Caswell Horn December 23 1856 * 


Chihlroan of WilHam R Randall and Mary Randall 
Josiah Randall Horn September the 2 A I) 18:35 
James Randall liorn Alienist 2 A D 1837 
Mary H Randall Horn Mareh the 23 1839 
Judson li R;indall f Horn February the 9 A D 1841 
Riehard Randall Horn February tlie SAD 1843 
Sarah H Randall Horn October the 27 A I) 1846 
Mary F Randall liorn September the 22 A D 1849 
William M. Randall I^orn July the 12 A I) 1851 
Riehard Randall Died February the 19 A D 1843 Aped 2 Weeks 
Mary E [.sic] Randall Died December the 23 A D 1840 A^jed one 
year and 8 Mounths 


[Various receipts entered by Richard L. Randall, To^\^l Clerk: 

From Lemuel L. Caswell for .?!(). 00 paid by John Caswell for a 
"two years old Heifer," 23 Mar. 1857. 

From John (^aswell, 6 June 1857, for "$45,000" from John 1^ 
Downs for "one Heif(T two years Old." 

From L. B. Caswell, 17 Feb. 1857, for S56.25 from Jacob Walden 
for "} part of Mackerel Seine J of one large Dory for Said Seine 
With Oars dip nets Rope & grablSle."] 


[Record of a receipt, dated Oosport, 20 June 1848, for the sale of 
"one Whale l^t)at 19 feet Keel" to l^ichard Randall by Samuel 
Berry, James Tucker, and Robert W. \'arrell. Witnesses: Daniel 
Haley and Sanuiel Robinson.] 

[Kiitry, dated (Oosport, 29 Oct. 1857, by Richard L. Randall, 
Town C'lerk, of a receipt for $80.00, dated Portsmouth. 24 Oct. 1857, 
to Jacob Walden from Andrew J. Caswell, for "1 Whale lioat 20 
feet long \\'ith Sails oars it masts named the lone Star." ''Witness 
Ogigen [sic] S Caswell"] 


[Record by Richard L. Randall, To^^^l Clerk, 31 Oct. 1857, of 
a mortgage given by Lemuel IL Caswell of Oosport to Jacob Walden 
of Portsmouth. Consideration, $800. The ])roperty consisted of 
various gooils and cliattels (thirty-three beds, etc.) "now in the 
Hotel Called the Atlantic House occupied by me at Gosport. "] 

*6 seems to be written over 7. 

tThe owner of thia name assures me that it should be Judaon P(icrcel. 


128 Town Records of Gosport, N. II. [April 


1858 Kev. CJcorpc Boo})0. Town Clork. [These words apparently 
mean that the entries from this point to pa^e 190 were made hy 
Rev. Georj^e Hcehe, in ])art as a sort of journal.] 

At a regular town meeting held Marcli 9''' [1858] the following 
persons were chosen Town Ollicers — 

W"' H. Caswell ) John W. Kendall Colector 

Ira (5. Kendall tt -Selectmen (Jeorge Beebe Clerk 

Joseph Caswell ) 

Voted to raise, by tax, SOD. 00 to defray School and other expenses 
of the town. Adjourned, (leo Beebe Clerk 
Mr James Haley and AP"* Iluldic; M. l3owns,* both of this place were 

(hily married on May 17 [?18] 1858 by ivcv. (leo Beebe. 


About 2000 Visitors during the Season of 1858 
A U.S. Surveying Steamer enlivened our Harbor by her j)rol()nged 
presence and her soundings were evidently made with care and com- 

The Wife of Mr J. W. Kendall died while away in Kye. Consump- 
tion was the Cause 

Several of our young men tried to better their Circumstances V)y 
engaging elstnvhere in lishing; but fmaly concluded that they could 
do about as well at home and so returned 


Tliere was much needless disturbance in the place in consequence 
of the illegal though not inunoral slai)ping of one of the scholars in 
our Sunnner School, by the Alissionary. The tlisturbance was 
amicably Settled. 

Miss Sarah E Gunnison, of Kitter}-, Me., was employed during 
three months as Teacher of the Sununer School here, at a Salary of 
$8.00 per month and board. She was, as usual, liked by some and 
disliked by others. 

M"" Oliver J. Shaw of Utiea, N. Y. presented our Sab])ath School 
with a very 


acceptable Library containing 100 Vols., and for which he has our 
hearty thanks tind many wellwishes. 

Several (Jentk men visiting the Shoals and friendlv to the mission 
enteri)rise here, Cliaritably Contributed toward its sustenance. May 
the blessing of Him who said "It is more bles.sed to give than to 
receive" attend tlu^m. 

An interesting Keligious Awakening occured here during the 
Spring and Summer in which a Considerable number of the inhabi- 
tants participated; witnessing a good ]irofession and evincing a 
hvely faith. But Shall its results be like the Morning dew? 

Conscious of the value of Education, Pastoral Care, and Medical 
Assistance, the i)eoj)lc now, more than formerly, Contribute liberaly 

•The widow of Robert M. Downs (see pp. 226, 446, of the original records). 


1914] Town Records of Gosport, N. II. 120 

toward Securing thorn, lint in consequence of the Siniilness of tlicir 
ninnl)er and limited means they are still dependent on the assistenee 
of the Society for Pr()|)a^atin^; the Ciospel and other friends in Ports- 
mouth for the principal amount reciuired to sustain thest; interests 

In (\)nse(iuence of an improvcMuent in fishinp;-taeUle a great many 
more fish are now taken in Winter than formerly. 


Nearly all the Families in the place either take, or have access to, 
a weekly Newspaper. This fact, together with a ('onsiderahle Cor- 
respondence, especially in Sunnner, makes it i)roi)er to favor the 
place with a postal ( 'onvenience. 

The Soil of the Islands is gradualy lessening: which fact sujests, 
thjit future generations will yet he Comj)clled to bury their dead in 
the Sea or secure burial on the mainland. 

At a legal to\\'n meeting held March 8^^ 1859, the following per- 
sons were chosen as town officers for the ensuing year — 
1»^ \\ II Caswell, Moderator of the Meeting 


1859 -2"^ John W. Kendall, Hei)resentative 

3^* L. Lafayette Caswell, Collector 

4^1^ J. W. Kendall 6c John C Kendall School Committee — 

5^»> W II Caswell ) 

Lem' B Caswell J- Selectmen 
James Haley ) 

&^^ (u'orge Keebe, Clerk 

At this meeting a disjMsition was generaly manifested to do town 
buisness legaly. Especialy was this the Case in regard to taxati«)n. 
Accordingly a young man of considerable buisness energy was made 
Collector and who has given bonds to the amount of $100. 00 iis an 
assurance of his determination to fully discharge the tluties of tliat 

As usual the Democracy prevailed in the contest for State and 

1859 ik 1856 - ofBcers. By this however is not to be infered that the 
democrats here are in favor of Slavery. No. There is not a man 
on the Shoals, of whatever party, but would help to free the sufTering 
Slave of the South and be glad to see him a Selfreliant, inteligent 
and (^lod-honoring fellow creature. 

Kichard L Kandall and family has moved away from here and now 
resides in Portsmouth, N. li. ' 

Kctrospectively — 1856 
The Kev Daniel Austin of Portsmouth, N. H., very benevolently 
provided us with a beautiful Medicine Chest well filled; and also 
made provision for its annual replenishment. The accomi^mying 
Deed is contained in a small drawer in the side of the Chest. In the 
hands of the present Missionary it will be very scrvicable to us. 
May the good it shall be the means of doing be accredi[ted] to the 

130 Toion Records of Coapori, N. 11. [\\m\ 

Donor in the Orojit Account. [Just abovp this record there ap|K'ars 
in anothiT hand lh(! following: "This infMhcine chest was lost — <fe 
there was no chest here for about 10 years Throuj^h the elTcirts of 
O. L. I-'risbee & A. P. Preston a new one was made & brought to the 
Lshmd Dec 1 — 1885."] 


1850. We have made out to Sustain a Town School (hiring five 
montlis of the Summer and I^'alb It is a heavy burdtu for so few to 
bear, wliose means are so limited. A ^rowinj^ interest in educaticjn 
encoura):;ed us to bear it. Indeed we can do but little more for our 
children than to giv(> them the benefit of a good Common School. 

Several Missionaries here have broken down und<T the labors of 
the Day School and the Pastorate. In this very i^leak Situation, 
csj)e('ialy in W'inttT, and sul)je(;t to the irritation to the Lungs which 
the incessant breathing of Suit air induces, it is no wcjnder tliat their 
Lungs and vocal organs fail them. 

The Baniue Henrietta, owened in Portland, Me., was driven 
ashore, on Hog Island, during a Snow Storm- No lives lost- She 
was aft(>rward bur/icd to get the iron and copper out of the hull.* 

Prof. Oliver J Shaw of I'tica N. Y., })resented the Missionary with 
a beautiful Mclodcon, to be used in the church. Its sweet notes are 
a treat to many and an attraction to others to attend service 

A Storm seen at the Shoids is one of the grandest Scenes to be beheld 
on Earth. 


1859. At a considerable expense the Inhabitants of these Isles have 
put up a beautiful Vane on our Chapel May tlnnr own hearts yield 
to the breathings of the Divine Spirit as that vane docs to the winds. 

[Entry of a note and mortgage at Oosport, 1 Oct. 18G0, but without 
signatures and others details. The note is given by Joseph Kendall 
of Gosport to Parker, Adams & Co., lumlnr merchants in Ports- 
mouth. The consideration, S114.72, is money due for lumber used 
in building a house described in the copy of the mortgage as "a 
certain dwelling house built by me the present year at saiti (losport 
on a lot of land bounded northerly by land said to belong to Jolm C 
Kendall — h^asterly by land said to belong to William Kobinson — 
Southerly and westerly by land l)elonging to the town of CiOs}>ort 
it being the sam dwelling house occupied by me as my family resi- 
dence - Also all my right tittle and interest in the lot of land bounded 
and described as aforesaid on which said house is situated."] 

[George Beebe, Town Clerk, notes the receipt and record, 24 Nov. 
1800, of a mortgage of personal projierty, of same date, from Lemuel 
B. Ciiswell of Gosport to Nathan F. Mathes and John O. Varrell, of 
the firm of Mathes ct Varrell. Consideration, SI 000. The property 
mortgaged is the outfit of the Atlantic House, which is ouiietl and 
occupied by Caswell.] 

• Acoordinf? to the ForUmouth Journal she came ashore in the afternoon of 30 
Dec. 1859. She struck on the point between Uabb's Cove and Diamond Cove. 


1914] T<Avn Records of Gospoii, N. //. 131 


La\vTC'n(!e T^ind.'ill child of James A & Abby A Raiiclall was born on 

Star Island on 17^^ April bSOl 

[An entry with poncil by J. E. S. Pray records a visit, 27 Aiij^. 
18()9, of a ''Party from Exeter N. H. consistinj^ of W" N Ilobbs ^i 
wife, J 10 S Pray <k wife, Mary E Prackett A. H. Cram Henry Craiu 
stopped at O. SS. Caswells and had a glorious time."] 


[Record, 2G Aug. ISGl, by Geo. lieebe, Clerk, of a mortgage made 
24 Aug. by Elvin Newton (jf (losport to liarker, Adams <fe Co. of 
Portsmouth. Consideration, $2oU. The mortgage covers shingles, 
boards, house-franui, etc. Across the face of this is entered, 20 Nov. 
ISb.'i, by Origen S. Caswell, Town Clerk, the discharge given by 
Adams i& Co. Joseph E. Adams and A. A. Randall are entered as 


According to Act for the Ennjlment of the Militia the following 
persons constitute the militia force of this town. [No date] 

Age Kemurk;] 

E. TI. Downs — 24 Grin Caswell — 19. Debility 

Oliver Downs — 20 Lorenzo D lierry 20 

John H. Downs — 45. Asmatic Edwin lierry 18 

John H. Robinson — 26 Harrison IkTry 22 

Wm l^owns — 30. Cripple Wn lierry 32 

Joseph Rendall— 28 James Rendall 25 

John C. Rendall — 40. lame (). S. Caswell 23 

Jacob Rendall— 20 L B Caswell 40 

James Haley— 28 L L Caswell 38 

Elvin Newton— 2i) John Caswell 40 

Wn. l^rennin. 30 foreigner A Perry Caswell 21 

Moses Marden. — D.Haley. 40 

Moses Garland — 30 Sam'l H. Robinson 27 

Josiaah Rendall— 27 Dan'l Clark 29 

Wm H Casw;ell. 43. phthysical Geo Beebe 34 


1862 At a legal Town Meeting duly called to order on March. 11. 
'62 W'" H. Caswell was elected moderator. The Republican State & 
County oificers were elected by eleven majority. N. F. Berry was 
elected Representative over James Stearns * by eight majority. 
Elvin Newton and Ephraim M. Downs were unanimously elected 
Selectmen and Asessors. Nathaniel F. Berry was elected Collector. 
Voted unanimously to raise S200.00 for seven months Schooling and 
to pay state and County taxes. Voted that Mr Beobe retain for 
himself the money collected in church on the Sabbath. Voted that 
the 10^^ Sect. 125^^ Chap Revised Statutes be and hereby is adopted 
as one of the by laws of this town. Elvin Newton was elected School 

* This name does not appear elsewhere in those records. Stearns was a mnson 
and a person of some force. He came to the Shoals from Porumouih about 1S60 
and is aaid to have remained in Gosport six or eight years. 

VOL. Lxvni. 9 


Town Records of Cos port, N. 11. 


Cummittce. Officers elect qualiriod. Adjourned. George Beebe 
Town Cl(!rk- 

At ji le^^al town meeting held April 8^** 'G2 Elvin Newton wa3 
elec^ted luodcrator. Win Robinson was elected S'^ Sihctfuari. Voted 
to expend any surplus uioui.'y in repairing the School House. (Jllicera 
elect (lualilied. Adjourned 

Geo Beebe Town Clerk 


(L. S.) To l^lvin Newton & other inhabitants of the Town of 
Gosport legally (jualKicd to vote greeting By virtue of the authority 
invested in me by the laws of this State I herel)y warn you of and 
call you to A Town nu^eting to be held in this 'i'own (jn the 1 1 day of 
March newt at the School house in this place at lU oclock forenoon 
to act on the following subjects viz — 1. Choose a Moderator 2 
Elect Town oflisers 3 device means for raising State County & 
School Taxes. 4 Elect A reprasentative to (Jeneral Court. 5 Re- 
solved that th(? 10 Section of the 12.') chapter of the compiled in tliese 
words. Any Bowling alley Situated within 2r> rods of any dwelling 
house Store Shop School House or place of j)ublic "worshij) shall be 
taken ^ deemed to \)v, a public nuisance (i transact all other busi- 
n.'ss that may Come before the Meeting, (iiven under my Hands 
& Seal this 21 Feb 1802 

N. ¥. Berry Justice Pe^ce 

A true Copy March 12 1802 received and recorded according to 
the original. 

attest George Beebe Town Clerk 



B. Caswell 

V. Berry 
John ('ti.swoll 
Jo iuh Kaiuial 
C)nt;in S. Caswell 
A. J. (\iswi>U 
J A Kaiuiall 
S. 11. Uol)ii\soa 
Daniel Haley 
C. Jolinst)!! 
Wui lirenin 
\N »> S. Randall 
\Vm II Caswell 
J. C. Randall 
Jacob Randall 
Josepii Ramlall 
\V»» Robinsou 
J. B. Downs 



Lists of 1862 


Land and 

stock in 

Buildings * 




55 00 













































60 00 





$4 ISO 00 t 
13C.3 t 








1800 t 




800 t 




















900 t 

•Between this column and the column headed "stock in trade" there are in the 
original records tliree columns, wliich are headed respectively "Money on hand or at 
interest," "Cows," and "Value." As these columns are blank except for entries 
acninst seven names, they have been omitted in the printed copy, but the entries in 
the omitted columns aj^ainst the seven names have been indicated in footnotes. 

t Including one cow valued at $50. 

t Including money on hand or at interest, $301, and one cow valued at $50. 



Town Records of Gosport, N. II. 




Tiand and 

stock In 







W'n C. Borry 




J li Uobiiisoi) 





Miss Juditli Berry 





ClcurgL' \i licl)(!(! 





Mosea C. Garland 





H;irris(>n Berry 





K 11 DowiH 





A I' (Jaswell 



L L Caswell 





James Haley 



50 00 


H. C Haley 






lOlviii Newton 







The foroj^oinj; is 
inlijihitants of the 
& State of N. H. 

June 30 1802 

an invoice of all the Polls (fe ratable estates of the 
Town of (iosport in the County of llockinghani 
Taken April 1. 1802 

Georg Beebe Clerk 

[Distribution of the Ratable Estates for Taxation] 

I'ilvin Newton ^ Seleet men 

Ephraim II Downs j & assessors 





L. B. Cxswell 



2280 3120 

N. F. Berry 



804 1 206 

John Caswell 



1117 ir,o9 

Josiah Uaiidal 



231 315 

Origin S Caswell 



248 370 

A J C^asw.>ll 



75 113 

J A Haiulall 



437 655 

8 11 Kohinson 



262 3'.>2 

Daniel Haley 



451 677 

C Johnson 



240 3(iO 

Win Hreiiin 



4(X) a\() 

W"> 8. Randall 



852 1278 

W'n H CasweU 



1438 2156 

J. C. Randall 



264 396 

Jacob Randall 



107 167 

Joseph Randall 



280 420 

W'" Robinson 



537 805 

J B Downs 



624 940 

W"» C Berry 



227 335 [ncl 

J H Robinson 



367 549 

Miss Juditii Berry 



70 104 

Geo R Bebee 



101 276 

Moses C Garland 



KiO 240 

Harrison Berry 



160 210 

E H Downs 



160 240 

A P Caswell 



160 240 

L L Caswell 



l(k) 210 

James Haley 



104 275 [$ic\ 

11 G Haley 



434 650 

K New ton 



275 525 

June 30 1862 

^ Elvin 


1 Selectmen 

George Beebe Clerk \ Ephraim H Do^^^lS ) k Assessors 

•ConsistiaK solely of money on hand or at interest. 
tCousiatiug solely of one cow valued at $50. 


134 Town Records of Gosport, N. II. [April 


In this Town May 28. 1818 Mr William Randall and Miss Louisa B. 
Caswell were united in marriage \>y Rev Ahraliam Plumer 

In and of this i)lace Mr. Daniel Haley and Miss Eliza A. Randall 
were joined in marriage; by Rev L \). Hlodgett (Jet 17. 1818 
Childrean of the Same 

Kllen A Hah-y liorn Mareh the 18 A I) 1819 
Malinda Haley liorn August the 28 A J) 18.j1 
Josiah Haley liorn Mareh the 18 A D 1853 
Emma A Haley Horn December the 13 A I) 1854 
Walter Haley Horn Uetober 8 A D 185G 


In this town August 7^^ 1851 Mr Alfred M^Kenzie of Danvcrs and Miss 

Mary Ann Lamson of Topsfield, Mass. were joined in marriage by 

Oliver D. Eastman Minister of the Gospel- \\"m. C. Newton 

Town (Merk* 
In this Town Oct 23^ 1852 Mr. John Caswell and Miss Louisa Jane 

Randall both of this pla(;e were joined in Marriage by Oliver D. 

Eastman, Minister of the (Josj)e!. 

Eveline lOlisabeth ('a.swell born April 17'^ 1853 
Died in Creatfalls Louisa J Caswell August 31'»' 1854 Aged 22 

years Wife of John Caswell and Daughter of William S Randall 

of Greatfalls formerly of Cosport N. 11. 


[An incomplete summona, dated Gosport, IG Aug. 1853, for the 
attachment of the goods or estate of John C. Randall of Gosport and 
his wife iMary II. Randall to the value of S300, for their ap])earance at 
the Court of Common Pleas in Portsmouth to answer Lenuiel B. 
Caswell of Gosj)ort, yeoman, and Henrietta, his wife, in an action 
forslandc^r or libel alleged to have been uttered in public at Gosport 
two days before.] 


Know all men by these Presence That we William C Newton and 
Wm H Caswell In the County of Rockingham and State of New- 
hampshire as principles and as Sureties are holden and stand firmly 
bound in the sum of one hundred dollars to the payment whereof 
we hereby jointly and Severly bind ourselves and our heirs Respect- 
fully for the Lawful performance of the duties of Constable by 
Ix^muel H Caswell of gosport Given under our hands and Seals and 
dated this 12'^ day of March A D 1853 

Witness Lemuel L Caswell William C Newton 

George P Randall Wm II Caswell 

The condition of this obligation is such that if the Said Lemuel 
B Caswell Constable of Gosport Shall well and faithfully discharge 
the duties of Constable then this obligation is void otherwise in force. 

•These persons were probably viaitora. ' They aro not kuown to have had any 
other connection with Gosport. 


1914] Tmvn Records oj Gosport, N. //. 135 


Know nil mm ])y those Proscncj,' That I Lemuel B Caswell of Gos- 
port Cyuiity of Kockin^lKiin aiui State of NewlKUiipsliin? Ah prin- 
ciple; and as Surety aiu lioldcn an Stand firmly boimd in the Sum of 
fifty dollars for tlu; Safe and lawful performance of the duties of (-ol- 
leetor of Taxes William C Newton To the payment whrreof I do by 
these presence; boimd myself and my heirs Kcspectfully (iiveii 
under my hand And Seal and dated This 12^^ day of March A. D. 


Lemuell L Caswell Lemuel B Caswell 

George P Randall William C Newton 


M"" William C Berry was Joined in Marriap^e June 4^^* 1853 to Sally A 
Caswell both of Gosport by Wm C Newton j Justice of the Peace 


Married In Gosport AuRst 23^ 18 Hi by Rev A Plumer Mr Fabius W 
Becker of Hog Island Me. to Miss Hannah P Randall of Gospor- 
Childrean of the Same 

Ann M Baker * Born Febaniary the A D 1849 
Mary () Baker * Born June the 10 A. D. 1851 
Kllen J leaker * Born June the 10 A D 1851 
Ellen J leaker * Died April the GAD 1853 Aged 1 year and 
ten mounths 


Maried in Gosport Septr 21**' 184t) by Rev Abraham Plumer Mr 
Robert M. Downs to Miss Iluldah. M. Randall. t 
Childrean of the Same 

Frederick P Downs Born August the 3 A D 1847 

Effa A DoAVTis Born July the 31 A D 1850 

John R Downs Born September the 18 A D 1852 


Oosport, Isle of Shoals, N, H, October 18, 1870 — 9 o'clock evening 
To day there has been a very lieavy wind from the north-west. 
The sea 1ms been all day. Sc is now, very turbulent it rough. In our 
harbor three schooners belonging to Mr Johnson, of Portsmouth, the 
Crown, the Spray, and the Mary K. Caswell, — were blown from 
their moorings, <fe were stranded upon the rocks at Smutty nose & 
Hog Island. The Crown sunk with several barrels of oil, the most 
hiMug afterward saved. The Spray was ]\\(\cn with barrels of Her- 
ring & is unrepairable, having her side stoye in. The Mary E. was 
not injured so much but that she can be repaired. The Crown went 
to pieces. 

But a terrible sorrow was visited upon Mrs. James R Randall t 
Her husband in the employ of the Messrs Laightons, at Appledore, 

•I.e., Becker {vide supra, p. 40, note). 
tSee pp. 1S2, 44(), of the original records. 
IReally James A[buer] Randall. 

136 Toivn Records of Gosport, N. If. [April 

went out a short distance from the Appledore there to sec that his 
boat was well fastened, <k, on returning in his dory, with a companion, 
the waves filled his boat, & they sought to save themselves. His 
companion, by his advice, jumped upon the rocks & succeeded in 
savin^^ himself from drowning. Mr. Handall followed him; but 
from the appearance of a very severe blow ui)on the left temple & 
eye, it is pro))al)le that as he struck the water in his jump, the surge 
threw him violently against the ledge, & the bhjw stunn»'d him, 
dej)riving him both of mental iSc physical pow<'r, Sc the under current 
sucked him out of sight, 6c his affe(;tionate wife ik lo\'ely children are 
without a husl)and A: father. It is a terrible blow, enough to crush 
one down. lie was drowned at two oclock this afternoon, but his 
body has not yet been recovered. The interview with the heavily 
stricken & sorrow-liurdcned wife & mother was deeply affecting. 
Oh! our Father in heaven, & our Lord & Saviour, let thy j)resence 
tfe blessing &, strength be shared by her, Si be her comfort <fc conso- 

Oct. 10. 1870, — G oclock evening. The body of Mr James R. 
Randall was recovered this forenoon, & was brought over from the 
Ai){)ledore Island about four hours ago, ct is at tlie house of Mr 
Jackson Caswell. Mr Randall's age was thirty three- 

Oct. 21. 1870 — The funeral services in res])ect of Mr James R 
Randall, w(Te at his house this afternoon at 2\ o'clock. A delega- 
tion from the Order of Odd Fellows at Portsmouth N. II. came out 
to the funeral, & read their beautiful funeral service at the grave 
The house was filled with weeping relatives and friends. The Lord 
bless the bereaved. 


[Here is pasted a newspaper clipping concerning the drowning of 
Ingerbret Ingebredsen * on Sunday forenoon, 21 June 1885, in the 
gut between Appledore and Malaga. 

On this same page is another clipping about memorial services for 
Gen. Grant in the church on Star Island, 20 July 1885.) 

1853 July 18 Mary L. Berry j was born July 18^^ 1853. 


[A warrant, issued 30 July 1855, for the attachment of the goods 
or estate of William Robinson of Gosport, fisherman, to the value of 

•Ho was a member of an interesting family of Norwegians, that came to the 
Shoals aftor ISOO. Thoy lived in various pluros. A largo part of the time they were 
in the littlo cottage on the south side of Api)ledore long known aa th«* "Norwegian 
cottage." The rest of the family moved away in the spring of IS-S/i and took up 
farming in North l);iki)ta. The name, the correct spelling of which is Ingcbrctsen, is 
variously reproduced as Ingebertsen and Ingebritrsen. In any form it was loo much 
for the Shoalers for ilaily use. They are said to have compromised on '■Carpenter" 
as a manageable name for the family. 

The Shoalers were much given to nicknames, not always vcrj- flattering, and the 
use of abbreviated names was very common on account of the few family names on 
the islands. Thus John Handy Robinson was commonly ealleii Julm Handy; John 
Cook Uaiulall was John Cook, but sometimes Cook Ilandall; John liragg Downs was 
almost always John Bragg. Even now "John liragg's house" on Star Ibloud is a 
mark for lishermiMi in gi'tting the l)earings of various tishiug grounds near the Shoals. 

t A daughter of William C. Berry. 

1914] Town Records of Cosport, N. //. 137 

S200, and to summon him to appear at the Court of Common Pleas 
to answer to J()S('i)h 8. Dearborn of Dover, yeoman, in the matt(;r 
of a i)n)niissor3^ note for S7(J j^iven by Hobin.son 20 Dec. 18 lU to \\ W- 
li.'un Downs and by him endorsed and delivered to Dear])orn.] 

(31 July 1855. The incomplete return of (leorj^c W. Toule, Dep- 
uty Sheriff, stating that he lias attached property of Robinson in 
the town of (Josport, viz., land and the buildinp;s thereon "bounded 
Northerly by land of John (> Kandall iSc William Dcnvnes, Southerly 

& Easterly by land of William (' Newton &, Westerly by the 

land. . . . another lot of land with the buildings thereon . . . 
bounded Northerly & Easterly by the Atlantic Ocean Westerly & 
Southerly by the highway; also . . . one other lot of land . . . 
bounded Easterly by land of William C. Newton Northerly' by land 
of William Downes Southerly and Westerly by the High way. Also 
one other lot of land . . . bounded Northerly by land of William C. 
Newton J'^asterly by land of William Downes & Southerly and 
Westerly by the High way . . . ." He states also that he has left 
a copy of his return at the dwelling house of John W. Kandall, tho 
Town clerk.] 


[In pencil] Nellie A Gunnison Portsmouth N. H. 


[An entry, dated Cosport, N. II., 5 January '56, and signed by 
J. W. Kendall, stating that "Mr Jacop Walden Bought of Henry 
Baker* 20 Qt of fish 15 Bbls of pickled fish."] 


[On those pages is recorded a series of petitions and notices con- 
cerning a town-meeting to be held in the scfioolhouse on 1 1 .\ug. 1SG3 
at 10 A.M., because "the annual meeting of the inhabitants of said 
town, required by law to be lu>ld in March anually has not been held 
according to law and ... it is necessary that such meeting should 
be held and town officers duly chosen and that other business of said 
town should be transactctl by saitl town legally." This probably 
means that a meeting had been held in March, but untler conditions 
which cast a doubt on its legality. However that may be, certain 
legal voters of Oosport, namely, Nathaniel F. Berry, William H. 
Caswell, Elvin Newton, S. H. Robinson, Josiah Randall, Daniel Clark, 
Asa Caswell, Jose])h Randall, John Caswell, O. S. Caswell, Harrison 
Berry, Alfred P. Caswell, and John O. Dowiis, jietition the selectmen 
to call such a meeting. Origen S. Caswell, Town Clerk, records the 
petition, without date, and also a similar petition to Nathaniel F. 
Berry, Esq., Justice of the Peace. This second petition is signed by 
the same persons who signed the first petition, except that Berry's 
name is omitted and that the name of William Robinson is added. 
On 24 July 18G3 Elvin Newton, Ephraim II. Dowiis, and William 
Robinson, Selectmen of Oosport, issue a warrant for the meeting on 
11 Aug., and also certify, 11 Aug. 1803, that they have given notice 
of the meeting to the inhabitants by posting, 21 July 1803, a copy of 

•I.e., Henry Becker. 


138 Town Records of Gosport, iV. //. [April 

this warrant at the place of mooting and likewise at the fish store 
of John C'aswoll, hcin^ a i)ul)li(; ])lace in the town. On 2t July 18G3, 
also, Nathaniel F. Horry, Justice of the Peace, directii Klvin Newton, 
one of the le^al voters of the town and one of the petitioners, to notify 
the voters of the town to meet as specified above, l-ilvin Newton 
makes return, 11 Au^. 1803, that he has carried out liis instructions 
by posting, 21 July 1SIJ3, a copy of this warrant at the place of meet- 
ing; and lik(!wisc at the lish stores of John Caswell. Orij^en S. Caswell, 
Town Clerk, attests the entry of each of these documents in the town 
records, 'i'here is no record showing that the meeting was actually 
held, but the articles upon whicli it was to act are given in the town 
records as follows: 

"First To choose a moderator to preside in said meeting 
" Second To choose all necessary town officers for the year ensueing 
*' Third To raise such sums of money as may be necessar}' to 
defray town charges for the ensueing year and make appropria- 
tion of the Same 
*' Fourth To see how much money the town will raise for the pur- 
pose of Schooling, and to raise the Same 
"I'^ifth To raise such sums of money as may l)e necessary to pay 
the debts of said town and for Schooling for the past year and 
for debts incurred by those who acted as Selectmen of the town 
for the past year and to see what action the town will take in 
reference thereto. 
"Sixth To see what sums the town will raise for the men who 
shall be drafted in this town and to take such action under the 
Statutes of this State in reference thereto as the town shall 
think l)est — 
"Seventh To see how much money the town will raise for the 
support of the families of the men who shall be drafted from 
this town."] 


Oosport November 24 18G0 Lemuel B Caswell ^fortgage* to 
Messrs Mathews [Mathes] <i: Varrell His personal proptTty 

Wm H Caswell Selectmen 
Gosport November 27. 18G0 Andrew J Caswell Mortgage * to 
Messrs Waldren Sc Hayes one twenty two foot boat Centre board 
lap streak 

Wm H Caswell Selectmen 

Mr Rolbert. M. Do\\'n3 Departed this life April 5'^ 1854 Aged thirty 

nine t 
Mr. George. Kendall Departed this life July 17^*^ 18.55 Aged Eighty t 


Mr Bengamen DoNnis Departed this life April 1854 Aged Seventy 
live § 

•This mort«ape is not formally entered, nor would it be a regular record if it were. 

t^oe pp. 182, 22G, of the orij^iinal records. 

t^^i. the entry on p. SS of the original records. 

§ Thi.s entry differd from that on p. UG of the original rccordai. 


1914] Tmvn Records of Goapori, N. !!, 139 

Mrs Al)i^il Downs Whife of the iihove Dopartcci this life December. 

17, 1850 A^ed About one Hundred * 

[On this pa^(; there is a nienioninthun in pencil concerning Win. S. 
Rend;dl, which probal)ly stands in some relation to the tax list on 
p. 4 W) of the original records, where his name does not appear. The 
memorandum is as follows: 





i flake yard 


Meeting house lot 

50 1 

1 cow- 


Ball A ey 



Flake yard 



[On this pap;c is an ^'xtended plan of a tax list, bearing no date. 
Spaces are ]~)n'])ared for Polls, Homestead, Buildings, Money on hand 
or at interest, Stor-k in trade, Cows anti their N'alue, Sheej) and their 
\'ahie, Dogs, Salt, Total \'alu(}, and Reduced Value; l)ut only a few 
entries are made, and these are confused by many figures and calcu- 
lations written in at random and having no obvious relation to the 
list. So far as the list can be interpreted, the following statement 
seems correct: 

lie is also chfirRCil with $70 in 
money, ?2() in .<tock in trado, 
1 cow worth §35, :ind 1 doj;, 
a total of ^1175. 

Total, |2:)(). 

2 cows worth $55, 1 doj?, P.ilt 
W(»rth StU), and stock worth 
$ 10 Urii.s((i], a total of $1305. 

•Another estimate of her afl;e was 105, but in reality she was only al>out 83. The 
poHsihihty of Iut brine 100 y». irs old in IS.'iO is destroyed by the consideration that 
tliis wdvild iiKikt' luT about 01 in 1M7, when lier dauKhtor Sallj- wad born^ A list of 
1S.*1) pivea Iut age then as 52, which in evidently nearly correct. 

This entry forms :\u intiTestiiiR link betw-vn (he final pagei of the Goaport Records 
and the fir?t. This .\bi>!;;iil l)o\vr»s ap|)i'nr.i to be the granddau^;hter of that Peter 
Uotjinson und Agnes Down who were niarriinl by the Rev. John Tucke in May 1733, 
dwrinv; the Nory fust year following his ordination at Gosport. With anotlier Agnes, 
hiT twin sister, and as tlie dau>^ht«»r of J.)hn Robinson and Klizabcth Downe, she 
sHariMl the baptism of 15 Aug. 1773, three days after Mr. Tuckc is said to have died 
(KKcisTEn, vol. (')7, p. 2;>9, note), which was doubtless the last con-monial act of his 
loHki ininistry on tiu- Shoals. One of the (irst .acts of the \hv. .J.Mh-diah Morse, during 
his visit in Aug. ISOO, was to condone her irregular relations to Richard Randall by a 
marriage ceremony as set forth on p. 80 of the original reconls. A coui)le of years later 
»ho became a widow, and then married Benjamin Downs. The descendants of these 
two marriages wore numerous and took an active part in the lifi- of the Shoals. She 
and her second husliand are the ".Nabl)aye" and "Bennaye" of Celia Thaxtera 
skoiohes, in which she is praised as an industrious woman and a good housekeeper 
when well along in years and lacking in physical attractions. Mrs. Thaxter was mis- 
taken, however, in saying that she also cared for "Old Puler," another ancient Shoaler 
whoso ago was mvich extended by local tradition. It is established on good a\ithority 
and confirmed by several witnisscs that during his last years Peter Robinson lived 
with .Vsa Caswi>ll, or in an ell of (^:isweirs house. 

tThis probably means land near the meetmg-house. 




J. R. Downg 
Kreiiin field 
I'lake ground 



Wm. C. Downs 
Win. Robinson 

Flake Rroiind 

5 pieces tillag;e ground 



$ 75 



Tmvn Records of Gosport, N. IF. 







Elvin Newton 



J. C. Kendall 



J. Uendull 



N. F. Berry 



W. Breniu 



D. Clark 



D. TTaloy 



S. H. Robinson 


J. Caswell 




New Store 


01(1 Store 


Fluke yard 


New Store Lot 


Outiside piece 


and 1 doR. Total, $015, hut 

tliia included an craaed entry 

for stock. 
Total, |2:i5, including $15 for 

stock [<r(HiC(i\ and 1 do^. 
Total, S205, irn'ludL-.s $15 for 

Btoek [iraseJ], $50 in money, 

1 cow worth $35, and 1 doj». 
T(jtal, $1150, includes $115 for 

st(^ck [crd.nd] an»l 1 dog. 
Total, $G()(), does not include 

$10 erasfd and $G0 for ^nh. 
Total, $210, docs ncjt iuclude 

$(*(J for btock [trascd] and 1 


Total, $225, includes $50 for 

htcK'k [trascd]. 
A niernorandunj, "corrected on 

new Invoice," scenia to refer 

to this entry. 

The rest of tho list shows that Wm. II. Caswell (1 poll) had a home- 
stead valued at $(S()0, 2 stores valued at $12o, -J flake yard valued at 
$50, and 3 pieees j^rassland valued at $50; that .1. P. Kendall (1 poll) 
had buildings valued at $20; that Hannah K(Midall had a honiesti-ad 
valued at S200; that J. A. Kendall (1 poll) had a homestead vahied 
at $150; that J. H. Kohinson (1 poll) had a homestead valued at 
$100; that J. O. Down (1 poll) had a homestead valued at S200 (/); 
that Orin Caswell (1 poll) had buildings valued at S50; and that 
against the names of E. 11. Down, C). S. Caswell, J. A. Caswell, Jos. 

P. Kemlall, II. lierry, L. D. Perry, Leavitt,* N. Pike, A. P. 

Caswell, Asa Caswell, J. Haley, John Kendall, L. B. Caswell, and 
Wm. Perry, to eaeh of whom 1 poll is assigned, no proj'jerty or valu- 
ation is placed. The list seems therefore to be unhnished.] 


Gosport IMarch the 7 1859 This certifies that we select Men of 
the town of Gosport do Ai)point Klvin Newton Colecttor of taxes 
Given under our Hands and seals this 7 day of March A D 1859 

Selectmen Men 
Wm H Caswell 
J. M. Caswell 
George Beebe Clerk 


Gosport March the 7 1859 This certifies that W™ H Caswell & 
Lemuel B Caswell is bonds for Elvin Newton in the sum of Fifty 
Dollars for a Colecttor of taxes in the town of Gosport for the A D 
1858 [sic]. George Beebe Clerk 

•Presumably the keeper of White Island IJght. 


1914] Town Records of Gosport, N. II. HI 


Mr W"' ir Caswell was Married in Portsmoutli N II November 3^^ 
1838 tu Miiry E Caswell Both of this town 


Gosport 1812 July d'^ I (leliver[ed ?] To Capt Coodwin [?) * the 
Letters of Mr [sreperel ?) this day 

Gosport N II Aii^' 30'^' 1850 

William Downs bought of Elvin Newton two hering nets for the 
sum of fifteen dollars received payment in full 

Elvin Newton 

[Gosport, 20 Aug. 1855. Conveyance by Elvin Newton of Gosport 
to John \V. Handall of (Josport, in consideration of $7l).()0, of all his 
share of 4()U barrels of mackerel "now in the keeping (jf John Caswt 11 
and Co in whose seine" he has been employed. Witnesses: Samuel 
PI. Hobison and Wm. C. Newton.] 


Gosport May 5 1852 Ira. G. liandall Bought of J. W. Randall 
the Boat Caled the Jane Sc Maria with the aperratus belonging to 
the Said lioat for one Hundred Dollars Same day Heeeved 90 
Dollars the Ballance when Deliv* 


Gosport Oct 12»^» 1854 John C Randall and Edward Randall 
Bought of Robert M Downs one sixteen feet keel boat and geer for 
$20 Received payment Robert M Downs f 


Sept 11 Centcouis [i.e., Census] 1850 100 Souls 

Gosport N H May 5'^ 1853 Newbury port Aug 10^^ 1852 John W 
Rendall Boght of John Janvrin one Seine Boat for SIJO.OO 

Receve pavment John Janvrin 
Gosport N II May 5*^« 1853 Gosport N "^H Aug 8 1852 John W 
Rendall Bought of the Schooner viena of Provincetown one sane for 
$70.00 receive payment 

Timothy E Nickerson 

1846 Received of Mr S. Brookens for Rent on Cederder Island 
July [erased ?] 1 .00 

Taxes Ceder Island 0.10 

Ciosport July 
Gosport Novr 30^*» 1846 Wm Caswell Marguage to W™ Downs 
his Whale Boat and what belongs to her 

Gosport June 12 1850 Wm S Randall Marguage to Charles E 
Leighton one Hundred Dollars worth Cod Fish know in his Keeping 

•Probably James Goodwin, a pilot and keeper of the tavern on Smutty Nose. 
tThi3 sooms to be the date of the record rather than that of the transaction, for 
according to page -i-iO of the original records Downs had died some months before. 


142 Descendants of Capl. Edward Johnson [April 

Oosport July 2'^' [?] 1850 The Wairs [Weirs ?] will not bear Kx- 


[Inside of cotter] John Morroll Mass 

Sjim'G Coswil Decrlicid N H 
Jarn°, D I^yiini Lawrence Mass 

[In pencil] I Newton 1798 June 2 * 


By Alkuki) JonNSON, Litt.D.. of Boston, Mass. 

1. Capt. Edward^ Johnson f (]ViUiam, John, WiUidm), joiner, 

l)aj)tize(l at ( 'nntcrbury, co. Kent, JOngland, lb Sei)t. 15'JS, emigrated 

to New Eiiglaiul in 1()37, and died at Woburn, .\Iass., 2'.^ Apr. 1072. 

He was one of thc^ founders of the town of \\'ol)urn, where, as well jis 

in the Colony at large, he held many ini})ortant j)ublic otHces. He is 

famous as the author of the " Wonderworkinj^ Providence of Sion's 

Savior in New England." He married, about 1()20, Susan Mun.ntkr, 

who was born about 1597 and died at Woburn 7 Mar. lG89/9(). 

Children, all except the second baptized at Canterbury, 


i. Edwahi),» hapt. 18 Feb. 1620/1. 

ii. William, h. prohjihly in 1G2'2; bur. 26 Jan. 1622/3. 

iii. CIk()|{(;k, bapt. 3 A{)r. 1023. 

iv. SuHAN, bii[)t. 1 Apr. 1027. 

V. William, l)a[)t. 22 Mar. 1628/9. 

vi. Maktha, bai)t. 1 May 1031. 

vii. Mattiicw, bapt. 30 Slar. 1033. 
2. viii. John, bapt. 10 May 1033. 

2. John^ Johnson (Capt. Edward^), baptized at Canterbur>', Enpj- 
land, 10 May \i^'^n, died at Canterbiuy, Conn., about 17l-*U. 
He married, 28 Apr. 1(357, Bethia Rkkd, who died at Canter- 
bury, Conn., 2 Dec. 1717, probably dau^^hter of Esdras of 
Salem, \V(>nham, Chelmsford, Woburn, and B»iston, 
He was by occupation a housewright or carpenter, and owned 
a sawmill in Woburn. In 1712 he and his wife Bethia were 
taken to the home of their son 01>adiah in Canterbury, Conn., 
where they passed the remnintler of their da\'S. 
Children, born at Woburn: 

i. John,' b. 24 .Ian. 1057 8; m. Mary Carley. 

ii. Bkthia, b. 20 Jan. 1030/()0; m. (I) Jonathan Kmght of Cambridge, 
Miu<H.; in. ^2) Joseph Woolcott of Cainbriilj^o. 

•Cf. records of the birth and bjiptisin of Isaac K. Newton, pji. 40, 90, of tho original 

t Tor further iuformation about Capt. Edward Johnson, his wife, and children, and 
for his patorn;vl iun\ niatornal ancestry, see IIkoistkh, vol. 07, pp. lGO-180. 

A };cne;Uoty of thi* branch of the family hero outlined is in preparation, and any 
data relative to the uuuilxTti of the faiuilj- who resided in Connecticut will bo welcome. 



1914] DesccndaTits of Capt. Edward Juhiiaun lt3 

iii. WiKMAM, b. 20 Sopt. 1662; d. at rantfrhury, Conn., 23 S<'pt. 1713; 
in. at ('aiiil)ritlm', M!i.s.s., 18 Feb. Ui'.KJ/l, M.vuy ('o(iK. II«; ren»ovr«J 
to riainfulil, Coiiu., hcii»K '>in' of tlw original ctoltlerH and proiuinc-ul 
men of that town, and later of Canterbury. 

3. iv. OuAi)i.\ii. b. 15 Juno \(\V>\. 

V. JosKi'H, b. ai)t. lOOf); IIvimI in that part of I'Liififirld, Conn., which 
wa.s aft(;r Oct. 170:i Canterbury, and prob:il)ly il. then; IG Mar. 
1755; ni. Ki.iz.\ijktii , who d. at Canterbury 11 I3ec. 1724. 

vi. Sa.muel, b. 29 Oct. 1G70. 

vii. Nathaniel, b. 15 May 1G73. 

3. Obadiah' Johnson (John,^ Capt. Edward^), bom at Wuburn, 

Mass., 15 June lOOl, diccl at Canterbury, Cunii., before 17 
July 17U), when bis will was proved. He married, 7 Sept. 
1090, Ueukcca Buooks,* who died 1 Dec. 1752, daughter of 
Thomas of (^anterl)ury. lie removed wh(?n a young man to 
Plainficld and Canterbury, Conn., where he i)ur('ha.sed a tract 
of land on the (^uincl)aug Hiver, and was one of the first 
settlers and a ])r()niinent man. He was town cltTk, and town 
meetings and religious services were held at his house. For 
ui)wards of forty years there seems to have l)een scarcely any 
progressive public movement in the connnunity, cither polit- 
ical, j)atri()tic, or religious, which did not receive his sui)port, 
and scarcely a petition or agreement which does not bear his 

i. M.utY,* b. at Plainfiold 10 Oct. 1C97; d. a widow after 1772; m. 

19 Oct. 1717 Musks Ci.e.\,vli-anu. 

ii. Jacob, b. at Plainfield IG Mar. I(i99; d. 29 Jan. 1738/9; ni. (1) at 
Canterbury, 11 Juno 1722, Mary Shepahu, who d. 5 Mar. 1731/2; 
ni. (2) 8 Alay IT.'U JtMirrn Havnks. 

4. iii. Ouadiah, b. at Phiinlitld (later Canterbury) 23 June 1702. • 

iv. EsTMEK, b. at Canterbury 1 Sept. 1701; d. 1793; m. 19 July 172G 

John Fish of Canterbury. 
V. John, b. at Canterbury G Oct. 1707; d. 13 Juno 172G. 
vi. AbHiAU., b. at Canterbury 29 Sept. 1710; n». 19 June 1729 Puineas 


4. Obadiah^ Johnson (Obadiah,^ John,* Capt. Edward^), born at 

Plainfield (later Canterbury), Conn., 23 June 1702, died there 
10 Apr. 1705. He married, Nov. 1723, Lyuia Clk.weland, 
born 7 Dec. 1704, died 5 June 1775, daughter of Jo.^iah and 
Mary (Bates). Like his father, ()l)adiah was a leading man 
in church and town alTairs,,and his will shows that he was 
possessed of considerable wealtli in notes anil lands. He was 
lieutenant and later captain, and served in the French and 
Indian War; and he was a deacon in the Separatist Church. 
Children, born at Canterbury: 

i. Wn,u.vM,» b. 13 Auj?. 1724; d. at Canterbury 2 Oct. 1810; m. (1) 

20 Nov. 1750 Butty I'as.skt, b. at Canterbury 13 Jan. 1727, d. tliere 
1 Apr. 1779; in. (2) 23 Feb. 1780 Lodkma Flllei^, who d. 14 Sept. 
1797; m. (3) 7 Oct. 1798 Ei.izauetu Dyau. 

ii. Oi.ivE, b. 23 Aug. 172G; d. at North BridscwaWr, Mass., 25 Feb. 

• Much search had failed to discover the maiden name of this Rebecca, uutil the will 
of h(T fathiT Thomas Brooks, which mentions "daughter Uclvcca, and sou-in-luw 
Obadiah Johuaon," was found in Feb. 1914 iu the New London, Conn., I'lobute 



Descendants of Capt. Edward Johnson 




1748/9; m. Rkv. John Pouter, first minwtcr at North BriJgewatcr 

(now lirocktun). 

Jkihoiaii, hii])i. June 1729: d. 27 Oct. 1732. 

John, b. 23 Mar. 1730/1; d. 13 Mar. 18()1; in. at Canterbury, 11 Mar. 
]75('), Phyi.i.i.s Pi:i.i,et, who d. in New York State in 181)7. 

Lydia, b. 4 Oct. 1733; ni. (1) 10 Apr. 17o2 Amos F.\b6fc:r; m. (2) 
6 Apr. 1759 David Paine. 

OuADi.Mi, b. 18 r.l). 1735/G; d. at Canterlmry 27 Oct. 1801; m. (1) 
29 Ai)r. 17G2 Mauy Howahd of Windham, Conn., wlio d. 10 I)t*c. 
17G3; in. (2) G July 17G5 Lucy (Cady) Si' of Pluinfield, 
Conn., b. at Pluinficld 11 Anr. 1742, d. G July 1814. In 1775 
Obadiah Johnson wa.s major oi the Third Connecticut UeKiment, of 
which Isrurl Putnam was colonel. He saw service during the sie^^c 
of Boston and at Bunker lliU. lie later became a lieutenant- 
colonel and colonel. 
5. vii. Jacou, b. 24 Mar. 1739/40. 

viii. AiJic.AiL, b. 7 Nov. 1742; m. 23 Apr. 1761 Joseph Clark. 
ix. Kuhnkzek, b. IG July 1745; d. 8 Oct. 1774; in. at Prcstoa, Conn., 
5 Dec. 17G5, Ly'dia Brew3Teu. 

5. Jacob^ Johnson {Obadiah* Obadiah,^ John,^ Capt. Edward^), born 

at (.Canterbury, Conn., 24 Mar. 173U/40, died at Plainficld, 
Conn., 9 Aug. 1819. He married, 7 Apr. 17G3, 
Waldo, born at Windham, Coim., 15 July 174 1, died at Phiin- 
field 7 Mar. 1822, daughter uf Edward and Abigail (LKler- 
kin). He inherited the farm on Black Hill in Plainlield where 
ho lived. In 1788 he and his family left the declining Separa- 
tist Society, and returned to the Orthodox Church. 
Children, born at Plainfield : 

Louisa Auiqail,' b. 14 June 1764; d. 25 Apr. 1838; m. Stepuln 

Alfred, b. 27 July 17G6. 
Anson, b. 13 Oct. 17GS; d. 27 July 1769. 
Jacob, b. abt. 1775; d. at Brunswick, Me., 29 Apr. 1862; m. at 

Freeport, Me., 16 Sept. ISOo, Isahella Nichols, b. at Cohasaet, 

Mass., 10 May 1778. 
Waldo, b. abt. 1778; d. at Plainfield 1 Oct. 1828, aged 50 years; 

in. before 1822 Ruth . 

vi. Anson, b. 25 Aui?. 1780; d. at New Carlisle, Ohio, 20 June 1859; in. 

180S HiiLDAii Huntington of Windham. 
vii. OuADiAH Eldehkin, b. 15 Jan. 1783; d. 22 Sept. 1811; lu. 10 Sept. 

1809 Lucy Mouse. 
viii. Ebenezeii Murray, b. 19 Nov. 1786; d. at Terrc Haute, Ind., 6 May 

1858; m. 22 Nov. 1815 Elizabeth Huntington of Windham. 

6. Alfred^ Johnson (Jacob,^ Obadiah* Obadiah,^ John,^ Capt. 

Edward^), born at Plainfield, Conn., 27 July 17G0, died at 
Belfast, Me., 12 Jan. 1837. He married at Newburyport, 
Mass., 20 May 1788, Sauah Cross, born at Newburyport 
17 June 1704, died at Belfast 6 Apr. 1838, daughter of 
Gen. Ralph and Miriam (Atkinson). He was graduated at 
Dartmouth College in 1785, studied divinity with the Rev. 
John Murray of Newbur}'port anil with the Rev. Levi Hart 
of Preston, Conn., and was ortlained a clerg>inan of the 
Orthodox Congregational Church at Freeport, Ale., 29 Dec. 
1789, being the first minister of that town. In 1805 he was 
called to Belfast, where he remained as minister until he 
resigned in 1813. He is spoken of by Governor Crosby in 






1914] Descendants of C apt. FJdward Johnson 145 

his Ann.'ils as a man of commanding presence, a bold, strong 

tliink<'r, and learned in his i)rofc.ssiun. He represented Kreeport 

in the ( leneral C'ourt of Massachusetts in 1701, and served as 

chaplain during the War of 1812. He was one of the founders 

of Howdoin ( 'ollege, and was for seventeen years a ni(ni)>er of 

its Hoartl of (lovernnient, a position which has since been 

filled by liis son and grandson, bearing the same name. The 

finances of Helfast bein^ embarrassed during the War of 1812, 

Mr. Johnson voluntarily relinfiuished his salary to the town. 

Children, born at Freeport: 

7. i. Ai.FULD,' b. 13 Aufj. 1789. 

ii. Hali'ii Ciioss, h. 25 Sept. 1790; d. at n«?lfa?it 14 Nov. 1874; m. (1) 
at Camden, Me., 25 Nov. 1839, Sauaii \Vinsix)\v Cu.shinc;; m. (2) 
at Warren, Me., IG Nov. 1847, Fuances Deckeu McLlllan. 

7. Alfued' Johnson {Alfred,^ Jacob,^ Ohadiah,* Obadiah,^ John,* 
Capt. I'Jdirard^), of Belfast, Me., born at Freeport, Mc, 13 Aui;. 
1789, died at Belfast 22 Mar. 1852. He married at Newbury, 
Mass., 5 Oct. 1817, Nancy Atkinson, born at Newbury 22 
July 1707, died in Boston 10 May 18G4, (lau<;hter of Lieut. 
Amos and Anna (Knowlton). lie was graduated at T^owdoin 
College in the Class of 1808, and was admitted to the Maine 
bar in 1811. For a period of twenty years he was jud^e of 
probate for Hancock (later Waldo) County, and during that 
time no aj)peal was ever taken from any of his decisions. He 
served as captain during the War of 1812, and for several years 
as judge advocate in tlie militia. In 1810 he was elected 
representative jto the General Court of Massachusetts. In 
the same year he was a member of the convention which 
fornunl the constitution of the State of Maine, and was im- 
mediately chosen a representative to the Legislature of the 
new State. From 1838 until his decease, fourteen years later, 
he was one of the trustees of Bowdoin College, having been 
elected to this position to fill the vacancy caused by the death 
of his father. Judge Williamson, in his History of Belfast, 
vol. 1, says: "As a lawyer and as a literary man, the oi)inion of 
Judge Johnson was often sought, and as often cited for its 
weight and authority; but in matters of business, or on 
questions of expediency, it was proved to be no less valuable." 
Children, born at Belfast: 

i. Ai.FHKi),* b. ami d. 18 Aug. 1818. 

ii. Ralph Cross, b. 8 Dec. 1819; d. in New York City 24 Apr. 1902; 

m. at Augusta, Me., 24 Dec. 1853, Julia Emeuson Lamuard. 
iii. Ann Sarah, b. 21 Dec. 1821; d. in New York City C July 1890; m. 

at Belfast, 29 Oct. 1841^, Dr. Xahum Parker Monroe. 
iv. Alfred Waldo, b. 20 Doc. 1824; d. in Huston 14 Nov. 1869; m. ia 

Boston, 25 Dec. 18G1, Anna Marl\ Crosby. 
V. CiEoiujE Atkinson, b. 5 June 1827; d. 4 July 1827. 
vi. Frances Emily, b. 2G Aug. 1828; d. at Augusta, Me., 8 Mar. 1S54; 

m. at Belfast, 29 Oct. 1850, Charles Allen La.muard. 
vii. Mary Louisa, b. 9 Aug. 1832; d. at Narragansett Pier, R. I., 

11 Aug. 1912; m. iu Boston, 22 May 18G0, Jean Antonin Gabriel, 


viii. Edward, b. 'SO June 1840; d. in Boston 13 Jan. 1906; m. id Boston, 
15 Sept. 1870, Georgiana Parker Milleb. 


14G The Kmjliah Shermans [Aj)iil 


By Thomas Townsknu Siikhman, A.B., LL. U., of Uye, N.Y. 

An examination made for the writer })y Messrs. J. Henry Lea and 
J. R. Hutchinson of many wills, jjroved in the Rnro^ativc Court of 
Canterbury, of residents of Yaxley, co. SulToik, and its vicinity, has 
revealed the record of the will of Jane (Waller) (Sherman) (Jardim-r, 
dated 10 Jan., 15 Klizal)(>th (L572/3), and proved 11 Mar. 15723. 
Her first husband was Thomas Sherman of Yaxley, whose will is 
dated 20 Jan. 1550/1 (Rkcjistku, vol. 54, p. 153). Her second 
Inisb.'ind, whose Christian name has not yet been di.fmitely ascer- 
taiiKvl, may have becni W illiam (jardiner, who in 1508 was li\ing 
and owned land in Stoke Ash in Hertesmere Ihnulred, near Yaxley, 
for he appears in the return of the lay su}>sidy of 1508 as taxed in 
Stoke Ash on £G in lands. Jane (lardiner i^ives to the poor of Stoke 
Ash 5s., although none of the Shernums livetl there. Her will, made 
twenty-two years after Thomas Sherman's death, is interesting and 
instructive, as it shows that she was his only wife and the mother of 
his sons, of whom she mentit)ns all but one, \\ illiam, the grocer, 
who was rich, lived in London, and was buried in li)swich in 15S3, 
liis will being dated 28 May 1583 (RKiiibTEU, vol. 54, p. 158). 
She also mentions the wives of all of these sons except Henry, 
A\'illiam, and Richard, and some of her grandchildren. The follow- 
ing is a copy of her will: 

In Dei noie Amen I Jane OAnniNEU of Yaxley in the coiintie of SufT 
wydowe do declare and make this my last will and testament the x^** daye 
of Jamiaiie in the xv*^' yere of the raigne of o"" soucraigne ladie Klizal'tlh 
by tlie grace of god of I']ngland Fraunce and Ireland ()iu'iie A:c. being of 
good and pcrfUt remembrance thanks be giuen vnto god tlir:st I bequeath 
my soule vnto allmightie god by whose passion and precious bloudshedding 
I trust to be saued And my bodic to be buried in the churche of Yaxley by 
my late husbande Thomas Sherman Item I giue aiul becjueath to the poore 
of Ya\l(\v xx=* Item I glue to the poore of Hoydon v^ Item I giue and be- 
queth to the poore of Slokeaishe v" The saied poore of euerie of the saieJ 
townes to be paied at my buriall or within one monctli next followinge Item 
I giue vnto Anthonye Sherman my sonne xx'* off lawfull money of England 
and suche bed and bedsteds w^^^ fouer kiene w'^^ be in his hands tfc possession 
Item 1 giue vnto Henry Sherman my sonc xx" of like money Item I giue 
vnto James Sherman my sonne xx'> of like money and suche beasts and 
neate w'^* be in his possession And the bedd y^ I nowe lie vpon \v^'' the 
mantell couerled blankets and shetes therto belonging Item I giue vnto the 
saied Anthonye one siluer saulte paicell gilte and six siluer spoones the saied 
xx^' to euerie of my saied sonnes Anthonye Henry and James be(}ueathed 
I will and my mynde is that Thomas Sherman my eUlest sonne shall 
paie it vnto them within twoe yeres next after my decease parcell (»f 
five score pounds \v<=ii he oweth me Item I giue and bequeath vnto Wilhn 
Sherman Hobart Sherman Bettrice Sherman Margaret and Marie Sherman 
sones and daughters off Anthonye Sherman and vnto Hrit^ett Sherman and 
Miuie ISherman daughters of James Sherman Ix^' of lawfull money of england 

• Vide Reqister, vol, 59, pp. 397-400, vol. G6, pp. 322-326, auJ vol. 67. pp. IS-t- 

1914] The English Shermans M7 

equallie and cvciilio to he purled and deiiyded and suchc parte to l>c paicd 
vnto curie one of tlieni at their .seiierall ages and wiicri they shall eonie to the 
yeres of xx*' yeres And the saied ix'' to be i)aied by my exccutours wherof 
Thoma-s Sherman my eldest sonne oweth me fortie p(jundrf and Kichard 
Sherman twentie pounds and odde money And if anye of the saied children 
do depart and (le('exse oute of this worlde before they shall atteine and 
come vnto their seiierall ags of xx^» yeres Then I will the parte of suche ciiildc 
boe deceased shall rcmaine vnto tlie survyuours or survyuuiir of euerie of 
them so deceased And the saied Ix'' s(j f^iuen and bc(iueathe(l I will it shalbo 
bestowed in some cattell or some other thin>^e wherby there may gr^'we and 
come some yerelie prollitt ami paine vnto the saied children Afid the saied 
gaine and prollitt to be evenlie deuyded amongc the saied children at siiche 
tyme W*' they oiiKhte to haue their parte or porcon Item 1 giue vnto Willm 
Sherman Kobert Sherman liettrice Sherman Margaret t Sherman and Marye 
Sherman sonnes and daughters of Anthonye Sherman six siluer sfxjones that 
is to saie one to William one to Robert one to liettricc one to Margaret and 
twoe to Marie w^^ be in the custodie and possession of Anthonye Sherman 
their father Item I giue vnto James Sherman and Anthonie Shernjan my 
Formes all suche pewter as is in the counter at Koydon evenlie to be jiarted 
betwene them Item 1 giue vnto James my sone the mare with the foale 
and the shepe w'''» he nowe i)ossesseth Item I giue vnto l*]lizabeth Sherman 
wief of Thomas Sherman my sonne my veluett hoode with all things therunto 
belongingc Item I giue vnto Sybill Sherman wief of Fraunces Sherman my 
Sonne a damaske kirtle and a veluett hatt and a.grograine kirtle w^^ a garde 
of veluett Item I giue vnto I'^lizabeth Sherman wief of Thomas Sherman my 
Bone my clothe gowne garded w'^ veluett Item I giue vnto James Sherman 
my soimc six siluer spoones w^"^ he nowe hath Item I giue vnto Marie 
Sherman wief vnto Anthonye Sherman a worsted gowne ganied w^'> veluett 
the saied Anthonie Sherman payeng vnto James Sherman xiij=* iiij** in con- 
Byderacon of the same Item I giue vnto Margerie Siierman wietY of Jamea 
Sherman a gowne of mockadoe a worsteii kirtle garded w*-*' veluett and a 
savegardc Item I giue vnto the wief of liartholoniew Sherman my sone u 
clothe gowne furred and lace laied vpon it Item I giue vnto Mli/abeth 
Sherman wii^f of John Sherman my talTatae hatt Item 1 giue vnto Margerie 
Sherman wief of James Sherman my saddle w'-h all the furnyture thereto bo- 
longing Item 1 giue vnto James Sherman my sone my least cawdron my 
spitt a trevett and a great chafer and an >Ton huche w^^ he at Koydon 
Item I giue vnto Margaret Sherman daughter of Anthonye Sherman a 
chest being at Vaxley Item 1 giue vnto liet trice Sherman daughter of the 
Siiicd Anthonie a chest at Koydon Item I will that my executours paie vnto 
my sone Bartholomew Sherman lij* w*"'' I owe him Iti>m I will that all my 
apparrell and rayment above giuen & bequeathed be delyuered as it is giucn 
and aboue ai)ointed within one monetli next after my (leceasc The rest of 
all my goods cattell imi)lements of householde stulTc and debts whatsoeuer 
they be vnbequt>athed I will they shalbe evenlie and e(]uallie deuyded be- 
twene Anthonie Sherman and James Sherman my sones Item I giue vnto 
Thomas Sherman sone of Thomas Sherman my eldest sone xx^ Item I 
giue vnto Klizabeth Sherman daughter of the saied Thoma;s Sheniian xx» 
when they shall uecomi^lish and come to the full age of xx*' yeres And for 
the hotter ami more suer performance of this my l;u>t will and testament I 
ordeine and make Thomas Sherman my eldest sone and Anthonie Sherma?i 
my sonnes my executours So y^ the said Thoinas Sherman enter and be- 
come bownden vnto my saied sonnes Henry Anthonie and James in seucrall 
bonds to euerie of them for the true payment of their parte and partes of 
their legacies aboue giuen vnto them at suche daies and tymcs aboue be- 
queathed And that the sayed bonds be entred accordiuge to the lawe 

VOL. LXVllI. 10 

118 The English ^hermnm [April 

within twoo monctha after my W^'' if the saicd Thomas refuse to doe 
1 will he shalbe no executor Ami then 1 will rruunces Sherman my sone to 
l>e executor w^'' my sone Anihonie In witne-sii whereof I liaue .srtto niy marke 
before theis witnesses follow in^e Me ipo Sherman seriptorect ulijssub tcstibui 
nuiat' K(jl)erto Cuddon IMwardo Hodson et Robto Turveye. 

Probatum fuit te.stamentum hmoi coram iJno Cantur' Arcliicpo apud 
London xj"'° die mensis Martij Anno Dni iMillcsimo (juinKcn" SeptuaRe^imo 
becundo Jura^" Anthonij Siicnnan et Tliome Sherman. (P.C.C, Peter, 9.) 

Elizabeth, who is iiifiitioiu^d in this will, wife of Thomas Shennan, 
was his lirst wife, and daughter of Anthony Yaxley of Melles, co. 
Sulfolk. J lis second wife was J^arhara \\ heateroft, daughter of 
William and Alice of li)swich. l^arbara (W'heatcroft) Sherman 
died 18 Jan. 1G21/2 and is buried in Yaxley church. Syhil, wife of 
Francis Sherman, was Syl>il Cirey, daughter of Thomas and Anne 
(Plumsted) of (Joswold Hall, Thrandeston, co. SulTolk. Mary, wife 
of Anthony Sluu-man, was daughter of Sir Anthony (luy(h\t. Knight. 
After Anthony Slierman's death, which occurred in 1582, she married 
Robert Hall, in 1587. Elizabeth, wife of John Sherman, was his 
lirst wife and the mother of his children, lie marriiMi secondly 
Marian, widow of Thomas Whiting of Ipswich; and thirdly Mar- 
garet , who ^^as his wife in ir)8G. 

The l)e Banco Society of London is examining and reporting on 
the De Banco plea rolls, which are the clerk's minutes of the daily 
proceedings of the courts of Common Pleas and King's Bench, and 
also on certain early Chancery proceedings, these rolls and pro- 
ceedings not being indexed. LVom such reports many interesting 
and im])ortant facts with regard to the Yaxley Shermans are learned. 
In Nov. 1528 (Michaelmas term, 20 Henry VI II) Thomas Sherman 
of Yaxley, in his own proper person, brings suit to recover from 
Isabcll Dedham, widow, the third part of certain lands in Burgate, 
CO. SulTolk, as his right and heritage, into which the said Isabell has 
not ingress unless after tiie demise which Robert Hendry, former 
husband of Agn(^s, mother of the aforesaid Thomas, whose heir he 
is, nnule unto the aforesaid Isabell (De Banco Roll 105U, meml^rane 
410). It tinis api)ears that Agnes FuUen, the wife of John Sherman 
of Yaxley who died in 1501 (will, dated 10 Aug. 1501, in 1^E(1Istkk, 
vol. 54, p. 152), had married also Robert Hendry. In l)e Banco 
Plea Roll 797, meml)rane 225, 38 Henry VI (Apr.-May 1400), is a 
minute of an action by John Kew of Diss, co. Norfolk, and John 
Payn of Royilon, co. Norfolk, against John Sherman of Yaxley, 
yeoman, and Robert Sherman of Yaxley, yeoman, to recover a debt 
of ten marks. These two Shermans are probably John of Yaxley, 
an abstract of whose will, dated 20 Aug. 1405, api)ears in Register, 
vol. 00, p. 322, and his son Rol)ert, who is mentioned in the will. 

In Star C'hand)er Proceeilings is a bill of complaint of Sir John 
Wiseman, Knight, against Thomas Shennan of Yaxley, stating that 
on 22 Apr., 22 Henry- \T11 (1530), com])lainant sent two of his 
servants to distrain for unpaid rent of an acre of land in Gors Close, 
CO. SulTolk, ])art of the manor of Swattyshall owned by comj^lainant, 
which rent SluTman had refused to ])ay for three years; that said 
servants seized by way of distress a plow with four horses; and that, 


1914] The English Shermans M9 

as they woro driving in the Kind's highway, Johanne Shrniian and 
Mar^JTy H('K<', with staves in tlicir hands, and certain othiT riotoiw 
persons "made a sawtc tt fray upon the said ij servants & put theni 
in dannj^er of their lyvis Si j^revonsly (lid l)et(^ William I^rysshe & 
take away the said dystress from tlu^m." Aftervsards, on 24 Apr., 
2'.\ Henry VIII (15^51), complainant's servants a^^ain (hstrained Uie 
plow and horses; "but as they came tlietherward, mettc with them 
i)y th(* way, Johanne SluTinan, the \syfi" of Thomas SluTman, Thonuw 
l)ykon and Margery Hedge? with Stavys it stonys in their iappys, 
as well as other servants of the said Tiiomas Sherman, wlio with 
force & armis did fyghyt with them & them did bett, wond & yll 

Thomas Sherman was an attorney at law with a large practice in 
the Court of Common Pleas, and ho was also a great litigant himself, 
as the court records show. His wife Juno seems to have been able 
to do her share of the fighting, when occasion oiTered. 

The return of the lay subsidy of 1327 for Yaxley (Jakeslee) in the 
hundred of Ifertesmere, co. Suffolk, shows that John Shennan wjvs 
taxed there xii''. In the return of the lay subsidy of 1524 Thomas 
Sherman of Yaxley was taxed there 7s. 6d. on £5 of goods. In the 
return of the lay subsidy of 1508 for Yaxley Thomas Sherman, 
gentleman, appears as taxed £1. fis. 8(1. on £12 in lands, and Francis 
Sherman, his brother, was taxed 2s. 6d. on £3 in goods. 

It has been said that the maiden name of Agnt^s, the first wife of 
Henry Sherman of Colchester and Dedliam, whose will is dated 

20 Jan. 1589/90 (Uegistku, vol. 50, p. 281), was Butler. The will 
of Thomas Butter of Dedhnm, co. Essex, clothier, dated 20 Aug, 
1555 and proved 7 May 1550 (P.C.C., Ketchyn, 5), mentions Win 
daughter Agnes Rolffe, makes a bequest of a silver pot to Harry 
Shennan's wife, and appoints Henry Shennan an executor. Pos.sil)ly 
Agnes, the wife of Henry Sherman, was Agnes Butter, a sister or 
niece of the testator. 

The abstract of the will of Henry Sherman of Dedham, dated 

21 Aug. 1010, in Recisteu, vol. 50, p. 285, doe.s not mention the 
testator's son Siunuel. The will, however, contains the following 

Item — my will and meaning is that my two sons Henry and Samuel 
Sherman sliall sell my 8 acres of land in the Hallfeild to the best advantage 
of my children's children :is afore heiiueathed within two years after my 
demuse, and my meaning is that the mayiio profit which shall arise of the 
said hmd during the said two yetu-s shall be paid by them to my said son 
Daniel and his lieirs. 

The will of John Herberd of Yaxley, dated 23 Jan. 1458/9 (P.C.C, 
Stockton, 17), devises "all my lands late bought of Margaret Sher- 
man it Thomas Porter, chaplain, lying iu Yaxle in a field called 


150 Descendants of Robert Hack ins [April 


By IIenhy Winthhop IIakdon, A.M., LL.B., of New York City 

(Continued from page 101) 

31. Elipiialet' TIurKiNS (Robert,^ Jarnes,^ James,* Robert* Jamcs,^ 
Robert^), of Holilcrness, fiinnrr, l)orn at New Hampton 17 Mar. 
1802, (lied 3 June 183."). He married, 19 Nov. 1820 (town 
records), Fuancks Ha.nakoiii), daughter of lienjamin and 
Sarah (Wait), wlio was horn at New Hampton 9 (Jet. 1800 
(ib.) and died at Chatliam, 111., 1859. 
Children, born at Ilolderness: 

i. FuANCES L.,« b. 18 Feb. 1828; d. 16 June 1902; m. 19 S(«^)t. 1819 
Dr. Nkukmiah W kicht, s. of Dr. Samuel aii<i Mary A. (Wobstcr), 
of A.sliljuul, N. II., ami of Chatham, 111., 1810, phvsirian, A.M. 
(Illinois Collrpc, Jarksonvillc, 111.), I., at Hol.l.-rnes.s 20 Feb. 1821, 
d. 21) Jan. 1801. Cliildrcn, h. at Chatham, 111.: 1. Mary Fninns,* 
b. 23 June 1851; living (1010); m. 25 Nov. 1870 Zanhariah T. 
Mrdinnt'S, 8. of \\ illiam and Lorcnda (I)arncilk'), of Loami, 111., 
clrrk, b. at Loami, 111., 24 Sept. ISIO, living (1010). 2. Ji:>si€ 
FluTcncc, b. 21 Nov. 1853; living (1010); m. 23 May 1878 Hmja- 
min J. Dctrick, 8. of Daniel and Hester Ann (Johnson), of Poca- 
hontas, 111., salesnian, b. at Pocahontas, III., 10 Oct. 1852, living 
(1910). 3. Dr. Charhs Douglas, of Springti.ld, 111., physician, M.I). 
(Uu>h Med. Coll., ISSO), b. 20 Feb. 1S57; living (1010); ni. (1) 
30 Dec. 1880 Klizabeth Felch, dau. of Robert and Sarah (Pvnchon), 
b. at Ottawa, 111., 18 Jan. 18«i(), d. 19 Oct. 1895; m. (2) 2 June 180.S 
Adah A. Ruber, dau. of William Harrison and I\lizabeth Jane 
(Irwin), b. at Meriden, Kans., 3 May 1875, hving (1910). 
101. ii. C.EOHiJE, b. 7 Dec. 1829. 

iii. Maky (Polly), b. 2 .Vug. 1831; d. 29 Mar. 1856; m. Thomas 
LowKUV, .s. of William anti Catherine (Pier.son), of Springfield, 
111., bridge carpenter, b. at Lough F.s!:e, eo. Donegal, Ireland, 2 Feb. 
1829, d. 12 Feb. P.K)5. Chihlren, b. at Springfield, 111.: 1. Thouuui,* 
(twin), b. 20 Mar. LS5G; d. 1850. 2. Mary (.twin), b. 29 Mar. 185!); 
d. 1856. 

iv. Melinda, b. 10 Mar. 1833; d. 2 Feb. P.X)8; ni. 18 June 1857, as hid 
second wife, Thomas Ix)\veuy, surviving hu.sband of her sister 
Mary (inde supra). Children, b. at Springfield, III.: 1. WiUiam 
I'icr.sott,^ of Springfield, III., city fireman, b. 10 Aj^r. 1859; living 
(1910); ni. 5 Nov. 188 4 Barbara Liter, dau. of CJcorge and Magd.i- 
lene (Vogcl), b. at Springfield, III., 16 Feb. 1866, d. 10 Feb. 1007. 
2. Ida, b. 28 Oct. 1861; d. 27 June 1879. 3. Kate,b. 11 Mar. 
1863; d. 20 Aug. 1861. 4. George, of Decatiu:, III., carpenttr, b. 
13 June 1866; living (1010); m. 28 Nov. 1889 Marie Caroline 
Luthe, dau. of John C. II. and Dorothea (Shuckel), b. a» List ling, 
nciir NLigileburg, Prus.sia, 23 Feb. 1S61. livirm (1910). 5. Ktlunn 
Kuijche, i). 12 Oct. 1870; d. unm. 10 July 11H)1. 6. Thonout, of 
Springfield, 111., postman, b. 15 Apr. 1873; living (1910); ni. 
15 Apr. 1806 Lllen Bullough, dau. of William and Elizabeth (Wil- 
liams), b. at Braiilwood, 111., 14 July 1876, living (,1010). 

35. Thomas' Huckins {Robert,^ Jarnes,^ Ja)fics,* Robert,^ James,^ 
Robert^), of Ilolderness, farmer, born at New Ham])ton 16 Nov. 
1805, died 1 Apr. 1888. He married, 10 Mar. 1834 (town 
records), Comfort D.^ Sanboun, daughter of Nathaniel^ and 


1914] Descetidcuits of Robert Iluckifis 151 

Comfort* (Dow) (Sanborn Family, p. 208), who was born at 
New Ilainplon 13 Aug. 1S02 and (lied 8 Sept. 1S72. 

(Miildnn, born at lloldcrncs.s (family Hil^lc in'.ssion 
of Henry A. Ahnilton, surviving husband of l-lonnce UcU 
((Jroenleaf), daughter of Martha A/ (iluckin.s) Greenleaf): 

i. Mauy S.,» b. 1 Apr. 18;i7; d. unin. 19 Juim! ISol. 

ii. Mautha A., b. 27 May KS42; d. 11 July I'JOl; in. 1 Aiij;. 1858 Hhiam 
GuKio.NLKAK, H. of Saijiucl uiid llaniiuh J. (Lukin), of Ilold»Tii«s.H, 
fanner, b. at Cainpton 20 Nov. iS.i'), d. 4 Mar. hS'Jl». ChiMivn, 
b. at lluldL'nu>.s.s: 1. Mary Sus<in,^ b. G July liSG3; il. a. p. 1 Jan. 
1881; in. 1 Nov. 1879 Arthur W. Farmer, a. of I^ivi an. I .Vbij^ail 
(Straw), of llolderncss, farmer, b. at I'lymouth 2 Nov. 185H, living 
(1910). 2. Flounce iJiU, b. IS May 1S70; d. s.p. 8 June PJl.i; m. 
27 Si'pt. 1890 Uvmy A. Moulton, a. of Fred M. and M. 
(Fellowos), of lloKiernesd, farmer, b. at liridgewalur 22 Sept. 18G(>, 
living (1913). 

36. Dea. James^ IIuckins (Robert,^ Janies,^ James* Robert,^ James* 

Robert^), of Ashland, 1849, shoemaker, memlxT of the Legis- 
lature, born at New Hampton 29 Mar. 1807, died 22 Jan. 188(3. 
lie married, 22 Oct. ISol, his third cousin. Lois Plai.sted, 
daugliter of Benning Moulton (8, iv, 1) and Fhebe (Eaton), 
who was born at New Hampton 11 Jan. 1S09 and died 10 July 

Cdiildren, born at Ilolderness: 

i. CoKDKi.iA M.,« b. 24 Jan. 1834; d. 7 Mar. 1900: m. 14 Feb. 1SG6 
William 11. Chkney, 8. of .Mbort Ciallatin and Hannah (Heath), 
of .\.slilan(l, and of Froeland, Wyo., 1SS9, farnu-r, ranchman, 
ju.stico of the peace, b. at Nortli Clroton 29 Jan. 18 K), d. G Dec. 
1908. Only child, b. at Sanbornton: 1. Albert Gallatiti* of Free- 
land, Wye, ranchman, b. 29 Mar. 18G7; living (1910); m. 3 May 
188() Sara M. Purcell, daw. of Tiiomas and Sara .\. (Cob^on), b. at 
Huckanlo, near Dortmund, Prusdia, 2G Nov. 18GG, Uving (1910). 
102. ii. James Foud, b. 13 Aug. 1840. 

37. Jonathan Gordon' Huckins (Robert,^ James,^ James* Robert,^ 

Jamcs,^ Robert^), of Holderness, farmer, born at New Hamp- 
ton 4 Apr. 1815, died 14 Jan. 1871. He married. 25 Feb. 1841 
(town records), Salvina Hodc^e, daughter of Solomon and 
A])phia (Wells), who was born at Kunmey 13 Jan. 1819 (ib.) 
and died 13 IX-c. 1902. 

ChiKlren, born at Holderness (family Bible in pos.session, 
1910, of Mary Abi«^ail'* (Huckins) Hock of Claremont): 

i. RouKUT," b. 3 Jan. 1842; d. 3 Aug. 1814. 

ii. UouEUT, of Lynn, Ma:>:j., shoe-worker, b. 27 Aug. 1845; d. unm. 
24 Jan. 11H)2. 

iii. Mauy AnujAiL, b. 23 Mar. 1849; living (1910); m. 5 Nov. 1871 
Ai.iMiONSK IIowAUi) Rock, s. of Joseph and NIaria (Howard), of 
Ihiity and Claremont, baker, soldier in the Civil War, b. at Xorth- 
tieki, Vt., 19 Nov. 1840, living (1910). ChiMren, b. at Claremont: 
1. Maria A.;^ b. 11 Aug. 1872; d. unm. 23 Sept. 1S9G. 2. William 
A., of Winootjki, Vt., weaver, b. 25 Aug. lvS73; living s.p. U910); 
in. nt Canterburv, 25 June 1901, Charlotte C. Ware, dau. of (lilbert 
J. and Kllen M". (Fiel.l.s), b. at Northport, Me., 12 Mar. Ib72, 
hving (1910). 3. Martha E., b. 23 Doc. 1874; hving s./>. (1910): 
m. at Unity, 23 Dec. 1892, Herbert L. lliHjd, s. of Jonathan and 
Deborah (Hunt), of Springfield, Mass., janitor, b. at Unity 23 Dec. 
18G9, living (1910). 4. Nellie A., b. 25 May 1876; d. 2S Sept. 


152 Descemlanis of Hubert Iluckins [April 

1894. 5. Ida S., h. 11 Jan. 18S0; living unm. (1910). 6. Edward 
(\, of Plymouth, Mivm., woavcr, h. VJ Nov. 1.SH4; livinR (lUlO^; in. 
8 Dec. 1907 Mury Kllcn Canlncr, dau. of William jukI Kll.n fCoUu- 
hun), b. at riynioulli. Miusd., 15 Mur. ISS'), living (I'JlOj. 7. 
Oliver li., of SpringfiLld,, tooliiiakcr, b. 24 Oct. ISSO; living 
unin. (1910). 8. Clifton J., of SpringfielcJ, Mu^., niachiuibt, b. 
10 Apr. 18.S9; living untn. (1910). 
jv. Ida bKi.i.K, b. 21 Oct. 1855; d. 7 Oct. 1880; m. Oct. 1872 (town 
records) John Neil, b. of Jann^ and Janet (McGregor), of -Vshlanil, 
woolsortor, b. at Greenock, Scotland, 7 .Vug. 1850, d. at Centre 
Harbor 7 Jan. ISSti. Children, b. at A.shland: 1. Willuim II.,* (»f 
Wolfi borough, (carpenter, b. IS Juno 1874; living (1910); ii\. at 
Moultonborougii, 11 Jan. 1902, Minnie Grace Hohnes, dau. of 
Nathaniel II. and Mary Elizabeth (Bennett), b. at Tauiworlh 

30 Oct. 1804, hving (1910J. 2. Mary Jarut, b. 18 Feb. 1870; living 
8.y. (I91(y); m. 25 Nov. 1892 Fred K. Glines, 8. of Simon D. and 
Elizabeth (Tate), of Centre Harbor, painter, b. at Moultonborough 
8 Mar. 1807, hving (1910). 

V. Caulos Allen, of AaliLand, clerk, b. 3 July ISGO; d. unm. 10 Jan. 1912. 

38. Henuy' IIuckins {Robert,^ James,^ James,* Robert,^ James,^ 

Robert^), of JIoKIt'iiU'.s.s, farmer, born at New Ilarupton 11 Feb. 
1817, died 2U May 1889 (town records). He married, 10 Mar. 
1845. Adeline Wkjcjin, daughter of and Mary (Eaton), 
who was born at Ilolderness 21 Aug. 1818 and died 2G Dec. 
1889 (i6.). 

Children, born at Ilolderness: 

i. Henry A.,* b. 25 May 1852; d. 17 June 1852. 

ii. Leuoy, b. 1 May 1854; d. 2 June 1851. 

iii. Adeline E., b. 19 Sept. 1855; living (1910); m. 4 July 1876 Daniel 

S. Batcuelder, 8. of Rev. Daniel and Mary J. (Pluininer), of 

Ashland, fanner, b. at Hridgewater 22 Nov. 1851, living (1910). 

Children, b. at Holderuesa: 1. .4 Son* b. 5 .\ug. 1880; d. 5 .Vug. 

1880. 2. Erville John, of Asliland, farmer, b. 3 May 1881; living 

uimL (1910). 

39. Stephen Pitman^ FIuckins (Robert,^ Jafucs,^ Ja?nes,* Robert,^ 

Jamcs,^ Roberl^), of New Hampton, farmer, born at New 
Hampton 5 June 1820, died 12 FVb. 1900. He married, 
7 May 1850, his tirst cousin once removed, K.\chel J.\nk 
Hanafoud, daughter of Peter and Nancy (Smith) (9, vi, i), 
who was born at New Hampton 14 Aug. 1827 and died 18 
Jan. 1906. 

Children, born at New Hampton: 

i. Mary E.," b. 7 July 1857; d. s.p. 11 June 1888 (town records); ra. 

31 Jan. 1885, a3 lu3 second wife, her aocond cousin, Albert M.' 
Hdckins (59, ii), a. of Horace^ and Martiia G. (IMaisted), q.v. 

ii. Stephen Almon, of New Hampton, farmer, b. 22 Mar. 1800; living 
s.p.* (1910); m. 16 Sept. 1901 Margaret Rose (McCormick) 
Cochran, dau. of Edward and Eliza (McGcc) and former wife of 
William, b. at Hydeeville, Vt., 18 Apr. 1860, living (1910). 

AO. Orlando G.^ Huckins {Robert,^ James,^ James * Robert* Jamcs,^ 
Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, born at New Hampton 
5 July 1828, died 2 May 1880 (town records). He married 
his first cousin once removed, Mary Smith, daughter of 

• He has adopted as his son Ilarold* liucitias, sou of Rodney II.* (125) and Lxxua B. 
(Bartlett), fl.». 


1914] Descendants of Robert Ilnckins \fj'l 

Benjamin and Hannah (Miulf^ctt) (9, ii, 3), who was born at 
New Hampton 4 Se|)t. 1828 and died 23 Jan. 1907. 
Only child, born at New Hampton: 
103. i. Hknjamin Llsteu,' b. 15 Jan. 1853. 

41. Nathaniel Pkukins^ Huckins {John,^ Jamcs,^ James* Robert* 

^fanics,^ Hobcrl^), of Holderness, 18:}(), farmer, town olliccr, 

born at New Hampton 23 June 180G, died 18 May 1888 (town 

records). He married, 10 May 1829 (ib.), Nancy Smith, 

daughter of Philij) and Abigail (Jewell), who was burn at New 

Hampton 7 Dec. 1806 and died 10 Nov. 1880 {ib.). 

Children, born at Holderness: 

101. i. Jonathan Huulev,' b. 4 Feb. 1831. 
105. ii. John Calvin, b. 10 Au^^. IS32. 

iii. Elviua Jank, b. 20 Mar. IS3G; living (1010); m. 25 Nov. 1S5S 

Walteu W. Smith, a. of Moses and Abi^^ail (French), of HoMfrnes-s, 

fanner, b. at Cainpton 10 Feb. 1S35, living (1010). Only cliiM, b. 

at 1, Abnorc ir.,' of liol(, mill haml, b. 18 Feb. 

1800; living unni. (1010). 

42. John Buzzell' Huckins (John,^ James,^ James* Robert,^ Jarncs,'^ 

Robert^), of Holderness, farmer, born at New Hampton 31 May 
1810, died 12 Feb. 1898 (town records). He married first, 
G June 1836, his cousin, Doucas H. S.mith (9, vi, 3), daughter 
of Jolin and Esther* (Huckins), q.v.; and secondly, 5 July 1815 
(lb.), Nancy C. Wouthen, dau«^liter of Charles and Joanna* 
(Chase), who was born at Holderness 11 Dec. 1812 and died 
30 Apr. 1881 (ib.). 

Children by first wife, born at Holderness (family Bible in 
possession, 1910, of George A. Hunt, son of Catherine B.* 
(Huckins), of Bridgewater) : 

i. Sylvester V.,* of Cavendish, Vt., farmer, b. 3 June 1S37; d. s.p. 
20 Apr. lOOO; ra. 28 June lS(i5 Josephine Paukeu, dau. of Jamo?j 
and Mary (Merrill), b.»at Sharon, Vt., 9 Sept. 183S, hving (1010) 
at Sharon, Vt. 

ii. Amanda l\, b. 31 Dec. 1839; d. a. p. 16 Mar. 1895; m. 5 May ISiiS 
George C. Taylor, 3. of Oilman R. and Mary (Haker), of Campton, 
farmer, b. at Campton 5 Dec. 1833, living? (1910). 

iii. Cathf.uink B., b. 25 Apr. 18 U; d. 5 May IIHX); m. (1) at Campton, 
31 Jan. 18G7 (town records), George W. Hunt, 3. of Matthew P. 
and Deborah (Tavlor), of Woodstock and of Thornton, 1870, 
farmer, b. at North Woodstock 23 Nov. 1S33, d. 4 Mar. 1S75; 
in. (2) at New Hampton, 10 Jan. 1870 {ib.), her fourth cousin once 
removed, Henry Fillmore Plaisted, s. of Cvrua C. and l-^hzabtth 
(Rowe) and grandson of Stephen (11, i, 2), ol Thornton, farmer, b. 
at New Hampton 22 Sept. 1819, d. 20 May 1877; m. (3) at Holder- 
ness, 29 June 1SS2 {ib.), as his second wife, Rufu3 Blake, s. of 
Khphalet and Mary (Russell ?), of Plvmoutli, blacksmith, b. at 
Alexandria 1830, d. 28 May 1884. Children by first husband: 
1. Julia KUa* b. at Woodstock 20 July 1800; d. 17 July IS70. ^2. 
(it'orgc A., of Briilj^ewator, farmer, b. at Thornton 10 Mav 1871; 
livink? (1010); m. 12 July 1808 Emma G. Pillsbury, dau. of Frank 
and Elsie M. (O'Neil), b. at Bridgewater 11 July 1880, living (1010). 
3. John ^f., of Tilton, farmer, b. at Thornton 21 Au^;. 1874; hvm}» 
s.p. (1910): m. 8 Jan. 1805 Abigail L. Caverly. dau. of Daniel and 
Mary L. (Shaw), b. at Meredith 26 Oct. 1872, living (1010). Only 
child by second husband: 4. Chc6ler (who t(X)k Hunt as his surname;, 
of Itimmey, farmer, b. at New Hampton 13 Dec. 1876; living 

154 Descendants of Robert Huckina [April 

(1910); in. at PIvmouth, 22 Nov. 1890, Mary B. Pulrucr, dau. of 
Ciiurlos \V. and klizubctb A. (Lovelund), b. ut lloiderueds 1 Jao. 
1877, living (1910). 

ChiKircn by second wif(^, bom ut IIoUl(?rness: 

iv. DoitcAS Anne, b. 5 June 1840; d. unin. 20 Jan. 1912. 
V. CnAULOTTE 1., b. 10 Aug. IS 17; d. 2 Nov. 1847. 

43. Thomas P.'' Huckins {Juhn,^ James,^ James,* Robert,^ James,* 
Jiohfit^), o( W'arrt'ii and of Orford, 1870, fanner, born at New 
Hampton 11 .July 1812, died 7 Apr. IS.Sli (town records). 
lie married, 28 Juno 1835 (ih.), Lucukti.\ liKUiiV, daughter 
of Nt^well and Hannah (Howe), who was born at New 
Hanipt(jn 20 Aug. 1815 and died at Portsmouth 21 Feb. 
1898 (ib.). 

Chihhen, the first one ])orn at, the others at 
Wentworth (family IVible in possession, 1910, of Judith A.^ 
(Huckins) Foote of Orforil): 

lOG. i. Alonzo K.,» b. 11 Nov. 1835. 

ii. Mki.lsha, b. 18 Jan. 1S41; d. 25 Sept. 1907; ni. 25 Aug. 1800 Hikam 
C/. (jale, s. of Alonzo and lUioda (FojiK), of Warren and of Laconia, 
fanner, b. at Hrid^ewatcr 12 June 1837, d. 2 Apr. 1903. Oidy 
child: 1. Menta IJdU,^ b. at Warren 27 July 1804; living? (191()j; 
n). (1) 21 Nov. 1883 Herbert C'. Knowlton, a. of John and Ha< hfl 
(Batchelder), of Laconia, merchant, I), at Sanhornton 21 Aj)r. 18."j9, 
d. 28 Auj;. 1880; in. (2) 10 July 1889 CharK s K. Sanborn, s. of Jacob 
and Sarah (Sanborn), of Laconia, merchant, b. at Lowell, Mass., 
8 Mar. 1845, living; (1910). 

iii. DoucAK M., h. 30 Nov. 1843; d. 23 Jan. 1895; m. May ISOG Horace 
H. MouiiisoN, 3. of George W. and Sarah (Oilman), of Haverhill, 
carjuntcr, b. at lloxhury, Ma.^s., 18 Dec. 1838, living (1910). 
Cluldrcn, h. at Haverhill: 1. Horace Emjcne* of Piermont, miller, 
lumber merchant, b. 20 Apr. 18(»7; livinjx (1910); \n. 5 Nov. lhS9 
Ida May Uobie, dau. of Lyman .\L and Kunice A. (Cofran), b. at 
Corinth, Vt., 9 May 1808, livuig (1910). 2. Sarah Ludta, b. 8 June 
1872; d. 23 Mar. 1873. 
107. iv. TH()M.\a, b. 31 May 1848. 

V. JuDiTU A., b. 7 July 18r)2; livine (1910); ra. 4 July 18G9 James E. 
Foote, s. of Samuel Lmory and .\bii:ail (Swain), of Orford, farmer, 
b. at Wnrren 4 Sept. 18l7,"hvinj: (1910). Only chil.l: 1. Ham/ B.,» 
of Orford, farmer, merchant, b. at Warn^i 27 Feb. 1873; living 
(1910); m. at Piermont, 15 Oct. 1892, Claribel Kelch, only dau. of 
Henry H. and Kate A. (Bradish), b. at Cannon City, Colo., 15 Oct. 

1872, Uvmg (1910K 

vi. Rlmkcca J., b. 22 Apr. 1854; d. 19 May 1903; m. at Warren, 12 Jan. 

1873, HouATio K. LujuY, s. of Ezra U. and Eva (Sinclair), of Graa- 
niere, farmer, b. at Warren 24 Oct. 1851, living (1910). Children : 
1. KUzabdh A. ,9 b. at Warren 9 Jan. 1877; d. 20 Mar. 1911; m. 
28 May 1898 William Porrilt, s. of Franci.i and Mary (WelU), of 
GofTstown, merchant, b. at Kochdale, co. Lancaster, Eng., 18 Dec. 
1870, living (1910). 2. Menta Bdle, b. at Orford 25 Apr. 1887; 
Uving unm. (1910). 

44. Enos a.' Huckins (John,^ Jamcs,^ James,* Robert,^ James,* 
Robert^), of Warren, 18o9, shoemaker, born at New Hampton 
7 July 1815, died 7 Nov. 1858. He married, 27 Jan. 1837 
(town records), Eliz.\beth C. Ingalls, daughter of Satchel! 
C. and Hannah (Heath), who was born at Deerfield 23 Aug. 
1811 and died at Plymouth 9 June 1886 {ib.). 


1914] Descendants of Robert Hack ins 155 

Children, born at Warren: 

i. CuAULKS • of Wurron, fariiuT, b. 29 Apr. 1839; liviuK 8. p. flOlO); m. 
(1) 9 Nov. ISCK) Mauy H. Sauge.nt, <lini. of Samuel and Marv Jane 
(I)avia), b. 10 May 1812, d. 2S Nov. ISOl; in. (2) Nov. 1807 SIauia 
(pKHKiNa) rmi.nuooK, dau. of Israel an«l Mary (IJurnliaui) and 
vsidow of Edwin, b. at Warren 20 .Inly IS.'i.S, livinj^ (lOlOj; lo. (3) 
June 1870 Eva Jacksom, dau. of Ilirarn and Eliza, b. at Concord, 
Me., Nov. 1842, d. 1 Apr. 18S1. 

ii. Exort, of IMyinoutli, 18S1, phy.sician, member of the Le^idlaturc, M.D. 
(IMnladeiiiliia Medical Coll., 1S7()), b. 10 Au^. 1845; d. .«./>. Apr. 
1903; m. (1) 15 Mar. 1808 Mautua C. Mkuuill, dau. of True and 
Sarah (Clough), b. at Wurren 20 .Sept. 1810, d. 10 Ai)r. ISO I (town 
reeord.s); m. (2) 7 May 180S \iola V. IOvans, dau. of Darius B. 
and Enuna F. (Lee), b. at II(; 17 Apr. 1875, who ui. (2) 
Geor^i! Merrill (Stearns's Plymouth, vol. 2, p. 350) and is living 
(1010) at Plymouth. 

iii. CouA, b. 10 Sept. 1S51; d. 19 May 1871; m. 10 Nov. 1809 (town 
reeord.i) Ximk.\i:z P. Whight, i*. of Joel A. and Martha B. (Bad- 
lett), of Piermont and of Pike, farmer, b. at (iroton, M;uid., 20 Dec. 
1850, living (1010). Only child; 1. Enos A.,^ b. at Piermont 
12 Sept. 1870; d. 14 Mar. 1871. 

45. Calvin Smith^ Huckixs {John,^ James,^ James,* Robert,^ Jatnes,* 

Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, horn at New Hampton 
11 July 1822, died 9 July 1877. He married, 2G Apr. 1812, 
his cou.sin, M.\uy Ann Pl.\isted (9, xii, 3), daughter of 
Sanuud and Nancy^ (Huckins), q.v. 

Children, born at New Hampton (family Bible in posses- 
sion, 1910, of Charles B.^ Huckins of New Hampton): 

i. Frank II. ,» b. 24 Aug. 1843; d. 28 Oct. 1843. 
108. ii. Edwin Mouhls, b. 4 Dec. 1849. 
100. iii. Si.MEON Dana, b. 1 Aug. 1853. 

iv. John Calvin, b. U Aug. 1856; d. unm. 2 June 1878. 
V. Chahles Blhnham, of New Ilam|)ton, farmtT, b. 2 Oct. 1859; livinf; 
a. p. (1910); m. 22 Oct. 1881 Mauy E. Watku.^, dau. of .\zro and 
Emeline (Converse), b. at Littleton 20 Jan. 1803, Uving (1910). 

46. Daniel G.^ Huckins (John,^ James,^ James,* Robert,^ James,* 

Robert^), of Boston, machinist, born at New Hampton 23 July 
1825, died at Tewksbury, Mass., 2 Jan. 1894 (town records). 
He married first Eliza Moffatt, said to iiave been of Phila- 
delphia; and secondly, at Framingham, Mass., 15 Dec. 1809 
(ib.), JuLiKTTE R. Johnson, daughter of William P. and 
Susan E. (Hanson), who was born at Framingham, Mass., 
6 Apr. 1848 (ib.) and died 7 Mar. 1880. 

Onl}' child, by second wife: 
i. Frank, 8 b. abt. 1873; said to be of Lowell, Mass. 

47. N.\than' Huckins {Daniel,^ James,^ James,* Robert,^ James,* 

Robert^), of New Hampton, printer, born at New Hampton 
5 Apr. 1808 (town records), died 4 Aug. 1883. He married, 
11 Nov. 1830 {lb.), Soi'HL\ S. Kelly, daughter of Wyzeman 
and Elizabeth E. (Hadlc}'), '^'lio was born at Rumney 29 
July 1807 and died 28 June 1807. 

Children (family Bible in possession, 1910, of Helen S.* 
(Huckins) Burch of Lowell, Mass.): 
110. i. WiLUAM B.,8 b. at New Uampton 12 June 1832. 

150 Descendants oj Robert Iluckina [A|)ril 

ii. IIklen S., b. at New Hampton 3 IVh. 1830; living (1010); m. at 
Lowt'U, Mu-sa., 15 Nov. 1<S5(), John Huu("h, a. of lrt.i:ir und llunruili 
(lirulcy), of Lcnvi'li, Ma.v->., mason, plumhLT, b. at Ibirlford, Vt., 
9 Mar. 1«32, iivinK' (I'JlO).'ii, b. at Lowell, Ma-w.: 1. 
Williain Alonzo,* of Detroit, Mich., clerKynian, publi.sher, b. 2S Nov. 
1857; living (HMO); m. 12 Dee. 18S1 i\iabel Swain, .lau. of Dariiw 
and Almciia (Liule), b. at Warren 28 Feb. 1858, living (i{iH)). 2. 
John Franklin, of Lowell, MaiW., jaiiittir, b. 25 Mar. 1S5'J; living 
(lUlO); m. 2 Feb. 1888 Alice Van Dyke, b. at Rochester, Vt., .1. 
20 .Mar. 18US. 3. Arthur Si/li<anus, of Springfield, Mass., pluiiibcr, 
b. 21 Nov. 18C1; living (I'JIO); m. at Lowdl, Mas.s., 11 July 1887 
(town records), Martha B. liamford, dau. of WilliaJu and Joyce, 
b. at Orivel, V. Q., 18()0, living (11)10). 
in. iii. A1.0NZ0 A., b. at West Uunmey 3 Feb. 1838. 

iv., b. at New Hampton S July 1810; living s.p. (1910); m. (1) 
29 Oct. 1804 Hu'HAKi) Sm;j'.\Hi), a. of Richard and IJi/abeth (Shcp- 
ard), of Holderness, farmer, b. at Hold«'rrje.s.s 31 July 1818, d. 1 May 
1809; m. (2) 19 July 1872 Samukl Suei'AUd, brother of her de- 
ceased husljand, of Ashland, farmi;r, b. at Holderneaa 30 Sept. 1M5, 
d. 25 Aug. 1884; m. (3) Feb. 18S7 John H. 13aki:k, s. of Rrown and 
Phebe F. (ColUns), of Dover, carpenter, b. at Gardiner, Me., 1 Jan. 
1832, living (1910). 

48. David^ IIuckins (Daniel,^ James,^ Jivnes* Robert,^ Jatius,^ 

Robert^), of Orange, ^Llss., aud of Asbl>y, Maas., 1884, hla<'k- 
sinith, born at New ITanijjton 12 Feb. 1810 (town record.s), 
died 24 Oct. 1893. He married, Sept. 1831, Melinda Dow, 
daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Dicy), who was born at 
Gihnanton 15 Dec. 1808 and died 24 Jan. 1893. 

ChiKlren, the first one born at Meredith, the next four at 
New Hampton, tlie others at Lowell, Mass. (family Hible in 
possession, 1910, of Susan C.'' (IIuckins) Stanley of Fitch- 
burg, Mass.): 

112. i. Charles Wesley,* b. 3 Mar. 1832. 

ii. Amanda A., b. 7 Aug. 1835; d. s.p. in New York City 3 May 1884; 

m. 18 Apr. 18C8 David M. Whit-nky, b. of Richard and Janet 

(McCoy), of Ashby, Mass., merchaait, b. at Clarendon, Vt., ISll, 

d. 26 May 1889. 
iii. C.EOUGK, b. 11 Apr. 1837; d. 29 May 1838. 
iv. Edwin J. D., of Fitchbiirg, M:iss., i)la(ksmith, soldier in the Civil 

War, b. 29 May 1839; living s.p. (1910); m. (1) at Lowell, Maic<., 

3 .\pr. 1807, Hki.i.noa Hitkeu, dau. of Jacob and Hannah, b. at 

Moultonborough 4 Oct. 1834, d. at Athol, Mass., 19 Mar. 18tJ9; m. 

(2) at Aver, Mass., 15 Jan. 1870, Mautha Louise Taylou, dau. 

of David and Ix>uisa (CooUdge), b. at Fitchburg, Mass., 31 July 

1832, hving (1910). 
V. Hemiy L., of Worcester, Mass., machinist, soldier in the Civil War, 

b. 13 Sept. 1841; d. s.p. 25 Mar. 1903; m. at Lowell, Mass., 15 Oct. 

1866, NiAiUA C. Adams, dau. of Enoch and EUzabcth, b. in Maine 

1839, d. at Lowell, Ma5s. 
vi. Eliza J.\ne, b. 19 Feb. 1817, d. at Lowell, Mass., 21 Feb. 1848. 
vii. C, b. 26 Jan. 1850; Uving s.p. (1910) at Fitchburg, Mass.; no. 

at Lowell, Mass., 6 Apr. 1865, Franklin M. Stanley, only child 

of Georj^e M. and Ida C, b. at Rome, N. Y., 25 Feb. 1833, d. 1 1 

June 1900. 

49. Jonathan Dolloff' Huckins (Daniel,^ Jamcs,^ Jarties* Robert,^ 

Jamcs,^ Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, born at New 
Hampton 24 Nov. 1812 (to^\^l records), died 6 Dec. 1887 (ib.). 
He married first, 20 Nov. 1830 {ib.), Douotuy Dow, daught4?r 


1914] Descendants of Robert IIuckin$ 157 

of Jonathan and Mary (Dicy), who was horn at Cilniantmi 
and died s.p.; secondly (intention rocordiMi 5 Dec. IStl) lii:i 
cousin, Ahkjail (Smith) Dollotk (9, vi, 4), dau^^htiT of John 
and Esther' (Iluckins), who was born at New IIanii)t()n 
1812 and died IG July 1851; and thinlly (intention reeordrd 
23 Jan. 1853) Elizauktm (C.'lauk) ('olfass, widow, who was 
born at Meredith 1815 and ched 18 Dec. 1887 (tuwn records). 
Children by second wife, born at New Hampton: 

i. Susan Makia,' d. a>?o(i 18. 

ii. lluKi's, of New Hampton, fanner, b. 1S45; d. s.p. at Laconia 18 .May 
1910; ra. 24 Dec. 1878 (tiiwn records) Maiiai.a J. (Mau.sto.s) 
Connor, daw. of Haven and Trvpliena (Hay) and widow of George, 
b. at Meredith M \u^. 1827, d" 1 Jan. 1909 (ih.). 

iii. Elizabeth Mkooua, b. 12 Au;j;. 1810; d. s.p.* at Sanbornton 30 Mar. 

1002 (town recorils); in. at New Hampton, 12 Nov. 1805, Hknky 

H. Moui/roN, 3. of .Aaron M. and Sarah (Ka.stnian), of iVankhn 

and of Kx<:ter, farmer, soidior in the ('ivil War (1 Uh N. H. Vol.;, 

1). at r^)udon 25 July 1813, living (PJlO). 

iv. Silas Cuktice, of New Hampton, artisan, b. 8 Nov. 1848; d. imin. 
23 Nov. 1912. 

50. Calvin^ Huckins (Daniel,^ Jamcs,^ James* Robert* James,* 
Robert^), of Holderness, 18G0, stonenuLSon, fanner, born at 
New Hampton 5 Nov. 181(3 (town records), died 28 Feb. 1897 
(ib.). lie married (intention reconh.'d 9 Jan. 1844) Weltiiy 
BuowN, daughter of Benjamin and Susan (Piitney), who was 
born at Warren 5 June 1821 and died 28 Oct. 1891 {ib.). 

Children, born at New Hampton (family Bible in possession, 
1910, of Arab'-* Iluckins, sou of George W.,** of Holderness) : 

i. Mahy A.,» b. 1844; d. 10 Feb. 1848. 
113. ii. Geohgk W., b. 27 Mar. 1815. 

iii. Mahk I)., b. 19 July 1852; d. in infancy. 

iv. Vesta Ann, b. 25 May 1857; living (1910) at Kezar Falh, Me.; m. 
at Holderness, 13 Klar. 1875, Ashley Weeks, 8. of John and 
Almira (Cox), of Porter, Me., farmer, b. at Holdorncs.-< 23 Feb. 
1853, living (1910). Children, b. at Holderness: 1. Addiilc Mina* 
b. 13 Oct. 1875; living (1910); m. 19 Jane 1894 Frank W. McEwan, 
B. of Joseph and Margaret (Iloiigh), of Dover, expressman, b. at 
Mas.sena, N. Y., 3 8cpt. 1872, Uving (1910). 2. Sophin Adcle, b. 
9 Dee. 1880; living s.p. (1910); fn. 30 Oct. l'.H)7 David D. Allen, s. 
of Janies and Louisa (Dobson), of Dover, gardener, b. at Bayfield, 
N. B., 22 Mar. 1848, living (1910). 

V. Mauy S., b. 21 Sept. 181)0; living s.p. (1910) at Dover; m. at Dover, 
29 Nov. 1877 (town record.^), Joseph Holt. h. of .\sa and Olive 
(Howe), of Dover, railroad employee, b. at Dover 4 Jan. 1835, d. 
19 Feb. 1913. 

vi. Wiluam M., b. 28 .\pr. 1809; d. in infancy. 

61. Daniel B.' Huckins (Daniel,^ Jarnes,^ James,* Robert* James* 
Robert^), of Holyoke, Mass., and of Evansville, Wis., mason, 
born at New Hampton 8 Aug. 1826, died at Evansville, Wis., 
6 May 1S78. He married first, at Springfield, Miiss., 15 Mar. 

•She adopted as hor daughter Alice M. Collins, daughter of Bonjaniin and .Mice 
(Cross) (Cross's Northfield. vol. 2. p. 63), who was boru at Northficld 12 .\r>r. 1871 
and was married at Franklin, 2 Feb. 1801, to Fred E. Burleigh, *mi of Daniel B. and 
Huldah L. OVilbur), of .\ndoviT. fanner, born at Fremont 10 tv-pt. 18G5, livin-^ 
(iyi3). Mrs. Burleigh was living at UaverhUl, Mass., in 1913. Nino children, of whoui 

158 Descendants of Robert Iluckins [April 

18r)5 (town records), Susan E. Cook, daii^liter of Reuben 
and Pauline (McLiiughlin), who wa.s horn at Platt.-Jnirgli, 
N. Y., 1832 and died Sept. 1803; secondly, in Vennont, a 
wife whose name has not ];een found; and thirdly, at Kvaiis- 
vilie, Wis., Lydia K. McMillan, dauj^htcr of John and Laura 
A. (I)oly), who was horn probably at Adrian, Mich., 21 Oct. 
1844 and died 15 Sept. IS?.'). 

Children by first wile, born at Evaasville, Wis.: 

i. hvEU.K P.," b. 17 Ftl). 1857; d. at Kvaii.svillc, \Vi.s., 5 May 1874. 

ii. AiiUiAiL, b. 5 July ISGl; d. 22 M:iy VMA; in. 24 May 1882 Jamks C. 
EvKRETT, s. of Henry C. and Maria (('(jlliiijs), of Lan.sing, Mich., 
nicroliant, b. at Lansing, Mich., 19 Doc. 18ol, liviiij^ (1910). Cliil'i- 
ren, b. at Lan.sing, Nlich.: 1. Henry Arthur,* of 'rolclo, Ohio, 
machinist, b. 2:} July 1884; living (1910); m. i Svyi. 19UG Mabel 
Whitney, adopted dan. of WiUiani and Kilna (.\io.s.s), b. at St. 
Thomas, V. ()., 29 Sept. 1889, iivin;; (1910). 2. (il'id>j^ Jului, b. 
4 July 18S<r, living s.p. (1910); m. 25 July 1907 Robert li.jd, a. of 
('harles and Harriet (Holmes), of Detroit, Micii., machinist, b. at 
Anderson, Mich., 1 Jan. 188G, living (1910). 3. Clura Sorena, b. 
22 Sept. 1889; d. s.p. 12 Aug. 1911; m. 28 Nov. 190G Robert Harr, 
8. of James and Ann (Warder), of I^an>in;i. Mich., uhe<'luTight, b. 
at Chatham, Mich., 12 Jan. 1872, living (1910). 4. Marie Collins 
b. IG Dec. 1893; m. 10 June 1913 Leon Rogers, s. of Chi and 
Ellen (Wiltse), of Lansing, Midi., machini.^t, b. at .Mien, Mich., 27 
May 1890. 5. Lionel R., b. 15 Apr. 1899; d. 23 Aug. 1901. 

Only child l)y third wife, born at Evansvillc, Wis.: 

iii. Arthuu J., of Miles City, Mont., printer, b. 31 May ISGG; living 
(1910) ; m. 9 June 1893 Emm.^. A. Pkteiis, dau. of Anson and Ennly, 
living (1910). 

52. Joseph D.^ Huckins (Daniel,^ Jarncs,^ Janies* Robert,^ James,^ 

Robert^), of Bay City, Mich., 1854, and of Beaver Lake, 
Mich., lumber dealer, horn at New Hampton 4 Aug. 1828, 
was living in 1910. He married, 18 Mar. 1855, Cordelia 
Pierce, daughter of Nathan and Mary (Beales), who was 
horn at Watertown, N. Y., 20 Feb. 1836 and died 12 Mar. 
Children, born at Bay City, Mich.: 

114. i. BKUT,»b. 12 Dec. 1859. 

ii. Nellu] M., b. 10 Nov. 1864; d. 1 Mar. 1897; m. 15 May 1889 
Wii.Li.KM L. Peck, s. of William H. and Mary (Edson). of Eivst 
Jt)rdan, Mich., railroad employee, b. at Alden, N. Y., 24 Oct. 1S04, 
livmg (1910). Children, b. at liay City. Mich.: 1. Ralph,* of Bay 
City, Mich., railroad employee, b. 12 .lulv 1800; living unni. 
(1910). 2. Ward, of Ann Arbor, Mich., student, b. 24 Aug. 1891; 
living unm. (1910). 3. Helen, b. 1 July 1893; living unm. (1910). 

iii. Fkkd p., of Appleton, Wis., insurance agent, b. 22 May 1870; living 
s.p. (1910); m. 31 Aug. 1893 Mahoauet Sihlatterer, dau. of 
Christian 0. and Ehzabcth (Keinath), b. at JSaginaw, Mich., 
18 Jan. 1870, living (1910). 

53. Dana D.^ Huckins {Daniel,^ James,^ Jamcs,^ Robert,^ Jarncs,^ 

Robert^), of Lowell, ^lass., and of Bay City, Mich., 18(32, 
carpenter, born at New IIam])ton 22 ^iay 1830, died 1 May 
1805. lie married, 1 May 1855, Vesta A. Potter, daughter 
of David and Ada (Witherell) (Hi<tor>^ of Litclifield, Me., 
p. 207), who was born at Litchfield, Me., 23 May 1829 and 


1914] Descendants of Robert Hack ins 159 

diod ftt Fremont 21 June 1908. She married secondly Benja- 
min F. liisbee, thirdly Charles C. Frost, and fourthly John 1*. 
Only child, born at Lo\v<«ll, Mass.: 

115. i. Aluert !).,• b. 23 i\hir. 1859. 

54. Benjamin Smith^ IIuckins (./owe.*?,* James,^ James,* Robert,^ 

Jdtncs,^ Robert^), of New llam])t()n, fanner, born at New 
Hampton 20 Nov. 1813, died 17 Feb. 1S74. lie marri.d. 
3 Sept. 1833 (town records), Eliz.\heth O. Smith, daii}:lit«T 
of Josiah and Hannah ((Jilman), who was born at New Hamp- 
ton 24 Aug. 1811 and died 10 June 1880 (ih.). 

Children, born at New Hampton (family I^ible in possession, 
1910, of AbigaiP (Huekins) Lowd of Ashland): 

116. i. James E.,» b. 30 Doc. 1S34. 

ii. Maky Jane, b. 30 Nov. 1836; d. unm. 20 Auf?. 1853. 

iii. AiucAH,, b. 21 Aug. 1841; livinR s.p. (PJIO) at riymoiith; m. 1 Nov. 
1SS3 iu)\VAi!i) H. Lowi), .s. of Joseph and .M:iry (Willcjut'liby), <.f 
HohkriKss, fanner, h. at Plymouth 10 .May 1831, d. 2^ .Sept.'lOO'J. 

iv. IxiUisA, b. 20 Si'pt. 1S43; d. unm. 21 June 1808. 

117. V. John Smith, b. 23 Nov. 1845. 

118. vi. Hansum Dunn. h. 15 July 1848. 

vii. IIknry C, of lloldi'iness, arU:>aD, b. 8 Sept. 1850; d. unm. 5 June 

viii. Rodnky M., of Iloldcrness, arti:3an, b. 17 Feb. 1853; d. unm. 30 -•\»)r. 


55. Martin Luthf.u^ Huckins (Jamcs,^ Jamcs,^ James* Rolnt,^ 

James,' Robert^), of Plymouth, 1802, and of Holderness, 1881, 
farmer, ])orn at New Hampton 22 Dec. 1820, diid 28 July 
1908. He married first, 19 Oct. 1843 (town records), S.\u.\h 
H. Dow, dauf^hter of Peter and Mary Ann^ (Prescott) (Pres- 
cott Memorial, p. 347), who was born at New Hampton 
19 Oct. 1824 and died 11 Feb. 1875; secondly, Nov. 1870, 
M.\RY MuDGETT, daughter of Jes.^e and Ruth (Carr), wlio 
was born at Holderness and died in 1881; and thirdly, 24 
Oct. 1883 (town records), Jane H. ( Cad well, 
widow, daughter of Moses and Rachel, who was born at 
Haverhill in 1834. 

Children by first wife, born at PhTuouth (Stearns's Ply- 
mouth, vol. 2, p. 300): 

i. Aurelia," 1). 15 Nov. 1845; d. 27 Apr. 1SC3; m. 26 Oct. 1862 Frank 

True Ru.ssell Calley, b. of Nathaniel S. and Ix)uisa L. (Cox), 

of Holderness, farmer, b. at llolderne^^ 20 ^ov. 1842, d. 20 .\pr. 

1SG3. Only child, b. at Holdern.'.^s: 1. Frank True liu^stU,'* b. 

20 Apr. 1803; d. unm. 11 Juno 1884. 
ii. Fiu:d Peter, of Reading, Ma s., plumber, b. 3 Oct. 18fi4; d. 8. p. 

28 Jan. 11)01; m. 1 Jan. lSt>7 Ell.\ B. Mu.em\n, dau. of Benjamin 
, F. and Frances E. (Fosti r), b. at Canterbury 12 Dec. 1S07, who m. 

(2) 14 Oct. liK)2 Richard 11. Nichols and is living (1910) at Reading;, 


56. Caleb A.' Huckins (James,^ James,^ Ja77i€s,* Roberta Jame.<,^ 

Robert^), of Ashland, blacksmith, born at New Hampton 
11 May 1823, died 20 Dec. 1908. He married Lucretia T. 

IGO Dcscenflants of Robert Fluclins [Ai)ril 

Ward, daughter of John and Sarah (Young), who was born 
at New Hampton 8 May 1S23 and died 3 Mar. 19U5. 
Children,* born at Ashhind: 

i. Mauy Johkimiine,' b. 5 Dec. 1845; d. unm. 7 Oct. 1903. 

119. ii. Dli.oh, 1). ao June 1856. 

57. Lyman' Huckins (Charles,^ James,^ James* Robert* James,* 
RobirO), of Centre Harbor and of Holderness, 1841, farmer, 
manufacturer, born at Centre Ilarlior 11 June 181(3. died 
14 Mar. 1801 (town records). lie married in Bo.ston, M:i>s., 
d Aug. 1839, (jUace IOlizaheth Cum.mincjs, (hiughter of Cob 
Jonathan and Ann S. (I>rown) (Cummings (Ien<-alogy, p. 
100), who wius born at New Hampton 3 May 182U and di<'d 
7 Mar. 1888 (town records). 

Children, all except the tirst one V>orn at Holderness (family 
Bible in possession, 1010, of Ann E.** (Huckins) Perkins of 

i. Ann !•:.,• h. at New Hampton 13 Aug. 1840; livinp (1010); m. 12 
July 1S()2 David Pkiikins, s. of Daviii H, :u:ti .Mrluiahlc (ChandirD, 
of ilchron au<l ol I3ri>tol, 18SU, curpcntcr, h. at Hebron 21 Srpt. 
18-10, living (1910). Only child, b. at Hchron: 1. Nonnan Frost,* 
of W nl-ii litid, Mass., carijcnttr. h. 7 (>ct. 1871; living (1910); in. 
3 Oct. ls<t1 Jane M. \N"uldr()ii. <lau. of (Jcorrc A. and Kiuman-ttc K. 
(Kiiowllon) and ado])tt.'d by David M. and Mary J. (Hurdlings) 
CluisH, b. at Grafton 11 Doc. 1808, living (1910). 

ii. Maiiv II., b. 22 Juno 1842; d. 23 Nov. 1842. 

120. iij. Frank J., h. 18 July 1843. 

iv. AiUA W., b. 19 Juno 1848; d. 6 Sept. 18G7. 

121. V. FuED BuowN, b. 25 Sopt. 1850. 

68. Warren' Huckins (Charles,^ James,^ James* Robert* James,"* 
Robert^), of Daconia, mason, born at Centre Harbor 21 Oct. 
1818, (lied 14 July 1885 (town records). He married, 7 Sept. 
1844, LiU'UKTiA Ann^ M(U'lton, daughter of Christopher^ 
and Anna (Sanborn) (Hmmells's Sanbornton, vol. 2, p. 520), 
who was born at Sanbornton 11 Sept. 1824 and dieil at Con- 
cord 21 Mar. 1807. 

i. Viola Leah,' b. at 30 Doc. 1846; d. at Elizabeth, N. J., 
3 Au^. 1871- m. 9 Jan. 1806 Af.uekt H. .-Vi.exandkk, s. of Daniol 
and Snsan (Scavor), of Morodith. railroad eniployc^o, soldier in the 
Civil Wjir, b. at Brookline 4 Mar. 1847, d. at Nowjirk, N. J., 
5 Dec. IS73. Only child, h. at I^akonort: L /•>< il Lov^ll,* of jainaii a 
riain, M.u^s., police olHcer, b. 2 Fod. 1868; adopted by hi.s proat- 
great-unclo, Nolieniiah Pubifor of (lilnianton. family name 
he t(Kik; living (1910); ni. 10 Dec. 1890 his third cousin, Mary Ida 
Norris, dau. of (leorf»;o Ihnry and Martha Ann (Mudpott) and 
granddauj:iiter of Hcnjaniin Miidj^ett (9, ii, 7), b. at I>akoport 
17 Aug. ISOO, living (1910). 

122. ii. CiiARiKs (Linton, b. at Holderness 16 Apr. 1848. 

123. iii. Andrew Ai.vino, b. at Contre Harlx)r 28 Aug. 1853. 

50. Horace^ Hucktns (Charles,^ James,^ James* Robert* James,* 
Robert^), of Centre Harbor, farmer, born at Centre Harbor 

• lie had also au mloptod son, Ned G. Huckins of Plymouth, clerk, who wa-s l)orQ 
27 July 1871 and n»arri« d, 2 Fob. 1S'.)7, Kvu C'jirr. d;iuchtor of Gilm.'xn and Cora (Htint- 
ro3s), horn at lIolderntBS 17 May 1S77. Three children, of whom two were livuig 
in 1910. 


i9l4] Descendants of Robert Iliickins 161 

31 May 1820, died 12 May 1895 (town records). lie married, 
1 1 Sei)t. ISIG {lb.), his cousin, IMautha (i. Plaistld (9, xii, 4), 
daughter of Samuel and Nancy® (Huckins), who was born at 
New Hampton 28 Aug. 1825 and died 12 Vth. 1904. 
ChiKlren, born at Centre IIar))()r: 

i. Jui.iA,' h. 13 Auk. 1849; d. 29 Oct. 1888; m. 4 July 18G9 Jamk3 O. 
Ci.AitK, B. of Charles ami Ilurriet A. (Smith), of Centre llarhor, 
Ashland, New Hampton, lS7o, and aKain of A^hhuul, Kton(Miiu.son, 
b. at Hol'l«'rm's.s 10 July 1817, livin;^ (191()j. ChiUiron: 1. Alice 
E.,* h. at Ci-ntrc llarhor 12 May 1H72, livmg (1910); in. 10 Auk- 
1S95 Cicorgn Ililiiard, a. of Orrin and Klizabcth Jane (liawkin:i), 
of ('enlro llarbor and of .Vshlarid, Htoncmason, b. at Ct-nfre Harbor 
12 Jan. 187a, living (1910). 2. h'm li., b. at Ahhlaud Apr. 1875; 
living s.p. (1910); m. 20 Doc. 189() Frank (i. Kstes, a. of William H. 
and Mary K. (Atkin.s), of Sandwich ami of A.^hland, plumber, b. 
at Sandwich 22 Dec. 1872, living; (1910). 

ii. Ai-WKitT M., of Centre Harbor ami of A.shland, farmer, drover, b. 
11 July 1851; living s.p. (1913); m. (1) 1 Feb. 1874 Ella M. 
Sawyku, liaiL of Sihw and Charity (Scott), b. at (ire«;n.sborou^;h, 
Vt., 13 Dec. 18')], d. 13 Auf5. 1881; lu. (2) 31 Jan. 188') h'\s second 
cou.sin, Mauv K.** Hcckins (39, i), dau. of Stephen I'itman^ an<l 
Rachel Jane (lianaford), b. at New Hamj)ton 7 July 1857, d. 11 
June 1888; m. (3) at Newt(jn, Maii.s., 1 Feb. 1890, Lydia Ann 
liuiKHLF.Y, dau. of James H. and Hannah (Holt), b. at North 
Andover, Akuss., 15 Oct. 1853, d. 18 Dec. 1899; m. (1) 22 Oct. 1904 
Ida M. (Tuttlk) Lyon, dau. of .\ddi.son D. and Caroline (Hoyt) 
and widow of Geor^^e H., b. at Salisbury 8 May 1856, d. at Franklin 
7 Sept. 1912; m. (5) 30 Apr. 1913 Ai n k (Hall) Si-oom h, dau. of 
Herbert .\. anti Sojjhia J. (Cliflord) and \sidow of Edward U., b. 
at Landaff 1882. 

60. Timothy P. Smith' Huckins (Charles,^ James,^ James,* Robert * 
Jivncs,^ Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, born at Ontre 
Harljor 3 Mar. 182(), tiiod 1 Oct. 1897 (town records), lie 
married, 30 Nov. 1849, his cousin, Susan M. Plaistkd 
(9, xii, 6), daugliter of Samuel and Nancy*^ (Huckins), who 
was born at New Hampton 11 Fei). 1831 and died 7 Aug. 1903. 
Children, born at New Hampton: 

124. i. Alvau p.," b. 19 Jan. 1853. 

ii. Elmira, b. 17 May 1856; d. s.p. 26 Jan. 1876; m. 30 Mar. 1874 
HiMES Jones, s. of .\K)nzo and Vienna (Clement), of Holdernrs.s, 
farmer, b. at Holderness 10 Oct. 1853, d. 12 June 1906. 

125. iii. KoDNKY II., b. 7 Apr. 1858. 

126. iv. Wn.Lis E., b. 30 Nov. 1860. 

V. Estf.lla L., b. 30 May 1862; living (1910); m. at Lake VillaRO, 
3 D(V. 1SS2, Hknuy AuNKii* Buzzki.l, j^. of Henry H.* and Mary A. 
(Dod{!:e), of Dorchc8tcr, Mttss., and .\tlantic, M:iS8., brasd workiT, 
b. at Gilford 30 xMay 1862, living (1910). Children, all excei)t th.j 
third and the seventh b. at l^ikeport: 1. C/ura,* b. 14 Aj)r. ISSI, 
d. 13 Juno 1913; m. 13 Oct. 1902. as h\s .second wife, NVilbur R. 
Colo, 8. of Kicharii U. and Frances L. (\N'ard\ of We^l Chelm-sford, 
Mass., telegrapher, b. at Stark IS Oct. 1870, living (1910). 2 
Martha Rau, b. 14 Apr. 18S6; hvinp unm. (1910). 3. Signa A., 
b. at South Newmarket 27 Oct. 18S8; living unm. (1910). 4. 
Percy A., b. 13 Mar. 1892; living unm. U910). 5. Bcalncr, b. 
2 Sept. 1894; living unm. (1910). 6. Morgard E., b. 5 Aug. 1809; 
living (1910). 7. Thelma L., b. at Dorchester, Mass., 14 May 1906; 
living (1910). 

vi. Maktua a., b. 18 Mar. 1S66; living (1910); m. 11 May 1SS6 Johm 
FiFiELD, B. of Treeman and Ro>ainna (.Johnaon), of Laoonia, dray- 


1G2 Friends* Records at Vassalborough, Me, [April 

man, b. ut Boulton, I'. Q., 22 \\\g. 1859, d. 25 Aug. 1912. ChiMrt-n: 
1. Kthl Roxannii,^ h. at Niw Hfimpton 25 Doc. 1887; m. 13 S-pt. 
1910 JauK's Dorsc^', a. of Josopli an<l Il.itJtiah (Spfllicy), of Laconia, 
curpnitcr, h. at Iconic, N. \ ., \ S( pt. 1S72. 2. ChirlvH IJchry, of 
Lacuiiia, iii('(li;inic, I), at Asliluini l.'i July 1890; living (1910>; m. 
30 Jan. 1!MJ9 Alfrcda H. Chati\s, daw. of Cliarloa and Alice (Carr), 
b. at Underbill, Vt., 29 Auj<. 18(J9, living (1910). 3. lialph F., b. 
at N.'w Hampton 11 May 1897; livinj^ (1910). 4. Ilortense A'., b. 
at Laconia 9 Dir. 1!)(}5; living (1910). 
127. vii. VicTon, b. 17 May 1870. 

[To be contiuucd] 


Communicatod by lion. Hkn'ry Sew.vll Wkb3Ter, A.M., of Gardiner. Me. 

A Society of Frionds, wliich still exists, was organized in Vassal- 
borough, Ale., in 17S(). The History of Kennebec Count}', chapter 
xii, contains man}' interesting (h.-tails of its early history. A house of 
worship was built in 178o-80, and the records of marriages com- 
mence soon after. As was customary, each certificate was recordcMJ 
in full. The first certificate is here given at length in order to show 
the usual form; but of the later ones abstracts only are given, and 
the names of the witnesses have been omitted. Certificates were 
recorded, not as the}' were issued, but as tliey were presented to the 
clerk for tliat i)urpose; hence, as will be observed, they do not always 
appear in the order of their dates. 

Friends Records of M.^rri.\gk Certific.\te3 
Began the 13'^ of the 0^^ Mo 17S7. 

Zacchous Bowormaii of Fairfield son of Henjaniin Bowermnn of Falmouth 
in the bounty of J5arM.stablc and State of Mas.sacliusetts Ikiy and lllizahcth 
his Wife (she being (leeerus:il) and Pernielia Jones Daughter of Paul Jones 
of Fairfield in tlio (bounty of Lincoln and Alice his Wife (She being decca.s:d) 
liaving declared their Intentions of Taking Each Other in Marriage, before 
Several Monthly Meetings of the People Called Quakers in the County of 
Jiincoln Aforesaid according to the good Order used among them; their 
Proseedings after due l'n(|uiry ami Deliberate Consideration thereof were 
allowed by the Said Meetings, they apix\uing Clear of all Others and having 
consent of Parents Concern :d. 

Now these are to Certify all Whom it may Concers, that for the full 
accomplishing of their Said Intention.*:, this Twenty third Day of the F/ighth 
Month in the Year of Our Lord one Thousiind Seven hundred and Eighty 
seven, they the Said Zaccheus Howerman and Permelia Jones appeared at a 
j)uMic assembly of tlie afori'said People and others, in their Meeting Place in 
Fairfield ami lie the said Zaccheus iiowerman, Taking the Said Permelia 
Jones by the hand, did opeidy declare as followeth: Frielnlils I take this my 
Friend Permelia Jones, to be my wife. Promising Through Di\ine a-'sistance 
to be unto her a Ix)ving and Faithfull Husband, Untill it Shall Please the 
Lord by Death to Seperate us. And the said Permelia Jones, did then and 
there in Like manner Declare as followeth: Friends I Take this my Friend 


1914] Friends^ Records at Vassalbormifjh, Me. 103 

Zacclums Bowerrniui to be my Hu-sbaiui Pioinisiiif^ Throuf^h Divine fissist- 
anco to bo unto liiin a Loving and faitlifull Wife, unlili it Sluiii Plcxse the 
Lord to Scqu'iatc Us. Or words of the Liki; Inijxjrt. 

And tlie Said Zaccheus Bowernian and Pernielia Jones, as a fiirtlier Con- 
firmation thereof have hereunto Set tiieir liandd. Slie after tlie Custom of 
Marriage, Aissuming the Name of her liuijband. 

Zaccheus Howerman 
Permelia liowerman 
And we wlioso Names are hereunto Subscribed, l)eing IVe.sont with Others 
at the (Consummation of their Said ^hirriage as Witnesses tliereunto Set our 
hands the Day and year above written. 

John 'Paber Jonathan Tahx;r 

Kemington Hol)by J().sej)ii liowermaQ 

Joseph Rowland llannaii Allen 

John Slujpherd Anne Bowermaii 

Barnabas Iloxie Rest Bowermaa 

Frances Allen Daniel Shepherd 

liarnabas Allen Kbenezer Allen 

i^aniel Keen Amey Bow(;rmau 

Abel lloxie . Elizabeth Taber 

Paul Jones Reliance Baxter 

Elizebeth Bowcrman Dorithy Hoxie 

ICIihu Jiowerman Hope Paybedy 

Harper Bowermari Llizebath Shei)herd 

Benjamin Bowermaa Rebecca Allen 

Ajiollos Jones Content Hoxie 

Jonathan Dow of Vassalborough, son of Moses Dow of Berwick, County 
of York,* and Hannah his wife, and Hulilah Beede, daughter of Jonathan 
Beede of Poplin, County of Rockingham and State of Newhamj)shire, and 
Amie his wife, deceased, in Viussal borough, 21, 5 mo., 17>S8. 

Apollos Jones of Fairfield, son of i*aul Jones of Fairfiehl, County of Lin- 
coln,* and Alice his wife, deceased, and Hope Peabody, daughter of Daniel 
Peal)0(ly of Dartmouth, County of Bristol, and Rose his wife, deceased, in 
Fairlield, 31, 7 mo., 1788. 

John Howland of Vassalborough, son of William Ilowland of Pembroke, 
County of Plymouth,* and Dorothy his wife, and Sarah Taber, daughter of 
Jacob Taber of Vassalborough, County of Lincoln, and Lydia liis ^^^fe, 
deceased, in Vassalborough, 24, 9 mo., 1788. 

Paletiah Hussey of Vivssalborough, son of El)enezer Husscy of Berwick, 
County of York,* and Miriam his wife, and Lydia Taber, daughter of Jacob 
Tabor of Vassalborough, County of Lincoln, and Lydia his wife, deceased, 
in Vassalborough, 24, 9 mo., 1788. 

Barnabjus Taber of Vassalborough, son of Jacob Taber of Vassalborough, 
County of Lincoln,* and Lytlia his wife, deceasetl, and Lydia Hu>sey, dauthter 
of Daniil Hussey of Sommersworth, County of Stratford auvi State of Xew- 
hampshire, deceased, and Bethiah his wife, in Vass.dborough, 2, 2 mo., 1791. 

Peleg Delano of Viissalborough, son of Peleg Delano of Va.ssalborougli, 
County of Lincoln,* and Sarah hi& wife, and Ruby Hoxie, daughter of Heze- 
kiah Hoxie of Vassalborough aforesaid and Elizabeth his wife, in Vassal boro, 
7,7 mo., 1791. 

Nathan lirced of Vassalborough, son of Benjamin Breed of Lynn, County 
of Essex,* and Ruth his wife, and Anna Blanchard, daughter of Edward 
Blanchard of Vai>salborough, County of Lincoln, deceased, and Rachel his 
wife, in Vixssalborough, 23, 5 mo., 1792. 

Bartholomew Taber of Vassalborough, son of Jacob Taber of Vassal- 

• Followed by the words: "aud State of Massachusetta Bay." 


101 Friends' Records at Vassalborouyh, Me. [Ai)ril 

borouRh, County of T.iiuMjln,* and Lydia liis wife, deceased, and Elizabeth 
Cli:ijsc, daughter of Stephen C!liase of a Place called five and Twenty mile 
pond, County of Lineoln and Stater afore.said, yeoman, and Hannali his wife, 
in Vassalhorou^h, 27, '.] mo., 1703. 

John Huit(;n of J'^airlield, son of Nathan Burton of a j)lace called Ilandeock, 
County i){ Lincoln,* and Hannah his wife, and Peace iUnverman, daughter 
of David Boworman of Vassal! )orou^;h, County of Lincoln aforesaid, and 
Hannah hia wife, deceased, 27, 8 mo., 1791. 

Lphraim ('lark of Joneses ])laiitati()n, son of Jonathan Clark of the above 
said jJJace, County of Lincoln,* tleceased, and Miriam his wife, deceased, 
and Olive liraley, dau^iiter of David Braley of \';Lssall»()rou^'h, County of 
Lincoln aforesaid, and \nn(i his wife, in Vassalhorout^h, 23, [) mo., 1795. 

Silas Tabcr of Vassal bo rough, son of Jacob Taber of Vassal borough, 
County of Lincoln,* and Lyilia his wife, deceased, and Patience; Hussey, 
daugliier of Daniel Hussey of Sommersw(trth, County of Stratford and State 
of N(nvhamp.shirc, deceased, and Bethiah his wife, in Vassalborough, 21, 
10 mo., 179."). 

Lsaac Hu.ssey of Vassal borough, son of Batcheldor Hussey of Benvick, 
County of York,* deceased, and Sarah his wife, and Hannah Baxter, daughter 
of John liaxter of Vassalborough, County of Lincoln and State aforesaid, 
and Heliance his wife, in Va.^salburo, 25, 11 mo., 1705. 

Francis Allen of Fairlield, son of l']bcnezer Allen of Fairfield, County of 
Lincoln,* and Mary his wife, and Rest Bowerman, daughter of Benjamin 
lV)Werman of Falinoulh, County of Barnstable, deceased, and Klisabcth liLs 
wife, in Fairlield, 25, 2 mo., 1700. 

Moses Starkey of Vassalborough, son of Thomas Starkey of Attleborough, 
Comity of Bristol,* and Rebecca his wife, and lOunice Taber, daughter of 
John Taber of Vassalborough, County of Lincoln, and Elisabeth his wife, in 
Vas.salborough, 27, 4 mo., 170G. 

l*1dward W'aine of Vas.salborough, son of Benjamin Waine of Boston, 
County of SulTolk,* and Nancy his wife, and Anne Robinson, daughter of 
lievy Robinson of Vassalborough, County of Lincoln and State aforesaid, 
and Anne his wife, in Vassalborough, 22, mo., 1700. 

Al)el Hoxie of Fairfield, son of Hezekiah Hoxie of Sidney, County of 
Lincoln,* and I'^lisabeth his wife, and Anne Bowerman, daughter of Benjamin 
Bowerman of Falmouth, (\)unty of Barnstable, decea.sed, and IClisabeth his 
wife, in Fairfield, 23, () mo., 1700. 

John Dow of Vas.salborough, son of Moses Dow of Berwick, County of 
York,* and Hannah his wife, and Zilpah Lincoln, daugliter of Isaac Lincoln 
of Bristol, County of Lincoln and State aforesaiil, and Lucy his wife, deceased, 
in Bristol, 22, 2 mo., 1707. 

Ciibbs Tilt on of Vassalborough, son of John Tilt on of Viissalborough, 
County of Lincoln,* and Jane his wife, and Huldah (^Iki^sc, daughter of Ste- 
phen Chase of a place called Twenty mile Pond, County aforesaiil, and Han- 
nah his wife, in Vas.salborough, 20, 4 mo., 1797. 

Isaiah CitYord, son of William GifTord of Chilmark, County of Dukes and 
State of Rhotle Island [.sjc], and Amey his wife, and Hannah Hus.scy, daughter 
of Daniel Hussey of Somersworth, County of Stratford and State of New- 
hami^shire, deceased, and Bethiah his wife, in Va.ssal borough, 31, 5 mo,, 1707. 

Peter Hussey of Vassalborough, son of Batcheldor Hussey of Berwick, 
County of York,* deceased, and Sarah his wife, and Lucy Lincoln, daughter 
of Isaac Lincoln of Bri.stol, County of Lincoln and State aforesaid, and Lucy 
his wife, deceased, in Viissalboro, 22, 11 mo., 1707. 

Paul Tabor of Vassalborough, son of Jacob Tabor of Vas-sal borough,* and 
Lydia his wife, deceased, and Phebe Howland, daughter of William Howland 

• Followed by the words: "and State of Massachusetts Bay." 


1914] Friends* Records al VassaWormigh, Me. 165 

of IVmbroke, County of Plyinoiit!) and Si.'itc aforesaid, and Dorolhy his 
wife, in Vas.s.'iihoroiiKli, 23, 5 n>o., 179S. 

Moses Wadsworlli of Wintliroj), County of Lincoln,* son of John Wads- 
woitli of Stou;!;lit(in, County t)f Norfolk, and Jcruslia Lis wife, dcrcascrl, and 
Hannah Stevens, dauj^hti-r of M[)hraini Stevens of Winthrop aforesaid and 
Sihbel his wife, in Winthrop, 27, 5 nio., 1708. 

lienjaniin (lardencr of Howdoinhain, son of Benjamin Gardener of How- 
doinham, County of Lincoln,! decc^ascd, and Ruth his wife, and Phebe 
Hurton, daughter of Nathan Hurton of Clinton, County of Lincoln and Stato 
aforesaid, and Hannah his wife, in X'assalborough, 21, 11 nio., 17()S. 

Samuel Tohey of Vassalborou^h, son of Samuel Tobey of Iwiirru.-ld, County 
of Ki;nnel)eck,t ami Mary his wife, and Caroline Martin, daughter of John 
Martin of Bristol, (>ounty of Lincoln and State aforesiiid, and Susanna hia 
wife, in Bristol, 20, 2 mo., ISOO. 

James Hus.sey of Vassalborough, son of Batchelor TTu.ssey of lierwick, 
County of York.f deceased, and Sarah his wife, and Bethiah ( 'hase, dauj^hter 
of Stephen Chase of a place Called twenty five mile Pond, County of Kenne- 
bcck and State aforesaid, and Hannah his wife, in Vussalborough, 23, 7 mo., 

Paletiah Varney of Vassalborouph, son of Tobias Varney of Rochcr^ter, 
County of Stratford and State of New Hampshire, and Kimice his wife, 
and Sarah H()l)l)y, daughter of Reming:ton Hobby of Vassali)orouKh afore- 
said. County of Kennebcck,! and Anstrus his wife, in Vassalborough, 21, 
10 mo., ISOl. 

Isaac Cole of Vassalborough, son of Abel Cole of Waldoborough, County 
of Lincoln, t and Sarah his wife, and Anne Howland, daughter of William 
Ilowland of Va.ssalborough, County of Kermebectk and Stale aforesaid, and 
Dorothy his wife, in \'assalborough, 23, G mo., 1S02. 

Samuel Stuart of Ik^lgrade, County of Kennebeck, son of Joseph Stuart 
of Scarborough, County of Cumberland,* and Abigail his wife, and Miriam 
Greely, ilaughter of Joseph Creely of Belgrade, County of Kennebeck and 
State aforesaid, and Susanna his wife, in Belgraiie, 2;J, G mo., 1S02. 

Nymphas Tobey of Vassalborough, son of Samuel Tobey of Fairfield, 
County of Kennebeck,* and Mary his wife, and Ann Cardner, daughter of 
Christopher (lardner of Vassalborough, County iiforesaid, and Anne his wife, 
in Vassalborough, 24, G mo., 1802. 

Eliliu Bowerman of Fairfield, County of Kennebeck,* son of Benjamin 
Bowerman of Falmouth, County of Barnstable, deceiused, and lOlizabeth his 
wife, and Sarah Varney, daughter Silaa Varney of Canaan, County and 
State aforesaid, and Anna his wife, in Fairfield, 22, 7 mo., 1802, 

Samuel Po|)e of Vassalborough, son of Klijah Pope of Windham, County 
of Cumberland,! and Phebe his wife, and Mary Wing, daugliter of Benjamin 
Wing of Sidney, County of Kennebeck and SUite aforesaid, and Mary hid 
wife, in Sidney, 28, 10 n"\o., 1802. 

Gideon Hobby of Vassalborough, son of Remington Hobby of Vassal- 
borough, County of Kennebeck. f and Anstrus his wife, and Sally Shattuck, 
daughter of Sununer Shattuck of Portland, County of Cumberland and State 
aforesaid, and Ivsther his wife, in Vassalborough, 4, 5 mo., 1S03. 

Butler Weeks of Sidney, son of Benjamin Weeks of Sidney, County of 
Kennebeck,* and Phear his wife, and Esther Torrey, daughter of James 
Torrey of Falmouth, County of Cumberland and St^\te aforesaid, and Esther 
his wife, deceased, in Vassalborough, 2G, 10 mo., 1803. 

Abijah Newhall of \':ussalborough. County of Kennebeck,* son of Abijah 
Ncwhall of Lynn, County of Essex and State aforesaid, and Abigail his wife, 

• Followed by the words: "and State of ^^:l8sachusetts." 

t Followed by the words: "and State of Massachusctta Bay." 


1G6 Friends' Records at Vcuisalborough, Me. [April 

dcc'CJiscd, and Lucy Hobby, duiiKhtor of Honiin^'lon Hobby of Vnssiilborouj^h, 
County of Kcnnebeck and Slide ufoicsuid, and An&lrut) liw wife, in V'assal- 
borou^li, -0, {) mo., 180-1. 

llbenczar Pope of VassaIl)orouKh, son of l']lija}i Pope of Windliarn, County 
of Cumberland,* and Pliebe his wife, and Sarah, daughter of Stephen 
Cvhase of V'a.ssalborough, County of Kennebeck anii State aforesaid, and 
HamiMh his wife, in Vassalburou^li, 21, 11 mo., LSOl. 

Natlianicl Hawks of X'assalborou^^h, son of Xatlianiel Hawks of Windham, 
County of Cuml)erland,* and Mercy liis wife, anil Hannah HulTurn, dauiihter 
of John r>utrum of lkrwi( k. County of York iind State af(jresaid, and Han- 
nah his wife, deeeased, in Vas.salborou^li, 27, 3 mo., IhUo. 

Timothy Uobin.son of Harlem, son oi William Uol)inson of Dover, County 
of Stratford and State of Newhampshire, deceased, and Anne his wife, and 
Elisabeth 'i'aber, ilaup;hter of Harth(;lomc;w Taber of Vassalboro, County of 
Keimebeek,* and Olive his wife, deceased, in \'as.>alborou'j;h, 22, 1 rno., 1806, 

David liobinson of Vassalborou^h, son of Sanmel Uobinscjii of Vassal- 
borough, County of Kennebeck,* and Lydia his wife, and Sarali Baxter, 
daughter of John Baxter of Town, County, and State aforesaid, and Reliance 
his wife, in Vassalborou^h, 20, 9 mo., 1805. 

Isaac Whitaker of VassalborouRh, son of James Whitakcr of Dcaring, 
County of llilUborousli and State of Xewhampshire, and Susanna his wife, 
and Betsy Morten, (lauj;hter of liriaiit Morten of Jackson, County of Hand- 
cock,* and Love his wife, in Vassnlborough, 25, mo., 1800. 

Abel Jones of Harlem, son of Caleb Jones of Brunswick, County of Cum- 
berland,* and Peace liis wife, and Susanna Clipson, daughter of Jedediah 
Oipson of Harlem, County of Kennebeck and State aforesaid, and Margret 
Lis wife, in Harlem, 25, mo., 1800. 

John Pope of Windham, son of Klijah Pope of Windham, County of Cum- 
berlanil,* and Phebc his \vife, and Lydia Taber, daughter of Jacob Taber, Jr., 
of Vassalborough, County of Kennebeck, and Sarah his wife, deceased, in 
Vassalborough, 22, 10 mo., 1S06. 

John Gii)son of Harlem, son of Jedediah Oipson of Harlem, County of 
Kennebeck,* and Margiet his wife, and Lydia Runnels, daugiiter of Benja- 
min Runnels of Harlem aforesaid and Rebecca his wife, in Vassalborough 
23, 10 mo., 1800. 

Tobias Varney of Winslow, son of Tobias Varney of Rochester, County of 
Stratford and State of Newhampshire, and FAmice his wife, and Margret 
Hobby, daughter of John BufTum of Berwick, County of York,* and Hannah 
his wife, deceased, in Vassalborough, 20, 12 mo., 1800. 

Natlian Winslow of Falmouth, son of Nathan Winslow of Falmouth, 
County of Cumberland,* and Charity his wife, botli dece:ised, and Mary 
Vinal, daughter of Ralph Cha])man of Dresden, County of Lincoln and State 
aforesaid, and Prudence his wife, both deceased, in \'aiisalborough, 14, 1 mo., 

Robert Hanson of a place called Lincoln, County of Hancock,* son of 
Moses Hanson of Farmington, County of Stradord and State of Newhamp- 
shire, and Mary his wife, and Elizabeth Hanson of Vassalborough, daughter 
of Caleb Hanson of Harlem, County oi Kennebec,* and Judith his wife, in 
Viissalboro, 20, 3 mo., 1807. 

Klvin Worth, son of Benjamin Worth of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec,* 
and Phebe his wife, and Lydia Gardner, daughter of Jetliro Gardner of Town, 
Countv, and State iiforesaid, and Love his wife, in Vassalboro, 24, 11 mo., 
1808. ' 

Calvin Stewart of Scarborough, son of Joseph Stewart of Scarborough, 

• Followed by the words: "and State of Massachusetta/' 


1011] Frienda* Records at Vassalhormigh, Me. 1G7 

County of Cumhcrlaiul,* deceased, and Aljigail liis wife, and Man' Dardncr 
of Harlem, (lau^liter of iicnjaniiii (lardtwr of Howdoinhain, ('ounty of 
Linc()lii and State aforesaid, deceai>ed, and iditli lii.s wife, in Vassulboro, 
li.i, 11 mo., hSOl). 

licnjamin Worth, Jr., of Vassal! )orou^}i, son of Benjamin W'ortli of Vassal- 
boro, ('ounty of Kennebeck,* and rhel^e liis \vif(?, and Al/i>;ail (lardner, 
dau^litcr of Jctlno Ciardnc^r of Town, County, and State aforesaid, and Love 
liis wife, in Vassalboro, 23, 11 mo., ISO!). 

Samuel Pason of lIoi)e, County of Lincoln,* son of Fpliraim Pason and 
Judith his wife, l)Oth deceased, ami Anna Hraley of Harlem, County of 
KiMUiebee,* (laup,hter of Hattil Killey anil llamiah his wife, both ileceasctl, 
in Harlem, 27, 12 mo., ISOD. (This record is followed l)y a duplicate record, 
in which two of the names ap|)ear as Anna Hrayley and llattel Kelley.] 

Steplien Husscy of VassalborouKh, son of Stephen Hu.ssey of Berwick, 
County of York,* and Isunice his wife, both deceaseil, and Phebe Purinton, 
daughter of David Purinton of Windham, County of Cumberland and State 
aforesaid, and Kuth his wife, in Vassalboro, 21, 3 mo., LSlO. 

Robert Winslow of Vassalboro, County of Keimebec,* son of William 
Winslow of Falmouth, County of Cumberland and State aforesaid, and l^hebo 
his wife, and Famice Hu.s.-;ey, dau;];hter of Stephen Hussey of Vassalboro, 
County of Kennebec,* and Rebecca his wife, deceased, in Vasaalboro, G, 
11 mo., 1811. 

Fphraim Varney of Harlem, County of Kennebec,* son of Ricliard Varney 
deceased, and Flizabeth his wife, of Harlem aforesaid, and ]{hoda Hussey, 
daughter of Stephen Hussey of Harlem aforesaid and Judith his wife, iu 
Harlem, 10, 7 mo., 1811. 

Stephen Jenkins of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec,* son of Jab(^z Jen- 
kins of the aforesaid town anil County and I^lizabeth his wife, and Hannah 
H()i)i)y, (laughter of i{eminiz:tun Hobby of \'assali)oro and County and State 
aforesaid and Anstrus his wife, in Vassalboro, 24, 9 mo., 1S12. 

Ichabod Irish of Union, County of Lincoln,* son t)f John Iri-'^h of Little 
Compton, County of Bristol [sjV] ami State of Rhode Islanii, and Thankfull 
his wife, both deceased, and Deborah Concklin, daughtiT of Zudock Barrow 
of Plymouth, County of Plymouth,* and Jemima his wife, decciised, in 
Vassalboro, 23, 11 mo., 1811. 

John Shepherd of Fairfield, County of Somerset, son of John Shepherd of 
Dartmouth, County of Bristol.* and Abigail liis wife, both deceased, and 
Sarah Coombs, daughter of William Richards of Ihistol and Ruth his wife, 
in Vassalboro, 1, 12 mo., 1813. 

Joseph Stuart of Va.ssalboro, County of Kennebec,* son of Joseph Stuart 
of Scarborough, County of Cumberland and State aforesaid, decea.*=ed, and 
Al)igail his wife, and Susan Chadwiek, daughter of James Chadwick of 
Harlem, County of Kennebec and State aforesaid, and Rhoda his wife, ia 
Vassalboro, 25, 11 mo., 1813. 

Stephen Taber of Vassalboro, son of Bartholomew Taber of Vassalboro, 
County of Kennebec,* and Elisabeth his wife, and Mary Miller, daughter 
of Thomas Miller of Limington, [County of York] and State aforesiiid, and 
Fli.sabeth his wife, in \'assalboro, 23, 3 mo., 1S15. 

VVilliam Fry of Harlem, son of Joshua Fry of Vassalborough, County of 
Kennebeck,* and Mary his wife, and l-'unice Ramsdell, daughter of Ceorge 
I*;uns<lell of Dresden, County of Lincoln and State aforesaid, and Funice 
Ills wife, at George Ramsdell's house in Dresiien, 3, 11 mo., 1SI5. 

Stephen Jones of Harlem, son of Stephen Jones of Brunswick, County of 
C'lunberland,* and Eunice his wife, and Rachel Woilli, daughter of B(>njamia 
^^orth of Vassalboro, Countv of Kennebec and State aforesaid, and Phebe 
nis wife, in V:\ssalborough, 20, 2 mo., 1S16. 

* Followed by the worda: "i\ik1 State of Mussachudottd." 


168 Friends* Records at Vassalbormigh, Me. [April 

Joaiah Rralcy of ITfirlom, son of David Braley of llarloin, County of 
Kciiiic'hccls.,* (IccciuscmI, aiuj Anuii his wifi*, and Al>i;^;iil llariiion, daii^liter of 
('aleb Hanson of Harlem afori'baid and Juditli liis \sifc, in \'a.SiaIl>orougli, 
20, 2 mo., 1M2. 

Harper liovvcrman of Fairfield, County of Somerset,* son of licnjamin 
Bowernian of Falmouth, County of Harnstahle,* deceased, and Elizabeth liis 

wife, and Mary Hanunon, daughter of , in Va:i.salboro, — , — mo., 


James Bean of Harlem, County of Kennebec,* son of William Bean of 
Waterborough, County of York and State aforesaid, and Abigail hLs wife, 
and Hannah Hawks, daughter of John liutTum of Berwick, County of York 
and State aforesaid, and Hannah his wife, both deceased, iu \'assalboro, 
22, 8 mo., islt). 

Jacob Tal)er of Vassalborough, son of Jacob Taber of Va.«5salborough, 
County of Kennebeck,* and Lydia his wife, both dcucased, and Iktsy Jack- 
son, dau*5i»ter of Hol^ert Jackson of Unity, (Jounty of Hancock and State 
aforesaid, deceased, and Olive his wife, in Va.s.salborouph, 21, 7 mo., 181ti. 

Amos Newhall of Union, son of Jonathan Newhall of Union, County of 
Lincoln,* and Hannah his wife, and I']li.sabeth Conklin, daughter of Samuel 
Conklin of Camden, County of Lincoln and State aforesaid, dece:iied, and 
Deborah his wife, in Vassalboro, '), 2 mo., 1S17. 

Klvin Worth, son of Benjamin Worth of \'assall)orough, County of Kenne- 
bec,* and Phcbe his wife, and Hannah Morril of Vas.sal borough, daughter 
of Joim A. Knights of Windham, County of CumlxTlantl and State aforesaid, 
and Ke.siah liis wife, in Vaissalborough, 27, 3 mo., LS17. 

John IIol;i)y, son of Remington H(;bl)yof Win^low, County of Kennebec,* 
and Atistrus his wife, antl Phcbe Cook, daughter of John C'ook of Vjissal- 
borough. County of Kennebec and State aforesaid, and Sarah his wife, in 
Vassalborough, 28, 8 mo., 1817. 

Paul Taber of Vassalborough, son of Jacob Taber of Vassalborough, 
County of Kennebec,* and Lydia his wife, both deceased, and Elizabeth 
Souther, daughter of Nathaniel Souther of Exeter, County of Rockingham 
and State of Newhampsliire, deceased, and Esther his wife, in Vassalboro, 
24, 9 mo., LS17. 

Nathan Mower of Vassalboro, County of Kennebeck, son of John Mower 
of Lynn, County of Essex,* and Hannah his wife, both deceased, and Lydia 
Dow of V:issalboro, daugliter of James Neal of Berwick, County of York 
an(l State aforesaid, and Lydia his wife, deceased, iu Vassalboro, 27, II mo., 

Robert Winslow of Vassalboro, son of William Winslow of Falmouth, 
County of Cumberland,* anil Phcbe his wife, and Sarah Taber, daughter of 
Barnabas Taber of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec, and Lydia liis wife, 
in \'assalboro, 3, 12 mo., 1817. 

Reuben Bracket of Viissalboro, son of Reuben Bracket of Limington, 
County of York and Connnonwealth of Massachusetts, and Jane his wife, 
and Eliza Starkey, daughter of Moses Starkcy of N'assalboro, County of 
Kennebeck,* and Eunice his wife, deceased, in Vassalboro, 20, 11 mo., 1M7. 

Abner Jepson, son of Jedediah Jejwon of China, County of Kennebec,* 
and Margaret his wife, and Comfort Fry, daughter of Silas Fry of Sandwich, 
State of New Hampshire, deceased, and Mary his wife, in Vassalborough, 
20, 2 mo., 1818. 

Daniel Tabor of Vassalboro, son of Barnabas Tabor of Vassalboro, County 
of Kennebeck,* and Lydia his wife, and Rebeccah Nichols, daughter of Stephen 
Nichols of V^assal borough, County of Kennebec, and Lydia liis wife, in Vassal- 
boro, 25, G mo., 1818. 

• Followed by the worda: "and State of Ma&jachusotts.'! 

1914] Greenfield Hill Church Records IG'J 

Caleb Nichols of Vassalborough, eon of Samuel Nichols of South Berwick, 
County of York,* and Dorcas his wife, and Eunice JItjhby, daughter of 
lleniinj^lon Hobby of Vassalborough, County of Kennebec, deceased, and 
Mar^^art't his wife, in Vassalboro, 2, mo., 1S19. 

ImImiuikI Cat«'S of VassaII)oro, son of Cates of Clorham, County 
of Cunibcrlaiui,* and Anna his wife, and Anna Hunker, dauj^hlcr of CliarU-s 
iiunker of Nantucket, ('ounty of Nantucket and State aforesaid, deceased, 
and Mary liis wife, in Vassalboro, 23, 9 mo., 1819. 

George Parker of V:issalboro, son of Barnabas Parker of Vtissalboro, 
County of Kennebec,* and Hannah his wife, and Deliverance Jenkins, 
daughter of .labez Jenkins of Viussalboro, County and State aforesaid, and 
Elisabeth his wife, deceased, in Viussalboro, 2S, 10 mo., 1819. 

Jabez Jenkins, Jr., of Vas-salboro, son of Jabez Jenkins of Vassalboro, 
County of Kemiebec,* and Elizabeth his wife, deceased, and Mary Nichols, 
daughter of Joiin Nichols of Winslow and County aforesaid antl Abigail his 
wife, in Vassalboro, 28, 10 mo., 18PJ. 

Isaac Hanson of Viissalboro, son of Isaac Hanson of Berwick, County of 
York,* and Mary his wife, and Abigail Fairl)rother, daughter of I.saac Fair- 
brother of Va.ssalboro, County of Kennebec and State aforesaid, and Margaret 
his wife, in Vassalboro, 21, 11 mo., 1819. 

Cornelius Douglas, Jr., of Durham, son of Cornelius of Durham, 
County of Cuml)erland,* and Lydia his wife, and Lydia Nichols, daughter 
of John Nichols of Winslow, County of Kennebec and State aforesaid, and 
Abigail his wife, in Vassalboro, 27, 1 mo., 1820. 

Joseph Taber of Vassalboro, son of Barnab:is Taber of Vassalboro, County 
of Kennebec,! and Lydia his wife, and Eunice Nichols, daughter of Stephen 
Nichols of V^assalboro, County of Kennebec, and Lydia his wife, in Va^jsal- 
boro, 20, 10 mo., 1S20. 

Moses Jenkins of Viissalboro, son of Jabez Jenkins of Vassalboro, County 
of Kennebec,! and Elizabeth his wife, deceased, and Sarah Fry, daughter of 
Jobhua Fry of Vas.salboro, County aforesaiil, and Mary his wife, in Viu^.^al- 
boro, 20, mo., 1822. 

Daniel Smiley of Vassalboro, son of David Smiley of Sidney, County of 
Kennebec,! and Fanny his wife, deceased, and Phebe Howland, daughter 
of Joseph Howland of Viissalboro, County of Kennebec,! and Sarah his wife, 
deceased, in Viissalboro, 28, 8 mo., 1822. 

Elisha Clark of Harlem, son of Edmund Clark of Harlem, County of 
Kennebec,* and Rachel his wife, and Eliza Ann Worth, daughter of Henry 
Worth of Viissalboro and PercyJ his wife, in Vassalboro, 27, 1 mo., 1820. 

ITo bo coutiDUcd] 



From ▲ COPT in the possession of the Conn».cticut Societt or Colonial D.\me8 
Communicated by MLss M.\kt Kinqsbury T.vLCorr of Hartford, Conn. 

The Greonficld Hill Society in Fairfield, Conn., was established in 
Oct. 1725 as the Northwest Society in Fairtield, being set oil from 
the original church in Fairfield which dates from 1039. The Green- 

• Followed by tho words: "and State of MMssachusetta." 
t Followed by tho words: "and State of Maine. '| 
X Perais Worth uigus as u \\itnc3d. 


Greenfield 1 1 ill Church Records 


field Hill Church was organized 18 May 172G, whon the first minis- 
ter, Kev. .John CJoodsell, was ordained. The name Northwest Society 
was changed to Oreenlield in Oct. 1727, and the word Hill seems to 
have been added to the name by usage merely. Uev. John Goodsell 
was graduated at Yale College in 1724. One of his successors in the 
ministry at CJreenfield Hill was Rev. Timothy Dwight, D. I)., after- 
wards president of Yale College, who lived at Greenfield from 1783 
to 1795 and while there wrote a poem, entitled *' Greenfield Hill," in 
which he praised the beauty of the surrounding country. 

[Volume I] 

Greenfield's Church Records 

In five Parts 

Containing from the Date of Their Being Enihodyed In a Church — 

I Tlie Date of Persons B(;ing Admitted To full Coniniunion and 

Number of Communicants — 

II The Date and Names of Persons That Have Renewed Covenant. 
HI The Time of Birtlis, Baptisms 

II II The Date of Marriages. 

V of ages Sc Deaths 

VI their Church meetings and Doings. 

Carefully Collected By me John Goodsell Pastor of said Church, An: Do: 
1741. And Contirmed by me Seth Pomenjy from the Time of my 
Ordination which was December 8 AD. 1757 Continued by me W M 
Tennent from the time of my ordination which was June 17^^ 1772 
Continued partially by D' Dwight who was ordained 1783, Con- 
tinued by me, Horace IloUey, from the time of my ordination, which 
w[as in] September 13^^ 1805 

Look to Volume 2°'* 

Continued by me, William Bclden from the time of my ordination which 
was October 1«' AD. 1812 

See Vol: II. 
The Names and Numbers of the lirethren of the Church, and Heads of 
Families in Greenfield at the time when the Parish of North Fairfield were 
set ofi" November 17t)2. 
Rev^ Jno Goodsell 

Deacons if^""'"-''^^''''^''"}?", ISeth Pomcroy Pastor 

Moses Dimon Esq' 

Joseph Banks 
Benj'^ Banks Jun' 
Jno l^ratlley 
W™ Williams 
Bonj» Sherwood 
Gorshom Banks 
Dan I Sherwood 
Joseph Bradley 
Gershom Bulkley 
Francis Bradley 
Sanuiel Whitney 
Samuel Thorp 
Jno Banks 
Sanmel Perry 
Sanmel Bradley 

David Banks 

Klisha Alvord 
J"o Jennings 
Nehemiah Banks 
Joseph Hill 
David Bradley 
Sam' Bradley Jun' 
Jabez Wakeman 
Joseph Frost 
Joseph Jennings 
Gershom Ilubbcl 
Tho'9 Goodsell 
Joseph Middlebrook 
Oliver Wlutlock 


Greenfield Hill Church Records 


Part I 

Containing tlie Date of Persona JieinR AdmittcMl To full Communion, 
an<l tlio N«inil)CT of the Cornrnunicimt.s, To wliicli I t\ni\{ I'rciix Tlic Couu- 
cils Doings at my Ordination, and Tiie Cliurch Covenant — 
33 CJih 

Cap' Eben' Bankd 
Kns. Stepiien Thorp 
Hezel<iah Hradley 
lienj" Smith 
Josi'pli Smith 
Ar('hil)aid Hhiir 
Nathan lieers 
Jonathan Dimon 
James Hurr 
Dan' Murwin 
Jn" Murwin 
Peter Hradlcy 
Loel\\voo(l ( lorham 
Khen'" Bradley 
KInathan Bradley 
Dan' Bulkley 
J(Temiah Oakley 
Kphraim Wiieeler mov'<* 
Silas Hull 
W" Jerusha IIuU 
Jn« Bradley 
Tho's Wheeler 
Georpe Wakeman 
Dan' Sturges 
WJ Miriam Corhara 
Dan Hull mov'd 
Dam Sherwood Jun' 
Cornelius Hull 
Jn*^ Hull 
Jedediah Hull 
Isaac 03'sterbaQk* 
David Osburu 
Dan' Bradley 
Albert Sherwood 
Jonath Middlebrook 
WJ Abigail Davis 
Jn"^ Stratton 
Dan' Sherwood 2^ 
David (>gtlon 
lehab^ Burr 
Martha Harvey 
Joseph Bowland 
Daviil Thorp 
Peter Blackman 
Jn** Ogdon 
Sam' bgdon 
George Burr 
Gert;lu)m Thorp 
Dan' Banks 
Jacob Grey 

• This Dame has been crossed out. 

Jno Drew mov'd 
Josci)h Sherwood 
Dan' Smith 
Jodej)h Lyon 
Reuel Thorp 

Eli])halet Thorp removed 
Jonath. Hobinison 
Reuben liradl(;y 
Francis liradley Jun""* 
Increiuse Burr 
Jn° Wak<'man Jun' 
Seth Bradley 
Enos iiradley 
Wd Whitlock 
Nath' Down 
W'J Elizabeth Down 
Seth Down removed 
Chauncey D(jwu 
David Price 
Jn° Wakeman 
Reuben Williams 
Gershom Wakeman 
Jn" Hubbel 
Thaddeus Jennings 
Joseph Middlebrook Jun^ 
Ebenr Mills* 
W^ Dorothy Williams 
Amos Williams 
ICzra Williams 
David N\'illiani3 
Joseph Burr 
Onesinuis Gold 
Nathan Gold 
Moses Burr 
Aaron Gold 
David CM 
Timo Burr 
W"> Wakeman 
Eben*" Burr 
Moses Wakeman 
Peter Bulkley 
Tho's Staples 
Thaddeus Staples 
Tho's Murwin 
L* Jno Jennings* 
Joseph Jennings* 
Nehemiah Banks* 
Daniel Sherwood* 



172 Greenfield Hill Church Records [April 

Part 1 
The dates of y' admission at NnJRhhour'g ChurchcH are Nunibcr 

.John (loodijcll KccoiimiciMlcd fr(;in tlic Churcli of Christ at Stratford 1 

June 2: IG'Jo Corficliu.s Hull 2 

ohcdiah (iilburd 3 

1712 John Hide 4 

e. 1. 1712 George Hull 5 

Feb. 6. 1725/6 Jehu iiurr C 

Decern 10: 1721 Steplien Hurr 7 

Dec: 2;i 1722 Kbenezer Hull 8 

feb. 6. 1725/6 Peter Hurr 9 

Mar: 21. 1721/5 Daniel Hradly 10 
Theae are Kecoinniended from the first Church In Fairfield 

Theophilus Hull 11 

Recommended f"Mhe Church at Greensfarms June 19 the following Per- 
sons were reconinicndcd 172() by some of llu^ Ncii^iibouring Churches, and 
Added to this Church by tiie Consent of the Brethren. 

Widdow Rebeccah Rise 12 

1605 Sarah wife to Cornelius Hull . 13 

20. 101)6 Klizabeth wife of M' Dan'» liurr 14 

Hannah Wife of Dan" IJurr Jun*" 15 

28. 1724 Abigail Wife of obcdiah Cilburd 16 

21). 1715/6 Deborah wife of Joseph Wheeler 17 

■ 1726 Sarah Wife of John liartram Jun^ 18 

Martha Wife of George Hull 19 

Sarah Wife of Jehu Burr 20 

21 : 1712 Anne Wife of John Green 21 

Dec. 10. 1721 Elizabeth Wife of Stephen Burr 22 

21. 1724/5 Esther Wife of Dan^"' Bradley 23 

• Abigail Wife of Peter B[urrl 24 

Part I 

July 19: 1724 Eunice Wife of onesimus Gold 25 

Sarah Wife of Theophilus Hull 26 

Now Begins the Names of those that have Been admitted to full Com- 
munion since my Settlement In the ministry in this Place. 

Captain Thomas Hill 27 

Mary Hill his Wife 28 

Jun 26 Joseph Rowland 29 

1726 ware Mary Goodsell my Wife 30 

admitted Elizabeth the Wife of Nath" Hull 31 

Hannah Wife of Joseph osburn 32 

Mary Wife of Benj'" Darling 33 

Elizabeth Gilbiird 34 

Mary Gilburd 35 

Joseph Banks 36 



July 10 

Mary Wife to Joseph Banks 



Abigail wife to Joseph Rowland 

Sarah Malory 

Eleoner Hull 

Elizabeth Thorp 

July 24 

Benjamin Banks 


Kuth Wife of Benj°i Banks 


Phebe Higgins 


1914] Greenfield Hill Church Record* 173 

Snrji John Smith 45 

Admitted Martha Wife to Sltj* Smith 40 

Aii^"'^ 8 John l.yon 47 

1720 and liis Wife 48 

licnj'" Lyon 49 

and lii.s \\'ifc 50 

James L^'on 51 

Raclicl wife of John Hide 52 

David Wiihams 53 

Dorothy \\ ife of David Williams 54 

Klizcihctli Wife to Ijusi^n Sam" Wakeman 55 

'I'he Wife of John Smith niill 56 

The Wife of Sam" Whitlock 57 

Admitted M"" Stephen Munijon 58 

Jan: 1: 172G/7 Hannah wife of L' Moses Dimon 59 

Admitted John (lilhurd and GO 

feb: 5. 1720/7 Jemimaii Wife to John Gilburd 61 

Admitted Serj^ Sam" Lyon 62 

fel) 20 and his Wife 63 

1720/7 lienj"' Ciilburd 64 

Elizebeth Wife of Benj'" Gilburd 65 

Samuel Lyon Jun' 66 

and liis Wife 67 

John Meeker 68 

and his \\'ife 69 

Widdow Sarah Smith Baptized and Admitted 70 

Admitted to full Communion ^ '"^^^ ^ Number 

Dec. 17: 1727 Martha Wife of Daniel Sherwood 71 

May 21 : 172S. the Wife of Joseph ogden 72 

AuR-t 11 Sam" Davis 73 

172S Hannah Wife to Sam" Davis 74 

Aug**' 24 William Malory 75 

1728 Hannah Wife to William Malory 76 

Dec: 24 Jacob Clrey 77 

1728 and his wife 78 

L^ec:31 Joseph Darling 79 

1728 Kaelul wife of Joseph Darling 80 
Mar: 9 David meeker 81 
1728/9 Mary wife of Davitl Meeker Recommended from 

the first Church in this Town 82 

Aug»U. 1729. Mf Dan" Burr 83 

Sepf 18 Daniel Lyon 84 

1729 and his wife 85 
Oef 5. 1729. Mat how Laden Negro Slave to Cap* Dimoii 86 
fel) 22 John Thorp 87 
1729/30 Mary wife of John Thorp 88 

Sam^' Jennings Jun^ 89 
Jemimah Wife of John Olmstead Recommended 

from the lirst Cliurch In this Town 90 

Sop. 1 Benjamin Banks Jun' 91 

1730 Mary wife of Benj'" Baukj Juii^ 92 
Jun: 1730 Benjamin Sherwood Sen' 93 
Oct' 10: 1731 Mary Williams Admitted 94 
May: 7 Joseph \Vheeler 95 


174 Greenfield Hill Church Records [April 

M.iy 7. Nntlian ITubbcl 96 

17;i2 nri<l liis Wifr 97 

May 19 William Xaiitropp 98 

I17J32 and his Wife 99 

John Bradley Jun"" 100 

Saruli Wife to John Bradley 101 

Mary \vif(* of Joim Ogdon 102 

Jun 21 David fiill lO.'i 

1732 and his W ife 10 1 

1733 Tlie Wife of Sam" Jenning Jiinr from Church 105 

W^illiam Williams once belonging tu the Church of 

England in Stratford 106 

1734 John C.reen Admitted 107 
1731 John Nicols of ( Jreensfarms, by the Consent of the 

Hrv'» Mr Chapman 108 

1734 Benjamin SherwootI Jun' 109 

Eleoner Wife of Benj'" Sherwood Jun' 110 

1731 David Down 111 

Elizebeth wife of David Down Both Recom- 
mended from y>U Ilobcrt Church. 112 
Mar. 2 U Sam'> W^akeman 113 
1734/5 Mf lUirr Hi 
April 7 M*" Cershom Banks 115 

Aug^^ 3 Mf Aaron Burr 116 

Aug 17 Abraham Blackman and 117 

1735 his wife Recommended from y* Rev** M"" Gold US 
Ocf 18 The wife of Daniel Buckley 119 
1735 Rachel Johnson 120 
Jany 16. 1735/6. Rachel wife of Robert Lord Jun' 121 

Admitted to full Communion Fart 1 Number 

April 18 Sarah Wife of Cornelius Hull Jun' 122 

173G Sarah Wife of Benjamin Smith 123 

Oct' 3. 1736 Ithamar Ciregory 121 

the Wife of Ithamar Gregory 125 

John French by a Recomendation from the Rev<* 

Mr Collens 126 

The wife of Mr. John French 127 
feb 28 

1730/7 Sarah Lvon 128 

Aug^t 7. 1737. Margaret Wife of Sam" Thorp 129 

Nov. 7. 1737 Daniel Sherwood 130 

Dec: 1737 Joseph Banks, Jun' 131 

Johanna Wife to Joseph Banks Jun' 132 

Jan 15. Abigail wife to Jovsejih Hill 133 

1737/8 Hannah wife to Joseph Burr 134 

Sarah Wife of Thomas Banks 135 


1737 Joseph Bradlev Jun' and liis wife 137 

Augs» 21. 1738 Gershom Buckley Jun' 13S 

Sarah Wife of Gershom Buckley 139 

Augst 21. 1738 Daniel Burr Jun' • 140 

and his wife 141 

Jan: 24. 1739 Gershom Bradley 142 

Elizabeth Wife to Gershom Bradley 143 


1914] Greenfield Hill Church Records 175 

July: 27. 1730 Lydiu wife to IkMijf" Allen 144 

Nov. 25 \7[i\) Mary Wife U) Oershom lianks 145 

F Dec: \7'.i'J Mury the Wife Fraiibis liradley 146 

Jan 1739/40 Fransis Hnuiley 147 

fob: 173D/10 Moses ( iilhurd 148 

Tliaddcii.s Ciilhiird 149 

Mar. IG. 1740 Al)i;!;ail Wife of Jarnes Lyon 150 

The \vif(; of Jonathan Middlebrook Jun^ 151 

April. 19 David Wliitloek 162 
1740 Ituth wife to David Wliitlock Covenant^ Bajitiz.d 

ami Admitted 153 

May 4 1740 Susannah Wife of John Winton 154 

Jun 1740 Josepli Davis 155 

Klizaheth wife of Joseph Davis 156 

Aug"t If). 1741. .Sarah (lilhurd 157 

Scpf 6. 1741. John Howland 15S 

Oct. 2. 1741. Sarah wife of Lemuel Price 159 

Mary wife of Sam" Smith ICO 

1741/2. Dclmrah wife of Tliaddeus Oilhurd 101 

Jany Tlie wife of (iershom Whitehead 102 

Samuel Wiiilliey from Stratfeild 103 

The wife of Samuel Whitney 104 

Ether Hull 105 

Abij^ail liradley lOG 

feh Samuel Thorp Jun' and 1»)7 

1741/2 Haimah his wife 108 

John Hanks and 109 

lOlizabeth his wife 170 

Sarah wife of James Grey 171 

April 25 Mary wife of Daniel Murren 172 


June 9 Abigail Gilburd Admitted 173 

Sep"" 1. Thomas Picke and ha t¥ a ^""^ 

1742 Johanna Nautropp ^amitted 175 

Nov: 14 Sanuiel Perrvandj A.i.^Wf.^ 176 

1-7 lo c I I • f } Admitted ,-7 

i 1742 Sarah his wife ) D7 

May 1. 1743 Mary wife to Dan" Sturgis Admitted 178 

Admitted to full Communion ^ ^^^ '- Number 

May 15. 1743. Mary wife to William Williams 179 

Jane Wife to Ciershom Bradley 1^0 

Damaris Wife to Peter Bradley 1^1 

May 13. 1744 Wife to Sam" Price 1^2 

1743 Second Wife to M' John French 1N3 
June. 3. 1744. Mary second wife to Dan" Bradley 1S4 
1742 James Davis, and 185 

Hannah his wife 186 

John Fant(Mi and 187 

Mary his Wife from Greensfarms 188 
The Wife of Sam" Murren from Fairfeild old Parish 189 

1744 John ("abel from (Jreensfarms 190 
Sept' 1744 Mill John Smith Admitted 191 

Feb: 24 Catherine Wife of John Wakeraan Admitted 192 

April 5 Samuel *fc In ^i Ki u* a ^^^ 

1745 Sai-ah j Bradley Admitted 194 


176 GTCcnfield IIill Church Records [April 

June 3. 1745 Martha Wife to Miller F. linKJlcy Aclmitt<l 195 

July 28 Jabez & j Wiieeier A(lmittc(i by a reeoinrneiidation 106 

1745 Charity) froju y« Church of Christ at Stratfeild 197 

March 1747 Pe^^^c Negro recoiiHiKiidcfl by M*" Moses Dickenson \0S 

May .3 1747 Mary Wife of Josrph liradleyjun' from M' IlobarUiCh 199 

MaylU KnsiR-Davi.l Haiikd&/ , .,, , 2()0 

i-riM II I M I } aunutteo ooi 

17-19 Hannah Meeker ) 2U1 

Aug«i21. 1749 Klisha Alvonl iiy a (\rtificate f'° M' Chauncy 202 

Dec. 1749 Sarah Bradley was Admitted 203 

March 4 John and ) r i m* i 204 

1749/50 Sarah J J^'""'"K^ ^v^'''^ admitted 205 

May (). 1750 C'ap^ Moses Dimon was Admitted 206 

July 1. 1750 Stephen Hull Adnntted 207 
Sep' 30 1750 Sarah third wife to Cap^ Dan" Bradley from 

Greensfarma 208 

July 3 Sarah Wife of John Cable) a • •,, , 209 

1751 Widow Eunice Lyon j AumitteU ojq 

1754 Susan wife to Tho- liodicnt 211 

Miniiwell Wife to David osburn 212 

The Names of those admitted to full Comunion after the Ordination 
of Seth Pomeroy 

David IVadley & 

were admitted 216 

Jan' 22 Damaris his Wife 

1758 Sanmel Bradley Jun' 

& Sarah his Wife 

Feb' 26 — Deborah Wife to I> Ocrshom Bradley waa admitted 217 

April 16. M" Mary Alvord Wife to M"" Klisha Alvord rec- ) 

emended from lleV^ M' Dickinson of Norwalk > 218 
was admitted ) 

Admitted to Full-Comunion. 

April 16. 1758. M' Jabez Wakeman & Ruth his W^ife were ad- 

Naomi W^ife to David Thorp ^ 

Mary Wife to John Drew [ were admitted 224 

Joseph Frost and his Wife ) 
January 21 Josei)h Jenninp;s Jun' renewed Cov' > ryor. 

1759 and was admitted to CoiTiunion 1 

Widow Whitney from St rat field 226 

28 Oct' 1759 Wid^ Abigail Davis receiv'd to full Comunion ^ 227 

Wife to Juo Gilbert from Danbury began to com- ) 

unicate with us ) 228 

Dec' 30. 1759 Sarai Pomeroy my Wife covenanted & admitted 229 

2 March 1760 Gershom Hubbel was admitted 230 

20 April 1700 | IHl,';; ^t'fe | were admitted 232 

15 June 1760 Sarah Wife to Gershom Hubbel covenanted & ad- 
mitted 233 
1 Novemb' 1761 Joseph Middlebrook covenanted & admitted 234 
7 February 1762 Oliver Whitlock & his Wife were admitted 236 
26 September Mary wife of Dan' Bradley j were oqq 

Sarah Wife of Joseph Middlebrook Jun' j admitted 
yth November Lucretia Crane was admitted 239 

4 Decemb' 1763 Melisan 3^^ wife of Oliver Whitlock from the Chh in 

Norwalk began to partake 240 

3^ May 1767 David Bulkley from the Chh in Greens-farms began to 

partake with us 



Additional Barbadian Notes 


14 Augu:it 17G8 

The 2*^ Wife of Cap. David liank.s bnirig a member in 
Comiinion witli the Chh in Greciuifuniia begun to par- 
take liere 

1 JanH' (Mary 2'^ wife of L* Jn° Bradley a member from the Chh 
17()1) ( in Iwiirficld bej^aii to partake with us 

2 April Sarah wife of Hezckiah Jiiilklcy recotnmended by M' 

Jiartli;t & ('lih began to join in Cofiinnion 
10*^'* Sept' 17r)9 EHsha HradUvy renewed Covenant & admitte<l 
19^^ March 1770 Eleanor wife of Henj* Banks covenanted & admitted 

The followg persona were admitted into full c(jmmiinion, after y« ordina- 
tion of W M Tennent 

Eunice Bra<lley wife of Elislia 

Abigail 1 )avies — at y® Same time ^^a^tha Teiment 

Doctor David Rodgers began to partake w^'' ud 

David Price & hi.s wife 

('ap*" lObenezer Banks Sc his wife 

David Williams 

1772 — 


21"t febv — 

20 OC 


March 20^^ 
Julv 201'' 

March 12^^^ 
Julv 2 

Daniel Banks & his wife Susannah Tennent began to 

partake w^*' us. 

Doctor Hull ife his wife) , -.x » 

c I 1 \ were admitted. 

& lAHs Lyon ) 

Moses Hill 6: his wife — were admitted 

Cornelius Hull w» admitted 

Tluuldcus Wakeman & his wife were admitted 

Abigail Wheeler & Wi<l*^ Jane Ogden were admitted 

Admitted to full Communion — 

1778 March 8^^ David Downs & hi.s wife were admitted 
1770 A pi 

Ebenezer Banks & his wife were admitted 
Tho* Wheeler sen^ & Nathan Gold sen"" were ad- 
Gershom Wakeman was admited 
Jn^ Alvoril & Abigail his wife were admitted 

1781 March 4*-^ Jehiel Sherwood & his wife & Milly Bradley were 

Widdow Huldah Wakeman was admitted 
John Hubbel Sc his wife were admitted 
Nathan Bradley 
Aaron Sturges & his wife 
Widow Mary BraiUey 

Dec 5 Nehemiah Banks Jun 

Look to Vol II 
[To be contiQucdJ 

Sepf G^i^ 

Nov' l"t 
Sepf 24 1780 

June 24. 
Jany 4 1784 








By G. Anduews MoniARTT, Jr., A.M., of Newport, R.I. 

In addition to the abstracts of wills and other Barbadian recoriis 
which were contributed by the writer to the Register for October 
1913 (vol. 67, pp. 300-371), the follo^\^np brief abstracts of mis- 
cellaneous documents were made during the writer's stay in Bar- 


178 Additional Barbadian Notes [April 

bados, and are printed liere because of tlio information which they 
fiirnisli about the int(ircoursc and the family tie.s between New Kng- 
hind and Jiarbados in tiio seventeenth century. 

RobtTt Wulkc of the of St. J;iuies, planter, niakca uii indenture, 
19 SeptLinber 1(341, witli Nicholas Walke of the sanio for one luilf of 
his twenty ucrus, reserving, however, the use of tlie crup "when the said 
l^ohert sliall tiiink ^^ood for going home for Kugland." 

Walter Walke, planter in liiirbado.s, bold, 10 May 1G15, to Edward 
Brevitir, gentleman, 10 acres in the of St. Peter. 

Indenture, dated 22 February 107S (l()7S;i»], between Lieut. Robert 
Ayseford of the of iSt. Thomas, gentleman, guardian to John and 
James Hoot, ori)hans of John Hoot of the said deceased, and Robert 
Walke of tlic same and ihland, millwright, for two thirds of the plan- 
Uition of the said Joiui Root deceased, of 9 1 acres, together with two thirds 
of a stone windmill and a boiling house of stoni;. 

John Chambers was buried at St. Michael's in 1000. 

Sanuiel Chambers was buried at St. ^bchael's in 1074. 

(The will of Thonixs Walke, Rscj., of Ix>wor Norfolk Co., Va., flate<l 5 January 
lOO.i/4 and proved 15 January following, nicntions brother Robert Walke of 
Barbados and bister Aim Chambers of Harbado.s. 'I'lujmjis Walke was the 
fouiiilcT of a noted Norfolk family and waa the father of Anthony Walke, Esq., 
of " Fairlield," Prineess Anne Co., V'a.J 

Robert Child, "Doctor of Phisicke," sells, 2 October 1045, to Richard 
Vines, gentleman, a neck of land containing about 300 acres and two islands 
called Stair [?J Island and Wood Island, for one pepper corn ou the Feast of 
St. Michael. 

[This deed was probably entered in the Barbadian records by Richard Viuet. 
who removed from New Fngland to Barbados in 1(>10 and in ()et<jber H)45 had 
Bold to the Doctor a large traet of land in Maine. Savage says that Child \\ent 
home to I'^ngland in 1G17 and never returneil. The question now arises whether 
he may not have visited Biirbados subsequently, after his qu:u"rel with the 
chusetts authorities.) 

Richard Vines, gentleman, bought, 14 Novendier 1040, of John Greene, 
planter, a plantation of 25 acres in the parish of St. Michael. 

Agreement, dated 28 May 1047, of Robert Bridges of Barbados, gentle- 
man, to ship to John Jordan of New England, merchant, 1410 lbs. of mus- 
covado sugar. 

Ann Cromwell of Bo.stou in New England, widow, executrix of her hus- 
band, Cai)t. Thonuis Cromwell, deceased, gives a power of attorney to her 
loving friend Edward Hutchinson of Boston to collect debts due from John 
Maniford of Barbados. Dated 2 October 1040. 

[Thonuv3 Cromwell came from London to Bo.ston in 1646 anil died in 1649. 
He had made a large fortune in privateering. His widow married Richard Knight 
of Boston.] 

On 17 October 1649, before William Aspinwall, Notary and Tabellion 
I^blick, etc., appeared Mr. Ailam Winthrop of Boston, New England, 
husband of I'^hzabetli, late wife of Nathaniel Longe, late of Boston, merchant, 
and made Edward Hutchinson of Boston, merchant, his attorney to receive 
goods due in Barbados to Elizabeth his wife or to her late husband Nathaniel 

[Acconling to Savage's Gen. Diet., Ailam Winthrop married secondly EUza- 
beth, daughter of Thonuis Hawkins. If this is so, she was a widow at the time 
of her marriage to .\dam W inthroj). His first wife, Ehzabeth Glover, died id 
164S. Cf. Aspinwall Notari:U Records, p. 225. J 



Additional Barbadian Notes 



John RufTe of Bar!)ado.s, planter, and James Bycot [or Upoot] of the same, 
barber, sell, 4 March 1056/7, to Capt. William Mott of tin; .^aine ialand, 
gentleman, part of a messuage where said Mott now liveth. 

[Adam Mott of Portsmouth, IM., had an aj<cd father, John Mott, who wa^ at 
Portsmouth as vixrly rw \*VV.i. i)n l.'i November Ui'il the town ()f Portsmouth 
voted "to pay John Motts j)as.s:ige to Barbados and back aj^ain if he caniiot be 

John Woodmansey of Boston, merchant, makes, 22 May 1659, his friend 
Mr. David Morgan, now resident of Barbados, his attorney to collect such 
debts as are due him there and in other Carrabee Islands. 

[According to Savage's Gen. Diet., John \Vo<jdmanaey was a Boston merchant 
na p;irly :w 1050 and died about lti85. The surname is still found in Wcaterly, 
Jt.I., and in that vieinityj 

Col. Humphrey Hooke of Barbados, Esq*^, appears in the Barbadian 
deeds in 1050. 

[He was perhaps the Bristol alderman, whose son, Francis Hooke of Kittery, 
mairiod Mary, sister of Nathaniel Maverick of St. Lucy's, Barba'los.j 

Robert (jibbs of Bo.ston, fishmonger, mentions, 15 Ai)ril BiOO, articles of 
agreement made 15 March 1057 [1057/8] between Robert Gibb.s, citizen and 
fislunonger of London, and John Winder of London, grocer, and William 
Dickinson of London, draper. He recites that Robert (iibbs and William 
Dickinson went to New JMigland, and that Dickinson removed thence to 
Barbados, where lie has recently died. 

[According to Savage's Gen. Diet., Robert Gibbs of Boston, merchant, was a 
son of Sir Henry Gibbs of Warwick.shire and came to New Englaml before 1600. 
He married Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob ShealTe, and died in 1073, aged 37, 
leaving issue. William Dickinson has escaped the notice of Savage an*! probably 
did not remain long in New England,] 

William Brent on of New|)ort on road Island within the Colony of Provi- 
dence Plantation in New England, mercliant, gives a power of attorney to 
Peleg Sanford of Newport to be his attorney in Barbadoes to collect what is 
due him there. Done at the Island of road, 17 December 1001. 

[Gov. Peleg Sanford's first wife was the dau^^hter of Gov. William Brenton. 
From this William Brenton, one of the early setthTs of Newport, desoende<l 
AdmirtU Sir Jahleel Brenton, who was with Nelson at Trafalgar.] 

William Kent of Boston in New England and Mary his wife, formerly 
widow of Jolin Mears, decciused, make John Puddifult of ye Bay in ye Bar- 
badoes an attorney to collect such property as is owing them by the do^th 
of Thomas Dinsdcall, formerly uncle to the said Mary. Dated 4 April 1605. 

Edward King, aged about 18 years, and Edward Winslow, aged about 
25 yciirs, testify, 7 May 1000, to the seal of Edward Rawson on papers 
relating to the case of Thonuis Ofhcld ct Co. v. Richard Lockwood and the 
ship Phoenix for non-paJ^nont of wages in a voyage to Fayal and back to 
Boston, the ship being then at Barbados. 

Elizabeth Cortis of Faury [?] in Ct>rnwall, widdow, conveys for love to 
her grandson luhvard Guyer, son of Edward Guyer of Barbados, 20 acres 
in the parish of St. Lucy. Dated 17 October 10()b. 

[The name Guj'er suggests that of a well-known Boston family.] 

Agreement of Isaac Winslow, master of the ketch Bcttij, with John fifowle, 
merchant, dated 14 June 1007, states that he arrived in Barbados 23 Decem- 
ber last. 

[Isaac Winslow of Charlestown, son of John of Plymouth, the brother of Gov. 
Edward Winslow, married Mary, daughter of Increase Nowell, the secretary, in 
1600. He died in Jamaica in 1070] 



Additional Barbadian Notes 


Note of Ahrnham Hrown, dated at Hostcm 20 November 1007, on Mr. 
Crispin Hooper, iiierchanl, in Harl>a(ios, to pay Mr. lienjamin Seay at the 
Hridgetown (JOOO Iba. of niu-scovado augar. 

(Al)rah:iin Brown, a Boston nuTihant, came over in lOfiO. He married (1) 
10 Au^^ust Wir^i Jiinc Skipper, and (2) 1 May IGGO llcbccca Usher. He waH takt-n 
by Barbary piratos in 1051.) 

Protest of William C'ondy, master of the ship Tryall, daU-A 15 February 
1607 [1007 /S], shows that he sailed from New London 31 December last, 
bound for Barbados. 

Note of James Pendleton of Portsmouth on Pisquataqua, dated 27 Juno 
1668, on Mr. Daniel Browning, merchant, in Barbados, in favor of Mr. John 
Daney, for 5200 lbs. of muscovado sugar. 

[James Pendleton, son of Bryan, wa^ early of Watortown,, but removed 
to PortsmtMith, N. H., where in 1071 he w:us one of the founders of the First 
Church. Subse(iuently he removed to Stonin;i;ton, Conn., and Westerly, K.I., 
and wiis the ancestor of tliu Pendleton family in that Hcction of New Fngland.l 

A mutilated protest, dated 18 September 1008, mentions Capt. Robert 
Lock, late of London, now of Boston, merchant. 

Michael Spencer, now resident on the Island of Barbados, sues William 
Coney, 18 November 1668. 

[A Michael Si)encer, son of John Spencer of Newport, R.L, was of East Green- 
wich, R.I., in 1092. Another Michat.'l Spencer, probably a kinsman of John, 
was at Cambriilge, Mass., in 1034.) 

Protest by Mr. James Paine, master of the sloop Charles, from Nausimond 
River, Virginia, laden \^^th tobacco for New York and New England, and 
driven by a tempest to Barbados, dated 14 December 1008. 

[James Paine appears to have been an early eea captain at Newport, R. LI 

By a power of attorney, dated 3 May 1000, Humphrey Davenport, 
executor of Kdward Collinson, makes John Pitt, Richard Romney, and 
William Boreman his attorneys to sell to Jo.^cjih Andrews and ReNiiold 
Alleyne, merchants, for 20,()00 lbs. of merchantable muscovado sugar, knd 
near the Indian Bridge in the parish of St. Michael, in the occupation of 
Joseph James. Entered 19 January 1009 [1009/701. 

[.\ccording to Savage's Gen. Diet., Ibimphrey Davenport of Dorchester, Mass., 
came from Barhados and marrit'd Rachel llohnes. Tliey removed to Hartford, 
Conn., and liually to New York. ReynoKl Alleyne was son of Col. Reynold 
Alleyne, of the Council at Barbatlos in UV.iO, who was the lea<ler of the Puritan 
p;vrty on the island. .Vbel .\lleyne, son of Col. Reynold, was the ancestor of the 
baronets of that name.) 

Protest of Mr. Joseph Nash, master of the ship Tryall from Boston, 25 
June 1009, shows that he left Boston 23 December hist. 

[Probably Joseph Nash of Boston and W^eymouth.l 

Note of Salomen Delen, dated Boston, 12 October 1009, on Mr. Joseph 
Senior at Bridgetown in favor of Mr. James W'hetcomb. 
[James W'hetcomb was a Boston merchant. 1 

Note of Nicholas Paige of Boston, ilated 29 Oct<)ber 1609, on Mr. Evan 
Morgan, merchant, in Barbados, in favor of James W'hition [? W'hitonj. 

^ Note of Mr. Peter Coffin, dated at Portsmouth on Pisquattaqua 8 De- 
cember 1009, on his agent [name ilkgibk] in Barbados. 

Note of James Coates, dated Barbados, 28 February 1009 [1069/70], to 
Richard Jonson on Henry Grigy of Loudon for goods received of Mr. Thomas 
Deane of New England. 



Genealogical Research in England 


A (Iced from Tliomfts Middlcton to Joseph Ilorbin, dated 5 November 
167.*3, mentions hind of liohert Allerton in St. Michac^l's. 

"Newport on Iload Ishmd ye 18 November ll>7.'i." An order to Mr. 
Josepli licjrden, Mr. RoKcr (louldin^, Mr. lOhsha Sanford, and Mr. Josiah 
Arnold in Harbados, sij^ned by Sarah Keapc, BcMKMhct ArnoM, Sr., Caleb 
Carr, Peleg Sanford, and Thomas Ward, to sell the ship Joanna awl Sarah. 

[Mr. .Joseph Borden, son of Hiihard Borden who (jru; of the Sfttlerrt 
of I'ortsmouth, H.I., reniove*! to Barbado.s and in KiSO wa^i living at Bridgetown 
with lii.s wife, two childrcti, an apprcntiee, and 11 .'^lavcd. lOli.sha Sanford wa.i 
the Hon of I'resident John Sanford of Rhode Ihland, who cixmc to that eolony with 
MrH. Ilntehinsoii, having nuuried her daughtiir. Josiah Arnold was a son of 
CIov. Benedict Arnold and re.-^ided at JarncsUjwn, R.I. Sarah Reape was the 
widow of WilUani Reape of Newport, R.I., a (^Uiik(!r merchant, who waa very 
active in the settlement of Shrewsbury, N. J. Benedict Arnold, Sr., was the 
(liHtinKnishcd (lovernor of Rhode Island. Caleb Carr was of Ncnvport, R.I., 
where he was a rich merchant. He w;ts Rovernor in 1()'J5. I^elcj; S irifor 1, sou 
of President John ami lirid^et (Hutchinson) Sanford, was a Newport merchant. 
Ho was governor of Rhode Island from KiSO to 1683 and waa judj;e of admiralty 
under Kinj^ William. He nuirrieil fii>^t Mary Brenton, by whom he h:id no i.ssue: 
and secondly Mary Coddiii^ton. Thom:is Ward, who was born in hill and died 
in lt>S9, the son of John Ward of Newport, R.I., was a rich merchant and Rcrieral 
treasurer of the Colony. His son Richard became governor of Rhode Island in 

A certified copy of the will of Richard Russell of Charlestown, MaM., 
dated 29 March 1()74, and a certificate of the death of Mrs. Mary Ru.sscll, 
30 November 1688, aged about 80 yeara. Both documents were presented 
by Jame^ Russell of Charlestown. 

[For this Russell family see Savage's Gen. Diet, and Pope's Pioneers of Mass 1 

Indenture, dated 2 September 16S6, between Thom;v? Rawdon of Hoddea- 
den, Ilarefordshire, Esq., and Capt. William Mott of Birbados, gentleman, 
concerning certain lands near the Indian Bridge in St. Michael's, belonging 
to Dame Elizabeth Rawdon, widow of Sir Marmaduke Rawdon. 

An agreement, without date, between Capt. William Greenou^h of the 
pink Increase, "now riding in Carlisle Bay," ami Capt. John Pitt of St. 
Michael's, merchant, to carry muscovado sugar to Portsmouth and the 
creeks and harbors on the Piscataqua and to return to Carlisle Bay. 



Contributed by Miss Elizabeth French, and cofnrauuicaLod by Uia Comautte« oa 

English Research 

ICoutinucd from page 61] 

The Will of John Crocheman of Rohynden [co. Kent], 2 March 1523 
[1523/4]. To be buried in the churcl.yard of Rolvynden. To the reparation 
of the church of Rolvynden Ga. 8d. Toward the buying of a cope for said 
cluirch 5 marks. To an lioncst priest to sing in said church for one year 
10 marks. To the highway between the house of John Asten the elder and 
the church 33. 4d. To Johane Crocheman my sist^^r 13s. 4d. To Eweos 
widow, Vnkles widow, John Blacke, Elyne Wcderloy, and to Gabryell r2<i. 
each. To Sjmion Harkwod all debts due me from him at this date, and to 
Goddeley lierkewod bis wife a barn adjoining the hau:io ho dwclleth in, with 

182 Genealogical Research in England [April 

the ground around it, with reversion at her death to her son John and his 
issue, and for <lt'fuult of huch to her other children or else to my lirother 
Thoiiia.s C'rochenijin and his heirs forever. To earh of my fcrjfTces 12d. each. 
To Richard Moore 2s. All the residue of my poods, hoiising, lands, and 
rents to my brother Thomas Crochcman, he paying my dchts and Iceacie.s, 
and if lie refuse to do so, my fcolTees, Richard More, Robert KirK-hman, 
Richard linker, and Symon Hcrkwod are to sell enough of my land.s to 
fulfil my will and i)ay my debts. Kxecutor: my brother Thomas. Wit- 
nesses: Sir Robert Wysc, vicar, Richard Moore, and I'llyne Wyderley. 
Proved 10 May 1524 by Thomas Crocheman, the executor named. (ArcFi- 
deaconry of Canterbury, vol. 10, fo. 6.) 

Deposition of Thomas Cowchm.^n of the parish of Rolvenden [co. Kent), 
having lived there twelve years and before that in the pari-sh of Hawkhurst, 
aged forty years, dated 25 September 157S. (Depositions at Canterbury, 

The Will of Thomas Couchman of the parish of Rolvinden, co. Kent, 
husbandman, 10 February 1585 (15S5/G|. To be buried in the churchyard 
of Rolvinden. To the poor men's box of Rolvinden 2s. To my son Rycliard 
Couchman £10 at the age of one and twenty years. To my younger son 
Robarte Couchman £10 at the age of one and twenty years. To my daugh- 
ter Syiucster Couchman £0. 13s. 4d. at the age of twenty years or day of 
niarriMge. If any of my said children die under age, reversion to the bur- 
vivor.^. To my godchild Thomas Bredman 12d. To my godchildren 
Thomas Colye, Thomas Gabriell, Marion llasleman, and Jone Couchman 
a sheep each. If my wife Ellen shall marry again before my children have 
received their portions, then her husband shall give security to Robert 
(Jybbon for the payment of the said portions, and if he will not, then my wife 
bhall pay unto the said Robert Gibbon the said portions, and he shall lay it 
out for the use and profit of my said children, until they be of age to receive 
it. Residuary legatee and executrix: my wife Ellen. Overseer: Robarte 
Gibbon. [Signed) Sigrmm Thome Couchman. Witnesses: Robart Gibbon, 
Leonard Wylson, and Symon Lingen. Proved 12 May 15bG by the execu- 
trix. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 4G, fo. 120.) 

The nuncupative Will of Emanuel Evernden of Rohinden, co. Kent, 
8 November 15Si). To the poor of Rolvinden Gs. Sd. To brother Joseph 
Evernden 20s. Residuary legatee and executrix: wife Ellen. Witnes^^es: 
James Sloman and Steven Prydney. Proved 12 February 1589 [1589/90] 
by the executrix. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 47, fo. 276.) 


Parish Registers or Rolvenden, co. Kent, 1560-1612 

1568 "July The same Day agayn [xviij] was mar>id Thomas Cuchiman and 

Elynour hubbarde inaydin." 
1572 Alys daughter of Thomjis Cutchman baptized 20 April. 
1574 Alys daughter of Thomas Cutchiman buried 9 May. 

1574 Sylvister daughter of Thom:i5 Cutchiman baptized 30 October. 

1575 John son of Christopher Croochiman baptized 8 May. 

1577 "The ix daye of the s:ime month of february was baptized Robert 
Cutchman the sone of Thomas Cutchman " [1577/S]. 

1582 Margaret daughter of Thomas Cuchman baptized 25 !^Iarch. 

1583 Margaret daughter of Thomas Cuchman buried 5 February [1583/4]. 

1584 Henry son of Thomas Cowchman baptized 26 July. 

1585 Henry son of Thomas Cowchman buried 11 April. 

1585 Thomas Cowchman householder buried 14 February [1585/6], 


Genealogical in PJngland 


1587 Emnnuell Evernden und I'^llyii Cowcliinan widow married 17 October. 
15S9 Einaiiueil Evernden hou.seholdur buried 3 December. 
15U3 "Stephen Ev'renden of Tentorden broad weaver and Sylvester Cowchd- 
mun were muryeil 7 November." 

FuoM THE REOisTKua OF THE Pakish OF St. AlI'HEOE, Cantehugiit 

IGUG "Robert Cuahman vnto Sara Reder dwctUin^ with in Pr'cinct's of 
Cliriatchurche " (the Cathedral] married 31 July.* 

From the Registeus op the Parish of St. Andrew, Canteruurt 
1607 Thomas Cushman sonne of Robart baptized 8 February (lG07/8j.t 

From the Visitation Books of the Archdeacon of Canteruury 

1603, 14 November, the churchwardens of St. Andrew's, ('anterbury, 
present Robert Cushman, servant to George Maisters, for the like as the 
conimou fame goeth [i.e., "for tiiat he doth any he will not come to his parish 
church, because he cannot be edified and saith he can ami will defend it by 
the word of God"]. When he appeared, 15 October 1GU4, in the Court of 
the Archdeacon, he was warned that he would have to acknowledge his 
otTenco in the pjirish church of St. Andrew, Canterbury, on some Sunday in 
the time of service, acconling to the schedule (not given), and then to certify 
t-lie Court afterwards. Not doing this, he was excommunicate*! 12 November 
1604. On 28 June 1605 he appeared and asked to be absolved, and on 7 July 
1605 this request was granted. (Vol. for 1598-1008, part 2, fo. 31.) 

From the Roll of the Freemen of tub City of Canterbury 

1605 Robert Coucliman, "grosser," freeman by apprenticeship to George 

Canterbury Marriage Licences 

1593 Thomas Tilden of Tenterden, yeoman, and Ellen Evernden of Rol- 

venden, widow, 6 November. § 
1610 Thomas Shingleton of Sandwich, shoemaker, and Mary Clarke of the 

same parish, virgin, at St. Mary Bredmau's, Canterbury, 28 January 


Translation from the Dutch Records at LeydenT 

Robert Cushman, wooicomber, from Canterbury in England, widower of 
Sarah Cushman, dwelling in a little alley of the Nunsgate, accompanied by 
John Keble his friend, with Mar>' Shingclton from Sandwich in England, 
widow of Thomas Shingclton, accompanied by Catherine Carver her friend. 

They were married before Andries Jasperson van Vesauevelt and Jacob 
Paedts, SheritTs, this fifth of June, 1617. 

[The entries .... show that the banns were published three times, oq 
20 and 27 May, and on 3 June, 1617.) 

• Printed in Cowper's Registers of St. Alpuage, p. 113. 

t This is the only Cushman entry in the regijJtcTS of the parish of St. Andrew, Canter- 
bury, from IJ7li to U)IS, inoUisivo. 

t Printed in Cowper's Freemen of Canterbury, column 183. 

§ Printed in Cowper's Canterbury Marriage Licences, Series 1, column 417. 

II Printed in Cowper's Canterbury Marriage Licences, Series 1, column 374. 

T This trauslatiou is reprinted from The Mayflower Descendant, vol lU, p. 193, where 
may be found also a printed copy and a facsimile of the orii^inal Dutch record, which 
is entered in the Leyden records, Edit Hook H, fo. Gt. The record is preceded by 
words which in the English truuslutiou read: "Entered on 19 May, 1017." 

184 Genealogical Research in England [April 

[From the fon'goinj; da.Ui tlie f(jllowinK pedigree haa been prepared regardini; 
the (Jushiuaii fiiinily, the iiaiiie bein^^ s{)elled in various ways, liS Cuahinau, 
Coachman, Cuuchman, Cutchnuin, Crochinan, and even Ckurchiruin: 

1. ('rocukman or Cusiiman. 


i. JijHN, of Holvendcn, co. Kent, the tcatator of 1523/4, d. between 
2 Mar. 1523/4 ulkI 10 May following, leaving no issue. 
2. ii. Thomas. 

iii. Johane, mentioned in her brother's will in 1523/4, when she was unm. 

iv. CoDDKi.KY (probably), m. Svmo.n H auk won. In the will of John 
(Vochcrnan, 1523/4, land was left to her, which was to descend to 
her son at her death. 

2. TiiOMAS Crocheman, executor of his brother John's \v'ill, which he 

proved 10 May 1524, was probably father or grandfather of 

3. Thomas Couchman of Rolvenden, husbandman, the testator of 1585/G, 

who was born about 1538 and was buried at Rolvenden 14 Feb. 
1585/6. He married there, 18 July 15G8, Elinor Hubbard, whose 
ancestry has not been found. She married secondly, 17 Oct. 1587, 
Kmanucll ICvernden of Rolvenden, the testator of 1589, who was 
buri(;d at Rolvenden 3 Dec. 1589; and thirdly, 13 Nov. 1593, liS his 
second wife, Thomas Tilden of Teiiterden, ye(#man.* the licence 
being dated 6 Nov. 1593. By his Grst wife Thomas Tildeu was the 
father of Nathaniel Tilden of Tenterden and of Scituate, Mass.f 
If Thomas Tilden's son Freegift was his son by his third wife, Alice 

^ , then his second wife must have died before 1004, but the 

record of lier burial has not been found, nor is any will or administra- 
tion on her estate known to exist. Thomas Couchman deposed in 
1578 that he had lived at Rolvenden for twelve years and before that 
at Hawkhurst; but no Cushmans are found in the early Hawkhurst 
registers or in the lists of Hawklmrst testators. 
Children, baptized at Rolvenden: 

i. Alys, bapt. 20 Anr. 1572; bur. at Rolvenden 9 May 1574. 
ii. Sylvestkr (daughter), bapt. 30 Oct. 1574; in. at Rolvenden, 7 Nov. 
1593. Stephen Evekknden of Tenterden, broadweaver. 
4. iii. RoiJERT, bapt. 9 Feb. 1577/8. 

iv. Margaret, bapt. 25 Mar. 1582; bur. at Rolvenden 5 Feb. 15S3/4. 
V. Henry, bapt. 20 July 1584; bur. at Rolvenden 11 Apr. 1585. 

4. Robert Cutchmaj^ or, baptized at Rolvenden, co. Kent, 

9 Feb. 1577/8, was, in all probability, identical with Robert Cush- 
nian, the agent of the I..eyden Pilgrims in England. In 1003 we find 
him in Canterbury, co. Kent, as servant to George Masters. He 
was presented, 14 Nov. 1603, by the churchwardens of St. .Andrew's 
Parish, "for that he doth say he will not come to his parish church, 
because he cannot be edified and saith he can and will defend it by 
the word of God." Not doing the {)enance iinix)sed on him by the 
ecclesiastical court, he was excommunicated 12 Nov. 1604, but on 
28 June 1605 he api>eared before the court and asked for absolution, 
which was granted to him on 7 July 1605, when he wiis received again 
into the Church.- In the same year, 1005, he became a freeman of 
Canterbury, the record of his admission describing him as Robert 
Couchman, "grosser," a freeman by apprenticeship to George 
Masters. He married first, in the parish of St. Alphege, Canterbury, 

f • Vide Reqistbr, vol. 65, pp. 327-330. 

t Vide Reqisteb, vol. 65, pp. 330-331. 



1914] Gencalofjical Research in Enyland 185 

31 July IGOG, Saha Rkder, who dwelt in tl»e j)recinct.s of the (JutliC- und whob(» par('ntu(;e hua not been diiicovcred. Tlieir fcon 
TlioiiiJii} wiuj baptized in the parish of St. Andrew, Canterbury, 
8 Feb. 1G07/8. this date aerving to identify liini wiih Elder Thonwid 
Cusliinun of the Plymouth (^olony, who died 11 Dec. Ki'Jl. "neere 
the end of the 8Uh yeare of hii life."* No further record of this 
Cushnian family, after the baptism of the aon Thoma.s, id found at 
(Canterbury. Probably soon after the date of baptiam Hul^ert 
Cushman with hia family joined Kov. John Kobinsfjii's colony in 
Holland. When hid wife Sarah died is unknown, but he married 
secondly, at Leyden, 5 June 1()17, Mauy (Ci^RKt) Shingklton, 
widow of Thomaa of Sandwich, co. Kent, ahoemaker, the licence for 
her marriaRC to her first husband, which wim to be celebrated at 
St. Mary Hredman's, Canterbury, being dated 2S Jan. 10 10/ 11. 
Although Robert ('ushman appears as a grocer at Canterbury, he is 
called a woolcombcr in the record of his second marriage at Leyden; 
but this change of occupation is perhaps ex[)lainod by the following 
passage in Bradford's History: "They [the i*ilgrims) removed (from 
Amsterdam] to Leyden, a fair & bcwtifull citie, and of a sweete 
situation, but made more famous by y*' universitie wherwith it is 
adorned, in which of late had been so many le;irned men. But 
wanting that trallike by sea which Amsterdam injoyes, it was not so 
bcneliciall for their outward means of living & cstats. But being now 
hear pitchet they fell to such trads & imployrnenta as they best could; 
valewing peace & their spirituall comforte above any other riches 
whatsoever. And at lenght they came to a con)petente A 
comfort(!able living, but with hard and conlinuall labor." t Under 
these circumstances what was more natural than that Robert Cu?b- 
man should turn to a branch of the dothmaking trade, the principal 
business of the Weald of Kent, where he was born and where he spent 
his early years? In the autumn of 1017, soon after his second mar- 
riage, he and John Carver were chosen bv their companions to go to 
England and negotiate with the Council for Virginia about u patent 
within the grant of the Virginia Company. His connection with 
the transfer of a part of the Leyden congregation to Plymouth in New 
England is known from the writings of I Bradford, and the story need 
not be repeated here. He and his son Thomas arrived at Plymouth 
in the Fortune in Nov. 1021; but he sailed for England in the same 
ship about a month later, on business for the ( 'olony, leaving the boy 
Thonuis in the care of Governor Bradford. Apparently his wife 
never came to New England. Probably she was dead when her 
husband and son embarked on the Fortune for their westward voyage. 
Robert Cushman himself was busily engaged in Englan<l in the afTairs 
of the Colony down to his death, which took place probably in the 
Bunmier of 1025. Bradford's History contains many letters frono 
him, and a sermon preached by him at Plymouth on the day before 
he sailed for England, on "The Siu and Danger of Self- Love," waa 
printed in Lonilon in 1022. 
Child by first wife: 

i. Thomas, bapt. at Canterbury 8 Feb. 1607 /S; d. at Plymouth in New 
England 11 Dec. 1091; m. probably abt. 1030 NLiuy Allehto.v, 
duu. of Is:iac, b. abt. 1010, J. abt. 1700, the hust survivor of those 
who came in the Mayflower in 1620. Eight chil-lren. 

— E.F.I 

• Plymouth First Church Records, in The Mayflower Diactrtniant, vol. 13, pp. 157-158. 
t Bradford'd History, pp. 23-24 of edition published by the Couiuionwealtb of 
Massachusetts, 1901. 


186 Genealogical Research in England [April 

From the Parish Registers of IlAWKnuitaT, co. Kent, 1550-1635 

li apt isms 

1619 "March 19 Rapt Thomas soime of Samucll Ilincle" (1619/20J. 

1622 Ann dauj^htor of .Jolm Hinclec 24 Noveniber. 

1627 JtTLMny son of John Hincly G Jaiiiiary (1G27/8). 

1029 I'Mwarde son of J(;hn Hincly 2\ January [1029/30], 

1635 Tlionuis son of John Hinckley and Agnis his wife 11 October. 

1617 "May Marrycd the vij^^ day ISaniuell Hinckley and Sarah Soole." 

(Among the entries given above is the record of the nmrriaj^e of Samuel 
Hinckley of Tcntunlcn, co. Kent, and of Scituate and HariKStable in New 
England, which has hitherto escaped notice, although before the Hinckley 
records and pedigree were communicated to the Ukoister in 1911 (vol. 05, 
pp. 287-290, 314-319), careful s(!arch w:us made for the place and date of tliis 
iiuirriage antl for the maiden name of Samuel Iliiukley's wife. Tlie baptis- 
mal record of Thomas Hinckley, Clovernor of the Plymouth Colony, which 
has remained unrevealed thus far, is also i)rinted here. Ilawkhurst, co. 
Kent, the parish in which these records were found, lies ten miles west from 
Tenterden and fifteen miles southwest from Harriet.sham, and adjoins the 
border of Sussex. The John Hinckley whose children were baptized at 
Ilawkhurst was ])robably the John who was born about 1591, a brother of 
Samuel, the settler in the Plymouth Colony. {Vide Register, vol. 65, 
p. 317.) For the Soole family and related families vide infra. — E.F.J 


The Will of John Sole of Cranbrook [co. Kent], 1 March 1508 [1508/91. 
To be buried in the church of St. Dunstan'a of Cranbrook. To the high 
altar there 8d. To my daughters Alice and Agnes 20s. each. To my ap- 
prentice John Pilcher. To each of my gotlchildren. liesiduary legatee and 
executrix: wife Agnes. Witnesses: Henry Hovynden, John Hovynden, 
John Herynden, and others. [Translated from the Latin.] To Agnes my 
wife, for life, my messuage where I dwell, with revei-sion at her death to 
Herry, William, and William my sons, each to be the others' heir, and if all 
die without issue, my messuage is to be sold and one half the money received 
is to be paid to the church of Cranbrook and one half to an honest priest to 
fling for the soul of in}' father and mother, me, my wife, and all my good 
friends. If my messuage fall in "the k(>y " (i.e., decay] for lack of reparation, 
then my children, Harry, William, and William, are to enter into the messu- 
age, paying to Agnes my wife Gs. 8d. a year. Proved 22 May 1509 by the 
executrix named. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 11, fo. 1.) 

Soole Entries in the Parish Registers of IIawkhurst, co. Kent, 



1600 "June Baptized the viij^^ d^y Sarah the daughter of Thomas Soole." 
1003 Marye daughter of Thomas Soole 29 January [1603/4]. 
1605 Thom;^ Soole* 12 May. 

1616 Anne daughter of Thomas Soole 30 April. 


1565 John Soole and Marie Whitfeild 21 January [1565 ^6]. 

1598 "October Marryed the xvj^'' day Thomas Soole and Marye Iddenden." 

1617 "May Marryed the vij'^ day Samuell Hinckley and Sarah Soole." 

• Probably son of Thomas Soole, although the father's name is not given. 




1914] Genealogical Research in England 187 

Iddenden Entries in the Parish HEOisTERa of Hawilhdrst, co. 

Kent, 1550-1035 


1551 Thomafiin Iddenden 23 March (1551/2). 

1594 Marie daughter of lldward Idonden 9 February (1594/5]. 

1595 Richard son of Edward Iddenden 4 January (1595/GJ. 


150)6 William Evernden and Elizabeth Iddenden 1 July. 
15()9 John Iddenden and Christian MtTcer 20 Septenibor. 
1589 Tlionias Edyngton and Jone Huttler 8 June. 
1591 Edward Iddenden and Jane lireecher 1 November. 
1598 Thomas Soole and Marye Iddenden 16 October. 
1600 Stephen Hoamer and Katherin Iddenden 13 July.* 


1550 William Iddenden 25 March. 

1551 John Idenden 20 Au^Ubt. 

1551 William Idynden 3 November. 

1552 I'honiasin Idtlenden 2 June. 

1559 John Iddenden 2 January (1559/60]. 

1563 Margaret wife of Thomas Iddenden 13 Juno. 

1566 Thomas Iddenden 5 April. 

1594 Marie Iddenden 13 February [1594/5]. 

Mercer Entries in the Parish Registers of Hawkhdrst, co. Kent, 



1550 John son of Barthollomew Mercer 24 October. 

1551 Tymothie Mercer 22 September. 
1551 Annies Mercer 28 November. 

1554 Andrew son of Thomas Mercer 2 June. 
1556 Rose Mercer 30 January [1556/7]. 

1503 John sou of John Mercer 11 April. 

1504 Joane daughter of Robert Mercer 10 December. 

1564 Thomas son of John Mercer 19 February [1504/5]. 
1506 Nichohuj son of Robert Mercer 2 June. 

1567 Ann daughter of John Mercer 5 September. 

1568 George son of John Mercer 21 November. 

1569 Elizabeth daughter of John Mercer 2 November. 
1572 Ellinor daughter of John Mercer 21 January [1572/3]. 
1575 William son of John Mercer 27 March. 

1577 (leorge sou of John Mercer IS Novemlxir. 

1581 Elinor daughter of Tymothie Mercer 26 February [1581/2], 

1583 Thomasin daughter of Henry Mercer 22 May. 

1583 Sara daughter of Tymothie Mercer 1 January [15S3/4]. 

15S4 Michaell son of Henrye Mercer 29 November. 

1585 Tymothie son of Tjmothie Mercer 7 November. 

1587 ^largerit daughter of Henry Mercer 17 April. 

1587 Thomas son of Tymothie Mercer 3 March [1587/8]. 

1589 Isabell daughter of Henrie Mercei" 9 November. 

1590 Anna daughter of Tymotliie Mercer 5 April. 

1591 John son of John Mercer 17 October. 

1592 Susan daughter of Tymothie Mercer 1 October. 

• Their son Jaruca, baptized at Hawkhurbt 8 Dec. 1G05, emigrated to New England 
in the spring of 1C35. 

188 Genealogical Research in England [April 

1503 Constance (lauj^hter of John Mercer 10 June. 

150t Marie dnuj^'litcr of Tyniothie Mercer 23 March [1594/51. 

IT)!)') IHi/aboth daughter of John Mercer 15 June. 

151)5 Marie daii.^hter of Henri(! Mercer 16 September. 

1507 Mrgaret daii^^hter of John Mercer 1 June. 

1598 John son of Tyniothie Mercer 2 April.* 

1598 Klioner daut^diter of John Mercer 4 February [1598/9]. 

1599 Mary daughter of Henrye Mercer 22 July. 

1000 Elizabeth daughter of Tiniothye Mercer [IGOO/ll. 


15G2 Barthollcmow Mercer and Catlieren Thornten 27 April. 
150G TlioMKUi Mercer and Juhan Vysshenden 20 January (15GG/71. 
15G9 John lianion and Joane Mercer 8 May. 
15G9 J(jhn Iddcnden and Cliristian Mercer 2G September. 
15G9 l{ol)ard Lampkyn and .\mc Mercer IS January [15t)9/70]. 
1580 Tymothye Mercer and Ales Pyper 30 January [1580/11. 
1582 Henry Mercer and Marie ('afhnche 8 July. 
1590 William Iddeden and Anne Mercer 4 May. 

1598 Gervaa Cushman and Elioner Mercer 24 September. 


1550 John Mercer 14 January [1550/1]. 

1500 Thomasin Mercer 19 April. 

1560 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Mercer 7 May. 

15G2 Th(jmas son of John Mercer 19 .\pril. 

1502 Joane wife of Thomas Mercer 20 June. 

15G8 (jeorge son of John Mercer 5 December. 

15G9 Thomas son of John Mercer 28 March. 

1574 Rose Mercer 28 April. 

157G Andrew Mercer 22 November. 

1585 Thomas Mercer the draper 20 May. 

1587 Robert Mercer 3 December. 

1594 Constance daughter of John Mercer 6 February [1504/5]. 

1595 Elizabeth daughter of John Mercer 15 March [1595/G]. 
159G A child of Henry Mercer 23 January [1596/7]. 

1597 Margrett Mercer widow 9 August. 

1599 Mary daughter of Henry Mercer 29 July. 
IGOO Margai-et wife of John Mercer 9 May. 

1600 Elizabeth daughter of Tiniothye Mercer 19 May. 

[A fruitless search has been made among the Soole, Soule, and Sole wills 
and administrations of Kent for positive proof of the parentage of Thomas 
Soofc, the father of Sarah (Soole) Hinckley. He was probably the son of 
the John Soole \\\\o marriexi Marie Whittield at Hawkhurst 21 Jan. 1565/G; 
but he was not baptized at Hawkhurst, unless the register, which up to 1598 
is a copy of an earlier register made in that year, is defective. Perhaps the 
family lived in one of the neighboring Sussex parishes, or they may be de- 
scended from John Sole of Cranbrook, co. Kent, the testator of 1508/9. lu 
Register, vol. 67, pp. 37 tl., records pertaining to the Edendens or Iddendena 
of CO. Kent were printed, and on pp. 43-44 of that volume an account was 
given of John Iddeuden of Cranbrook, tailor, and his wife and children. It 
was there stated that this John Iddendcn married Christian Glover, because 
both he and his wife in their wills called Richard Glover "brother." From 
the records given above it appears that the maiden name of John Iddenden's 
wife was Mercer, not (ilover, and Richard Glover was probably the husband 
of her sister or of John Iddeuden'a sister. Timotliy Mercer, who was ovcr- 

• In 1598 Timothie Mercer appears as churchwardeu. 


1014] Genealogical Research in England 189 

Bcer of her will, was of Ilawkhiirst, and was probably her brother. She was 
married to Jolin IddcMulcu at llawkhiirst, 26 S<*pt. 1509. In addition to the 
Btatcuneiits about tlicir children, prinlcd in I{K(iisiKH, vol. 07, p. 41, the 
reeords ^iven above show that their daughter Mary wa:i married nt Hawk- 
hurst, 10 Oct. 1598, to Thomas Soolc of llawkhiirst, and that Thoma.s and 
Mary (Iddenden) Soole had Sarah, who was baptized at Hawkhurst 8 June 
1()0() and Wii.s married there, 7 May 1017, to Samuel Hinckley; Mary, bap- 
tized 29 Jan. 1003/-1; Thomas (probably), bapt. 12 May 1005; Anne, baptized 
30 Apr. 1015; and pos.sibly others, ainee there is a gap of almost ten yeard 
between the baptisms of the two hist-mentioned children. No will of Thomas 
or of Mary (Iddenden) Soole luis been found. Katherine, another daughter 
of John and Christian (Mercer) Iddenden, baptized at Cranbrook 23 Feb. 
1577/8, is proved by the records given above to have been married at Hawk- 
hurst, 13 July 1000, to Stephen Hosmer; and among their children was 
James Hosmer, who was baptized at Hawkhurst 8 Dec. 1005 and emigrated 
to New England in 1035. — E. F.) 


From the Parish Rkgisters of Stoke-by-Nayland, go. Suffolk 

1601 Marke Quilter and Jane Barnard married 20 September. 
1002 Marke son of Marke Quilter baptized 19 December. 
1004 Marie daughter of Marke (Quilter baptized 21 October. 
1011 John son of Mark Quilter baptized 8 September. 
1011 John son of Marke Quilter buried 7 December. 
1013 Simon son of Marke Quilter baptized 1 April. 
1018 John SOD of Mark Quilter baptized 7 June. 

1027 William Partridge of Nayland and Jane Twilter of Stoke married 22 

1627 Marke Quilter buried 31 May. 
1045 Widow Twilter buried 2 June. 

I<^OM THE Parish Registers of Assington, co. Suffolk 

1628 Mark Twilter sou of Mark and Elizabeth baptized 1 ALirch (1G2S/9J. 

From the Parish Registers of Nayl.-^nd, co. Suffolk 

1609 Anna daughter of Mark Quilter baptized 16 July. 
1615 Thamar daughter of Mark (Quilter baptized 21 August. 

From the Parish Registers of Bures, co. Suffolk 
1619 John son of John (Quilter baptized 6 June. 
1020 Mary daughter of John Quilter baptized 19 August. 
1623 John son of John Quilter buried 2S December. 
1027 Edwiird son of John t^uilter baptized 2 December. 

(From the records given above, supplemented by New England records, 
the following brief (Quilter pedigree has been constructed: 

1 . Mark Quilter of Stoke-by-Naylaud and Nayland, co. Suffolk, married, 
20 Sept. 1001, Jane Barnard. He wis buried at Stoke-by-Nayland 31 May 
1027, and his widow was buried there 2 June 1645. A search for his ancestry 
has been unsuccessful. The name is found principally at High Easter and 
at Good Easter, co. Esse.x. 
Children : 

2. i. Mark, bapt. at Stoke-by-Nayland 19 Dec. 1602. 
ii. M.\rt, bupt. at Stoke-by-Nayland 21 Oct. 1604. 

•These Quilter entries in pariah registers were found in the course of a search for 
another family, and other Quilter cntricd in these rcKisiera may, therefore, have been 


190 English Ancestry of American Belknaps [April 

Anna, bapt. at Naylnnfl 16 July 1G09. 

John, bajit. at Stoke-by-Nayl:irul 8 Sept. 1611; 

• • • 


iv. John, baDt. at Stoke-bv-Nayhirul 8 Sept. 1611: bur. there 7 Dec. 


V. Simon, bapt. at Stoke-by-Nayland 1 April 1013. 

▼i. Thamah, bapt. at Nayland 21 Aug. 1G15. 

vH. Jon.N, bapt. at Stoke-by-Nayland 7 June 1G18. 

2. Mark Quilteh of Stoke-by-Naylaiid and AsainKton, co. SufTolk, and 
of Ipswich, Mass., baptized at Stoke-by-Nayhuid 19 Dec. 1G(J2, died 
at Ip.s\vich between 7 Feb. 1G53/4 antl 28 Mar. following. He mar- 
ried lirst, in England, about 1G27-8, Klizahltii ; andhecondly 

Thamar , who survived him and died at Ipswich 2 July 

1GU4.* He probably emigraleil from As.sington to Ipswich with Rev. 
Nathaniel Rogers, victor of Assington and first minister of Ipswich. 
He wad a proprietor at Ipswich in 1G36 and was mmde freeimiu in 
Children by first wife: 

i. Mark, bapt. at Aawingtoa, Suffolk, 1 Mar. 1G28/9; d. between 4 Nov. 
1G7S, when ho made his will, and 13 Feb. 1G7S/9, when Widow 
Quilter, Sr., and Widow Quilter are mentioned aa having right of 
commonage in Ipswich; m. before 3 Nov. 1G58 F'iiances Swan, 

dau. of Ricliard of Rowley, who may have m. (2) Davia, 

as "Widow Davis alius Quilter" d. 10 Aug. 1700. Hifl daughter 
Dorothy w:ia bur. at Ip.swieh 21 Jan. U)()2 3. 

ii. Mary,! m. at Ipswich, G Apr. IGGO, MicnvEL Crehie, who d. in 
Aj)r. 1G70. She had been maiilservant to Rev. Nathaniel Rogers, 
who mentions her in his will in IGf).'). Her children, Johti antl 
Jonathan Cresie, heirs of their uncle Joseph Quilter, aoiii LifJ eatate 
4 Apr. 1724. 

iii. Sarah,! mentioned in her father's will. 

iv. Reiieckao,! d. unm. at Ipswich 10 Aug. 1723. 

Cliild by second wife: 

V. CoRroiiAL JosEPU, d. at Ipswich in Feb. 1723, apparently a. p., as his 
sister Mary's sons were heirs to his estate, lie w;id apprenticeil 
to \\ illiam Buckley, who in Mar. lGGO/1 brought suit against hia 
mother, Widow Thamar Quilter, wlio in her reply called Joseph 
her only son. 

— E. F.l 

(To be continued] 



Dy Henry WycKorr Bklknap, Esq., of Salem, Mass. 
[Concluded from page 92] 

The Will of Josias Belknap of Sabridgeworth, co. Herts, 29 March 1G74. 
To Anne my wife my house & two acre^ of free land called Rickottc & two 
acres of free land called Church Croft & my householde stuffe for her life, 
then to my son Dan' iielknap & his lieircs for ever. If he dye without issue, 
then to my son James & his hcires for ever. To James Helknap my third 
80U t JCll, my son Daniel to pay him six months after my deceacjc, & for none 

• According to Pope's Pioneers of Mass., p. 377, ho had a wife Frances; but thia 
Frances was tho wife of his son Mark and deposed in 1655> about her husband, 
t Probably by first wife. 
I The eldest sou, Jodius, was already dead. 


1914] English Ancestry of Amcricon Belknaps 191 

payment hereof my son James shall take possession of three roodes of free 
land lyinj; in Hartceroft hclonj^ing to (iroves. To my son .lolin iiulknap 10s. 
To my son-in-law Thonnus Hrownc Is. Anne my wife to be Hole executrix. 
The Alarkc X of Josixs Belknap. Witnes.ics: Robert Cowle, liarrinRton 
Addanics .senr. PhjvcmI 12 June 1G74 by the executrix named. (Cornini>.>^ary 
Court of London for and Herts (Somerset], Pleasant, 361.) 

The Will of Dan'' Bklknap of Spelbrooke in the pshc of Sabridgeworth, 
CO. Herts, Yeoman, 2.'} 16S0. Unto my two Jirothcrs, Juhn liclknap 
& James lielknap, 12d. a piece. To Mary my wife my two acres of land in 
a comon field calieil We.stley, in the parish of Sabritlj^eworth, to her &. her 
heires for ever. Uesiilue to Mary my wife, she to be sole executrix. The 
mkc of Dan' Helknap. Witnesses: James Kirl)y, John IlobbariLs, Kdward 
Lyndscll, Tlionuw Barnard. Proved 10 December IGSO by the executrix 
named. (Conmiissary Court of London for Essex and Herts [Somerset 
House], Hcydon, 473.) 

The Will of Hknry Belnap of the parish of Sabridgeworth, co. Hertford, 
Yeoman, 10 April lOSO. To ^Lary my now wife one fcatlierbed, boulster, 
pillow, coverlett, two blanketts, two pair of sheets, one gri-at bedste<l, & one 
joynted cupboard standinge next the doore in the parKmr, & the bed & 
trundle bed in the same roome, two hutches in the chamber over the kitchin, 
a little table standing in the chamber over the parlour, one hogshed, a frying 
pan, & the warming pan. To Elizabeth my daughter the bed, bolster, <t 
betlstead standing in the chamber over the kitchin. & the furniture belonging 
to it. To James my sonne the bed, bolster, S: berlsted which he lyeth upon 
standing in the cliamber over the Hall, &, the furniture belonging to it. All 
m}' linnen except the two prs of sheetes & all my pewter tfe bra.'^se to be 
equally divided between my extrs, my children. Residue to my extrs to be 
sold to pay my debts, the remainder to be divided amongst my executors & 
children. I ordaine Mary my wife executrix & James my sonne executor. 
I give two pewter dishes to my sonno-in-lawe l-'dward Dowsett. [Signed] 
Henry Belnap. Witnesses: Geo. Wright, John Johnson [mark], Edward 
Sibley. Proved 19 October 16SG by the executors named. (Commissary 
Court of London for Essex and Herts [Somerset House], Hamor, 82.) 

P^OM THE Parish Registers of Sawbridqeworth, co. Herts, 155S-1709 


1561 Alice Beltoft daughter of Richard 16 September. 

1562 Josias son of Richard Beltoft September. 
1589 Abraham Beltofte 10 March 1 1589/90). 

1500 Frances daughter of Benet Beltofte 3 January [1590/1]. 

1593 John Beltofte S April. 

1595 Daniel son of Benet Beltoft 2 November. 

1599 Josias son of Benet Beltofte 12 .\ugust. 

1630 Grace daughter of John and Elizabeth Belknap 10 July. 

1631 John son of John Belknope 25 September. 

1632 Josias son of Josias and .Vnne Belknap 4 .\ugust. 

1633 Elizabeth daughter of John anu l\!lizabeth Belknop 31 March. 

1634 Mary daughter of Josias Belknapp 4 May. 

1634 Daniell Beltknopp son of Daniel and Barberie his wife 5 October. 

1635 Daniell son of Josi:us Belknap 17 January [1635/'6]. 
1637 John son of Josias Belknap 2S January [1637/8]. 

1640 James son of Josias Belknape 29 March. 

1641 Grace daughter of Josias Belknajx? 12 February [1641/2]. 

1664 Henery son of Ilenery Beltknap 7 May. 

1665 Elizabeth daughter of Henry Beltknap 30 December. 


102 English Ancestry of American Bdhnaps [April 

1007 James son of Ifcnery and Mary Belt knap 28 September. 
1608 Daniell son of llt-nry lieltknap 17 Murcli |i00S/9]. 
1070 Mary daiiplitiT of llcnery Heltkna[> 1 April. 

1073 Samuel son of Ilencry Holt knap 22 July. 

1074 Henett son (^f Htnery licllknai) 2 February (1074/5]. 

1075 Daniel son of Janiea and Susan Heltknape I'J June. 

1079 Abraham .son of Henry and Mary Hrlknap 24 January (1079/80). 
lOSl Mary daughter of Henry and Mary Belknap als Beltoft 11 October. 
1082 Susan daughter of James and Susanna Belknap 24 December. 


1502 William Stubbs and Alice Beltoft 14 April. 

1578 Edward Lyndesell and Ales Beltoft 5 October. 

15S0 Bennet Beltoft and Orace Adam 25 May. 

1024 Kdward Doueet and Frances Belknap 19 October. 

1031 Josia^i Belkai) and Anne Milles 2 May. 

100() Henery Bellknap and Mary Pery by licence 19 June. 

1708 James Hockley and Susanna Belknap 20 October. 

1709 John Chesson of Harlow and Susanna Belknap 8 May. 

Marriage Licence 
1606 Samuell Bellknapp and Elizabeth Nicholls 18 February [1606/7]. 


1500 Elizabeth Beltofte (? wife of Henry] 14 January (1560/1]. 

1501 Henry Beltofte 5 July. 

1588 the wife of Richard Beltoft 17 January [1588/9]. 

1599 Richard Beltoft 2 December. 

1024 Bennet Belknap 21 May. 

1030 Crace Belkap 29 October. 

1037 John son of Jolin Belknapp 22 October. 

1055 John Beltrap 19 October. 

1050 Josias son of Josias Beltknape 13 July. 

1003 a new borne Infant of Henery Beltoft 6 April. 

1603 Daniel Beltofte 5 June. 

1004*The wife of Henery Beltknapp 30 December. 

1074 Josias Beltknap 3 April. 

1078 Daniel Belknap of Spellbrooke [parish of Sawbridgeworth] son of James 

and Susannah 2 January [1078/9]. 
1678 Elizabeth Belknap widowe 7 February [1678/9]. 
1680 Daniel Belknap of Spelbrooke 2 September. 
1683 The widow of Josias Belknap 31 October. 
1680 Henry Belknap Jr. 9 April. 
1680 Henry Belknap Sr. 13 April. 
1087 Mary Belknap widow 18 November. 
1087 James Belknap 20 November. 
1688 Daniell Belknap 20 February [1688/9]. 
1695 A child of James Belknap 10 April. 
1704 Sarah Belknap 11 May. 
1704 Mary Belknap 13 August. 

From toe Parish Registers or Nettes\st:ll, co. Essex 


1637 Henric Bclknopp eon of Daniel and Barberie 14 May. 

1()39 Samuell Belknoppe son of Daniell and Barberie 3 February [1639/40]. 

1642 Barberie [? Belknopp] daughter of Daniell and Barberie 9 November. 

• Probably an error for 1665. 


1914] English Ancestry of American Belknapi ' 193 


1620 "Abra Bel. . . . f 8. Ahra et Mara" 6 December. 
1658 Duiiicll Hclnnp widr. l'.> October. 
1701 Mary iiolknap S January ( 1701/5]. 

FiioM TUE Parish Rkqisters of Gilston, co. Hert3 

1601 Ilonry Belknapp and IClizalx;th Dowsctt married by licence 9 Decem- 

[From the records given above and from other records preserved 
'in New England the following genealogy has been pr('i)ared: 

1. Beltoft. 


i. JoBN, of Sawbridf^oworth, co. Ilerta, d. abt. 1546, evidently ».p. 
Iq 20 Henry VI 11 (l.'j.'M-5) he wiws sei.scd of a house with a garden 
and two acres of arable Uujd callrd " Currants" in Sawbridgeworth. 

He m. not later than 20 Henry VIII (loiM-o) Makuauet , 

whose maiden name wjts perliaj)s I'ayne or Mathewe. She sur- 
vived her husband and m. (2) abt. 1517 Thomxs \Ve«twood, who 
. in 1550 was of " Maudlyn " (probably Magdalen Laver), co. Essex. 
She was ilead in 15 19/5ij, Thomius \\ estwood, her son by her second 
husbaml, being then abt. three years of age. 

ii. Edmoni), living abt. 1540. 

2. iii. Henuy (perhaps son of 1 and brother of the two preceding). 

2. Henry Beltoft (perhaps son of 1 and brother of the John and 

Edniond mentioned above), of Sawbridgeworth, co. Herts 
(see Foet of Fines, Hilary term, 3 Kli/ahetli, 1560/1), was 
buried at Saw])ridgoworth 5 July 1501. Elizabeth J^eltoft, 
who was buried at Sawbridgeworth 14 Jan. 15G0/1, may have 
been his wife. 

The following were probably his children: 

3. i. RlCDARD. 

ii. Alice ( Beltoft a/ra5 Belknap), perhaps m. (1) at Sawbridgeworth, 

14 Apr. 1502, William Stubbs; m. (perhaps 2) Sttto.n. 

Children (surname *Su/<on): 1. ClcmeiU. 2. William. 3. lixchard. 
To each of these three sons the sum of 38. 4d. was left by the will 
of their uncle, Richard Beltoft, in 1594 {vide supra, p. 'Jl). 

3. Richard Beltoft alias Belknap (probably son of Ilcnry), of 

Sawbridgeworth, co. Herts, husbandman, was buried at 
Sawbridgeworth 2 Dec. 1599. His will, dated 20 Aug. 1594, 
seems to show that he held his land as a copyholder of the 
Manor and that in 1594 he had only two children living, of 
whom Bennet was probablj' the elder. He married Eliza- 
beth , who was buried at Sawbridgeworth 17 Jan. 


4, i. Bennet. 

ii. Alice, bapt. at Sawbridgeworth 10 Sept. 1501 ; d., probably s.p., not 
later tluui 1594; m. 5 Oct. 1578 1u)waud Lynuesell, poxhapa 8. 
of Peter and Joan of ^Sawbridgeworth (mn? Feet of Fines in HcrU 
Genealogist and Antiquary, vol. 3, p. 322, although, if the reference 
here is to the Alice of this pedigree, she did not die until after 10(X)). 

iii. JosiAS, of iSawbridgeworth, the tt^tator of 1509/1000 {tide supra, 
p. 91), bapt. at JSawbridgeworth Sept. 1502; d. betw. 28 Jan. 


194 English Ancestry of American Bclknaps [April 

1599/1000 and 6 Feb. following, bciiip; evidently then a widower; 

ni. proh.ihly Huown, liin will iiirntioninK scverid of his 

wife 8 ri'hitivcs. No records of any children have been found. 

4. Bennet Bkltoft' alias Helknap {Richard, ? Henry), of Saw- 

bridgewortli, co. Herts, liusljaiuiiuan, the tt^stutor of 1023 
(vide supra, p. 92), wiis hunvA at Sawbridgeworth 21 May 
1024. lie is merit ioiHMl in tlio will of his father Richard 
Heltoft (vide supra, pj). 90-91), being named as solo executor 
of that will, and in the will of his brother, Josias Bt-lknap, 
28 Jan. 1599/1000 (vide supra, pp. 91-92); and he i)roved 
the latter will as executor, Feb. 1.j99/10UO. In 1005/6 he 
was assessed 2s. 8d. on 20s., in the lay subsidy for Saw- 
bridgeworth (Lay Subsidies, 121/302-3, James I, PuIjHc 
Record OlHce, London), and in 1010 as churchwarden he 
makes a letter "b" as his mark in the parish registers. He 
married at Sawbridgeworth, 25 May 1580, Gu.vcE Ar>.\M, 
who was buried at Sawbridgeworth 29 (Jet. 1630, perhaps 
daughter of Peter and Klizabeth of Ware, this Peter being a 
"berebrewer," whose will was proved at Stortford, co. Herts, 
12 Pel). 1571/2 (Herts Ceneal. and Afdiquary, vol. 1, p. 331). 
Children, ba|)tized at Sawbridgeworth: 

5. i. AnuAii.\.M, bapt. 10 Mtu-. 1589/90. 

ii. Frances, bapt. 3 Jan. 1590/1; m. atSawbridRCworth, 19 Oct. 1624, 

Edward Do'jcet. She is mentioned in her father's will of 14 Apr. 

102; J. 
ill. John, bapt. 8 Apr. 1593; bur. at Sawbridgeworth 19 Oct. 1655; m. 

ELi/AB>rrH , who was bur. at Sawbridgeworth 7 Feb. 1678/9. 

Children, bapt. at Sawbridgeworth: 1. Grace, bapt. 10 July 1630. 

2. John, bapt. 2o Sept. 1631; bur. at Sawbridgeworth 22 Oct. 1637. 

3. Elizabiih, bant. 31 Mar. 1633. 

6. iv. Daniel, ba{)t. 2 Nov. 1595. 

7. V. Josias, bapt. 12 Aug. 1599. 

5. Abr.\ham BELTot^r alias Belknap (Bcnnct, Richard, ? Henry), 

baptized at Sawl>ridgeworth, co. Herts, 10 Mar. 1589/90, 
died at Lynn, Mass., early in Sept. 1043. The nami^ of 
his parents are not giv(^n in the baptis^inal record; but his 
grandfather, Richard Beltoft, in his will of 20 Aug. 1504 
(vide supra, pp. 90-91), bequeaths 10s. to "Abraham Beltofte 
Sonne to Bennett Beltoft my Godchilde," and he is also 
mentioned in his father's will of 14 Apr. 1023 (vide supra, 

p. 92). He married, about 1020 or earlier, Mary , 

* who survived him and presented the inventory of his estate, 
which was taken 10 Feb. 10-13/4. The record of this mar- 
riage has not been found, and the surname of his wife is un- 
kno\\'n. His residence in England is also unkno\\'n, the only 
indication of it being the record, in the parish registers of 
Netteswcll, co. Essex, of the burial, 6 Dec. 1020, of "Abra 
Bel. . . . f s. Abra et Mara," which seems to refer to an 
infant son of Abraham and Mary. 

With his wife Mary and his children, Abraham Belknap 
emigrated to New England (in what ship is unknown), 
probably about 1035. In 1638 he received a grant of 40 
acres of land at Lynn, Mass., his name appearing in the 


1914] Enyluh Aiict^try uf American Billnaps 195 

papers in tlio case of Willijun T.on^loy v. Hcnr^'' Collin^rs niid 
John IhilhoriiL', in hclialf of tlii^ town of Lyn, 2G M:ir. Hiljl, 
among thoso who shared in the apportioninont of hind in 
Hii^H. (Records and Files of the (Quarterly Courts of Essex 
County, vol. 2, p. 270.) Among his neighbors at Lynn were 
Edmund Farrington, one of the creditors of his estate, who 
was from Olnc^y, co. liucks, and came to New England in 
the Hopewell, 1 Apr. HVM), and Francis Ingalls, whose daugh- 
ter married Joseph Helknaj), A))raham's son. The following 
record is found in SulTulk Deeds, Lib. 1, fo. 42: 

Aduin Otley & Thomas Dexter of Linne j^raiited vnto Richard 
Russell of Cliarlstowiie tliirty Sheepe & Lambs in the hands 
of goodman Belknap & James Axy of Linne \v^^ 15'' bill duo 
fro Adam Hawks, & three thousand of Clapbord bolts lyeing 
at my Ladie Moodius Beach in Linne to Richard Russell his 
heires executors administrators & Assignes, the aboue said some 
of fourescore & three pounds to be pd w'^in 4 months after the 
date thereof & this was by a deed dated the 7° of April }(/43. 

2 Hands & scales. 
Acknowlcdt^cd the 29° of yo 5° month 

1G43 before Increase Nowell secret'. 

The will of Abraham Belknap, which was sworn to 20 
Feb. 1643/4, is unfortunately missing; but the inventory of 
his estate, beginning "The inventorie of Abraham Hellnai)'s 
estate have deseisted the beginge of the 7th. mo. 1043 and 
now taken l)ie William Tillton & Edward Tondins this 16. 
12 mo. 1643," has been preserved, and a sunnnary of it has 
been printed in Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts 
of F^ssex County, vol. 1, p. 60, note. His estate consisted 
of a house and 5 acres of land, 2 acres of planting land, 2 
acres of salt marsh, 6 acres of salt marsh at Fox Hill, and 30 
acres "at the village." He also had a number of "shepe," 
"cowes," "gotes," and "piges," and the usual amount of 
household implements and furniture. There is a list of 
debts amounting to £5. 13s. 3d., the creditors being Joseph 
Armitage, Francis Ingalls, goodman Philips, Richard Ronton, 
Thomas Laughton, Ed. Farington, Gerard Spencer, Mr. 
Hinge, and John Person. The net amount of the inventory 
was £47. 17s., and the mark of Mary his wife ai)pears on the 
document. The Essex Afitiijuarian, vol. 2, p. 183, states that 
this inventory contains the first mention in Essex County 
of pot-hooks and hangers, brass pot and frying pans, spit and 
dripi)ing pans. 

Children *: 

i. AbraIiiam) (probably), bur. at Netteswell, co. Essex, 6 Dec. 1620. 

ii. AniiAMAM, nu'iitionr*! in the will of his pramlfathcr, Rennet Beltoft, 
14 Ai)r. 11)23 {vide supra, p. <)2); nrobably d. young, nlthounh 
he may have come to New En^chiiul with his parents 

iii. Samukl, said to have been b. 1627/8 (but proof of this statement 
seems lacking); hving 1731; m. bef. 1653 Sarau Jones, dau. of 

• There is no authority for including among the children of .\br.iharn Belknap the 
imnugrant, ns some writers have done, a son Jeremiah or Jeremy and a daughter Mury. 

VOL. Lxvm. 13 


IDG Enyliak Ancestry of Avici ican Utlknaps [April 

Robert aiiiJ Klizubttli of Hinfiliarn. lie may have l>ccn the Samuel 
Hcikiiap who owned land at Ka.ith:ini|)ton, J^.I., 5 July 10G3 
(K»('orda of KiwthHinpton, vol. 2, pp. Iri'J, 101); hut if he went to 
Kjusthiiiupton Ik; eviih-ntly did not reniuin there, a-s he hud a houde 
in Sulem in lt>Gl, his land lyin^ between the present Essex St., near 
the corner of Heckford St., and the North Uiver.* On 20 Feb. 
1065 (1005/01 S:unu»'l Belknap of Siilcin, jcjyner, with the consent 
of Sara hid wife, in conaideration of £3 eonveyH to Ivlward (Ja.skyn 
of Salem, ship carpenter, land contayniriR 10 I'oale, 2 Poale broad 
next streets, t(; run backward north 5 Pole «k Houth 5 Poale 6i in 
brc'lth 2 Pole in ye Towne of Salem, b<;un<led with the utreete, land 
of Philip Cr(jniwell to ye e;uit 6l the land of me ye sd. Satnufll 
Hclknap to yo north &. west. (Essex Doe<la, vol. 2, p. 117.) In 
1071 Samucll Hehuip of Maiden, joymr, and'pn B«'ln.'ip of 
Ho.ston, ^;Iover, convey to Thomas Lau^hton, Sr., of Lynn their 
tliird.s in a "pareell of land .... part of an hou.-ie lott f(jrmerly 
Abraham Kednap's \sic\ house lott, father to sd. Sanmel and Josejih 
Rednaj)," and to thi.s deed Benjamin Uediiap :ind Petrr Brackett 
are witne.sseH. The clerk evulmtly wnjte litilnnp in tw(j places 
instead of liilknap, the mistake being ilue j)robably t<j the appe;ir- 
ance of the name of Benjamin Hednap among the witne.^ses. The 
Rednaps were ntinhbors of Abraham Belknap and came from 
Lonion; and while there was a Jose[)h Rednap, son of the immigrant 
of that name, he is not to bo confoimded with Jo.scj)h B< Iknap, 
although some of his appearances before the Court for denying the 
lawfuhic.s.s of infant ba|)tism have been laid at the door of Joseph 
Belknap. Joseph Rednap rnarrii'd Sarah, dau. of Thom:is I.uugh- 
ton. Samuel Belknap's next and apparently last move was to 
Haverhill, Mass., where he took the oath of allegiance 28 Nov, 1077, 
and in 1090 he conveyed land there to his sons Kbenezer and Abra- 
ham, one of the deeds being acknowledgdl by him as late as 31 
Aug. 1731. Seven children recorded, of whom the eldest, Mary, 
was b. 1653, and a son, Abrahwi, wlio was b. abt. 1060, was ancestor 
of many of the name in Framingham, Mi\ss. 

iv. Joseph, said to have been born 1030 (but proof of this statement seenid 
lacking); d. 14 Nov. 1712; bur. in King's Chapel, Boston; m. (1) 
bef. 1057/8 Ruth Willi.\M3, b. 103S, dau. of Nathaniel ami Mary 
of Boston; m. (2) bef. 1008 Lydi.\ lNc;.\i.ia, dau. of Francis and 
Mary of Lyim; m. (3) bef. 1070 Han.naji Mk.\kins, dau. of Thomas 
and Sarah of Hatfield, whom he survived. He was executor of 
the will of Richard Woodman of Lynn in 1047, was in Boston as 
early aa 1058, when he was a member of the Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Co., and wjis made a freeman in 1005. Three years later 
he was one of the founders of the Old South Church, and in that 
same year w;is dismis-sed to Hatfield. He bought land in Haver- 
hill in 10S2, but it does not appear that he ever lived there. His 
will is dated 20 Nov. 1710 and wjis provc<i 5 Dec. 1712. At the 
time of his death he was a resident of iJoston. T\rclve and possibly 
fifteen chiMren, of whom four were by his first wife, one was by his 
sccomi wife, and seven at l(\ist were by his thirtl wife. 

V. John (perhaps a son of Abraham the immigrant), d. probably «.p. 
The only record of him is found in his deposition, sworn before Rob. 

•This houso 13 mentioned in the Salem Commoners' Recordsi. 1713-1739: "Att a 
moctinK of the Coniniittoe iitt the Ship Tavern In Sniom the first Muiiday In December 
boin^ the 7th. I):iy 1713 for to Hccoiuo Claims to ye Comon Land:* in Salem" thero 
were present of the Committee C apt. Samuell Gardner, Capt. Thomas Flint, Capt. 
Walter Price, Capt. Jonath.nn Putnam, Capt. Peeter iXsRood. Col. Samuell Browne. 
E^H., William Hirst. Ksq., Jo^iah Woolcott. Esq., and Maj. Stephen Sewall. Fs<i.. and 
it was "Agreed and Ordered that the Clain^is be Receiued of the Propriel4)rd to the 
Comon Lands in the Towne of Salem And 'Entered In Two Distinct Colloums one 
CoUum for the Cotte^oa that was Erected before the year 16G1 and the other Collum 
for those PriuilodfZcd by the Town Vote In 1702." jfohn Simp.son presented a claim 
for Belknap's house, which is mentioned also in "A list of the owners of houses built 
which fall under the law made 16G0 which prohibits them from privelegea in Common 
lands," dated 1G09. 


1914] English Anccdry of American Bdknaps 107 

Briiliijca 27 Mar. ICiS ami prf««*nt(Hl at the Court lull at Ipawuh 
25 Mar. lG5»i, that tli«' |»rice of tlio oxen tluit Willimn Hobitihon, in 
till! iiamu of Mr. JrlTard, boUKlit of FranrfW Iii^;;;;ilcd was IS li. 
(Ut'conis and Kilca of tlie Quarterly Courta of Ehscx County, vol. 1, 
p. 117, note.) 
vi. Hannah, d. 21 Nov. 1071); m. ft Drc. 1003 Chhistopher Osgood, 
b. Kil'i, .s. of ('briHtophtr and Marj^ery (I'owK'r) of Ipawich, who 
m. thrci? timed after Hannah's deatii. Six ehiMren. 

6. Daniel Bkltoft alias Belknap {Htnntt, Richard, ? Uenry)^ 

baptized at Saw))ri(i^^<;\vurtb, co. Herts, 2 Nov. loUo, waa 
buried at Nette.s\vell, co., 19 Oct. 1058. He is men- 
tioned in bis fatber's will of 14 Apr. 1023 {vide supra, p. 92), 
and in 1030/7, as Daniell Iicllknaj)p of Netteswell, wa.s 
assessed 5s. Gd. for sbip money. (State Papers, l)(jmestie, 
Charles I, vol. 358, in l*ublic Record Office, London.) Ho 

married Hauuara , wbom be survived. 


i. Daniel, bapt. at Sawbridgeworth 5 Oct. 1031; bur. there 5 June 1003. 

ii. Henuy, of Sawbrid^eworth, yeoman, bapt. at Netteswell 11 .May 1037; 
bur. at Sawbrid^c^vorth 13 Apr. 10s(i; m. (1) at Ciil.>ton, to. Herts, 
\) D(;c. 1()()1, IOi.i/aukth DovN-.sfrrr, j^robabiy a widow (with a. son 
Edward), who was bur. atSawbridgeworlh ,\0 Dec. 1001 (viV, ? 1005): 
m. (2) at Sawbridgoworth, 19 June 1000, Mauy Pkuv, who surviveti 
him antl w;id bur. at Sawbri<l>^eworth 18 Nov. 10S7. Hi.s will ia 
dated 10 Apr. KiSO and w;is {)roved lU Oct. lOSO. {\'ii{r, supra, 
p. 191.) Children by first wife: 1. A Child, il. soon after birth 
and bur. at Sawbridgeworth Apr. 10rt3. 2. Ilcnry, bapt. at 
Sawbridgpworth 7 May 1004; bur. tliere 9 Apr. lOSO. '3. Eliz ilxth, 
ba[)t. at Sawbririgeworth 30 Dec. 1()05. Chddron by second wife, 
bapt, at Sawbridgeworth: 4. James, bapt. 28 Sept. lt)07; perhajw 
the person who w;i3 bur. at Sawbriilgeworth 20 Nov. 10S7. He id 
mentioned in his father's will. A child of a Jann s Hilknap wxs bur. 
at Sawbridpeworth 10 Apr. 1095. 5. Danul, bapt. 17 Mar. lOOS/9; 
bur. at Sawbridgeworth 20 Feb. 1688/9. 0. Mary, bapt. 1 Apr. 1070; 
probably d. bef. 11 Oct. lt)81. 7. Samuel bapt. 22 July 1073. 
8. Btnctt, bapt. 2 Feb. 1074/5. 9. Abraham, bapt. 24 Jan. 1079/ SO. 
10. Mary, bapt. 11 Oct. 1081; bur. at Sawbridgeworth 13 .\ug. 1704. 

iii. Samuel, bapt. at Netteswell 3 Feb. 1039/40; marriage licence for 
his marriage with Elizabeth Nicuolls issued 18 Feb. 1000/7. 

iv. Baubaua, bapt. at Nette.8well 9 Nov. 1042. 

7. JosiAS Beltoft alias Belknap {Bennct, Richard, ? Henry), 

baptized at Sawhridgeworth, co. Herts, 12 Aug. 1599, was 
buried there 3 Apr. 1074. He took part as one of the execu- 
tors in proving his father's will, 15 June 1024. He married 
at Sawhridgeworth, 2 Maj' 1031, Anne Milles, who was 
executrix of his will and was buried at Sawhridgeworth 
31 Oct. 1GS3. His will is dated 29 Mar. 1074 and was proved 
12 June 1074. 

Children, baptized at Sawbridgeworth: 

i. JoSiAs, bapt. 4 Aug. 1032; bur. at Sawbridgeworth 13 July 1656. 
ii. Mauy, bai)t. 4 May 1034; probably d. bef. 29 Mar. 1074, as she id 

not mentioned in her father's will. Either she or her si.'-ter Grace 

probably married Thomas Browne, who is called son-in-law in her 

hither's will. 
iii. Danikl, bapt. 17 Jan, 1035/0; bur. at Sawbridgeworth, as "Daniel 

Holknap of Spelbrooke,"* 2 Sept. 1080; m, Mauy , who ad 

• Iq the parish of Sawbridgeworth. 


198 Connecticut Ctvietery Inscriytions [April 

executrix provLMJ his will 10 Der, lOSO. She may have been the 
Mary Hclknup, wiilow, wIjo was bur. at Sawbrid^eworth 18 Nov. 
1087 (but \itit suprti, (), ii). No nrorti (jf chiMrcii. 

iv. John, bapt. 28 Jan. UiUt/S; a beneficiary in the will of hia brollicr 
Daniel, (iatni 2.'i Au^'. lOSO. 

V. Jamks, bapt. 29 Mar. 10 tO; probably bur. at Sawbridgeworth 20 Nov. 

10S7; probably rn. Si sanna . He Ls rmntioned in his 

fathcr'd will, 21) Mar. 1071, and in the will of hi.s brother Daniel, 
23 Aug. 1G80. Chililren, bapt. at Sawbridgeworth: 1. Daniel, 
bapt. 19 June 1G75; bur. at Sawl)ridjrcw()rth, aa "of Spellbrooke," 
2 Jan. 1078/9. 2. Su^an, bapt. 21 Dec 10h2. 

vi. Grack, bapt. 12 Feb. 1041/2; probably d. bef. 29 Mar. 1074, as 
the is not mentioned in h«T father's will. Either she or her sister 
Mary probably married Thomas lirowne, who is called son-in-law 
in her father's will. 


Copied by Joel N. Eno, A.M., of Uartfurd, Couu. 



[Continued from vol. 67, page 3791 

Amanda, daugbter of Capt. Amos James and Cliristian his wife who 

died April 28th, 1807 in her 14th year. 
Mr. Amos James who died August 9th, 1807 in the 69th year of his 

Capt. Amos James . . . died June 22nd, 1813 in the 52nd year of 

his age. 
Mrs. Christian, wife of Capt. Amos James, who died 7th Jany, 1808 

in tlie 40th year of his age. 
Mrs. Jane, wife of Mr. Amos James who died March 19, 180G in the 

08th year of her ago. 
Albert E. son of IClisha C. &, Mary F. Jennings died April 4, 1843. 

Ae. 9 y's tt mo's. 
Mrs. Hannah Jennings, wife of Mr. Nathan Jennings died Dec. 25, 

1801 in the 45tli year of her age. 
Nathan Jennings, 4th son of Mr. Nathan Jennings died Jan. 31, 1804 

aged 8 months and G days. 
Mr. Nathan Jennings died June 12, 1808 in the 82d year of his age. 
Mr. Nathan Jennings died March 20, 1827. Aged 00 years. 
Nathan Jennings died Nov. 4, 1842. Ae. 87. 
Sarah Jennings died Dec. 17, 1800- Ae. GO. 
W'm Jennings died July 1, 1818. Aged 53. 

Anna his wife died Pel). 3, 18G8. Aged 90. 
Abel Johnson, Jr. died July 28, 18G1. M. 42 y'rs. 

Sarah G. his wife died Oct. G, 1890. JE. 71 yrs. 

Elisha, their son died July 13, 18G3 M, 18 yrs. Member of 
Co. D. 14th Reg. C. V. 
Abel Johnson died April 2nd, 1873. Aged 91. 
Adelaide M. daughter of Wm. C. & V. E. Johnson died June 13, 1859. 

Ae. 10 y'rs. 


1914] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 109 

Clarissa Louisa Manning, wife of Ix'grand John.son. Born May 21, 

1810. Died Jan. if), 1911. 
Deborah, wife of Abel Johnson (hcd Oct. 14, ISo? aged 77. 
I) wight Henry, only son Of Wni. C. & V. E. Johnson died Dec. 20, 

1857. Ae. 12y's9 mo's 8 d's. 
Elisha Johnson, Esq. departcMl this hfe Febry 2r)th, A.D. 1813 in his 

G5th year. 
Eliza, (laii}i;htor of Mr. Abel, jr. & Mrs. Deborah Johnson died Feb. 6, 

1818. Ae. 2yrs. 
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Johnson i^ daughter of Ralph Cuminings 

born in Durham, Eng. March 17, 1818, died in Willington, Ct. 

Dec. 17, 1872. 
Mrs. Eunice, wife of Capt. Abel Johnson (daughter of Mr. Stephen 

Merick) who died July lOth, 1802 in ye 52il year of her age. 
Eunice, daugliter of Mr. Abel, jr. & Mrs. Deborah Johnson died 

Sei)t. 21, 1805. Ae. 20 nio. 
Hannah, daughter to Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Phebe Johnson who died 

Sept. 179G in ye 2d year of her age. 
Mr. James Johnson, son of Mr. William & Mrs. Ruth Johnson . . • 

who died Novr 23, 1759 in ye 18th year of his .\ge. 
Capt. John Johnson who dieil S(>pt. 22, 182i). Aet. 81. 
Josephine C. Sparks, wife of W. Johnson died Aug. 29, 1854 aged 

23 y'rs. 
Legraud Johnson, born June 24, 1844, died Jan. 25, 1902. 
Departed this Life 17 May, 1772, Lucy Johnson, Daur of Mr. Wm. Sl 

Mrs. Ruth Johnson. Aet. 40. 
Marcus Johnson ilied Aug. 27, 1852. Aged 42. 
Mrs. Miranda Johnson died Jan. 25, 1857, aged 82. 
Mr. Ralph Johnson died Oct. G. 1820. Ae. 28. 
Mr. Samuel Johnson who died August ye 27th, A.D. 1807 in the 72nd 

year of his age. 
Samuel Johnson died March 22, 1843 aged 92. 

Sarah, wife of C'ai)t. John Johnson, who died Oct. 2, 1822. Aet. 77. 
Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Saml Johnson died Oct. 11, 1820. Ac. 03. 
Thomas Johnson died May 30, 1870. Ae. 55. 
Truman, son of Mr. Abel, jr. & Mrs. Deborah Johnson died Feb. 11, 

1822. Ae. 15. 
Truman Johnson died Nov. 30. 1851 aged 29 years. 

Emily Frances Johnson, his wife died .\pril 21, 1895, aged 69 
Velona E. wife of Wm. C. Johnson died June 9, 1899. Aged 81. 
Mr. William Johnson, who died June 22, 1774. Ae. 75. 
Wm. C. Johnson died Oct. 13. 1809. Aged 54. 
Mrs. Susannah, relict of Mr. Samuel Johnston deceased. She died 

April ye 24th, A.D. 1810 in the 70th year of her age. 
William Jones, Co. D. 21 Regt. Conn. Vols. Died June 0, 1875. Age 

Daniel O. Keith who died Feb. 17, 1833, aged 31 years. 
Jane D. Kellogg, born June 11, 1831, died Feb. 1, 1907. Aged 72 

years 7 mos. 
Simeon [?J ^L Kendall died April 4, 1S3G. .E. 43 Y's. 


200 Proceedings of thr N. E. Hist. Gen. Society [April 

Kiiii A. Kin^ died Dec. 8, 1901. A^od 00. 

Maria Kin<^sl)urv, wife of Dea. Kansoin Kingsbury died May 24, 

1834. /K.'40. 
Martin Kni^lit died Aur. 10, 1870. Aged 32. 
Polly, wif(; of A1j)Ih'Iis Kni^^lit died Jun(?'2(), 1873. Ae. 74. 
Ji'imio, wifo of Lrwis \V. hadd died July 24, 1870. A^ed 27. 
Mr. Klias I^eo died Feb. ye 23d, 1705 in ye 72d year of bis age. 
Klias, son of Mr. (^iiartus & Keziuh Ix-'C who died April 30th, ISOO. 

Aged two years. 
John Francis, only son of Edward & Mary E. Lee, died Sept. 26, 1851 . 

Ae. 10 y'rs. 
Mr. Josiah Ia'c . . . departed this Life Ai)ril ye loth A.D. 1701 

in ye 2')th year of his age. 
Mrs. Kezia Lee, relict of Mr. Elias Lee who died April 2Gth, 1807 in 

th(? 91st year of her age. 
Mrs. Keziah, wife of Mr. Quartus Lee who died July 6th, 1813, aged 

35 years. 
Roxena, daughter of Mr. Quartus & Mrs. Keziah Lee, who died Oct. 

31st, 1812, aged 3 years & U months. 

ITu be coutiiiued] 



By John Albrhi::, Recording Secretary 

Boston, }fassarhusetts, S Dtxembtr 1913. A statod meeting of the Society was 
hell! in WIMit Ihill, AHlibmton Place, at 2.30 p.m.. ProsiiK-nt liuxter presiding. 

Tin; minutes of the November mectinj; were upproveil, and thu re[)ort.s of the 
Lil>rariau, Corresponding Secretary, Historian, and Council \yere accepted, 

"^rhe report of the Nominating C/Ommittee was accrpte<i. 

The ['resident appointed ad auditors Henry Fuller Tapley and William Strceter 

Six corrciiponding members and twelve resident members were elected by 

The paper of the aftern(K)n was by Melville C. Freeman of the Roxbiiry High 
School, and was entitled WiUihinij(<>n, the Father of the Nation. Mr. Freeman 
Bpoke of the results of the stuiiy of Washington and of his remarkable traits, his 
Bclf-forget fulness, the unusual combination of humility and confidence, the 
marvellous power of his personality, his well-developed sense of humor, his ralm- 
iiess under the virulent attacks of political enemies, and of the significance and 
practical appUcation of his test question, "is this right?" 

After remarks by President Baxter and Mr. James H. Stark the meeting ad- 
journed, and coffee was served by ladica in Martha Washington costume. 

7 January li)14. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 
9 Ashburton Place, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the December meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Council were accepted. 

By rec^uest the report of the Nominating Committee, accepted at the Decem- 
ber meetmg, was read. 

Fifteen resident members were elected by ballot. 

Rev. Daniel Goodwin, D.D., of East Greenwich, R. I., read a paper on Early 
Plantation Life in Narragaiuiett, in which he told of the Ufe as it was in pre-Revo- 


1914] I^otes 201 

lutionary tirnas on the western shore of Narragansett Bay, where estates of 
thousanilH of acres in extent were owned by iiulividual proprietors and were 
cultivatf.'d l.'irj^cly l)y sluvo labor. The social and cconoinic results of theje con- 
ditions were (k'scribcd, and many intcreating incidents were related. 
After adjournment coffee and \vi^;s were served. 

4 Feftruary. The annual meetirjg to the Society was held this day, for a report 
of which Hce the Supplcmt.-nt to the present number of the RKJiiMTKU. 

4 March. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder II.'ill, Ash- 
burton Place, at 2.30 p.m. In the absence of l^re.sident liuxter, John Carroll 
Clijuse, Vice-President for New llanjpsliire, preside<I. 

The minutes of the January and February meetini^s were approved, and the 
reports of the Librarian, CorrerfjnjndiDf^ Secretaiy, Historian, and Council were 

Eight resident members were elected by ballot. 

Mrs. AugiKsta U. Hrigham of Maiden read a paper entitled The Miisaacre at 
Lancaster and the Storij of Mr:i. Iij}trland6on, which Wiis a recital of the terrible 
ex{)erionceH in the Intlian a.ssault at I.anca.ster in 107G, espe^'ially those of the 
Kowland.^on family, an account of wliich, several times reprinted, Sirs. Rowland- 
son " wrote by her own hand." 

Itev. William Co[)ley Winslow, D.D., after stating his appreciation of the paper 
and of the winning and Hym|)athetic manner in which the story was told by the 
speaker, moveil an expression of thanks to Mrs. lirigham, and it was so voted. 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 
m connection with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 
sires to state that it has NO genealoj?ical representatives in this 
country or in England, nor is it in any way connected with any 
publiciitions other than those that it issues over its own name 
at 9 Ashburton Place. Boston. 

The Committee on English Research desires to state, however, 
that although the Society has no othcial representative in Eng- 
land the Committee is employing Miss French for a part of her 
time as a searcher of records there along special lines for the 
benefit of the Register. 

RonEiiT Cross, Sr., of Ipswich, Mass. — In the office of the clerk of the 
Supreme Judicial C<.)urt in Boston, in a volume of Birth-s, Marriage's, aiiil Deaths, 
fo. 85, is preserved the original manuscript of a deposition by Robert Cross, Sr.. 
of Ipswich, M:ls3., made 5 Dec. 1G'J3, winch was probably at one time inclu led 
among the papers in the suit of Robert Cross, Sr., v. John Bumham, Jr., for the 
recovery of 30 acres of laud in Ipsuich. This c:ise w;is tried in the Inferior 
Court at Ipswich in June 113'J3 an<i in May 1094, and the jury return(^i a veniict 
for the plaintiff. The ili'fendant appealed to the higher court at Boston, and 
in Apr. UiDo the verdict in the lower court in favor of the plaintiff \v;w upheld. 
Of the main question involve I in the c;kse, which i.s numbered oliJS, nothing need 
be said; but in the forty ovld folios of manuscript several items of interest may 
be found which add to our information about the pioneers of Ipswich and the 
metes and bounds of town t!;rants on the e;ist and south side of the Chebacco 
River, within the limits of the present to\.n of Essex. 

The statement of Robert Cross, Sr., is as follows: 

Robert Cross Sen*" appearcil & produced a Catalogue an account of ye birth 
of his ChiKlren to which he gave oth, that it w:is Entere<.l m yc D.ays of ye birth 
of them. 

In which is Thus Written 
Robert & Anna Cross was marrieil ye 20^ August in ye year 1635. 
Ehzabeth Cross was born ye 4 of August 1G3G it being the 5*^ day of the week. 

202 Notes [Apri 

Mnry Crons was born yc It of June it being yc 4*'^ day of yc week in ye y 

Muitlm Cro8a waa born ye 15^^ day of March. It being ye second day o 

ye week in ye year lt)t3. 

Jura^ Dec«r ye o^'* 10U3 Before Thoinaa Warle Justice of Peace. 

From tills stattimcnt the date of the mur^ia^^«r of Robert Cros.>j, Sr.. is Icarne I 
thouj^h not the iniiiden narnu of his wife;. Of the diuj^htcrs name J above, Khza 
beth marricfd Wilham Nelson, Martha married WiUiam Dirkee, and Mary mar 
rie<l lOphraitn Ilerrick of S.-iU'in. In the papers eoneerninj^ this c:\sc are dep<jsi 
tions by the liau^hters i\llizab«th and Martha, and also by the tKjns of Uobcr 
Cross, Sr., viz., Kobert, aj;e<l 5'J years in 1(>'.»5, and ."Stephen, aged 4.S years if 
1095. Robert Cross, Sr., was ag(!d 70 years in 1()S2. Aniong others who mail« 
dejMJsi tions were Lieut. John .\ndrews, age! 72 years in 10*. )3, who style;* Roben 
Cross, Sr., ** my brother," and Walter Faircliild. ageil (J'i years, who depose: 
concerning Mary Hcrric^k, the daughter of RolxTt Cross, Sr. Robert CrOi>s, Sr. 
declares: '* I am the ancientest man and first Rroprii'tor that ever lived on th< 
South side of Chc^bacco river." To his tieclaratitjn is attached his autograph 
In 111!).') he would have been 83 years oil. why his deposition <loes not 
irjcludt! the birth dates of the sons Robert and Stephen and other* wh(j an 
Btrongly thought to be his children is not clear, but might perhaps be revealed 
by a more thorough investigation among the court records of Salem and Hoston 
Tliis case furnishi's to the historians of Ip.s.vidi and Ivssex interesting materia 
for study concerning the inunigrant ancestor of the famdy. 

SomcrviUi', Mans. Anson Titus. 

Paukeu-M.werick. — Rev. James Parker was of Dorchester, Mass., jx?rhap< 
as early as 1030. He was freeman in 1034, removed to Weymouth,, and 
from there was a de|)uty to the General Court, 10.39 -Iti 12. Winthrop says 
"Those of the lower pari of the river Piscatacjuack invited one Mr. James Parker 
of Weymouth, a godly man and a scholar, one who had been many years a deputy 
for the public court, to be their minister." (Winthrop's New Kngland. vol. 2, 
p. 93.) In a list headed "Ciifts bestowed on the Colony since lOlU," Winthrop 
names "Mr. Parker, of Weymouth, his brother, £300, £50 to Mr. Parker and 
Mr. Stone their disposing." (//)., vol. 2, p. 342.) 

From Portsmouth James Parker removed to Barbados, whence he \\T0te a 
letter to Clov. Winthrop un«ler date of 24 4th lOKi: 'We got well to this island 
of Barbados through grace. . . 1 am here engaged to preach only for the preecnt. 
... I have yet sent for my wife to me, in the midst of these great di.strac- 
tions. . . . Whether I shall return for New Kngland I know not. Only this, 
I thinke I shall." (llulchinst)ii Paix^rs, vol. 1, p. 175.) .\ letter from Richard 
Vines, dated Barbado.s, 10 July 1047, reads: " Mr. Parker with his wife and 
family are well seateil in a good plantation of 20 acres, besides a good stip«Mid and 
many good guilts, well approved of in his function, opposed by none, unless by 
antinomians ami such like." (fb.. vol. 1. p. 222.) 

Savage states that Janies Parker died in lOOG, while on a visit to Boston. 
This is an error. He died at Barbados in 1652. and his will wjvs proved by his 
widow Mary, who was a daughter of Rev. John Maverick of Dorchester. An 
abstract of this will follows: 

The Will of J.\mks P.vrker. Clarke, 21 August 164S. To my son John Parker 
£5, and after my debts are paid the remainder of my estate is to be divided into 
three equal shares, one third to my wife Mary Parker, the other two thirds to 
my children .Azricam, James, Thoinas. Fearnot, and Mary Parker. My wife is 
to sell all my property, and she and mv children arc to go to .\ew England and 
there to fulfil my will as abovesaid. My wife Mary Parker, sole executor. Mr. 
Richanl Gregory and Mr. Richard Vines, executors in Barbados, and my Bros. 
Mr. Klitis Maverick and Mr. Slaverick. executors in New Fngland. 
Witness: W"» Gregory, aged 46 years. Entered 20 .Vugust 1052. (Barbados 
Probate Records.) 

The James Parker who died in Boston in 1600 a son of Rev. James Parker. 
Ailministration on his estate was granted 13 Dec. 1066 to .Mr. Moses Maverick, 
"his uncle." (SutTolk Probate Files, 419.) There were several de[)ositiond 
made in connection with the settlement of his estate. John Dempster of Bar- 





bados depoHed "that ho very well knew James Parker late of tliis Inland of Bar- 
bados, brother of ffeHrnot IVurricll, wIjo aouw. time before his y* b<l James I'arkers 
last K^^eidK of thiH I.shmd h beiuK then bound (jf for New Kn(2;l:uid did bay that he 
was very mucli beholding to hi.i brother lV;irinll it his wile who luid done for 
liiiii in kindnesa more like a father A mother than a brother in law &i hister. And 
did therefore say that in regard of their great eivilityea to him that when he dyed 
they his brother & sister shoiihi have all he had in v« world." (//>.; also Har- 
l)a(los I'robate lleconls.) Depositions to the same (meet w«re made by IMward 
liillie of Boston, at whose house James l^arker died, ami Nathaniel C'.rafton, 
who married Elizabeth, daughter of Moses Maveriek, and died at iiarbados in 

Administration on the estate of Mr. James Parker was granted at Barbados 
8 Feb. KiOG (Ui(i0/7] to "Capt. John Parnell who married hia twister." John 
Par noil and Fenrnot Parker were married in the parish of St. John, 19 Mar. 
ICGO (1600/11. 

Azrii;am Parker, "formerly of New England, now of Barbados," was in 1G03 
master of the "Ketch Kindred," of which James P:irker, Christopher Coddini^- 
ton, Ferdinando Gorges, and others, all of liarbados, were owners. (SulTcjIk 
Court Files, 100. 012.) 

Cambridge, Mass. Viuginia IIall^ 

RocoKSTER (N. H.) Vital Statistics. — In a notebook kept by Rev, Jame<i 
M. Palmer of Rochester, X. H., which is entitled "Memorandum of the Cong' 
Church in Rochester N. H., Commencing May 1S5S. Ending July 10. 1804 — ," 
and is now in the pos.scssion of liis son, the writer of this note, are to be found 
various entries of marriagiis, funerals, and a few other matters, which are not 
preserved in the records of the Congregational Ciuuch in Rochester of which 
Mr. Palmer was pastor. The record of thirty-two marriages solemnized by 
Mr. Palmer is given, pages 105-10'.) of the book containing twenty of those entries 
and pages 102-104 containing the remaining twelve marriages. These marriage 
records, beginning on page 105, are as follows: 

1858. July IS. Mr. Everitt Parsons, of Rochester Mi.s3 Susan Hilton of do. 

Fee %2. Rtd 
185S h^cpt 20. Mr. Geo. R. Davis of New Market Miss Hat tie F Ellison of 

Portsmouth. N. H. Fee. $3. — Rtd 
185S. Sept. 24. Mr. U'wis H. Crockett of Rochester N. II. i Miss Mercy 

Henderson of the same (Gonic.) F 2.00 Rt<^ 

1858 Oct 5. Mr Geo. C. Peavey Strafford 6i MLss Sarah C. Tebbets Rochester 
N. H. Fee $5. RtJ 

1858. Oct. 9. Mr William Nye Hastings of Boston to Miss Mary Eliia*^ 
Page of Rochester N. H. Fee $5. — Rfi 

185S. Dec 25. Mr Cluis. A. Cloutman & Miss ICllen A. Dcarbon both of 
Middleton N. H. Fee $2.00 Rt<l 

1S59 Jan. 25. Mr Samuel Marsdcn Jc Miaa Mary C. Libbey both of Roches- 
ter N. H. Fee $3. RtJ 

1859 Jan 31. Mr Jno. C. Pike of Milton k Miss Almira C. Whitehoiise of 
Middleton N. H. — Fee $1.00 — RtJ 

1859 March 30. M^ Ira M. Wentworth To Miss Mary H. Place both of 

Rochester N. H. Fee S2i (gold) Returned Ma. 31. 
1859 Apr. 7. Mr Marvin Baker of Norwalk Ohio A- Mrs. Dolly M. Tuttle of 

Rochester N. H. Foe $3.00 Returned. 
1859 Mav 24. Mr James L. Hayes of Rochester N. H. & Miss Lydia J. 

Butler of Dover N. H. — Foe S3. Rt*i — 
Sept G. Mr. So wall Gowall k Lydia T. Wingate both of Rochester. N H — 

Fee $2.00 Rt^l 

1859. Oct.* 3.t Mr. Samuel Willev of Laconia N. II. k Miss Sarah A. Went- 
worth of Conwav N. H — Fee $1.00 — RtJ — 

1859. Oct. 20. ^Ir William H. Allen & Miss Lydia J. Flagg — both of Roches- 
ter. Foe S3. 00 — R t ^ Apr 1 SGO 

Nov. 24 1S59. Mr O. B. Otis of Rochester k Miss Hannah C. Worster of 
Rochester N. H. Fee S2.00 Rtd apr 1860 

• Oct. over Sept. t 3 over 4. 

204 Notes [April 

1850 Nov 29. Mr Kdward Sawyer <fe Mis.-* rraficcs P. l\elley both of Roc'bt:0- 
ter N. H. — Fee. $5. — Htii*i — apr 1800. 

18GU I'eb 21. — Mr Cliu" li. Hiird of Mlon Sarab H. Webster of Wolf^Xiro' 
N. II. - Fee. 2. Rtr.l — Apr Ihi'A) — 

18()0 July 7. Mr Dunirl L. I'trkiiw & MUs S. Issabclla Went worth b<Jth of 
Dover N. H. — Foe $10. — Rid 

18G0 Nov. 20. Mr. Willian Whitebouae & Mrs. Iktsey WaUon both of 
Rochester N. II. Fee. $100 Rf' 

18G1. Jan. 17. Mr. Kdwin \Vall;icc <t Mrs. Mary E. Wallace both of Rochester. 
N. H. Fee $5.00 — Rt'l 

1801. 'Jan. 31. Mr. Iniiik J. Tucker A Mis3 Mary Jane Tuttle both of Roches- 
ter N. II. — Fee $:i.()() R(-«i 

1861 Vc^ 18. Mr William Hocock of Great Falls <t Mrs Agnes Hoy of 
Berwick Me. Fee $3.2.') Rc'l 

ISGl. Ma. 2. Mr Lafiivctte Wiggin & Miss Addie R. Kimball, both of Roches- 
ter N. 11 Fee $5.00 Rc^ 

18GI Ma 25. Mr. John F. Chamberlain & Miss Harriet N. Corson both of 
Lebanon Me. Fee $2. Rc<* 

18GI Apr 22. Mr. Jno W. Hurd & Misa Martha M. Foss. both of Rochester. 
N. 11. 1 ee $2. — 

1861. June 10. Mr Elbrid^je W. Howard & Sarah E. Howard. — Ujth 
of Rochester N. H. Fee $.75 

1862 M;i 11. Mr Thos. Jones of Ame.sbury Mass. &. Mrs Mary Kanney of 
Rochester N. H. Foe $1.00. 

lbG2. Apr. 16. Mr Hiram M. Sanborn & Ellen Henderson both of 
Rochester N. H. Fee $2. — 

1862. Aui? 7. Mr. Uni L. Gray of Strafford N. H. <fc Mrs. Lucy Home of 
Rochester N. H. Fee 12.00 — 

Nov. 12. 1862 Mr W™ H. Dame and Miss Nancy E. Witham — th former 
of Rochester. & th latter of Milton N. H. — Fee $1. — 

1862 Dec 9. Mr. 'V. A. Pickering of N. Y. to Miss Sarah M. Carter of Roches- 
ter N. H. Fee $10. — 

1862 Dec. 18. Mr. Orlando M. Moulton of Gilford N. H. & Miss Mary J. 
Curtis of Hrookfuld N. H. — Fee $2. — 

Winthroj), Mass. Willi.\m Lincoln Palmer. 

Historical Intelligence 

Recouds of Woodstock, Conn. — Wade Keyes, Esq., of Boston, \sTites to 
the editor that in the olHce of the town clerk of Chester, Vt., there is preserved 
what appears to be an original [)roprietors' record of the town of New Roxbury 
(now Woo(l.stock), Conn. This record now serves as a binder for the original 
proprietors' record of Chester, an«l of a llcxible front cover followed by 
seven leaves of records and a flexible back cover preceilcd by six leaves of records. 
Lots numbered from 1 to 49, inclu.sive, were a.ssigne<l on 28 Aug. 16S6 to persons 
whose names are given. There were Chamllcrs among the early proprietors of 
Woodstock, and there were Chandlers among the early proprietors of Chester, 
ami these facts may i)erhaps account for the apivaranee of the Connecticut 
record in Vermont. Chester was formerly called New Flamstead, and the 
earliest meetings of its proprietors were held at Worce.ster, Mass., in 1762. 

Early Bohemian Settlers in America. — Thomas Capek, Rsq., of First 
Avenue and 74th Street, New York City, is preparing a history of the early 
Bohemian immigration to America, and will be ghni to hear from those who have 
information to impart on that subject. 

Genealogies in Pheparation. — Persons of the several names are advised to 
furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
all facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially service under the U. S. Government, the hoMing of other ollict^. grad- 
uation from college or profesbion;U scliools, occupation, with places and dates 


Recent Books 


of birth, marriaKC, residence, and death. All n:\mes should be given in full if 
poeeible. No iiiiti:ds sliould 1x3 u-sod when the full name is known. 

liilnap. — Ciilhert, born at Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, 22 Dec. 1821, died 
at H(K)|)er, VVrbor (-o., Utah, 26 lY'b. 1809, a descendant of Abr;iliani Ik-lknap 
who <liod at hialcm, Mass., in IGl'i, by Ilyruin Helnap, Ogdcn, Weber Co., Utah. 

Talbot. — Hoger, of Boston, mariner, born probably in London. Kngland, about 
1CS7, married in Boston, 23 Apr. 1713, died at sea, after 1723, by ^Irs. Lora A. 
W. Underbill, 10 Heals Street, Brookline, Mjujs. 

Trecothie. — Mark, of Boston, 1724, mariner, born probably in Ix)ndon, 
England, died, prubably in Boston, about 1733 31, and 'rhom.t>i, of Boston, 17U7, 
mariner, born probably in England, by Mrs. Lora A. \V. Uuderliill, IG BcaU 
Street, Brookline, M:tss. 


(The editor particularly requcdtd persons sendioK books for li-stinR in the Register 
to atute, for the inforiiKition of readers, the price of each book, with the amount to 
be added for po.stiim- \vln>n sent by tiiail, and from whom it nuiy he orderoii. Tor tlic 
January iijue, hooka should he received by Nov. 1; for April, by Feb. 1; for July, by 
May 1 ; and for October, by July 1] 


Chase genealogy. The Ch:ise Chronicle, vol. 4, nos. 1-4. n. p. January, 
April, July, and October, 11)13. 52 p. il. 8^ Trice $1.U0 a year. Address 
James F. Chase, 151) Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. 

Clemens genealogy. The Clemens family chronology, lGlO-1012. First 
e<lition. New York, William M. Clemens, pubUshcr, 45 and 49 William .St., 
1014. 65 p. 8° 

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H. Potter & Co., inc., 1913. 132 p. pi. 12° 

Copeland genealogy. Copcland genealogy [recorils of the family of Rev. 
Jonathan CopelandJ. By Charles Fimiey Copeland. n. p. 1914. 12 p. 4^* 

Cross genealogy. My children's ancestors, dr.ta concerning about four hundred 
New England ancestors of the children of Koselle Theotlore Cross an<l his wife. 
Enuua Asenath (Bridgman) Cross, also names of many ancestors in England, ami 
descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Cross's grandparents, Theodore and Su>-annah 
(.lackman) Cross, Samuel an<i Lois ('remple) Murdock, Noah and Isenath 
(Judd) Bridgman, Jacob and Lydia (Slack) Daggett, with an introductory essay 
on genealogy, and an appendix of misei-Ilaniea. By Rev. R[oscllel T(heodorel 
Cross. Twuisburg, Ohio, 1913. 212 p. chart pi. por. 8° 

Dewey genealogy. Our birtliright of kinship with distinguished descendants 
of the immigrant Ihomas Dewey who settled at \\ indsor, Conn., in 1G33, and 
many notable non-Dowey ancestors, containing an abstract of ancestry for the 
founder oi this legacy. The whole vitahzed by mstantancous keys to all relation- 
ships. By Walter E. Dewey. Philadelphia, Pa., CI913. 32 p. 4° 

Dewey genealogy. Prospectus of the first abstract genealogy, concentrated 
interest and value. Our birtliright of kinship with distinguished descendants 
of the immigrant Thonuis Dewey who settled at Windsor, Conn., in 1633, and 
many notable non-Dewey ancestors, containing an abstract of ancestrj' for the 
founder of this legacy. The whole vitulizeil by instantancxjus keys to all rela- 
tionships. By \\ alter E. Dewey. Philadelphia, Pa., nOVS. [IJ -}- 32 + (2) p. 

Fay genealogy. One branch of the Fay family tree, an account of the ancestors 
and descendants of William and Elizabeth Fay of Westboro, Mass. and Marietta, 
Ohio. By George Henry Johnson. Columbus, Ohio, The Champlin Press, 1913. 
130 p. por. 8** 

200 Recent Books [April 

Folsom genealogy. UerordH, fifth annual rcMinion of the (leflcen<lants of the 
innnii;rant, John Folnoni, Kxtrtcr, N. 11., AugUHt 27, VJli. n. p. n. d. '2\ p. il. 8* 

Fox genealogy. Fox Family News. Vol. 2, noa. 1-0. n. p. Publiahed by 
Society of the DcHcrniJantii of Norman Fox, 1913. 2S f [1) p. il. S** An Index 
to voIh. 1 an«l J will he found at the end of vol. 2. IVire $2.00. Address Howar 1 
Fox, M.l)., GIG Madison Ave., New York City, N. Y. 

Grant genealogy. The 30Gth anniversary of the birth of Matthew Grant, 
October 27, lliOl. Report of the tifth reunion of the Clrant Family yV-wociation 
at Windsor and Hartford, Conn., October 2S, 1007. K lite 1 by tVank Clrant. 
Westfield, Mjus.s., I'JOH, printed in I'JKJ. M p. pi. por. 8' 

Hale genealogy. The descentlants of Thomas Halo of Delaware with an 
account of the .lami.son, Green [and Streets) families. By Hale Streets. 
Fhiludelphia, i'a., published by the author, VJl.i. IIG p. por. 12" 

Johnson genealogy, ('apt. Edward Johnson, paternal and maternal ancestry, 
1500 IDKi. My Hyron Berkeley J.>hn,son. Waltham, Ma-ss., 1013. 4 p. 8^ 

Kett genealogy. The |)odi^ree of Kctt of Wymonlham, co. Norfolk, IISO- 
1913, shewinj; the ancestry, kindred, and ile.scenlants of Kobcrt, William, and 
Thoma.s Kett, leaders of the Uelu'liioii in Fast Anj^^lia, \')V), and of Francis iv»'tt, 
the Martyr, burnt at the stake at Ncjrwich (castle, l.VSO. By George Kett, J. P. 
Cambridge, 1913. n. p. fcsm. geneal. tab. il. -1° oblong. 

Palmer genealogy. Ancestral chart of William Lincoln Palmer. (By W^illiatn 
Fincoln Palmer.) ('hart. (Boston, 19H.) Pablishe 1 by the author, W. L. 
Palnier, 9 Abliburton Place, Boston, Mass. 

Pierson genealogy. A tribute (a gonealoj^ical notice of Abraham Piersonl. 
By Cora Pierson Hopkins. Topeka, Crane & Co., 1013. 71 p. fcsm. pi. i)or. 12* 

Rejmolds genealogy. Twenty-second annual reunion of The Reynolds Family 
Association held at Boston, Mass., August 20, 1013. n. p. n. d. 2S p. por. 8" 

Thorne genealogy. Ei^^ht generations from William Thorne of Dorsetshire, 
Eng., and Lynn, Miiss. By Jo.seph Mi Idleton and Alan Mcl.oan Taylor. Pri- 
vately printed. (Boston, Mass., T. R. Marvin & Son) 1013. 10 p. 8^ 

Thome genealogy. Genealogical record of John Thorne, also the direct 
descendants of James Thorne and Hannah Brown of Salisbury, Mass., and Kings- 
ton, N. IL, also the families connected by marriaj^e. Compiled by E Imim i 
Dana Barbour, 1000, for John Calvin Thorne. (Concord, N. IL, Ira C. Ev.tns 
Co.) 1013. 02 p. pi. por. h'^ Prepared, enlarged, and published by Mr. Thorne, 


Mendoza, Garcia Hurtado de, journal. Observacioncs acerca del viaje de D. 
Garcia Hurtado il«; Mentloza a Lis provinci;us <le los (.'oronalos y Ancu i. Por 
Tomris Tiuiyer Ojeda. Publicalo en la *' Rovista " de la Soeieda 1 Chilena de 
Hititoria y CJeografia. — Tomo Vll. Santiago de Chile, Imi>renta IJniversitaria, 
Bandera 130, 1013. Gl p. 4" 

Parker, Bradstreet, biography. Great grandfather's clock at the old Parker 
homestead, Bradford, Mass., 17G0. By Wlilliam) Thornton Parker, M.D., 
Northampton, Miuss., 1913. 10 + (1) p. pi. por. 8° 

Rios, Fernando Antonio de los, diary. Diario del doctor don Fernando .\n- 
tonio de los Rios, 17()j-1773. Publicado en la " Revista Chilena de Historia y 
Geografia," tomo VI. By Tom;is Thayer Ojeda. Santiago de ChiL», Imprenta 
Universitaria, Bandera 130, 1913. 05 p. 8* 

Waters, Henry FitzGilbert, memoir. The di.scoveror of John Harvanl, Henry 
Fitz(Jilb(>rt Waters, IL C, 18o'). By E Iwiu Halo .Vbbot, 1^3•3, and William 
Roscoc Thayor, 1H8L n. p. (1913). p. 231-210, por. 8' Reprinted from the 
Harvard Graduatt^' Magazine, vol. 22, Dec, 1913 — no. Si). 

Waters, Henry FitzGilbert, memoir. Memoir of Henry FitzGilbert Waters 
A.M. Boston, published by the New Englan I Historic Genealogical Society at 
the Robert Henry l!>lvly Memorial Rooms, 1914. 17 p. fcsm. por. 8* Re- 
printed from Rkuistek for January, 1914. 


1914] Recent Books 207 

Harvard College, Class of 1873. The nintli report of the flccretary of the Cluas 
of 1873, IJjirviinl C'ollrKe, Commencemeut, iyi3, Boston, 'I'ho Rockwell A 
Churchill Trena, 1013. 03 p. h* 

Harvard College, Class of 1898. Quindcccnnial reiwrt. n. p. June 1913. 
21 -h o32 p. por. «° 

Yale University, Class of 1885. Quarter-centenary record of the Cla^d of 18S5, 
Yal(! Univ( ^^ity, covcruig the tiiirty-onc? ycHr.s from its admission into the aca- 
demic department, lSSl-1012. rui)lLshe I for the Cla-Sd. Boston, Masd., The 
Fort Hill l*resa, 1013. 7 -\- 420 p. il. pi. por. 8* 

Yale University, Sheffield Scientific School. Decennial record of the Class of 
19U3, Shcliicld IScientilic School, Y;ilc I'niver.sity. By Vada K(erbyJ Bracher, 
cla.s.s secret ;iry, assisted by the Chuss Secretaries Bureau. New Haven, Conn., 
publibhed for the claaa, 1013. 198 + (l) p. il. pl- por. 6" 


(a) Gknkhal 

American Revolution, messengers. Four mounted messengers of the Revolu- 
tion, Paul Revere, WilHam Dawes, Marinu.s Willctt, Thomas Lamb. By William 
Ol^^ilvicJ, Comstock. Brookline, M:ls.s., 1913. 21 p. fcsm. pl. 8" 
I'uprr read nt tucctiiiK uf tin- nrooWliiic Ili.^toricul Sucicty, .^prii 19, I'Jl 1. 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts. The 274th 
annual record of tiu; Anc ient anil Honorai)le Artillerv Company of Massachusetts, 
1911-1912. Sermon by Rev. R. Perry Bush, D.D. Norwood Press, Norwood, 
Mass., 1913. 103 p. pl. por. 8° 

Chile, conquerors. Los conquistadores dc Chile. Por TomA.s Thayer Ojeda. 
Tomo 3. Publicado en los Anales de la Univer.sidad, tomos CXXX a CXXXII. 
Santiago de Chile, Imprcuta, Litograha i Encuaderuacion [Barcelona], 1913. 
295 p. 4" 

Connecticut, history. List of Congrcpational ecclesiastical societies established 
in Connecticut before October 1S18 with their changes. PubUshed by the Con- 
necticut Historical Society. Hartford, 1913. 35 p. 8° 

Essex County, Mass., Indian land titles. The Indian land titles of Essex 
County, Ma^s. By Sidney Perley. Salem, Mass., Essex Book and Print Club, 
1912. 144 p. fcsm. map pl. por. 8° 

Massachusetts, record commissioner. Twenty-sixth report of the commis- 
sioner of public records, 1913. By Henry E[ruest] Wooila. Boston, Wright «t 
Potter Printing Co., 1914. 8 p. 8* 

Massachusetts Volunteers, 3Qth regiment, history. The 39th regiment Massa- 
chu.setts Vohmtcers, lS()2-18t'>5. By Alfrtxl S. Roe. Regimental Committee 
on History, John H. Dusseault, Chairman; J. Fred. Leslie, Secretary; George 
F. Moses, Treasurer; John F. Locke, \\ illiam P. Brown, Milton F. Roberts, 
Channing Whittaker. W orcester, Mass., published by the Regimental Veteran 
Association, 1914. 493 p. fcsm. pl. por. 8 

New Hampshire, epitaphs. Gravestone inscriptions gathered by the Old 
Burial Grounds Committee of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of 
America in State of New Hampshire. By Mrs, Josiah Carpenter. Cambridge, 
Riverside Press, 1913. 03 p. 12* 

Suine colonial epitaphs will be fouad of the fot'owiDg places: Bctlford, Rethlehem. Chester, 
Chichester, Derry, Dover, Epsom, Exeter, Hampton, Keeoe, Londonderry. Manchester, Nashua. 
I^tU»6fliJ. and Portsmouth. 

Rliode Island, history. The seal, the arms, and the flag of Rho Ic Island. 
By Howard M[ilhir] Chapin. Proviilence, printed for the Society, 1913. 10 p. 
pl. S*' 

War of 181 2, Massachusetts Militia, records. Records of the Massachusetts 
Volunteer Militia called out by the Governor of Miissachusetts to suppress a 
threatened invasion during the War of 1812-14. PubUsho I by Brig. -Gen. 
Gardner W. Pearson. Boston, Wright 6i Potter Printing Co., 1913. 15 +448 p. F* 


208 Recent Books [Apri 

(6) I>OCAL 

Andover (Mass.) Ministerial Association. Andover Ministerial Aaoociation 
ir)()tli ;ii»niv«'rsury. Kirst (.'oiign ^^tilioiial Clmrch, I.owell, C>ct. 7, 1013. Ml* 
toriciil Hkc'tch. iiy Hcv. C. C. Carpenter. I'linted by vote of the AKSociatiun 
n. p. n. (1. 2;j p. H" 

Baltimore, Md., First Presbyterian Church. A brief history of the First;in (liiirch of Biilt iinore. ("onipiled iin<ler direction of itd Session nnd 
Committee for I'ublication on its loUth unniverbary. iiy William Ueynol-id 
Biiltimoro, 11)13. 124 p. por. 8** 

Barnstable and Yarmouth, Mass., history. Ramstablc and Yarmouth sea 
captairiH and ship owners. By Francis William Sprapue. List of sailiuRd from 
New lui^iand to San Francisco, IHlO-lSoO. By i.cavitt Spraj^e. (T. U. Mar- 
vin & Son, Boston, Mjls.s.] Brivati'ly printed, lUi3. 

Brockton, Mass., Public Library. Addresses delivpre<l at the laying of the 

corner stone, May If), 11)12 and the tledication, June 10, 11H3 of the Fublic 

Library buildiii)^, Brockton, Muaa. Brockton, Nlass., Standard Printing Co., 
11)13. 32 p. pi. 8" 

Cambridge, Mass., vital records. Vital records of Canibridpe, Mass., to the 
year ISoO, vol. 1, birtlw. By Thomas Wfilliams] Baldwin. Boston, Mass., 1914. 
<J3ti p. 8^ 

Granville, Mass., vital records. Vital rocord.s of fJranville, Mosa., to the year 
1850. l'ul«Ii.<lie(l by the New I]ii<;land lli.>toric Oenealoj^jcal Society at the H<^bert 
Henry Kddy Memorial Booms at the charj^e of the Kddy Town-Record Fund, 
lioston, M;iss., 1914. 23() p. 8** 

Hingham, Mass., history. Namea of tax payers of Ilingham, Massachusetta, 
1711. From the original mami.script in the possession of Frank Do Wette 
Andrews. Vineland, N. J., privately printed, 11)13. 10 p. 8** 

Los Angeles, Cal., history. Commemorative of the official opening, the Los 
A^^:eles Acjueduct and Exposition Park, November 5 and 0, 1913. Compliments 
of The Los Angeles Celebration Conmiission. Designed, compiled, and written 
by F. B. Davison, n. p. cl913. n. p. 4" 

Lynn, Mass., Essex Trust Company. Essex Trust Company, Lynn, Maas., 
1814-1914, an historical sketch of the bank, for its centcmiial year. By Ellen 
Mudge Burrill. n. p. icsm. pi. 4° 

Lynnj Mass., history, llii^toric priorities in Ljim, an address given at the 
de<iication of the Socittv House, Lynn Historical Socutv, October 9, 1913. By 
Clharle^l Jfeptha] H (ill]' Woodbury. Lynn, Mass., 1913. 37 p. 8" Reprinted 
from the Register of the Society, vol. 17. 

New Bedford, Mass., history. The presentation of the whaleman statue to 
the city of New Bedford, by William W. Crapo and the exercises at the dedication 
June 20, 1913. Old Dartniouth Historical sketches, no. 38. 50 p. pi. por. 4^ 

Norwich, Conn., vital records. Vital records of Norwich, 1059-1848, part 2. 
Hartforil, Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut, 1913. p. 573- 
1180, 8" 

Phillips Academy, Exeter, N. H., bulletin. Life at Phillips Exeter. Bulletin 
of The Phillips Exeter Academy, vol. 9, no. 3, October, 1913. Exeter, N. IL, 
The Phillips Ivxeter Academy, 1913. 02 -|- [2) p. fcsm. pi. por. 8° 

Richmond, Mass., vital records. Vital records of Richmond, Mass., to the 
year 1S50. Publisheil by the 1,'ew 1 England Historic Genealogical Society at 
the Robert Henrv Eddy Memorial Roonis at the charge of the Eddy Town- 
Record Fund. Boston, Mass., 1913. 113 p. 8** 

Rupert, Vt., epitaphs. The gravestone inscriptions of Rupert, Bennington 
Co., Vermont, copievl and verifie<i, 1911-1912. By Levi Henry Elwell. .Am- 
herst, Mass., 1913. 0+79-1-1 p. 8° Price $100. Address L. H. Elwell, Am- 
herst, Masd. 



Recent Books 


Salisbury, Conn., history. Ili.storical collrctions roluting to the town of Salis- 
bury, 1 itdifuM Co., Conn., vol. 1. Arrun^^JMl jiiwl publidlxtl by 'llic .Salu^burv 
Artriociution, Inc. (The Tuttlo, iV 'faylorCo., New Haven, (>onn.|, 1913. 
154 p. 8" l*ri<e SI. 50 j):iiK'r; S'J.UU cloth. A<i(lress Treoaurer, The Salisbury 
Aiwociatiou, luc, Lakeville, Conn. 


General Society Daughters of the Revolution. l*rocee<linK3 of the 21at annual 
meeting, held in Boston, M:ws., May 13 to 18, 1912. n. \>. n. d. 97 p. por. 8* 

General Society Daughters of the Revolution. ProtuuviinKH of the 22<i annual 
nu'oting, held in Philadelphia, i^u., .Vpril 17 to May 3, 1913. n. p. n. d. 82 p. 8* 

Historia. Vol. 4, no. 5. By W. P. Campb.ll. (8j p. il. 4'' Okl.ihoma City, 
()kl:i., Jan. 1914. Price 25 cts. 

James Sprunt Historical Publications. The Univer.sity of Nortli Carolina. 
Tht! .Julius i^pnint Ili,sti>ri(Hl PuhHcjitiuns. Publi.shiMi under the direction of 
The North Carolina llistoritul Soci(!ty. Contents, The Governor, Council, and 
Assembly in Royal North Carolina, by C. S. Cooke; Lund tenure in proprietary 
North Carolina, by L. N. Morg:in. Vol. 12, n(j. 1. J. G. de Houlhac Hamilton 
(and) llenrv McGilbort WagatalT, editors. Chapel Hill, N. C, pubhshe«i by the 
University,* 1912. 03 p. 8° 

James Sprunt Historical PubUcations. The Univijrsity of North Carolina. 
The James Sprunt Historical Publications. Published tinder the direction of 
The North Carolina Historical Society. The North Carolina Indiaius. Vol. 12, 
no. 2. J. G. de Koulliac Hamilton (and) Henry McGilbcrt Wagstaff, editors. 
C:hapcl Hill, N. C, published by the University, 1913. 41 p. S° 

James Sprunt Historical Publications. The University of North Carolina. 

The James Sjjrunt Historical Publications. Published under the direction of 
The North Carolina Historical Society. J. G. de Houlhac Hamilton (and) Henry 
McGilixrt WagstulT, e<litors. Vol. 13, no. 1. Contents, The .North Carolina 
Colonial Bar, by lOrnest H. Alderman; The Granville District, by E. Merton 
Coulter. (Durham, N. C, The Seeman Printery, 1913.) 50 p. 8** 

Library of Cape Cod history and genealogy. No. 6o. A genealogist's letter 
book. Correspondence of Amos Otis relative to Colonial ancestry. Book one. 
Edited by C. W. Swift and .\. L. Kelley. Yannouthport, Mass., Charles W. 
Swift, The Register Press, 1913. (G)-+-20 p. 4'' 

Library of Cape Cod history and genealogy. No. 6i. A genealogist's letter 
luKjk. Correspondence of .Vmos Otis relative to Colonial anccstr>'. Book two. 
Edited by C. W. Swift and A. Jj. Kelley. Yarniouthport, Mass., Charles W. 
Swift, The Register Press, 1913. 32 p. 4^ 

Library of Cape Cod history and genealogy. No. 62. A genealogist's letter 
l>ook. Correspondence of Amos Otis relative to Colonial ancestry. Book three. 

Yarmouthport, Mass., Charles W. 

Edited by C. W. Swift and A. L. Kelley. 
Swift, The Register Press, 1913. 32 p. 4* 

Magazine of History, extra number 22. Magazine of History with notes and 
queries, extra number, no. 22. Comprising, — Service with the French troops 
in Africa (1840), by an otTicer in the U. S. Army (Philip Kearny); A dashing 
(ira«zoon (Kcarnv), by Caj^t. Ma\Tie Reid; .\ little looking-ghiss ifor the times 
(170 n, Anon. New York, Williani Abbatt, 1913. 121+93 p. por. 4' 

Magazine of History, extra number 23. Magazine of History with notes and 
uerics, extra number, no. 23. Comprising. — An impartial review (ISOO), (by) 
"harles Pettit; The Gwin fancy-dress ball (1858), (by) John DeS. Haviland. 
New York, William Abbatt, 1913. 67 p. 4** 

Magazine of History, extra number 24. Magazine of History with notes and 
queriori, extra number, no. 24. Comprising, — I^etters of a Confederate otlicer 
(1804), (by) Richard W. Corbin; A journal of the expeilition up the river .St. 

"of Gen. Hopson'a Grenadiers. New 


Lawrence (1759). by the Serge:int-Maior 
York, William Abbatt, 1913. 113 p. 4* 

210 Recent Books [Apr 

Magazine of History, extra number 27. Mrtgazino of Ili.story with notca a 
(|ii( rifs, extra iiumljtT, no. '27. 'ihc |)utru)td of North America, a bketch, 171 
New V(irk, Wilhar!! Ahhatt, P.»14. 10 p. 4" 

Massachusetts, Colonial Society of. Publications of Tho Colonial Socifty 
Ma.ssacliusetta. Vol, 14. Tran.sactionH^ lOll-iyi'i. PrintcKi ut the charge 
the HLiijariiiij Aptliorp ( JouM Mrniorial Fund. IJo^^ton, published by the Societ 
lyia. 17+417 p. fcdin. map pi. r>or. H" 

Michigan Historical Commission. Michigan Historical Commission, a eta 
depart iiiciit of liiritory ami archives, bulletin no. 2. SupRfStionj* for local h 
torical bocietiea and writcrH in Micliigan. By Clcorge Newman Fuller, Th. 
Lansing, Mich., Wynkoop Ilallenbeck Cra\sfonl Co., 191.3. 4o p. 8® 

Missouri Historical Society. Missouri Historical .Society, departrnf^nt 
archaeology, bulletin 1. I'rehi.storic ohjcct.s clas.sificd an<l d< ' 1. I 
CJcrard Fowko. St. I>ouia, Mo., publishcl by the Society, 1*J13. ^- , .-ij p. 
pi. 8^ Price 23 cts. 

National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America. IIL^to 
for the 15th year ending May 13, 1913. (Washington, D. C.) 1913. 17S p. 

New York Historical Society. Safeguards of American democracy, an addrc 
delivercii before the New York Historical Society on itd one hundre<l and nin 
anniversar}', November IS, 1913. By Charles Alexander Richmond, D.D., LL.. 
New York, printed for the Society, 1913. 39 p. 8° 

Old Dartmouth Historical Sketches. No. 37. Being the proceoflings of t 
37th mei'ting of the Old Dartmoutli Historical Society, held in their buildir 
Water Street, New Be<lford, Mass., January 29, 1913. New Bc<lfor I 120 yet 
ago, as glimp)sed through the Medley. By l<la A. McAfee. [New Bc<Iford, Mas 
1913.] 24 p. 4° Price 10 ct^. Address the Secretary. 

Society of Colonial Dames, New York. Register of the Colonial Damea of t 
State of New York, 1S93-1913, organized April 29, 1S93; incor|>orate I .\pril 2 
1893. New York, published by the authority of the board of managers, 191 
432 p. 8* 

The Society of Daughters of Holland Dames. Second record book of T 
Society of Daughters of llolhaitl Uames. Descendants of the ancient and hone 
able families of New Netherland. Organized May 8, 1895; incorporated Decei 
ber 9, 1S95. New York, published by the authority of the board of directo) 
1913. 72 p. 8" 

Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, California. Addresses d 
livcred before the California Society of the Sons of the American Hovolutio 
Biographical sketches. By Thom:is Allen Perkins. San Francisco, Cal., pu 
hahed by the Society, 1913. 120 p. fcsm. por. 8° 

Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Massachusetts. Massach 
Betts Society of tho Sons of the .\merican Revolution, register of members, Octob 
10, 1913, proceedings of the Society and board of managers, constitution and b 
laws. (Springtield, Miiss., The F. A. Bassette Co.) Published by the Societ 
1913. 213 p. fcsm. pi. i)or. 8° 

Society of Sons of the Revolution, Pennsylvania. Annual proceedings Pen 
flylvania Society of Sous of the Revolution, 1912-1913. Philadelphia, 191 
78 + (llp. 4'' 

Western Reserve Historical Society. Tract no. 92. The Western Reser 
Historical Society. Part 1. Articles of incorporation, officers, membershi 
annual report for 1912-1913. Part 2, Northern Ohio during the War of 181 
from manuscripts in the collections of the Western Reserve Historical ."^ociet 
With introduction by Elbert Jay Benton, Ph.D. Cleveland, Ohio, 1913. 117 p. 


Heredity. How to improve the race. By .\lexandcr Graham Bell. n. • 
(1914). 7 p. il. 4" Reprinteii from the Journal of Heredity (Organ of the Amei 
can Genetic Association), Washington, D. C, Jan. 1914, vol. 5, no. 1, p. 1-7. 









JULY, 1914 


By Julius Uerdkut Tuttle, Esq., of Dcdhain, Miiss. 


Don Glkason Hill, tho soccmd son of George and Sylvia (Grout) 
Hill, was born at West IMcdway, Mass., 12 July 1847, and ilicd at 
Dcdhani, Mass., 20 February 1914. He traced his ancestry to 
Sanuiel Hill of colonial times; to Matthew Gu.'^hin^; of Ilin^hanr, 
1()3S; to Thonuis AngcU, one of the earliest settliTs of Pruvidcnce, 
with Koj^er Williams; to I'homas Olney of Salem, Ui-Sf), who also 
joined \\ illiams in the purchase of lands at Providence and in founding 
there a Baptist churcli; to John Grout, "chirur^ion," of Water- 
town, 1041; to Edward Dix of Watertown, 10150, and to Jolm Bar- 
nard of the same })lantation; to John Boyiiton of Rowley; to Richard 
Swan, who joined the Boston church in liVM); to Joseph Jewett of 
Dorchester, 1039; to John Putnam of Salem, 1040; to Edward 
Elmer of Cambridge, 10o2; to Hugh Caulkins of (Jloucester, 1040; 
and to James Hamblen of Barnstable. 

Mr. Hill's early education was obtained in the common schools 
of his native town, Medway. His strong de.sire to make the most of 
his future opportunities came while he was a faithful assistant to his 
father in the carj^enter's traile; and by dint of hard work he earned 
enough to continue his education in higher institutions. His early 
training was in a liome whose religious atmosphere helped to shape 
his career. He fitted for college at Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, 
Mass., and in 1805 entered Amlierst College, in the class which 
numbers among its distinguished men Hon. Charles Herbert Allen, 
member of C^ongress from his district in the Forty-Ninth and Fiftieth 
Congresses, the late Rev. Dr. Elijah Winchester Donald, Rector of 
Trinity Church, Boston; Rev. Joseph Bartlctt Seabury, late his 
minister, of Deilham, and Rev. Dr. Henry Preserved Smith, Biblical 
scholar. At the entl of his second year in college he secured a school 
at Barre, Vt., where lie taught for a year. He then entered the Law 
School of the University of Albany, N. Y., where he was graduated 
in May 1870 with the degree of Bachelor of Laws. In 1894 Amherst 
College conferred on him the honorary degree of Master of Arts. 

Soon after his admission to the bar of the State of New York in 
1870, he returned to Medway and became a student in the oihce of 
Charles H. Deans. Following Mr. Deans's advice, he came to Ded- 
voL. Lxvni. 14 

212 Don Gleason Hill [July 

ham, and in June 1871 entered as a student the ofTice of Waldo 
Colbura. On 25 September 1S71 he was a<hiiitte(l to the l)ar of 
Norfolk County. Wlien Mr. ('olburri was appc/mted a justice of 
th(? Superior (\nirt in June 1875, Mr. Hill t<jok u]) a lar(;e j)art of hi.s 
praetiee. He early ^!;ave special attention to pr(>l)ate law and c(jn- 
veyancin^, and found in these branches of the law liis life work, 
becoming a leading autli(»iity in such niatt(Ts. W ilh the excejjtion 
of a f(!W years foljowing OctoluT 1875, when another student of Jud^e 
Colburn's, Air. (Miarles A. Mackintosh, became his partner, Mr. Hill 
practised his profession alone. 

While his vocation was his absorbing interest, he found time for 
other efforts in the service, directly or indirectly, of the to\vn of 
l)(Hlham. He was town cK^rk, with the excejition of a few week.s, 
from March 1880 to March 1912, when he retired on account of ill 
health. In this position he lield durin<^ the whole term the contidence 
and esteem of his townspeople; and his interest in the details of 
the work was great. He urged extreme care in the recording of 
names and dates in the vital records, and called on local registrars to 
coiiperate with the secretary of state in this important matter. Ho 
was on(; of the pioneers in the printing of the town records; and in 
his r(^i)ort issued in February 1885 he urged the town of Dedham to 
})rint, because its records "contain so much that is of priceless value, 
only one copy exists, and once lost can never be restored." The 
town carried out his recommendation each year until the work which 
he had planned was accomi)lished. Eight volumes were published 
in this way, five of vital records, from 1G35 to 1890, and three of 
town records, from 1030 to 1700. 

Mr. Hill was a selectman from 1882 to 1880, and from 1888 to 1891. 
In 1884, under a new law passed that year, the town clerk became 
ex officio a member of the Board of Registrars of Voters, with two 
other members appointed by the Selectmen. He remained in this 
position for several years. He was elected a member of the school 
committee in March 1899, and his death occurred just before his 
fifteenth year of service was completed. In 1888 he was a candidate 
for the position of county commissioner of Norfolk County, and came 
within twelve votes of election. His service to the town was remark- 
able, for he filled in long i)eriods all of the principal ofhces in its gift, 
so that his experience and advice were valuable assets to the to^\^l. 

With some of the business interests alst> of Dedham, Mr. Hill was 
closely connected. The Dedham Institution for Savings owed much 
to his legal services for nearly forty years. In 1875 he succeeded 
Judge Waldo Colburn as its attorney, since 1883 he served as one of 
its trustees, and for many years, until his death, he was on its im- 
portant Committee of Investment. He served as attorney for other 
banks also. At the time of his death he was the senior director of the 
Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance Company, a position to which he 
had been first chosen in 1880, and during this period he served for 
many years as its auditor. 

In September 1880 Mr. Hill was elected a member of the Dedham 
Historical Society, and all its interests were most congenial to him. 
Ho entered its service with enthusi:ism, and with a devotion which 

1914] Don Glcason IIill 213 

made him the motive power of its hiter suceess. The iSociety sinco 

its b(;^;iriiiin^ in 1859 had ^unc; on in tiie (juict t(»nor of its way, and 

continued to hold ni(!etinjz;s in the; rooms of the eounty eomniissioners 

in the eourt houses until 18«7. Meantime, in 1S80, Mr. 11 ill announced 

1 to the Society "the numificent ^^ifts of Hannah Shutthworth" of Ikt 

[ hom(;stead, with thi; sinn of ten thousand dollars, to he used in tho 

I erection of a huildiiiK for tlm Society on its site. Mr. Hill was in- 

j strumental in hrin^inp; about this hai)py result and also in raisinj^ an 

additional sum of fifteen hundred ciollars by subscription, which 

cnabhul the society to ('rect its fire-j)ro(jf building, completed in 

December 1887. The new building was opcaied with a notable 

I exhibition of historical relics on 25 January 1888; and at tlie annual 

; meeting in March folhjwing Mr. Hill was elected i)resitient. For 

six ycMirs previously he had held the positions of historiographer, 

chronicler, and curator of the Society. 

The Society's collection of volurni's, then inherited from the day 
of small things, became the nucleus of a steadily growing library, 
which in a few years, owing to Mr. Hill's personal etTorts, proved of 
great value for reference as well as large in numljers. He spent hours 
from day to day, outside of liis pressing business, in f(^llo\N ing up the 
necessary details in this labor of love. The Society has spread upon 
its re(!or(ls a grateful recognitic^n of what he did in securing its build- 
ing, the library, and the collection of interesting relics, and in keeping 
the standard of its work up to the highest usefulness. During the 
fourteen years of The Dcdham Historical Register, from 1890 to 1903, 
he gave the editor, in his personal undertaking, most encouraging 
and loyal support. The quarterly was published under the aus])icc3 
of the Society, and Mr. Hill occasionally contributed to it articles of 

Mr. Hill took the initiative in preparing for and suggesting to tho 
town the important steps to be taken in the celebration of tlui two 
hundred and tiftieth anniversary of its incorporation. In connection 
with this event of 188G he was one of the Committee on Historic 
Tablets and Monuments, and tlid efficient service, not only in erect- 
ing memorials to mark places and objects of historic interest but in 
doing his part in making the full and exhaustive report of the Com- 
mittee which is i)rinted in the "Proceedings at the Celebration." 
The knowledge wliich Mr. Hill had gained as a student of the history 
of the town and of the church and from his pn)fessional work was of 
invaluable service on that occasion, and on the two humlred and 
fiftieth anniversary of the church. 

The townspeople of Dedham will ever hold his name in grateful 
remembrance for his interest in the other bequests of Miss Ilannah 
Shuttleworth — ten thousand dollars to the Dedham Public Library, 
which made available for a library' building anotlu^ legacy of an equal 
amount, and the residue of her estate, amounting to thirty thousand 
dollars, to the town of Dedham, the income to be used to furnish 
pecuniary aid and employment to the worthy poor of the touTi. 
Mr. Hill was made chairman of the first committee of the town to 
take charge of this fund, in 1888, and continued in the position until 
his death. The bequest to the Public Library enabled the trustees 

214 Don Glca6on Hill [July 

to build a Kuhstanlial ari<l hcautiful stone l^uilding. Mr. Hill was 
(jhosou a trustee in March 1887, arul In^ld the position until March 
11)00, serving; as ch;rk during a part of this time. 

Mr. II ill's time and thought were lar^;(;ly given to matters of local 
interest, and this fact, conihincd with a natural .-hrinkin^ fnjn 
publicity, prev<;nted him from ^i\ in^; to man}' (jf the societies outside 
which sou^^ht his membership the beneht of his lentil and hi.<torical 
knowledge. liut he took, however, an active part as a member of 
the New England Historic (Icnealogical Society, to which lie was 
admitted in 1881; he was a member of its Council from 1 June 1892 
to 189G, of its C'ommittee on Memorials for the years 1900-1 902, and 
of its Committee on Publicaticms for th(^ years 1900-1910; and he 
was dee])ly interested in its objects and welfare. He was also a 
member of the American Historical Association, the American 
Anti(iuarian Society, and the Massachusetts Historical Society, and 
highly prized his membership in each of these societies. 

The j)ressure of his busy prjjfe.ssional life also prevented him from 
devoting much tinu? to finished literary work. Besides his occasional 
addresses to the Dedham Historical Society he gave the address on 
17 June 1898, at the unveiling of the bronze tablet, placed on a 
boulder erected on the Church (Ireen by the (vommon\\<'alth of 
Massachusetts, to connnemorate the establishment by the inhabi- 
tants of Dedham in town meeting assembled, on 1 January 1044/5, 
of a free public school to be maintained by general taxation. He 
also prepared for The National Magazine of June 1892 a valuable 
illustrated article on ''The Record of a New England Town fr(>m 
the Passage of the Stamp Act to the Declaration of Independence, 

Mr. Hill's recreation from the stress of his active life was his great 
interest in books, both as a rc-ader and as a collector. His library of 
several thou.sand volumes comprised works relating to the Hible and 
religion, the drama, Ameriian History, travel, and art, and was rich 
in books for children's reading, in poetry — especially of the earlier 
English poets, and in books of reference. Saturdays found him in 
th(; bookshops of Boston on his interesting search for books, and the 
fascination of the quest was all-absorbing to him. During his last 
protracted illness, when he was incapacitated from doing any physical 
labor, he busied himself, quietly and with the assistance of members 
of his family, in making an illustrated catalogue of his library, in four 
volumes; and this work was his chief pUuisure. 

His life in Dedham was inseparably connected with the Ortho- 
dox Congregational Church, of which he was long a member, and a 
deacon from 1898 to 1912. He was closely connected with its inter- 
ests and devoted to its welfare, giving much of his valuable time in 
its service. 

Mr. Hill married, 26 December 1876, Carrie Louisa Luce, daughter 
of David Wing and Caroline Elizabeth Luce of Dedham. He is sur- 
vived by his widow and six children, Carrie Frances, Helen Florence, 
Don Cleason, Jr., Maria Louisa, Alice Laura, and George. Mr. 
Hill's brother, William Francis, and his son, Don Gleason, Jr., occupy 
his office and continue his practice. 


1914] Dorchester First Church Baptisms 215 

AT DORCHESTER, MASS., 1748-1792 

Comrnunicatcd by IOduak Yates, A.Ii., of BosU)ii, Mass. 


TiiR church nuiords of baptisms of the First Church at Dorchester, 
Mass., from 1730 to 1814 liave loii^? hecii missin^^. This period in- 
cludes the pastorates of Hev. Jonathan Bowman (1 729-1 77.S) and 
Rev. Moses lOverett (177-1 179:j) and the first half of the pastorate 
of Rev. Tiiaddeus Ma.son Harris (179:MS3'0). Wlien Mr. Bowman's 
pastorate came to an end, he retained the church records wiiieh were 
in his possession, although the ('hurch <lemanded them of him. The 
book containing the record of deatiis during his ministry was recov- 
ered, but the other records were n(;ver given )>a(k to the Church — 
"a serious to the toNNTi," says the History of Dorchester (p. WM)). 
The book containing the record of baptisms from 1774 to 1814 wan 
mislaid by Dr. Harris in later years, according to parish tradition. 

In the old Ebenezer Clapp house in Dorchester, recently, Mr. 
Edward Albert Huebener, an enthusiastic local antiquary, discovered 
under the attic eaves, behind a i)lastered wall, a small wooden trunk. 
In this litthi trunk wore manuscri{)t books and i)apers of evident age. 
One of them was a home-made book, G by 7J^ inches, with these 
wortls written on the cover: "Record of Baptizms / from / 1748 to 

This book of 110 pages appears to be a private record of Dorches- 
ter First ('hurch ba])tisms, begun by SanuieP Withington, Jr. {Sam- 
uel,^ John,'^ Richard^), and kept by him or some member of his family. 
The penmanship is so excellent as to leave no question as to the 
spelling of each name. The pages used are ruled vertically into four 
columns. The pages are not numbered, but in the printeil copy the 
pages of the original are indicated by numerals enclosed in brackets. 
The book apparently had at one time a wall-paper cover, but only 
the right-hand half of this now remains, and a dark brown paper cover 
has been added. 

The period covered by this private record is, in years, more than 
half of that for which the church records arc missing. 

j [Baptisms, 1748-1792) 

' 111 

Dorchoster April y,'^ \0^^ I Samuel Withington Jun' wjis bom / In the Year 1720, 
Jane Kilton was born April the 2*^ 172S / And in tiie Year 174G We w;i3 Marrie*! 

i March the 19^'^ / And in February >*" 8*^ Our fmst son Samuel Was born 1718 / 
He Receiv'd l^aptism February y« 14^^ 1748, After* the Number / Of thobc that 

I Received Baptism After February the 14*^ i»i y* Year 1748 

Parents Names Childrens Names 

February 21 Alexander Glovers Daft.r Hannah Cdovcr 

John Blakuum .Iiui*" Son John Blakman 

March 6 Hcnery Lcdcbcter Daf^ Su;iauuh Lcdcbeter 

* This word baa been crossed out. 


Dorchester First Church Baptiams 


Elijah Tolrnana 


Ichabo<l Tolrnan 

Josi ph Whi.ston 


Obailiah Whi.ston 



Abruhani Smith 


Ilarmah Smith 


UcnujiiibtT I'rcdton Jui 

ir Daff 

Abij^al Prr.ston 



John Hra«lly Jun*" 


Hebekah Bradly 


Edward White 


Thomas Wliite 



Johiah Ca{)ana 


Josiah ('apen * 



Maruh Kvans 


Elijah Davis 



John Maxfielii 


Lydia Maxtield 


Jaincd How 



Elizabeth How 



Samuel Piorce 


Sarah Pierre 


John Humphry 


John Humphry 



Samuel Ho\ss 


HiiiuKdi How 


JeTuthmet;! VVhcclcf 


Silas Wheeler 


Joseph Hiusa 


Sarah Bass 

Jorijah Walca 


Sarah Wah^ 


Isaiah Leeds 


Priisill;di I^eda 


James Crossniana 


Sarah Crossman 



Thomius Kiltond 


Mary Kilton 


John Wis well 


Israel W i.swrll 



Isaac Humphrey 


Isaac Humphn-y 


Preserved Baker 


Ju<ldeth Baker 




John Robinson 


Stephen Robinson 


John Champney 


Mary Champney 


Lemuel Blake 


Jonathan Blake 


Timothy Foster 


Jemimah Foster 


M indwell Clap 


William Andrew 



Richard ILdl 


Richard Hull 


John Whitc'd 


thankful White 



Benjamin TiLstoQ 


Benjsmiin Tilston 



George Baker 


George Baker 


Jonathan Bradly 


Ruth Bradly 



Consider Leeds 


Susannah Lecda 


John Pierce 


Jonathan Pierce 


Timothy Foster 


Elizabeth Foster 


Aquihih Tolman 


Desire Tolman 



Josei)h Binl 


George Bird 


Samuel Bradlya 


Margrct Bradly 


Joseph Clapa 


Hannah Clap 


Kbenezer Bird 


Mariam Bird 


Ebnezer Jonca 


Elijah Jones 



\\ iliinm Robinaon 


Zebiah Robinson 


William Severa 


Rebekah Severa 


Jonathan Clap 


Sarah Clap 


Edward Whito 


EUzabeth White 



Thomas Clap 


Charla Clap 


John Blakmaa 


Susannah Blackman 



Henery Leileboter 


Obedeiah Swift I^ebeter 


Eli^ha Devenn)ort 


Esther Devemiwrt 


Elijidi Pope 


Hannah Poj>c 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 



John Tolman 


Susannah Tolman 


Cuk'b lirmll.-y'a 


John Bradley 


' 3 

llcmry Hinl 


Samurl Bird 


Willitiin MiTfiam 


Nathaniel Merriarn 


Joshua Williama 


Joshua Williams 



John Spurr 


John Spurr 


Ht-njainin Ward 


Mary Ward 


IncrciLM! Loilcbeter 


Increase I>edebetcr 


SurniK'l Jonca 


Abigal Jones 



Jobiah Leeds 



Moley Leeds 



John IToraana 


John Homans 


S;iinuc'l Leeds 


Susannah L«HHis 


Abruhain Smith 


Elisha Smith 


Moses Gouch 


Jane Gouch 




James Humphry 


Sarah Humplu*y 



\N'illiain Kind's Son 

& Dau' 

William I't Jane King 


Zrbcdiah \\ iUiams 


EUzabcth Willianid 


Ji)>i;ih Bra<lley 


Daniel Briwllcy 



James Hukcr 


M:iryann Baker 


llemember Preston 


Saray Preston 


Jeremiah Piu-ker 


David Parker of Roxbury 



Samuel Withington 


Mary Withington 


Solomou Kilton 


Samuel Kilton 


Edward Preston 


Mary Preston 


Ralph Morgan 


Ann Morgan 


John Gibens 


John Gibt'us 


Ebenezcr Pope 



Abigal Pope 



Ebcnezer Tolmana 


Daniel Tolman 



Ivlward Capens 


Mary Capen 


David Avory's 


Lytlia Avory 


Joseph Bird's 


Joseph Bird 


James How's 


Abigal Howe 



Joseph Hivss's 


Ald«'n B;iss 


Joh Hraley 


Prissillah Brdley 



Sary Downs 


John Walea 



Elijah Popes 


Mary Pope 


Joseph Whistons Son 

& Dau' 

J:vmes & S;iry Whiston 


David Briulley 


Ruth Bradley 



Humphry Atherton 


Jemimah Atherton 


Alex;uier Glovers 


Abigal Glover 



S:uuuel Hows 


Marv Howe 


Joseph Wales . 


Elizabeth Wales 



Samuel Pierce 


Ann Pierce 


John Champney 


Ann Champney 


John Ilobinsou.s Jun' 


Ebenezer Robinson 



John Pierce 


Sarah Pierce 


S:\nmel Blakes 


James Blake 

33 hath Received Baptism this Year 1750 




Isaiah Ivee<la 


Rebekah Leeds 


Josiiih Munrow 


Lemuel Munrow 


Dorchester First Church Baplisvis 












Crtlcb I^ra<llny 
Nrtthiinirl (.'l;l|) 
JoNcph Witliin^ton 
Sainuol Cox 
J»'rij:ili Wiilf.s 
I.snac Iluniphry 
Samuel Scvir^s 
JSainui'l Hra'lloys 
Jo.sluia Willianid 
Edwani Whites 
IOl)»'ii('Z«T J'oiicncfl 
Isaac Devcinport 
Jcratliiiu.'cl W licL'lcr 
John Hlakinan 
Isaac I)cv('in|M)rt 
lienjainiii 'i'ilston 
John HoiTiaii.s 
A(juilah Tohnan 



















Stophtn Hra4ll<;y 
Suhiiiit Clap 
Ann Withinf^ton 
William Cox. 
Ruth Walcrt 
Klijah Humphry 
Jo.iL'ph Scvcr.s 
Miletiah Bradley 
Ann Williams 
Ebenczcr White 
Kliziihcili J«)nc,s 
Jo.siah l)(Vrmp(jrt 
Solomcjii W heeler 
Mary Hlukman 
Haimah Devemport 
Silench Tilston 
ILmmih lIomanB 
Incroace 'rolman 

AQRUst 18 






John Holhruk nau"" Sarah Ilolhruk 

Prissilhih Simmons Amolatah* 

IVescrved Baker 
I'Mwanl Bri'.ston 
William Mariara 
Ilenery liird 
Joseph Clap 
Joseph hiisA Junior 
Samuel Within^tona 
Jonad Humphry 









Josc|)h Baker 
Samuel I'reston 
Elizabeth Mariactt 
Ruth Bird 
Josoph Clap 
Sarah Biuw 
Mary WithinRton 

David Humphry 
30 Hath Rocevwi Baptsm this Year 1751 












Juicy 19 

• A mulatto. 

John Wiswell Jun'^ 
William Holden 
\\ illi:im Kin^ 
Timothy Foster 
Samuel Joiu's 
Jonathan Brdley 
Josiah Bradley 
Zobodiah Williams 
Joseph Bird 
Thomad Clap 

Humphry Athcrton 
John Robinson Juq' 
Sollomon Kilton 
Timothy \\ aled 
Nathaniel Baker 
Joshua Severs 
John Champney 
William Severs 
Remember Preston Jun' 
Elisha l)evemj)ort 
John Kneeland 
Benjamin Dolbier 
























Ann Wiswcll 
Mary Holden 
Mary King 
Edward Foster 
Stephen Jone-s 
Susaimah Brdley 
Aim Bradley 
Ruth Williams 
Elizabeth Bird 
Mary Clap 

John Atherton 
John Robinson 
Elizabeth Kilton 
Ebenezer Wale^ 
George Maxfield 
Elizabeth Severs 
Esther Champney 
Ruth Severs 
Daniel Preston 
George Devemport 
Richard Kneoland 
John Dolbier of Boston 



Dorchefiler First Church Baptisms 




10 Jamort I)«?vnmport 

10 John liiHiilcy Jun' 

10 Joscpli W'illiiiiglon 

10 John White two 

16 Samuel Bhike 
28 Kheinjzer Hhike 
28 Suinuel Cox 

28 John Kviuis 

12 Mary Dii'ia 

17 Caleb Bradley 
31 liarncnl Capcn 

then? had 34 Recei 


John Deveniport Boston 


Nathan Bradhry 


Joseph Wilhington 


Klizabeth & Ann W hite 


ThoHiiw Blake 


Seth Blake 


Sarah Cox 


John lOvan.s 


Cornelus uuman dier 


Dau'" Avis Bra Uey 
Son Joim Capen 
ved Baptism this Year 1702 




David Avery 


Hannah Avery 


Sanuiel Severs 


Hannah Severs 


Isaac Dcvemport 


Josepii Devemport 



Joseph Whi.ston 


Sih-nce Winston 


Klisha TiLston 


Elizabt'th TiLstcjn 


Isaiah Leeds 


Nathan Leeds 


Dorkis Devemport 


Mary Bird 


IloKcr Clap 


Stephen Clap 



John Pirrce 


Daniel Pierce 


Samuel Baker 


Samuel Baker 


Samuel Baker 


David Baker 


John Honuis 


John Homans 



Isaac Hum{)hry 


Ann Humphry 


Rebekah Le(Mla 


bettee Kilton 



Joseph Bjuss 


Klizabeth Bass 


Jonathan Bason 


Elizabeth Pason 


Jeratiimeel Wheeir 


Mary Wheeler 



Alcxamicr Glovers 


Mary Glover 



Jacob Bird 


Elizabeth Bird 


John Wales 


Nathaniel Wales 


Iknjamin Dupce 


Esther Dupee 


Prescrveil Baker 


Sarah Baker 


EdNMird Preston 


Mary Preston 



Sunmel How 


Sarah How 



Samuel Lee<ls 


Patience I^eds 



Sanuiel Withington 


Ebenezer Withington 


Joseph Withingtou 


Benjamin Withington 



John Briiley Jun*" 


Nathan Bra lli^y 



William Meriom 


Thankfull Meriom 



W illiam Kin^ 


Charles King 


Zebidiah Williaina 


John Williams 



William Robinson 


Joseph Robinson 


Josiah Munrow 


Thankful Munrow 


William Severs 


Jonathan Severs 


Josiah Leeils 


Esther Leeds 



John Minotts 


Elizabeth Minotts 


John Champncy 


Joseph Champney 

in 1753 there h; 

\3 39 Reciv'd Baptism 


13 John Blakman Jun' Son 

13 Jacob Bird Son 

Moses Blakman 
Jacob Bird 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 




William Voae 


George Vose 


(i('<^rgf Bilker 


NLiry Baker 


Daniel Wi.swwl 


Daniel Wisweel 



Timothy Fosti-r 


Sarah Foster 


J(»ri:LH Iluiiipliry Jun' 


Lucy Humj)hry 


Ujirnanl Capcn'a 


Ebcnezer Cajjcn 


Jo.-jcph Spwrr'tj 


M;iry Spurr 


Juhn Uobiiiijcjn Jun' 


Susannah Kobiiison 



Jiihii Iwaiia 


Silence Evans 


John Hi'dca 


Hannah Ke<les 



Caltxl Hnyllcys 


Luce Bra«ileys 


Thornjts Mtjsc'lcy 


Ebent'zer Moacley 


HniiTy Hinl Jun' 


Sarah Bird 



Timothy Waled 


Hanuuli Wales 



TliomiLS Clap 


Siirah Clap 


Isaac Dev('ni[)ort 


Isaac How Devemport 



Tiioiniws Mini Jun' 


Thomas Bird 


lOlijuh I'opo 


Rachel Pope 


Samuel lU;ike dccs*^ 



Mary & Sarah Blake 


Joseph Wales 


Samuel Wales 



Tbornad Foster 



Lucy Foster 



John Wales 


Ruth Wales 


Benjamin Lyon 


Benjamin Lyon 


llenery Onel 


S:u-ah Oneal 



K(iwju-<i Wliite 


Elijah White 


Joscpli Bird 


Joseph Bir<l 


Edward Kilton 


Elizabeth Kilton 


Samuel Cox 


Siu-ah Cox 


Remember Preston Jur 

i' Dau' 

Bebe Preston 


Abijjjal Taylor own the 

covenant & w;is Baj)tizcd Abigal Taylor 



Ezekiel TiLjon 


Ezekiel TiLston 



John Davis 


Moses Davis 


Elisha TiLston 




John Fierce 


James Pierce 

There hath 36 Rcciv** Baptizin this Year 1754 




Joseph Wliiriton 


Abigal Whist on 


Siinniel Blackman 


Sarah Blackman 



Ebcnezer Pope 


John Pope 


Jonathan Taylor Jun' 


Ann Pay son 



Ebcnezer Jones 

2 Sons 

Ilencry & Thomas Jones 


Isaiaii Leeds 


Prissillah Leeds 


John Ilomans 


Thom;i3 Homans 


James Foster Jun' 


Elizabeth Foster 



William King 


Thankful Kmg 



Grace Viles 


Mary Viles 



Ebcnezer Blake 


James Blake 


James Withington 


Mary Withington 


Ssunuel Withington 


Edward Withington 


David Clap 


Hannah Clap 



Jonathan Niles 


Sussannah Nilcs 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 










Joseph Sjjvirr 




Samuel How 


Joshim Williuina 


IhiiL-ry HufMphry 


iHuac Humphry 


Siimufl 'ro|)lilT 


Dunirl Wiawell 


J(jhii Hobinaon Jun*" 


Timothy Foster 


John Champncy 


Hcnajuli Devcmport 


John Minott 


Benjamin Lyon 


JauicH llumi)liry 


John Hlackman Jun' 


Henery Oncel 


Hubert Spur 
Samuel MclUdb 
luaiic How 
Oliver Wilharna 
Abigai liiimpliry 
Kbenezer Humpliry 
Hannah Toplitl" 
Surah Wiswcli 
Stephen IlobinsoQ 
Timothy Foster 
Samuel Champncy 
Ruth Devemport 
Cleorge Minott 
Benjamin Lyon 
Jolin Humphry 
Lemuel Blackmon 
Ann Oneel 

there hath 38 Received Baptism this Year 1755 




































Nathaniel Glover 
Josiah Munrow 
Zebeiliali Williamfl 
Josiah Leciis 
Marthew Binla 
Isdward Preston 
James Withington 
Samuel Blackmau 
John Langley 
Roger Claj) 
K(hviu-(1 Kilton 
Jacob Binl 
liarn:u"ii Capen 
riiilip Withington 
A\'ilham Vose 
CuKl) Bnulley 
W'ilUam Severs 
Thonuid Mosleya 
Aron Bird 

Jonas Humi)hry Jun' 
George Baker 
Isaac Devemport 
Joseph Langley 
Samuel Severs 

Joseph Langley 
James Robinson 
Timothy Tilston 
John Foster 
Klihu Kilton 
Joseph Bird 
John Spurr 
EHsha Tileston 
Ezekiel Tilston 
Thomas Foster* 
Nathaniel TilcstoQ 



























Nathaniel Glover 
KHzabeth Munrow 
Thomxs Williams 
Frances Leeds 
Martliew Bird 
Daniel Preston 
Robert Withington 
Ann Blackman 
John Langley 
Ezekiel CMap 
Mary Kilton 
Jerusha Binl 
Barnaril Cai)en 
Philip Withington 
Hannah Vose 
Abigai Bnwiley 
Elizabeth Severs 
Ehzabeth Moseley 
Aron Bird 
Jonas Humpliry 
Ehzabeth Baker 
Lyviia Devemport 
Lyilia Langley 
Ilauuali Severs 

Sarah Langley 
James Robinson 
Hannah Tilston 
John Foster 
Edward Kilton 
Prudence Bird 
Ann Spurr 
Mary Tileston 
Siirah Tilston 
Elisha Foster 
Ehzabeth Tilston 



Novcm^ 7 



Derem'" 5 

Dorchester First Church Baptisms 


Timotliy Wnlna 
Dunicl Niish 
R(;incml)tr I'rcHton 
Elijuli Davirf 

Daw' Esther Waica 

Son Janud Nitsh 

Son HcmeiiibLT Prcaton 

I):iu' J:iiu' U:ivw 

There huth 30 Receive*! liaplism this Year IToti 


















John McDuiiiciij 
Janio^ Fohter 
\N lUiani Kin^ 
John I'ierct' 
P^binc/or I 'ope 
Jonathan Nileti 

nonjarnin W«'oltl,s 
ThonuLM I*i(Tt;e 
Jo.sepli Spur, 8 
Edward Picdton 
John Wah's 
Tlionuia Chip 
Nathanitl (Jlovcr 
Saniuol Cox 
Klx'uc/er (>lap 
W'iUiani Iloldon 
Sanuiel Andrews 
Solornan Kilton 
Jaine.s Withington 
Samuel MeUirih 
John l']vans 
Joseph Caulcy 
Ilenery Bird 
Nathan Taylor 
Jonathan Pav3on 
Thomas Bird Jim'" 
El)ent*zer Brown 
Icjaiah Lcedd 

Ebenezor Withington 
Ebenezer Bormau 
David Clap 

Samuel Baker Son & 
WiUiam Vose 
Samuel Toplif 
Joseph Bird 
Henery llumpliry 
Zebedial\ Williams 
John C'hampney 
Samuel Withington 
Joshua Williams 
Isaac Devemport 
Kebeka Scoley 
Daniel Wis well 
Josiah Munrow 
Joseph Whiston 
Cap° John Homana 
Ebenezer Blake 














































Abigal Me Daniels 
Jani(*s Foster 
John King 
Ebrnezer Pierce 
Mary Pope 
Jonathan Nilcs 

Payson Weel l,s 
Thom;is Pi(;rci: 
Jemimah Spurr 
r\iward Preston 
John Wales 
Esther Clap 
John Hill ( Hover 
Elizabeth ("ox 
Eberezer Clap 
Abigal H olden 
Mary Andrews 
John Kilton 
James Withington 
Sarah Mellish 
Anne Evans 
Joseph Caidcy 
Patienee Bird 
John Taylor 
Jonathan Payson 
Mary Bird 
Abigal Brown 
Isaiah Leeds 

Mather Withington 
Ebenezer Borman Negro 
Sarah Clap 

Thom:is & Margret Baker 
William Vose 
Nathaniel Toplif 
Thomas Birtl 
WiUiam Huniphry 
Thoin:is \\ illiams 
Martha Champney 
Lemuel Withington 
Abigal W illiams 
Samuel Devemport 
Ebenezer Cireenlief 
MiU-y Wiswell 
Josiah Munrow 
Abigal Whiston 
Stephen Homans 
WiUiam Bhikc 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 



Isaiic nuii»i)hry 


Lemuel Humpliry 


Julin Hliif kiimn Jun' 


Zebiah Blackmau 

There has been 60 Reccivwl Baptum 1757 




John Wanl 


Mary Wjird 


'I'imothy Foster 


Relief Foster 



Philip Withinpton 


Catharine Mather Withington 


Samuel Blacknuiu 


Samuel Blaekman 



Khcnczer Brown 


Ebenezer Brown 


J().sr|)h \\ ithinj!;ton 


James \\ ithington 


.lotiatlian Nilos 


John Niles 


1ju)( h Cllovrr 


Sus.sauuah Glovers 



John Foster 


Comfort Foster 


George Hakor 


Ann Baker 


KzckicI TiLston 


Prudence Tilston 


r.cnjuniin Lyon 


Thomas Lyon 


I'ariianl Capon 


Elizabeth Capen 



!• 1)( Jones 


Mary Joru-s 

John Spnrr 


Thomas Sfuirr 


Jonas Humphry Ju' 


Thonuts Humphry 


Caleb Bradley 


Caleb liradley 


Llihu Kilton 


Thankfull Kdton 



Nathaniel TiLnton 


Prudence TiLston 



Martha Bin! 



Daniel Niush 


Rebcca Nash 



Josei)h Langly 


Joseph Langley 



Nathan Taylor 


Nathan Taylor 



Elijah Davis 


Jane Davis 


Jt'.eoh Bird 


Ann Bird 


James \\ ithinpton 


John Withington 


Aron Bird 


Anne Bird 



^^'illiam Severs 


Patience SevcTs 



Edward Preston 


George Preston 


Jonathan Bird 


Bebe Bird 

James Foster Jun' 


Stephen Foster 



Sanuicl Andrews 


John Andrews 


Elisha Tileston 


Tliomas Tileston 


Samuel Mellish 


John Mellish 



David Clap 


Elizabeth Clap 


John Ean^ley 


l-!b»nezer I^mgley 


\\ illiam Kin^ 


Lemuel King 


Janus Robinson 


Ivlwanl Robinson 


58 There have been 38 Received Baptism this Year 1758 




John Capen 


Abigal Capen 


Ildward Kilton 


Jane Kiltt)n 


John M Daniels 


Hannah Daniels 



Josiah Leeds 


Abigal L*\ils 



Nathaniel Cdover 


Mary Glover 


Ebenezer Pope 


Ralfe Pope 


Ebenezer Clap 


Hannah Clap 



Ebenezer Withington J' 

>■ Dauf 

Mary Withington 


Samuel Cox 


Expoxence Cox 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 





Enoch Cilovcj' 


Susannali Glover 



Abncr CLvp 


Mary Clap 



'rimolhy Wales 


Timothy Wales 


Thonuid Moscley 


Thomas Mosdey 



Jonathan Bird 


Joanna Bird 



John Hohinsoa Jun' 


lOlizabcth Robinson 


James Kilton 


James Kilton 


Jonatlum Dcvemport 


I'liilij) Divernport 


I'llihu Kilton 


Jane Kilton 


Williuin Vose 


I'M ward Vose 


Hannah Baker 

Silence Baker 


Daniel Wiswell 


Jonathan Wiswell 


I'hilip Withington 


Joseph Weeks Within* 



Isaac Dcvemport 


James Dcvemport 


John Wales 


Susannah Wales 


John Blaekman J' 


Hannah Blaekman 



John Davis 


Nathaniel Davis 


Thomjus Withington 


Sarah Withinj^toa 


Ilenery Oneal 


Esther O'Neal 


IMwaril Prcaton 


John Preston 



Elijah David 


Elijah Davis 


David CUap 


David Clap 


in margin: Sepf IC Ebcn' 

Borman ] 


Dt' / a negro flora Bormanl 



Timothy Foster 


Mary Foster 


Josiah Leeds 


Richiird Leeds 

1759 There hath 34 Received Baptism this Year 




Joseph AMiiston 


Ehzabeth WTiiston 


Samuel Within^jjlon Jun' Dau' 

Hannah Withington 


Cap" John Ilomana 


Samuel Homans 


John Champney 


Ehzabeth Champney 


Ebenezer Bird 


Ebenezer Bird 



Joseph Bird 


Josejth Bird 


John Pierce 


Lemuel Pierce 


Nathan Taylor 


Nathan Taylor 


Ezekiel Tileston 


Ann Tileston 


John Worde 


Ehzabeth Worde 



Janus Withington 


Susannah Withington 


James Foster 


M;u-y Foster 


Barnerd Capens 


Hannah Capcn 


Samuel Andrews 


Mary Andrews 



Caleb Bradley 


Ebenezer Bradley 


Jonathan Bird 


Jonathan Bird 


Abner Clap 


Mary Chip 



Henery Humphry 


Hannah Humphry 


John Spurr 


William Spurr 



Nathaniel Glover 



Sarah Glover 



George Baker 

Stephen Baker 


Jacob Bird 


Susannah Binl 


Ezekiel I^ceds 


Susannah Ixeds 



William King 


Sarah King 


Eben*" W ithington J' 

Siuah Wilhiui^ton 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 









Nftthanifl Tileflton 


Aljiiilmrn W heeler 


lObcnezcr lUake 


Siimuel Toplif 


Lemuel Hobinson 


ShiiiucI lIoMcn 


Tlioinas Clup J' 


Samuel Cox 


Knoeh Ci lover 


Samuel Mellish 


John Cupen 


Samuel I'ayson 


Kli.sliJi 'i'ileston 


Joseph Langley 


Mary Tileflton 
Sarah Whoi'le-r 
Lemuel lilako 
Samuel Topi if 
Ann Robinson 
Mary IIoMen 
Dau' Susannah C'ltip 
Samuel Cox 
Mary Glover 
Henejy Mellish 
Susannah Capen 
Ann Pay son 
Lury Tilcston 
Jane Langlcy 

17G0 3U liuth lleceiv'd Huptism this Year 









11 Wiildow Grace Cavencr Dau' Susannah Cavenor 

Son Samuel Pope 

25 Ebnezer Pope 

25 Samuel IIow Jun' 
1 Martlia liird 

1 Jonathan Champney 

15 Obediah Low 
30 Josiah Lceila 

5 Joseph Bird 

5 Jonathan liird J' 
12 Elijah \\ ithington 
19 Aron Bird 

26 David Clap 

26 Solomon Kilton 

17 Sanuiel Biaekman 

17 I'benezer Bird 
30 Jonathan Bird 
30 Hannah VVhiston 

7 Kphraim Man 

14 Jonatlian Devcmport 

12 Thomoa Withington 

19 John Tlomans 

10 lioger Clap 

2G Samuel ^Vithington 

16 John Minott 

6 \S illiam Severs 

4 Sanuicl Andrews 

4 Daniel Wiswell 

11 Joseph Wales 
11 Barnard Capena 
11 Abraham Wheeler 
11 John ColT 

18 C\deb Bnvlley 

1 William Crouch 

1 John Robinson 

1 Samuel Payson 

8 Noah Clap 

8 Lemuel Clap 

28 Jamcd Robinson 







































Samuel How 

Edmond Bird 

Humphry Athcrton Champney 

Elizabeth I^w Boston 

Frances Leeds 

Prudence Bird 

Jonathan Bird 

^Llry Withington 

Susannah Bird 

Ruth Clap 

James Kilton 

I'lizabeth Biaekman 

E/.ra Bird 

Hannah Bird 

Ralph ttc 

Sarah Man 

Mary Devemport 

Rodah Withington 

Joseph Homans 
Nathaniel Clap 
Nathaniel Withington 
NLirtha Minott 
Waitstill Severs 
Samuel Andrews 
Richard Wiswell 
I'.phraim Wales 
Sarah Capen 
barah Wheeler 
Abigal GolT 
lA?muel Bradley 
WilUam Crouch 
Thomas Robinson 
George Payson 
Ann Clap 
Susannah Clap 
John Robinson 



Dorchester First Church Baptis^ms 





John Hlackman 


Elcner Storah Blackman 


Nathaniel (Hover 


Alexander Glover 

40 Hath RccoIvchI Baji 

•tizrn thifl Year 1761 


J any' 


J amen Foster J' 


Bulah Foster 


Ji)hn MiUaniels 


John McDaniela 


Kzt'kit'l Tilcston 


Rebeka Tileston 


I-lliliu Kilton 


Ebenezer Eilton 


I'all Hall 


llannali Hall 


John Totter 


\\ illiam Fo.-^ter 



Inaiah Ivoeds 


E<lward Stow Leeds 



Jolm Pierce 


Hannah I'ieree 


Nathaniel Tileston 


Hannah Tiliston 


John W ales 


Siirah Wales 


JanH'8 Kilton 


John Kilton 



Joseph \\ hi.ston 


Mary W hi.^ton 


Timothy Wales 


Mary Wales 


llencry lliiuiphry 


Sarah Humphry 


I'hilip \\ithinji;ton 


Abi^^al \\ ithingtOD 


Edward Hriek 


Jonathan Brick 



Kbenezer I'.ird 


Eh Binl 



tSamuel Toplif 


Mary Toplif 



Ebenezer Withington 


Daniel W ithington 


in maryin: Jany' 3 Ebcn' Horman Dau' Elizabeth a Negro] 



Jonathan Champney 


Joshua Champney 


Hcnery Oneal 


John Oneal 


Lemuel Robinson 


Thomas Trott Robinson 



Cp" John } Ionian 


Lucy Homan 


John Spurr 


Huth Spurr 


Benjamin Lyon 


Lemuel Lyon 


Thoniiw Clap Jun' 


Mary Claj) 


Jonathan Triscot 


James Trott Triscott 


Jaeob Bird 


Isiuu* Bird 



Samuel Robinson 


William Robinson 


John Day 


John Day 


Jame?; Withington 


Sarah \\ ithington 


Jonathan Binl 


Ann Bird 


William King 


Hannah King 



Nathan Taylor 


James Taylor 


Enoch Glover 


Enoch Glover Her Mother 


John Tolman Jun' 


Elizabeth Tobnan Die<l She 

37 Roceivd Baptizm this Year 1762 "" ^''^^ 




John Capen 


Samuel Capen 


Joseph Bird 


Comfort Bird 



Ephraim Man 


Mary Man 



Samuel llolden 


Hannah Holden 


Josiah Ivcetle 


Ann Ixeils 



John doff 


John Goff 


ThonuiiJ Moseley 


Esther Moseley 


Daniel Wiswell 


Elizabeth Wuwell 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 


April 10 Elisha Tiliston 

10 Suloinon Hull 

10 John Sr:irl3 

24 Noalj Clap 

May 1 Sarnui'l Mollish 

8 John W'i^wcll Jun*^ 

8 Zi'huliin Cnine 

8 Nathaniel Glover 

8 Suiuucl M<jroth 

15 Aron lluinintTy 

22 John Davis 

June 12 Huchel Dcvemport 

12 Mathcw Mini 

Juicy 24 J am OS Robinbon 

24 Aron Bin] 

August 7 lAinucl (Map 

7 Jonathan Clap Jun' 

Dau' Sarah TilcHton 

Son & Dau' Joficph & Mary Hull 

Son Samnol Soarlij 

Dau' llunnah Clap 

Son William Mcllish 

Son John W'iawell 

Dau^ Ann Crane 

Son William Clover 

Son Sannicl Moroth 

Son Thomxs Rummcry 

Dau' Loi.H Davis 

Son Josiah Vose 

Dau' AbiKal Hir.l 

Son Jolin Rohinson 

Dan"- Ra.JKl liird 

Son Li'mucl Clap 

Dauf Jane Clap 

[WriUcn in nuirgin: June VJ A Negro Received Baptiam Named Porapyl 





October 2 



November 6 




December 1 1 

John Foster 
Timothy Foster 
Paul Hall 
Thomas Bird 
Joseph Langley 
John Wonl 
Ikcrnerd Cai)cn 
Isaac Devcmport 
Samuel Cox 
Abraham Wlieeler 
Abncr Clap 
lOzckicl Tilcston 
Philip Withington 
John Pierce 

Son William Foster 

Son Timothy Foster 

Son James Hall 

Son Lemuel Bird 

Son Ix'muel Lanj^ley 

Dauf M indwell Word 

Dau*" Hannah Capen 

Dau' Mary Devcmport 

Son John Cox 

Son Sanmel Wliceler 

Son Supply Clap 

Son licmuel Tilcston 

Sou Ebenezer Withington 

Son Isaac Pierce 

1763 there Has been 40 Receved Baptism this year 




1 David Clap 

15 Samuel Andrews 

5 John Robinson J' 

5 Jonathan Bird 

19 Elijah Davis 

19 Nathaniel Tileston 

4 William Vose 

4 James Withington 

4 Edward Brick Jf 

18 John Blarkman 

18 Edmond Dolbcox 

18 Joseph Triscott 

March 18 Lemuel Robinson 
April 1 Samuel Swift 

Frances Price 
Cristifer Prince 
Jonathan Bird 
Obadiah Low 
Samuel Blackraan 


VOL. ucvui. 15 























Abigal Clap 
Margret Andrew 
Miu-y Robinson 
Benjamin Bird 
Sarah Davis 
Nathaniel Tilcston 
I'^ther Vose 
Salter Withington 
Etlward Briik 
Jonathan Blaekman 
John Dolbcer of Boston 
Mary Triscott 

Jerusha Robinson 

Jonathan Swift of Boston 

Francos Price 

Sarah Prince of Boston 

Martha Bird 

James Low of Boston 

S:irah Blaekman 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 

























Daniel L(('<Ih 


KbtMiozcr I'opo 


William Snvcra 


Janu's Fostcj 


Solomon Kilton 


William Andrews 

Dau' pjj W aMow 


Samui 1 W ithm^;ton J' 


Klihu Kilton 


Ucnery Vauji;n 


Jo.seph Bird 


Daniel Wi.swcll 


Benjamin I.yon 


John Wales 


Klijali Willlin^^ton 


Ehenezer liii'ii 


John Minott 



Timotliy Wales 


Jonathan Niliis 


Aaron Ilmnmery 


Noah Clap 


Thoma.s Withiiigton 


Elijah Pope 


Samuel How Jun*" 


Cp*^ John Ilomana 


Jonallian Leeda 


Enoeh C J lover 


Zebulun Crane 


Jolin Goff 


Thomas R amours 


Hcnery llumj)hrcy 


Samuel Uohin.sou 


C^leb Bradley 


Daniel Lec<b 

Edmund Pope 

Mary Severs 

John Eoster 

Elijah Kilton 

Mary Andrews 

Josi ph Waldo. V of Boston 

Phineluu Within^jton 

Eh.s''a Kilton 

Mary Vau^;n 

Haniuih Bir<l 

I'llizabcth Widwell 

Mary Lyon 

Susamiah Wales 

Susamiali \\ ithington 

Jane Bird 

John Minott 

Elizabeth Wales 
Sarah Nilca 
Sarah Uummery 
John Clap 
Thomas Within^ton 
Ann I'ope 
Elizabeth How 
StepluMi Homans 
Jonathan Leeds 
Elizabeth Glover 
Rhoila C'ranc 
Jtxscph GotT 
John llamour 
Dau' Su.sannah Humphry 
Lois Robinson 
S;irah Bradley 

[WriiUn in ttiari/in: 1704 Sept*" 23 Ehen*^ Uurman A Negro Dau' Named Ann] 
54 Hath Receiv'd Baptism this year 17l>4 

J any*" 





13 Samuel Cox 

Son i Dau'' 

27 Lemuel Clap 

3 Zebediah WilUama 

3 John Si)urr 

3 Henery Oneal 

10 Jaeob Bird 

31 John Tolman Jun' 

7 PaU Hall 

14 Abraham Wooilard'a 

14 Samuel Holden 

5 John Searls 

10 John Capen 

10 Isaiah Leeds 

1() John Langlo}-^ 

30 Josiah Leeds 

30 Ebenezer Hall 

30 Beujamiu Homans 


















Thomas A ILuinah Cox 
Edwiml Clap 
M:u-gret Williams 
James Spurr 
Elizabeth Oneal 
Prudence Bird 
Hannah Tolman 
Elizabeth Hall 

Anna W^oo<lard 
Samuel Holden 
Robert Scarls 
John Capcn 
David Leeds 
William Langley 
William I^Hxis 
James Hall 
Benjamm Homans 



Dorchester First Church Haptisma 




Hiimcrfl (^apcn 


Bornerd Capen 


Joint M' Dauicid 


Catherine M^DanieLj 


Saiiuicl I'ayson 


Samuel Paysou 


J(jiiotli:iii Mird 


James Bird 


Mhi'iu/ir Biril 


Sarah Bird 


lOlijali I'i)|)C' 


Sherebiah I'ope 


lO/cUiol Tilcston 


John Tileston 



John Wanl 


Samuel Ward 


John llow 


John How 

John W iswcU 


Knoeh Wiswell 

') > 

Solomon Hall 


Sarah Hall 



'i'huiiKLs Mo.scly 


Samurl Mosely 

By M' 


Sanuicl Mclli.sli 


Kslher Mellish 


Daniel Loc<l3 


Samuel Lee<l3 


William HoMen J' 


Susannah Holden 


Noah (Map 


Lois Clap 


Isaac Dcvcinport 


Sarah Devemport 



llopstill Hall 


Sarah Hall 



Islijah 1 )avi.s 


Thomas Davis 


'I'imolhy 'rilcnton 


Esther Tileston 


Nathaniel Cj lover 


Edward (Hover 



Jonathan liccis 


Sarali Li'eds 


Samuel Maxlicld 


Hannah Maxiicld 


I^lihu K'ilton 


Sam^' Kilton 


Josej)!! Bird 


John Bird 


John Davis 


Mary Davis 

There Hath 44 Keeiv 

W Baptism this year 1765 




I^pluaim Man 


W illiam Man 


Jamc.H Withington 


WiUiam Wilhini^ton 



John BlaeUnian 


Eydia Black man 


Samuel How Jim'" 


Mary How 


Samuel Munrow 


Lemuel Munrow 


John Sp\irr 


Elisha Si>urr 


Lenniel Robinson 


Zibbiah l^»yal Robinson 


Samuel Blackman 


Eliakam Blackman 


IMiilip Withini^ton 


Lois Within;;ton 


Thomas Withinj^ton 


Sarah Wilhin^ton 



John Robinson 


Samuel Robinson 


Nathaniel Tilestou 


I'clety* Tileston 


Martha Bird 


Martha Bird 



James I'oster 


Susannah Eo-ter 


Knoeh (Hover 


lienjamin (Hover 


licncry Vaugu 


lienery Vau^n 



Edward Brick J*" 


Joseph Brick 


Daviil Clap 


Samuel Clap 

James Robinson 


Josiph Robinson 


Samuel Andrews 


Lucy An<lrews 



Ktlward Pierce 


Hannah Pierce 


Cap" John Homans 


Rebcka Homans 


William Severs 


Robert Severs 




Samuel Tolman 


Samuel Tolman 

• Euclid (town records). 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 



Thonju8 Bird J' 



Thoiiuw Clap J' 



Kbeiiezrr Hiid 



Saimicl PitTcre 




Joseph I.aiinlry 



Kli-ih:i 'I'llf.stou 



Jonathan Clap J' 




Jiiines Hilton 




Daniel \S iawtll 



fc>t('|)lien FerinKton 




Francis Delucf 



Jonathan Triscott 



Sanjll Withingtou J' 


Abinal IJinl 
Ahisal Clap 
Pri.s>il!ah Bird 
Sannicl I'ierce 
William Lani^lfty 
I,y>lia Tilcston 
Fli/ahcth Cla|) 
Mary Killon 
Ann W iswell 
Sarah Fcrin^ton 
Mary Deluce 
Sarah Triscott 
Lewitt WithiugtOQ 


37 Hath Receiv'd Baptism this year 1706 


J any 
















































Joseph Bennet On'^ y® 
Noah Clap 
John Minott 
Samuel Toplif 
IMiinchas llolden 
John (loll 
Fhen"" Blake Jun' 
Abner Clap 
Hopstill Hall 
Paul Davis J' 
Timothy Wales 
lionjamin Lyon 
Sanniel Leeds Jun' 
Ezra Badlani 
Joseph Birds 
Paul Hall 
Jonathan Leeds 
John Howe 
Abraham Wootlard 
Jonathan Bird 
Barnard Capens 

Elijali Withingtoa 
Isaiah Leeds 
Ezekicl Tolnui 
Joseph Haws 
Sam" Holden 
Sam" Robinson 
Timothy Tilcston 
Ebene/.er Bin! 
John W iswell J' 
Thomas Tolman 
Dimiel Oliver 
Job Walker 
Isaac Devcin{>ort 
Francis Deluce 
Daniel Lee<ls 
Ebenezer Hall 
Ebenezer Willisuns 
Stephen Ferington 

Covenant & Reneiv*^ Baptism Aged 16 Years 
Dau' Elizabeth Clap 
Dau' Hannah Minott 

lOlizabcth To[ilif 

Lois Holden 

Russc! CofT 

Josiah Blake 

Samuel CMap 

John Hall 

Elizabeth Davis 

William Wales 

Peter Lyon 

Ann Leeds 

Susaniuih Bad lam 
Dau"« Sarah & Lydia Bird 
Son James Hall 

Harm ah Leetls 

Elizabeth Howe 

John Clark Woodard 

Martha Bird 

Bojuuni Capen 


Dau' Hannah WithingtoD 

Isaac Leeds 

Sarah Tolman 

Sarah Haws 

J(*stinen Holden 

Moses Robinson 

Ebenezer Tilcston 

lObcni'zer Bird 
Dau' Abi^al W iswell 
Dau' Xydia Tolman 
Dau' Hannah Francis Oliver 

Ebenezer Williams Walker 

Ephraim Devemport 

Nancy Deluce 

Benjanun Boss Leeds 

Ann Hall 

Sarah Williams 

Mary Fcringtoa 












S( )n 

















Dorchester First Church Baptisms 




4 Samuel Pftyson Son 

11 Suimu'l Maxfield Son 

11 Jonad Tolniun Sons 

18 Jumps Withington Son 

8 Davit! Clap Son 

27 Edward Glover Son 

Samuel I^ayson 
Samuel Maxtield 
JoiwiM 6i Jainc.i Ttjlman 
Klijah VVithinj;ton 
Seth Claj) 
Edward Glover 

[48 Hath Kccoivd thia year 17071 

[Written in margin: Edward Parku uf Milton 3 Children Born / Scptr ft &. S»^ptr 13 

they Ueceiv'd Ba{)lism / Named Klizaboth Jeru.sha Sc Sarahl 





Elijah Davis 



Sarnuel Mellish 



Enoch (Hover 




Sam'' Andrews 



Solomon Mull 



John Tolman J*^ 



Samuel Tolman 




Thomas Withington 



James Kilton 




llcnery \'one 



Natlianiel Glover 




Samuel How J"" 



John Maxlield 




Caj)° James Foster 



William Holdeu J' 



Sam" Cox 




Ilenery lium{)hrey 



John Capen 



Abraham Wheeler 



Eliliu Kilton 



rilijah Pope 



Samuel Muiu-ow 




John NKDaniels 



John Hlackman 



Cap" John Homana 




Ebenezer Blake 



Lemuel Robinj^on 




Thomas Foster J*" 



Nathaniel Tileston 



Hopstill Hall 



Jonathan IloKien 



Mat hew Bird 




Samuel Toplif 



Joseph Langley 



John Goff 



Noah Clap 



John Spurr 



Francis Duluce 



Thom:w Moscley 



John Worde 




Thomas Evana Wife 

& Son 


Thomas Devemport 



Aron Birds 


Martha Davia 
Hannah Mellish 
Ann Glover 
Thonuis Andrews 
Solomon Hall 
John Tolman 
Daniel Tolman 
Nathaniel Withi:\t;ton 
Ebenezer Kilton 
Thomas V'one 
Jane Hill Glover 
S;u-ah How 
John Maxlield 
Ruth Foster 
Ruth HoMen 
Henery Cox 
Elizabeth Humphrey 
Elizabeth Capen 
M:u-y Wheeler 
Lois Kilton 
Rachel Pope 
Jane Mimrow 
Joseph M^'Danieb 
Abit^al Black man 
Ann Homana 

Relief Blake 

\\ illiam Royal Robinson 

Mary Foster 

Martha Tileaton 

Mary Hall 

James Holdcn 

James Semore Bird 

Sarah Toplif 

Mary Langley 

Stephen Goff 

Sarah Clap 

lienjamin Spurr 

Irancis Deluce 

Jonathan Moscley 

William Worde 

Elizabeth & Thomas Evixas 

Mary Devemport 

Shippe Bird 


Dorchester First Church Baptisms 


Dec' 19 Jonafl Tolman 

25 John Clap 


William Tolman 
Jtjlm (lap 

There Hath 46 UcceivM IJuptisni this Year 174S 












1 St('i)h('n Fcrinton 
15 \\ illiam Andrcwa 
15 Ebenozor liird 
22 Samuel Loe<ld J' 

22 Moses Davis Jun' 
29 Kiiwiinl IVoston 
29 Kzekiel Tolman 
29 Joseph Ilawes 

5 James Hobinson 

12 Ezra hadlam 

19 Josej)h Bird 

19 Susannah liradlcy 
5 Jonathan I.ecils 

5 Ehenrzer Williams 

5 Sam"' Whitje 

10 Sanuiel \\'ithin>;ton 

10 Jonathan liird 

10 Sanntel I'ieree 

2 lehahod Wiswell 
2.'i Isaac Devemjjort 

7 Sannicl Maxtield 

7 William Munrow 

4 John Minott 

11 John Gervis 

II tt His Son Francis 

11 Thomas Tolman 

18 rhiilii) Withington 
9 John How 

23 Timothy Wails 

20 Job W alkcr 

3 Thomas Clap J' 
3 Sam>' Holden 

24 Thomas Withinpton 
24 Jonathan Clap J"- 

8 Lemuel Clap 

8 Zebulun Crane 

8 Samuel Howe J' 

5 Samuel Gcnerson 

5 A\ idow Abijj;al Capcn 

12 Daniel Fairns 
12 John Wonie 

12 Samuel Tolman 

19 Ann Foster 



Elizabeth Firinton 


W illiam Arulrewa 


Esther liird 


Samuel Leeds 


Uebl-.ah Davis 


I.uey Freston 


Ezekiel Tohnan 


Sarah Hawes 


Sarah Brick Robinson 


Rbekah Badlam 


Olover Cromel Bird 


Abraham Jackscjii 


Fuliemc Leeds 


Jei iislia W illiams 


Eli/ab('th White 


Enos W ithiiiL'ton 


Ste()hen Bird 


Abraham Fierce 


ElKMie/.er Wiswell 


l^bonezer DevemiK»rt 


Ruth Maxfield 


4 l\\ 

Elizabeth Munrow 


Abii^al Minott 


John Gervis 


Francis Gervis 


Sarah Tolman 


William W ithinpton 


Georp,e How 


Stofihen Wails 


Joseph Walker 


James Clap 


Edward Holden 


Chariot Wilhinnton 


Susannah Claji 


Sauuiel Clap 


Abijial Crane 


Hannah Howe 


John Luckes Generson 


L>ilia Capen 


Dark is Fairns 


Ann Worde 


Samuel Tolman 


Lucy Wait Foster 

26 John Wales 

26 Edward Pierce 
10 Samuel Amlrews 



Dau" Ann Wales 2 years old 

& Elizabeth Wales 
Son Edward Pierce 
Son Stephen An<lrew8 

Tiierc Hath 47 Receiv'd Baptism this Year ITiiO 


Dorchester First Church Baptisms 


J any' 


























































Willinrn Vom 
John Vonc (VjitiRhan) 
Kiijah Duvis 
Noah (!I:ip 
8ainut'l Cox 
Timothy Tileston 
Ebcru'ZLT Hall 
Daniel Oliver 
John Pierce 
Solomon Hall 
John Hlackman 
liarnurii Caprn 
Paul Davis J' 
Mosea Kichani:jon 
John ('upcn 
I'lnoili (ilovor 
Samuel Shopherii 

JanicH Foster 
Samuc" Hlackman 
Hcnjamin Lyon 
James IJaker J"^ 
John \\ hitc 
'1 hom.'is Cams 
Nathaniel (Map 
John Williams J' 
Isrcal Hctls 
Taul Hall 
I'Mijah Tolman 
Jcsseniah 'i'hayer 
Lemuel Robinson 
Ebenezer Hlake 
Stephen Ferinton 
Sam" Melhsh 
Nathaniel TilestOQ 
John Gervice 
K/ra Haillain 
Kbenczer Baker 

Sam" Toplif 
Elijah \\ ithinj;toa 
Hopestill llali 
Irancis Delucc 
Ichabotl Wiswoll 
Lemuel Clap 
Ezekiel Tolnuin 
W illiam Munrow 
Josei)h Hawed 
Samuel Paysoa 
Elihu Kilion 
Jonathan Holdea 
Abner Clap 
Elizabeth Herry on'd 
Thonuus Birvl 
Motics Davis Jun' 









































• coven 

Sam" Vose 
Kaciiel Vone 
Lydia Davis 
Lydia Cla|) 
U(jbert Cox 
Hebekah Tilestoo 
Hannah Hall 
Daniel Oliver 
John Pierce 
Sarah Hall 
Andrew Hlackman 
Ami Cai)en 
Samuel Davis 
MoscH Richardson 
Ruth Capen 
Sam" (Hover 
Samuel Shepherd 

lienjamin Foster 

William Hlackman 

Samuel liyon 

Ivlnuind Haker 

John White 

Susannah Cams 

Lnice Clap 

Caleb \\ illiama 

Sarah H-eh 

Martha Hall 

Henjamin Dolbier Tolman 

Harmah Thayer 

l*j)lley Robinson 

Sarah lilake 

Patience Ferinton 

Mollv Mellish 

Relief Holland TilestOQ 

Sam" C](Tviee 

Hamiah Hadlara 

Priiisillah Haker 

Sam" Toplif 
Lucv Withiniiton 
Hopestill Hall 
Ruth Deluce 
Hannah \S iswell 
Ebenezer Clap 
Lemuel Tolman 
Lvilia Munrow 
Joseph Ilawts 
\\ illiam Payson 
Rtifus Kilton 
John Holden 
Jame8 Clap 
ant & ReceivM Baptism 
Hannah Bird 
lUvunah David 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 



Alexander Glover 


Alexander Glover 


Ebenezer MuxfieM 


Amos Maxfield 


Jonas Tolmnn 


Mary T«)lman 

There Hath 56 Receiv 

'd Baptism thid Year 1770 





TTannah Blake onM y* 

' Covenant A Receiv'd Baptism 

Mehotablf lUake on\i 

y« Covenant & Receiv'd Baptism 


John Tolinan Jun' 


Elisha Tolman 


Ileiiery llumpiirey 


Lemuel Humphrey 


Abraham How 


Abraham How 


Widow Mary Walker 


J(jb \\ alker 



Aron liini 


William Bird 


WilUani Holden J' 


Lydia Holden 


J OS i ah Lceiia 


Josiah Leeds 



John CiofT 


Ebenezer Goff 


Sam'' Maxfield 


Lydia Maxfield 



Josepii LanL'lcy 


Thankfull Evans Langlt^y 


Isaac Devonii)ort 


John Devemport 


Sanuu'l How Jun' 


Samuel How 



Samuel Within^ton J' 


Luey W ithington 



James Robinson 


Susrmnah Robinson 


Jonathan Bird 


Eunice Bird 



Jonathan Boman J' 


Jonathan Boman 


Josei)h Devemport 


Joseph Devemport 


Noali Clap 


Ebenezer Clap 



Jonathan Triscott 


Samuel Triscott 



John Howe 


Rachel How 


Kdwaril Cdover 


ILumah Glover 


Sanuiel Clap 


Samuel Clap 


Lemuel Robinson 


Sarah Robinson 


Sam" Pierce 


Ehzabeth Pierce 


Sam" Withington Tar' 

• Dau' 

M:uy W ithin^;ton 



John Spurr 


Eliphelep Spurr 


Kbenezer Bird 


Susannah Bird 


K/.ra Clap 


Loas Clap 



Lenuiel Clap 


Rebekah Clap 



Sanuiel Tohnan 


Mar> Tulman 

There Hath 32 Ileceiv 

'd Baptism this Your 1771 




Elijah Tolman 


Susannah Tolman 


Stephen Fcrington 


Stephen Eerins^ton 


Abijah Bee Is 


Unice Beebi 


Daniel Oliver 


Sarah Oliver 


Ebenezer Everet 


Susannah Everet 


Solomon Hall 


PrissiUah Hall 


John Gervice 


Stephen Gervice 


Thomas Tolman 


Ruth Tohnan 


John Maxhcld 


John Maxtield 



Jonathan Clap 


Jonathan Clap 


Daniel Fairn 


Anne Fairn 


Ebenezer Maxfield 


Elizabeth Maxfield 



Dorchester First Church Baptisrns 









































Samurl Blur.kmHn 
Mnthow Mini 
John C^ap<'n 
S:ini" Toplif 
Jonulhiin Leeds 
Kbonozer Hhike 
Sam" IIoMt-n 
Harnard Capcn 
Al)r;ihnni Whcrler 
John ('hip Son 

Francis Dchice 
l'!l)onezcr WiUiams 
Timothy Wah'S 
Timothy Tili\stoD 
Joseph Turner 
Kbonerer Hall 
l\zi'ki(l Tolman 
I'.zra Ha<Uam 
Samuel Andrews 
Alexander Clover 

William Munrow 
Benjamin Dickermon 
Thomas Clap 
Ehcnezer Tolman 
Honcry Humphrey 
I'duard Parks 
Paul Davis Jun' 
John Hlackman 
Thom;i8 Kvana 
llbenezer liird 
Joseph II awes 
Samuel Mellish 
Elijah Davis 
I.enuiel Robinson 
Nathaniel Tileston 

k Dau' 

















Ignite Blac'kman 
James Bird 
Esther Capen 
Uichard Toplif 
Patience Leeds 
Ebenezer Blake 
Zibbiah Uof)inson 
Ix)a.s ('ai)en 

Thomarf Baker Wheeler 
Nathaniel & Hannah Clap 
John Deluce 
Zebeiliah Williams 
Abigal Wales* 
Susannah Tileston 
Joseph Turner 
Uebekah Hall 
Nalhani»4 Tolman 
Patience Builam 
Sarah Andrews 
Hannah Glover 

William Munrow 

Rebekah Lec«is Dickermon 

Charles Clap 

Kbenezer Tolman 

Mary Ann Humphrey 

Sarah Parks 

Lydia Adams David 

James Blackman 

Hannah Evans 

Esther Bird 

William Hawos 

Stephen Mellish 

Ann Davis 

Elizabeth l^obinson 

Anne Tileston 





48 Hath ReceivM Baptbni this Year 1772 


17 lehabod Wisewell Dau' 

7 Joi^scniah Thayer Dau' 

7 Jonathan Holdon Dau' 

21 Joi^eph Dcvemport Son 

28 Isreal Reels Da»i' 

14 James Kilton Son 

14 Samuel Belcher Dau' 

30 Aron Bird Son 


30 Abraham Howe Son 

4 l:<aac Devcmport Son 

4 Aron Riunery Son 

4 Stephen Ferington Son 

26 luhvard Williams Dau' 

26 John Minor Son 

12 Samuel Munrow Dau' 

17 Ebeiiezcj Wilhama Son 

Mary Wiswell 
Lydia Thayer 
Mary Ann H olden 
John Dcvemport 
EliziU)eth BeeLs 
Thomas Kilton 
Rachel Belcher 
John Bird 

■Tames Blake Howe 
Daniel Devcmport 
John Rumery 
Wjjliam Ferington 
Martha Bukley Williams 
Nathaniel Minor 
Lydia Evans Munrow 
Elijah ^^'illiams 


Dorchester First Church ndptisms 




Sarnuj'l Howe J' 


Ly<lia If owe 

Sjuiiucl TuTce 


Ahigal I'lerco 

Joliri I'icrre 


John Pierce 

Kzra Ha<llam 


Kzra Bailam 

John Howe 


Haehel Howe 

Kdwunl (llovcr 


Mary Clover 

ShuiucI NN ithui)^tonT'*» 


Samuel WithinRton 

29 Hath Ueci'ivM Haptitim this 

1 Year 1773 


J any' 


Samuel Tolrnan 


Klizaheth Tolman 


'I'hoiiuLs 'I'ohiian 


i^ydia Tolman 


Kzra Chip 


Su.sunnah Clap 


Sam" White 


Sam" White 


Klijah Joiu-s 


\\ illiam Jones 



Sam" Clap 


Jemimc Clap 



Kzckicl Tolman 


Moses Tolman 


Klu-ne/.cr Ma\.l'ul<J 


Ami Maxlieltl 


Ahiur Chip 


(>liver Clap 


John Hl:irknian 


Stephen Blarkman 


John Br;i<lh'y 


Marcy Cn-en Brmlley 



Daniel ( )hver 


Susannah Oliver 


Wilhain Munrow 


Thoma-s Evan-i Munrow 


Seth Hhikc 


Bill Blake 



Jonathan Bhike 


James Blake 


John Spurr 


Kehekah Sjiurr 


Jot;»'ph Chip 


Joseph Clap 



Samni'l Uohien 


Sus:innah HoKlen 


Joaeph Ilawod 


John Hawea 


Joseph Dfveniport 


IC<lwartl Devemport 



Samuel Maxiiclti 


Susannah Maxliehl y* firat 



Everet Bup 



Elihu Kilton 


Al'igal Kilton 


l''nui(i8 Dehue 


Thonias Deluce 


Tiuiothy Tilcatoo 


Francis Tileston 


Lemuel Clap 


Itii haril Clap 





Joseph Livngioy 


Joseph Langley 


John Munrow 


Lucy Munrow 


Samuel Belcher 


Nabhe Belcher 


Kbenezer Tolman J' 


Thonuis Jones Tolman 


Iamu" C'olyer onetl the Covenant ^^ HeceivM Baptism 


Al)r:iiumi \\ heeler 


Abraham W heeler 

John Tohnan J"" 


Jemimc Tolnuui 



Timothy Waled 


Ruth Wales 


Paul Davia J' 


Zacceus Da via 


Kbenezer Hall 


Ixjjus Hall 


Kzekiel Tileston 


Jane Hill Tileston 


Nathaniel Tite>ton 


lOunice Tilison 


Sjunuel l.eeila J' 


Nallnmiel Lecila 


John Pierce 


Sju-itli Pierce 

39 llatli ReceivM Buptiam this Year 1774 




D' James Baker 


Ehzabcth Baker 



Dorchester First Church Baptisms 



F!)fno7,pr CJlover 


Brnjariiiii NVomlworth Glover 


Joiiuthiin Leeds 


Alexander dlover* 



Tlopstill Hull 


Jonathan Hall 

Khliar.l lliill J' 


Mary Hall 



I'iij:iii Joiu-d 


Ehzabijth Jones 


John i^ceds 4 


Abi^'al Jerusha Susannah &. Nancy 


Ichnhod Wiawcrl 


Esther Wisweel 


.JoiKllilllll lIoKlcU 




Ji'(l(l('(li;ih Tliuro 


Eydia 'I'haro 



I'liul li^lll 


Ste|)h.'n Hall 


I' Bird- 


James Bird 


Alcxiuitlor (jlovcr 


Itebekah Glover 



Bariiod Capeii 


Lennul Capen 


Ezru Hu.ihiin 


Ezra Iia<llam 


Johu Baker Jun' 


Ann Baker Her Mother dio<i 
When she was born 



W'illi.'im Sumner 


William Sumner 



Is;i;u; Devernport 


Esther Devemport 


Willuiin Bl;ike 


Lemuel lilake 


Jolui Capen .]\\n' 


E<l\vard Capen 



John Capen 


Sus:mnah Capen 



Samuel Mellish J' 


Samuel Mellish 



Aron Bird 


Abraham Bird 


l'>.kiel Birds 


Hannah Holden Bird 


SuiiuK I W ithington Tar 

•t Dau' 

Jane \\ ithington 


Joseph Clap J"^ 


Abigal Glover Clap 


Roland Hall 


3 Persons oned 


IVlletiah Hall 

the Covenant 


Poly Blake 

& llcceiv'd Baptism 



Thomas Maerate 


Margret Maerate of Roxhry 


Samuel Mellish 


El'niL-e M.lli:,h 



Kbene/er Maxtield 


Joe Maxtield 


Ezekiel Tolman 


Phinehas Tolman 


Seth Blake 


Sally Blake 


Jacob Bird 


Jacob Bird 


Aron Kumery 


David Rumery 


W'To a Nei^ro Man on'i 

d the Coven:int «5l Keceiv'd Baptism 


The Hevd M' 

Moses Everet 


Moses Everet 



John Howe 


Joseph How 


Nabhe Wilson on'd the Covenant 6c Reeeiv'd Baptism 


Sam" rieree 


George Pierce 



Mehctable Blake 


James Bruce 


John l?obinson Negro'; 

3 Baptised Febc A: Sepeo 


Ebenezer Wales 


N:mcy Wales 


l)(\sire 'i\)lman 


William Tolman 


Elisha Clap Decs'* 


Elisha Clap 

fjO Hath Keceiv'd Baptism this Year 1775 

• Alcxaudor Leeds (town recordo). 



Records at Nassau, New Providence 




Jamra Baker y* 3** 


Phinchas Baker 


Hriijiiinin Lyon 


Tharikfull Lyon 



Sam'' Sumner 


Susaniudi Sumner of Roxbury 


Mury Walker 


Soffia \\ alkcr 



William Hhike 


William Bhiko 


JoiKithrin iUukc 


Patience Hlake 


AriK.l WrlLs 


ILmnah Jones Wclla 



N(Kih C'l:ip 


Lucy Chip 


John Hlnckman 


James Bhickman 


Joseph Dcvcmport 


Jason Deveuiport 


Joseph Hhike 


Eunice Blake 


Ehrnezer Withington 



Elizabeth Baker Withington 
Her Mother Died 
She being 15 Days ol i 


Ebonezer Robinson Dec 

's^ Dau"^ 

Ann Robinson 


Lcnanl Miller 


Joseph Miller of Milton 



Thomas Tolman 


Weightstill Tolman 



Edward Hlake 


Thomas Blake 



John CJotT 


Jesse GofI 


Lenuu'l Clap 


Elisha Clap 


Edward (i lover 


Lewis C^dover 



Elijah Tolniau 


Susannah Luis Tolman 



Ebenezer Capen 


Elizabeth Capen 


James Robinson 


Stephen Robinson 



Mary Tolman 


William Walker 


Jane Williams 


Molly Atherton 


Joseph Langlcy 


Edmond How Langley 


John Pierce 


Molly Pierce 



Sam" Belcher 


Sam" Bilcher 


Jona-s Tolman 


Susannah Tolman 



Sam" Maxticld 


Lucy Maxfiehi 


John Capen 


John Capen 


Sam" Tolman 


Edward Tolman 


Phinchas Holden 


I'atte Holden 


Nathaniel Tilc.ston 


Ebenezer Devomport Tiliston 


Sam" Mellish J^ 


Betse Mellish 


Jonathan Bird 


Sarah Bird 

35 Hath Receiv'd Bapt 

ism this 

Year 1776 

[To be concludedj 


Conimunicated by Alfked Johnson, Litt. D., of Boston, Maaa. 

The following records and inscriptions were copied by the writer 
during a visit to Nassau, New Providence, in March 1014. The 
records of burial were taken from the Burial Books of St. Matthew's 
Parish, the oldest parish at Nassau, and comprise all the burial 
entries during the tirst half of the nineteenth century that refer to 


1914] Records at Nassau, New Providence 230 

persons who wore o])viously Americans. They consist of seventeen 
entries from Rook 1, which bej^ins in 1802, and three entries from 
Book 2, and they are ^^iven in chronological order. The inscriptions 
are beheved to inchidt; all the inscrii)tions at Nassau, at present 
legible, which ^ive evidence of referring to persons who came to that 
place from the territory now forming the United States. Among 
them may be found the names of some of th(! American Loyalists 
who emigrated to Nassau at the time of the Revolution. 

From tue Buhi.\l Bookb of St. Matthew's Pakisu 

May. 9. 1803. Mrs. ^^ft^y Sampson, wife of James Sampson, Esq., 

late of Kast Florida, aged 59 Yeiirs. 

Apr. 5. 1809 Williiiiu Uiiieluuder of New York aged 28 years 

interred in chui'ch yard. 

August 12, 1810 Mr. Davis late from South Carohna. Interred. 

Sept. 3. 1810. Joseph Burns from New York. 

January LS^^^ 1812 dipt. Thomas Misplce from N. York. 

Sei>t. 7^^ 1812, Jeremiah Butler a native of Durham Connecticut. 

Sept. 13, 1814. James Wilcocks a nntive of Philadelphia. 

Oct. 19. 1814 Sanmel Driggs, Master Mariner. A native of Middle- 

town State of Connecticut, aged abt. 51 years 

January 19^^ 1816, Lewis Thompson — a native of South Carolina. 

March G^*' 1810. Mrs. Margaret Askey a native of Georgia. 

Apr. 9. 1810. Mr. Night a native of Beaton. 

Sept. 12^^ 1818. J"° Fgan, a planter of East Florida, who was drowned 

in the Harbour. 

August 29^^ 1820 William Atwell, a native of America. 

Dec. 17. 1820, Tlu)mas Johnson formcrlv of East Florida. 

June 7, 1821 Seth D. Plympton a native of America (constable) 

June 19^^ 1822 Siunuel Pearce (shoemaker) a native of N. Aniorica. 

Oct. 31, 1826. Thomas Cunningham (mariner) a native of North 

America died the 30'^ aged 40 years. 
James, Yoarison (an American sokUer) April 7, 1849, 

about 18 yrs. 
Alfred B. Ockerman. (American seaman) 1'* Septem- 
ber 1849 aged 22 years. 
Sanmel E. Rand American seaman 18 Sept. 1849. 
49 yrs. 

Inscription from the Western Esplan.\db 

In Memory of Isaac son of Stephen and Patienc* Brayton of Newport in 
Rhode Island died Jiin^ Ye 6^^ 1742/3 in Ye 30^ Year of his age.* 

From Tablets in Christ Church (the Cathedral) 

Under this stone lieth int^^rred the body of Thomas Michael Carter son of 
the Rev. Robert Carter & Jane his wile who dep: this Life Jan. the 27, 1763 
in the 17 yeai- of his age. 

Here Lies interred the Body of Elizabeth Dixon Late of Philadelphia, Widow, 
who departed this Life the 18^^ of Sept' 1779 aged 54 years. 

Sacred to the Memory of Willian\ Moss Esquire born at Iluyton in the County 
of Lancaster, and Kingdom of Great Britain but who past the greatest 
Portion of the last twenty four years of his life in Georgia East Florida, 

* This inscription is on a slnto gravestone that is set in the concrete sea wall of th« 
M'sti ru end of the Esplanade, west of Nassau. 


240 Records at Nassau, New Providence U^W 

and these Islands where he died on the 9*^ day of Dec' 179C aged 45 years. 
[A verse folloius.] 

From the Old Cemetery on the Parade Ground 

Here lieth tlie Hoihea of Ann Hruwn & llHzahcth Mannst'll Daughters of 
John & Susannii Brown Ann Jirown was horn the 20 day of AiigLLit 1761 <k 
died the 10^^' day of July 1705 and Khzaheth Mannsell was born the 21"' 
day of February 1755 and died tlie G day of May 17i>4. 

Here lieth the Hodies of Jolin Hrown and Ann (Jrant Son and Daugliter of 
John <fe Susanna Brown John Brown was born tlie 12'*^ day of December 
1757, und (hcd the 17 day of January 17N0. And Anna Grant wxs born the 
3 day of December 1703 and died the 29^^ day of Noveniber 17b7 

Sacred to the Memory, of Mrs. Mary Johnson tlie wife of William Johnson 
and Daughter of John and Mary Petty who departed this life July 31, 1802 
aged 34 years six months and 25 days. (A verse follows] 

Here lieth interred. Thomas Pinckney late Mr & S.- Cargo of the Sloop 
Adventure of Charles Town, S° Carolina who living, Jitstly obtained the 
(character of a Man of strict Honour ami Probity and is now as ju:!tly 
lamonted by all who knew him He departed this life ye G*^ of May AD. 
1733 in the 31^^ year of his age To wliosc Memory This stone is grate- 
fully dedicated By his most aflectionate Brother (Charles Pinckney of 
Charles Town aforesaid Msq. as a Monumcuit Sacred to that Friendship 
Which ever subsisted between them Vivit post Funera \'irtus 

Sacred to the Memory of John Whippo of a Respectable family in Connec- 
ticut North America Who died on this Island June 30*^ 1799 in the 17^^ 
Year of his age 

From the Cemetery of St. Matthew's Church 

Beneath this stone lies interred the earthly remains of Elizabeth Jane Ander- 
son wife of the Honorable Cieorge ('amj)bcll Anderson. Her Majesty's 
Attorney General for the Bahamas. She died on the 1 day of October AD. 
1811 aged 31 years after a lengUiened illness which she endured with the 
calm and quiet resignation of the true christian leaving a fond hu:^band and 
a young and only child together with a large circle of relatives and friends 
to lament her early death. [At the top oj the stone is a coat of arms.] 

In Memory of Elizabeth M. Anderson wife of the late Dr. Anderson of 
Virginia, U.S.A., for many years resident in Cuba, died 25 January 1849. 

In the same grave* lies interred the remains of Georgina Hill, infant daughter 
of George Campbell Anderson Escjuire who was born on the first of June 
1855 and died on the following day. 

Beneath this stone lies interred the body of John Anderson, Esquire who 
departed this life on the 0^^ day of August A.D. 1838 aged 76 Years. Mr. 
Anderson was born in New York, then a British possession on the 18^^ of 
June 1702. Early in life he entered as a mielshipman on board His Britanic 
Majesties Ship Experiment commanded by James Wallace in which vessel, 
he was in four dilTcrcnt engagements, in the last of which the l^xpcriment 
was captured by a French flett. Mr. Anderson having procured his 
relejise returned to America then the Theatre of the Revolutionary War 
and having obtained an Ensigncy in the British Army. He continued in 
active service during the whole of that war, at the conclusion of which he 
retired on half pay and eventually settled in the Island in the Year 1782 
where by a steady course of upright conduct he gained for himself the esteem 
and respect of all who knew him. [On this stone is a coat of arms, similar 
to that on stone of Elizabeth Jane Anderson.] 

* The grave of Elizabeth Jaoe Auderiioa. 



1914] Records at Nassau, New Providence 2U 

Here Iio3 interred the earthly remains of Susanna IT. Andorflon relict of the 
, lute John Andcjrson Rsq. Who departed this hf*; on the \'\^^ day of December 
1845 in the 83'*^ year of her a^e. Mrs. Anderson wjus born in the city of 
Savannah in the Province of (leorgia when a possession of (ireat Britain 
on the 11'*' of April 17li3it resided in this (.'olony for the hist 00 Years of 
her life during wiiicii h^n;^ jK'riod her exemplary conduct in the various 
relations of life obtained for lier the respect <fe Ksteem of all who knew her 
<k her memory will be long cherished with affectionate remembrance by 
I her children ami a numerous circle of Relatives and Friends [At the top of 
the stujie is a coat of arms, similar to that on stone of Elizabeth Jane Ayiderson.] 

In memory of Robert Iriston Horn in Mobile Alabama Jan. 4. 182S Died in 
Nassau N.P. Aut;. 20. 1SG5 his wife I^liza Inston born in Mobile Ala. 
Feb. 7 1832 Died in Nassau N.P. Dec. 13, 1803. 

In Memory of Margaret Petit born in Mobile Ala. Feb. 10^^ 1812 died in 
Nas.sau July 2"^ 1S03. 

Sacred to the memory of Captain J. II. Smith of Charleston S. C. Who de- 
I)arted this life Nov. 5'^ 1802 aged 39 ye:u*3 Erected by his beloved wife. 

Klizabeth P. Stockman daughter of Jacob & Harriet Stockman Born in Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Died in Njissau Aug. 9. 1896 A Patient SulTerer at Rest. 

Sacred to the Memory of the honorable John Storr, a native, of St. Augustine 
Florida, and during many years an uj)right and u.seful mi'mbcr of her 
Majesties ( 'ouncil for these Islands. He Was born 17S3 and died at Nassau 
July 2"^ isU), An a Merchant largely connected with the commerce of 
this Colony, as a Philanthropist always among the first to identify him- 
self with any movement to advance the hap{)iness of his adoj>ted country — 
As a Husband and Father gentle, faithful and sincere — in every relation 
of life he w;us resjxictcd and beloved by all classes of society in this Colony. 
His death is regretted as a ])rivatc woe, or a public calamity. His sorrow- 
ing widow erects this tal)let as a frail record of his Virtues. Jesus said 
unto her thy brother Shall rise again John. 11. 23. 

Sacred to the Memory of Eliza Storrs widow of the late Honorable John 
Storrs a member of her Majestie,s Council and a highly respected Merchant 
of this Colony. The Piety charity benevolence, sincerity and kind dis- 
position of Mrs. Storrs secured to her the warmest feeling of alTection and 
regard of her friends and acquaintances and esteem and respect of the entire 
community. She died universally regretted on the sixth day of November 
1855 in the GO year of her age. 

From the Western Cemetery, known also as "Potter's Field" 

Sacred to the Memory of Ann the wife of WiUiam Brown late of Philadelphia, 
N.A. who departed this Life on the 15^^ of February 1811 aged 29 years 

Augu.stus Thayer son of the Hon. Patrick Brown and Harriot his wife Bora 
Aug. 30, 1816. Died May 12, 1822. 

In Memory of the Honorable Patrick Brown, who departed this life June 15, 
1845. in the 77th year of his age. He was Senior Member of Her Majesty's 
Council of these Islands and for many years held the offices of Registrar 
of the Court of Vice Admiralty and .Assistant Justice of the General Court. 

In Memory of Patrick Henry Brown Son of the Hon. Patrick Brown Esq: 
and Harriot, his wife. Ho w:is born Nov. 1812, and departed this life 
13 M:irch, 1815 In Memory also of their Infant twin daughters interred 
25 May 1815. 

In Memory of Sarah Brown, daughter of Philip Brown, Esq. and Susannah 
his wife, and the beloved Sister of the Hon. Patrick Brown She died Oct. 5, 
1840 aged 08 years. 


242 Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. [Jul 

In Memory of Mrs. MurRJirct CunninK^am wife of General Robert Cunning 
ham who died on the 20^^* of March 1815 In the 7G'^ year of Ijer age 

In Memory of General Robert Cunningham wlio wad exiled from hi:i nativ 
country In tlie American Revolution For his attachment to hi.s King an 
the laws of liis country. He acted as a Colonel of a Re;;imcnt In the Royi 
Army and (Jeneral of the I>oyal MiHtia of Soutli Carolina. He died o 
the O*-^ of February IS 13 In the 75^*' year of his age. 

Here rest the RenmiiLS. of Daniel D'Oyley Junior, M.D. of (Charleston, Sout 
Carolina who died of a con.sunij)lion in this Island on the i\^^ day ( 
February A.D. IS 10 aged 31 years. 

Sacred to the memory of Mary Hunt The wife of Thomas Hunt of Charles 
ton South Carolina She died on the 7''' of August Anno Domini 1S(J2 age 
24 ycju^. 

In Memory of Abby Dickinson Kirk wood wife of William Kirk wood, M.E 
for 52 years. Born at Iladley, April 12, 1S13 Died Oct. 21, 1S8S 

In Memory of William Kirkwood, M.D. Memb«*r of the legislative Counc 
Halianias Horn at Helfxst, Ireland, April 27, ISU Died Dec. 9, iSSS.f 

Here lieth the Remains of Major Christoi)her Neeley, Who was banislu'd froi 
his native Country in the American Revolution for his Attachment to h 
King and the Laws of his Country, He acte»i as a Major in tiie Ixjyj 
militia, and a ('ai)tairi of a ('ompany in a Provincial liegiment in th 
Royal Army. He died the 2ti^'» of April 1S07 aged (33 Years. 

XJuderneath this Stone Lie Interred the remains of Sarah, wife of John I 
Pintard (a native of New Jersey) Who was born iu the year, 1751 and d( 
parted this Life Feb. 5^»» 1812 aged 01 Years. 

Ix)renzo Snow of New York City. Born in Amherst, Mass. May 4^ 180* 
Died in Niissau N.P. Feb. 10, 1883 A Christian. 

Sacred to the memory of Frederick Stevens Purser in the Navv, of X\ 
United States, Born September 10*^ 1818, Died July 14^ 1843 Th 
tomb has been erected by his, Brother officers of the Boxer. 

Sacred to the memory of James Thayer Son of Williams Thayer, Esquii 
of Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America. Far from h 
native home adorned and supported l)y every Christian Virtue he expire 
on this Island August 21«i 1817, In the 21»' Year of his age. Blec>setl wit 
uncommon talents early devoted to literary and scientific pursuits, b 
was the pride of the University iu his Native State at which he graduate 
September 7, IS 14. 

"0 hopes dissolved! Oh prospects all decayed! 
O dawn of glory, ojx^ning but to fade! 
Pleased we beheld thy early laurels bloom 
Nor knew they were a trophy for thy tomb!" X 


Coramunicated by Hon. Henrt Sewall Webster, A.M., of Gardiner, Me. 

(Contiuued from page 169] 

(Records of M.^^uriaqe Certificates, ContinoedI 

Daniel Runnels, son of Benjamin Runnels of China, County of Kennebec, 
and Rebeccah his wife, and Mary Alleu, daughter of Peter Allen of Vassa 

• This inscription is on a large tomb. 

t This inscription is on the 8:ime large tomb on which the preceding inscription ifl cu 

t This inscription is on a gravestone in the lot of Hon. Patrick Brown. 

§ Followed by the words: "and State of Maine.". 


1014] Friends' Records at VassaUmrough, }fe. 213 

boro, ("oiinty ftud State afon^sa'ul, dccciiscii, imd Patience liis wife, in Vjumm:i1- 
l)()r(), 2S, 11 mo., 1S22. 

Jolin ivsUvs of ( 'liifKi.County of Konnobec, Bon of Simeon Estes of Raymond, 
County of ('uiiiherhmd,* an*! Hannah his wife;, and Anna Austin of \';is.siU- 
l)oro, daughter of I'^hcnezer Austin of \';ts.s;illM)ro, County of Kennebec and 
State aforesaid, and Phebe hid wife, both deceased, iu Vassidboro, 20, 12 mo., 

lOlijah Cook of Vassalboro, son of John Cook of Va.ssalboro, County of 
Kennebec,* and Sarah his wife, a'^id Judith Meder, daui;ht<'r of Mieajah 
MediT of Vassalboro, County and State aforesaid, and Sarali his wife, in 
Vassalboro, 20, 8 mo., 182 L 

Joseph (^ook of Vassal I ;oro, son of John Cook of Vassalboro, County of 
Kennebec,* and Sarah his wife, and Sarah Hobby, (laughter of Uemin^on 
Hobby of Vassalboro, County aforesaid, deceased, and Margaret his wife, 
in Vassalboro, 27, 10 mo., 1824. 

St(^ph(;n Winf^ of Vassalboro, son of Stephen Wing of Sidney, County of 
Kennebec,* and Dorothy his wife, and Rebecca Starkey, daughter of» 
Starkey of Vassalboro, County aforesaid, and Kunice his wife, deceased, ia 
Vassalboro, 27, 12 mo., 1820. 

John Pinkham of (lardiner, son of I'lijah Pinkham of Gardiner, County of 
Kennebec,* and Abigail liis wife, and Mary ColemaM, daughter of Christ<»- 
pher ( ■olenian of Bristol, County ()( Lineohi, and Sally his wife, in Gardiner, 
27, 9 mo., 1821. 

Abner Iloxie of Plantation No. 1, sgn of Lsaac Iloxie of Sidney, County 
of Kennebec,* and Amy liis wife, deceased, and Lydia Rogers, daughte-r of 
Thomas Rogers of N'assalboro, (^ounty of Kennebec and State aforesiiid, 
and Mary his wife, in Va.ssalboro, 10, 1 mo., 1825. 

Isaac Hawkes, son of Lemuel llawkes of China, County of Kennebec,* 
ami Abigail his wife, and l^sther Hobby, daughter of Remington Hobby, Jr., 
of Vassalboro, County and State aforesaid, deceased, and Margaret his wife, 
in Vassalboro, 21, 9 mo., 1825. 

Robert Cook of Vas.salboro, son of John Cook of Va.ssalboro, County of 
Kennebec,* and Sarah his wife, and Susan Leonard, daughter of Caleb 
Leonard of Jederson, County of Lincoln,* and Lucy his wife, dece:ised, in 
VassaU)oro, 22, mo., 1825. 

Asa Morrell of l-'almouth, son of Peter Morrell of Berwick, County of 
York,* and Hannah his wife, both deceased, and Cyntha Dow, daughter 
of Paul Dow of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec, deceased, and Lydia liis 
wife, in Vassalboro, 27, 10 mo., 1825. 

Moses Taber of Vas.salboro, son of Jacob Taber of Vassalboro, County of 
Kennebec,* and Sarah his wife, deceased, and Phebe P. Sweat, daught-er of 
Curtis Sweat of Winilham, County of Cumberland and State aforesaid, and 
Loranah his wife, in \'assidboro, 3, 1 mo., 1827. 

William GilTord, son of Isaiah GitTord of \'assiilboro, County of Kennebec,* 
and Hannah his wife, and Rachel Meeder, daughter of Micajah Meeder of 
Vassalboro, County aforesaid, and Sarah his wife, in Viissalboro, 25, 1 mo., 

Peter M. Starkpole of Berwick, son of Thomas Stackpole of Berwick, 
County of York,* deceased, and Sarah his wife, and Mary Dow, daughter 
of Paul Dow of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec, deceased, and Lydia his 
wife, in Vassalboro, oO, 5 mo., 182S. 

Joseph Allen of Vassal borough, County of Kennebec,* son of Pelatiah 
Allen of Windham, County of Cumberhuul and State aforesaid, and Hannali 
his wife, both deceased, and Lydia Russel, daughter of Richard Ru.ssel of 
Vassalborough and Lyilia his wife, both dece;used, in Wu^salborough, 31, 
1 mo., 1828. 

• Followed by the words: "and State of Maine." 


244 Friends' Records at Vassalhormigh, Me. [Ji^'y 

R()l)t'rt Winnlow of Vassalhoro, Ron of William Winslow of Falmouth, 
CouDty of ('iimberland,* and Pliobc his wife, deceased, an<i IMiehe Talker, 
daiiKliter of Haniaba.s Talier of Va.s.sall)«>ro, County <if Kt-niieljec, and Lydia 
hirt wife, in Vassalboro, 27, 8 mo., 1S2S. 

J(Ml('(liiih J('j).s()n of ('liina, son of Jolm J«'i).son of (.'hina, County of Kenne- 
bec,* afid Lydia liis wife, both deceased, and Rebeeca Met-der, daughter of 
Mieajah .Nh'e(ler, County and State aforesaid, and Sarali liis wife, in \'a.s.>ial- 
boro, 27, 11 mo., IS'JS. 

iSainuel Hu.ssey of Vassalboro, son ()T IVIatiah IIu.s«ey of Vassalboro, 
County of Ktnnebee,* and Mercy his wife, and Sarah I. St.irkey, daughter 
of Abner Rof^ers of Herwick, County of York, deceased, and Jeimet his wife, 
in Vassalboro, 24, 12 mo., 1S28. 

Hczekiali Pope of Vassalboro, son of Kbenezar Pope of Vas.salboro, County 
of Kennel )ec,* and Sarah his wife, and Rebecca Winj;, daugliter of Moses 
Starkey of Vassalboro, County aforesaid, and I'lunice his wife, deceased, iu 
Vassalboro^ 25, 11 mo., 1S21). 

John Winslow of Albion, son of Oliver Winslow of Albion, County of 
Kennebec,* and Sarali his wife, and Lydia Ramsdell, daughter of Cicorgo 
Ramsdell of Hallow(>ll, Ccjunty of Kennebec, and Munice liis wife, both 
deceased, in Vassalboro, 22, 9 mo., IS.'K). 

Henjamin W. Coddard, son of Israel Cioddard of Vassalboro, County of 
Kennebec,* and Lusana his wife, an<l Jiethiah ]*oj)e, daugliter of Kbenezar 
I'ope of Viussalboro aforesaid and Sarah his wife, in Vas.salboro, 23, 9 mo., 
18:30. . 

Jabez Jenkins, Jr., of Winslow, son of Jabcz Jenkins of Vassalboro, County 
of Kennebec,* and lOlizabeth his wife, ileceased, and Sarah Nichols, daughter 
of .John Nichols of Winslow, County of Kennebec and State aforesaid, and 
Abigail his wife, in Vassalboro, 25, 9 mo., 1828. 

Benjamin Jepson of ('hina, son of John Jepson of China, County of Kenne- 
bec,* and Lydia his wife, deceased, and Patience Meader, daughter of Mica- 
jali Meader of Albion, County aforesaid, and Sarah his wife, in N'assalboro, 
2, mo., 1831. 

John B. Hawks of Vassalboro, son of Nathaniel Hawks of Win.slow, County 
of Kennebec,* and Hannah his wife, both deceased, and Bethiah Tabcr, 
daughter of Barnabas Taber of Vjissalboro, County of Kennebec, and Lydia 
his wife, in Vassalboro, 26, 10 mo., 1831. 

Sewell G. Robinson of Vassalboro, son of Daniel Robinson of China and 
Ruth his wife, and Mary Weeks, daughter of Butler Weeks of Vassalboro 
County of Kennebec,* and Jlli/.a liis wife, in \'assalboro, 22, 5 mo., 1833. 

Joseph H. Cole of Vassalborough, son of Isaac Cole of \'assalborough, 
County of Kennebec,* and Anna his wife, both deceased, and Panny R(;bin- 
8on, daughter of David Robinson of Va.ssalboro, County of Kennebec,* and 
Sarah his wife, deceased, in Vassalboro, 31,5 mo., 1832. 

Isaiah Fry of Vassalboro, son of Joshua Fry of ^'assalboro, County (of 
Kennebec],* and Mary his wife, and Mary Cioddard of Vassalboro, daughter 
of Robert Goddard of Sidney, County and State aforesaid, and Christiana 
his wife, deceased, in Vassalboro, 31, 10 mo., 1833. 

Robert Goddard of Va.ssalboro, son of Israel Goddard of Vassalboro, 
County of Kennebec,* and Lusana his wife, and Patience Allen, daughter of 
Peter Allen of Vassalboro, County and State aforesaid, and Patience liis wife, 
decejused, in Vassalboro, 26, 6 mo., 1834. 

William Cami)bell, Jr., of \'a.ssall)oro, son of William Cami^bell of Sanger- 
ville. County of Penobscot,* and Martha his wife, and Nabby T. Hubby, 
daughter of Gideon Hobby of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec, deceased, 
and Sally his wife, in Vassalboro, 24, 12 mo., 1834. 

• Followed by the words: "and St^ite of Maine." 


1014] Friends^ Records at Vassalhormigh, ^fe. 245 

Jacob Tabcr of Voiisalboro, son of Barnuhas Taber of Vas-salboro, County 
of Kciinobcc,* and Lydia fiis wife, and Ilep/.il»ali l\)]ni, dauj^htcr of Kbenezer 
Pope of Vassalboro and vSarah his wife, both deceased, in Vassalboro, 23, 
10 mo., 1834. 

Noah I'arr, Jr., of Clardincr, County of Kennebec,* son of Noah Farr and 
Abigail liis wife, and IsHza Meader, thiughter of Valentine Mender of Vassal- 
boro, C'ounty and Statt.' afore.saitJ, and I'lurbe lii.s deceased wife, in Vassalboro, 
27, 1 mo., 1830. 

Charles Niehols of Vas.salboro, son of Samuel Nicliols of Herwiek, County 
of York,* decea.sod, and Dorcas his wife, and Esther Owen, daughter of 
Nathaniel Owen of C^liina, County of Ki;nnebec and State afore.said, and 
Phebe his wife, in Vassalboro, 5, 5 mo., 183G. 

David Robinson of Va.s.salboro, son of Samuel Robinson of Vas.salboro, 
County of Kennebec,* deceased, and Lydia his wife, and Mary ( ', 
daui;hter of John Chase of Windham, County of Cumberland and State 
aforesaid, deceased, and Mercy hi.s wife, in \';ussall)oro, 2G, 11 mo., \S2\). 

Daniel Ilolway of Sandwich, son (»f Steplien llolway of Sancbvieh, County 
of Harn.slable and (commonwealth of Ma.'^.'^achusetts, and Ri'be'ca his wife, 
dece;ised, and Lydia Nichols, daui;hter of Ste]>hen Nichols of Vas-salboro, 
County of Kennebec,* and Lydia his wife, decea.sed, in Vassalboro, 2, 11 nic, 

Moses Osbomc of Win.slow, son of Moses Osbomo of Weare, County of and State of New ITam[)shire, decea.sed, and Ruth his wife, and 
Phebe W. Stuart, dauLditer of James Stuart of Vassall)oro, County of Kenne- 
bec,* and I'Ainice his wife, dece:used, in Vassalboro, 2S, 9, 1837. 

Henjamin Worth, Jr., of Va.ssalboro, son of lienjamin Worth of Vas.salboro, 
County of Keimebec,* and Phebe his wife, dece:ised, and Mary Robinson, 
dau<]:hter of Samuel Robinson of Vas.salboro, County aforesaid, deceased, 
and Lydia his wife, in \'a.ssalboro, 28, 6 mo., 1S38. 

Isaac Robinson of Portland, son of Timothy Robinson of Windham, 
County of Cumberlaml,* and Salome his wife, and Aim C. Keith, daughter 
of Joseph 1 lowland of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec, and Sarali his wife, 
in Va.ssalboro, 27, 2 mo., 1839. 

William Weeks of Vassalboro, son of Butler Weeks of Vassalboro, County 
of Kennebec,* and Eliza his wife, and Mary C Robin.son, dau^^hter of Daniel 
Robin.son of (^hina. County aforesaid, and Ruth his wife, in Vassalboro, 
25, 9 mo., 1839. 

(End of Book I] 

Zftccheus Goddard of Vassalboro, son of Israel Ciodda»d of Vassalboro, 
County of Kennebec,* and Lusanna his wife, and Miriam Allen, daughter 
of Peter Allen of Vassalboro, County aforesaid, deceased, and Patience his 
wife, in Vassalboro, 28, 4 mo., 1830. 

George R. BulTum of Vassalboro, son of Isaac BufTum of Vassalboro, 
County of Kennebec,* and Sarah liis wife, and Lydia H. Tabor, daughter of 
Barnabas Taber of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec, and Lvdia his wife, 
in Vas.salboro, 22, 3 mo., 18:^0. 

Josiah Jones of China, County of Kennebec, son of Stephen Jones of 
Brunswick, County of Cumberland,* a.ui Eunice his wife, and Aufi Pope 
of Vassalboro, daughter of Oliver Winslow of Albion, County of Kennebec, 
and Sarah his wife, deceased, in Vas.<alboro, 23, 11 mo., 1S37. 

James Coombs of Albion, son of Jonathan Cooml»s of .\lbion. County of 
Kennebec,* deceased, atul Ilannali Niciiols, daughter of Ste})hen Nichols of 
Vassalboro, County of Kennebec, in Va^salboro, 24, 9 mo., 1840. 

Levi Gardner of \'assalboro, son of Benjamin Gardner of China, County 

• Followed by the words: "and Stat« of Maine." 


240 Friends' Records at Vassalborough, ^fe. [July 

of Kennebec,* and Phcbe his wife, and Kliza Padilock, dauf^hter of Francis 
Paddock of Nantucket, County of Nantucket, deceased, and Mary liis wife, 
in Vafl-salboro, 23, li ino., 1841. 

Jeremiah K. Jones of China, son of Josiah and Comfort Jones of China, 
County (»f Kennebec,* and Plicbo Pope of Va.s.saiboro, daughter of Kbenezer 
and Sarah Pope of Va.s.salboro, County and iState aforesai*!, both deceaiied, 
in Vii.ssull)()ro, 28, 9 mo., IS-l'i. 

(Jeorge Tuber of Vassalboro, 8on of Daniel Tabcr of Vass^ilboro, County of 
Kennebec,* and Hebecca his wife, and Ii^.'sther B. Po[)e, daughter of Kbenezer 
Pope of Va-ssalboro, County of Kennebec, and Sarah hi.s wife, both deec-ased, 
in Vas.salboro, 28, -1 mo., 1842. 

Moses Osborne of Winslow, son of Moses Csborne of Weare, County of 
Ililisborou^h and State of New f lampsliire, and Ruth his wife, both decease*], 
and \']\\7.:i lIiLssey, daughter of Peter Hu.s.sey of Bremen, County of Lincoln,* 
and Lucy his wife, in X'assalboro, 24, 10 mo., 1S44. 

Nathan C. Hailey of Winslow, son (jf Mbenezer Bailey of Litchfield, County 
of Kenn(;bee,* deceased, ami Tabitha his wife, and Lydia I)ou;^la.s, daughttT 
of Cornelius Douglas of Winslow, County and State aforesaid, and Phebe 
his wife, in Vassalboro, 22. 5 mo., 1845. 

William Weeks of \'as.>;alboro. son of Butler Weeks of Vassalboro, County 
of Kennebec,* deceased, and Kliza his wife, and l>ii\inia Jenkins, tlaughter 
of Jabez Jenkins of Winslow, County of Kennebec, and Mary his wife, 
deceased, in Va.ssaU)oro, 31, 1() mo., 1844. 

John Jones of China, son of Abel Jones of China, County of Kcnncl)OC,* 
and Susaima his wife, and Lydia Runnels, daughter of Daniel and Mary 
Runnels of ('hina, in Viis.salboro, iJO, \) mo., Isl7. 

Henry Dudley of Vassalboro, son of John Dudley of Cliina, County of 
Kennebec,* and F^unice his wife, and Kmily K. Parker, daughter of George 
Parker of Vassalboro and Deliverance his v.ife, in Vassalboro, G, 3 mo., 

Samuel Jones of China, son of Josiah and Mary A. Jones of China, County 
of Kennebec,* she being deceased, and Margaret B. Nichols, adopted daughter 
of Caleb and Kmma Nichols, County and State aforesaid, she being dece^ujcd, 
in Vassalboro, 20, 3 mo., 1851. 

Cliarles Osl)orne of Smithfield, Couhty of Providence and State of Rhode 
Island, son of Jolin and Elisabeth Osborne of said Smithfield, and Ix)uisa L. 
Lang of Vassalboro, daugiiter of John D. and Ann Klmira I^ng of said 
Vassalboro, County of Kennebec,* in \'assalboro, 1, 7 mo., 1846. 

William A. Jones of China, son of Josiah and Mary A. Jones of China, 
County of Kennebec,* she being deceased, and Mary A. Runnels, daughter 
of Daniel and Mary Runnels of China, County and Stiite aforesaid, in East 
Vassalboro, 27, 3 mo., 1851. 

Daniel Osl)ornc of Weare, son of Moses and Ruth Osborne of Weare, 
County of Hillsborough and State of New Hampshire, deccivsed, and Lucy 
Owen, daughter of Nathaniel and Phebe Owen of China, County of Kenne- 
bec* deceased, in Vassalboro, 17, 3 mo., 1S52. 

Gilbert AKkich of Vassalboro, son of Jacob and Mehctabel Aldrich of 
Uxbridge, County of Worcester and State of ^Lussachusetts, she being 
decciiscd, and Eliza Taber, dmighter of Paul Taber of Vassalboro, County 
of Kennebec,* deceased, and Elisabeth S. liis wife, in Vass:dboro, 25, 2 mo., 

Clarkson Jones of China, son of Josiah and Mary A. Jone^ of China, County 
of Kennebec,* she being decciised, and Alvina P. Runnels, daughter of Daniel 
and Mary Runnels of China, County and State aforesaid, in East Vat^ial- 
boro, IS, 5 mo., 1853. 

• Followed by the worda: "and State of Maiae.". 


1914] Friends^ Records at Vassalborough, Me. 247 

Cloinent RacklilT of Unity, son of lienjainin IlacklilT of Liniin^ton, County 
of York,* decciased, and Sarah his wife, and Marj^arot Varncy of Vab.saU>oro, 
daii;^lit(.T of John iiulTuni of Jiervvick, ('ounty of York,* and Hannah hid wife, 
both ilt'ceaijcd, in Vab.salboro, lli, 5 mo., ISll. 

Charh's (1. Pinkhain, son of Charles Pinkliiun of Au;;iista, County of 
Keniu-l)cc,* and Dorothy his wife, (K't'eased, and An.stress d. ilohby, d;uigh- 
ter of John IIol>l>y of Winsiow, County of Keanehcc,* and Phchc lii:* wife, in 
Vassalboro, 24, 9 mo., 1S40. 

Wilhain Thomas WiUis, formerly Smith, of Jericlio, town of Oyster Bay, 
County of Queens and State of New York, son of Samuel Smith an<l Mary 
his wife, anei Lydia Maria 'J'aber, daughter of Daniel Taber and Kebeeca his 
wife of the town of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec,* in Vassalboro, 14, 

5 mo., 1850. 

Steplu-'n N. Taber of Vas.salboro, son of Daniel and Rebecca Taber of 
Vas.snlboro, County of Kennebec^,* and Mary E. Pojie, liauj^^hter of llezekiah 
arid Rebecca Pope in the aforesaid town and county, in Yassalboro, 15, 
II mo., 1854. 

Joshua G. liailcy of the City of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania, eon 
of Joshua and Elizabeth L. Bailey of the same place, he being dece;ised, and 
Theodate Lang, daughter of John D. and Ann Klmira Lang of the town of 
Vassalboro, County of Kennebec,* in Yassalboro, 1, 10 mo., 1856. 

Henry Taber of Vassalboro, son of Daniel Taber of Vassalboro, County 
of Kennebec,* and Rebecca his wife, and Eunice S. Wing, daughter of Stephen 
Wing of Sidney, county aforesaid, decea^eil, and Rebecca S. Iiis wife, in 
\'a.ssalboro, 22, 5 mo., 1845. 

William II. Bailey of Manchester, son of Timothy and Betsey Bailey of 
Manchester, County of Kennebec,* and Mary C. Nichols, daughter of 
Stt^phen and Hannah Nichols of Winsiow, County and State aforesaid, in 
Vassalboro, 4, 12 mo., 1856. • 

Abram T. Barker of Tiverton, son of Abram and Margaret B. Barker, both 
deceased, of Tiverton, County of Newport ami State of Rhode Island, and 
Elhui M. Frye, daughter of Thomas and Lydia P. Erye of Vassalboro, County 
of Kennebec,* in \'assalboro, 22, 4 mo., 1857. 

Benjiunin W. Goddard, son of Israel Goddard, deceased, of Vassalboro, 
County of Kennebec,* and Lusana his wife, and Hannah H. \'arney, daughter 
of Isaac Smith of Palmyra, County of Somerset and State afores:ud, and 
Sarah his wife, both deceased, in Vassalboro, 2'A, \) mo., 1858. 

Joshua Cobb of Limerick, son of NichoUis Cobb of Limerick, County of 
York,* and Desire his wife, and Phebe C. Hobbey, daughter of John Cook of 
Vassalboro, County of Kennebec and State afore.siiid, in Vai>salboro, 18, 

6 mo., 1856. 

David Robinson of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec,* son of Samuel and 
Lydia Robinson, deceased, and Hannah B. Gardner, daughter of Benjamin 
and Phebe Ganhier of China in said county and state, deceased, in b^t 
Vassalboro, 27, 1 mo., 1859. 

Charles C. Winsiow of Fairfield, son of Daniel and Irene Winsiow of 
Fairtield, County of Somerset,* and Susanna G. Frye, daughter of Isaiah 
and Mary Frye of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec and State aforesaid, in 
Vassalboro, 25, 10 mo., LSGO. 

James H. Cook of Unity, son of Daniel and Elisabeth S. Cook of Unity, 
County of WahU),* and Olive W. Nichols, daughtrr of StcpluMi and Hannah 
P. Nichols of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec, deceasccl, in Vassalboro, 14, 
11 mo., 1860. 

Samuel C. Newhall of Washington, son of Amos and Elisabeth Newhall 
of Washington, County of Knox,* she being deceased, and Jane Y. Partridge, 

• Followed by the worda: "aud State of Maine." 


248 Friends' Records at Vassalborough, ^fe. [J'^'y 

(laiij^liter of Jacob and Het.scy l*urtri<it;o of Wi/islow, County of Kennebt-c 
and State aforesaid, slie bt'iuK liecoasod, in \'a.s.snlboro, 20, 2 mo., ISOl. 

Jijshua S. ]U)wernian of Falmouth, son of Barnabas and Virtue K. P*ower- 
niaii, she bciiifj deceased, ('ounty of Harnstal^Ie aijd State of Mashaehusettf, 
and Mary T. lUifTuni, daii^^liter of (Iror^e and Lydia Huffuin of Vai5>all>oro, 
County of Keniubee,* in Vas.salboro, 22, 5 mo., l.Sl)2. 

Paul Wing of Sitlney, son of Adam and I-'.-iIIkt Wing of , County of 

Kennebec,* she being deceased, and Hannali R. liuifum, daughter of Isaac 
and Sarah BulTum of Vas.salboro, County of Kennebec, botli deceased, in 
Vassalboro, 21, mo., 1817. 

Cliarles H. (Jodilard of China, son of Robert and Patience (loddard of 
Ivcwiston, County of Andro.Sv;ogi^in,* and Ann I'llmira Nichols, daughter of 
Stephen and Hannah Nichobi of Winslow, County of Kennebec,* in N'a^isal- 
boro, 23, ID mo., ISiVi. 

John A. Krye of Vjis.salboro, son of Isaiah and Mary Frye of Vas>aib«)ro, 
Comity of Kennebec,* and Arma W. Allen, daughter of Stephen and Sarah 
Allen of said Vassalboro, she being deceas(;d, in N'a.ssalboro, 20, 1 1 mo., 1803. 

Henry A. Jepson of China, son of Abncr and Comfort Jef)S(jn of China, 
Coimty of Kennebec,* he being deceiLS(;d, and Almira P. Cool:, daughter 
of Flijah and Judith Cook of Vassalboro, County and State af<jr«,'.<aid, in 
East Vassalboro, 25, 10 mo., 1849. 

Charles H. Jones of Va.s.salboro, son of Charles and Mary C. Jones of 
Brunswick, County of C/Umberland,* both deceased, and Harriet Hamblin, 
daughter of Charles and ('ontent Hamblin of Westbrook, (bounty auii State 
aforesaid, he being tiece:i.sed, in Vas.salbt)ro, 2!), mo., ISO.'). 

Stephen Nichols, Jr., of Vassalboro, .son of Stej)hen and Hannah P. NiehoLs 
of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec,* she being deceased, and Ix)uisa J. 
Hobbcy, daughter of John and Phebe C. Hobbey of Winslow, County of 
Kennebec, in Vassalboro, 3, 6 mo., 1852. 

(icorge P. Day of Durham, County of Androscoggin,* son of Isaiah and 
Deborah Day of Brunswick, County of Cuniberland and State aforesaid, 
he being deceased, and Sarah P. Estes, daughter of Thomas and Phebe Estes 
of Vassalboro, County of Kennebec and SUite aforesaid, she being deceased, 
in Vassalboro, 22, 1 mo., 18G8. 

Henry Taber of Vassalboro, son of Daniel and Rebecca Taber of Vassal- 
boro, County of Kennebec,* she being deceased, and I^iwinia J. Wcrks, 
daughter of Jab(»z and Mary Jer\kins of Winslow, County of Kennebec, she 
being deceased, in Va.s-salboro, 14, 3 mo., 1871. 

Lindley H. Jones of Lynn, Mass., son of Lemuel and Huldah Je»ne8 of 
Windiiam, County of Cumberland,* he being dcce;ised, and L. Maria Jepson 
of Vassalboro, ilaughter of Oliver and Syrena P. Jepson of China, County of 
Kennebec,* he being deceased, in Vassalboro, 18, 2 mo., 1873. 

Joseph M. Hanson of Rochester, New Hampshire, son of Tobia.s Hanf^m 
of Brookheld, County of Carroll and State of New Hampshire, and Ibiunah 
his wife, both deceased, and Catherine F. Pinkham, daughter of William 
and Anna Frye of Salem, County of Essex, and State of Massachusetts, both 
deceased, in Waterville, 23, 9 mo., 1885. 

Edward W. Jones of Chicago, son of Joseph and Isabella L. Jones of 
Chicago, County of Cook and State of Illinois, and l!!lma M. Taber, daughter 
of (tcorge and Esther B. Taber of Vassalboro, County of Kennelx^c,* 
in Viissalboro. 18, 8 mo., 1875. 

Alfred 11. Taber of Vassalboro, son of Stephen N. and Mary E. Tal>er of 
Vassalboro, County of Kennebec,* he being deceased, and Abbie M. Wct^ks, 
daughter of William and Lavinia J. Weeks of Vassalboro, County of Kenne- 
bec,* he being decea.sed, in Vassalboro, 4, 8 mo., 1881. 

• FoIIowihI by tlic words: "unii Stale of Maiue." 


1914] Descendants of Robert Iluckins 249 

John Nevvlin of Ix>wer Monthly Mtt;tinK, Southariii>ton County, Virginia, 
8on of Jacob and Uiith NcwHn, hit«; of Park (.'oiinty, Indiana, and Sarah W. 
(loddaril of Vaiisall)oro Montlily Meeting, State of Slaine, (hiughter of Khjah 
and Dorcas Winslow, late of ('liina, State of Maine, at of S. S. llu:5wey 
in V atrial boro, ID, 3 nio., 18S4. 

(Knd of Book IT] 

(To be contiiiU* (JJ 


By Henuy Wintiikof Haudun, A.M., LL.H., of Now York City 

(Coutiuaed from page 1G2] 

61. MosHs' IIucKiNS {Robert,^ Robert,^ John* Robert* Jarnes,^ 

Robert^), uf Leo, 1797, farmer, born at Madbury 9 Nov. 1774, 
(lied 10 Oct. 1810. He married, 2 Feb. 1803 (tuNsnn records), 
his" double cousin, Anna Dame (10, ix, 1), daughter of Huii- 
kin^** aud Hannah Boody* (Huckina), q.v. 
Children, born at Lee: 

12S. i. RoHEUT,' b. 1801. 

12U. ii. Jonathan D., b. 1S06. 

iii. Sauam, b. 31 July 1S09; d. at Newmarket 28 Mar. 1884; m. 4 July 
1S3'2 (town rccorda) Zkuiilon Davis, s. of Mosos and Nancy 
(Norris), of Loc, faruior, soUier in the War of 1M2, b. at Leo Oct. 
1798, d. at Alton 28 Nov. 1868. C:hiMrcn, b. at Lee: 1. Ribecca* 
b. 30 May 1834; d. unm. at KoiJt Lynn, Mas.s., 1 Dec. 1912. 
2. Lavina, b. 11 Oct. 1835; living (1910); rn. 16 Sept. 1M»0 
IkMijaniin C. Heath, 8. of Benjamin NL and Kacht'l (>"^anborn), 
of Kpsoni, N. II., and of Eadt Lynn, Nhiss., shoemaker, b. at 
Epsom 29 Oct. 1834. living (1910). 3. Emma Jane, b. 31 Mar. 
1844; d. unm. 28 Feb. 1903. 

62. Robeut' Huckins {Israel,^ Robert,^ John* Robert,* James,^ Rob- 

ert^), of Barringtim (Strafford) and of Madhur>', farmer, bom 
at Barrington 2 June 1783. died at StrafTord 17 Oct. 1832. 
He married, 15 Mar. ISOi, Hannah B. Caverley, daughter 
of Lieut. John ami Elizabeth^ (Boody), who was born at 
Barrington 22 Oct. 1781 and died 7 Mar. 1833. 
Children, born at Barrington (Strafford): 

i. John C.,' of StrafTonl, farmer, b. 29 Mar. 1805; d. unm. 3 Sept. 

130. li. Asa, b. 21 Dec. 1807. 

iii. Jonathan, of StrjiiTord, farmer, b. 28 Sept. 1813; d. unm. at North- 
wood 12 Oct. 1893. 

131. iv. RoMKHT, b. 8 July 1821. 

V. Eli/.aueth Lyoia, b. 20 May 1829; d. 10 May 1907; m. 7 Oct. 
1855, a8 his second wife, Samuel Nei>>on' Towle, s. of llobey 
M.« and Abig.iil (Nelson) (Towle Family, pp. 178-179, 227), of 
Barnste:ul and of Northwood, shoemaker, member of the Legis- 
lature, b. at Barustead 15 Apr. 1830, d. 31 Dec. 1882. Childn-u,* 

* She has also an adoptc<l daughter, Alice Lois, Ixjrn in Boston 10 June 1871 ; livinc 
(1910): miiiTiod 24 Nov. 1802 Johu F. BaU-a. son of John V. and Klizalnith (Wctft). of 
Danvcrs, Maes., ehoe-cuttor, born at Marblohoad, Musia., 11 Jan. Ib73, livinjj (lUlO). 

250 Descendants of Robert lluckina I'^^W 

b. at Northwtxxi: 1. Albert Wilder,^ b. 15 Nov. 1850: d. 24 Feb. 
1857. 2. Martha ElUn, b. 31 July 1858; d. 24 I-rb. 1H09. 3. 
John Cardnrr, of .North wood, Khoc-iimmifacturcr, b. 17 Jan. l.S<)<); 
living (I'JIU); in. 1884 Nellie H. Han.son, dau. of Dr. Culeb and 
Enuna (Knowle.s), b. at Northwood 10 Oct. 1803, living (1910). 

63. Israel' Huckins (Israel,^ Robert,^ John,* Robert* James,"^ Rob- 
ert^), of StnifTunl, fanner, born at Harrington 29 Apr. 1791, 
died 11 Mar. 1855. Ho married first, lirMay 1817 (town 
n^cords), Uiion.v Eaton Waluhon, daughter of Cu\. Azariab 
and Deborah (lirown) (Boody Annals, j). 103), who was born 
at Harrington 28 Nov. 1798; secondly, 21 June 1824 (town 
records), AIaky Walduon, sister of his decea.sed wife, who 
was born at Harrington; and thirdly,! June 1827 (i6.), Susanna' 
BooDV, daughter o{ John* and Susanna (Hayes) (Hoody 
Annals, p. 200), who was born at Strafford 31 Jan. 1811 and 
died 11 Mar. 1855. 

Children by first wife, bom at Strafford: 

132. i. Samuel W.,« b. 5 Oct. 1S17. 

ii. KuTii D., b. 10 May 1819; d. 9 Sept. 1891; m. 21 Jan. 1844 Dudlrt 
B.' Cahlkton, s. of Dufllcy^ and Sarah (Carter) (\VeIls'.s .New- 
bury, p. 494), of Davenport, Iowa, and Newbury, Vt., inerch.nnt, 
farmer, b. at Newbury, Vt., 10 June 1820, d. 21 July 1904. Child- 
ren, the first one b. in Boston, Mas.s., the others at Davenport, 
Iowa: 1. Carloda /;.,» b. 20 June 1845; hvinp (1910) at Appleton. 
Wis.; ni. 2 Jan. 1800 Ca[)t. George Warren' Huckins (135), a. of 
Israel and Susanna' Boody, q.v. 2. Frank P., of Des Moines, 
Iowa, salesman, b. 10 Dec. 1857; living s.p. (1910); m. 24 Nov. 
1880 Jane Holmes, dau. of William and Lena (Smith), b. at 
Davenport, Iowa, 14 Feb. 1800, living (1910). 3. Harriet /*., 
b. 10 Aug. 1859; hving s.p. (1910)- m. 17 Nov. 1881 liobert C. 
WilitTton, 8. of Clu-istophox and Harriet (Baldwick), of Hock 
Islan<l, 111., hotel elerk, b. at Boston, Eng., 17 Nov. 1S52, Uving 

iii. Deborah B., b. 20 Aug. 1822; d. 11 Feb. 1902; m. 7 Apr. 1847 
Ceouue W. K.' Caui.eton, s. of Dudley^ and Sarah (Carter), of 
Newbury, Vt., farmer, b. at Newbury, Vt., 15 Oct. 1822, living 
(1910). Children, b. at Newbury, Vt.: 1. Luclla r.,» b. 19 Feb. 
1850; Uving (1910) at Manchester; m. 24 Dec. 1873 Edward C. 
Burbeck, s. of William II. and Sarah (Carleton), of Haverhill, 
teacher, A.B. (Dartmouth, 1S71), b. at Hanover 18 July 1S40, 
tl. at Denver, Colo., 27 Mar. 1897. 2. Ida May, b. 15 Jan. 18.')0; 
living (1910); m. 7 Apr. lvS75 Arthur F.' Johnson, 8. of Haynoa 
C.^ and Harriet (Willard) (McKeen'a Bradford, p. 1^02), of Brad- 
ford, Vt., farmer, b. at Bra.iford, Vt., 10 Dec. 1849, Uving (1910). 
3. Caroline Campbell, h. 24 Jan. 1802; living (1910); ra. 2 July 
1890 George W. Putnam, s. of William and Lucinda (Fleming), of 
Newbury, Vt., farmer, b. at West Newbury, Vt., 22 Jan. 1804, 
living (1910). 4. George Warren, of Bradford, Vt., farmer, b. 
25 Apr. 18()4; Uving (1910); m. (1) 17 Apr. 1889 Abigail Leet, 
dau. of Charles iu>d Amy (Jewell), b. at Newbury, Vt., 18 Oct. 
1870, d. 22 Nov. 1889; m. (2) 10 Feb. 1892 Alice M. Kimball, 
dau. of Hiram and Mary (Chamberlain), b. at Bradford, Vt., 
21 Nov. 1809. d. 11 Nov. 1905; m. (3) 11 Feb. 1«K)7 Emma (Snell- 
ing) Cloud, dau. of George and Lucinda (Thonuw) and widow of 
Herbert J., b. at Sheffield, Vt., 2 Feb. 1809, Uving (1910). 

Only child by second wife, born at StrafTord; 

133. iv. Ibhael, b. 15 Nov. 1824. 


19 1 4] Desceruianis of Robert Ilxickins 2.51 

Children by third wife, bom at Strafford: 

V. Hannah H., b. 18 July 1H28; d. 20 July IS93 (town rcconlri); m. 
4 Nov. 1H17 Ai^oNZO Frank Knowi.ton, a. of Jonalhau aud 
Lydiii (Puliiicr) (Cok-swcH's Nottin|t;ham, i>. 73()), of Northwocnl, 
fjuini^r, b. at Northw(><xl 11 Oct. 1H30, d. 13 Dec. 1S'J7 (t-)wri 
rc'conla). Only rhiM, b. at Northwood: 1. Walttr F.* of Man- 
chester, siilo.snuin, b. 3 Feb. 1856; d. s.p. 9 Feb. I'JOt); ni. at 
Dcerfield 3 Fel). 1877 Mary Adelaide Fiiield, dau. of Henry L. 
and I']lizab<'th Mary (llarveyj, b. at Deerlicld 10 Sept. 18o4, 
living; (I'JIO) at Manch»>:iter. 

134. vi. AzAUiAii \V. (twin), b. 3 Oct. 1831. 

vii. Zechauiah H, (twin), of Northwoo<I, farmer, b. 3 Oct. 1831; d. 
s.p. (?) at (Concord 3 Nov. 18'JO; in. 30 Apr. 1804 Caholink Gklu, 
b. 1812, d. 21 June 1872. 

viii. Ri;nAMA, b. 18 Sept. 1835; d. 31 Aug. 1890; m. May 1809, aa his 
becond wife, Nkiik.miah S. Hkan, b. of Charlea L. and Martha 
(Sleeper), of Manchester, null-superintendent, b. at (Jilnuuiton 
15 July 1818, d. 20 July 1890. Only chiM, b. at Manchester: 
1. Nurwin Sherwood,* of Manchester, national-bank examiner, b. 
4 Nov. 1873; living s.j;. (1910); m. 23 Oct. 1901 Klizabeth Nichob, 
dau. of George W . and Elizabeth (David), b. at Aniherat 28 Aug. 
1874, livinji; (1910). 

135. ix. Gkokue W aukkn, b. 10 May 1838. 

X. MiNOT, b. 29 Dec. 1842; d. unm. June 1861. 

64. John D.^ Huckins (Atulrew,^ Robert,^ John,*' Robert,^ James* 
RobtrO), of Madl)ur>', farmer, bom at Ma(il)iiry \'A May 1793, 
died at Alton 8 Dec. 1873. He married, 19 Oct. 1815, Mahy* 
Locke, daughter of Samuel^ and Lucy (Gate) (Parsons'a llye, 
p. 428), who was bom at Barrington 20 Jan. 1795 and died 
10 Dec. 1871. 
Children, bom at Madbury (family Bible in possession, 
1910, of Sylvester B.« Huckins of Alton): 

i. L\JCY C.,» b. 3 Mar. 1816; d. at New Durham 27 Jan. 1003; m. 
12 Mar. 1846 Duuhkll S. Cuamhkrlain, s. of John and Abinail 
(Stevens), of New Durham, fanner, b. at .\lton 30 Aug. 1S18, 
d. 24 Jan. 1903. Children b. at New Durham: 1. Ileury Edwoi* 
of New Durham, farmer, b. 20 Nov, 1848; livinji (1910); m. at 
New Durham, 17 Dec. 1873, Sarah M. (Tucker) iliickins, dau. of 
George and Lucinda (Gile) and widow of George IL* (65, vii), b, 
at IVnacook 29 June 1851, hving (1910). 2. Clarendon Ira, of 
Alton, farmer, b. 29 Apr. 1852; living (1910)^ m. 31 May 1879 
Ella Martha' Seward, dau. of George H.' and Enieline (Williams), 
b. at Lowell, Mji^d., 29 Jan. 1852, Uving (1910). 3. .\fary Ella, b. 
2 Jan. 1856; liring s.p. (1910); m. 19 Nov. 18S9 Benjamin Frank- 
hn^ Fosa, a. of Robert Woo<lbury' and Fliza \Vc<lgcwoo<^i (Jones), 
of StrafTord, carpenter, b, at StrafTord 6 Jan. 1847, living (1910). 

ii. Bann-MI H., b. 12 Apr. 1818; d. s.p. 19 June 1845; m. 28 July 1841 
Dr. HiFi's K. Pkakl, b. of Jo.seph and Elizabeth (Hayea), of 
Farmington, physician (Rkcjisteu, vol. 1, p. 278), merchant, b. 
at Farmington 6 Feb. 1815, d. 13 June 1864. 

136. iii. Anohkw, b. 19 Apr. 1820. 

iv. Maky Esther, b. 20 Oct. 1827; d. 18 Feb. 1908; m. 28 Oct. 1853 E. Berry, s. of Joseph Edwin and Mary (Stanton), of 
Alton, farmer, b. at Alton 26 Apr. 18;i0, hving (1910). Children, 
b. at Alton: 1. Williarn II.,* of Alton, blacksmith, b. 12 July 1855; 
living (1910); m. 10 Nov. 1876 Martha A. Garlantl, dau. of A^a 
and Elizabeth (Chesley), b. at Barnt^tead 10 Nov. 1851, living 
(1910). 2. Mary Ella, b. 7 Sept. 1858; d. 7 Sept. 1865. 

137. V. John Ira, b. 15 Jan. 1830. 


252 DesceTidarUs of Robert Uuckina [July 

65. Robert Levi' Huckins (A ndrew,^ Hubert,^ John,* Robert* Jamf s,' 

Robert^), of Mii(ll>ury, farmer, born .'it Mudbiiry I'J Au^;. 1S(U, 

tlied tiO Nov. 188() (tou'u records). Ii(5 married, 27 May 

1S24 (ib.), Mauy 1)anii:ls, daughter of Jacob and Mar>' 

(Hlanchard), who was born at Gardiner, Me., 27 June lh04 

Hiid died 14 Sept. 187G {ib.). 

Children, born at Madbiiry: 

i. Eliza,' b. 2;i Aug. 1S25; d. 10 Sept. 1896; m. (1) Plcmmer Hkn- 
DKKsoN, of Hnrriii^!;t(>ii, funncT; in. (2) at Harrington, H) A^ip. 
1861, Hkn'uy M. Imjs.s. ('hildn-n hv hwbhanil: I. A ('KiUi* 
i\. unniiint'd. 2. Arulrew /''., of MadLury, soMicr in the Civil War 
(11th N. H. Vol.) b. 1844; d. unm. Childn-n by second hii.^band, 
b. ut Dovit: 3. Frank, d. in infancy. 4. Atuxic Augusta, h. .Aur. 
18oti; d. 31 .Vug. 1878; m. at Dover, abt. 187.5, Oscar W . Fal.y, 
8. of Jcsso and Jane (Webster), of Dover, N. H., and of Bohton, 
M;u>s., lcath(,'r-cutter, b. at Chestervillo, Mc, 13 July 1848, living 
(1010). 5. I'Wanl: Ihrbert, of Melrose lliglilanda,, travelling? 
ealesiuiui b. 22 .Anr. 1858; living s.p. (l*JlO); m. 2'J July 1880 
Ada E. jlosnier, dau. of Franklin and Elizabeth (Stiles), b. at 
Swexhm, Me., 3 May 1855, living (IDlOj. G. Ilarritl Eliza, 
b. Oct. 18()2; <i. 1879. 

138. ii. J(.iiN li., b. y Oct. 1S27. 

iii. Hauuikt, b. 23 Mar. 1830; d. 17 Feb. 1007; in. at Dover, 1 Jan 
1850. William J. Sandeils, s. of Samuel Jind Eliza (Young), of 
Madbury, fanner, h. at Alexandria 1 .St'pt. 1S27, living (1010). 
Cliildren, b. at Madhury: 1. Frank li'tV/iam,' of Madbury, farmer, 
b. 7 Nov. 1803; living (1010); m. 1 Jan. 1880 Caroline A. Burke, 
dau. of Samuel and Mary (CliliMm), b. at Wolfeborough 12 .\pr. 
1867, living (1010). 2. Ida Ilarrkt, b. 21 Sept. 1SG5; d. 10 Sept. 
1807. 3. CaroUiic Eva, b. 4 July 1808; d. 16 Anr. I8t>0. 4. 
Charles George, of Madbury, ftu-mer, b. 16 Dec. 1860; living (1010); 
m. 13 June 1807 l-^mina E. Hayea, dau. of (leorge and Eliza (Drew), 
b. at Mailbury 21 June 1877, hving (1010). 

iv. Ann Augtsta, b. 28 Nov. 1835; d. s.p. 1 .\[)r. 1S6S; m. at Charles- 
town, Miuss., 2<) .Vug. 1862 (I'ity records), Dii. Samuel C. Whittikh, 
8. of John luid ILumah (Hanson), of Dover,, b. at Dover 
1838, d. at Borttitnouth 1 Feb. 1803 (town records). 

V. Cuaules Daniel, of Mailbury, farmer, blaek.sniith, b. 24 June 
1838; (1. s.p.* 14 June 1802 (town records); m. at Dunbarton, 
1866, Anna Tuckeu, dau. of George and Lucinda (Gile), b. at 
Grjifton 1 Apr. 1810, d. at Bristol 10 Jan. ISOO (i6.). 

139. vi. HouEiiT l.Evi, b. 21 Dec. 1810. 

vii. George H., of Madbury, blacksmith, b. 10 Mar. 1847; d. s.p. 
15 Sept. 1871 (town records); m. 10 Dec. 1870 (i6.) Sarah M. 
TicKEU, dau. of George and Lucinda (Gile), who m. (2) Henry 
Edwin Chamberlain (64, i, 1), q.v. 

66. Joseph^ Huckins (John,^ John,^ John,* Robert,^ James,* RoberO), 

called "King" Ix^cause of bis influential position in the com- 
munity, of Strafford Hid^e, farmer, town ofiicer, born, doubt- 
less atBarrinpton, 28 July 1789, died 5 Feb. 1840 (tombstone). 
He married first.. 2 July 1812 (toxMi records), H.\nnah B. 
Walduon, daughter of Aaron and Hannah^ (Hoody) (Boody 
Annals, p. 105), who was born at StratTord 22 May 1792 and 
died 15 Dec. 1825 (toinhstt)ne); and secondly, 18 Mar. 1S2G 
(town records), S.\ii.\H Walduon, daughter of Isiuic and Mary 
(Whitcher), who wiis born at Strafford 1 Dec. 1800 and dieil 
9 Aug. 1878 (tombstone). 

• He had an adopted 8oa, Bert WLlli:\tn, of Penacook, expressman, born at Canter- 
bury 11 June 1890; living unmarritd (1910). 


1914] Descendants of Roljcrt Iluckins 253 

Children by first wife, born at Strafford: 

i. Mautiia Ann,« b. IS Nov. ISl'J; <1. 7 Mar. 1805 (town reconlH): 
111. 22 Jiui. IS^il (i7>.) JoauirA^, b. of Deu. JoLn* nud 
Sarah (C'alef) (Rminrll.>i'H Saiil>on»U»n, vjjI. 2, p. S()2), of 
fonl, funnor, b. at Strafford 20 Frb. 1802, <1. 7 June 1881 (xb.). 
C'liiKlren, 1>. at Str:ilTunl: 1. John' h. 10 July l.s;i5; d. 30 July 
1S35. 2. Myra Jane (twin), b. 28 July 1831); living (1010) at 
Cleveland. Ohio; ni. OScpt. 18t)0, aa hin scconil wife, Ibjn. Benning 
W'cntwortn Jennedrf, 8. of Thonuia and Deborah (Sanborn) ((Vj^**- 
wtli'n No(lin^;liaiM, p. 41o), (if Strafford, N. H., an 1 of CleveLind, 
Ohio, 181)2, po.stmiLster of Strafford, member of the Legi.-iLature, 
bherilT and judge of probate of Strafford Co., U. S. Senator from 
New Ilampshire, lSir>-1(), member of the Democratic national 
e«)nventiun, 1852, b. at Deertield 11 July 18Ut), d. at Cleveland, 
Ohio, 10 Nov. 1870.' 3. Hannah li. (twin), b. 28 July 1830; «1. 
20 Apr. 18M. 4. Lieut. i'harUs A., of StrafTord, farmer, o!hc4'r 
in the Civil War (13th N. H. Vol.), b. 1 May 18 U; d. s.p. 7 June 
1884; m. Kmma Ilopkin.s of Garreltsville, Ohio. 5. Aaron II., 
b. 5 Aug. 1843; d. 20 Jan. 1853. 0. Danid S., of Str:iJTord, 
farmer, b. 11 Dec. 1845; living (1010); m. 4 July 1871 Kliza A. 
(jarland, dau. of Joseph and Ohve (Buzzell), b. at StralTord 20 .May 
1851, hving (1010). 7. Alnyail C, b. 7 Apr. 1848; d. ItJ Oet. 
1854. 8. y^auu J., of Cleveland, Ohio, machinist, b. IS May 1851; 
Uving (lOH)); m. Margaret Cahill, dau. of Cornelius and Cath- 
erine (Meehan), b. 10 .Mav 185G, d. 15 Keb. 1012. 

ii. Joii.N-, of StralTonl, farmer, b. 12 Mar. 1S15; d. s.p. S Dec. 1880 
(town records); m. 12 Nov. 1840 {ib.) Hannau Ahioail Hill, 
dau. of /Vndrew Ncal ami Sarah (Leighton), b. at Strafford 24 June 
IS 18, d. at Cambridge, Mjusa., 8 Dee. 1802. 

140. iii. AnuAM W., b. 25 May 1817. 

IV. Ha.n.nah L., b. 5 Oct. 1810; d. 10 Mar. 1821. 

V. Aak(jn W., b. 10 Feb. 1822; d, unm. 10 Jan. 1844. 
vi. Uhoda \V., b. 15 Sept. 1824; d. 12 Mar. 1820. 

Children by second wife, born at StfiilTord: 

141. vii. Daniel W., b. 10 Aug. 1828. 

142. viii. Joseph, b. 28 Dec. 1833. 

G7. Dea. Nathaniel^ Huckins {Jarncs,^ John,^ Johii* Rohcrl,* 

James,^ Robert^), of Sedgwick, Me., 1812, and of Charleston, 

Me., 1815, farmer, born at Barrin^ton 25 May 1787, died 

5 Sept. 1858. He married, probably at Bangor, Me., in 1812 

(?), Hannah (Bickford) James, ^^^dow, daughter of Daniel 

and Mehitable, who was born 28 Aug. 1705 and died 24 May 


Children, the first one born at Sedgwick, Me., the others at 

Charleston, Me. (family Bible in possession, 1910, of Helen H.* 

Foss, daughter of Anna** (Huckins), of Melrose Highlands, 

Mass.) : 

i. Daniel Montgomery,' of Bangor, Me., and of Dorchester, Mara., 
U. S. consul at Cape Town, Cape Colony, b. ti Mar. 1813; d. s.p. 
at Cape Town 21 Feb. 18G1; ra. at Dorchester, Mass., 27 Oct. 
1840 (town recordd), .\nna Y. Vinson. 

143. ii. Rauzillai, b. 8 Mar. 181G. 

iii. Chesteu 13., of Milo, Me., physician, volunteer surgeon in the Civil 
War, b. Jan. 1820; d. s.p. IG June 1807. 

iv. Hann.\u, b. 1 June 1824; d. 24 June 1824. 

V. Anna, b, 6 Oct. 1828; d. at Melrose, Mass., 6 Feb. 1010; ra. at 
Charleston, Me., 5 Nov. 1840, i\d his second wife, John Everett* 
Foss, s. of Job* and Abigail* (Foss), of Charleston, Me., carriaKC- 

254 DescendanU of Robert Iluckins [July 

maker, ruonihor of tho Legislature, b. at Charleston, Me., 5 Jan. 
IKJU, d. 'JO June ISUO. Children, b. ut CliurlcMton, Mc: i. 
Charles Kdunn,' of Buffalo, N. Y., lltirist, b. G Oct. 1850; living 
(lOlU); m. 13 Sept. lHS.'i Alice N. Norcros-s, dau. of Cornclinj 
Hinckley und Alniira (Billin^ton), b. at IxjwcU, Mass., 22 Jun»» 
1Sj4, living (lUlU). 2. Margard Anna, b. lU Nov. 1851; livinK 
(lUlO); m. 8 Sept. 18S0 Aliatcr Leroy Welt, 8. of Richard and 
I'^liza (Overlook), of Mattapan, MiuvS., cari)enter, b. at Waldo, Me., 
11 Oct. 18 iO, livinj? (lyiOj. '6. Lillian M., b. 12 Sept. l8o:i; d. 
5 May 1857. 4. nUliam II., b. 31 Dec. 1857; d. 5 May 18.08. 
6. Mary A., b. 23 Sept. 18r)0; d. 18 Feb. 1888. 6. Arlhur MonL- 
yamcry of I'auLi \'alley, (Jlcla., A.B. (Colby Univ., 1885), lawyer, 
U. S. deputy nuir.shal, b. 22 A[)r. 1803; hving (1910); m. lOrnrna 
Simpson. 7. Marion L., b, 28 June INO.'J; living unm. (I'JIU) at 
Melrose, Maas. 8. Uden II., b. 3 July 180"J; Uving unrn. (1910) 
at Melrose, Mjuss. 

vi. Jason, of Ivist C'orinth, Me., physician, volunteer surgeon in tho 
Civil War, b. 17 June 1832; d. s.p. 1 Apr. 1S80; in. 17 Nov. isOl 
Sakau F. DENNi:rr, dau. of Daniel and Frances K., b. at Milo, 
Me., 24 Apr. 1837, living (1910) at East Corinth, Me., who m. (2) 
Henry A. Whittier. 

vii. MAUCELLUti D., of East Corinth, Me., farmer, b. 13 Dec. 1834; d. 
unm. 24 Nov. 1885. 

68. Daniel^ Huckins (James,^ John,'' John,* Robert,^ James,^ Rob- 

ert^), of Portland, Me., was born at liarrington about 1789. 
He married at Westbrook, Me., 21 Dec. 1S09 {Mairie Hist. 
and Gen. Recorder, vol. 4, p. 170), 8au.\h Higgins, who was 
born at Westbrook, Me., 10 Oct. 1788 and died in Boston, 
Mass., 25 May 1806 (eity records). 
Children, born at Portland, Me.: 

L Adelia M.," b. 3 Feb. 1812; d. unm. at Medford, Ma33.. 30 Apr. 
1890 (towu records). 

u. Carolini: L., b. 1S2G; d. a.p. in Boston, Mas."?., 24 Aug. 1859 (city 
records); m. in Ho.ston, ^lass., 23 Aug. 1849 {ib.), Cuarlkh II. 
Tnwi.NG, formerly Charles il. TiJiMi, 8. of Stephen and Kliza 
(Hall), of Boston, Mass., merchant, b. at Ossipcc, 11 Aug. 1823, 
d. 9 Mar. 1881, who m. (2) Josephine P. {ib.). 

69. Rev. James^ Huckins (Jamcs,^ John,^ John,* Robert,* James,* 

Robert^), of Reading, Mass., 1832, Anduver, Masd., 1833, 
Calais, Me., 1835, Galveston, Tex., 1840, Charleston, S. C, 
1860, Baptist clergj'nian, agent in Texas of the Baptist Home 
Mission Society, A.B. (Brown University, 1832), born, prob- 
ably at Barrington (or Dorchester), 8 Apr. 1807, died at 
Charleston, S. C., 6 Aug. 1863. He married at Provitlcnce, 
R. I., 18 Sept. 1832, Riioda C. Barton, dauglitcr of John and 
Hannah (West), who was born at East Windsor, Conn., 
11 Mar. 1808 and died at Galveston, Tex., 1 July 1875. 

i. Caroline B.," b. at Andover, Mass., 25 Nov. 1833; d. unm. at 
Galveston, Tex., 11 Jan. 1S75. 

ii. Emlline U., b. at Calais, Me., 10 Feb. 1S3G; d. 21 Mar. 1838. 

iii. Sakau At.len, b. at Trovidenee, K. 1., 22 Aug. 18:i8; Uving (1910); 
m. at Providence, R. I., 17 Sept. 18G7, Wateiis Smitu Davis, a. 
of \Villiam G. and Mary .\iin (Channcj), of Galveston, Tex., 
merchant, secretary and treasurer (Gulf, Colo, tt S. F. R. R), b. at 
St. Augustine, Fla., 13 Nov. 182y, living (I'JIO). Children, b. 
at Galveston, Tex.: 1. Waters Smith,* of Galveston, Tex., rico 


1914] Descendants of Robert Iluckins 255 

miller and broker (Sciiboanl Hire Milling Co.), b. 12 Nov. 1868' 
living (I'.MO); m. 19 Oct. ISDS Daiwy J.ciiKue, <lau. of ('Imrica ana 
Nellie (R:ill), b. at Clulveston, Tex., 10 iM-b. \XHS, living (IUI(»). 

2. Mary Hurkms, b. 7 M;iy 1H70; living num. (1'.>1()) at (ialveston, 
Tex. 3. EmelLne Coil, b. 29 Dec. 1871; living (IDlOi; m. at 
Jacksonville, KIu., 10 Mar. I'.i02, Julian Caverly (lonzal*^, 8. of 
ThorniLS and Ltlith (Boyer), of (l:ilve.ston, Te.x., merchant, b. at 
(;alve.ston, Te.x., G June IHGU, living (11)10). 4. Sarah Hall, b. 
21) A[)r. 187G; living (11)10); m. at Galveston, Tex., 5 Mar. ISDH, 
Harry lluwiey, a. of John Henry and Sarah (Brown), of (jalvewton, 
Tex., eustdrn-houae broker, b. at Lagrange, Ky., 21 Oct. 1S74, 
living (IIUO). 

iv. Maky IOi.iza, b. at Galveston, Tex., 14 Mar. 1845; d. «.p. 14 June 
ISOO; in. 28 .Apr. ISGG Fkmno D. Bam. b. of Albert and Suhan 
Mary (Depew), of Galveston, Tix., banker, b. at Poughkeepnie, 
N. Y., 13 JSept. 1842, d. in New York City 10 June 181)G. 

70. Samuel Brewstek^ Huckins (Samuel,^ John,^ John* RoUrt,^ 

Jamcs,^ Robert^), of CariUTbury, N. H., and of Pilot Cirove, 

111., about 1839, fanner. Lorn at New Hampton 25 Oct. 1797 

(town ncorcls), died 3 Feb. 1840. He married at C-anter- 

bury, 13 May 1S19 (ib.), Mary Brown, daughter of Kliplialet 

and his firh't wife, Abiah, who was born in S'ermont 20 June 

1797 and died 5 May 1855. 

Children, born probably at Bridgewatcr: 

1. MnuAM S.,» b. 8 Dec. 1825; d. I Dec. 1S<)8; m. 5 Nov. 1845 Jamks H. 
PiTTAM, s. of Edward antl Klizabcth, of Pilot Grove, III., farmer, 
b. at Silvefstone, co. Notts, En^'., 22 Mar. 1821, d. 25 Mar. 1KH5. 
Children, b. at Pilot Grove, 111.: 1. Mary /•;.,» b. 13 Aug. 1840; d. 
11 Jan. 1883; m. 10 Nov. 1870 Philander Thompson of Webster 
City, 111., farmer, b. at Webster City, 111., d. 15 Mar. 189.3. 2. 
Abiah M., b. 11 Nov. 1848; hving (IDIO); m. 20 Nov. 1878 
Edward Sears, 8. of Hem»n and Alniira (I.ineoln), of Hurnside, 
111., farmer, b. at Pilot Grove, III., 22 Apr. lSv")0, livin>; (11)10). 

3. Cecilia R., b. 10 Feb. 18.V2; hving (11)10) at Dallas City, III.; 
m. 16 Sept. 1869 Fre<lerick Brown, s. of Erc<lerick and Ilanniih 
(Williama), of DalhwCity, III., farmer, b. in Herlin, Prik^sia, 15 Mar. 
1835, d. at Hoseoe, S. Dak., 18 June 1910. 4. Samuel A\, of 
Burnside, 111., farmer, b. 6 Sept. 1854; living s.p. (1910); m. 
17 Apr. 1901 Ellen Garl, dau. of William and Elizabeth (McKay), 
b^at Pilot Grove,' 111., 5 Feb. 1854, hving (1910). 5. Clcrncnlme /)., 
b. 11 Dec. 1858; d. s.p. 29 Mar. 1909; m. 16 Oct. 1894 Adara 
I>ederick Lookabaugh, s. of Adam and Ehzabeth (Hiefncr), of 
Laharpe, 111., blacksmith, b. 17 Dec. 18t>8, hving (1910). 6. 
Onnlk A., of Bumside. 111., farmer, b. 15 Sept. 18tV2; living (1910); 
m. 20 J:m. 1892 Adeline Lamb, dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Baker), 
b. at Pontoosuc, HI., 8 Sept. 1805, living (1910). 

ii. Abiah, b. 6 J:m. 1828; d. 23 Aug. 1854; m. 6 Feb. 1846 Joseph 
Kklly, 8. of George and Elizabeth, of Nauvoo, III., wheelwright, 
b. in Butler Co., Ohio, 4 Feb 1806, d. 11 Aug. 1886. Children: 
1. Lydia,^ b. in Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, 20 Nov. 1846; d. 6 Apr. 
1848. 2. Oscar, b. at Council Bluffs, Iowa, 31 Mar. 1849; d. 
unm. in Arizona (killeil by ln<lians) 30 .\ug. 1868. 3. Virgil, of 
Deseret, Utah, farmer, contractor, b. at Salt Lake Citv, Utah, 
10 Oct. 1851; living (1910); m. 10 Oct. 1872 Am.mda S.' Barron, 
dau. of Alexander F and Mary (Miller), b. in Harris Co., Tex., 
2 Dec. 1851, living (1910). 

iii. Chestina (twin), b. 9 Feb. 1834; d. 27 Aug. 1882; m. John Rae of 
Nauvoo, III. Children, b. at Nauvoo, 111.: 1. Alice D.* living 
(1910); m. Charles Boyled of Niota, 111., farmer. 2 Grant, of 
Carthage, 111., farmer, living (1910). 

iv. RosiNA (twin), b. 9 Feb. 1834; d. 4 Mar. 1846. 

2r)G Descendants of Robert Iluckins [Jii'y 

T. Irena G., b. 17 Juno 1838; d. 10 Apr. 1870; rn. I Jan. 18G0 Alkshoh 
Waltkhh, b. of John nn.l Janr (Tuvlor), of Uublivillu, 111 , fiirmer, 
b. at H.ith, N. Y., 12 Mar. IMO, livinj? (I'.UO). Chil.Inn: 1. OUi* 
b. at I'llot drove, 111., 11 I Vb. lSli;i; living (I'JlU; at Strrling, 
Kans.: m. 1 Jjin. 1882 Henry Clare, 8. of l-'reiJerick an«i IJeanor 
(I'owrll), of SicrlinK, Kans., farmer, b. at L'Orignal, Ont., Can., 
10 Dtr. lSr/2, (I. 1 Nov. l*.KHi. 2. Culorul ElUwurlh, of Ske-iee, 
Okla., auctionet-r, b. at Adrian, 111., 21 \\\^. isOti; living (P.ilOj; 
m. 21 Aug. IH'Jl Lola May liarkley, «lau. of \N illiain an<l Mary j, 
(Dawson), b. at Rensselaer, ln<l., 21 May 1870, living (lOlO). 

71. John' IIuckins {Samxicl,^ John,^ John,* Hohcrl,^ Jnmc6,^ Robert^), 
of Briclgowiitor, N. H., 1823, ruul of Burn.sidc, 111., 1837, 
farmer, ciibiiietmakor, born at New llamplcni 19 Dv.c 17'J"J 
(town records), died at Pih^t CIrove Cornctrs, 111., 2U Au^. 1881. 
He married, 15 Nov. 1822 [ib.), Xa.n'cy I^hown, daii^^hter of 
l*]li[)halet and hi.s second wife, Anna (Tb()n\i)S()n), who wa.s 
born in Vermont iU May 180o and died at C'arthage, III., 
14 Sept. 1883. 

Children, horn at Brid«^ewatcr (family Bible in possession, 
1910, of Charles Oscar Coleman, son of Nancy M." (IIuckins), 
of Lacrosse, 111.): 

144. i. Kliimiai.kt Hiu)wn,» b. 17 Oct. 1823. 

ii. Jan'k, b. 1 Jan. lS2(i; d. s.p. 28 Mar. 1888; m. 1874 
CnAU.NCEV Hatch, surviving husband of her sister Anice Jean- 
nettc (71, vi), g.v. 

iii. Nancy Mauia, b. 18 Aug. 1827; d. 15 Jan. 1902; m. 1853 Charlf.s 
li. Coleman, 8. of John C'. and Letilia (Irving) (Culley), of Pilot 
Grove, 111., and of Laharpe, 111., farmer, b. at Zanesville, Ohio, 
7 June 1828, d. at La( rossc. 111., 23 May 190-4. Children, the lirst 
six b. at Pilot drove, III., the last at Laharpe, III.: 1. Olive Ann* 
b. 25 Nov. 1853; living (lUll) at C:irthage, 111.; m. PJ Oct. 1881 
John M. Dorothy, aon of Oipeon and Kathel (.W right), of Lacrosse, 
111., farmer, b. at Foimtain (Ireen, 111., 26 Apr. 1854, now de- 
ccase<l. 2. Adthide Jane, b. 4 Mar. 1850; d. unm. 10 .\ug. 1878. 
3. Charles Oscar, of I.acrotise, III., farn\er, b. 28 Jan. 1S58; living 
(1910); m. 25 Mat. 1885 Eva Luella \\ right, dau. of Thomas O. 
and Adeline (Tordham), b. at Webster City, 111., 23 July 18ti2, 
living (191(0. 4. l-:(i:a A7/cn, b. 17 Apr. isGl; d. 25 July 18^2; 
m. William A. Allen of dah^burg. 111., railroad employee, living 
(1910). 5. Fdu'iti drati^, of I.emmon, S. Dak., lawver, regi.^tir 
of U. S. Land Ollice, b. G Mar. 1807; living s.p. (1910);' m. 12 June 
1902 l.ucy M. Vance, dau. (*f Nathan and .Maria H. (Benjamin), 
b. at Money Creek, Minn., 22 Dec. 180t), living (1910;. 0. Mary 
Luella, b. 23 M:u-. 1809; d. unm. 28 Oct. 1907. 

iv. Abigail Annk, b. 9 Jan. 1829; d. at Hlondin^fiville, III., 5 Apr. 1873; 
m. 4 Mar. ISOO Lkwls Colkman, s. of John C. and Lctitia (Irving) 
(Culley). of HuriLside, 111., an<l of CJranger, Mo., fiirmer, b. at 
Zanesville, Ohio, 25 Oct. 1S30, living (1910). Children, b. at 
Buri\sidc, 111.: 1. Frances,* b. 17 Jan. 1801; Uving (1910); ra. 
14 Sept. 1880 Gei>rge Wilson, a. of vSamuel and Mari^aret (Di'-k- 
Bon), of Chance, J. Dak., farnn r, b. at Laharpe, 111., 3 Mav 1850, 
living (1910). 2. A Dawjhlcr, b. and d. 5 Feb. 1803. 3. William 
S., of Lacrosse, 111., an«l of Granger, Mo., VMY.), farmer, b. June 
1800; living (1910); m. 10 Mar. 1892 Kiuma Aldrich. dau. .)f 
George and Mary ^,Cjoodale), b. at Fountain Gnn^n, III., 18 Apr. 
1808, Uving (1910). 4. Olive Ann, b. 14 Sept. 1807; living unm. 
(1910) at Granger, Mo. 5. .4 Son, b. and d. 20 Apr. 1S70. 

V. Eliza Emeuy, b. 3 Oct. 1830; d. at Flandreau, S. Dak., 17 Oct. 
18'^2; m. 8 May 1851 Asahll Delcss RonKRTS, s. of .Abijah 
and Lucy Ann (Andrews), of, III., ISH, Fcatherstontj, 


to 14] Descendants of Robert Iluckins 257 

Minn., 1856, Pleasant Moumls, Minn., 1S74, Flandreau, S. Dak., 
18S0, f:iriiuT, b. at Jamestown, N. Y.. 27 Apr. IH'2*J, d. 22 Aug. 
1885. Children, tht; lubi three h. at La(T(, III., tlie next four 
at Feuthei-Htone, Minn., the last at I'leiwnnt .Mounds, Minn.: 1. 
Stephen Decatur* of VVinnebago, Minn., veterinary surt;e<jn, b. 
22 Mar. 1S52; living (lUlO); rn. 30 Oct. 187S Martha K. Hill, 
duu. of Suniuel M. and I-.liza C. (Kuadell), b. at i\(»rth Frycburg, 
Me., 15 Apr. 1850, Uving (1010). 2. John Emery, of "North 
Yakima, \\ tush., farmer, b. lb Apr. 1854; living (lUlO); m. 9 Jan. 
187".) I.oui.sH Hul)(ofk, dau. of Ira and Miiry M. (Oliver), b. at 
liulden, Minu., Iti R-b. 185<J, living (lUlO). 3. Louiaa May, b. 
9 Dec. 1855; d. 6 Apr. 1900; m. 20 Nov. 1879 Frank M. Habcock, 
B. of Ira and Luthena (C'hilson), of Nortli Yiikima, Wxsh., farmer. 
b. at Memphi.s, Mirh., 29 Muy 1855, living (1910). 4. Asnhel 
Deloss, of I'landreau, S. Dak., fanner, b. 15 Apr. I8t)2; d. 1 Oct. 
190b; m. 1 May 1890 Anna Christensou, dau. of Peter and Calista 
(Kellogg), b. at Grand IJainds, ^\is., 14 Dec. 1872, Uving (1910). 
5. Hose Utile, b. 14 Sept. 1803; d. 3 Jan. 1911; m. 5 Jan. 1890 Paul 
lleintz, 8. of Peter and Margaret ('Ihill), of I'landreau, S. Dak., 
farnuT, b. at St. Vendall, .Minn., 15 0<t. 18.09, living (1910). 
0. Udchjord A., b. 5 Feb. 18G8; d. Feb. 1870. 7. Lxdu Jane, b. 
2 Aug. 1S09; living (1910); m. 18 Jan. 1894 William Rams^lell, 
8. of William and Mary (Nixon), of Fhmdreau, S. Dak., farmer, b. 
at Osago, Iowa, 25 Dec. 18G3, living (1010). 8. Eliza June, b. 
20 June 187(); living (I910j; m. 2 Jan. 1897 Carl Burrows, a. of 
Milton and Laura (Pease), of Oilman, Mont., farmer, b. at Nash- 
ville, Minn., 21 Sept. 1805, livmg (1910J. 
vi. Anice Je.\.\nette, b. 9 Feb. 18^33; d. 1 Nov. 1S08; m. (1) at Pilot 
Orove, 111.. 13 Jan. 1850, Nu.mi F. Lyon, s. of John and Mary 
(Smith), of Stone Prairie, 111., farmer, soldier in the C!ivil War, b. 
in West Virginia, d. at Chattanooga, Tcnn.; m. (2) 1S07 Chau.s- 
CEY IL\TCH, of liumside, ill., farmer, b. at Chelsea, Vt., 22 Jan. 
1810, d. at Burnside, III., 30 Jidy 1887, who m. in 1874 Matilda 
Jane Iluckins (71, ii), q.v., sister of hi.s decease*! wife. Children 
by Hrat husband, b. at Pilot Grove, III.: 1. Mary Eliza,* b. 4 June 
1858; hving s.p. (1910) at Case, Colo.; m. 27 Dec. 1877 Joel Boen 
llokomb, s. of Stephen and Missouri (Boen), of Vinton, Iowa, 
farmer, soldier in the Civil War, b. at Vinton, Iowa, 2 Dee. 1837, d. 
2 Oct. 1900. 2. Efie Estella, b. 23 Feb. 1801; living (1910); m. 
20 Apr. 1S81 Ix)uis Middleton Gudgell, s. of Andrew tuid Mar- 
garet ( ) (Miller), of Chevenne Wells, Colo., real estate 

agent, b. at Hull, 111., 17 Nov. 1857, hving (1910). 3. Nana/ 
Clarissa, b. 27 Aug. 1802; Uving (1910); m. 23 Feb. 1886 Charlea 
Thomas Hill, s. of Sion and Mary (Holt), of Uniontown, Kans., 
and of Cherry, Colo., farmer, b. at Greenville, 111., 12 Oct. 1858, 
Uving (1910). 4. Xoah Erank Bray, b. 30 Oct. 1804; d. 15 Sept. 
1800. Only child by second husband: 5. A Child, b. at Burnside, 
111., 29 Oct. 1808; d. 3 Nov. 1808. 

'2. J.\C0B^ HucKiNS (Samxicl,^ John,^ John,* Robert,^ James,^ Rob- 
ert^), of BridgewatcT, N. II., and of Pilot Grove, 111., about 
1800, farmer, teacher, soldier in the Civil War, bom at New 
Hampton Oct. 1805 (town records), died 15 June 1889. He 
married at Hridgewater, 10 June 1825 (i6.), M.vniAM Smith, 
dau[:^hter of Benjamin, who was born at Bridge water 5 Aug. 
1802 (lb.) and died Aug. 1890. 

Children, born at Bridgcwater (family Bible in possession, 
1910, of Edith Rinehart, adopted daughter of Mary A.' 
(Huckins) Spencer of Coin, Iowa): 

i. HuLD.-vH S. ' b. 31 Aug. 1827 (town records); d. 19 Feb. 1894; m. 
at Lowell, Maija., 27 July 1S47 (city records), Etii.\n N. Mi.ncr, 8. 


258 Descendants of Robert Iluckin^ [July 

of Rufufl Rnd Elocta (Skoolo), of IVarham, Vt., fiirracr, b. at 
I'cuc.huin, Vt., 15 Jail. 1822, <1. U) Ihr. IsDl. Cl.iMrfn, b. hi 
iVachurn. Vt.: 1. Loren F.* of St. J(»iry, Vt., acalwj-iuHnu- 
fu(!turor, b. *J June 1S18; liviriK (I'JlO); in. 25 .\pr. 1S7() I^ydia \im 
Smith, (lau. of 'I'Iiomkim and Kydia II. (Knij^htJ, b. at (ircrns- 
borough, Vt., K Sept. 1H1», living Ui>l();. 2. S-iruU M ., b. IK Frb. 
1S50; tl. 30 Mar. 1801). 3. Abigml E., b. 15 June 1851; living 
(1<J1()); m. 2'.) .\pr. iSiiO Gcorg«? M.* UouHe, a. of Lewis L. and 
ratlicrino (Ma.son) (I)ow.s Family, p. 203), of I'earham, Vt., 
f;u-mcr, b. at WatorfunJ Vt., 15"0<t. 1813, living (I'MO;. 4. 
Ethan A. (twin), of Koxoury, Miuss., engineer, b. 10 Feb. 1854; 
living (I'JIO); m. 6 Sept. 18H0 M;iry F. W alhue, <lau. uf C'harl.H B. 
and Inez J. (Fowell), b. at Concord 12 .M:ir. 1858, d. 3 June IIUO. 
5. Nulhan L. (twin), of Cjardner, III., an<l of Ik-iseker, .\lu'i , 1U12, 
telegrapher, b. 10 Feb. 1S54; living (1914); m. I May 1H81 
Minnie M. Bunson, dau. of Hobtit and Ulio la A. (Walker), b. at 
Vermont, ill, 1 May 1802, d. 28 July I'Jll. 0. Cedorn A , b. 
7 Dec. 1850; d. 20 Jan. lS(i3. 7. Lilla E., b. 3 Fob. 18.VJ; d. 

29 Jan. 18()3. 8. Ellen P. (twin), b. 5 Au^. 1861; d. in ir.fanry. 
9. Emily (i. (twin), b. 5 Aug. 1801 ; <1. 7 Feb. lMi3. 10. Lxician It'., 
of Ihitchin.son, Kan.s., travelling .sjilcsnuiii, b. 12 Nov. 1S0.3; living 
s.p. (I91()j; m. 10 .Vpr. l'.)()9 Martha K.-tlu-r (Kobin«^on; I.<gr;ind, 
dau. of John S. and Nancy Kllen (.\iken) and widow of Orlando, 
b. at Aini^worth, Iowa, 15 Mar. 1880, hving (1910). 11. Dr. 
llazcn II. (twin), of Partridge, K:ms., and of \Vatag:i, 11! , phy?^i- 
cian, M.D. (Harvey Medical Coll., 1897), b. 19 Feb. lsr.7; living 
(1910); m. 25 Sept. 1899 Margaret Hancock, dau. of Charles juid 
Mary (Blward.s), b. at Clyde, 111., 7 Nov. 1873, Uving (1910;. 
12. IliUn //. (twin), b. 19 Feb. ls()7; living (1910); m. 20 Aug. 
1891 Anhley J., s. of Albert and Jane (Northnip), of Wj-st 
Danville, Vt., merchant, b. at Pea( ham, Vt., 4 Aug. 1800, livijig 

ii. Julia E., b. 14 June 18'29 Hovm records); m. Edw.^rd D. Blake 
of Alexandria, farmer. Only child, b. at Alexandria: 1. Luki li.,* 
of Orange, farmer, b. 1862; m. 7 .\ug. 1889 Clara Dell Flander«, 
dau. of Frederick L. and Laura A. (IJrockj, b. at Bristol 9 Mar. 
1808 (i6.). 

iii. AbiGAiL J., b. 14 Dec. 1832 (town reoonlH); d. at Dallas City, 111., 

30 June ISSO; m. at Ludlow, Vt., 17 Aug. 1859, Danikl W. 
MuDGE, 8. of Presby and Adeline (Sinclair), of Dallas City, 111., 
farmer, b. at Mount Holly, Vt., 7 Sept. 1830, hving (1910). Child- 
ren: 1. Mary {Miiinii:) /.,' b. at College Spring.s, Iowa, 20 Mar. 
1870; Uving (1910); m. 29 May 1895 Marve Starkey, s. of David 
and Nancy (Vaughan), of Dallas City, III., carpenter, b. at Niota, 
111., 18 June ISOl, living (1910). 2. Osciola Wamn, of Burlington, 
Iowa, ciirriage-painter, b. at Pilot Grove, HI., 20 Apr. 1873; hving 
(1910); m. June 1900 Ohve (Olhc) Dicey, dau. of Jamea L. aiul 
Nlartha J. (Montgomery), b. at Abington, Va., 11 Mar. 1874, 
living (1910). 

!▼, Lazman \V., b. 14 Mar. 1835; d. in infancy. 
V. Eliz.\.hkth A., b. 5 Oct. 1837; d. in infjincy. 
vi. Mauy Ann, b. 20 June 1838; d. s.p.* 24 .\ug. 1904; m. John Gkkent: 

Spencek, farmer, b. in Illinois, d, at Coin, Iowa, 
vii. Abram IL, b. 10 Dec. 1841; d. unm. 
viii. CiiARLKS A., b. 3 June 1843; d. in infancy. 
ix. Jacob Orlando, soldier in the Civil War, b. 11 Sept. 1845; d. unm. 

28 May 1803. 

73. Dr. David Thompson^ Huckins {Samuel,^ John,^ John* Robert* 
James,^ Robert^), of Sandwich, N. H., autl of Wiitertown, Miiss., 
1850, physician, surgeon's mate in 34th N. H. Mihtia (Mus- 

• She had an adopted daughter, Edith, who niarrit-d IliDchart of Coin, Iowa. 

Both were living iu 1910. 


1914] Descendants of William Palmer 259 

grove's Bristol, vol. 1, p. 193), M.D. (Dartmouth, 1872), born 
at New Jhmipton 23 Feb. 1819, died at Wiitertowu, Mjiss., 
21 July 189-4. lie married at Sandwich, 17 Aug. 1813, Sauah 
F. White, daughter of Dr. (yliarles and Sarah (French), who 
was burn at Sandwich 19 May 1824 and died U Feb. 1898. 

Children, the first two born at Sandwich C'entre, N. H., the 
others at Watertown, Mass. (family Bible in possession, 191U, 
of Edgar W.* lluckins of Edgartown, Mass.): 

i. Clauknce,' b. 18 Apr. 1845; d. 13 S-pt. 1845. 

ii. Lauua, b. 30 Dec. 1810; living (1910); m. at Watertown, Ma-ss., 
27 St'i)t. 18()(), Rev. Luthlu Tuacv Townsknd, b. of Luther K. 
aiid Mary T. (C'all), of Brookline, Maas., soMier in, the Civil War 
(Kith N. H. Vol.), Metlioilist Episcopal clergyrnan, author, for 
many ye-ara a professor at Boston Ihnversity, A.H. (Dartmouth, 
1850), A.M. (Wcsleyan, 1806), D.IJ. (Dartmouth, 1S71), b. at 
Orono, Me., 23 Sept. 1S3(), living (1010). Children, b. at Water- 
town, Mjuss.: 1. A<jncs Rich,* b. 10 July ISOO; d. 23 Feb. ISSO. 
2. Helen Maud, b. 15 July 1874; Uvirii; (lOlO); ra. 23 Oct. 1894 
ClifTord S. Cobb, s. of Koscoc and Emily C. (Williams), of Waltham, 
M:is3., mrrehant b. in Boston 25 Feb. 1807, hving (1010). 3. 
Frances Fletcher, b. 20 June 1880; d. at Baltimore, Md., 11 Nov. 

ill. Fhances C, b. 24 Feb. 1850; d. 15 Mar. 1854. 

iv. Mauion Joskphi.nk, b. 5 Sept. 1852; hving (1010) at Roxbury, 
Miuss. ; m. 22 July 1874 Puineab Bates, son of Fhineaa and \\m\- 
nah (bane), of 0)hjisset, Mass., et-cretary, b. at Cohasset, Mru^a., 
31 Oct. 1851, d. at Watertown, Mass., 15 July 1800. Children, 
b. at Watertown, Maas.: 1. Claiuic lluckins,* of Boston, clerk to 
the School Board, b. Sept. 1870; hving unm. (1010). 2. Mnde- 
leiiie WhiU'., b. 2 Dec. 1S79; hving s.j). (1010); m. 3 July 1900 
Percy B. Dakyn, s. of Frazer and Maria (Farwell), of Roxbury,, artist, b. at Digby, N. S., 30 May 1874, hving (1910). 
145. V. Eduau W., b. 1 July 1S55. 

vi. Ralph, b. 12 Oct. 1857; d. 15 Jan. 1859. 

vji. Hauhy, b. 19 Jan. 1801; hving unm. (1910) at Sandwich. 

viii. Guy, b. 10 Aug. 1804; d. 12 Apr. 1800. 

ix. Carl Weub, b. 30 Oct. 1800; d. 20 Mar. 1871. 

[To be coDtinued] 


By William Lincoln Palmer, Esq., of Winthrop, Moss. 

1. William^ Palmer came from Great Ormsby, co. Norfolk, 
England, where he owned land. He wiiis of Watertown, Milss., 
10o(>-37, of Newbury, Mass., 1G37, and was one of the first settlers 
and a grantee of Hami)ton, N. H., 1038. He died at Hampton. 

He married first ; and secondly Grace ( ) Roceiuj, 

widow of Thomas, who returned after William Palmer's death to 
Watertown, Mass., where she married Roger Porter. 

Children b}' first wife, all born in England : 

i. Martha,' m. Capt. John Siikuman of Watertown. 

ii. Edward, had a grant of land from the town of Hampton, 1041. 

2. iii. (vURisTOPUKH, b. abt. 1620. 

3. iv. JosKi'n. 



200 Descendants of Wiliiani Palmer [July 

2. CiiKisTOPiiKH^ Palmku ( [Villiam^), l)orn aljout 1020, died 30 Juno 

1()99. He married, 7 Nov. 105U, Susanna Hilton, burn 
H')',i\, died y Jail. 1710/17, daughter of Edward. 

4. i. Samull,* b. 25 Nov. 1G52. 

3. Joseph^ Palmer {William^) married, 25 Jan. 1077, Deborah 



i. Samuel', h. 17 Dec. 1077; d. 25 Jan. 1701. 

ii. Dkuohah, b. 28 Apr. 107'J; d. 20 M;iy 1716; m. Samuel Moui.ton. 

iii. SiisANNAH, b. 10 \)vv.. 1081; d. 21 Ai)r. 1749; in. William Mar.ston. 

iv. UiJTii, b. 31 Au^. I(i80. 

V. Kli/ahktii, b. r> May 1092; m. Jo.slph Buown. 

vi. Kiavaud, b. 12 Apr. 1091. 

vii. William, bapt. 20 June 1098; m. Hannah Sanhorn. 

viii. CnKLsTO I'll till, b. 15 Feb. 1700/1; d. 11 Dec. 1775; m. Elizaukth 

4. Samuel' Palmer (Christopher,^ Williain^), of Ilanipton, N. If., 

was born 2.5 Nov. 1052. He inarri(;d, about 1084, Ann 

Sanborn, born 20 Nov. 1002, died 4 Oct. 1745, daughter of 

Lieut. John and Mary (Tuck). 


i. 8amui:l,* b. abt. 1085; d. 8 June 1702; m. (1) Deborah Lamphhky; 

m. (2) Kehlcca Page. 
ii. CiiHisTornEU, b. 12 Feb. 1087/8; m. Euzabetu Locke. 
iii. Stephen, b. abt. 1089; m. Sarah Ca.s.s. 
iv. Mary, b. 9 June 1091; in. Isaac Puii.urick. 

5. V. JoN.\THAN, b. 26 Mar. 1098. 

5. Jonathan^ Palmer* (Samiid,^ Christopher,- William^), of Hamp- 

ton and Kensin;!;ton, N. H., born 20 I\Iar. 10U8, died 13 Nov. 
1771). He married, 20 Oct. 1729, Anna l^iiowN, born 21 Leb. 
1708/0, died at Kensington 14 May 1790, daughter of WilHam 
and Anne (Heath). 

i. AniGAiL.* bapt. 3 Sept. 1730. 

ii. Stephkn, bapt. 3 Sept. 1730; m. 30 Nov. 1752 Hannah Clifj-xird. 

iii. Han.nah, bapt. 10 Oct. 1731; m. 21 June 1753 Jacob Thompson 

of Gilford, N. H. 
iv. Ann, bapt. 28 July 1734; d. vounR. 
v. Jeremiah, bapt. 17 Oct. 1730; ni. at Kensington, 20 Apr. 1758, 

Hannah Lowell of Newbury, 
vi. Rachel, bapt. May 1739; tl. 8 Juno 1815; in. John Morrell. 
vii. Jonathan, bapt. Slar. 1741; d. 29 May 1815; m. at Ken.singtoQ, 

10 Sept. 1704, Mary Morrill. 
yiii. Mauy, bapt. 11 Mar. 1744/5; d. 21 Aug. 1745. 
ix. Benjamin, bapt. Jul' 1740; m. Betsey Tilton. 

6. X. Trueworthy, b. 20 July 1749. 

6. Trueworthy* Palmer (Jonathan* Samuel* Christopher,^ Wil- 

liarn^), born 20 July 1749, died 25 June 1830. He married 
first, 27 Apr. 1772, Joanna Webster, born 15 July 1745, died 

• From thi.s point on this genoalojry is based on tinpublisbed m.itcrial found in family 
Bible**, letters, deeds, wills, and Now Hampshire vital records. Information about 
the earlier nenorations of this family may be found ia Dow'a HiaLory of Hamplon, 
N. H., vol. 2, pp. S90-900. 


1914] Descendants of WilUam I'almcr 261 

14 Feb. 1794, daughter of Thoiniiii and Judith (Noyes); and 
secondly, 14 June 179.'), Lcjve Pkhkins of Loudon, N. H. 
He was of Kensington, Kinj^ston, Loudon, and ( \jn\vuy, N. H. 

When the Uevolutionary War opened he enlisted, 12 June 
1775, in Capt. Philip 'rihi)n's company, Col. luioch P<Kjr'.s 
re^inuMit, serving al<o in Capt. ( 'alle's company, Col. T. 
Hartlett's rej^iment, which ninfcjrced the Contimmtal .\rmy 
at New York in 177(). He .signed the Aiisociation 12 Apr. 
1771), ph'd^in^^ his life and j)iopeity to the of the Patriots. 

Children by first wife: 

i. Sai(aii,« h. 23 .\pr. 1773; m. 27 Oct. 1796 Be.nmmu Ad\sis of Porta- 

inoulh, N. n. 

ii. Ji'Dini, h. 22 \\)T. 1775. 

iii. Jamks, b. 17 Juno 1777. 

iv. L(»is, b. 11 July 1770. 

7. V. Jo.VATHAN, I). 25 .Inn. 1782. 
vi. M«uj,i:v, b. H) June 1781. 
vii. WiJ.LiAM, b. 17 July 1780. 
viii. I'iNocu, b. 21 .\pr. 17S9. 
ix. Anna, b. If) Aug. 1791. 

Children by second wnfe: 

X. TltUKWORTUY, b. 27 \\\\L,. 1797. 

xi. Stephen, b. 19 Aug. 1799. 

7. Jon.\tii.\n'' Palmer {Trucworthy,^ Jonathan* Saimiel,^ Chris- 

topher,'^ William^), born at Louelon, N. H., 25 Jan. 1782, died 
at Exeter Mills, Me., 24 Nov. 18()(). lie married first, at 
(lilmanton, N. II., 15 Mar. 1807, An.\.\ O.^iiood, born 11 Mar. 
17S0, died ai)0ut 1808, daughter of William; and secondly, 

22 Ai)r. ISIO, M.\KTHA Pukscoit, born 4 July 1789, die(i 

23 Mar. 1879, daughter of Jonathan and Lydia (Tuck.) »f 

Child by first wife: 

i. Hknky OsdooD,^ b. 1807. 

Children by second wife: 

ii. Jonathan, b. 20 Apr. 1811; d. young, 

iii. (;i:oiu;k W., b. 15 Apr. 1812; d. 11 Doc. 1871. 

iv. WiMiAM, b. 8 Oct. 1813; d. 25 May 1857. 

V. Simon P., b. 23 Doc. 1815; d. 25 .Ian. 1803. 

vi. David S., b. 14 May 1818; d. 22 Mav 1892. 

vii. Jonathan P., b. 19 Doc. 1820; d. 6 Apr. 1898. 

8. viii. Jamks Monroe, b. 5 Oct. 1822. 

ix. Mautha a., b. 25 May 1825; d 19 Mar. 1914; m. John H. Garvih 

of Kxetor Mills, Mo. 
X. Mauy F., b. 28 Jan. 1820; d. unm. 14 Oct. 1846. 
xi. Lewis A., b. 20 Mar. 1830; d. 15 Sopt. 1901. 

8. Rev. James Monroe' Palmer [Jonathan,^ Tmeworthy,^ Joyia- 

than,* Samuel,^ Christopher,- Williafn^), born at Exeter MilLs, 
IMe., 5 Oct. 1822, died at Kenosha, Wi.s.. 23 May 1897. He mar- 
ried, at Waterville, Me., 2 Dec. 1853, Caroline Fran<;ks 
Bacqn, born 7 Jan. 1830, died at Cambridge, Mass., 1 Oct. 
1899, daughter of Kbenezer Farwell and Jane (Fauni-e). After 
being graduated in 1847 at Colby College, Waterville, Me., 
ho was principal of the Liberal Institute of that town, 1847- 

262 Gcncaluyical Research in ErujUind [Ju'y 

48. Ilo then entered IJan^or Theological Seminary at Bangor, 
Me., "Nvhere he was graduated in 18r)3. For over fifteen years 
he was a (.'ongrcgational rlcrgyman in Maine and New ll;irnp- 
shire, and was noted for his eharity. During the Civil War, 
in 18G3, he served on the Christian Commission, visiting the 
camps and j)risons, where he pnniched to the* scjldiers. In the 
latter i)art of his life he wa.s in in lioston, Ma.s. 
He was always a strong Republican in his politics. 

i. Rlv. Cn.MiLES J.,» b. 4 Nov. 1854; m. (1) 19 Jan. 18S1 IIllen M. 

Watso.n of C:uiiil)ri(lno, Mxss., who d. 1SS2; ru. {'2) 15 Oct. 18.S5 

GKUTuri)!-: S. Haunk.s of LancsborouKh, Mass. 
ii. Edwauu FuANCis, b. 15 Oct. 1857; d. 23 Mar. 1862. 
iii. CAUOMNt:, b. 28 Feb. 1801; in. at Osaka, Japan, 17 Julv 1804, 

Hi:v. C' (Ikaham (iAUUNCU. They live ii» London, flng. 
iv. GLoiuiK Mo.NuoK, b. 31 M;iv 18G;i; m. 27 Sept. 1893 W iLUtd 

BuowN, who d. 7 Mar. 1012. 
V. Wii.MAM LiNTuLN, b. 19 Sopt. 18G8; m. in Boston, 14 Apr. 1892, 

Ji:n.nik C. Oiksler. 
vi. FiiLutiucK ToBtv, b. 20 May 1871. 


Contributed by MiiJd Elizabeth Fkench, and cornmunicatcd by the Committee on 

English Ke»<!arch 

[Continued from page 190] 


' The Will of George P'mentkr tbeltlor of Over [or Little] Yeldham. co. 
Essex, yeoman, S May 1501. To l)e buried in the churchyard of Over Yeld- 
ham. To the poor peop)le of Over Yrldham 3s. 4d. To the poor people of 
Tylberyc 2s. To Alyce my wife and llobert my son the lease of niy farm 
where I now dwell. To Alyce my wife for life my freehold and land in 
Over Yeldham called Mailgcs, with reversion at her decease to my son IC<1- 
ward and his heirs. Also to my said wife for life my copyhold lands and 
tenements lying in Tylbery, with reversion at her decease to my son H(»bert 
and his heirs, lie paying to Clirystyan my daughter or her children i(\ to 
Katherine my (iaugliter or her children .10, to Jone my dauglit<.'r or her 
children £6, to Alyce my daughter or iier children 4()s., to tleorge Parmenter 
my son or hia heirs £4, to Elizabeth daughter of Richard P'mentcr 20s., to 
Robert Page Cs. 8d., and to Jone Staniar dwelling with me Gs. Hd. I give 
to Edward Parmenter and Susan Parmetiter, son antl daughter of my b\>Q 
Eilward, 4t).s., to be paid by my son William a year after he shall enter into 
my land called HLLshaieyes in Yeldham Pva. To wife AUcc for life said 
three and a half acres of land called Pushelyes [sic], which I bought Iriist of 
John Browne of Yeldham Magna, with reversion at her decease to my son 
William. To my daughter Christyon a bullock. To wife Alice all liou^e- 
hold stutT, money, and implements of household in my dwelling house. 
Residuary legatees and executors: wife Alice and son Robert. SuiHr\is<>r: 
son George Parmenter, to whom I give 3s. 4d. To wife Alice for life two 
acres of land lying in Downes tliat I bought of George my son, with reversion 
at her decease to Richard my son. I have surrendered my copyhold lamia 
in Tylberye into the hands of the Lord of the Manor by the hands of William 


1014] Genealogical Research in England 263 

Parmcntcr, in the presence of Mathewc CoKllu'ini [Jolm P'nient liis hrothcrj,* 
to the use of this my will. To my j^rarul.soii William i*ariniiiter of Caven- 
dysh cinht bushels of harley. (iSignedJ (Icorgc Pmeiiters marke. Witnessed: 
Kdward it^iynsford, Uo^^er Barrow Jun., and John Ilardynt;. rrove<l 12 
February 1591 [1 51) 1/2) by Alice I'aruienter and Hubert Parmcnter. (('(^m- 
misvsary (-ourt of London for Eabex and Ilerta [Somerset House], 1591, 
original will.) 

The Will of Robert Permentt^r of Lytle Yeldham in the diocese of 
London, 22 April, 30 I'-lizabeth [1594]. To be buried in the churchyaid of 
Lytle Yeldham. To Robert Permenter my son a cubbard, a table, a form, 
and 20s. To my daughter Joane 20s. To my daughter Amye 20s. To rny 
daughter Jane 20s. To my wife Amye all residue of my goods and chattels 
unbeciueathed, such as remain at her decease to be equally divided among 
my then living children. Executrix: wife Amye. Witnesses: John Storye, 
Edward Permenter, and Peter C'ramfyelde. [Signed] The marke of the 
said Robert Permenter. Proved at Brancktrie 20 May 159 1 by the executor. 
(Commissary Court of Loudon for Essex and Herts [Somerset House], 1594, 
tiled will.) 

The Will of George Parmenter of litle Yeldham, co. Essex, yeoman, 
12 Novemljcr 1012. To be buried in the churchyard of Little Yeldham. 
To my wife Elizabeth my messuage and tenement in Little Yeldham wherein 
I now dwell and my free land in Little Yeldham for five years after my 
decease, and also my goods moveable and unmoveable, implements and 
household stulT, and cattle and chattels in Little Yeldham, she resigning all 
her rights of dower in my lands. To Margaret Taine my grandchild, daugh- 
ter of Rose Taine, my house and grounds in Gestingtiiorpe, now in the 
occupation of Henry Eisher. To my grandchild .\nno Taine. daugb.ter of 
Rose Taine, 20 nobles, to be paid by my wife Elizabeth into the hands of 
Francis Purkas the elder of Nether Yeklham, for the use of the said Ann at 
twenty-one years of age. To Richard Parmenter my brother £10, and to 
his daughter Elizabeth 20s. To my brother William Parmenter my copy- 
hold lands in Litle Yeldham called C[owell] alias Ciouldwell, and to so many 
of his children as shall be living three years after my decease 2()s. eacli. To 
my sister Christian Page 20s. a year for life, and to every one of her children 
208. each. To my sister Joane Stainer £6, and to every one of her children 
208. To Rose Tanne, my wife's daughter, 4()s. To Francis Purk:is, my 
wife's son, £5. To my sister Katheren Alyson 203. To my godson Thomas 
May 20s. To Thomas Purkas, my wife's son-ui-law, 20s. To the {)oor of 
Litle Yeldham 203. To the minister that preaches at my funeral 10s. To 
my brother Edward Parmenter my messuage and lands at Hiningham at 
the Castle and my copyhold lands and the tenement thereto belonging, now 
in the occupation of Tliomas May, and my messuage and tenement in Litle 
Yelilham wherein I now ilwell with the free land thereto belonging, at the 
end of my wife's term of five years therein or at her death, if she die before. 
All other my lands unbecjueathed, in Litle Yeldham, Hiningham at the 
Castle, and elsewhere, to my brother Edward Parmenter, except a parcel 
of mead,3w and hop ground containing one rod, lying in Litle Yeldham, 
now in the occupation of John Panell of Redgwell, which I will to my wife 
Elizabeth, she paying my funeral charges. Executor: my brother Edward 
Parmenter. [Signed] George Parmenter his marke. [Seal, a bird of some 
kind, not clciirly distinguishable.] Witnes.scs: John Harrison, Edmund 
Browne, George Bucher. Proved S July 1013. (Commissary Court of 
Loudon for Essex and Herts [Somerset House], 1013, original will.) 

• The words in brackets are crosaed out in the original will. 



264 Genealogical Research in England [J»»ly 

The Will of Wii.lm Pakmktku of Over (or Litth) Ycaldham, co. I'ks<'x, 

huabarulman, I'J October 1G13. To Marj^ory my \vif»,* for lif<j all my mc>.swaj;e 
and tenement where I now dwctll called Tankerton, and after her decease 
reversion to Hohert Parmiter my son, he i)ayinK to John I'armeter my <on 
£0 one year after the decea-se of my wife; and if the said Ji»hn die Ix fore the 
sum he due, rever>ion to his children, e(iually divided. To Mar^^ery my 
wife f(jr life all my coi)yh()ld land called Cowell alia.>. (jowldwells, and after 
}ier it shall be sold by IN^bert I*armeter my brother, if he sljall be 
living, and the money arising therefrom is to be equally divided among 
George Parmeter, IJrsely Parm(.'ter, Sara Parmeter, and Margaret Parmeter, 
my children; and if my said bnUher l>e dead, then the land shall be e(|Ually 
tlividc'd among them. If my son (leorge or my daughters Sara or Margaret 
bhall die before said money Ix; paid or land be i)oss<.'.-sed, reversion to my 
surviving children. My son Kobert shall pay to John Parmeter, the son 
of J(;hn Parmeter my son, (is. Sd, at the age of one and twenty years, and to 
Mary Parmeter, my son J<jhn's daughter, Gs. Sd. at the age of one and twenty 
years. To my son (ieorgc an»l my daughters Sara, Margarett, and Ur^>ely 
certain articles of furniture (.specified) aft<T tiie decejise of my wife Margery, 
whom I make executrix. (Signed] Sign' (lulielnii Parmeter. \\'iiries.<«es: 
Kichard Ilamon and (leorge iiucher. Proved P.) January lbl7 (Iljl7/1NJ. 
(C'onunis.^ary Court of L(ji.don for Essex and Herts [Somerset House), 1017, 
original will.) 

The Will (J WiLi.i.\.M P.\RNfYTER of Upper (or Little] Yeldham, co. Ess-ex, 
yeoman, 20 May Kilo, liidward Par ni} tor 103' son having paid many dei)ts 
for me and having been unto me a good and dutiful chikl, 1 give him all my 
goods and chattels. (Signed) The marke of \\ illiam Parmyter. Witne.*^,ses: 
Kichard lirowne and John Parmyter. No record of probate. (Conunissary 
Court of London for Essex and Herts (Somerset House), 1()15, filed will.) 

The Will of Henry Parmyter of Little Yealdham, co. Essex, glover, 
16 June, 17 James 1 (IGPj]. To Audry my wife for life that tenement 
I now dwell and the freehold land to it behjnging in Yealdham, containing 
three acres, and at her decease reversion to 1113' son William, he paying after 
his entry into the land to my children, Elizabeth, Henry,Au(lrye,and Thomas, • 
40s. each. To my wife Auvlry all my goods and chattels, she paying to my 
children, Elizabeth, Henry, Audry, and Thomas, 4()s. each at the age of 
twenty-one years or day of marriage. To William Boorham of Yealdham 
Pva, blacksmith, my copyhold tenement where Hobert Okeley dwelleth, 
with the yard, garden, orcharil, and croft of land in Yealdham pva. Exe- 
cutrix: wife Audry. Supervisor: brother Edward Parmyter. [Signed! 
Henry Permerter. Witnesses: Robert Onyon and Robert Poole. Proved 
at Hrainktree S July 1010 by the executrix. (Conuui.ssary Court of London 
for Essex and Herts [Somerset House], 1619, no. PJO, original will.) 

The Will of John Cressall of Burcs ILandet* in the County of F^'^sex, 
yeoman, 9 July 1625. To my brothers Henrie Cressall and Thomas Cressall 
12d. each. "I gyve to my brother-in-lawe John Parmenter my best Cowc." 
All my other goods I give to Annef my wife, whom I make sole executrix. 
[Signed] the marke of John C-re?sall. Witnesses: Samuell Lyon and John 
Maynard. Proved 2S July 102.") by Sara, relict ami executrix. (Arch- 
deaconry of Sudbury [Bury St. lAlmunils], Register Pearle, fo. 231.) 

• The parish of nurca is on both sides of the River Stour, which separates the coun- 
ties of Essex and Suffolk. 

t This is evidently a clerical error, as John Cressall married 4 Oct. 1616 Sarah Par- 
menter, and she is named as Sara in the record of probate. 


1014] Genetiloijical Research in Ewjland • 205 

The Will of John Pkkmitkr of IltMlinKham at Castle, co. Essex, yeoman, 
13 August lOll. To Anil my wife £.')(), tin.' parlor cliamlxr for her hahita- 
I tioii, and all llic goods tlicrciii and half the, pewter, and linen. To 
I Thonias Permiter my eldest son £25 and my Wirarin^; (.lothes. To Xathanieli 
J'ermiter my second son 2()s. To my ^grandchildren .J(jhn Permiler and 
(Jeormr Permiter, children of my son John Permiter, £4 each at twenty-one. 
To my kinswoman Ann Permiter, dauj^hter of my brother Richard Permit<r, 
2()s. at twenty-one. To my sons (i(jorge Permiter and J(;>eph Permiter the 
residue of all my goods and chattels unheciiieathed, and I niake them execu- 
tors. Supervisors: Thomas Purcas and (leorge Taylor. [Signedl Signu' 
John Permitor. \ Va\\\: Button, Robert Permiter, (Jeorge Taylor, 
and Nathaniell Mane. Proveii 24 February 1G47 (1()47/S] by Joseph Per- 
miter, one of the executors, the right being reserved to grant a like power 
of executor to (leorge PiTUiiter when he should come to claim it, as he diti 
3 March 1047 [It)l7/S]. ((^onnnis.sar}' (\>urt of I^ondon for Kssex and 
Herts [Somerset], 1G47, no. 20G, tiled will.) 

Paumenteu Entries in the P.vuisii Reglsters of Bures St. Mary, 

CO.. Suffolk, 15o8-1G:]0 

15G0 Robert Permenter baptized 23 October. 
IfhSGk John Parmynter and Katherine ('ogshall married 4 October. 
ir)()3 Margaret Parmiter buiied 27 November. 
(t, IGIG John C.'hrisall and Sarah Parmenter married 4 October. 

Parmenter Entries in the Parish Registers of Little Yeldham, 

CO. Essex 

Baptisms, 1564-1G39* 

1504 llenery son of William Parmenter 9 July. 
15G4 Amy daughter of Robert Parmenter 17 Septeml)er. 
15()7 Thomas son of William Parmenter 18 January (ir)07/8|. 
1507 Robert son of Robert Parmenter S F{>bruary [15()7/Sl. 
157U William son of William Parmenter 24 February (1570/1]. 

1571 Jane ilaughter of Robert Parmenter 5 June. 

1572 I'^dye daughter of William Parmenter 9 November. 
1572 Elizabeth daughter of Richard Parmenter 10 November. 
1574 Conciense daughter of (V^orge Parmenter 25 May. 

1570 John son of AN'illiam Parmenter 24 Sej)teml)er. 

1581 Robert son of William Parmenter 30 IMarch. 

1583 Jhon son of William Parmenter 10 January [1.583/4]. 

1585 Susan daughter of Edwanl ParmentrT 18 April. 

1580 Robert Permenter son of William Junior 23 October. 

1588 lOdward son of Edward Parmenter 21 November. 

1500 Sanuiel son of Robert Permenter 13 October. 

151)2 Rob(>rt son of Robert Permenter 24 December. 

1504 Margarett ilaughter of William Parmenter Jun. 25 February' [1594/5]. 

1595 John son of Robert Parmenter 11) November. 

1599 Alyce daughter of Robert Permerter 25 March. 

1599 h^lizabeth daughter of Robert Permenter 14 October. 

1599 I'^lizabeth daughter of Henry Permenter 25 October. 

KHK) William son t)f Henry Permenter 10 August. 

ItUK) Elizabeth daughter of Henry Permenter 4 March [1000/1]. 

1007 Robert son of William Penny ter 10 April. 

1007 Thomas son of John Penny ter 12 May. 

1009 Sara daughter of Henry Permyter 24 August. 

1010 Nathaniel son of John Permyter 13 March [1010/11]. 

• The baptisiuiU eutrics for 1593, 1597, and 159S arc almost eutinly misfing. 


2C6 • Genealogical Research in England l^^Y 

1611 William son of Williftin Parinentor 17 June. 
1611 Henry son of Henry Parinenter 30 January (1011/121. 
1611 Anne daughter of Jolm l*arnienter 13 February [1611/121. 
1613 Kdee dauj2;hter of Isdward Pannonter 9 November. 

1613 George .son of John Pannentcr 1(J March (I(il3/M|. 

1614 Adria daughter of Henry Pannenter and Adria hi.s wife 20 November. 
1616 James son of Kdward Pannenter and Joan his wife 2 June. 

1616 Josei)h son of John Parmenter and Anne his wife PJ September. 

1616 Thomas son of Henry Pannenter and Atlry liis wife 13 Mnrcli (1616 /17|. 
i 1617 Marie daughter of John Parmenter and Amu; his wife 17 Dr'cember. 

1617 Joane daugliter of Kdward Pannenter and Joan his wife 20 January 


1619 Elizabeth daughter of Robert Pannenter and Klizalxjth hia wife 25 

1621 Martha daughter of John Parmenter and Anne his wife 23 July. 

1625 John son of Kobcrt Parmenter and lOlizaljeth his wife 25 April. 

1626 Anne daughter of Uobert Parmenter an«l Anne liis wife 11 January 


1628 Robert son of Robert Parmenter and Agne.s his wife 7 September. 

1629 Robert son of Robert Parmenter and Anne Fenner 24 May. 

1630 Jolui son of Robert Parmenter and Aniui his wife 18 April. 

1630 Sanuiel son of Samuel Parmenter and Flizabeth hi;j wife 19 September. 

1631 Marie daughter of Rol)ert Parmenter and Anne his wife 30 October. 

1632 Tiiomas son of Samuel Parmenter and l]lizal)eth liis wife 19 August. 

1634 Robert son of Samuel Parmenter and Elizabeth liis wife 22 Slarcb 


1635 William son of Robert Parmenter and Anne his wife 14 March [1635/6). 

1636 Elizabeth daughter of Sjmuiel Parmenterand Elizabetii his wife 10 April. 
1639 Saraii daughter of Samuel Parmenter and Elizabeth his wife 21 Janu- 
ary [1639/40]. 

Marriages, 15S7-16S9* 

1597 Robert Parmenter, son of Oorge Parmenter, and Alice Edwards, 

daughter of William Edwards, 22 January [1597/8]. 

1598 Henry Permenter and Awdrye Sparrowe 29 October. 

1617 George Parmenter and Marie Usher als Clarke 12 March [1617/1S|. 

1621 Francis Whitinge and Adria Parmenter 10 April. 

1626 Robert Parmenter and Agnes Ingam 24 June. 

1626 Thomas Fenner and Dorothy Parmenter 4 July. 

1636 Otwell \\ ebbe singleman and Jone Parmenter single 1 November. 

Buriah, 1586-1639] 

1589 Robert son of William Pennenter 11 January [1589/90]. 

1591 George Permenter 7 February [1591/2]. 

1594 Robert Permenter 1 May. 

1594 Amy wife of George Permenter 13 October. * 

1600 Agnys wife of William Permenter 6 March [1600/1). 

16t)9 Henry son of Henry Permenter 15 July. 

1610 William Permenter 4 April. 

1611 Sarah daughter of ilenery Parmenter 13 March [1611/12). 
1613 George Parmenter 27 June. 

1615 William Parmenter Sen. 3 June. 

1616 James son of Edward Parmenter and Joane his wife 9 December. 

1617 William Parmenter 4 December. 

1620 Thomas son of Henry Parmenter and .A.dria his wife 16 February 


• Tho marriage entries pre\nous to 1587 and for 1594—1506 are miMing. 
t Tho burial entries previous to 1580 and for 15SS and 1007 are uiiboiu^. 



Genealogical Research in EngUmd 


1624 William Pamicnter 30 January [1624/51. 

1()21) Kli/,al)t'th wife of (JcorRo Paniifnter 2\ June. 

Ifi.'JO Kohcrt son of KolxTt Parnicntor and Akuo.s his wife 26 June. 

1036 Katharine Purmentcr witlow 24 Dcceinl)er. 

Tattle Yeldham 

Little YeKlham 

Fu().M Lay Suiibii)iE3* for IIinckf(>ud IIu.vdrkd, co. Essex 

15 Henry VIII (1523 4) 
Christyne Pmenter widowe 
William Parmcntur 
William Parmcntur junr. 

(Lay Subsidies, lOS/163.) 

34-35 Henry VIII [1542-1544]t 

Margaret Parmator 

Kichard Pannator 

John Parmator senr. 

George Parmator 

Thomas Parmator 

Nycolas Parmator 

John Parmator junr. 

(Ieorjj:e Parmator junr. 

John Parmentor 

{lb., 109/271) 

8 Elizabeth [156.S-61 
Robert Parmyter for lands [worth] 2()s. 
Richard Parmyter for lands [wortli] KXte. 
George Permyter for goods [worth] O) 
William Permeter for lands [worth] 20^. 
Kat(Ten Permeter for lands [worth] 2()s. 
John Permyter for goods [worth] 100s. 

Ub., 110/425.) 
14 Elizabeth [1571-2] 
Robert Parmeter for lands [worth] 20s, 
George Parmeter for goods [worth] £7 
William Pannenter for goods [worth] £3 
Widow Parmenter for lands [worth] 20s. 
John Parmenter for goods (worth) £6 

{lb., 111/440.) 
39 Elizabeth [1596-7] 
Nicholas Parmeter for goods [worth] 408. 
John Parmeter for lands [worth] 2()s. • 
George Parmeter for lands [worth] 40s. 
Robert Parmeter junior for lands [worth] 20s. 
Edward Parmeter for goods [wortli] 40s. 
William Parmeter for lands [worth] 2()s. 

{lb., 111/518.) 

21 James I [1023-4] 
[The list is viissiiig.] 

Robert Parmeter for lands [worth] 203. [tax] 

(76., 112/609.) 

3-4 Charles I [1627-1620] 
Robert Permynter for lands [worth] 208. [tax] 4s 
the first assessment, 4s. on the second assessment. 
{lb., 112/619, 112/627, 112/326.) 



Sible Hedingham 

Little Veldham 


Sible Hedingham 


Little Yeldham 
Sible Hedingham 

Helohamp St. Paul 
C-astlc Hedingham 
Little Yeldham 

Sible Hedingham 

Little Yeldham 
Sible Heiiingham 

Sible Hedingham 














[tax 7s. 

Uix 3s. 

[tax] lOd. 

[tax] 6s. 

tax] 8s. 

tax] 43. 

tax] Ks. 

tax] 4s. 

tax] 8s. 


1 4s. 



• Preserved in the Public Record Office, London. 

t Tliid manuscript is mutilated and the as:>ccidmeut3 are missing. 


2G8 Genealogical Research in England [July 

16 Charles I [1G40-1J 
Little Yeldham Robert Parinenter for hinds [worth] 203. (tax) 8d. 

{lb., 112/64G.) 

FitoM Chancery Pkockkdin^js 

On 21 June 1007 I{oK<r (loldin^ complains that al)oiit ton years bince 
John Parnicnter, late of Sudbury, deceased, made a will by which he apjvjintcd 
the complainant and one John Parnicnter executors of his estate of some 
£800, with lands in Sudbury, Tilbury, Little Yeldham, etc., and died about 
two years since, hy s:\'u\ will testator Irfi his estate to the wife of the eonj- 
plainant and her children and to others of his kindred and friend-^. Hut 
one William Parmintei" has secured for him.'^elf administration (Jn the .said 
estate, and in confederacy with John Parminter lias seized and embezzled 
the estate of the deceased, and has not distributed it according to the latter's 

William l^armenter, one of the defendants, brother and administrator of 
the late John I'arnicnttr (;f Sudbury, maltster, replies that as complainant 
sues as one of the executors of a pretended will of deceased, said complainant 
should be joineil as complaiiuuit with John Parminter, the other executor 
of the pretended will, and should not make the latter a defendant. This 
defendant knows nothing: of an}' will niade ten years a>;o, but has heard the 
other defendant, John Parminter, say that about 2S I'!lizabeth [l')X')-b) 
deceased did make a will aj)pi)inting complainant and said defendant, John 
Parminter, as executors, and tlu; said complainant did show this deft ndant 
a copy of the same and said that he intended to sue this defendant in the 
ecclesiastical courts, but he has not done so, and defendant doubts if 5.uch a 
will existed, its two years after the time of said |)retended will said deceased 
loanctl complainant over £10, which he would not have done hail he made 
him executor of his estate. And moreover this defendant can j^rove by 
witnesses that on 2-4 Sej)tember 1003 the deceased stated that one William 
Parmiter, son of this defendant, should have all the estate of dccc:ised. On 
the death of said deceased this defendant, believing that deceased died 
intestate, did sue forth administration on his estate in the Prerogative (/ourt 
of Canterbury (deeeaseil having estate in divers dioceses), which was granted 
to this defendant Pt So j)t ember 1()05. Deceased tlied 24 August Hi05, 
po.ssessed of an estate nuich smaller than is claimed by the complainant; 
and with the consent of John Parmiter and of Thomas Smith ami of Kdith 
his wife, sister of the dcce:ised, this defendant had the estate ai)j>rai.'>e<l, 
which amounteil to £200. 12s. The debts of the deceased were £17. 7s. 4d. 
The defendant, John Parmit(T, received as his share of the estate £43. Is. (kJ., 
and said Smith and lulith liis wife about £40. The costs of administration 
were £2;>. l()s. 8(1. The house in Sudbury called "The (Jalleryc" wiis the 
freehold of the said John Parminter, deceased, who with one Peregrine 
Parker, gent., did purchase the same in fee simple of one Peter Whyte on 
G June, 35 Elizabeth [1503], and on the death of the said Parker said John 
Parminter had the whole as survivor in fee simi)le, ami, he dying without 
issue, it came to this defemlant iis his brother and next heir. Defendant 
denies any consi)iracy with the other defendant, John Parnunter. 

The other dtfendant, John Tarminter, replies that he thinks that John 
Parminter, dece:ised, made a will about 28 Klizabeth [lo85-Gj, but knows 
not if it remaineil in existence until his death. Lately complainant sent liis 
son to this defendant to show to this defendant a coi)y of said will, by w hiih 
deceased left to his brother William Parminter, the other defendant, for life, 
lands, etc., in Little Yeldham, with reversion to llenr}' Parminter, said 
William's son, and left to this defendant, another brother, for life, lands in 
Little Yeldham, Tilbury, etc., with reversion to John Parminter, this de- 
fendant's son. Also he left to the said William £20 and to bis children 



I • 


'1014] Genealogical Research in Emjlaiid 2G9 

6s. M. .iplecc, to this (Icfeiulunt £20 and to liis cliiMrcri Cs. Sd. apiece, U) the 
threes t;hil(lrcii of TIioiikls Smith of Little Maplestcud lOs. apiece, to Joiie, 
wife of tliis iltfrndaiit, cloth for a Kown, to the com|)laiMaiit £5 an<i three 
miiis, to the wife of the coiuplaiiiant (who died loiij^ hefon- the tc-statorj LMhs., 
and to Thonias (loldin^ 2()s. Thi.s defendant prays that the <oniplainanl be 
recjuired to brin*; the original will into court, a.s accor«iinK to said will the 
testator left certain lands to this defendant and his children, which have be(?n 
taken by the other defendant iw eldest brother and heir. Decea.sed died 
about two years a^o and aljout nineteen years after niakinj; said will. Com- 
plainant has lori^; conceale<l the will for some sinister purpose, and jus this 
defendant was unal)le to find any will of 'deceased, the other defendant 
(obtained administration on the estate, and this defendant hfus received one 
tliird of the ^oods, accordinj? to the inventory in the Prerof:;ative Court of 
Canterbury. This defendant denies any conspiracy witli the other defend- 
ant, William I'arminter. (C'hancery Proceedings, James I, Bundle (J-«, 
No. 43.) 

[I'Vom the foregoing records and from some other sources the following 
information about the Parmenter families of Little Yeldham, co. Kssex, and 
about the ancestry of Dca. John Parmenter of Sudbury and Koxbury,, 
has been derived: 

William Parmenter, Sr., born probably about n()5, appears, with 
other Parmenters, at Little Yeldham, co. Kssex, in the subsidy of 1523-4. 

John Parmenter, Sr., George Parmenter, Sr., Richard Par-mknter, 
Thomas Parmenter, and Nichoi^s Parmenter appear at Little Yeldham 
in the subsidy of 1')42~1."3-1L They belong apj)arently to the generation 
inunediately following that to which William Parmenter, Sr., belongs. No 
wills have been found wliich throw light on the exact relationship of these 
men to one another or on their respective families; but doubtless the fathers 
of .some of the Parmenters of the next generation are included in this list of 

These men of the next generation are John Parmenter, born probably 
about 1515, and probably the i)rogenitor of Family A, given below; Ceorge 
Paume.nteu, born probably about lo'JO, progenitor of Family B, given below; 
Rkharu Parmenter of Little Yeldham, who appi^ars in the subsidy of 
L')()5-(); and Kohert Parmenter, born probably about 1530, progenitor 
of Family C, given below. 

Family A 

L John Parmenter, of Little YeUlham, co. Es.scx, born probably about 
1515, appears as John Parmenter, Jr., at Little Yeldham in the subsidy of 
1542-1544, and is found later in the adjoining parish of Tilbury-by-Clare, 
CO. Essex, in the subsidies of 15()5-t) and L')71-2. 
The following were probably his children: 

i. John, settled in Sudbury, co SutTulkj where he was a brewer or 
nmltster, and d. 24 Aug. 10(^5. h'avnig no i.ssue. lie appears in 
several entries in the Sudbury bc^rough records from 1597 to 1001 
(Hkcistkk, vol. Oii. p|). 170 171). His estate was contested in 
Chancery by Uogir (u)lding in 1007. 
2. ii. William, b. abt. 1540. He w;is one of the dcfemlants in the Chan- 
cery suit brought by Ui>ger GoKling in 1007. 

iii. John, in. June . He w;u^ tlu? other ilefendant in the al>ove- 

mentioneil suit. Childri-n: John (eldest bon), ai\d others. 

iv, Edith, m. Tho.m.^s S.Mirn of Little Muplcstead, co. Essex; hud is^ue. 

V. A Dauohteu, probably in. Hoor.u Coluinq. 


270 Genealogical Research in Enghind ['J^ily 

2. William Parmenter {John), of Little Yeldham, co. Rssex, the testator 
of 1615, born probably atout 1510, was buried at Little Yeldljam 

3 June 1015. He married, about 1503, Agnes , who w;is 

buried at Little Yeldham Mar. 1000/1. Ho \v;ls one of the defend- 
ants in the Chancery suit brought by Uoger CJolding. 

i. HtNKY, of Little Yeldham, glover, the bestator of 1G19, bapt. at Little 

Yeldimrn 9 July 15r)l; m. there, 29 Oct. 1598, AuDitEY SeAurtow, 

who m. (2) at Little Yeldham, 10 Apr. 1021, Francis Whitmg. 

Children, recortled at Little V(ldham: 1. FAxzninlh, bapt. 25 Oct. 

1599; probably d. youn^i. 2. Wxlliam, bapt. 10 Aug. ItXX). \\. 

Elizabith, bapt. 4 Mar. 10(X)/1 (.sic, ? 1001/21. 4. Henry, bur. 

15 July 1009. 5. Sarah, bapt. 24 Aug. 1009, bur. 13 Mar. 1011/12. 

G. Htnry, l):ipt. 30 Jan. 1011/12. 7. Audrry, haj)!. 20 Nov. 1014. 

8. ThumaH, bapt. 13 Mar. 1010/17; bur. 10 Feb. 1G20/1. 
ii. Thomas, bapt. at Little Yeldham 18 Jan. 1507/8. 
iii. WiM.iAM, bapt. at Little Yeldham 24 Feb. 1570/1; bur. there 4 Apr. 

iv. Eorrn, bapt. at Little Yeldham 9 Nov. 1572. 
V. EuwAun, named in the wills of his father and brother Henry; m. 

JoANE . Children, bapt. at Little Yeldham: 1. Edith, 

bapt. 9 Nov. 1013. 2. Januy, bapt. 2 June 1010. 3. Joane, bapt. 

20 Jan. 1017/lS. 
vi. John, bapt. at Little Yeldham 24 Sept. 1570; probably d. young, 
vii. KicHAun. Child: 1. .Inu under 21 in KVtl. 
viii. KouKKT, bapt. at Little \ eldham 30 Mar. 1581; bur. there 11 Jan. 

ix. John, of Yeldham and later of Castle lledingham, co. Essex, the 

testator of 1044, bapt. at Little Yeldham 19 Jan. 1583/4; m. aht. 

IGOG Anne . Children, recorded at Little Yeldham: I. 

rho7nas, bapt. 12 May 1007. 2. Nathauid, bapt. 13 Mar. 1010/11. 

3. Anne, bapt. 13 Feb. 1611/12. 4. Ucorye, bapt. 10 Mar. 1013/14. 

5. Joseph, bapt. 19 Sept. ItilO. 6. Mary, bapt. 17 Dec. 1017. 7. 

John, b. probably abt. 1619. 8. Marlha, bapt. 23 July 1021. 


1. George Parmenter, of Little Y'eldhani (also called Over Yeldham 
and Upper Yeldham), co. Essex, the testator of 1501, born probably about 

1520, was buried at Little Y'eldham 7 Feb. 1591/2. He married Alice . 

He appears at Little Yeldham as George Parmenter, Jr., in the subsidy of 
1542-1544, is next found in the adjoining parish of C>vington in the subsi<ly 
of 151)5-6, and appears again at Little Yeldham in the subsidy of 1571-2. 


i. llonKRT. b. probably abt. 1545; Hving in 1G13, when ho is men- 
tioned in the will of his brother William. Child (probably): 1. 
M'iUiam. called of Cavendish, co. Suffolk, in the will of his grand- 
father, George Parmenter, in 1591. 

ii. CiiiiisTiAN, m. Pai;k; had issue. 

iii. RuHARP, of Little Yeldham, living in 1012. He was a legatee in the 
will of hif brother George. Child: 1. Elizabeth, bapt. at Little 
Yeldham 10 Nov. 1572; mentioned in the wills of her grandfather 
and her uncle CJeor^j. 

2. iv. Gf.orge, b. probably abt. 1550. 

V. Katherine, m. Alllson' had issue. 

vi. JoNK, m. Stainer; had i.'^sue. 

vii. Edward, ajipears at Little YeKlham in a subsidy in 1596-7; living 
in 1012, being named in the will of his brother George. Children, 
named in the will of their grandfather: 1. Su^an, bapt. at Little 
Yeldham 18 Apr. 1585. 2. Edward, bapt. at Little Yeldham 21 
Nov. 15SS. 

3. viii. William, b. probably abt. 1500. 
ix. Alice. 


1914] Genealogical Research in England 271 

2. George Parmenter (George), of Little YcUlham, co. Essex, yeoman, 

the testator of lOI'J, l)orii probably about 1550, was buried at Little 

YeliUKiin 27 June 1()1'3. lie riiarried first Amy , who whj* 

buried at Little YeKlliaiii I.'i Oct. 15'J1; and secondly Mitb. Kuza- 
BETii PuRKAS, widow, who by her former husband had children Rote 

Purkas, wife of Taine, and Francis Purkas. George ParuieLter 

is found in the subsidy of 15'JG-7. 
Children by first wife: 

i. Conscience, bfti)t. at Little Ycldham 25 May L^T4; d. young. 

ii. UouEKT (perlmp.s). A Robert Parmenter, son (*f Cleor^^e. m. at 
Little \eldhain, 22 Jan. 15'J7/8, Alice Edwards, daughter of 
William. If thi.s man belongs in this family, he must Lave d. B.p. 
before the date of his father's will. 

3. WiLUAM Parmenter (George), of Little Ycldham, co. Essex, husband- 

man, the testator of 10 1 '3, born prolxibly about 1560, wxs buried at 
Little Ycldham 4 Dee. 1()17. He married, about 15S5, Maugeky 

. He inherited various lauds in Little Yeldhani from his 

father and copyliold hinds called Cowell or Gouldwcll by the \sill of 
his brother Cicorge, whicli he mentioned in his own will, date(i 12 Oct. 
1G13 and j)rove(i 19 Jan. 1017/18. As only two of his children were 
baptized at Little Yehlham, it is likely that at some period he resided 
elsewhere; and therefore he was probably the William Parmenter 
who was a.ssessed in the subsidy of 159t>-7 in the adjacent j)ari.'ih 
of 8il)le Ilcdingham, the registers of which prior to 1680 are lost. 

i. RonEUT, bapt. at Little Ycldham 23 Oct. 1586. He succeeded to 
the lands of his father by the Litter's will, and was perhaps the 
Robert Parmenter who was asses-se^i at Sible Hediugham m th« 
subsidies of 102.i-4 and 1027-1029 and at Little Ycldham in the 
subsidy of 10 10 1. 
4.V ii. John, b. abt. 15SS. 
/ iii. Ursula, living in 1013. 

iv. Geouoe, m. at Little Yeldliam, 12 Mar. 1617/18, Mart Ubrrr 
alias Clarke. 

V. Sakau, b. abt. 1593; m. at Bures St. Mary, co. Suffolk, 4 Oct. 1616, 
JouN Cressall, the testator of 1025. After the death of her father 
she had evidently removed with her brother, John Parmentej, io 
Bures St. Mary. 

vi. Maruaiu::t, bapt. at Little Ycldham 25 Feb. 1594/5; hving in 1613. 

4. Dea. John Parmenter (William, George), of Little Ycldham, co. Essex, 

and Bures St. Mary, cos. Essex and Suffolk, I'ngland, and of Sudbury 
and Ro.\bury, Mass., was born evidently about 158S, as the baptism of 
his elder brother Robert is recorded at Little Yeldham 23 Oct. 1586, 
and yet by 12 Oct. 1013 John Parmenter was old enough to be married 
and to be the father of two children, Mary and John, according to the 
will of that date of his father, William Parmenter. He may liave 
been born at Sible Heilingham, co. Essex, but the early registers of 
this parish are lost. He inherited no lands from his father, and after 
the hitter's death he evidently removed about eight miles from IJttle 
Yeldham into Bures St. Mary. Here his sister Sarah was marrietl, 
4 Oct. 1010, to John Cressall, who in his will of July 1025 bequeathed 
a cow to his brother-in-law John Parmenter. Here also, a.s John 
Parminter,* he was a witness, 22 Feb. 1030/1, to the will of Henrie 
Loker of Bures St. Mary, co. Essex, glover (Register, vol. 03, pp. 
280-281). In 1039 John Parmenter, with his family, and also the 

* Thus the name is spoiled in the original will of Henrie Loker, although in the 
registered copy of the will the name is Parmiter. 


272 Genealogical Research in England [Ji^ly 

widow and cliildrtn of IIcnriL' looker cnii^ratcd to New Enj^lfind, 
8«*ttling in Siidluiry, Moiis., wlierc John i*anncntc'r was early chuMrn 
wliMtiiian, di.'i'on, and connnissicjnfr. A comparison of the signa- 
ture of .John Parinintrr u.s a witnt>.s in tlic original will of Hcnric 
Loker of liurt'S St. Mary witli an autdjzraph .^i^^nature of Dca. John 
Parnienter as a conuni.s.sioner of Sudhury, Mass., 6 Jan. lG3!)/4(),* 
ah(Av.s that the two sijz;nature.s were niach* by the sanie hanil. In the 
sunmier of 101)0 he removed from Siidhnry to Ho.xhiiry, Ma.-w., where 
In* (lied 1 May 1071, apccl S.'i years, arcordinj^ Ui tl»e church records 
of Hoxhiiry, which thu.s furnish additional evidt-nce tiiat he was \n)Tii 
about lo.SS. Ui.s will, dated 'Jo Mar. 1071 and {)roV(;d 25 July 1071, 
names wife Annis, dauj^htcr Woods, .son-in-law John Wood.s, j^randson 
John Parmenter, cou.sin (Bartholomew] (.'heevers, shoemaker, of 
Boston, and cousin John Stibbins. 

He married first, in lOn^land, probably about 10()(), Bimdget , 

who died at Sudbury, M;us.s., Apr. lOOU. He inarrieti secondly, at 

Ro.xbury, Mass., 9 Au{^. lOOO, Mils. ( ) (Ch.\.ndleii) 

Dane, widow successively of William Chandler and John Dane. 
She died at Ho.xbury 17 Mar. 1GS2/3. 

Children by iirst wife, born in Enfi;land: 

i. M.Mtv, b. ui)t. KilO; nuincd in th<.' will of her grandfather 12 Oct. 
ini;^; d. at Marlborough,, 17 Aur. lolXJ, a^od SO; ni. Jons 
W{»ons of Sudi>ury aiul Marlborough, b. in JOn^land abt. lolO, d. 
at Marlbojoui^h 10 July 1G78. Ihi dejxjscd in 1001, aged iibt. .')4 
years. Childreu: 1. Hannah. 2. John, b. 8 May 10 11. 3. 
Francis (dau.), b. 10 May KM.'). A. Janus, b. 18 July 1017. 5. 
Catharine. 0. Isaac, b. 11 July 10.5,5. 

ii. John, b. abt. 1012; named in th«; will of his grandfather 12 Oct. 
1G13; came to New Kngland with his father in 1039; resided at 
Sudbury, Miuss., whore he d. 12 .\i)r. 1000; m. ubt. 1039 .\my 

, who d. 21 Nov. lOSl. Children: 1. Juhn, b. alH. 1040. 

2. Joseph, b. 12 Mar. 1012/3. 3. Marij, b. 10 June 104 J. 4. 
George, b. ai)t. 1047. 5. Benjamin, b. abt. 1050. 0. Lydia, b. 
16 Oct. 1055. 


1. Robert Parmenter, of Little Yeldham, co. Essex, the testator of 
1594, born probably about 1530, was buried at Little YeKlham 1 ^Lly 1594. 

He married, about 1501, Amye . He was assessed at Little Yeldham 

in the sub.sulies of 1505-6 and 1571-2. 


i. Joane, b. probably abt. 1562. 

ii. Amy, bapt. at Little Veldhain 17 Sept. 1504. 

2. iii. UoHEHT, bapt. at Little Veldhaiu 8 Feb. 1507/8. 
iv. Jane, bapt. at Little Yeldhain 5 June 1571. 

2. Robert Parmenter (Robert), of Little Yeldham, co. Essex, baptized 
there 8 Feb. 1507/S, api)ears there in the subsiiiy of 1590-7. Neither 
his will nor any administration on his estate has been found. 
Children, baptized at Little Yeldiiam: 

i. Samuel, bapt. 13 Oct. 1590; ra. Elizaueth . ChiMren. bapt. 

* at Little Yeldham: 1. Samnd, bai)t. 19 Sept. 1()30. 2. TAom.w, 

bapt. 19 Auu. 1032. 3. RuUrl, bapt. 22 Mar. 10:11/5. 4. Kliza- 
belh, bant. 10 Ai)r. 1030. 5. Sarah, bapt. 21 Jan. 1030/40. 

ii. RoHKUT. bai)t. 24 Dec. 1592; ni. (1) Elizahetii ; m. (2) 

at Little VeKlham,21 June U)20, A(;Nr.s (.\nnk) In(;am. Children 
by hrst wife, recorded at Little Yeldham: 1. Lliz'sbclh, bapt. 25 

• Suffolk Co. Court Files, Bostou. no. 16J004. 


11)14] The Painter Family 273 

Mar. 1010. 2. John, bapt. 25 Apr. KVJ.'). CliiMrcn by florond 

wife, rcJonhMJ at Little Vcltlliatn: ii. Ann*-, bupt. I I Jan. 1020/7. 

4. J iobt it, \m\ii. 7 ii>r\>i. IGJS; bur. '20 Juiu* lOIJO. .'>. Ju/»/t, bapt. 

IS .\pr. Kiiil). 0. iUarf/, bapt. 3U (Jet. lO.n. 7. iri//i/im, bapt. 
14 Mar. 1035/6. 
ill. Jon.v, bapt. 10 Nov. I.')*.*.'), 
iv. Am< r., bapt. *Jo Mar. la'J'J. 

— Klizabktii FkkschI 

(To bo continucdl 



By Donald Li.nes J.^coul's, M.A., of New Haven, Conn. 

1. TiiOM.\.s' P.\iNTr:u liviMJ ;it Hingbani, C.'barlrstown, and Rowley, 
Mas.s., IjuUncch lO.'w aiul Kill. In IG.")") he was niado ficcnian i)( 
Nrwport, K. 1., aiul spent ilu) remainder of his life iberc and at 
\Ve.sti'rly, R. I., where his name appears, together witli that of his 
son Shul/ael, on tiie list of freemen. He married first K.\TM.\iiiNE 

, who died in 1041; and secondly . W'inthrup tells us 

in his History (vol. 2, p. 174), under date of 1()44: "A poor man of 
Hin^hain. one Fainter, who had Vwod at New Haven and at Rowley 
and ( Iharlestown, and ))een scandalous and l)Urdi;nsome by his idle 
and tri)ul)li\some behavioiu' to them all, was now on the suddrn 
turninl anal)ai)tist, and having a child born, he would not suffer his 
wife to biing it to the ordinance of l)ai), for she was a member of 
the churcli, though himself were not. Reing })ri\sented for this, and 
enjoincnl to suiter the chilil to be ba])tized, he still refusing, and dis- 
tm-biiig the ehur{;h, he was again l)rought to the court not unly for 
his former contem])t, but also for saying that our bai)tism was anti- 
christian; and in the ojm'U coiu't he tdlirmed the .same." For this ho 
was whi])ped, and "endured his ])unishment with nuich obstinacy, 
and when he was loosed, he said boast ingly, that (iod had marvellously 
assisted him." 

Children by first wife: 

i. Eliz.vbetu,- d. in B<Kst(>n 24 Apr. 1040. 
ii. Wn.i.i.wi, d. in Uoston 30 t^cpt. 1G30. 

2. iii. SiitiiAEi.. 

iv. TiioM.vs, b. 4 M:iy 1030; d. in Ho.ston 30 Sopt. 1030. 
V. TiioM.v.s, bapt. in Hoston 13 S. pt. PUO; probably the man of this 
name who was tlrownetl 25 Mar. 1703. 

2. Sni^BAEL- P.viNTFR (Tlwmas^) resided at Westerly and Ne\\T>ort, 
R. I.* He married Mkucy L.\mhkrtc)X, who was baptized 
17 Jan. hi 10/1 and died evidently bifore 1077, daughter of 
Capt. Cieorge and Margaret (Lewen) of New Haven. 

He was deputy, 1070 1072. On 12 May 107*> he was tried 
for contempt of authority, owned himsi-lf ^tVilty, and was 

•Th*^ roooril.s at Newp<irt si^arrh«'d by Mr. John C Pt-anjon of Cl.-'voland, 
Ohio, to whom ackuowlcd^uioul is hereby made for iuformuliuu alxjut SImbael Paiuter. 

274 The Painter Family [Jiily 

fined and bound to peace and good behavior. On 10 May 
1680 "An Indictment by the Atorny Genii agnst Shiil>nll 
punter of New'ixirt f(jr Indeavcjring Contrary to hiw to publish 
Marriiigo in two j)ul)h('k iiicftings about tin; month of March 
last in tlu; Yean* 1(J71) : 80 unto Hannah the wife of Tliornas 
Martin, and for keeping Company with said Hannah after 
being forl)iden ifc forwarncd by Authorety he being bound to 
this Court and in Court Call(;d, Api)carcd pleads not guilty 
and Refers himselfc for Tryall to Cod and tlie Cuntry The 
Jurry Verdict (Juilty: i^y the court (^'omitted to the Cenll 
scrjts Custody till called for. The Sentence of the Court is 
That Sliubal painter eitlier be sett in the stockes for a six 
bowers time or pay twenty shillings to the Genl Treasury in 
mony betwixt this & Next Thursday twelve of the clock and 
that his bond bo continued whih; next court and also<* pay 
otiicersfees." (U. I. Court of Trials, vol. A, p. 51.) He wa.- in- 
dicted, 27 Mar. ltJ83, for living with Hannah, the wife of Thoin. 
Martin, contrary to law, was found guilty, and w;is sentenced 
to forfeit bonds and pay fee. As Shubacl's wife Mercy waa 
then tlead and as he "published marriage" with Mrs. Martin, 
it seems i)robable that her husl)and had deserted or divorced her, 
and that only some legal quibble stood in the way of her 
remarriage. On 27 Mar. 1083 he was also prosecuted by 
John Williams for "takeiug Sheep ffeloniously"; and he im- 
mediately commenced action against said John for "Sclaundrr 
and Defamation." He was acquitted on the sheep charge, 
and wiis awarded £3 damages and costs of court on his counter 
suit. The case was referred to the next Assembly because 
Shubael was absent, being emi)loyed about the country's ser- 
vice. In 1088 he was aj)pointed constable. 

In 1677 he sold to his brother-in-law, William Trowbridge, 
the share of the Lamberton estate to which his wife Mercy wus 
heir; but in 1685 the sale was declared void, and the lands were 
resold to Samuel Smith. Probably it was held that this sale 
did not include undivided lands, for Shubael's son Thomas 
and daughter Margaret both disi)osed of land inherited from 
George Lamberton. His daughter Mercy seems nevt-r to 
have possessed any of this i)rop(rty ; at least she did not assign 
her right in any deed on record at New Haven. An abstract 
of the LamlKTton deeds is given in the Notes on the Lamber- 
ton Family, infra, pp. 284, 285. 


i. Mkrcy,» b. abt. 1664; m. 24 Nov. 1683 Edward Allev of Decrfu-ld, 
MjiS3., b. 1 Mav 16C3, d. 10 Feb. 1730/40. In 1G78 he went to 
Suffield, Conn., with his father, and in 1686 he received a p'ant 
of land on Green River. He waa town clerk 1704-1712. Child- 
ren: 1. IiUzabith, b. 14 Mar. UiS-l/C; d. 7 Feb. 16»H3/7. 2 Kdxcard, 
b. 11 Mar. 16vS7/8; remove*! to Grci'nfield, Mass.* d. 19 Dec. 
1756; m. (1) 4 Feb. 1719/20 Martha Wells, who d. 26 Feb. 1710/20; 
111. (2) 1 Feb. 1721/2 Mercv ChildH, who d. 26 Oct. 1758. 3. 
Mercy, b. 3 Feb. 1689/00; d. Mav 1772; m. S Apr. 170S Pclcr 
Evans of Northtield, b. 21 Jan. 1673 '4, d. 8 July 1752. 4. Sarah, 
b. 1 May 1692. 5. Martha, b. 6 Nov. 1694; d. 11 Feb. 1778; m. 


/^14] The Painter Family 275 

Siuniiel Bardwell, b. 20 Sept. Kihi, li. 18 Mar. 1771. G. Jtmima, 
b. 4 Fiib. lGD«/7; d. afU:r 1770; in. 1 Mar. 1714/15 John Cutlm, 
b. 8 Jan. 1G80/7, d. 1 Dec. 17GG, b. of that Mr. John Catlin whowc 
family wa.s almost annihilated by Indians in 1704. Of their 
twelve children four bellied m Wvai iiaven, ('onn., viz., Jolm, 
b. 19 Nov. 1715, d. after 171)0, in. 21) Aii^. 1744 hih first once 
removed, Mart;aret* Painter (3, ix); Mary, b. 3 Feb. 1718/19, in. 
7 May 174G Jonathan Smith, whose mother wius Rebecca* Painter 
(3, i); l^li/abeth, b. 31 Mar. 172(), in. Thomas Midlory of We«t 
Haven and Woodbury, Conn.; and Esther, b. 24 May 1733, m. 
Capt. lObenezer Trowbritluc of West Maven. 7. Hanriufi, b. 12 Feb. 
l(i9S/«J; d. after 1772; m. 25 Au^. 1735 John Stebbin.s, b. abt. 
1G85, d. 7 Sept. 17GU. 8. Consider, b. 8 May 1701 ; d. 20 May 1701. 
9. Samuel, b. 6 Apr. 1702; killed by Indians 25 Aug. 174G; in. 
3 Nov. 1727 Haniudi Ihiwks, b. 7 July 1703, d. 8 Mar. 1771. Of 
their twelve children the; tenth wtus named Lamberton. 

ii. M.M{(iAUKT, b. abt. lii()7; probablv marri((l first Mouhih, 

perhaps a son of Cai)t. llichard of Newport; marrie<i secondly, afl 
his third wife, L.wvkk.nck ('li.nton; ami thirdly Jkukmi.«iii Morr, 
who was atlmittcd an irduibitant of We.-t(Tly in 1G91). With her 
third husband she removed, prior to 1742, to W:dlirii;ford, ('onn. 
On 11 Aug. 1742, Richard of Milford gave bond of £500 
to the selectmen of Wallingford to be paid before June 1747, "the 
condition bi'ing that if he indemiiift'C and save harndess the said 
town of Wallingford Uj)on the account of Margrett Molt of Wal- 
lingfortl, wife of Jeremiah Mott of Wallingford, then sd obligation 
to be void." (Wallingfonl Deeds, vol. 11, p. 501.) On 20 Sept. 
1743 Jeremiah Mott and Margaret Mott of Wallingford conveyetl 
to (leorge Clinton of New Haven one fourth of one sixth of the landa 
of George Lamberton, dece:usod. (New Haven Deeds, vol. 12, 
p. 184.) Marg.-iret Mott could not have been in pos.scssion of this 

})orlion of the Lamberton fjurn, utdess Mercy Lamberton were 
ler mother, as a careful study of the deeds will show {I'ide infra, 
pp. 284, 285); and for this reason she is given here as a daughter 
of Shubael Painter. There is a mass of circumstantial evidence to 
prove that she was mother, by her first husband, of Richard 
Morris; and, by her second hu.sband, of George Clinton and his 
brothers. Child by first husband;* 1. Hicfuird, d. at Milford, 
Conn., in th(^ spring of 1759; in. (1) 22 Dec. 1717 (registtTH (»f 
Trinity Church, Newport, R. 1.) Elizabeth Auxeny; m. (2) 24 May 
1721 (i6.) Jean Ivldy, who d. at Milford in 1707, probably dau. of 
John (who d. 172G) and Elizabeth. He lived at Newport, R. I., 
and at Milford, Conn. In 1725 Jacob Mott ct al., Proprietors, 
sold to Richard Morris of Newport, weaver, lot 50 at Easton's 
Point, and the latter sold it the following year. In a deed datfxl 
15 Aug. 1720 Richard Morris dispo.sed of land in which his wife 
Jane relinquished her right of dower. (Newport Deeds, vol. 2, 
[). 159, vol. 7, pp. 122, 144.) His children were: John, m. at 
Wood})ridge, Conn., 12 Nov. 1750, Sybil Newton; Susanna, m. 
Samuel Rassett; ^lercy, d. 25 Mar. 1778; and probably also: 
Thomas, d. at Cheshire, Conn., 21 -\pr. 1777; Joseph, d. at Mil- 
ford 3 Jan. 177S; George, d. at Milford 10 Mar. 1770, aged 45, 
ni. Eunice Plumb. 
3. iii. Thoma.s, b. abt. 1070. 

3. Ensign Tiiom.\s' Painter (Shubact,^ Thomas^), born about 1670, 
removed about 1G94 to West Haven, Conn., where ho died in 
1747. lie married Rebecca Canoee, ])orn 22 Dec. 1G71, 
died 1 June 1739, cl:\up;hter of Zaccheus an(i Rebecca (Bristol). 
In 1743 Ensign Thomas Painter of West parish conveyed to 
his sons Thomas, Sliubael, and DeUverance all right to land 

• The children of her second marriage will be given in an article on the ClintOD 
ra-mily, to bo published in a future uuruber of the Ueoistkk. 

VOL. Lxvin. 18 


276 The Painter Family [July 

in right of his mother, "who was one of the daughters of Mr. 
George Lanihertou, fornuTly of New Haven deed." (New 
Haven Deeds, vol. 12, p. 85.) He ])urcliased land in Wailing- 
ford. Conn., where his sister Margaret lived, but he never 
resided there. In his will, dated 9 Dec. 1746 and proved 
1 June 1747, he mentioned his sons Shubael, Thomas, Jr., and 
Deliverance; grandchildren, the children of Kebecca Smith, 
deceased; and daughters Mary Stevens, Mercy Stevens, Rachel 
Smith (wife of Nathan), Klizal^eth Painter, and Margaret 
Catlin. He gave equal shares to his children, "excepting my 
Daughter Elizal)eth to whom I have given by Deed Something 
Extraordinary for her Extraordinary Care & trouble of mo 
under my Dilhculties by reason of a Cancer." (New Haven 
Probate Records, vol. 7, p. 117.) Capt. Samuel Candee and 
Jonathan Smith, the testator's son-in-law, were appointed 

i. Rebecca,* b. 28 June 1695; d. 10 Sept. 1740; ra. Jonatuan Smitq, 

b. 27 Oct. lf)92, d. 30 Dec. 1759. 
Thomas, b. 31 Aug. 1096. 
Shuuael, b. 23 Apr. 1098. 
Maky, b. 1 Nov. 1099; m. 2 Mar. 1725/6 John Stevens, b. 1 Aug. 

1703; removed to Stratford, Conn. 
Deliverance, b. 31 May 1701. 

Meucy, b. Aug. 1703; m. Andrew Smith, b. 15 Nov. 1701, d. 1789. 
Elizabeth, b. 23 May 1706.* 

Rachel, b. 19 July 1708; m. Nathan Smith, b. 1 Mar. 1714/15. 
Margaret, b. 4 May 1715; d. after 1790; m. 29 Aug. 1744 John 

Catlin, a sea captain, b. 19 Nov. 1715, d. after 1790 {tride supra, 

under 2, i, 6). 

4. Capt. Thomas* Painter {Thoruas,^ Shuhael,'^ Thomas^), born 
31 Aug. 109G, died at West Haven, Conn., in 17G0. He 
married first Esther Mix, born 14 Apr. 1718, daughter of 
John and Esther (Morris); and secondly, after 1752, Mrs. 
Desire (Smith) Stevens, born 30 Sept. 1712, daughter of 
Samuel and l^Iary (Cooper) and widow of Thomas. She 
married thirdly Law of Wallingford, Coim. 

In 174G Thomas and Esther Painter conveyed their rights 
to the estate of their father, Jolm Mix, Jr., deceased. (New 
Haven Deeds, vol. 13, p. 40.) In 1758 Thomas Painter con- 
veyed land to his son-in-law, John Chandler of Woodstock, 
and his wife, "my only daughter Esther.'* (76., vol. 21, p. 
71.) On 30 June 17G0 administration on the estate of Thomas 
Painter was granted to John Chandler in right of his wife 
Esther, daughter of the deceased, the widow desiring the 
same. (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 9, p. 371.) 

Children by first wife: 

L Esther,' b. 20 May 1738; m. John Chandler of Woodstock, Conn. 
ii. Thomas, b. 10 Dec. 1740; d. 18 Feb. 1747/8 (gravestone at West 

iii. Elkanah, b. abt. 1742; d. 14 Feb. 1747/8 (gravestone at West Haven). 

• Vide article on the Clinton family, to be published in a future number of the 


• • 













1914] The Painter Family 277 

5. Sfiudael^ Painter (Thomas* Shnhacl,- Thomas^), !)orn 23 Apr. 

1(V.)S, (lied at West Haven, Conn., in 1785. He married first, 
12 Mar. 17;i(J/l, Klizaueth Dundah, l)orn 27 Mar. 1701, 
died Ixjforo 17o8, daughter of John and IOhzal)eth (iieeeher); 

and secondly AniAii . (New lluven Deeds, vol. 28, 

p. 180.) 

In hi3 will, dated 19 Mar. 17S2 and proved 17 Nov. 1785, 
he mentioned the three chiidrt.-n of his eldest son Joseph, 
deceased (Anna CMinton, and Thomas and Shuhael I'aintirrj; 
his son CJamaliel, "my son now surviving;" and his daughters 
Rebecca, wife of William Trowbridge, Jr., Lidia, wife of 
Gamaliel Benham, and Sarah, wife of Joatham William.s. 
(New Haven Probate Records, vol. 14, p. 429.) 

Children by first wife: 

7. i. Joseph,' b. 20 Apr. 17.31. 

ii. llLntxcA, b. 19 May 1734; d. bofore 1808; m. Wh.liam Trow- 
iJUiDta:, b. 13 June 1725, d. C Dec. 1793. 

iii. Ei.iSH.^, b. 29 July 173('); d. s.p. 1781 or 1782; m. II.wnam . 

He was one of the jiraiitoes of Miildlobury, V't., 2 Nov. 1761 
(Swift's of Midtlltbiiry, pp. 143, 145, 150). In his will, dutwi 
12 Jan. 1781 and jjrovi'd 7 Nov. 1791, ho muntions wife lluniiuh, 
brotluT (j.'imalii'l, and si.stcrs Rohcccah Tr()wbriii;^o, Lydia Hrw- 
hani, and Sarah Williams (New Haven Probate Kccords, vol. 16, 
p. 621). 

iv. Lydia, b. 1 June 1739; d. 18 Nov. 1814; m. Gamaliel Benha.m, b. 
abt. 1738, d. 8 Mar. 1811. 

V. Sahau, b. 4 Oct. 1742; m. Jotham Wh.liams. 

8. vi. Ga.malikl, b. 22 May 1743. 

6. Deliverance^ Painter (Thoynas,* Shubacl,^ ThoTuas^), born 

31 May 1701, was drowned near Stratford Point, Conn., 
1 Sept. 1781. He married, 23 June 1725, Mary Smith, born 
7 Mar. 170G/7, died at the home of licr son in Roxbury, Conn., 
29 May 1780, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Cooper) and 
granddaughter of Samuel and Obedience (Lamberton). 

Tiie aged deacon met a tragic end near the close of the 
Revolutionary War. On the night of 1 Sept. 1781 three 
British vessels landed one hundred and fifty men at West 
Haven, Conn., who, having secured the eleven sentinels, 
collected cattle and other plunder. They returned to their 
vessels >\'ithout discovery, taking with them their booty, two 
of the sentinels, and Deliverance Painter and his brother-in- 
law, Ca])t. John Catlin. The boat carrying the four patriots 
capsized near Stratford Point, and Painter and the two sen- 
tinels were drowned, Catlin alone escaping. The Painter 
home, now known as the James Revnolds house, had been 
ransacked, and the son, Lamberton Painter, evaded capture 
only by hiding under tobacco leaves in the garret. Five of 
Deliverance's children died young, and their epitaph in the 
West Haven cemetery reminds one of Wordsworth's **We are | 


Three underneath the clods they be 

& two their lyes beyond the Seas. 

Their Names now which you may behold 

though they are in the Ambicscs cold. 


278 The Painter Family [July 

In liis will, dated 11 Aug. 1774 and proved in Doc. 1781, 
he names his wife Mary, his son Lamht'iton, and his daughters 
Mary Mallaiy of WOodhur}' and Ut l/eccah Sherman of New 
Haven (New Haven Probate* R» cords, vol. l.'i, p. 102;. 


i. Samukl,' h. 7 1725/6; d. at sea Dec. 1748. 

ii. Mauy, \). 14 Jan. 1727/8; ni. Danikl Mai.louy of Woodbury, Conn., 

b. 4 Kb. 1719/20. Chil.inn: 1. Abi(jnU,\). 18 Jan. 1747/8. 2. 

^fary, b. 17 Oct. 1749. 3. Frednve Amy, b. 21 Apr. 1752; d. 

27 Oct. 17«J4; rn. 30 Juno 1777 Jurt-d O.sborn of O.xford, Conn. 

4. Kdniund, b. 17 June 1754; rn. 15 IVb. 1781 Mab<l J(,hn.s..n. 

5. Lois, b. 21 Mar. 1750; ni. 5 Aug. 1778 Kli Chatfidd cf Oxford. 
0. AzaHah, b. 3 Ai)r. 1758; d. 10 Sept. 1750. 7. Danxd, b. 27 Apr. 
1700. 8. Adah, b. 8 May 17ti2. U. liducca, b. 5 Feb. 1704. 10. 
Afuhel, b. 17 Nov. 17()t). 11. ICnie, b. 9 Sept. 1767. 

iii. A.MY, b. abt. 1730; d. 2 Sept. 1751. 

iv. Tiio.MA.s, b. 2 May 1733; d. at sea 13 Feb. 1755. 

V. Aiji<;ah., b. ubt. 173S; d. 20 Jan. 1755. 

9. vi. La.mukuton, b. abt. 1740. 

vii. ItKUKecA, d. at Iloxbury, C-onn., 18 Sept. 1788; ra. Joh.n 
viii. FuEELOVE, b. abt. 1749; d. 20 Aug. 1751. 

7. Capt. Joski'H^ Painter {Shubael,* Thotnas,^ Shubarl,'' Thoma.^^), 
' born 26 Ai)r. \7',i\, died at sea, near St. Christopher'.s, in 17t»r). 

He was commander of a vessel, and was lost at .sea in a liurri- 
eane. He married, 2.") Dec. 1755, Amy Stkvens, l)orn M) Sept. 
1737, died about 1774, daugliter of Thomas and Desire <Smitli). 

Administration on his estate was granted, Nov. 17()8, to 
his widow Ama (New Haven Probate Kecord.s, vol. 10, p. 
5()2). Administration on the estate of Ama Painter was 
granted, Feb. 1775, to Jesse Stevens {ib., vol. 12, p. 2;i). 


i. Amy,» b. abt. 1757; d. abt. 1832; m. (1) David Clinton,* b. abt. 
1755, d. on a prison ship abt. 1781; in. (2) Tuouas Hlnha-M of 
Amenia, N. Y. 

10. ii. THO.^fAS, b. 24 Jan. 1700. 
iii. Betty, d. youn^. 

iv. A Child, ^. in infancy. 

V. SiiuuAEL, d. at pea before 1790. 

8. JuDC.E Gamaliel' P.\inteh {Shubad,* Thojtiaii,^ Shubtul,^ 

Thomas^), born at New Haven, Conn., 22 May 1745, died at 
Miildlebury, Vt., 21 May 1819. He married hrst Ahkjail 
Chipm.\n, who died 21 Apr. 1700, aged 40, daughter of John; 
secondly Victoria Ball of Salisbur}-, Conn., who died \) June 
180t), aged 40; and thirdly Mus. Ursula Bull of Liteljfield, 
Conn., who survived him, dying 28 Feb. 1824, aged 77. 

On 15 Sept. 1704 Camaliel Painter of Salisbury, Litehtield 
Co., Conn., conveyed land which had belongcil to Mr. John 
Dunber (New Haven Deeds, vol. 27, p. 0). In 1773 he and 
his brother-in-law, John Chipman, were among the first 
settlers of Middlebury, Vt., altiiough they are not on the list 
of the original grantees of that town, when its charter A\as 
obtained from (lov. BiMining Wentworth of New Hampshire 
on 2 Nov. 1701, for in 1701 Gamaliel Painter was only 18 

• Vide article on tho Cliutoi^ family, to be published in a future number of the 


1914] The Painter Family 279 

years old. On 23 Sept. 1773 200 acres of hiFul in Mi«l.lI.'lMiry 
were laid out for (Janialicl I*aint«;r, who was already livinj^ 
in his house on that laud. The settlers of Middh.'hury, \'t., 
came ehi(!tiy from Salisbury, ('onn., and the name of the 
C'Onnecticut town was ^nivtn to tlu^ Vermont town which lies 
next south of Middle! lury and which was chart creel o Nov. 
171)1. In 1777 (lanialici I'aintcr was a mcmher of the con- 
vention that framed the constitution of \'iTm(jnt, and he 
servcul as a captain in the Revolutionary War. W hen liur- 
poyne marched southward in 1777, Oamaliel Painter was 
obliged to withdraw with his family from Middlelxiry, but 
in 17(S4 he returned with his family to that town. In 1784 the 
bounds of Salisl)ur3', Vt., were moved nortliward so that 170 
acres of (Gamaliel Painter's land, including tlu; site of his house, 
became a i)art of Salisbury; and on 20 Au^. 1787, calling 
himself of Salisbury, Addison Co., Vt., he conveyed all land 
gi\ en to him by the last will of his father, the witnesses being 
Jose])h and Abi^;ail Painter (ib., vol. 43, p. 110). He ac(iuired 
mucii more land in Middlebury, removed in the fall of 1787 
to Midillebury village, and became one of the most prominent 
citizens of the town. He encouraged the coniing of new- 
settlers by selling to them land in Miildlebury; he served f(jr 
thirteen years in the Vermont Legislature; he was a member 
of the Council; and was sherift" and a judge of the County 
Court. He was one of the (^iginal trustees of Middlebury 
College, incor])()rated in 1800, and in his will, his children being 
dead, he left all his estate. excei)t an annuity for his widow, to 
that institution. From this becpiest the College realized about 
$13,000; and one of its buildings, erected in 1814 and (jrigi- 
nally called West College, received in remembrance of this 
benefaction and still I'cars the name of Painter Hall. It is 
the oldest college building now standing in Vermont. A por- 
trait of Gamaliel Painter may be found in Swift's History of 
Middlebury, from which most of this account of his life has 
boi'n taken.* 

Children by first wife: 

i. JosKi'n,' a. 10 Oct. ISO}, aRod 34. 

ii. S.\MCEL, druwnoil 28 .June 1797, aged 25. 

Child by second wife: 
iii. AuBY Victoria, d. 9 Dec. 1818, aged 22. 

• On the square base of the nionuiiunt to Juil»je Paint<'r at Miildh.bury, Vt.. are 
tlu> foUowinti: insiMiptions, which hav> boin ohtaiiiod for the tlirouf^h the 
courtesy of Prtsidcnt Jolin M. Thonuis and Professor Charlrs IJ. Wright of Middie- 
burv Colh'po; 

[Front] "Hon. GAMALIEL PAINTKIt. was born at New Haven Con. May 22. 
1743; He n moved to MiddK»)ury. 1773; & died May 21. 1819; ^Et. 7G. He was a 
patriot of tlie Kevoiufon; — faithful in civil office, &. aniiablo in private life; — distin- 
Vjuishcd for din-ision, » ut. rpris.', i put Uc .>piril." 

[niuht-harid siiU] "AlUdAIL, his \\t>1 wife, died April 21. 1700. .¥.t. 40. VIC- 
TOIU.V. his second wife, dird June 9, ISlHj, -Et. 4G. URSULA, his third wife, died 
Fel). 28. 1824. Ml. 77." 

[Left-hand &idi] "JOSEPH, his cKK-st s<^n. died Oct. 10. 1801. .Et. 31. SAMUEL, 
his younj?est son. was diown-d June 28. 1797, ^Et. 25. .\HBY VICTOlll.V his only 
daughter, died Dee. 9. ISIS. .Et. 22." 

[Hack] "The PlU:SII)i:>^T A FL:LL0WS of Middlebury College erect this Monu- 
nuut to the memory of a distinguialK-d U^ut-factor of the luslilution." 


280 The Painter Family [July 

9. Lambeuton* Painter {Dclivtrajice,* Thomas,^ Shuhacl,^ Tkoina^^), 
born ul)()ut 1740, removed in 1783 to Koxhury, Conn., ancl 
died suddenly at West Haven, Conn., 22 Dec. 1795. He 
married his first cousin, Maijkl Smith, born about 1738, died 
20 Apr. 18US (gravestone at Koxl^uryj, duugliter of Andrew 
and Alercy (Painter). 

In liis will, dated 20 Dec. 1795 and proved 21 Jan. 179G 
(Woodbury Probate Records, vol. 9, p. 227), he devised to 
wife Mabel; to sons Thomas and Lirnan real estate; to two 
sons Samuel and Azadiak(?) £20, to ]>e paid by sons Thoniius 
and Liman; ''I have given to my son Deliverance Lamberton 
the farm 1 purchased of my bnjther John Sherman;" to 
daughters Freelove, Mabel, and Sarah (an error for Hannah) 
£90 between them, to be paid by their bnjthers Thomas and 
Limon; ''daughters Abigal, l^)lly and Zillah have already 
reed at their time of there Marriilg more than there Portion." 
The will is so poorly written that it is almost illegible in places. 

i. TUOMAS.* 

ii. AniGAiL. 

11. iii. I)Ki-ivi;itANCK LAMnt:uTON, b. abt. 17G4. 
iv. Amy, d. 17 Oct. IT'J.l. 

V. Polly, b. abt. 1770; d. at Southbury, Conn., 29 Apr. 1856; m. 

21 Feb. 1793 BfcrrnuKL Tukat, b. 1709, d. 30 Aug. 1855. 
vi. ZiLLAu, m. 27 July 1794 Li:vi Down. 
vii. Fkkelove, lu. 15 Jun. 1S09 Timotuy Castle of Wihnington, Vt. 

12. viii. Lyman, b. abt. 1771. 

ix. Mabel, b. abt. 1777; d. 7 June 1828 (gravestone at Roxbury, Conn.). 
X. IIannau. 
xi. Sa.muel. 


10. Capt. Thomas* Paintkr {Joseph,^ Shuhad* Thomas* Shubael,* 
Thoiniu^), born 21 Jan. 17()0, resi»led at West Haven, Conn., 
and died 28 Oct. 1847. He married first, in 1783, Hannah 
Candee, born 1701, died 19 Nov. 1830, daughter of Samuel 
and Lydia (Sherman); and .secondly, Doc. 1831, Miis. Eliza- 
beth \V. BuDDiN(jTUN of Hartford, Conn., who died 11 July 
1849, aged 70. In his old age he wrote an interesting auto- 
biograi)hy, which was published in 1910 by Mrs. Lewis Cleph- 
ane. He served for six months in the Revolution in the 
New York campaign of 1770, and later served at sea on the 
privateer sloop PuUy. Taken cai)tive, he was imprisoned on 
the prison ship Good Hope in New York Harbor. From this 
he escaped by swinuning, and after much privation reached 
the Jersey shore in safety. He continued to serve at sea 
through the greater part of the war, until he was again cap- 
tured ami immured in the prison shi]) Old Jersey. He was 
paroled, and tlu? dose of the war made his release ])ermanent. 
In 1784 he was placed in command of the sloop Xancy, and 
for several years thereafter followed the sea. He afterwards 
engaged in the grocery and dry goods business, and was able 
in 1829 to retire from active pursuits. 


1914] The Painter Family 281 

Children by first wife: 

i. Angelina,^ b. 8 Aug. 1784; d. 1850; m. Rev. Samuel Rico. 

ii. JosLi'ii, b. 21 Mtir, 17S7; d. 3 Jan. 178H (gravestone at West Haven). 

iii. JoBKi'H AiJixis, b. 10 Aj)r. 1789; d. 12 June 1793 (i6.). 

iv. Cynthia, b. 20 Au^?. 17U1; d. at West Havtn 28 Apr. 18S0; m. 
15 May 1815 ('ollins of Wf.stficld, Mu.s.s., b. at (luilford, 
Conn., 18 Nov. 178(i, d. at Wa^ihington, D. C, 14 Dec. 1800. 

13. V. Alexis, b. 24 Nov. 1794. 

14. vi. Samuel, b. 7 Apr, 1797. 

vii. 81UNEV b. 3 Oct. 1799; d. at West Haven 8 Juno 1873. In his will, 
dati'd 28 .Vug. 1808 and prov^id 14 June 1873, he named his nephew 
Ili'iu-y W. raintcr and the hitter's sons Sidney and Harry, and 
rcfi^rred to the watch whicli hi.s brother Samuel left him (New 
Haven Probate lleconi.s, vol. 134, p. 105). 

viii. Amelia, b. 20 Feb. 1802; d. 14 Jan. 1803 (gravestone at Weat 

ix. Lucius, b. 21 May 1804; d. 18 Sept. 1813 (ib.). 

11. Capt. Deliverance Lamberton' Painter (Lamberton,^ De- 

Uverance* Thomas,^ Shubdel,^ Thomas^), born about 1704, 
resided at Roxbury, Conn., and died 5 Sept. 1841 (f^ravestone 
ut Roxl)ury). He married, i;i Jan. 1802, Urania Hine, bom 
11. Feb. 1772, died 23 Jan. 1829 (gravestone at Roxbury). 
His six children were baj)tize(i at Roxljury 27 Feb. 1810. 

In his will, dated 26 July 1838 and proved 11 Oct. 1841, he 
named his son Walter, his oldest son Henry N., and his two 
daughters, Julia Benedict and Thalaia Mitchell (Woodbury 
Prol)ate Records, vol. 19, p. 99). 


i. Julia Maria,' m. 1830 Benjamin B. Bekedict of Patterson, N. Y. 

ii. Henuy Noule, b. 14 Oct. 1805; d. s.p. 7 July 1879; n>. 13 Nov. 1838 
Catharine Smith, who d. at Washington, Conn., 15 May 1873. 

iii. Thalia McMahon, m. Mitchell. 

iv. William, d. younK- 

v. Walter, removed to Lewiston, III. 

vi. Maui A, d. young. 

12. Lyman* Painter (Lamherton,^ Deliverance,* Thomas* Shubael,* 

Thomas^), born about 1774, died 11 Sept. 1843 (gravestone at 
Roxbury, Conn.). He married, 9 May 1820, Flora Hurd, 
born about 1785, died 10 Apr. 1850 (gravestone at Roxbury). 

On 27 Mar. 1828 his sister Mabel conveyed land to Flora, 
wife of Liman Painter, reserving to herself for life and also to 
Einila, daughter of L^'man Painter, for fifteen years the use of 
the same (Roxbury Deeds, vol. 7, p. 10(3). 


i. Emily M.,' m. 17 Nov. 1847 Harmon B. Eastman of Roxbury, 
state senator and judge of probate, b. 17 July 1807. 

13. Alexis' Painter (Thomas,^ Joseph,^ Shubael* Thomas* Shu- 

bad,'' Thotnas^), born at West Haven, Conn., 24 Nov. 1794, 
died there 14 Oct. 18G7. Ho married at New Milford, Coim., 
23 Apr. 182G, Thalia Maria McMahon, born at New Mil- 
ford, Conn., died at North Haven, Conn., 1889, daughter of 
Dea. Dobson W. and Thalia (Hine). 

i. Sarah M.," b. 15 Jan. 1827; d. lSS9j m. Rev. Wiluau T. REYNOLDe. 


282 The PairUer Family [July 

ii. Thomas Alexis, b. 15 May 1829; d. at Sag Harbor, N. Y., 1891; 

in. lU Apr. 1H5G Adklaioe Ki.izahktu Lo<:kwo<>I), b. in New York 

City l.'tJiily 1S:U. Clnl.iri'n: X.Louvit Lockwood* b. TJ Jan. 1867. 

2. fhomiiii Mifi.i, b. 11 .Vug. 18r>'J. 3. Ihury W'hr.Ur, b. 20 Feb. 

1801; d. 15 Mar. 1801. 4. Adelaide Elizabeth, b. 'J Aug. 1803. 

5. Florence McMiihun, b. 12 .Vpr. 1873. 
iii. Dit. Hk.nuy Wiii:i;i.kii, b. 30 Apr. 1831; d. nt WV-wt Havcn 10 Jan. 

11K)S; ni. Amhik Kitchinu; lived at .Nurlli Haven. ChiMren: 

1. Th(Uin Abiyail* in. Frank Noson. 2. Sidn^-y, in. 1 July 18S<) 

Funuitj C. Waller. Tlirir »«>n Hunh'" removed to .\rkan.-ia3. 3. 

Dr. Henry M( Mahon, of New Vork City, in. Caroline Steveoj; 

two SOILS, Sidney ,'" and Thoniod. 4. liobcrl, in. Crace ; 

no irisue. 
iv. JuMA McMahov, b. 1 Sept. 1833; m. 18 Sept. 1854 David W. 

Hautlktt of \V\\st Hiiven. 
V. Euiz.MiKin, b. 27 Mar. 1S30; d. 17 July 1830. 
vi. Elizauetii P., b. 12 Nov. 1837; d. I'JOl; m. W. H. W Campuull 

of Norwich, Conn.; no i.s.s»ie. 
vii. Edwaku Witionr, b. 25 Oct. 1843; d. 21 May 1845. 

11. Samuel^ Painteu {Thomas,^ Joseph,^ Shubael* Thomas,^ Shu- 
bad,^ Tfiomas^)y bom at West Iluveii, Conn., 7 Apr. 17'.i7, 
lived in New York City, and died 27 Jan. 1845. lie married 
Hannah Mauia White. 

i. JMaky,' m. Charles Mat. 


The first Thoma.s Painter may have had other sons besides 
given on p. 273; and it is believed that the two following unplaced 
lines belong to this family: 

(1) William Painter* married in Boston, 28 May 1G91, M.\ry 

i. Grace, b. 18 Dec. 1691. 

(2) John Painter was of Wallingford, Conn., in 1738, removed 
about 1755 to Waterbury, Conn., and died 27 July 1796. He married, 
27 Mar. 1738, Deborah Welcher, who died 20 Mar. 1794. 

Children, the first five born at Wallingford, the sLxth at 

Middletown, Conn., and the rest at Waterbury: 

i. Johannah, b. 31 J:in. 1738/9. 

ii. Sauah, b. 2 .\pr. 1741; in. 8 .\pr. 1762 Benjamin Williams. 

iii. John, b. 29 Nlay 1743; d. young. 

iv. EnwAHD, b. 5 Oct. 1745. 

V. Susanna, b. 12 Aiip. 1748; m. 25 Sept. 1771 .\del Ford. 

vi. Eunice, b. 16 Mar. 1752; m. Nathan Woodward. 

vii. Lot, b. 9 Feb. 1755; d. 21 Feb. 1757. 

viii. Elizabeth, b. 7 Sept. 1757. 

ix. TnoMA.s Welchkr, b. 25 Sopt. 1760; d. 27 Mar. 1817; m. 28 Mar. 

17SI LuciNA Dunbar, b. 1769, d. 4 July 1854. Children: 1. 

Chester, b. 19 Nov. 1787. 2. Sarah, b. 22 Oct. 1789. 3. Lusina. 

4. iri7/mm. 5. Chloe, b. 16 Jan. 1796. 6. Edward. 7. Laura. 

8. Edward, b. 1803. 

• Another William Painter, a sea cuptaia of Charlc3town, Mass., died 23 .Kug. 1666, 
leaving a wife Elizabeth. 


1911J The PainUr Family 283 

I. John, (if Wuhiluwii, Coiiii, li. ..'5 I ><*«' I7(i.i, in II Auk 17^^ 

Smi.v NVmuuis. ri.iMiiii; I., U. lU Sr|.i. l/h/. i. 
Iioe;iy, I). 11 l\'.[). i7b\). VnAyJAy nihara. 


Capt. George' Lamukuton, one of the merchant Rcntlmion who 
founded the Colony of New Haven, came from London. He is 
called of the parish of St. Mary's Whitecliapel whin, on G Jan. 
1028/9, he married Makoauf:t Lewen (Reoisteu, vol. 61, p. 189). 
Some account of him and of his family is ^iven in The Converse 
Family, 1905, vol. 2, pj). 081 et ^eq. He was lost in KilO on board 
the ^'<;reat shij)" he conunanded, whose fate is the theme of Long- 
fellow's ])oem, "The Phantom Shij)." In the following year his 
widow, Margaret, marritul l^cputy-Covernor Stephen Coodyear. 

lOrroneous statements have been made concerning his family, one 
being that Mary, first wife of Lieut. -Gov. James Hishop, was liia 
daughter. This error is based on a passage; from the trial of Mrs. God- 
man for witchcraft in 1()')3, which states that Mrs. Godman "hath 
much inciuired upon the time of M""* liishops delivery of her children, 
and would s|)eake of it so M""* Goodyeare and her daughters marveled 
how she could know, and Hannah Lamberton one time told her 
mother tliat M*"'^ Godman kept her sisters count." It is evident that 
the Mrs. Bishop of the reconl was sister either of Hannah Lamberton 
or of her mother, Margaret (Lewen) (Lambeilon) Goodyear, but she 
may have been Patience, wife of Henry liishop (brother of James), 
instead of Mary, wife of James. At all events, it is certain that 
Mar}' Bisho]) was not a daughter of George Lamberton, as she left 
surviving issue who did not share in tlie Lamberton estate. 

On 20 Oct. 1058 "M" Goodyeare & her children by Mr. Lamber- 
ton p'"senting themselves before the court, she desired that y* 
portions w*-'^ remaine vni)aid dew to the children, might be set out 
by y* Court, vpon which p'position it was demanded of Willm Trow- 
bridge, y* husi)and to Elizabeth Lamberton, what he had received 
of M"" Goodyeare. . . . Hannah & Hope Lamberton, being at age, 
were api)ointed to receive their portions, w'^^ they desired might be 
delivered to tlieir mother. . . . Deliverance, who is to have a double 
portion, & Mercy, Desire, and Obedience, chose their mother for 
their guardian." 


I. EuzABKTH,' b. aht. 1G32; d. 1716; m. (1) 17 Oct. 1654 Daniel 
Seli.ivant; m. (*2) Mar. 1056/7 William TROwnuinr.E of West 
Havon, bapt. at KxtHor, Devonshire, Eng., 3 Sept. 1033, d. Nov. 
loss. (For descendants, \ridc The Tro\vhri<ljj;e Genealojiy.) 

ii. Hannah, h. aht. 1634; ni. (1) Samukl Wkli^ of Wothersfield, Conn., 
who d. 15 July 1675; m. \^2) Capt. John Allyn of Hartford, 

iii. Hoi'K, b. abt. 1636; d. between 1698 and 1704; m. (1) 

Hfc:unKRT; ni. (2) Wiliiam Cukney of Middletown, Conn., who 
d. in 1705. In his will of 17 Sei)t. 1704 William Chwny named 
"my son-in-law John Williams and my dau>?hter-in-law Abigail, 
hi3 wife;" "John Clark, deed., my son-in-law;" and Cheony, 
Ambrose, and Eunice, the three children of said John Clark. 
Child bv first husban*!: 1. Abigail m. (1) abt. 16SS John Clark of 
Wcat Haven and Middletown, b. 23 Jan. 1664/5, d. 1702; m. (2) 


284 The Painter Family [July 

John Williams of MidJlctown, who d. 6 May 1735. Abigail had 
ititiue l;y hor first hu.shand: 1. Anna, b. 5 Nov. 1090; d. btfore 
1704. 2. John, b. 12 Apr. Ki'J.J; d. before 1704. 3. Ambro-c, 
b. 25 Mar. 1090; d. 1704; hud is.sue. 4. Cheney, b. 8 Oct. 10!»S; 
d. 4 Dec. 1764; hatl issue. 5. Eunice, b. 27 Auj;. 1700; d. 1743; 
m. (1) 3 May 1722 Suniut-l Roberts, who d. 17 Dec. 1724; m. (2) 
Sept. 1720 Kdward Jackson. 

iv. Dklivku.\n(;e, the or»ly son, b. abt. 1038; d. «./).; ai)purently of age 
in 1659 (New Haven Proprietors' Records, vol. 2, p. 2S8); last 
ai)i)earod in 1002, when h»; presented in court the invent(»ry of 
K(l\vurd Diiniel (New JIavcn I'robute Record.s, vol. 1, p. 109). 

V. Mku( Y, bajjt. at New Haven 17 Jan. 1010/1; d. before 1077; m. 
Suuuaf:l^ Pai.nteu of Newport, R. I. {Vide supra, 2.) 

vi. Desiiie, bapt. 14 Mar. 1042/3; m. Au^. 1069 Ln:uT. Tijomas 
CoopEU, Jii., of SprinKfiold, M:tss., b. 3 July 1016. d. 1722. At a 
court held in Sprin^;lield in 1079, after the death of Desire's father- 
in-law, Lieut. Thomas Cooper, her husband, as the only surviv- 
ing 8on, presented a petition for tiie distribution of his father's 
estate; and it appeared by a letter of his father to Mrs. Goodyear 
before his son's marriage with her daugliter that he did signify to 
encourage her, he diii not question but that he should make hie 
portion worth about £100. 

vii. OuKDiKNCK, bapt. 9 Feb. 1044/5; d. 29 Mar. 1734 (gravestone at 
West Haven); m. 13 Jan. 1075/0 Lieut. Samuel Smith, b. 4 Dec. 
1051, d. 18 Sept. 1726. 

The Descent of the Lambertox Farm 

The correctness of the account ^iven above of George Lamberton's family 
is proved by a series of deed.s which dispose of the several portions of the 
Lanibcrton farm. This large estate of over 200 acres was, after Mrs. Good- 
year's death, divided between the si.x Lamberttjn girls. As there are some 
complexities, abstracts of these deeds are given, most of wliich are self- 
explanatory, and all of which are from the New Haven Land Records: 

[Vol. 1, p. 521 "I Shuball Painter of Newport in Rhode Island have sold 
unto my Brother in law William Trowbridge of New Haven all my riglits 
title and interest which I have in a farm at New Haven on which tli^ said 
William Trowbridge now liveth." Dated 4 May 1677. 

[Vol. 1, p. 2811 " I William Trowbridge have received this bill of my Brother 
in law Shuball Painter which said Shuball I own to be my act and deed upon 
consiilcration that we the above written, cannot agree about the price and 
pay I the said William do declare this bill of sale to be invaluable . . . and 
what record hath been made upon this bill or any other shall be revoked." 
Dated 8 June 10S5; recorded 20 July lONo at the desire of Samuel Smith. 

[Vol. 1, p. 2811 Shuball Painter of Newport, R. L, conveys to Samuel 
Smith of New Haven "all my right, interest and title, that I now stand 
possessed of, or hereiifter may l.'\wfully accrue or descend to me ... in the 
lands of Captain (^leorge Lamberton deceased." Dated 9 July 1685. 

(Vol. 1, p. 293] Thomas Cooper and Desyer his wife of Springfield, Mjiss., 
convey to Samuell Smith of New Haven "a full sixth part from the estate 
of George Lamberton deceased." Dated 30 Oct. IGSo. 

r\^ol. 1, p. 349] "Mr. George I^mberton's farm situate on the west side 
of New Haven harbor . . . is divided unto Captain John Ailing, Mr. William 
Trowbridge, Samuell Smith and Mrs. Hope Harbett . . . by virtue of their 
inutuid desire and agreement." Dated 22 Mar. 1085/ 6. 

[Vol. 1, p. 367] John and Hannah Allyn of Hartford convey to Thomas 
Trowbridge, son of William Trowbridge of New Haven, "the full sixth part 
of Mr. George Lamberton^ land that docs descend to the said Hannah AUea 


1914] The Painter Family 285 

is her portion in Mr. CleorRC I^aniberton's lands. . . laid out or not laid 
Dut." Dated IT) Dec. 1GS7. 

(Vol. 1, p. i\3')\ Sarnut'll Smith of New Haven conveys to William Johnson, 
senior, witli tlie consent of Thoinua Tro\vl»ri(iji;e, Junior, and of Mr. W iUiuni 
Cheney of Middletown in the ri^dit of liis wife Iloixi ('heney, the duu^liter 
Df Mr. Laniberton aonie time of New Haven deceased, land "sold by Mrs. 
Goodyear our mother deceased, to saitl Johnson." Dated 20 Feb. WJ2/3. 

[Vol. 1, p. 51) 1] Mr. William Cheny, husbandman, with Hope hi.s wife, 
dwelling in Middlftown, eonvc^ys to William \\ illmot, shoemaker, J acre. 
Dated 27 Sej)t. 1(1'.)2. John Clark, now rc-iident at MiddK-town, witli 
Abi^aile his wife, the eldest dau^!;hter and only surviving child of tiie ub<jve 
mentioned Mrs. Hope Cheny, reliiuiuishes all right. Dated 1 Nov. 101)2. 

(Vol. 1, p. 700) William (Mieney of Middletown, with the consent of Hope 
"my pre.sent" wife, conveys to Thonuis I'ainter of New Haveu about 40 
acres, "formerly Mr. Lambertons." Dated 2() May 1698. 

[Vol. 1, p. tSlO] John Clark of Middletown and A))ip;aill Clark, his wife, 
enter their caution against any further record of the lands belonging to their 
mother, Hoi)e Cheny, formerly Hope Lamberton, which did formerly be- 
long unto Mr. Cteorge T.aiiiberton, lying within tin? precincts of New Haven, 
they being the proper heirs of said land. Dated 23 May 17UU. 

[Vol. 10, p. 308) John \\illiams and Abigail his wife, Ambros Clark, Cheny 
Clark, I'Mward Jackson and I'ainice his wife, all of JNIiddletown, convey to 
Sanuicl Smith of West Haven all right to Mr. George Lamberton's third 
division lot in New Haven, descending to them from the estate of Mr. George 
Lam})i'rton, excepting the farm at West Haven sold to Thomas Painter. 
Dated 27 Feb. 1728/9. 

[Vol. 4, p. 290) I"'lizabcth Trowbridge, widow, daughter of George Lam- 
berton, decciu^ed, conveys to grandson Caleb Mallary I of the land laid out 
to Mrs. CJoodyear, widow to Mr. George Lamberton, deceased. Dated 
19 May 1714. 

[Vol. 12, p. 184] Jeremiah Mott and Margaret Mott of Wallingford, for 
£100, convey to George Clinton of New Haven "all our Hight Title and 
Intrest in the Estate of George Lamberton of New Haven aforesd deed: 
being one ft)urtlj jiart of sixth part of all sd Lambertons Lands in sd New 
Haven whetlier divided or not yet divided." Dated 29 Sei)t. 1743. 

From the Proprietors' Records (vol. 4, p. 137) we learn that tlie following 
claims to "half division" land were reconled 3 Apr. 1704: "Thorn* Trow- 
bridge at ye \\'est side { of M*" Lambertons 1"^ purchase Right. Thom" 
panter i of Mr Lambertons 1«^ purchase Right. L' Sam" Smith | of M*" 
Lambertons 1 purchjise Right." It is dillicult to understand how, after 
Shubael Painter had sold all hLs rights to Samuel Smith, his son Thomas 
Painter could have inherited Lamberton land; but it is certain that he did, 
both from tlie record given above and from the fact that he later sold land 
which he inherited from his mother. Also the Margaret Mott who api>ear3 
in the deetl (}Uotetl above must have inherited her share of the lamberton 
lands from the Painters, as all the other branches of the family arc thoroughly 
accounted for. We have presented the facts, and must be content to leave 
this and other perplexities in abeyance. 

280 Greenfield Hill Church Records [July 



From a copt in tue poasK.ssioN or tub CoNNtcncuT Society or Colonial Dames 
Colli mumca tod by Mitw Maut KiN(JHDUKy Talcott of Hartford, Conn. 

(Contiuucd from page 1771 

PuRe 1 

Dato3of (hcDiiy Part H Numbera 

of the month, r^ * • au ta i i \' e n^\ i> 

und vi'iir w Q Contaiiung the Date and .Names of I hoso IYt- 

Pt r8ons Ro- ^^^^^^ ^'''^^ have Renewed Covenant These that 

newJ Cov* follow were taken from the ReV^ M"^ Webbs 


Mar. 3: 1094/5 Jolin Hide Renewed Covenant 

Dec: 3. 1(399 — 8arah wife of Fransis Bradley Rencw<*Cov' 

Dec: 17. 1099— Hamudi Malery Renewd('ovt 

1700/7 Joscpli Wheeler Renew^ C.'ov' 

Jun: 1: 1707 M' Daniel Hurr Renew^Cov' 

May. 22. 1709 Margaret wife of Sam" Thorpt ReneW^Cov^ 

July 15. 1711 Moses Ward Renewed Covenant 

feb 1: 1713/14 Ruth wife of lienj'" Hanks RenewdCoyt 

Jun. 2: 1717- Abigail wife of William Hill Renew'«Covt 

Aug»i 4. 1717 Klizebeth wife of Benj'" (iilbard Reu'^ Cov* 

Dec: 15. 1717 Sam" Whitlock Renew^ Covenant 

feb. 9. 1717/18 Nathaniel and Elezebeth Hull Renew'^ Covenant 

May 25 1718 Daniel and Hannah Buckley Renew^ Covenant 

April 5. 1719 Mary Wife of Lenuiel Price Renew^^Cov* 

Jun 7. 1719 Joseph & Hannah osburn Renew'^Cov' 

Nov 22 1719 Sam" sou of Sam" Lyon Renew^* Covenant 

May 22 1720 Fransis .t Mary Bradley RenewJCov^ 

Jun 5 1720 Mary Wife of Thomas Hill Renew^ Cov^ 

July 10 Dorathy Wife of David William Renew^^Cov , and David 

1720 Williams her Husband Entred Into Cov' and was 

baptized on s<* Day 

feb. 26. 1720 Theophilus and Sarah Hull Renew^ Covenant 

Oct 1. 1722 Moses tS: Hannah Dimon Renew^ C'ovenant 

Nov. 18. 1722 John & Jemimali (iilburd Renewed Covenant 

July 14 1723: Sarah Wife of Josiah Clilburd RenewdCov' 

Jun 5. 1723 Peter & Abigail Burr Renewed Cov' 

oct. 1. 1724 Kleazer & Eunice Smith Renew^ (roven* 

Mar. 14. 1724 l-Jeazer & Abigail Siurgis Renew^Cov' 

Jun 13 1725 Samuel & Sarah Bradley Renew*' Cov' 

Dec. 5. 1725 Bcuj'"tt Eleoner Sherwood Renew'^Cov' 

Those Now foUowg ware since my settlement In the Ministry 

June 5 Hannah Thorp 

1720 Marv Thorp 

EUzebeth Thorp ( — ^-»- ^-->— '- 3 


Jun: 19 Marv Mulerv Ip dr t ^ 

1726 Roboccah Wife of Benj^^ Will^^^T^^"^^^ ^"^^ 6 



Renew^ Covenant 



Greenfield II ill Church Records 


Vlifr 2 

IhiU- both of the 
Duy of the 
iiioiilh and 
Year of: lUu^ 

June 10. 172G 
June 20 1720: 
July 24: 1720 

Auk: 14: 1720 

Sep: 11. 1720. 
Dec: IS. 1720. 
June 4. 1727. 

Jun 18 1727 

July 3: 1727 

Miiy. 13. 1728. 

Aug: 3 1728 

Aug-^ 14. 1729. 

Aug; 1730 

Jun 31 [.sic]. 1730 

July. 29 1731. 
Nov. 14. 1731 
Dec: 19. 1731: 

Mar. 5. 1731/2 

Mar: 11. 1731/2 

Mliy: 14. 1732 
July 9. 1732. 
Jun: 1732 
Sept. 3 1732 

May 3. 1733 

July 1733 

Oc:7. 1733 
Jun 1734 

JanH' 1: 1734/5 

Jun 15. 1735 



May. 8 1736 

Part II 


Martha Hull Renewed Covenant 
Kl(MJiier Hull Renewed Covenant 
James Lyon Renewed Covenant 
Sarah Smith Renewed Cov' 

^ ' ' ', *■ 1 Bradley Renewed Covenant 

John Hull Renew't* Covenant 

Hannah Wife of Joseph Hiirr Ren** Cov* 

John Smith Jun"" Renew*^C'ov' 

or- ^ ^ I ^''^'^^^'y Renewed Covenant 
Mary wife of Will"i Williams Renew<^ Cov* 

Jahez tfe 1 I V • T . A r^ X 

T, . , MJavis itcnew^ Covenant 

Reheccah I 

Experience Wife of Joseph Barlow Ren'^Cov* 

hV"w f ' I ^^""'^"g Renewed Covenant 

Mary wife of John Ogdon Rencw*^Cov* 

Benjamin c^ ] i, i /-. 

: c I c •*! } lu'newed Covenant 
barah Snnth j 

Jonathan Morehouse Jun' Renewed Covenant 

Robert Lord Jun'" Renew^ Covenant 

Pi^iehel wife of liobert Lord Jun*" Ren'^ Covenant 

David it 1 ,, ,1 T, ,ir^ . 

•Tk } HratlU'V Renewal ovenant 

Damens ) "^ 

Thomas & 1 t, i n h r' * 

T-. , } Banks Renew** C ovenant 

Kiuster 1 

^';j^;';,* I Hill 

the Wife of John CJrey Renew'U'ov* 

Corneleus & 1 tt ,, ,, .w, » 

^, , [ Hull Itenew*' Cov* 

John Jennings Renew^ Covenant 

.p a m I LyQj^ Renewed Covenant 
humce I -^ 

Benj"» William Kntrcd Into Covenant and was 


the Wife of Daniel Buckley Renew Covenant 

Kuniee Wife of William Stuart Renew^Cov* 

^^-y' \ *i 1 Davis Rene w*^ Covenant 
hhzebeth j 

Sarah wife of Lemin'l Price ReneW^ Covenant 

Sarah wife of Thomas Banks Renewed Covenant 

Jo:S01)h v.^' I All I o A r« i. 

., ■ ' •, \ \N heeler Renew ° (>ovenant 
Abigail J 

Vr *^i^ [ Thorp, Jun' Renew <l Covenant 
Ilarmah 1 ' 

Johanna Banks Renew, d Covenant 

William ifc 1 >f i t> m^ * 

T^ t Malery Renew^ Covenant 

Lunice j -^ 

Widdow Abigail Crane Entred Into Covenant and 

was Baptized 

Abigail Wife to benjamin Daxis Ren'^Cov' 







Greenfield Hill Church Records 


Datos Ac 
Sep 12 1736. 

Oct. 3. 1736 

May 14. 1737: 

May 2S. 1737: 
Jun 20. 1737 

fub. G. 1737/8. 

Sep: 29. 1738 

Nov. 5. 1738 

Mar: 3: 1739 

April 8. 1739: 

Jun 10 1739. 

Jun 24. 1739 

July 21: 1739. 
Nov 4. 1739 


fcb. 10 

Part II 
• I Hradluy Kcnew^ Covenant 

(lodfrce Renew*** Covenant 

[ Wheeler Renew** Covenant 

Peter & 


John it 


Thonuw & 


Sarah Wife to Ciershoin Bradley Renew** Cov* 

(lershoin Bradley Renew 'd Covenant 

David & 1 riM T, ,j ^, . 

[ 1 horp Renew ° Covenant 

Mary j 
Jacob & 
Samuel & 
Natlian & 
lii.s Wife 
Joseph ik 

Grey Jun' Renew** Covenant 
Smitli Renewed Covenant 
Thorp Rrnew** Covenant. 
Rhumsey Renewed Covenant 


Dorathy Wife to Robert MilLs Renew^ Covenant 

Ciersliom <fc 1 rn d ,\r* *. 

•K, . > Thorp Itenew** Covenant. 

Margaret J * 

David Bank.s Renew** Covenant 
Jabez Burr Entred into C'ov' and wjus Baptized 
Elizebeth wife of Jabez Burr Renew** Covenant 
lu)hraim & I ,vi i i> \ (^ t 

Martha | ^^ ^^^ '^ Renewed Cov' 

Moses Gilburd 
I3an" Buckley Jun^ 
Thaddeus Gilburd 

Sarah Jennings 
Deborah Winton 
Elizebeth Hul)bel 
Nathan Bradley 
John Banka 

Andrew Winton 
Elizebeth Bradley: 1"^ 
Elizebeth Bradley 2** 

Renew** Covenant 

Feb 17: 1739/40: 
Mar: 2: 1739/40 

Mar: 2. 1739/40. 

Mar. 9. 1739/40. 
Mar: 16: 1740 

April 13. 1740 
Aug 15- 1740 
Nov. 17: 1740 

Renew** Covenant 

Jane Dimon 

Abigail Ciilbiu*d 

Sarah Gilburd 

John Whitney Renew** Covenant 

Hester Hull «fe I n ac^ . 
I Renew** Cov' 

Mary & ) Squire Entred Into Cov' <k 

Sarah I was Baptiz d 


Hannah foot 

] Squire Ei 

j was Ba] 
Deborah Rowlar i 
Rebeccah Lyon 
Sarah Wiiitlock ^ 
Ama Nautroi)p ^ Rcnew,d Covenant 
Anna Nautropp ) 

Thaddeus William Renew** Covenant 
Abigail wife of Sam" Sherwood Jun"" Ren** Gov* 
Olive wife of Sam" Smith Renew** Cov^ 

Page 3 


























































Greenfield Hill Church Records 


April 12 

April 26 

Aug 16. 1741 
Nov. 1741 


April 18 
April 25 


Sept. 19. 1742. 

Oct 10 


Dec. 5 


Jann^ 2 1742/3 

Jan 10. 1742/3 

feb 12. 1737/8 

Jan. 11. 1738. 
Oct. 17. 1742 
Jan 2 1742/3 
March 1742/3 

May. 1 1743 


Nathaniel Down 

Kbenezc-r liradlcy 

Nathan lic-ars 

David Williams Jun' 

Sarah Williani.s ^ 

Sarah (-iiaunccy > Renew,** Covenant 

Hachd David ) 

,/ ' "^ 1 Murrin Renew** Covenant 
Mary J 

Nehcniiah Banks Renew** Covenant. 

Renew'd Covenant 

Ren** Covenant 

Renew'd Covent 
cw'd Cov^ 
Coram Renew** Cov' 

Part II 
The Names and Dates of such as have Renew** Cov' 

Dan" Smith and 

Sarah his wife 

Tlie Wife of John french made satisfaction and Re 

Daiuel SturKcs & 1 i^,„p^,,j Covenant 

his wife ) 
William Raymond & 

liis wife 
Joseph Rowland & 
Sarali his wife 

Nathan Osburn Renew'd Cov^ 
Lock wood and 
Dyer Wheeler 

and his Wife f Renewed Cov* 
Joseph Middlebrook Jun*" Renew** Covenant 
Jane Middlebrook Renew** Covenant 

Adult Negroes that have been Baptized 

Anne my Negro Servant liaptiz d 

Jenne Negro Servant to Deacon Hide Baptized 

Moll, negro Servant to Joseph Hull Bapli/rd 

Sambo Negro Slave to M"" Wakcman Baptized 

Jack Negro Slave to Capt Dimon Baptized 

Dinah Negro Slave to Dan'* Bradly Baptized 

Hager Negro Slave to Peter Bradley Baptized 

Ned Negro Slave to Deacon Hyde Baptized 

Naiah Barlow 1 r> h r»^ t 
'' ^ '^cnew*^ Cov* 






Anne his Wife 




Part II 

Adult Persons who have Entred into Cov'.and been Baptized 

Benj™ Banks sen' Entred into Cov* &, Baptiz d 

John Thorp Sen*" 

Jacob Grey Sen' 

Sam "Thorp Sen' 


Sarah Grey > Entred into Cov* and Baptize d 

John Grey ) 

James Davis Entred into Cov* and Baptizd 

Joseph Davis 

Timothy Biur 

Mary Rowland 

Elizebeth Rowland 

June 5 

June 12 

June 26 

Page 5 

since my 





GreenfieU Hill Church Records 


Aug"t 15. 1726. 


March 2 
Nov 2r) 1744 
March 3 

Mar: 10 

April 27 


June 9. 1745 

Aug'i 11. 1745 


July 6 


Jamiaryl 1.1746/ 

Janry 1^ 


Feby 15 

March 8 
April 4 
April 26. 

May 1748 

Sepr 1748 
Nov^7 1748. 

Page 6 

Ren. Cov* 

Janv21. 1748/9 

April 27 


May 1749 

July 23 


Oct' 15 


IVb 4 


July 1 


Aug"t 26 


Reneu*^ Gov' 



Rehoccah Jones Entrcd into C'ov* <fc Baptized 

Sain" and I Scjiiin; 

John J lOntrcd into Cov* and Baptii:ed 

Mary & I Scjuiro 

Sarah J luitred into Cov* <t Baj)tiz d. 

Sarah iJimon Rcnew^ Cov' 

Joseph & I A, 1, 11, ,. r. . 

, ' 1 (iilburd K(!new'^Cov* 

James & I ., i ' t> .i /-« » 

X*;: } Cjorham Renew" Cov* 
Miriam ( 

Mary ^ I ^V^^^n^an RenewdCovt 

Naomi Wife to David Thorp R: C'ov* 

David Oulds Rinew C'ov^ 

John Adair I ,, . i . ^ • i i ^. 
T„. All Restored to pnviledges 
Jane Adair J ' 

xV ^ 1 Drew Renewed Covenant 
iNlary J 

7 Martha Wife to Andrew Winton R. C. 

John Lyon & 

Kliz(;betli hi.s Wife 

Stephen Hull <fc 

Klizebeth his Wife 

Kbenezer & 


Pet(T & 1 

Abigail j 

Kbenezer Thorp Renew Covenant 

Mary his wife, Baj)*' & luitred into Cov* 

/ ^ [ olmstead Renew<^ Cov* at Stamford 

Anne j 

John & I rp , r> .i r^ t 

TV I } 1 ucker Renew*^ (. ov' 

Mary J 

Peter & r|,, t^ h r^ t 

V Ihorp Renewal ov» 

J'.unice ' 

Mary Banks Renew^Cov^ 

Sylvauua Morehouse Reii^ Gov* 

Part II 

Daniel W^inton Renew <* Covenant 

Nath" Scaly I t, h r- t 
„ 1 I • wc f Ren^Cov' 
ami Ins \\ lie J 

Richaril Wescoat Entred into Cov* & Bapt*^ 

David k 


John <fc 


Set h Hull K, Ar^ t 

, , • -f ) Renewal Cov* 
and his wife | 

Benoni Clilburd Rencw^^Cov* 

Anne his W ife Rcnew^ Cov< at M' Hoberts Ch old 


The W^ife of MMIoit 1 Tj . ., . 
,.,,,, } Ren^( ov* 

Sarah Jones j 

Nathan Clold and 1 -,5 j ^ » 
»i 11 ■( >Ren*iCov* 
Abigail his wife j 

Winton RendCov* 
GoodsoU Renew^Cov* 








































1014] Greenfield Hill Church Records 201 

Dec 23 PeterLyon&|„ An t 213 

1750 hia wife J ^14 
AuK"^ 11 David and | ^^ , i, j ^, . 215 

1751 Mimlwdl }Oaburt,Hcn<iCov« 210 

Au«»' 18 John SUutten and I ,j , ^ 217 

1751 ( I nice hi« wife J zl8 

Kliiatlian and ) r, /t d ,t o t 219 

J*ati(jnc(; ) ^^0 

Octf John liradley Jun^ Ip .p . 2'Jl 

1751 and Jiis Wife Abi^^ail J ^^'''" ^^^ 222 
Janry Sam" Bradley Jun^ iHondrovt ^--^ 

1752 and his Wife Sarah ( *^^" '^^^ 224 

Jabez Hull Jun' 1 „ ... » 225 

and lus \\ ife drace ( zJo 

Dan" Hradley Jun^ ) 227 

Mar: 8 Oliver Wiiitloik & > Rend Coyt 228 

his Wife Unice ) 229 

i^ro J(»nathan liobereon ] t, ,^f^ . 2;i0 

1753 11- u- f >Ren'»Cov' o-ji 

and Ins \\ ife J 231 

1753 Peter osl)urn & his wife R: Cov* 232 

1753 Reuben Solomon ct his wife RendCov* 233 

1754 Suaan wife to Tho« liedient R. Cov 234 


1754 Scth Downs and his wife R: Cov 236 



1754' Seth Jennings )n An t 240 

Oct' 3 and his wife ) 241 

JohnC.rey&j 242 

his wife j 243 

Inereas Burrl 2*15 

and his wife i 246 

1755 Kben^ Hurr 247 
April 13 and his wife j 248 

i»,c^ Archebcl Hlair) r* An t 238 

1754 ,,. f Ren'^Cov' ova 

and Ins wife 239 


rage 7 Part II 

RencwJ Govt Ezekiel Hull & ) ,, . ^ . 249 

i-cc I- f JRenew^Cov* orn 

1/55 his wife ) 250 

Novf Thomas Coodsel) Tj .^ . 251 

1755 Miriam his wife jl^endCovt 252 

1754 Sarah Wife to Eluathan Bradley 253 

William Wakeman ) ,, j., , 254 

and ins W ife ) 255 

The Names of those admitted to renew Covenant by Scth Pomcroy Pastor 

Jan' 1. 1758 Reuben Bradley and Klizabeth his Wife Ren^Cov' 257 

15 Cershom Wakeman i"t Illizabeth his Wife Rencw*^ Cov^ 259 

oo I Jn^CJodfrey & Hannah liis Wife/ T) j^ t nro 

22 i Kleanor & Olive Hradley |Hencw<iCov' 2(,3 

29 Alhcrt SlKTjvood & Anne his Wife ) ^ ^ ^ 267 
I Azariah Bcdient & Phebe his \\ ife ) 

July 16 Rachel Smitii renewed Covenant 268 
Oct' 15. Thaddeus Jennings and Lavinia his Wife renewed 

Covenant 270 
Feb' A^^ 1759 David Murwin and Hannah his Wife renewed Cove- 
nant 272 



Grecnficll Hill Church Records 


Nov' 25. 1759 
Dec' 16 

Jan^y 13. 1700 
MjucIi 23. 
Novoiiib'" 9 

28 December 

8 Feb'y 1761. 
15th 130 

29 March. 

31 May 

2 Au«i;ust 

13 S(>i)t(Mnl)cr 

24 October 

22 November 
27^^ December 
31 Jaii'y 1702 

1702 ■ 

25 1' cbruary 

1 April 

13 June 1702 

4 July 

5^"' Septenif 

3 October 
12 Decemb' 

2 Jan^i' 1703 
Feb'y 27 
8<»' May 
14^^^ August 
10^1' October 

Nov' 23 

11 December 

15 JanT 1704 

ris. August 
lyih i)o 

2 Septemb' 
2 December 

1705 12 May 

23 June 

30 June 

2d March 1706: 
20^h AprU 

10 August 

renewed Gov' 

John Ilubbel <fc Eleanor hid Wife renewed Covenant 

Eunice Perry renew'd Covenant 

James Kcdfield renew'd Covenant 

Nathan Hears renewed Covenant 

Nimrod Negro Servant to C'ap^ Dimon own'd Cov* 

John Hull A: I'Meanor his Wife renew'd Covenant 

Thaddeua Hanka ^ 

Damari.s Bradley & > renew d Cov' 

Hannah (jorhani ) 

Daniel Hull & lietty his Wife | in t 

1 t\ r\- e XT 11: wc } renewed Cov* 

Jonathan Dnnon iv Hannah lu« Wife) 

Josei)h Sherwood &, Hester his Wife renew d Cov' 

I I'ettce Smith & 

I Ruth Hradley 

l!lij>halet Thorp renewed Covenant 

David Price & Rebeckah his Wife renewed Covenant 

John Thorp own'd y^ Covenant 

Jedediali Hull & Mary his Wife renew'd Cov' 

Isaac Sturges A Rhode his Wife renewed Covenant 

Sanmel Murwin Jun"" & Eunice his Wife renewed Cov' 

Anne 2*^ Wife of Jn" Drew renewed Cov^ 

Greenfield Chh Records 

Aaron Gold and Rebecca his Wife renew'd Covenant 

SU'phen Thorp & Sarah his Wife renew'd Covenant 

Lucretia Crane renew'd Covenant 

i Mosi.'s iiurr and Abigail his Wife/ , , /-. . 

,, 1 n>i 8 1^ ii 1 • we } renewe d CoYcnant 
[ Reuel 1 liorp & Esther his W ife ) 

Sarah Wife of Peter Osburn renewed Coven' 

Daniel Banks & Hannah his Wife renewed Covenant 

Seth Grey «fe Sarah his wife renewed Covenant 

Silas Hull it Huldah his wife renewed Covenant 

Chauncy Down renewed Covenant 

Ebenezer NicoU's & Sarah his Wife renewed Covenant 

George Burr Si Mabel his wife renewed Covenant 

Elnathan Bradley *t llamiah his wife renewed 

Ebenezer «fe Abigail Price renewed Covenant 
John (^gdon entre«l into Covenant *fe l)apti/ed 
I'nos Bradley «fe Mary his Wife renewed Covenant 
Abigail Alvord renewed Covenant 
Jehiel Sherwood «t Sarah his Wife renewed Covenant 
Moses Ogden & MoUey his Wife renewed Covenant 
Abigail the wife of Cornelius Strdtten of Huntingdon 

on I-ong-island renewed (Covenant 
Ephraim liradley & Damaris liis wife renewed 

Seth Lyon & Mary his wife renewed Covenant 
Ebenezer Wukeman &. Elizabeth his wife renewed 


Elii)halet Hull & Charity his wife ) , r>^, . 

Ill , . I , iM -^ . • -f } renewed Covenant 

I'-liphalet Lyon & Eleanor his wife ) 

Nathan Perr>' ik Eleanor his wife renewed Covenant 

Ebenezer HiU & Mabel his wife renewed Covenant 

Seth Sherwood and Ruhamah his wife renewed 



2 SO 






















1914] Greenfield Hill Church Records 293 

Part II<* 

17 AuRiist 17G6 Sarmu;! Whitney Juii' and Marianna his wife re- 
newed Coveimnt 
12i'» October Mary wife of Joseph Iluniaey renewed (Jovenant 

30^'' NoveinUer Peter SturRes & Anne his wife renewed Covenant 
2S*'*' Drceniber Sainuel (loodael Sc l*hel)e his wife renewed Covenant 
8''' Marcli 1707. Silus Wliitncy Sl Ksther his wife reneweci Covenant 

-». . ., Jolin Mills ^t J(TUsli;i liis wife / , ,, , 

S**^ Apn IV • 1..., 1 x 11 I f 1 renewed Covenant 

' 1 )aniel \V lieeler & 1 -leanor Ins wife ) 

14th February 17G8 Kpaphnia doodsell ^ Jane his Wife renewed Covenant 

3 April Neheniiali (Irey k Sarali liis Wife renewed Covenant 

Docf I)ani(;l Wiggins A: his wife renewed Covenant 

12 l'\;h'^>' 1769 (lilhert Hunt renewed Covenant 

23 Aj)ril John lianks Jun"" k Mary his wife renewed Covenant 

^T , I'lpaphras Wakeman i^ I'Ainic*' his Wife) w, . 

9 Julv 1^' • I M- 1 1 c II II \\r:r } renewed Covenant 

David Nicliols & llaiinaii Ins >\ ife ) 

10 Sept' 1700 Uhode 2*^ wife of Inerease Purr renewed Covenant 

22 April 1770 David Sherwood Si Abigail his wife renewed Covenant 

The Names of those admitted to renew their Cov^ by WM Tennent Pastor 

12 July 1772. Eunice Pradley wife of I'llisha renewed covenant 1 

^Abigail Davis renewed eov' 2 

2 augiLst s I'^leazer ISiierwood tV: Mary his wife renewed cov* 4 

( Silvanus Mi(ldl(l)rook iV: Jeruishah his wife renewed cov*- 6 

^ P(tnjamin Ikmks A: Sarah liis wife renewed eov* 8 

16 aug* < Penjamin Smith & Martha liis wife renewed cov' 10 

C. James (loodsell 6: Esther his wife renewed Cov* 12 

30 aug^ Jehiel Thorp it Eleanor his wife renewed Cov* 14 

Sep"" 20 David Uodgers (Doitor) renewed C'ov' 15 

Joseph Thorp & Hannah his wife renewed Cov* 17 

Octo^ 18^^^ Seth Price «fe Mary his wife renewed Cov^ 19 

10 Jan>'-1773. Thaddeus Wakeman i!i: Esther his wife renewed Cov* 21 

1773 Part II'*** 

Febv Esther Buckingham renewed Cov* 22 

S-Feby- Mary Sherwood renewed Cov' 23 

Jabez Ciorham A: Molly his wife renewed Cov' 25 

2") Ap' Hezekiah Price iV: Eunice his wife renewed Cov' 27 

17. ()(•'■ Daniel Rowland i\: his wife renewed Cov^ 20 

5. Dec' Eliphalet Wakeman &. Catharine his wife renewetl 

Cov^ 31. 

lO*-'' Oliver Middlehrook & Mar>' his wife renewed cov^ 33. 

1774. 27. march Ik^lah Alvord & Sarah his wife renewed cov' 35 
29. May- Kebeckah Whitney wife of Sam' Whitney Jun' re- 
newed eov^ 30 

10. July- Moses Hill c'c Msther his wife renewed cov' 38. 

Justus Hratlley A: Mabel his wife ^ 

()th jvjoyr A^[j^[ jjiadley vfc his wife > renewed Cov' 43. 

Dorothy Pradley wife of Seth ) 

4. Dec' Tho" Wheeler iS: Elizabeth his \nfe renewed cov' 45. 

1775. 8. Jan.y John Alvord & Sarah his wife renewed cov* 47. 
10. l'el)>' Cershoin Banks Jun' c'c Huth his wife renewed cov* 49. 
9. .\pril- Dan' Squire — renewed cov' 50. 

M;iy. 22. n'''";'',"iV iTi^'v' '"^. • -f 1 renewed CoV 54 

'' David liubbell cS: Sarah Ins \Mfe\ 

July 10. Peter Banks & Elizabeth his wife renewed Cov' 50 

294 Greenfield IIill Church Records [Jul} 

1776. Hozokiah Ok(1(mi k Iv-^thor his wife j ^enowcd Cov^ 
I'\'|j>'-18''^ Uculjcii Smilli it lOlc.iiior liLs wife ) 
Marcli 3*^ Peter Wakmian iV: Sarali his wife renewed cov* 62 

21^^ (Jer^lioiu liulkly «t AmeUa his wife renewed cov* 64 

31"'' Turney Hulkley & lOdther hia wife renewed cov* 66 

»» cui Kstlier Williams (wife of David) renewed cov* j ^q 

^' Nathan liradh-y A: Ain< ha his wife renewed covM 

1777. June 8^^ GerslKJUi Tliori) Jun^ i^i: Sarali his wife renewed Cov' 71 

, I -, Daniel Price cV: Hannah his wife/ i r-* t tk. 

July 1 1 i> 1 y I' »i I f renewed Lov* 75 

•^ Jo:3eph lianks & Ivsther hu wile) 

Part IIo** 

Dee' 21"* Elizabeth Stur^es (wife of Moses) renewed Cov* 76 

1778 ll«^» Jany David Downs it Mary his wife renewed Cov* 78 

8 Feby David Cloodsell vt Ann his wife renewed Cov* 80 

If)''^ Sarah Hradley (wife of Kliphalet) renewed Cov* 81 

AuR* 23'^ Alexander Wickes I'i: Abij^ail hi-, wife renewed Cov* ^3 

Sep' ()'*' Moses Hull & Sarah his wife renewed cov* 85 

1779. r(;by2S Stephen Strat^'n iV: his wife renewed cov* 87 

March 7"> Phebe Hradley (wife to Peter; owned Covenant & w" 

baptized 88 

21"* Peter liradley renewed Cov* 89 

2S'*> David IVice Jun' & Ua»'[iel his wife renewed Cov* 91 

July IS. Pe